Round 14, 2018

Under 9 Blues – Away to Caroline Springs.


Our final round of the season brought us to Caroline Springs at the unusual time of mid-morning Saturday.  A bit of a juggle of our normal weekend routines had us one player short – Harvey had an unavoidable prior arrangement – but with the help from Jack Mosca – who had vowed to squeeze as many game s as he can get out of the final weekend.

The Saturday weather was clear and sunny with a small breeze favoring one end of the very wide and very brown oval.

Before the game we talked about how proud all the Parents were of this Team.   We started the year as a group of players, who have ended up as a solid Team. The individuals all understand and appreciate each others' roles within the Team and the camaraderie has been outstanding.  We checked how we had progressed against our early season goals;

Did we have Fun? – Tick

Did we learn about Teamwork? - Tick

Did we improve our skills? – Tick

Ok Roosters here is our last chance to show everyone just how much we have improved.  Keep it simple today; Play in Front, Mark the ball out in Front and keep the ball in front of you.


We knew from our previous encounter that this would be a challenging game – which proved to be true.  Our Team played out a tough game in which we were more often showing our defensive efforts over our attacking flair:


Under 9 West Footscray Roosters (Blues) versus Caroline Springs Lakers.

Town Centre Oval No.1, Caroline Springs.

10:30am Saturday July 28th 2018,

Captains: Jack (6) & Hudson (2)

1st Quarter

Roosters were kicking into the wind for the 1st Term.

Hamish (14) was out of the blocks early for the Rooster Blues.  Fletcher (9) laid a strong tackle on Caroline Springs (C.S.) Lakers.  But it was the Lakers to score the first, with a behind. The Roosters tried to get it out of the Lakers’ forward line, but it was either Hamish (14) or Oscar (33) near the centre back flank who copped an early blow trying for the mark.  

Carline Springs had number around the ball, wherever we sent it, and with the help of the wind, kept us pinned in to our D50. Oscar smothered a kick and got winded from his effort.

Through the centre, and it was Arlo (3) to direct it out and toward the forward pocket, where Jack (6) earned a free-kick.  Fletcher – Jack – Archer linked up nicely at Half Forward.

Ben took a nice mark.

Dylan – Archer – Arlo – Hudson linked up with nice passes, Leo got a handball out of congestion to Eli.

Nathaniel showed courage with a good mark and then there was promise with another kick onto Archer (21) who also then marked closer to goal.  However, somehow the C.S. Lakers managed to stop our run and quickly again counter-attack. But Leo (16) wasn’t having a bar of it and put in hard to stop the run dead, in combination with Jackson (32) who was tackled solidly for his troubles.  And it was another minor score to the Lakers.

The Rooster Blues seemed to be getting caught flat, with the opposition keenly ready to quickly pounce on the ball and send it long into their forward line.  Their kicks had depth, where our kicks seemed like they were pulling up short. Possibly the wind . . . or possibly the effects of the late “parents-versus-kids” game the night before.  Whatever it was, our boys were definitely not in their best form.

Back to the game, and it was Finn (11) who marked in the square, and he sent it forward.  Thankfully this lead to a GOAL! for the Rooster Blues and the hope that the game was back on track.  Jack Mosca (from the Orange Roosters) was helping out in the back line. Ryan (18) was trying hard in defence, and Dylan (5) was doing a great job in ruck and on the ball.  

Finn had repeat efforts in the middle of the ground, where again we were outnumbered.

Nathaniel was strong at Full Back and our defence worked hard this term.


Quarter Time had our Coaches pleading for a bigger effort in running hard in both directions, no loose player and to play out this last game as well as we can.  The Team Circle brought out some encouragement and energy back into the Team.


2nd Quarter

The second quarter saw Hudson (2) at full back, supported by Jack (6) and Fletcher (9) in the pockets.  Archer (21) and Finn (11) flanked either side of Ryan (18) at the centre-back line, Oscar (33) and Jackson (32) in the wings, and Ben (13) and Eli (30) either side of Arlo (3) at the centre-forward position.  Dylan (5) was up front in full-forward, with Ed (15) and Tom (34) by his sides. Lachlan (12), Nathaniel (17), Hamish (14) and Leo (16) featured in the centre.

It was a quick start for the Lakers in the second quarter, and they got their ball down to their forward line in a flash, but Hudson (2) thankfully put a stop to that.  

Nathaniel (17) then had it out of the centre and Jackson (32) put in a brilliant effort with some strong tackling.  Again Nathaniel (17) had it and got it out to Arlo (3) who made a kick for goal which landed just short. Again, the Caroline Springs rebound was quick out of their back line, and the ball was back into their forward line swiftly.  Fletcher (9) did well in defence and Hamish (14), as ever, wasn’t holding back and played strong. Another point, though, to the opposition. And then Arlo (3) kicked it out of out defence, and the ball made it to Lachie (12) on our centre-half back line.  

Ben and Jackson teamed up in the middle, Nathaniel passed to Finn who took a mark.

Jack made a clearance from deep in defence.

Back to the centre and this time it was Hamish (14) kicking it out.  Soon thereafter the ball was back with Hamish (14), who this time was earning a free kick, and kicking it out to Jackson (32) who was playing with gusto to work the ball forward.  Eli (30) too, was putting in a great effort, and Archer (21) was teaming up well with him, even as he was shrugging off the tackles in the centre of the ground. However, the ball again ended up somehow down in the Lakers’ goal square, where Finn (11) was defending well.  And Jack Mosca again came to the rescue to boot it out of defence, and to see out the first half.

The quarter ended with Oscar taking a mark on the wing.


Our halftime chat repeated our message of "run hard both ways" and "this is our last game – play it out well". Surely the message was heard over the quiet sucking of half-time oranges.


3rd Quarter

Into the wind again, we were under pressure in defence.  Ryan (18) tried hard out of the centre. Jack (6) also gave an effort, Arlo provide run through the middle and Jack M again featured strongly as a force of resistance and helped in scoring another GOAL!

4th Quarter

"This is it Team – our final term of the season.  Don’t leave the ground with any energy left in your legs, run hard for each other"

The last quarter saw Oscar (33) and Leo (16) either side of Lachlan (12) at full back, Jackson (32) and Hamish (14) either side of Nathaniel (17) at the centre-back line, Ben (13) and Dylan (5) on the wings, Fletcher (9) and Hudson (2) flanking either side of Ryan (18) at the centre-forward line, and then Jack (6) at full forward, supported by Finn (9) and Jack Mosca in the pocket.  And in the centre were Tom (34), Eli (30) and Ed (15), with Archer (21) taking a break at the start of the last.

And in this quarter the Roosters tried hard.  Hamish (14) figured as a stalwart for the team and gave it his all in the centre-forward line, in combination with Fletcher (9) who managed a tenacious GOAL!  However, soon after the Lakers came back with another one. Jackson (32) didn’t let this dull his spirit, though, and kept on keeping on, as did Ben (13) who was still giving his all late into the fourth, with a tackle and free kick.  There was one last hoorah for the Roosters with Jack (6) kicking to Finn, who then went on to nail a GOAL!. A great last effort for the game that wrapped up the season!

Well done Rooster Blues.  Keep working on your skills in the off-season.  Well done coach Paul, Rachel and Sarah, and all the support crew!

Contributor: Paolo Pennacchia


Special Mentions;

Heartland Award -  Hamish Sully – for continued run and carry following his strong defensive efforts

Goals – Finn (2), Fletcher (1), Jack Mosca(1)


Once again there was great comraderie, appreciation and encouragement that flowed through the Players and Parents to each other – which has been the real highlight throughout the year.

We have grown over the season into a Team that has developed a strong 'spread or defend' attitude, we have shown great individual and teamwork skills – and we have shown that we can play some really Good Footy!

A lot of backslapping, “well done”s and “thankyou”s post match in the rooms post-game made for a fantastic atmosphere.

A final, loud "Rooster-Roosters- Roosters... " finished our season.


Thankyou everyone for being part of this adventure – most of all to Sarah and Rachael who really did do a lot of the organising that facilitated the games going ahead.

But to all the Parents– with everyone chipping in, we managed a successful and fun season.


I really have enjoyed the journey – and having the opportunity to review and socialise a bit post-match (lucky we had the sunny Saturday weather!)

I look forward to seeing you around the Club again next year.

Enjoy your Sunday morning sleep-ins or cartoons again…





U9 Orange

Rd 14: West Footscray V Tarneit

The last game seems to come quickly and bring a close our season. Feelings are a mix of regret and relief. Another feeling is that it is a long drive down the highway, early on a Sunday morning with dark skies and heavy rain, heading to the lands of Tarneit. On arrival the rain had stopped but an ice cold wind still blew strongly across the ovals. The players arrived slowly and gathered in the shelter of the change rooms. Captains today were Jack G. and Jack M. who led us onto the oval – where we found the ground covered in sticky fertiliser pellets! What is going on?

The wind was blowing strongly across the oval and favouring one end, which fortunately we were kicking to in the first quarter. After some last minute assurance the white fertiliser wouldn’t hurt them the Roosters ran off to position. The game began in the middle but the wind quickly blew everything to the far wing, and there it stayed. Tony T. did a great job as runner today trying to direct play back toward the middle. The game looked intense even from a distance with lots of pressure applied by the Roosters and not much space for any clean possessions. Bodee and Paddy both took good marks. Jack M. was strong at full back and Hugo L. got his hands on the ball early to kick it our way, but we weren’t able to move it deep into our forward half. The Roosters gathered at the break with their boots (and anything else that had touched the ground) covered in white fertiliser paste (who is on jumper washing?).

After quarter time the bench relocated to the opposite wing so we were closer to the game. Now we could see what was happening, but had no shelter from the wind. It made you realise how tough the conditions were on the ground from both the opposition and weather. Jackson kept his head over the ball and kicked well for Enrique to take a good mark. Jack G. and Charlie did a great job down back with lots of possessions that repelled attacks from a bigger opposition. Malik was chasing and tackling fantastically and copped a blow to the face for his effort - a big victory for Malik who kept his cool and went on playing great and fair football all game. (also special credit to one Tarneit player who ran halfway across the oval to our bench to say he saw it and apologise).

Kade had a great third quarter with lots of dash and courage in the back line. Eli used his dance moves to evade opponents and kick clear. Oliver R. and Jimmy held up the key back positions well. Hugo W. was working hard through the middle.  Otto and Zeph looked fast and dangerous when we got it forward but the ball wouldn’t bounce for them perhaps because it was covered in white fertiliser muck. Kase made several great tackles and he in turn received a blow to the face. Things had started to get ridiculous before the siren sounded.

A word to the umpire at three quarter time saw a great improvement with the senior umpire mentor controlling the game and sending one opponent from the field. The Roosters were getting rewarded for their efforts now and won plenty of the ball. Eamon had a great quarter in the midfield, along with Oliver C who kept up the pressure. Hugo N. finished another strong game rallying the backline with Thomas. The wind continued to dominate the game though and all the players spent a lot of time chasing the ball over the line. Many kicks just blew straight back out again. I think everyone was ready for the game to end when the final siren blew.

