U9 Orange

Rd 7: West Footscray V Tarneit

It had been a while since we had the early game, and the first Sunday of Winter was not gentle in reminding us what it can be like. The BOM records confirm it was an apparent temperature of only 2 degrees when we arrived, with a dew laying on the Shorten Oval grass, but still some kids didn’t think it was cold enough to wear an extra layer but they were happy to warm up in the sheds. At least there was no wind chill. Kase was a late omission which needed some edits to the team plan. The sun was slowly starting to emerge as the captains today (Noah N. and Otto) led the team onto the park.

Tarneit looked fairly large at the far end of the park warming up and once the game started that turned out to be correct. The Roosters did a lot of chasing and desperate defending, especially from Oliver R. and Thomas, but we couldn’t hold back the Tarneit tide and they got the jump on us. Charlie took a good overhead mark (as he does) and Otto started well with some clean hands. Hugo L. took a good mark and was solid all match. Maybe some Roosters were thinking about warm beds or hot breakfasts because not everyone was focused on the game yet.

I asked the older players to lift and Jack M. responded fantastically at full back in the second quarter – tackling strongly, attacking the ball and holding marks. Jack G., Kade and Bodee worked hard through the middle and the ball did stay in our forward line a while. A much better quarter all around by the Roosters. By half time the air was warming up and the team looked like they were all awake now.

The second half began with much more energy from the Roosters. Jackson was strong at half back and launched a big kick to help get the ball forward. Enrique, Noah and Hugo N. were in the middle and running hard. Eamon made a strong tackle and earnt a free kick in our forward line. Malik got his game going and started looking dangerous around half forward and scoring a point. Tarneit still held sway though and attacked regularly. Jimmy had a good quarter at full back with safe marks and aided by Eli and Paddy they limited the scoring.

One last quarter to go and whoever played the backline was holding up well. This quarter Hugo W played his position really well and took several good marks then kicked well as his reward. Oliver C. also finished strongly with a good mark and kick. Zeph found some space in the middle to mark and pass the ball well onto a team mate before the final siren sounded.

This was our toughest match yet against a big and skilful opposition. Most pleasing was how the Roosters all kept trying, especially after quarter time, and every player did something special during the game. Well done to Jack M. who collected Rooster of the week.

Hard to believe we are half way through the season already. It has been great to see the team get to know each other and develop their confidence. We have a few simple game ideas we will talk about and work on before we go again in two weeks. I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend off from football.




U9 Blues – Rond 7 – Home to Deer Park


When I had looked at the original season fixture, this weekend was down as a “Bye”.

Knowing a long weekend was approaching I thought nothing of it.  It was in fact down as weekend without a game, before the weekend with no Junior games.

So, there was some relief after our Calendar checking that we were allowed us another hit-out.

A couple of weeks prior, Team Manager Paul from U10s Blue had asked me ” have you heard anything about Deer Park’s team?”.  I hadn’t. Paul continued : “We were due a game with them, but they are not in our Division anymore. We now have a Bye..”

Well Deer Park had appeared on our fixture.


Training on Wednesday (Thanks Keiran)  and Friday had revolved around putting the ball out in front of our players, moving to where we can be easier to pass to and being on the move.


Captains today;

Oscar – Always trains well and is starting to find his own ball within the game, gaining confidence with each gathered possession.

Nathaniel – goes under the radar a bit, but his name is often in our link-up play combinations.


Role Call;

Edward is back – no more clipped wing, this Rooster is ready to fly…

But Ryan was not available.

A full Team, but no bench today.


Our mantra today was ” Play in Front” and ” No loose Players”


1st Quarter;

The coin toss determined we were heading to the Playground end to start.

We had Hudson in the unfamiliar role of ruck –  he just loves any contest.

An early tap by Hudson found Fletcher who sent a running handball forward of the pack.

Oscar hassled opposition players who had the ball at half back.

Hudson picked the pocket of a player and left with the ball.

Tom had a great marking attempt knocked out.

