Junior Registration Guide

This guide will take you through the process of registering your child with the West Footscray Football Club.


Before you begin the process of registration, please ensure that you have read our junior information pack.


Some of you may be eligible for an Active Maribyrnong Grant to subsidise your child’s registration. To be eligible for this scheme you must hold either


  • A current health care or pension card.
  • Be a female participant registering for the first time at a club.


For more info please click this link:



If you fit into these categories you will receive a 75% discount on your registration.

Those of you that don’t qualify for the Active Grant but would like assistance with the cost of registration, please apply for subsidy through our all aboard fund.


If you intend to apply for either of these subsidies please inform us via email. We also ask that you continue with the registration process through to payment, but do not select the club registration product at the end.


It is vitally important in terms of us being able to coordinate our juniors that you register as early as possible. The information we receive through your league registration enables us to better plan for the coming season. We require all club registration fees to be paid by April 20. You can complete this registration and return at a later date to pay the club fee. The WRFL Junior registration fee is the most important aspect for us now. If you are able to also pay the club fee now, please do so. If you have not registered your child by paying the WRFL registration fee by March 27, your child will not gain a spot in a team if registration numbers for their age group have reached capacity. To ensure you don’t miss out, please register your child as soon as possible.


To begin registering your child please proceed to this link:




Once there, please select player registration from the drop down menu under the login in tab.


You will be directed to a list of all competing clubs within the WRFL. Scroll down until you find West Footscray and click the link.


Once you have done this, the site will ask how many children you wish to register. If registering more than one, please select the applicable number from the dropdown menu. This will ensure that you receive the sibling discount when registering all of your children. Also, please ensure that you set the Adult number to 0. Click continue to proceed.


You will now be asked for your email address. Enter this now. If you are yet to register a child before a link will be sent to the address you entered with a confirmation link. Open your email in another tab and click the link to continue.


Previously registered children will be directed to enter their password. Parents who have previously registered their children in Auskick will be on the system but will need to be registered as a new player. Previously registered players at the club will be able to select from the left hand side of the screen. Click the applicable tab to proceed. Those registering more than one child will be redirected to here for each child.


If you are re-registering your child, please ensure that the information is correct. If for the first time after participating in Auskick, enter your child’s details. The system will register your child from Auskick registration and give you the option of selecting them from a red pop up menu at the top of the page. Ensure you tick the player box on the form.

If you have played previously at another club you will not be able to continue with the registration until your child is transferred to our club. Please contact us by email to begin this process.


The next page will ask you for the important information such as contact details, emergency contact details, allergies, and important medical information. All boxes with a red star beside them must be filled out. Once you have completed the form you can select our club registration and, if you wish, contribute to our all aboard fund, by clicking the box beside the product. The WRFL registration of $12.50 is mandatory and already selected. There are also Bulldogs memberships available. Once you have selected the products you want and agreed to the terms and conditions by checking the boxes at the bottom of the page, you will proceed to the payment section.



Once you have filled out your payment you are all done! Welcome to the Roosters for 2018!!!

Junior Information Pack

West Footscray Roosters Juniors
General Information

The Club
West Footscray Roosters is a community based Australian Rules football club competing in the Western Regional Football League. The Roosters Juniors field teams in age divisions from Under-9‘s to under-14’s. The Roosters also field a senior team and is developing Women’s football teams. The club rooms and home ground are located in Shorten Reserve, West Footscray.VisionThe vision of the Roosters is to be a respected and successful member of the Western Region Football league. The Roosters value diversity of thought, experience and culture. The Roosters believe that promoting inclusion and collaboration, by welcoming players and parents from all backgrounds, will increase the success of our club both on the field and in our community.


The West Footscray Roosters aim is to teach, motivate and encourage all our players to work as team members and promote sportsmanship in a family friendly environment.

Code of Conduct

West Footscray Roosters value diversity and promote inclusion. The Roosters aim to provide a safe, secure environment for all members and players to develop as a club and a community.

All Roosters juniors training sessions, matches and official events are alcohol free. Alcohol is permitted to be served in the club rooms at the conclusion of official events.

In addition, verbal or physical abuse or any harassment, vilification of discrimination of any kindwill not be tolerated.

Contravention of this policy will result in immediate expulsion from the immediate location, review of club membership and potential police action.

Training and Matches

All junior teams train twice weekly. Training times are usually 5-6pm on designated training days for your child’s age group. Matches are played on a weekend, with some games played on Friday nights. It is important that your child arrives one hour ahead of their scheduled match time on game days to enable the required administrative work for the league to be completed prior to the scheduled kick-off time.

Volunteering and fundraising

Local community sports clubs rely on volunteers for their very existence. The amount of work required to keep a football club viable and running smoothly is significant. There are no paid positions at West Footscray Roosters Juniors, all work is performed by volunteers. Our club volunteers not only ensure that your child has a safe, friendly and supportive environment to develop their sporting and social skills, but your club is also an integral part of the community you live in. The club is a vital link between parents and families across the community and many members and players develop long lasting support networks based on their involvement with the Roosters.