It was a tough end to our season in many ways but the players all kept their cool and their spirits up, displaying great sportsmanship and teamwork. Congratulations to all 22 of the players for doing their personal best all season and I hope they all had fun. I am looking forward to seeing how they develop next season already.

A very big thanks to all the families for helping make it a great season. Especially Kate for managing everything so well, and Chris for his excellent assistance. I think everyone will have some good memories and new friends. Look forward to seeing everyone at the presentation day or catching up for a kick at the park soon.



WEST FOOTSCRAY ROOSTERS – Under 10 Reds vs. Caroline Springs - Round Fourteen – 29/7/18.

Says it all really!……..

“I’m not crazy; I’m just a little unwell….”

(I will come back to this)

Good Evening Sports Fans!

Well, that’s a wrap. The curtain has come down on the Tenners for the last time this season as they hit the blacktop for a date with Caroline Springs on a soggy Sunday morning.  The heavens had opened the night before and continued to smatter us on the early drive down. The sun would tease us with a rainbow that looked like it was leading us to the ground. I would not expect to find a pot of gold but definitely 20 cheeky leprechaun’s! Our last encounter with the Lakers saw the Tenners prevail in a tight one by one point at home so you could expect this would be a good contest. Especially after signing Le Bron James, that could be a tough match up!

Regular followers of the Tenners would know that the last few weeks had been challenging with list management being the hot topic of conversation around the coup water cooler, not just for us, but for most of our junior sides. Kudos must go to all the T.M’s, parents and players alike. And not just the players who played multiple extra games or who stepped up age brackets although a big shout out to them, let’s not forget the players that held their squads together, often topped up by players from opposing sides.  It is character building stuff and deserves a shout out all of its own.

The Tenners were unusually attentive pre game, so much so that we thought we might be in the wrong rooms! I could not quite put my finger on why but maybe the thought of their last game for the year had dawned on them and it was time for reflection…………… Hmmm, maybe not!

The pre- game instruction was simple; we have four quarters of football left for the season. Let’s enjoy it as much as we can and see if we can sneak away with a win.

Before we knew it, game time was upon us, the skies were clearing and the sun was out and the wind was…….. blowing straight across the ground. I am almost positive that the ball did not reach the opposite side of the park even though it may have been kicked in that direction. There appeared to not be any clear advantage to goal but if anything it slightly favoured one end.  We would be welcoming back Ozi after injury and special thanks go out to Raz Rees, Finn the Finisher, Magic Mitch Houareau and Oscar Ferrari Ferraro for his first hit out with the Reds. Especially Finn; up from the nines, who had played the same ground the day before and had patiently waited for us to arrive.

Our Captains for the day would be the dynamic duo of Mezz and Clara who won the toss and chose the slightly favoured end over the not so slightly favoured end.

As suspected, it was scrappy. The wind did not allow too much run and carry as delivery of the pill was hazardous to say the least. This one would need to be ground out and ground out it was like minced meat or coffee, take your pick! It was hard to maintain possession as the ball would hold up, swirl around, change direction all in one passage of play.

This one would be won in the trenches and the Tenners were more than up for it today, storming the arcs and holding down the enemy. Well not enemy, but you know what I mean. The Lakers are a good bunch of kids but got a little bit niggly when things were nit going quite to plan. Especially when a run of behinds would skittle their plans of stealing a win.  Our goal umpire would be seen ditching the white coat at games end and blending into the crowd. The most pleasing aspect to come out of the game today was to see everyone have a real crack. You could expect that the Lakers would have chalked this up for a win, but the Tenners had other ideas and were not going to let the last one slip. You could feel how much it meant post game as they belted the hell out of the team song with gusto.

Arti would win the Heartland for his fierce attack on the ball and Brayden would win R.O.T.W for his continued improvement and willingness to compete.

Well, that is about it for now. I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all the players who donned the red and white for the Tenners this year; you have been an amazing bunch of rag tag, knockabout footballers and I have enjoyed just about every minute of it, I hope you have enjoyed just about every minute of it too!

A massive thank you to T.M Kane, I could not do it without you buddy. To Libby and Brad, umpire/trainer extraordinaires for your calming and fair approach to the games. To Eskil for all the fine snaps of our budding AFL superstars, it so great to see the images after the game. To everyone who helped out at training, Kane, Brad, Kiernan, Desi, Simon, Ethan, Nick Pit, this is most appreciated. There are times when the little rug rats just don’t want to be there so it was great to have your support. To all the parents, the Sunday mornings can be a chore so I thank you for not only being the best but for allowing us to indulge in the big time of junior suburban footy. Last but not least, to all the sibling water carriers, let’s hope you all graduate into red and white one day soon.

“I know right now you can’t tell, but wait a while and maybe then you’ll see”

4.4.28 – 1.6.12. Roosters by 16.

Goals –– Showboat 2 –Xavier 2:

Special Thanks to Libby for donning the whistle and Brad for tending to the wounded and to those who filled the volunteered roles and to those who cheered us on away from home, we can’t do this without you, it is most appreciated.

Richie + Kane.


Round 14 vs Spotswood U11


West Footscray:  1.1 1.5 2.6 2.6.18


Lost to


Spotswood: 1.2   2.8 3.8 7.13.55


Goals:  Harry 1, Archie 1


The last home and away of the season saw the Roosters pitted against the ladder leading Spotswood.  The last time we played, a pretty even contest resulted and with only 18 that day, more was expected this time around.  The banner survived the early showers and wind gusts and Kiir, Joharo, Reuben, Patrick and Ashton took great delight in smashing through the run-through (no KB efforts though – which was pleasing).  A full quota this weekend with the return of long term injured players – Ziggy (although he was a late, late, late withdrawal), Zaw Zaw and Flynn. It was great to have the whole gang back together. This meant lots of rotations and more action on the bench and magnet board than has ever been seen this year.  Spotswood are on top for a reason, they have a number of good players who play at a level that probably defies U11 standard. Our boys were up for the challenge. Kiir, Joharo, Reuben and Thomas had first crack in the middle after the visitors won the toss and opted to kick into the breeze. The early tussles were evenly contested with plenty of physicality being brought by both sides.  Hamish and Rory on the wings gave good intensity around the ball and the half forwards of Jake (who had a minding role on their general at the back), Sasha, Alex and Harry were getting dangerous. Patrick, Tem, Zeke, Caleb, Nicholas and Ben controlled things across the backline and when the siren sounded there was only a point in it. Spotswood clearly were getting agitated and not being able to brush off the plucky Roosters and the second quarter remained tight again.  A few wayward shots by the visitors kept the scores tight and unfortunately we were also seeing some of the dark arts appearing. High fend offs and niggling behind the play incidents were going unnoticed and full credit to the Red and Whites for hanging in there. With still not much in it at the main break, the coaches called for a huge effort with the breeze. Marlon, in his last game at Shorten Reserve, Zaw Zaw, Oli did well across the forward line to keep the ball from being released.  Patrick up on the wing was able to use his neat kicking skills to good effect. Ashton was imposing himself more on the contest and with Hamish finding plenty of the footy the boys believed that something special could be achieved. At 3 quarter time, the boys were visibly tiring – kicking into the wind made it harder too. A few swings of the magnets saw the heavy lifting shared around. Angus was returning to his best form and Flynn was able to contribute to some positive passages of play.  Ultimately, the gas tank ran dry and Spotswood were able to hit the scoreboard in what the purists call ‘junk time’. A great effort by all the Roosters and the belief in the system we are playing is certainly palpable amongst the playing group. A season well rounded out and now we approach the finals with all systems go. A huge thanks to Alex for what he has been able to achieve in the 2 games he has played.


Thanks again to the band of helpers:  Shawn on siren duties, Ethan on security detail, Tania with the flags, Tung in the orange polo, Zoran in the medical room, Ethan (on penalty from the senior club) and Kathi running water, Patrick assisting the coaches,  Andrea co-ordinating the superb banner (on top of the usual busyness of the role), Des with the life lessons. Bring on Sunshine (and the Sunshine at 10.20 this week).


Round 14 vs Caroline Springs U14


West Foostcray:  1.2 1.2 1.2 1.3.9


Lost to


Caroline Springs:   4.9 5.13 11.18 14.23.107


Goal:  Zidane


The last home and away game of the season was a windy affair at Shorten Reserve.  Could the Roosters find that bit extra to take it to one of the power houses of the division?  A full quota made it easier to rotate players through various key posts. Nathan in the ruck played a beauty all day – winning hit outs against all opponents.  Xavier battled hard for the duration and was involved in many passages of positive play. Henry and Diesel ran tirelessly and were creative in their use of the footy.  The visitors kicked with the wind in the first and when Zidane scored the first major of the day, the signs were good for the Red and Whites. The contest was pretty even with Caroline Springs missing plenty.  The second quarter with the breeze, the Roosters had to take advantage. Zidane (now moved into defence) mopped up everything that came his way including a moment that all footballers dread – dropping back into the hole when the big body is coming the other way – an unfortunate collision ensued, but all totally fair and part of footy.  The young guy managed to get to his feet but am sure he will be pretty sore come Monday (and will not be doing that again when Zidane is around). West couldn’t hit the scoreboard and with Caroline Springs registering a few more majors, the contest was effectively ended. Samuel, in the back line worked very well with Zidane to repel the repeated forward forays.  Navindu was finding a bit of the footy too but wave after wave made it hard to compete. Half time gave pause to reflect and with a few more shuffles of the magnets, the boys were sent out to see what they could do. Juma, Luis and Lockie got a bit of the footy and Daniel was doing his bit across half back. Liam, showing signs of the battering he has copped all season, battled hard to influence the game with some useful touches – including a very good overhead mark followed by playing on and launching from beyond the arc narrowly missing the Roosters’ second major.  Soc, in his last game for the season, came up into the middle to have a crack – and that he did. Sam V and Stephen battled against bigger, faster opponents – doing well when they got the chance. The second half was unfortunately a fairly one sided affair with the ball spending far too much time for this Red and White supporter’s liking in the Caroline Springs forward line. Much of the sting had left the game and the boys had the chance to play some footy with a little more space and, at times, were able to link up well and create some scoring chances. Ben working off half back, Lenny battling away, Isaac C and Alex all contributing in bursts.  Jonathan and Diesel kept the pressure up but the petrol tickets were spent and by the time the siren sounded to end the game, a convincing win was had by the visitors.


A big well done to Dave with the whistle who had to negotiate a couple of tricky calls and kept the tempers in check.  A few bruises for the boys to nurse as they now enter the finals series. A bit of luck and who knows how far they can go.   


Round 13, 2018

Under 9’s Blue – Away to Flemington.


We had the early start this week, but there was no dew to kick off – the warm winter sun had helped us there.  The early morning dog walkers who share this oval had left and there was no evidence of their canine friends “morning walks” on the grass.

Though we had 2 games to go, next weeks’ game is on a Saturday and left us predicting that our Scott Pendlebury prototypes may opt to fulfil their basketball commitments.  As such we saw todays’ game as an opportunity to put in, for some, a final Big Effort for our Teammates.

Our Roosters and Flemington Colts played out a brilliant and close game at Shorten Reserve earlier in the season, I warned the players to expect another tough encounter...


Role Call : absent today are Oscar, Archer and Leo – that left us with 16 on the field.