Hamish was proving solid in defense – repelling our opponents attacks.

Fletcher was making good plays and decisions on the wing.

Nathaniel – Fletcher – Jackson – Harvey – had a good combination of link up play.

We were under pressure deep in our defensive 50 – Ben twice save our skins with ” touched on the line” efforts.


We looked like we were in for a battle today, our forwards this quarter didn’t get many opportunities and our defense was working hard.


2nd Quarter;

Arlo was involving himself more taking strong marks.  He got the ball forward, Eli on the wing got the ball in front on Hudson, who gathered and ran through our attacking 50m arc.  Having used up his one bounce he sent an end-over-end bouncing ball forward and tumbling through the Big Sticks.

A well deserved GOAL!

Nathaniel gathered and cleared in defense.

Tom put his head over the ball in the middle and gathered a contested possession.

Oscar was tackling hard and Dylan was getting more involved.

Hamish won a free kick after a chase down tackle.

Finn was using great body-work to protect the drop of the ball and take a mark. (Play in Front)


At half time I was really pleased for the players to have gotten some reward for their efforts so far.

These tough games show us what we need to do better, the level we want to get to and the things that will get us there.

“when we have the ball – Run to where the ball is going to go.  When they have the ball – No loose players, play in front”


3rd Quarter;

Fletcher started us off with a good tackle, Lachie followed suit with his own.


Jackson was solid in defense, along with Dylan, Jack and Arlo.

Oscar won another contested ball, Leo was trying to get involved,

Eli was doing his thing – tracking the ball in front of himself and turning the opposition inside out.

Fletcher again found space where a moment before there was none.

Ed did a good job with kick-ins under increasing pressure (later acknowledged by Nathaniel – nice one)


We had acknowledged that this was a tough outing.

I asked the players to finish the game hard – keep on running.


4th Quarter;

Jackson tackled down a much bigger player.

Archer sent out a precise pass to a teammate

Dylan was solid in our defensive 50 and used his long kick well on kick outs.

Finn and Fletcher work a handball 1 – 2   – 3 (had we worked on that?) in the midfield.

Hamish was clearing our lines again with his left boot.

Arlo gathered a clean pick up from a ground ball, and got the ball into our attacking 50.

Nathaniel and Jackson helped lock it in there.  

Fletch won a free kick and got the ball to our Hot Spot – top of the Goalsquare.

From a  loose ball and scrabble, Harvey managed to gather the ball and across his body snapoped  a GOAL!


A sweet way to end a tough game.

Was this the same Deer Park Team that was in the 10s a couple of weeks ago?


Regardless, our players played out well and kept to the task right till the end.

I will call this a “solid defensive hit out” but with plenty of ball-moving-forward positives.


Special Mentions;

Roosters of the Week;

  • Hamish – another solid effort, hardly lets the ball past him and gets it moving our way
  • Dylan – his confidence is growing with more possessions and distance on his kicks.

Well done to all our players who were under the pump for a lot of the game today, but showed great resilience and made the most of our own opportunities.


Thanks to our Parents – the game cannot happen without your help.

Mike – good, fair and consistent calls when umpiring (by yourself)

Flag wavers, Medics, Scribes, Paparazzi(?), Water boys and Cheer-squad – Thankyou all.


See you at training – back to 5:00pm again





WEST FOOTSCRAY ROOSTERS – Under 10 Reds vs. Caroline Springs – Round Seven – 3/6/18.

Oh yes!!!……..

“If you want me, come and get me….”

(I will come back to this)

Good Evening Sports Fans!

The Tenners Roadshow rolled back into town today after spending a week by the seaside cooling their battle worn heels. Last week’s win/loss/draw against a strong Williamstown was a corker in more than one sense of the word, with the corkie being the injury of choice amongst the squad. Someone always appears to be carrying something at the moment; such is our commitment to the contest. This week’s game would mark the first for winter and would also see the halfway point, with the Tenners now having played each team once. Followers of the Tenners would have to agree that the mid-season report card was looking pretty healthy thus far.