It is vital that as many parents as possible provide support by volunteering as much time as they can to the running of the club during the football season. There are many and varied ways to get involved, and all support offered will be gratefully accepted. Volunteering is a great way for members to get to know each other and their community, in a supportive and friendly environment.

There are many ways to get involved as a volunteer at your club, each with different levels of time commitment and difficulty to suit your schedule and individual skillset. If you would like to put your hand up for a particular role at the club, or would like more information on what is involved, please send an email to: w.f.roostersjuniors@gmail.com.

  • Coaches and coaching assistants
Teams cannot function without a coach, and your team coach is the most important interface between you, your child and the club. Coaching volunteers are required to run coaching sessions for one hour twice a week, as well as to attend match days (approx. 3-4 hours per match day). Coaches are an important source of motivation for our players and play an important role in developing your child’s technical and social skills. Volunteering as a coach requires some football skills and knowledge, as well as the temperament to wrangle upwards of 20 kids three times per week!
  • Team managers
Team Managers are also an important link between our players, members and the football club. Each team has its own team manager. Along with coaches, your team manager is the person you’ll have most contact with on a weekly basis during your time at the club. Team managers support their coaches by coordinating player lists for their team, ensuring team uniforms are available for games days; and coordinating parent helpers to complete match day tasks which include half time oranges, match umpire (if required), goal umpires, trainers/first aid, timekeepers and washing of team jumpers.
  • Canteen

Your club canteen is an important source of fundraising revenue for the club. The canteen opens on home match days. The canteen is coordinated by members of the club committee, however a large number of helpers are required to staff the canteen during the season. To help ensure adequate staffing levels in the canteen this season, ALL families will be required to undertake ONE CANTEEN DUTY AND ONE BBQ DUTY.  There will be two people rostered on for the canteen at all times so you will not be on your own.

This helps spread the load of servicing the canteen each week and ensures that we get to know as many volunteers as possible working with the club each season. If you volunteer for another role in the club, you will not be required to perform these mandatory duties in the canteen/BBQ.

The canteen managers will create a home game roster as soon as the fixture becomes available to us and you will have the opportunity to select a preferred day to complete your duties. If you do not select a time, the canteen managers will roster you in to an available time slot.

If you are unable to do your duty on the allocated date, it is your responsibility to arrange a swap with someone else. You are also required to inform the canteen managers of your roster change.

If you are rostered on to canteen duty, you are to present to the canteen 20 minutes before the game starts to familiarise yourself with the tasks required and to begin food preparation.

Please note: Young children are not permitted in the canteen food preparation area for safety reasons. You will need to arrange another family member/friend to supervise your children while you are on duty.

A detailed handbook is available in the canteen at all times and basic cooking skills are all that are required.

  • Committee

The junior committee is responsible for the overall management and organisation of the club, both during the football season and over the off-season. Volunteering to be a committee member is a rewarding experience that will enable you to participate in all aspects of the functioning of the club as an organisation. Committee members also contribute to the future direction of the club and have a say in key decisions being made during the season and beyond. The committee meets all year round, though meetings are more frequent during the season and up to presentation day each year. Being a committee member is a great way to participate in your club and to be a part of making sure our club endures into the future.


League and club registration is performed online and is a two-step process. The first step is to pay your registration fee with Western Region Football League (first time members will need to register for membership as well). Once registered with the league, you need to then apply for membership with the Roosters and pay your club membership fee.

League registration is $12.50 and club membership is $200 for 2018 season. There is a discount for families with multiple children playing for the Roosters – a second child’s membership fees are $150 and each subsequent child is $130.

As a result of the changes negotiated by the junior committee last year, junior player membership entitles one adult per family to full membership of the West Footscray Football Club with voting rights. This will ensure parents have a strong voice in influencing the future direction of our club.

All Aboard Fund

The all aboard fund is a fund managed by the committee to help families who have difficulty paying club membership fees, which would otherwise exclude their child from participating in the club. The fund is supported by club members who make voluntarily donations to the fund as part of their registration process.
Access to the fund is administered confidentially. Please send any all aboard enquiries via our website: westfootscrayroosters.com.au/juniors/


  • Team jumpers
Football jumpers are owned by the club and made available for teams each week for matches. Cleaning of the jumpers weekly is the responsibility of each team, and team managers will coordinate this within each team.
  • Team shorts/socks
Shorts and socks need to be purchased from the club for each player. Information regarding the availability and prices for these items will be provided at the start of the season.
  • Football boots
Each player is responsible for supplying their own football boots. Football boots are not required when training starts – your team coach will advise when football boots must be used.
Football boots must not be worn in the club rooms.
  • Game and training equipment
The club provides all game and training equipment. Specific equipment is assigned to each team and is managed by each team’s manager and coach. Parents play an important role in ensuring that their team equipment does not go missing or get damaged during the season. Training and match days can sometime be chaotic and it is each parents responsibility to make sure that their team equipment is always within the control of someone from that team, and returned when not in use.
  • Mouthguards

Every player is also required to provide a mouthguard. Mouthguards are a mandatory item that each child must have and use to be able to participate in club matches. It is highly recommended that mouthguards are worn by each player for training sessions as well.Merchandise

Roosters merchandise is available from the club and is a really good way to show pride in and support your football club. Items available include club hoodies, beanies and scarves.
More information will be available at the start of the season.