Captains today are Eli – a slick ball winner with great ground ball and evasive skills

and Dylan – one of our tall targets who can kick a long ball, he has grown in confidence as the season progressed.


1st Quarter;

Both Teams were reluctant to give up ground early.  Eli(C) and Nathaniel were holding up well across half back, providing defense and spread.  Hudson and Arlo set the tone for tackling through the middle of the ground. Our link up play started to work and Fletcher was starting to get involved.  Big tackles also came from Ryan and Lachie in midfield. We worked hard to get the ball forward. Harvey held position in our attacking 50, he got a couple of touches on the ball and had a shot at goal.

From the kick in – Fletch won the ball and passed to Jack.  His kick was deep into our attacking area, Eli(C) got his hands on the ball, saw an opening and crumbed a GOAL!

Back at the defensive end, Hamish reminded us of his defensive running and Tom made a goal-line save that resulted in a ball-up.

An impressive start to the game.


2nd Quarter;

Hamish took an early mark, Dylan(C) got his hands on the ball and got a kick away.

Eli intercepted and marked.  Finn made a good lead – it was honoured with Eli’s pass – onto Finn’s chest  (Nice Play).

Harvey dished off a nice handball to JAckson running past at pace.

Lachie tackled a player having a shot at goal and won a free kick.

Harvey followed up his midfield work with 3 chase and tackles in a row.

Hamish released defensive pressure and created options .

Jack made an audacious spin-out-a-tackle and kick move work.

Ben was trying to link our defensive with attack through the middle.

Eli(C) held position and held the ball in our A50.

Dylan(C) won an important possession in the middle of the ground.  Eli ran with the ball through our forward 50 arc. His kick reached the HotSpot, where Harvey was in the right spot, collected the ball – Snap – GOAL!

A great end to the half.

We talked at half time about the things we were doing well – and there was many.  

“Keep it going Guys, don’t fall off with our efforts”

Oranges were happily devoured amid comments of “mmm - these are some good oranges...”


3rd Quarter;

Flemington started the second half with an extra bit of vigor.

Lachie won a free for a strong tackle, helped out by Ed.

There was a big chased-down tackle by Hamish. His kick found Jackson on the wing.

His ball went to Eli(C) on a lead - from near the righthand side point post (add BT commentary voice..) he kicked a right foot boo-nah-nah, that split the Big Sticks – GOAL!

Finn drifted through a flying pack and completed a mark.

On the ground, pressure around the ball came from Harvey and Jackson.  They combined to get the ball to Nathaniel, near Eli’s point post pocket.  Nathaniel shrugged off 1 tackle, got his foot to the ball as he was tackled again and kicked a GOAL! From a tight angle.

Hamish, Ben and Ryan combined through the midfield.

Lachie won the ball – out in front of Finn – he gathered and had a bounce, while being shepparded by Eli(C) - passed forward to Jackson – who ran in to an open GOAL!

Fletch made a great defensive clearance, following on from another strong tackle.


We had been caught out a few times, not chasing back in defense.

¾ time chat was about re-focussing on “no loose players and playing in front”


4th Quarter;

Fair to say our players were spent.  Flemington were running out the game strong, with the wind behind them.

Our defensive 6, including Dylan(C), Ed and Ben did well under constant pressure.


In the end, the ground was too big for our 16 players to cover for a whole game.

But they bravely fought it out with what energy they had left.


It was another close game that both sets of spectators had lots to cheer about.

Special Mentions;

Heartland Award – Harvey; another game showing big hearted effort and good position play.

Goals – Eli(C) 2, Harvey 1, Nathaniel 1, Jackson 1


With 1 game to go and knowing a few won’t be able to make our last game on Saturday, I want to thank all the Parents of the U9 Blues for the season this year – I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the players and seeing them improve individually and as a Team.  We can be really proud of their efforts and also their encouragement and acknowledgement of each other.

I have needed to some later training times and even a chop-out completely on other training nights – you were understanding, accommodating and we got through.

I don’t think we fell short of any game day roles, which is a credit to you and the efforts of our 2 Team Managers Sarah and Rachael.

Well Done Everyone, lets enjoy the last weeks training and our final hitout at Caroline Springs.





U9 Orange

Rd 13: West Footscray V Williamstown

The weather had cleared after a wet and wild week to reveal a sunny, almost warm day Sunday. Luckily is was a late (10.20) game as it took a bit to find the new venue at Newport Gardens Primary School. It turned out to be a small ground that was great for the under 9’s. We had plenty of time to prepare on the playground equipment before the game and also talk about our approach to the upcoming contest with a stiff wind favouring one end.

Hugo N. and Kade were captains today and started well by winning the toss and kicking with the wind. The Roosters were on right from the first bounce. All the pressure in our forward line from Zeph and Hugo W. was rewarded with Jack M. slotting the first goal of the day. Hugo N. was marking everything and tried a long torp for a point. Soon after Hugo N. made up for that with a nice drop punt through the middle and the Roosters were flying. When the ball did reach our half back line Mailk, Kase and Oliver R. were patrolling strongly and repelling everything.

Second quarter into the wind would be a test for the Roosters but they all lifted their efforts and the ball continued to be in our forward line. Jackson matched their height in the ruck strongly but had to retire later with a knee injury. Malik continued to cover a lot of ground and was rewarded with goal into the wind. The backline were great staying on their opponents - Enrique shut down their big CHF and Noah attacked the ball against one of the biggest opponents to win a big contest. Rooster pressure was great with Hugo L. and Eamon laying multiple tackles to stop their bigger opponents.

Not much needs to be said at half time after that great performance and the players were on a high. Oranges devoured they were keen to get on with the game again. Williamstown were having a long chat about how the game had unfolded so far and they started the 3rd quarter more strongly. Jack G. was great with Bodee and Thomas as well, rebounding from the full back line. Otto showed clean hands and lots of dash with the ball in hand. Paddy and James took over in the middle with some huge tackles. Oliver C. and Eli chased down every loose ball. Kade’s hard work all day with his head over the ball was rewarded with a fine goal.

Some of the bigger opponents were hard to stop with the wind behind their back and Williamstown loaded up the forward half. Charlie had clean hands all day and took a great overhead mark. The Roosters did push forward into the wind but couldn’t finish with a goal this quarter.  The Roosters were crowing at the end of a close game as they knew they had played a great team game. Looking for teammates by hand and foot, tackling pressure and running were great all day.

Kade collected a well-earned heartland tody and Otto was Rooster of the week with a great 4 quarter effort.




WEST FOOTSCRAY ROOSTERS – Under 10 Reds vs. Williamstown Juniors - Round Thirteen – 22/7/18.

“I think it’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound, everybody look what’s going down”

(I will come back to this)

Apologies if this seems short and sweet.

Good Evening Sports Fans!

The Tenners bus rolled back into Shorten Reserve after last week’s honourable defeat at the hands of Yarraville/Seddon. Today’s game would be no picnic either coming up against an old foe in Williamstown. Our last encounter would be called a draw enduring some tough conditions on a blustery deck. Shorten reserve would be unseasonably pleasant in stark contrast to that day. The Tenners list would be in stark contrast too, being reduced to 13 before the first bounce. Ravaged by illness, injury and duty, we were limping home with only two rounds to go. Williamstown would graciously top us up until the cavalry could arrive with The Bloosters on assignment down the road in Altona. We would once again welcome Raz Rees, Maxi (more than a) Phelan and for the first time in the Reds, Slippery Stephen Sully to the ranks. My opposite number would later reveal that his players were lining up to join us against their own!

The radio had provided us with a telling omen, one that would probably sum up the past few weeks. Although our season is only 14 weeks long the concentration starts to wane around this point, especially with a tough run home……… and I can’t really speak for the players!

Our Captain for the day would be The General for no other reason that he has had a cracking few weeks. Williamstown would win the toss and decided not to take advantage of a slight breeze to the playground end. Early on it looked like it was going to be a long day at the office with Williamstown doing all the attacking, but the Tenners were hanging tough. A two goal to one first quarter was a good result considering the amount of time they had use of the ball.

We were opened up in the second quarter and although it seemed an even contest, Williamstown were much cleaner by hand and foot. Every forward entry was rewarded with a goal and they scooted out to a solid five goal lead. Positioning and link up is crucial and we just could not find as much space as they could.

The breeze was slowly heading into the wind category by the third quarter and this was our chance to claw back some respect on the scoreboard. As I said, it was a close contest, and we were still in the game. Alas, we would only trouble the scorers on one occasion though after Showboat drilled one from down town. Williamstown would do the same, but we felt that the game had evened right up despite the scoreboard discrepancy. Around the ground was level pegging but the damage had appeared to have been done. We were player better, but they were playing no worse.

With only one quarter and one game of our season to go, I asked for one last ditch effort, and I got it. Heading into the wind, The Tenners were magnificent attacking every contest. Showboat bagged another and should have kicked two but for a desperate smother on the last line by a Willi defender. The General kicked two after going down in the third clutching his troublesome hammy. The scoreboard was looking far more reflective of the contest but Willi would kick a couple of late ones to sneak back out to safety.

And so it was;  another honourable defeat from another quality opposition.  It does hurt to lose a few of your prime movers, but it also opens up opportunities for others willing to take on the role. Continuity is the key to success but we are all still learning at this level. It is so easy to blur the lines between what is and what should have been but all we should be doing is having fun. I hope we still are!

“A thousand people in the street, singing songs and carrying signs, mostly say, Hooray for our side”

Goals –– The General 3 – Showboat 2:

We now turn our attentions to the last game of our season, away against Caroline Springs.

Special Thanks to Libby for donning the whistle + Brad for tending to the wounded and to those who filled the volunteered roles and to those who cheered us on, we can’t do this without you, it is most appreciated.

Richie + Kane.


Under 11s


Rd 13th vs. Sunshine: Away

Captain: Kiir

Heartland: Hamish


What a cracking power performance by this committed Under 11’s. Without doubt the quickest transition and ball movement this year combined with a clear focus and pressure on the opposition.


Kiir won the toss and correctly choose to kick with the wind. For the first five minutes I began to wonder about where this game was heading. Sunshine seemed up and about with some good ball movement, pushing into our forward line. But to our Roosters credit they held firm and knuckled down to pressure their opponents. Joharo in the Ruck has really come on and was palming the ball clearly to his mids, with Reuben, Thomas and Kirr pouncing on the loose ball and dominating the stoppages. Angus, Archie, Sacha and Hamish were providing the much-needed link up and carry we have become accustomed to, whilst Ben, Ash and Eli were resolute in their defence and rebound. The intensity at the ball and opponent soon began to be rewarded and we went on to dominate the remainder of the quarter. Alex, back from his big break, was providing the key forward target, whilst Oliver & Marlon were providing excellent forward pressure to now lock the ball deep into our attacking half. Jake and Harry SG were also pivotal in winning possession and providing the run.

Q1: WF 4.1 - 25  vs. Sunshine 0.0 - 0


The 2nd quarter was going to be a crucial with Sunshine now kicking with the substantial wind. Tim, perched up high, was providing plenty of timely rotations. Rory, Nicholas & Harrison entered the fray, providing us with more run and carry whilst maintaining our outstanding pressure. Tem, Patrick and Ezekiel were resolute in the last line, providing the grit and desperation we have come to expect during the course of the season. The running and support by all the Roosters was first class and it showed on the scoreboard with Sunshine only managing a single goal, whilst we kicked three into the wind. All in all a dominate half of football from all 22 young Roosters.