But, you are only as good as your last game as they say so, new week, new opposition, new challenge. I can honestly say that I did not know what the challenge would be. I can’t recall having to play a side from Caroline Springs in the past couple of years, but I was aware of their heavy rep. Other Roosters squads bore tales of woe, lamenting their lack of sheer physical size against the team from the outer west. I do say it every week, but this would be a real test. Friday night’s training was sharp with the focus being “best option”. This “sharpness” was dulled however by the news that The Dozer would miss this week with a chin full of stitches. The word on the street was that he had been asked to spar with Conner McGregor and copped a cheeky whack when he wasn’t looking splitting Dozer’s chin wide open.  It was reported as a random dodge ball accident, but we know the truth! With the squad reduced back to 16 again like a fine red and white wine sauce, TM Kane would be back on a recruiting drive to get us up for Sunday. Little bro Kade and pocket rocket Jackson Rose would step up from the nines to fill the spots with Sash the Dash thrown in for good measure straight off the back of a 10:20 flight out of Yarraville/Seddon.

For the second time in three games we had been gifted the 12:05 time slot at home under sunny blue skies. An ever so slight breeze blew to the car park end in complete contrast to last week’s howling northerly. Good name for a blues singer that, Howlin’ Northerly.

Our Co-Captains for the day would be Noah the Pit(bull) and Mighty Miles Martin. The toss was won and we were kicking to the Dog Park. Once again the Tenners would find themselves in a real arm wrestle, the Sherrin traversing backward and forward, with neither team gaining any real ascendency. They were bigger and harder but could not get through as easily as they would have hoped. Our forward thrusts were built off the back of great defensive work with the mids trusting they would get the job done. Once the ball was out we were slick inside 50. The Showboat was back in fine form today, not that he has been out of form, but it was his turn to fire and fire he did. Two classy first quarter goals were a highlight but his David and Goliath tackle in the dying seconds of the game against the biggest body out there was pure gold. He mowed down their ruckman as he was about to send the ball forward, turning him from grass into daisies. I think Hurricane might be carrying a few injuries, but he won’t let on, but he will keep going. He was knocked down a few times today and gingerly rose to his feet. He flicked the switch in the second and bagged a couple, but he was forced to rest at full back in the last against his will, but for his own good. When I say rest………! The General had another ripper but finished the game off the ground with a few minutes to go after getting crunched in traffic. He spent a quarter at full back and was all class as usual. For those of you who watched closely and thought some of his kicking was a bit off today, let me tell you, that was his opposite foot getting a workout! Griff the Diff(erence) was tough as nails. No backward step will be taken, side step maybe but never backward. He copped a bit of niggle but just shrugged it off. He often finds himself amongst three or four opponents but is always cold as ice. Louis the Fly spent the first half at full back and should not only be commended for his goal saving antics but also his sportsmanship. The Springers had a shot on goal called a point but Louis overrode the decision and told the umpire that it was a goal. Well done fella, good karma is coming your way.

Arch spent the first three at CHB and attacked the ball at will. He too is carrying a few injuries and finds himself a little off the pace but keeps on going. I have it on good authority that he frustrated their forward line trying to pin him down and he spent the last quarter on the ball doing the same. Mighty Miles and Big Bad Bastien are very similar in their style. I get them confused at times for which I must apologise. They are both free range ruckmen who enjoy the wide open plains but also the hustle and bustle of the inner city living.

There were a few big steps forward today. Brayden took his first overhead mark; he is also one of a few Roosters who actually like the backline! Clara the Clearance Queen got plenty of it, marks, kicks, tackles. She should have kicked her first goal when she found herself at the top of the square but the shot was on goal from the pocket and not squared up where she was all alone. Mezz also found herself out in space on a number of occasions and found herself getting a few kicks for it as well. A bit more work on getting boot to ball a little quicker and she will be away. Ozi was in and under man! It was easily his most productive game in terms of getting his hands on it, especially in the third when they were pushing hard. He would go on to win R.O.T.W for his efforts. Lil Bro Kade took a nice low down grab and continues to impress with his let me at it attitude. I felt Cruzer played his best game today. He is really starting to find his feet in traffic and uses his clean hands to advantage.  If we can get him running out of congestion he will be hard to stop. Efe is a real confidence player, gifted with natural ability. When he is in the game early he can be influential as anyone out there. Co-Capitan Pit(bull) copped a bit of a shoulder and spent some time on the sidelines. It was great to see him going for his marks again and I can’t wait for him to drag one in.