Club Feedback, Questions and Dispute Resolution

Your team manager is your first point of contact for all matters relating to your team. Your team manager and coach are also responsible for addressing any disputes or grievances you wish to raise with the club.

Should your team manager and coach be unable to resolve a reported issue, you can escalate your concerns to the committee by emailing w.f.roostersjuniors@gmail.com.

Any issue submitted to the committee for resolution will be reviewed by the club secretary, and presented at the next scheduled committee meeting. Depending on the nature of the issue, the committee may resolve the issue, or nominate a framework and process for the issue to be addressed and a resolution reached.

All parties involved in a dispute will be advised of the outcome or process for resolution once the committee has decided on how to proceed in each instance.



This year the West Footscray Football Club are seeking girls to play in their very first girls teams. We will be fielding teams in the Under 12 and Under 15 competitions. All participants are welcome regardless of football experience or skill level. Come and be part of this exciting initiative and become part of our inclusive and fun junior program

The cost of participation has been greatly reduced due to the Active Maribyrnong Grants which will subsidise club fees by 75%. This means that it only costs $50 for the season! We also offer further subsidies to eligible families through our club administered All Aboard Fund.

If you think you would like to try AFL football this year then please join us at training on Wednesday and Friday Nights at Shorten Reserve in West Footscray. Training commences at 5:00 pm.

If you would like to know more about our girls’ teams or our junior program please contact us at w.f.roostersjuniors@gmail.com. Alternatively, you can speak to our Junior Coordinator Damian Lockwood on

0405 487 008.

Be quick as registrations will close on April 6!!!!!

Go Roosters!


Welcome to the Roosters for 2018!!

The Juniors at West Footscray revolve around participation and enjoyment being more important than success. All children are welcome to play at the club regardless of their skill level. This season we will be fielding teams in age groups as follows:

Under 9 and Under 10 (mixed boys and girls)

Under 11 to Under 14 (boys teams)

Under 12 and Under 15 (girls teams)


This will be the first time our club has fielded girls teams. This is a very exciting time at our club and something we are very keen to see grow in future seasons. Who knows? Maybe we have a few future AFLW stars waiting to  be discovered! To find out more about girls football at the Roosters click here after reading this page.

Training will take place every Monday afternoon from 5:00 pm at Shorten Reserve West Footscray commencing on February 19. We ask that all children attending these sessions wear runners and not football boots to avoid damaging the playing surface whilst it is still being used for cricket.

We invite all interested parents and children to attend these sessions and register their interest for the coming season.

Registrations will open in late February/early March. We will inform parents immediately once we have opened registrations and will be holding a registration information session on February 26 where we will be able to answer  all your questions  regarding registering your child.

In 2018 will once again be running our All Aboard program to subsidise the cost of participation to eligible participants. Information on last years program can be found on our website by clicking this link.

We can also offer assistance in applying to council programs for registration subsidies. The council subsidy is available to all concession card holders as well as all female participants in their first season at the club. Last year this subsidy covered 75% of the club registration cost.

In 2018, as in previous seasons we will be offering the cheapest club registration in the competition, with sibling discounts to be available once again in 2018.

If you have any further questions you can email us at w.f.roostersjuniors@gmail.com or speak to us at training. To add your details to our mailing list, please click this link.

We look forward to seeing you all at training and you joining the fastest growing and most fun junior football club in the Western Suburbs.

Go Roosters!

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All Aboard Policy




The West Footscray Roosters Junior Football All Aboard Fund will promote inclusiveness through assisting the families of junior players who may not be able to engage with the club without financial support.



-To enable children to fully participate in playing for the West Footscray Football Club.

-To assist with costs associated with participation, specifically uniform and support  toward the payment of annual fees.



Operational Guidelines

-The All Aboard Fund will take an active role in offering support and financial assistance to players who are in greatest need.


-Families can request assistance from the All Aboard Fund by completing the AAF application from the West Footscray Roosters website Juniors page or by emailing it to



-Assistance will be provided as a subsidy, supporting the purchase of uniform and/or a contribution to annual fees. In the majority of cases it is unlikely the fund will be able to contribute more than 50% to these costs.


-All Decisions will be based on individual need and negotiated through discussion with the administrators.


-The administrator convening “All Aboard” and the West Footscray Junior committee will meet throughout the year to decide how All Aboard funds will be spent and to plan future fund raising activities for the All Aboard fund.


-Records will be kept of both income and expenditure.


-All Aboard will report to the Junior Committee.


-All Aboard will treat all personal information with confidentiality and adhere to the policies and procedures of the West Footscray Football Club.


-The All Aboard Fund is limited in its capacity and may not be able to support all those who apply or are eligible every year. Every effort will be made to support as many families as possible.

Match Reports

Hello Parents,

Keep your eyes peeled on this blog when the season has started. This is where all of our match  reports will be posted from  now on. We will also publish the pick of the photos you take through the season on here, so get those cameras ready and email us your snaps!