Q2: WF 7.1 - 43 vs. Sunshine 1.0 - 6


Earlier in the year we had taken a half time lead against Sunshine only to see us fall away in the 2nd half. However this time you could sense these lads were itching to maintain the pressure. And so they did with another quality quarter of football. Lots of outstanding pressure football by all 22 Roosters was the highlight for me. A strong team effort across the board with plenty of unselfish acts. On the eve of the finals it is pleasing to see this team support and willingness to back each other up, as I expect a hard fought finals campaign from all remaining teams.

Q3 WF 9.3 - 57 vs. Sunshine 2.1 - 13


With the game clearly won through all their hard work, it was still pleasing to see the lads push through to the end. Whilst Sunshine did kick a couple of goals, it was pleasing to the Roosters hold their structure and make the right decisions. A very pleasing performance from all our young Roosters. This week we take on the Ladder leaders, Spotswood, giving us another excellent opportunity to challenge ourselves and break through our self-imposed limitations.

Q3 WF 9.3 - 57 vs. Sunshine 4.4 – 28


Congratulations on Kiir 50 game milestone. A try leader and inspiration of these lads for the last three seasons, it is a pleasure to witness his ability to overcome obstacles and put his team first. Well-done Kiir. Also great to see Alex back, after his run of injuries this year. Alex really makes a presence out there and gives us a few more options.


A special note of thanks to Kath Matheson for making the mercy dash back to West Footscray. Our Roosters were truly rewarded by this gift, with the white short recipient, Harry, going on to kick five awesome goals. Thanks Kath. Also big Thanks again to Andrea, Tim, Zoran and all the volunteers.   


Rd 14 Our Final Home & Away for 2018 - vs Spotswood.

At Home at the frightening time of 8.50AM. ☺

See you all there at 8AM or in the coffee shop before.



Round 12, 2018

U9 Orange

Rd 12: West Footscray V Newport

Firstly a big thanks to Tony Mosca for coaching last week in my absence. Well done to all the players and parents who could make it to the game in the middle of the school holidays. Sounds like it went really well.

This week it was Friday night at Newport, behind the train tracks, which is not where I had expected to be, but Newport had requested a schedule change and we were happy to oblige. The Roosters slowly emerged out of the darkness that surrounded our room at the back of the clubrooms. There were a few outs still this week and some bits of important equipment running late (mouthguard, boots etc). After the initial noise and chaos that is U9’s change room antics the players settled down and seemed to focus for a moment (see photo below). Noah and Charlie were captains and they led us out into the night. Newport had out played us in the first encounter and, based on the comparison of attention during warm up drills, this might have been a tough night. At the last minute Enrique arrived, and so did another’s mouth guard so we had 18 players on the field.

It is a big oval and the lights are no brighter than ours so it was very hard to see exactly what was happening sometimes, especially as almost the whole game was played on the far side. Red jumpers were flashing across the oval in the half light as we seemed to have numbers at every contest. Jack M. and Malik kicked long out of our backline. Eli laid a strong tackle. Bodee and Hugo N. held strong marks. There was great Rooster teamwork from all as the ball went from end to end. Russell as runner was helping organise the kids on the field. Jackson won a hard ball in our forward line and handballed to Charlie slotted a GOAL! The Roosters started the game fantastically with their best first quarter effort. Maybe warmups are overrated.

Newport might have been surprised by the situation as they started strongly in the second quarter. Our backline was working extra hard now to hold them off. Hugo L. attacked the ball to make contests. Oliver C. made a good touch to save a goal. When we got the ball forward Oliver R. took a strong mark, and later Jack M. booted a goal from traffic. Newport finally scored their first goal but the Roosters had more than matched them.

After the long break the game continued at a great pace. Kade made some good runs around the far wing. Paddy and Eamon each stuck great tackles. Noah and Enrique were applying good pressure to lock the ball in our forward line. Jack M. grabbed the ball in the pocket before bouncing/rolling it across the face, re-gathering and kicking another goal. There was plenty of support coming from the Rooster crowd now.

The night was getting really cold now and the dew was settling in. During the last break instructions were given on how to keep your fingers warm under your arms. When it restarted the game continued fast and furious. Kase laid a great tackle. James and Zeph kept moving the ball forward. Hugo N. got on the end of a good passage of play and bounce a goal through with a good leg break. Newport managed a couple of late goals but it had been great game by the Roosters in cold and damp conditions. The players teamwork and skills continue to improve.

Bodee collected the heartland award for a strong 4 quarter game, and Oliver R. was Rooster of the week for a good game and showing great sportsmanship.




Friday Night Under Lights – U9 Blue vs Albanvale

The final week of school holidays and our training had most faces appear and come game day we had a healthy 17 players.  We were faring better than our opponents today, they only had 11.

A couple of last-minute arrivals for Albanvale, and a lend of a couple of our players meant we had a 15 a side game.

Captains today were Nathaniel and Archer – 2 players who both play to our 'spread or defend' ideals.

I was pleased we had volunteers to play in the North Melbourne looking kit – Jackson and Jack had their hands up to go first.

1st Quarter;

Fair to say we got jumped out of the blocks.  Jack and Jackson were playing out of their skins in opposition colours and the Roosters were pinned in our defensive area.  Quite early we had some brother-vs-brother as Ben and Jack both came together a few times, looking to win the same ball (points went about even in that battle)

Oscar help provide resistance with a nice pick up and kick.

Arlo was getting involved, but still we were defending.

Tom, Archer(C) and Ben shared a nice link-up play through the midfield, this got us to Fletcher at Half Forward. He maintained our possession and got the ball on to Arlo who ran into our A50 and kicked truly for our first GOAL!

Back at Albanvale's end – Jack and Jackson were doing just a bit too well – Jackson even had a shot at goal.

Harvey laid a great ball-and-all tackle to win a free kick at half-back.

From a kick-in, we got the ball the length of the field – a new favourite play for the Coach!

Nathaniel(C) kicked in, boundary side a found the first target. Kick – mark – look – run- handball on the move – pass – lead.  There would have been 5 or 6 players and 8 or so possessions to get the ball from our kick-in, whick ended up with a shot at our attacking end.

We defended their kick in and Fletcher pounced to get us a GOAL!

2nd Quarter;

Rotations were adjusted to allow Jack and Jackson up forward for volunteering to help the opposition. Albanvale had another late arrival and now needed 1 player – Ed had his hand up first.

Jack marked a pass off Jackson his pass to the Hot-Spot found Archer(C) who pulled in a nice overhead mark.  He went back, set shot – GOAL!

Arlo drifted into a pack and took a strong overhead mark.

He soon flew again and took another towering mark – this time resulting in a set-shot GOAL!

We were having the majority of the game at our attacking end now.

Ed was showing the Blue and whites how to run and lead for the ball.

Finn was providing run and carry with the ball.

Eli set up another play by holding position a kick behind play on our A50.  He gathered a clearance kick and got the ball to our Hot-Spot again.  Arlo was in the right place a t the right time, crumbed and snapped another GOAL!

Half Time oranges taste so much sweeter when you're playing well and getting reward for your efforts.

Keep it up Guys – Play in Front, Top of the Square for shots at goal.

Hands in the middle – let's go...

3rd Quarter;

Dylan volunteered to help Albanvale – well done Mate.

The territory game continued in our favour and the ball was quickly in our A50.

Ben latched onto the ball near the point post and snapped over his shoulder for his first Roosters GOAL!

Eli kicked to the top of the square and Jackson marked.

Leo got a good handball away.

Ryan was able to run his Buddy Franklin like arc  before kicking deep into our area.

It's a tighter contest, mainly because we were pinging shots at goal from everywhere, then not allowing Albanvale to clear our A50.

Players were down across the ground as the tackle pressure was strong by both Teams and it got crowded in our forward line.

Finally our relentless Team-pressure resulted in another Arlo GOAL!

Which was soon followed by another...this time running into an open GOAL!

4th Quarter;

Leo was up for helping Albanvale – thanks Mate.

Dylan and Eli took marks in our A50.

Jackson and Archer(C) had shots at goal.

Dylan took another mark and had a shot a goal.

Ben gathered the ball, kicked to Fletcher(mark) on to Nathaniel(C)(mark) - Arlo and into our A50

Hudson had a long range shot at goal, Jackson got the crumb and snapped a GOAL!

A thorough performance by our Roosters today, rewarded with a total of 9 Goals.

A highlight for me was the length of the field play without a break in our possession.

Special Mentions;

Rooster of the Weeks;

  • Leo – runs hard to get involved and is enjoying himself
  • Ryan – provides us with a marking target and a long clearing kick

Goal Scorers;

Arlo - 5,

Fletcher, Ben, Archer, Jackson – 1

Thankyou to everyone – TM's, Flag wavers, Canteen, Medic, Scribe, Paparazzi, Magnet Mover, H2O, Cheer leaders, Encouragers, Chauffeurs

we are all part of this Team, and we all did well again today.

Our next game is away to Flemington,

See you there,



WEST FOOTSCRAY ROOSTERS – Under 10 Reds vs. Yarraville/Seddon - Round Twelve – 15/7/18.

Good Evening Sports Fans!

The Tenners roadshow rolled out of Shorten for a date with The Mighty Eagles of Yarraville/Seddon. Previous encounters with The Eagles have always proven to be tough assignments, with the home side usually getting the points. On a high after last week’s Friday night classic against Flemington, the Tenners seemed in good spirits pre game.  After a quick pre match pep talk about enjoying the last two games of the season the Roosters flew out of the change room intent on causing some havoc……. and headed straight to the playground equipment! If anything, it proved one thing…. they do listen!

Still suffering the effects of dwindling squads, today’s side would need some propping up. Finn the Finisher and Little Bro Kade stepped up again from the nines and we would eagerly await the quarter time arrival of Jumpin’ Jacob Fitzgerald and Raz Rees backing up their early slot with the Blues.  Thanks for the chop out fellas. It was safe to say then that it was great to see Clara the Clearance Queen and Louis the Fly back from their sojourn, chasing monkeys through the Malaysian jungle and back in Roosters Guernsey’s. To honour this occasion, they would be anointed Captains for the day.

Much like our game against Williamstown, the wind would be a massive contributor to whoever could harness its power. The Eagles would win the toss and chose to saddle up early. They were quick and they were clean and they galloped away with a four goal blast of fast paced footy. Louis, Arch, Brayden, Walt, Efe and Cruzer all soldiered the load and were at least kept warm, unlike the forward line who shivered through a lonely first quarter.

The second quarter would be our chance to even the ledger, but we struggled to keep the heat on. It was evident that the Tenners were out of sorts, more than likely a combination of a tough season coming to a close and school holidays and for some, extra games with other teams. Finn the Finisher would snag one and Arti another, but it would not be enough to keep in touch with The Eagles who would be heading into the third with the howling wind. Big Bad Bastien and Mighty Miles alternated between rucking duties and CHF with J.J.F and Raz using their bigger bodies in defence.