There is only one Walt! There was pre game mention of a skateboarding achilles injury which was “stinging” a bit and he wasn’t sure if he should take the field. A quick consultation with Dad Kiernan would reveal a nasty blister instead. After which diagnosis, he was ready to go. Some last quarter heroics would see a vertical leap and mark out of nowhere and resulting goal to put us back in front. Like I said, there is only one Walt!

That just leaves me with our two other recruits. Both played previous games that morning and both were outstanding. Sash the Dash is electric and is potentially the only under tens footballer that I have seen who will go the spoil from behind with his fist. He took some great marks and was also on the deck when the final siren sounded clutching at his ribs. We also welcomed back pocket rocket Jackson Rose who played with us last year. He rivalled Kade for the smallest man on the ground but you wouldn’t think that with the way he plays. Pure hunger for the football and those flowing locks will see him go a long way!

“you don’t have a chance if you don’t move now”

We are working hard on best option; not the “best” player in the worst position but the player in the best position being the best option. This is purely just a mindset and one that we hope will sink in but we will keep working at it. Today was another cracker with mere points again deciding the outcome. The final scoreline read – 5.4.34 – 5.3.33. Roosters by a point.

Goals –– Showboat 2 – Hurricane 2 – Walt 1:

As we head into the mid-year break, we can all stand back and be extremely proud of our efforts so far. Undersized, injury prone and undermanned; Means nothing. Belief in yourself and your ability to trust your team mates is everything.

“This time I’m playing to win”

We now turn our attentions to next Sunday, celebrating the Queen’s Birthday.

Rest up Tenners, we have turned the corner and we are heading for home.

Special Thanks to Libby for donning the whistle and St.Nick for tending to the wounded and to those who filled the volunteered roles and to those who cheered us on, we can’t do this without you, it is most appreciated.

Richie + Kane.


Under 11


Rd 7 Vs Spotswood Away: Sun 3rd June: Roosters 2.3 -15 to Spotswood 6.3-39


Playing the top team, this was clearly our best game for the season by this committed and resilient Rooster 11’s. Playing with only 18 vs Spotswood’s extended bench there was a number of individual and team highlights but what most pleasing for this coach, our young Roosters played for the moment and didn’t let any distractions impede their focus and drive. The voice and encouragement was the loudest I have heard from these Rooster & a good foundation for the back half of the season.


Captains for the day were Ashton and Joharo. Both worked tirelessly around the ground using their physicality to great effect and helped set the tone for their teammates. Joharo had imo, his best game in the Red & White and seems to have found a niche as ruckman. Ashton laid some big tackles and winning the ball in close and handballing it out to his runners.


Q1 WF: 1.3-9 vs S: 2.0-12

Straight out of the box our Roosters were into their rivals with intense pressure and attack on the ball. Reuben, given the task of running with the feisty No 2, not only curbed his influence but won a heap of the ball himself with some gutsy two way running. Outstanding effort by Reuben. Elijah started at Full Back played a pivotal role thwarting the early Spotswood attacks. Later in the game Eli moved into the midfield to give us some much needed dash & carry. Tem is proving to be a great decision maker, knowing when to leave his opponent and win the crucial contests and his pressure is outstanding. Nicholas was outstanding all day and played his best game for the Roosters. Nicholas’s determination and will to beat his opponent is outstanding and he is now adding the spins and evasion to take his game to a new level. Hamish covered a lot of ground the entire game and pleasingly picked the right moments to back himself and outrun his opponents. A great snap by Hamish confirmed to the team they were right in this. After absorbing Spotswood early pressure we hit back and were unlucky not to score more but we went into ¼ time with more scoring shots than Spotswood and well justified belief.