To our credit, our intensity lifted in the third and although they bagged another three, it was not out of the realms of possibilities that we could power home.  Arch and Showboat were moved into the middle to try and inject some extra drive. Griff and Xav had battled hard all day and needed some help but it was clear that the wind would prove the major difference between two teams. We were lucky that they kicked five behinds to go with those three goals; the result could have been a whole lot worse heading into the last.  Mezz, Clara, J.J.F, Razz and Brayden were busy and under intense pressure. Kicking out from full back into a swirling wind is no easy task. Especially when the last shot on goal takes the full back a couple of minutes to retrieve the ball allowing the opposition to flood the back line.

It would take a massive effort to kick six and keep them goalless but we would have a crack. Efe went forward and snapped a beauty and was unlucky not to get another, it is definitely his preferred method of attack kicking around the body, The General marked strongly and kicked truly, he would also win our R.O.T.W for his cracking game. Cruzer and Louis the Fly had moved down to the wings for some extra dash with the idea being that we needed to hold the ball up inside our forward fifty and not let it out. Except after we had kicked a goal of course, but then we needed to get it straight back in. Kicking into the swirling wind is not much different from full back or the middle. It is hard to hit a target.  J.J.F and Griff went forward to mix things up.

For all our efforts, we could not keep up with The Eagles. They managed to kick one against the script and were just generally cleaner with the footy. It is good to play against a quality opposition and there was not much in it despite the 23 point deficit, I will take that against a benchmark side.

Congratulations to Arti for his Heartland Award performance, slightly under the weather and a smack across the schnoz could not stop the pocket rocket from a cracking game.

We now turn our attentions to next Sunday, home against Williamstown.

Special Thanks to Brad for tending to the wounded and to those who filled the volunteered roles and to those who cheered us on away from home, we can’t do this without you, it is most appreciated.

Richie + Kane.


Under 12 Round 12

West Footscray vs Williamstown


I have unfortunately not found the time this week to write my usual unnecessarily long and self-indulgent match report due my mountain of admin work and banner making activities. Our game vs Williamstown on the weekend rewarded us with a hard earned win. Despite the scoreboard only recording a one goal victory (courtesy of some peculiar goal umpiring), it did feel as though we were in control for the majority of the contest. This was a very significant effort given the players that were absent. As a result of this win we are now assured of a finals berth which is a brilliant effort given there are still two rounds to go. I would also like to say a big thankyou to the Under 11 players who raced back from their game at Albion to help us out for our game and ensured we had enough players to get the job done. They, like the rest of our side all contributed to the team and definitely helped us get over the line. When we switched the ball on Sunday we looked very, very good. We fought hard to win the ball in the middle, defended fearlessly down back and worked hard in the forward line to create better scoring opportunities for team mates in good positions. Keep switching it boys!


This week we take on St Bernards. They surprised us last time we met and come to us having given Deer Park a reasonable touch up in their last game. A win on Sunday will be hard earned. If we need any extra motivation to win, let’s win it for Zach, Xavier, Kadin and Sean who will be running through their 50 game banner, and the fact that a win will guarantee us a top 2 finish and the opportunity to progress directly to the big dance should we win our first final. That should be motivation enough! We have a full team this week, so let’s give it a big effort!


West Footscray 5.4.34 vs Williamstown 3.9.27




Roosters under 14’s Round 12 v Flemington


The under 14’s have put together a good season against lower opposition, but haven’t beaten a top three side as yet. The challenge was on today against Flemington, who had some under 12’s filling in for them, but still had some powerhouse players: #3, #5, # 10, #11 and a few others. Last time we played them, three of our prime movers were absent, so the Roosters went in with some hope. 


Zidane, Nathan, Xavier and Liam started in the middle, with Samuel H getting the job early at full back on their dynamo goal-kicker. Ben M was at centre-half back trying to nullify another of they key play makers. The first half of the first quarter saw the Roosters taking it right up to Flemington. We had the majority of possession, with Zidane prominent in midfield clearance work. Xavier worked one through to Nathan who took the game on with a running bounce and long kick in to Steven. He almost marked it, but then picked the ball up cleanly, side-stepped, and slotted through the first goal – a great start to the Roosters. Liam then kicked another behind, Xav laid a huge tackle on their dangerous # 3, and we had another rushed behind. Henry started to work in to the contest and win his own possession. 


Their big full-forward was moved up the ground, and Ben immediately had his hands full. A somewhat dubious free kick was awarded to Flemington after a kick in by Luis which appeared to be touched by Zidane before going over the boundary line. The kick back to the hotspot was marked by their FF, who slotted a much-needed goal. 


Flemington were looking hurried, and scrambled three more behinds. Luis was on kick-in duties for the first half today. With one short kick-in he found Samuel on the high side who quickly got it on to Liam, then on to Henry and out to the coach’s wing. But a turnover cost us, and the ball was pumped back in, bounced past Navindu and #50 scooped up the ball and snapped it home. 


A free-kick in the centre square to Flemington and the momentum had swung their way. 


The second quarter saw Diesel start to get his running game going, Nav laying huge tackles, Nathan, Zidane and Liam continuing to work very hard in the midfield. Luis pumped an amazing kick-in out near the 50 metre arc to spot up Soc. Samuel also executed a huge clearance kick out to Lachlan in the centre circle. But the Roosters were under the pump. Nathan was desperate, Jonathan was getting involved with clever touches, then Xavier was taken out in a huge (and mostly fair) tackle by one of their big lads. The game was halted while he was helped from the ground. It was a decisive moment, as, although Xav was able to come back on in the second half, he spent most of it nursing a bad corky in the forward pocket and couldn’t influence the contest too much. At the same time, their big forward, #10 also went off after a big hit, but he found his way back on in the second half and had a large say in the outcome. 


The wind, which was already fresh, freshened even more, making goal-scoring difficult. At half time, it was 19 to 8, with the Roosters well and truly in the contest. 


The message at both half-time and three-quarter-time was to keep taking the game on, to look for the 45 and 90 degree kicks, run in to space, and try to attack the ‘high’ side, rather than having the play stuck on the dead wind-driven side. To their credit, the Roosters tried to do this. The risk, of course, is that the game opens up, and a couple of easy goals were scored against us by their power players. Henry had a superb game, beavering in the packs, determined to win the ball and streak away. Hamish was presenting well as a leading forward, and marked on the 3 QT siren then had a shot for goal. His awareness about where to run is improving with each game he plays. Nav followed the coaches instructions and burst away from the pack, taking the game on and slamming through a great goal. For this scribe, it brought back memories of his comeback game last season out at Williamstown when he kicked 4 or 5 goals like that in a quarter. 


By 3QT Flemington had extended their lead, but a number of our lads were taking the contest right up to them. 


The fourth quarter highlight came from Alex Qureshi, who kicked a goal. His game grew as the contest wore on, especially his ruck duel, alternating with Nathan. Diesel ran hard and kicked the ball well all day. A Flemington parent unfairly described his hairdo as a mullet… 

Samuel played on well from kick-ins in the second-half to set up forward forays. 


In the end the scoreboard (69 to 22) didn’t quite reflect how close the contest was. Our small forward line struggled to kick goals against big, strong defence, but across the midfield and in defence we competed very well. 


Next week sees us back at home (2:05pm) taking on sixth placed Williamstown. It should be a great game. 


Dave H (occasional match reporter) ​


Round 11, 2018



Round 10 – U9 Blue - Home to St Bernards


This was the second game of the 'play them again' part of the season.  We had received a bit of a touch up by this St Bernards 1st time around.  I know we have improved, but would it be enough?

Though we had the early start, we weren't kicking dew off this morning, but we were dealing with some drizzle to make the ball slippery.  Players weren't complaining and the smell of cooked bacon pleased the supporters.

Holidays had left us a few short but our Team Managers found some eager Roosters from the Orange Team in Jackson Z, Jack Mosca and Hugo (thankyou Guys) that gave us a full team to start.

Absent today were Eli, Dylan, Archer and Lachlan.

Captains today; chosen for showing on ground leadership, was Jackson Rose and Arlo.

Umpire Merv was in control, we have already experienced his umpiring and demonstration of 'other' rules of the game.


1st Quarter;

We won the toss and chose to have the drizzle blown on our backs as we headed to the Dog Park end.

Ben and Hamish won the 1st centre clearance.

The ball got locked into the St Bernards end.  As they put on defensive pressure, our players all got back to help out.  That left us short of options to clear the area to. Arlo(C) and Hamish were getting plenty of the ball, breaking tackles and getting it as far forward as they could.

Jack M took on the Full Back duties and was taking marks and was able to find our players with his kick-ins.

Hamish to Ben was a nice handball on the run.

After a few wide shots, St Bernards finally broke our resistance and got one between the big sticks (though there were claims of touched on the line)

Bad memories of our 1st encounter were returning.

From the re-start things went better though -

Finn won a free kick at half-forward, he got it on to Jackson, further on to Arlo(C) who had a running shot at goal from wide out.... a behind the result (and Fletcher was waiting in the Hotspot – Coaches Note: refer to last weeks goalkicking results training)

However, the ball was at our end and our hard work was keeping it there.

Hamish gathered a clearing kick and kicked to space in front of Fletcher, he ran onto the ball and got it to Arlo.

Jackson(C) joined in and worked a handball combination with Arlo and Fletch.

Hamish won another 50/50 ball in the centre.


We worked our way back into the contest with our effort, but we had moved away from what we had been doing so well the previous weeks.

'Don’t bunch up, play in front, keep moving'


2nd Quarter;

Rotations got Arlo(C) into the middle of the ground to use his drive.

The game was still hard fought around the ball, but the territory game was starting to even out.

Nathaniel - Arlo(C) on the wing – Hamish – and forward again to Harvey.  Our link up play was starting to show results. Another shot from the pocket went wide.

We covered the St B players and didn’t let them get the ball far.

Nathaniel won a free kick for good work getting low for the ball.  His pass found Arlo(C)(mark). He played on and wheeled around on his right and sent (add Brian Taylor voice-over) a low-hard-bullet of a ball to the top of the square. Tom was in position, but as if he had body armour on the bullet bounced off his chest with a thump.  Through the pack of players, Hudson found Jack M with a tidy handball, but the snap went wide.

We locked the ball in our A50 (as ALL our players were in there...) Arlo won a free and got the ball back to the HotSpot.  Jack Mosca this time found space where the was none, had a snap over his shoulder and rewarded with a GOAL!

Hudson won our next centre clearance and got the ball into our forward line.

A kick out of the pack was touched on the line.

Hudson locked the ball in by winning possession, on to Hamish who then found Harvey.  The ball was now deep in our attacking 50. Finn smothered a clearing kick, Jackson won a free as St B were under relentless pressure.  Set shot – Jackson(C) – no worries – GOAL!

Our next foray forward (again? Yes!) was a bit more of a scramble, but an effective scramble.  Hamish burst the pack open with ball in hand, rolled around to his left and banged through another sausage -  GOAL!

3 Goals in a quarter, well done players! - Reward for strong efforts and some better decision making.

Enjoy the long break, oranges and enthusiastic "well-played Roosters" comments from our supporters.


3rd Quarter;

Tom won us a hardball and got it forward, Jack P made a good play in defense trapping the ball and looking up before kicking.

Fletcher got the ball through the middle and on to Jack P, who then linked up with Arlo(C)– nice play.

Nathaniel is getting a taste for bodying players off the ball to win possession.

Jackson(C) laid a good tackle stopping a St B run at goal.

Hamish was doing his thing with a strong run and clearing kick.

Fletch took a mark on the wing, on to Harvey (mark) and then further forward to Arlo(C) for a shot at goal.

Fletch was owning his wing – he stopped the St B forward moves with tackle after tackle, including one on their biggest player 'Baz', that shook the Coaches Box.

Jack P had a taste for the contest today and throw himself on a players' boot to smother a kick.

Ed was determined not to let the ball get past him in defense.

Ryan was taking a few marks and wheeling around onto his right foot to kick.


3 / 4 Time meant we bit farewell to our 9's Orange comrades – Thankyou again Jackson, Hugo and Jack for your help today and Good Luck in your own game...


4th Quarter;

We had a diminished Team, one borrowed player and vowed to run out the game

The pressure stakes had raised again around the ball – Arlo(C) and Hamish were in amongst it, doing some heavy work. Tom had a strong defensive effort, Ed got over the ball twice in our forward half.

Harvey and Tom worked together to get the ball going our way. A kick deep into our attacking 50 where Fletch and Finn worked a 1-2 and a quick kick – GOAL! To Finn.

Ben made a big tackle, Harvey got involved in defense, Oscar took another mark.

We had sustained pressure in our forward half.

Finn had another shot.

The ball was head out when Arlo(C) intercepted and had a shot on the run.  This time he wasn’t as wide out and slotted another GOAL!


A thoroughly enjoyable game, open and end-to-end.

5 Goals by our Roosters and an evenly contested game was a huge improvement to our first meeting with St Bernards.  (We were unlucky to have a few of their Goals allowed : missed a goal-line clearance, an unfortunate 'off the ground' free kick and a very quick re-start)

We can certainly hold our heads high after this one.


Special Mentions;

Goal Scorers :

  • Jackson, Hamish, Finn, Arlo, Jack M. - 1 each

Rooster's of the Week:

  • Jack P : won plenty of the ball with his efforts, looked up and passed effectively to his Team-mates.
  • Tom : Continues to have meaningful possessions and demonstrate good positioning and Teamwork, all with an infectious enthusiasm.


Thankyou Players, TM's, Parents, Medics, Scribes, Orange Slicer, Cheersquad, Magnets Mover, Flag Waver, Re-hydrator and Canteen.


We have another Blockbuster Friday Night game this week – I'm looking forward to it already....

See you at training.



Round 11 - Roosters U10 Blues (Bloosters) vs Flemington


First I want to thank all the parents for their efforts to get your kids to our game on a chilly Sunday morning when you all really deserve to be eating breaky in bed served up by your little angels. There’s a hint kids, in 3 weeks you can reward your wonderful parents with something nice on a Sunday morning after all their effort getting you to games this footy season .

Once again we had a full list to choose from thanks to some awesome help from our U10 Reds team. So to Merrick, Efe, Dozer, Diego, Arti and Walter, a HUUUUGE thank you for a great effort. Every one of you played a big part in helping us have a very successful game. A special thanks to your parents for making the effort to get you all to your second game for the weekend.

So last time we played Flemington it was a tough game and I think they got a couple of late goals to get on top of us in the end. Well this game I asked for 3 goals in the last quarter and we got 4!!. That’s the kind of return I like to see from my team, and it showed you all fought hard till the end, which is all I could ask for. I think this shows just how much our team has improved over the season so I hope you’re all super proud of your game this week.


In all my planning this week I forgot to pick out the 3 leaders so a last minute call was to give Rylan the captains role for his first time and he played it very well. He was unlucky to be second in a few of the TEAM categories and with Mitch playing a blinder he missed the Rooster of the Week but he deserves special mention for an all round great game.


Many of you are getting better at working as a team so it makes it harder to award (and harder to win) this award.  Some of our players who showed some good teamwork were Rylan, Mitch, Diego and Walter. I felt that Max showed the highest level of teamwork by not only displaying it himself but also helping others to position themselves especially when he played in the back line. Great teamwork Turbo!


How do you pick one out of all the effort today I hear you ask. We you’re right it’s not easy but these awards are about giving all our players something to strive for. A few that I’d like to mention for making top effort were Steven, Rylan, Alan, Arti, Oscar, Alex, Jacob, Mitch, Billy, Merrick, Kai and Dozer. As it turns out the one who I decided to award best Effort today was the one that didn’t even know there was an award. Eli played his first ever ‘real’ game of footy today and I think you would all agree that he showed some awesome efforts. So nice one Eli and welcome aboard the Bloosters train!


I keep banging on about awareness and positioning on the field, and for this game that was my number one focus. I wanted everyone to try to hold their position on the ground and reset those once the ball had moved on. I was happy to see many of you must have been listening and those include Rylan, Aiden, Efe, Max, Jacob, Mitch, Wes. We still have some improvement to make in this area but I reckon we’re getting better. What this means when we win the ball we have someone in a good position to receive it then move it to the next person. So awareness isn’t easy but if we are all ‘in the game’ and aware of our position we will play better as a team. This week lots of you showed great awareness but I selected Steven who I thought had shown even greater awareness than he had previously so I think this was well deserved. Great stuff Steven!


You won’t get the ball if you don’t move, that’s pretty , but it’s where you move to that will decide how often you get it. Today I saw some of the same players get the ball multiple times, not just because they were chasing the ball, but because they were moving well into good positions to get the ball once it was kicked or handballed from the contest. So this week Mitch and Jacob were standouts when it came to movement and they were both rewarded with lots of touches of the ball. Others who I thought showed some good movement were Mitch, Max, Rylan, Arti, Alan and Aiden. While everyone did really well, I thought Jacob was a well earnt winner of the Movement award this week. Awesome Jacob!

Rooster of The Week (ROW)

It’s not often that we have a clear standout with all our players being great contributors to the team. But today I think Mitch deserved both the Heartland and the ROW award for his game this week. I believe he has been working on his game and skills even beyond regular training and it really shows. His multiple efforts to get the ball, positioning on the ground and great movement meant he did all that was asked and then some. Fantastic Mitch, keep that up buddy!

So we have 2 more games to go. Can’t say I’m happy about that but let’s make the best of them. Hopefully we see many of you at one or both our training sessions this week to get ready for our big home game next week against Caroline Springs.

P.S. I managed to re injure a calf muscle today (Sunday) while playing soccer (see it’s a very dangerous sport ) against Kai and Oscar so if any Mums or Dads want to come and help with training that would be good. Cheers, Ash.

Go Bloosters!!


Round 11 vs Wyndhamvale


West Foots: 1.0   5.0 5.0 6.1.37




Wyndhamvale:  0.4 0.4 1.8   1.9.15


Goals: Sasha 3, Jamison 1, Harry 1, Jake 1


With one of the coaches back on deck, things were starting to return to normal, although looking around the room prior to the first bounce, there were still a large number of new faces (Added to that, was the late call-up of Kiir to assist the U12s).  Nonetheless, they were all wearing a Rooster jumper and prepared to give their all for the full 4 quarters. Sophie and Maya donned the captain’s armbands and led from the front. Maya busy in the middle and Sophie working up and back across half forward.  The call was to spread the ball early to take advantage of our runners and wear down a 16-man opposition outfit. A flukey breeze saw Wyndhamvale have first use and whilst the ball was in their half for the majority of the first quarter, resolute defence from Ben, Nicholas, Zeke and Tem repelled any dangerous movement.  Jake, Ashton and Rory got their hands on the footy and were able to create some chances for our attacking wingmen of Archie and Griffin. Some good hard running saw us get out the back for Sasha to take full advantage and register our first major of the day. Marlon and Thomas played their roles beautifully, supporting their younger team mates and putting their head over it when it was their time to go.  Great stuff!! Strong tackling was asked for at the first change as well as take advantage of the wind. This quarter saw the Roosters put the result beyond doubt, as well as a spike in the confidence for the team from Shorten Reserve. Sasha, Jake and Harry finished off the good work up field by Miles, Mitchell (joining us after his game earlier in the morning – gutsy effort!!), Harrison, Eli and Maya. Nicholas kept getting in good positions to repel any forays forward and Rory’s tackling (3 holding the ball decisions) were the highlights of the quarter.  Half time saw the magnets shuffled around in a bid to monitor the workloads – the 2 captains had another game to play. Conscious the visitors had the wind and a lapse could see the door opened, the instruction was to play tight, disciplined footy and not to let the Falcons back in. What ensued could only be described as good, hard footy with no side prepared to yield – perhaps a preview of the much anticipated finals series. Whilst the Roosters didn’t trouble the scorers, the willingness to spread the ball wide and work the boundary into the wind was admirable.  This forced the visitors to take low percentage shots at goal resulting in just the one goal for the term. The back was just about broken. The last quarter saw the Roosters dominate possession as the boys from out the back of Werribee tired. Jamison just about provided the highlight of the day, with a kick that he cleverly regathered then sprinted 30m into an open goal to put the icing on the cake. A terrific win with a set of fresh faces that proves a role can be played by anyone and when you have 20 boys and girls working together, anything is possible.


Huge thanks to all who donned the guernsey and a massive pat on the back to Andrea who managed to co-ordinate filling the team with great support from Ash, Paul, Richie and Kane.

Special thanks to the helpers on the day:  Liam on boundary umpire duties, Zoran with the medicals, Kane running the messages, Richie with a sound ear and great sounding board, Xavier providing the water, Steve on the clock AND oranges AND jumper washing duty, Ethan keeping the umpires safe and Craig waving the flags.



Under 12 Round 11


Point Cook Centrals vs West Footscray


The boys were without a win for quite a few weeks and the road trip to play the sharks was a must win given how tight the ladder is. To compound this situation we were without quite a few who were on holidays. Javier, Vinh, Mickey and Christian were all unavailable. We did however have the luxury of the Under 14s not playing courtesy of their opponent forfeiting midweek so Jonathan was drafted in to help us out. We also picked up Kiir from the 11s for the day courtesy of some frantic Saturday night Instagram messaging to his brother Juma. That gave us 19 for the game. The boys shouldn’t have needed much motivation for this game given the importance of the result, but extra incentive was available in the form of Kadin, Xavier and Sean playing their 50th games. On top of this Yash and Aaron were celebrating birthdays. How much more motivation could you need? Our Milestone boys were captains for the game. They lost the toss and we would be kicking into a fairly stiff breeze. When is it not windy in Point Cook?