Q2 WF: 1.3-9 vs S: 5.0-30

Looking at the scoreline an outsider would think that Spotswood clearly dominated our Roosters but i felt we won the majority of contested ball for the quarter. Spotswood managed to jag a couple of goals from extreme angles and were handed another to underline how solid our defence was. A small lapse in the middle of the quarter, meant we lost our formation and Spotswood were quick to pounce with their overlapping run. Still it was inspiring to see the lads regroup and hit back during the quarter. Ben, our Heartland Winner was his usual inspiring self, reading the play to a tee and putting his body on the line. Patrick on the other flank, is having an outstanding season, his work rate & decision making when outnumbered by 2 or 3 is a sight to behold. I think Patrick is building for a big back of the season and it was great to see him move onto the ball in the 2nd half and continue to dominate. Caleb was another in imo who played his best game this year. Caleb’s 2nd and 3rd efforts were inspiring helping to lift his teammates when Spotswood threatened to dominate. Marlon was another who I felt really increased his physical pressure on his opponent and won a number of crucial one-on-ones. Pleasingly, Marlon is upping his work rate over the four quarters and is making himself dangerous. Ezekiel, moving into the ruck in the 2nd quarter shone with his physical pressure around the packs was a crucial factor in preventing them dominating us when they threatened.


Q3 WF: 2.3-15 vs S: 5.0-30

Another quarter where we had more scoring shots than Spotswood but unlucky not to be rewarded more for our domination of the play. Tom moved to wing and provide some great run and carry for us. I think this was Tom’s best game for us this season and his two way running a feature. More of this Tom because it will be crucial. Oliver clearly played his best game in his short career. Either at the bottom of the packs winning the ball out or tackling bigger opponents, Oliver was inspiring with his determination and relentlessness. As I said at the break, keep working Oliver because you will be rewarded. Zaw Zaw is another who is building his physical presence around the ball and it was great to see one of his classic snaps for a goal – more physicality, blocks, pushes in the side, etc and I know Zaw Zaw you will be rewarded with more goals. Holding Spotswood goalless was a good achievement lads but I think we can go further. But that’s a coaches prerogative  – 🙂


Q4 WF: 2.3-15 vs S: 6.3-39

With no bench, it was always a matter if we could run out the game. We did run out gas a little but what pleasingly our defence held firm. We just lacked the run to carry the ball it deep into our forward line. Angus played another outstanding game with some classy intercepts and run. His ability to cut through packs and kick accurately a feature. It was also great to see Angus bounce back quickly from a few heavy clashes, sending Spotswood a clear message that we would not back down. Rory was another who imo played his best game for the season. Constantly getting to the right spots, Rory really shone with his inside work, winning the ball out to his fellow midfielders and than combining it with vital link up play. Kiir had been outstanding all day, setting the tone with his attack on the ball and inside work. Moving to full back in the last quarter he again proved what a huge will he has, beating single handedly 3 and 4 opponents on several occasions. Excellent stuff Kiir. In the end close, but not there. We will take our medicine and look forward to our next Spotswood clash in the coming weeks.


Thanks to all those who volunteered & supported our young Roosters. It is very much appreciated. Next match against the old foe in Flemington will be crucial. Enjoy the break lads as we move into the 2nd half of the season. Numbers will be critical in the coming weeks so if anyone (outside those already informed) becomes unavailable please let us know as as possible.


NEXT MATCH AWAY: vs Flemington 10.20AM Sun 17th June


Under 12s


Once again, I have failed to find the time to knock out a proper match report. Considering how the game panned out, it was probably a good one to miss. Our first loss of the season from seven starts. If someone had offered me that at the start of the season I would have taken it. Having said that, I think the boys would admit that they were well off their best against St Bernard’s. Maybe we thought we had them easily given their ladder position? Was it the loss we needed? You do learn more from a loss than a win I think.  As good as we’ve been, we can still improve a lot.