Point Cook Centrals are probably the tallest team in our competition so no Javier for us was going to hurt. Yash took the ruck duties for the day. He had Weston, Jack and Jonathan in the middle with him. The opening bounce went to Point Cook and they wasted no time going forward. Despite our best efforts we would cough up a goal in the first 90 seconds. Not an ideal start! The next bounce was won by Yash and away we went. The forward line was open thanks to the size of the oval. Rumour has it the goal squares at each end have different postcodes. There was much confusion from parents on the boundary as to who had the ball, particularly when Murphy or Xavier had it with their matching helmets. Thankfully as their coach, and the parent of one I could tell them apart. Chris however may need to go to OPSM in the coming weeks given his inability to identify his own child. Both boys were lively and Murf had one saved right on the goal line. Sean the 50-game man was finding it a fair bit as well. Our mids were winning most of it on the ground and a goal looked likely. It came off the boot of Jonathan who was clearly enjoying his trot in the 12s. Point Cook Centrals (PCC from now on as I grow tired of typing their name) were still very much in the game and enjoyed multiple forward entries. Cooper and Frank were super good down back and repelled quite a few. Samuel laid a ripping tackle on the last line to prevent a goal and win a free.  Leroy was in fine form as well down back. He tackled, spoiled and won his own ball regularly. Despite the wind we kept surging forward thanks to our backs and midfielders. One of these mids was Weston. He hasn’t kicked too many this year due to his role but wasted little time in snagging one at the first opportunity that presented. Bang. 2 goals into the wind was an awesome result for a quality quarter of football.


¼ time P.C.C 2.0.12 vs West Footscray 2.3.15


It was our turn with the wind now. Yash was killing it in the ruck. His follow up work after the ball ups was amazing and effectively gave us an extra running midfielder. Jonathan was really feeling it now and linking up beautifully with his new team mates. Kadin was finding plenty of ball in space and creating attacking moves for our team. Murf and Xavier were still buzzing around our forward line and Xavier almost got his first of the year after Murphy passed to him. Unfortunately, Xavier got tangled up in his own feet and the opportunity was gone. Sas was also enjoying the open spaces. He latched onto one 20 metres out and snapped truly for his first ever goal. His team mates loved it and came from everywhere to celebrate! Our forwards and mids were dominating. Felix was killing it on his wing. His attack on the ball was relentless and fearless. Kiir was a tackling machine and had the kids from PCC second guessing the wisdom of picking up the ball anywhere in his vicinity. E-M was leading beautifully at full forward. His hard work went unrewarded but created paddocks of space behind him as defenders followed him. Nathaniel got busy. He laid tackles and worked hard to lock it in. Jack was everywhere despite being tagged. Never one to miss an opportunity to go forward it was only a matter of time until he snagged one. Bang! Great goal and great 17 minutes of football Roosters!


½ time P.C.C. 2.2.14 vs West Footscray 4.5.29


The magnets were shuffled for the third. Jack went forward to shake his tagger, Leroy was injected into the middle and Yash given a spell from the ruck, with Jonathan having a run there instead. Another big effort was required into the wind. PCC were looking a much better side with the breeze at their backs. Our defenders had plenty to do. Frank and Cooper were outstanding at half back. Yash was on fire as well. So much for his rest! Aaron won several crucial contests at full back in an outstanding display. Zach pounced on anyone wearing a Sharks jumper with the ball. Despite PCC’s best efforts our defence refused to crack. In fact, we looked more likely to score as we rebounded up the ground from defence. Kadin and Felix were tearing up their wings. Leroy was a force to be reckoned with! Jonathan was everywhere and Weston was setting us up beautifully. AS mentioned earlier, Jack near goal is a real concern for all teams and he wasted no time in hitting the scoreboard. Not content with that he preceded to hit it again! That was 3 in a row for him and the PCC coach must have been lamenting his decision to take his tagger off Jack.


¾ time P.C.C. 3.3.21 vs West Footscray 6.6.42


We had doubled the score of PCC and were now coming home with the wind. Aaron was moved forward as were Zach and Samuel. Yash went back into the ruck and Jack back into the engine room….to continue the Jack Gerardi show! He was on fire and so was the team. Our boys were unrelenting and PCC just couldn’t respond. E-M was flying out of the goal square on the lead. Jack kicked it over him to the vacant space E-M had created and scored his fourth in a row. His old man did his best to upstage him with some masterfully crafted goal umpiring theatrics, but to no avail! Minutes later Jack did it again and so did Andrew! 5 in a row for Jacko! PCC had no answers to the Roosters attacking play. Kadin marked dead in front about 30 metres out and lined up the big sticks. Much to everyone’s surprise, particularly Murphy’s, he passed to Murf who wasn’t looking. He almost clunked it……. almost. Take the shot next time Kadin. Jonathan was still flying around and in everything. Kiir was sensational at keeping it locked in. Zach found plenty of it and almost snagged one for himself. Weston drifted forward and slotted a very nice one from a tight angle for his second of the day. Still the ball kept coming forward. Samuel gathered the pill off the deck about 20 out and slotted his first of the year and showed so little excitement I thought he had missed. A huge last term had seen our boys get over the line in a very impressive display of football.


Full Time P.C.C. 4.3.27 vs West Footscray 10.10.70


A fantastic game and a much-needed win for the 12’s. The way we moved the ball was sensational. A huge thank you to Jonathan and Kiir for playing with us. You two were brilliant! The club song was replaced by a powerful version of Happy Birthday for Yash and Aaron. All 3 of our 50 game champs played amazingly well and Sean took home his first Heartland. Well done boys!





Round 10, 2018

U9 Orange

Rd 10: West Footscray V Hopper Crossing

Sunday morning football games don’t seem so bad when it is a beautiful winter’s morning and you are playing at home. Despite some hint of frost on the oval cross as we walked across to the sheds at 8 am you could tell it was going to warm up nicely later on. Today we hosted Hoppers Crossing in our return match. They had been tough opposition first time around and the team seemed to remember that well. Attention spans were short during the preparations. After singing happy birthday to Jack G and Jimmy I reminded them we were here to play a game of football. Jack M and Kase led the team out as captains for the day.

We must have been thinking about birthdays still when Hoppers got the jump on us in the first quarter. Our defence was put straight to the test and they battled very well to limit their scoring. Kase continued his good form taking a strong mark at full back. Hugo N. was everywhere collecting marks and kicks. Jimmy was positioning well land using the bump perfectly to win the ball. Otto shepherded to help his teammates well. Jack M finished the quarter on a high pulling in a great one handed mark at CHF.

As seems to be our pattern we woke up for the second quarter and the ball was sent into our forward line regularly. The best passage of play involved linking kicks between Oliver R. Hugo N. Charlie, Jimmy and finally Hugo L. who finished it with a GOAL. Great to see what quick movement and hard running can do. Hugo L. followed up soon after with another snap that just hit the post. The Roosters seemed to have control of the game for a while. Eli was moving well on his wing and the ball was pushed forward where Charlie showed his style and booted a long bouncing GOAL himself.  Our backline was very solid when needed with Enrique and Thomas warming up to the contest. It was a great quarter by the Roosters.

The third quarter was more of an arm wrestle. There were some great kicks by Zeph and Jack G that really helped our position. Jimmy had an excellent quarter too kicking long and grabbing a big pack mark near the car park flank. Otto continued to put his body into the contest but coped a knock to his ear and needed some treatment. With no-one on the bench today he was back soon after. Eamon and Paddy also read the play well and attacked the ball every time it was in their zone.

It seemed we had run out of fuel in the last quarter as Hoppers piled on the pressure. Our backline performed very well with Bodee and Oliver R. pressuring their opponents and only allowing a series of points. Bodee also took a good mark in the backline. Jackson and Hugo W. kept playing well in the mid field this quarter to run the game out.

Hoppers were too strong and skilful for us today but the players all put in a great effort and showed some good football of their own for periods during the game.

Rooster of the week was Charlie for another great game of tackling, chasing and his own clean possessions.




U9 Blue – Round 10 - Away to Albion


I had been here before, but for cricket matches.  As we played that day, there was a photo shoot with ALFW players and the iconic silo's as the backdrop.  

Could the famous Mirool Silo Challenge (that Billy Brownless famously completed – factcheck "Selwood Boys") be as tall as these?

Our early arrival Roosters tried their own "up and over" challenge in clearing the net behind the goals.

The keen eyed noticed a basketball hoop on the back fence for those that needed another challenge...


The players from both Teams warmed up at one end, as the eastern end, even nearing 10 o'clock, was still in the shadow of the silos.

The winter sun was well and truly out and by the start of the game, it was a beautiful morning for footy.


Ed and Oscar were our Captains today.  Ed has been working his way into the Team after some time out with an injury.  Oscar is gaining in confidence and finding more opportunities to show off his left foot kick.


Leo was a late withdrawal.

Arlo was unable to play but took on a role as Assistant Coach today.

That left us with 17, which Albion was happy to replicate.


1st Quarter;

From the very first ball-up it was a hard fought contest, with strong tackling and pressure.

Jack won the first meaningful possession of the game, kicking it clear of the middle.

In amongst the scrums was Fletcher and Jackson.  Following on from his defensive efforts last week – Hamish was gathering the ball and breaking through packs.

Fletcher helped get the ball forward into our attacking 50.

Some great forward pressure resulted in a free kick to Hudson for an over exuberant tackle.  his shot fell short, but a mark was taken by Finn – playing in front. His set shot went wide to the near side.

Our players did well with " no loose players" and made it difficult for Albion to find an option.  We locked it in our 50 and Jack got some room and a shot away – again wide to the near side.

Again, the Roosters kept the ball in our half.  Fletcher marked a clearing kick – found Jackson (mark) - who found Nathaniel (overhead mark).

Albion finally broke clear of our man-on-man pressure.  Hamish nearly chased down the kicker. Dylan held position at Full Back and won the ball and cleared with one of his big kicks.

Hamish was at his rebounding best and marking under pressure. Tom was covering his opposite number and was solid in defense.

Dylan made a goal-saving spoil on the goal line.  His kick-in found Nathaniel. This started a run from our defence 50 to our attacking 50.  Jackson, Finn and Fletcher zig-zagged through the middle of the ground with handballs and kicks – Great Play to finish off the term.

A hard fought quarter with some excellent Team and individual plays, where we had held the opposition scoreless.


2nd Quarter;

Hamish started the term with another tackle and a free kick (nothing gets past the Wall).  Ben now followed his lead with repeat efforts in the middle of the ground to hold up play.

A chain of play with Archer – Tom – Finn – Eli and Tom got the ball into our attacking 50.

A couple of fumbles with bouncing on the run cost us possession (Coaches Note : work on running bounces and kicking at next week training)

Our pressure was good – typified by a chase and tackle by Archer on the wing.  His kick got the ball into our attacking 50, where it looked like Fletcher had a run on to the goals, but he was run down...

Oscar(C) got down to a low ball and won a free kick.

Harvey knocked the ball from a crowd out to Hudson, he kicked forward to space.  Fletcher ran on to the loose ball, gathered, ran, had a bounce, a side-step shimmy and shot for a GOAL! (not to be denied this time)

Archer was finding his groove – repelling the ball from our half-back line, Ben was going in hard, Eli and Jackson were starting to get their skates on and shift the ball quickly.

Oscar(C) was in amongst the packs in the middle of the ground and won a clearance by getting the ball out to Archer.


Players arrived to our Half Time huddle with a heap of enthusiasm – lead by Tom - for how we were playing.

More of the same, play in front and keep moving for each other.


3RD Quarter;

Hudson started us off with a clearance out from Half Back to Archer.

Lachie took a strong mark at Half forward and Ed(C) got in with a tackle to keep it in our attacking 50.