Enjoy the weekend off boys. Flemington awaits when we get back. You are two games clear in second and I believe capable of beating every team in the competition if we produce our best. You’ve been amazing so far. Let’s do it.


Finally, one more thing to think about………….







Match report West Footscray under 14’s V Point Cook, Sunday 3 June, 2018

By Michael S, standing in for Dave H (standing in for an absent umpire)


On a beautiful crisp day for football, the Roosters showed that they had come to play with Sam H being involved in a number of possessions on the wing that culminated in an easy walk in goal to Socrates, to open the account for the Roosters.

The wide expanses of the Point Cook Oval allowed for plenty of free flowing rebound football with the Roosters pushing the ball forward from half back, ending in goals to Xavier and then to Soc and Liam twice. The siren sounded with the score at 5 goals 3 behinds to the Roosters to no score to Point Cook. This score line exemplified the willingness of the Roosters to run in numbers both in offence and defence.

The second quarter started in much the same way with the forward line pressure of the Roosters locking the ball in the forward 50. After a couple of near misses Xavier ran the park in classic Kevin Bartlett fashion to open the second quarter scoring. It wasn’t long after we witnessed the classic combination of Diesel down the wing to Sam H along the half forward flank for a goal that was shepherded through unselfishly by Soc.

Another fine passage of play starting from the backline with the run through the middle by Nav to Zidane and Nathan who flicked the ball sideways to Diesel running down the wing with plenty of time, finding Liam who connected with Xavier for another goal.  

Great link-up passages of play again resulted in goals to Luis and Xavier, with the score when the halftime siren sounded, 10 goals 7 behinds to the Roosters… no score to Point Cook. 

The third quarter started in the same way with the Roosters dominating the opening passages of play which resulted in a pressure goal to Soc. 

Some dour defending by the Point Cook team saw the Roosters scoring dry up. It was another six minutes before Liam finally broke the shackles by scoring a goal, and not long after that before he scored another. It seemed to spur the Roosters side on as it wasn’t long after that again that Kevin Bartlett showed up in the form of Xavier for another classic goal, roving off the marking pack. The siren sounded for the end of the third quarter, the Roosters 14 goals 12 behinds to Point Cook no score.

The final quarter started as the third quarter had finished with “the general”, Lenny making a much welcomed return to the side, winning the ball out of the centre and pinpointing a pass to Xavier who ran into an open goal. Xavier followed this with another goal after a beautiful mark and goal from the 20 metre mark and then set up Soc for another goal. After a couple more missed opportunities, it was the Xavier Kevin Bartlett show again with another cheeky rove off the pack for a goal.

A bit of indecision after Lenny took a mark 25m and unselfishly passed it to Liam who was also 25 m out who then unselfishly passed it back to “the general” who was again 25 m out. This hot potato play finished with Liam kicking the goal. This was shortly after followed by a mark and goal to Nathan, Zidane, Liam and Stephen. And another strong push through the midfield by Nav finished with a goal by Alex. The final siren sounded with the Roosters 24 goals 14 behinds to point Cook no score. Fantastic performance by the young running team.


Great debut game by Aaron, who took a couple of nice marks. Steven was one of the captains today, and had a fine game. Sam V and Henry was impassable in the back line. Juma delivered a Liam Jones-like spoil in the third quarter with an almighty punch away, setting up another forward entry. Jonathon S enjoyed the extra space in the middle today using his footy smarts to find some great options. And all the lads seemed to heed Jack’s words of advice before the game: “We don’t want to get lost in their deep pockets.”


Chris C burned through the pencils in keeping the statistics today, and the team seem to be responding really well. Here’s his summary:

Outstanding stats that resulted in a fantastic team performance:

21 tackles outside our forward 50.

26 tackles inside our forward 50 (great forward pressure)

34 shepherds

14 spoils

and wait for it: 28 switches / square-ups to team mates in a better position. Take a bow boys.