Hamish rebounded the ball on to Eli, who ran his measure and got a kick into our forward line.

Players were again holding positions pretty well.

Ryan had a couple of follow up efforts, gathering the ball and getting a kick away.

Nathaniel bodied a player off the ball and got a kick away.

The ball just was getting close enough to our scoring sticks for a shot, but Albion wasn’t scoring either.

Working out of our backline, Archer – Jackson (mark) - Eli (mark and play-on)

Jack got a spoil on the ball before it went through the Albion Big Sticks (point)

Hamish took a specky at Half Back and landed with a thump.

Lachie was getting confident on the ball in traffic, winning a 50-50 ball.

Harvey was making a good contest in the middle, Eli was chasing down everything, Fletcher was mopping up anything that got through and heading the ball back our way.


It was a tough quarter with a lot of tackling by both Teams.  It was end to end, but with little or no scoring.


4th Quarter;

The ball quickly headed to our defensive end.  Eli and Ben worked hard to clear the danger.

Hudson – Fletch – Finn worked a combination through the middle.

Tom was tidying up deep in our defence, Jackson was tackling hard in attack and Lachie was throwing his body into the contest in the middle.

Ed was running hard to chase down opponents

Eli and Fletcher worked a tidy 1-2 handball around an opponent.

Hamish and Ryan were again solid tacklers.

Jack marked Fletchers kick on the wing to finish the game.


All Players got plenty of miles into their legs, more than a few bumps and scrapes – but they never gave up and finished the game well.

It was a game which didn’t have many goals, but a lot of little victories for our roosters – both individually and as a Team.

All players are starting to gain their confidence in the crowded packs to get the ball and out in the open to express their skills.

Everyone played out of their skins with link-up play and really focused on our "no loose players" - There was times when Albion really struggled to find an option to kick to.


Our Lone Goal Scorer was Fletcher

But we weren't having shots from wide angles this week – thumbs up.


The Heartland Award went to Oscar – who was in amongst a lot of the play in all parts of the ground and had plenty of meaningful possessions.

We broke the mould a bit by presenting a couple of extra Rooster of the Week Awards to Nathaniel and Jackson – who both have played significant roles for the Team over many weeks.


Thanks to all our helpers – my Assistant Coach for the Day: Arlo, Whistle Blower, Flag Waver, Medic, H20, TM's, Fruit Cutter, Magnet Movers, Jumper Washer and Cheersquad – you are all part of our well performing Team.


If anyone is getting away these School Holidays and are unable to meet our Volunteer Roster Roles, or a Player will be unavailable, please let Rachael or Sarah know as soon as you can.

See you at training.



WEST FOOTSCRAY ROOSTERS – Under 10 Reds vs. Caroline Springs - Round Ten – 1/7/18.


“You little thief….”

(I will come back to this)

Good Evening Sports Fans!

Well, they say a week is a long time in football. If so, then two weeks is a lifetime and three weeks is an eternity. The fortune of the Tenners had been somewhat of a rollercoaster in the last month. Three weeks ago, the football gods were angry. Torrential rains would see teams across the board reduced to shivering masses with some games cancelled and some abandoned. The Tenners would go down to the Vikings after losing multiple players throughout the game but battled bravely on for a rare loss. The next week would see them bounce back with a resounding win over the Woodsmen registering their biggest score for the year. This week would see us on the road travelling down to Point Cook and our first encounter with a synthetic deck. The first thing you notice about Salt Water Reserve is its sheer size. The second thing you notice is its concrete cricket pitch complete with actual mini trenches for the stumps and/or broken ankles. The third thing you notice is how slippery it becomes on an early Sunday morning in winter.

It had been an unusual build up. I myself had been out of action for the previous two games with some unexpected surgery. A big thanks to TM Kane who wore multiple hats over the fortnight and Brad and Des who helped run the training sessions in my absence. Much appreciated fellas. This week would also mark the first game of the school holidays.  All squads would take a hit in the personnel department with all T.M’s trading players like the national draft. The Elevens were felled the hardest having been cruelled with some long term injuries to boot. This has resulted in a number of tens being seconded for the rest of the season. In our case Hurricane and Archie, although they will play with us when our fixtures do not clash.

After having missed the previous two weeks myself, and although a little apprehensive, I was keen to see the Tenners back in action. The oracle of the radio would be summoned to help calm the nerves.

“You little thief, you little savage”. As Feargal Sharkey warbled from the speakers, I wondered if this meant that we would be pinching a win from the jaws of defeat. Time would tell.

True to from, the Tenners squad would further reduce down to 13 come game time on Sunday morning after losing Big Bad Bastien to a trampoline injury, Ozi to a broken finger, Efe to a fever, and Mezz and Kade to an Indonesian ash cloud! I think that is everything, trampoline, finger, fever, ash cloud, yep that’s everything. Point Cook would graciously lend us 5 players per quarter to even up the ledger.

A big plus however was the return of Artisan after his European sojourn for his first game in seven weeks. He would be anointed Captain in honour of his welcome return.

Unfortunately for the Tenners, the roller coaster would continue with Point Cook handing out a good old fashioned Sunday school football lesson. We were no match for the Bulldogs on the vast open artificial plains of Salt Water Reserve. In particular their overhead marking was spectacular. We were unable to come to terms with the slippery conditions either, especially through the middle of the ground. The game was stopped on two occasions by the umpire over his fears for player safety. The first time after Cruzer slipped attempting to kick and the second during the third quarter when he decided that he had had enough, declaring that football should never be played at this ground. Both coaches and all players were called to the centre for an impromptu meeting about staying out of the middle. If play were to venture through the middle of the ground, the game would stop with a ball up on the wing. Unusual scenes to say the least, but understandable in the scheme of things.

The Tenners battled hard but could not wait for the final siren to sound with the final margin in the vicinity of 77 points.

A big thanks to Maxi (more than a) Phelan, Jacob who would win the Heartland for his efforts and Finn who snuck in half a game before being whisked away to his own, and Griff took out R.O.T.W for another four quarter gut running performance, great work lads.

Goals - Walt 1:

“You left me broken, shattered and bleeding”

Maybe I should have listened to the whole song instead of just the first bit!

We now turn our attentions to next Friday night under lights against the might of Flemington.

Special Thanks to Brad for tending to the wounded and to those who lent us their children on a first up Sunday morning in Point Cook and to those who filled the volunteered roles and to those who cheered us on away from home, we can’t do this without you, it is most appreciated.



U11s vs Tarneit, Wootton Road Reserve


Last year with the U10s I had time during the game.  Busy before, busy after, but time during the game while the coaches worked their stuff.  Time to have a laugh with Zoran. Time to have a chat with the kids on the bench. Time to take photos of all the players.  And time to take copious details for the match report. This year I have NO time. Because our kids keep scoring. And scoring and scoring. And oh, the paperwork it just comes on a-coming.  So I have no details for this week’s match report, but I do have lots and lots of thank you’s.


This is part tale of woe/part fairytale finish/part story of a great club culture.  Once upon a time (April) a team list formed with 22 healthy players and 2 experienced coaches.  Eager players turned up to training at the rate of 80+%, new players added their cross-sport expertise to an already strong list and the season promised a number of 50 game milestones.  2018 had success written all over it. So the football gods decided to even things up a bit for the benefit of the competition. In scenes reminiscent of the opening 27 minutes of Saving Private Ryan we suffered injury after bone-breaking injury… combined with several lengthy mid-season holidays and long distance work trips for both coaches and before we knew it we were staring down the barrel of 2 mid-season forfeits.


Forfeit?  Never! That’s not the Roosters way.  Haven’t you heard our song? To win is something ordinary, to lose is something rare.  We never give up, our bodies are firm and sound!!! No way were we going to hand the opposition not one but two forfeits, disappointing a host of kids in the process.  A plan had to be formed, there had to be a way for these brave soldiers to fight through.


Trumpets sounded, flags were waved, and in rode our 3 (groups of) musketeers on their mighty steeds to save the day.  Leading the charge were Damian and Jason who worked with us to formulate a plan with 2 aims: to avoid those dreaded forfeits and to ensure we had 18 fit players eligible for finals (should we make it).  Flanking those 2 were the Red team of Richie and Kane and the Blue team of Ash and Paul who, in unison shouted “What can we do to help?”


And so we reached July with a team held together by our good friends the U10s.  Sasha, Jake and Harry have joined us permanently, bolstering our goal-kicking capacity with their collective ferocious hunger and deadly aim.  Archie has joined us on a semi-regular basis and bravely took to the ground yesterday following a full 60 minute game down the road in Point Cook.  To add to those stocks we welcomed Mitchell, Kai and Oscar from U10s Bloosters backing up from their Friday night game. Every single one of these boys did themselves, their coaches and their parents proud with the determination and spirit they brought to the game.  They threw themselves into every contest and pounced on the ball at every opportunity, following the coach’s instructions and the leadership of the regular U11s. This match report would not complete with mentioning the extraordinary goal-kicking efforts of our U10 graduates who kicked 13 goals between them – 7 to Jake and 3 each to Sasha and Harry.


I have yet to mention that for this game we had NO COACH with Des and Tim both called away for work.  U10s Blues coach Ash stepped up to the plate and did a superb job with a brilliant pre-match address about being handed the keys to a friend’s car and having no idea how well it would go, imploring the boys to show him what they were capable of, and show him they sure did.  Not a single dropped clutch or grinding gear change followed.


Having sufficiently wiped our pre-season smugness of our faces the football gods handed us another surprise with a game-eve recruit.  To our shock and delight we had a new U11 make his club and team debut on Sunday, boosting our stocks in much needed fashion. The boys welcomed Harrison with open arms and he did superbly in his first ever competition game of Australian Rules football.  Congratulations Harrison on a fine debut (but best not expect such a comprehensive victory every week…)


Finally, my heart is bursting with pride for our U11 boys who took another giant step forward in their development this week.  They were determined to bring everything they had to this game, to show their absent coaches and their U10s friends exactly what they are made of.  I was so proud to be able to show them off as the talented, committed, hard-working and team-oriented squad they are. Every single one of them stuck to the parameters of their role and fulfilled it to the best of their ability.  But the most impressive sight was the way they supported one another, shielding the smaller bodies of their younger teammates, talking positively to one another, welcoming their newest member and cheering every little success along the way.  Our most-experienced player Ben was anointed captain to support the fill-in coach and players, but every single one of our squad demonstrated their leadership capabilities. You did the 2 boundary-side stalwarts of Zoran and me along with all your parents (and distant coaches) very very proud.


Thank you to…

  • Damian, Jason, Richie, Kane, Ash and Paul for enabling us just to get a team on the park
  • Ash for stepping into the coach’s role with such generosity and capability
  • The parents of our 3 U10 recruits who have so willingly adjusted their schedules mid-season to make this work
  • The parents of our U10 fill-ins who supported their boys to play a second game this week
  • All the parents who took on a job when I needed you most: Zoran (our rock), Pat (field umpire), Andrew (boundary umpire), Kylie (water, with teenage helpers!), Tania (runner), Kath (timekeeper), Dean (goal umpire), David (umpire escort) & Fran (jumpers & oranges).  Without your willingness to volunteer, there is no game.


The Heartland award went to Harry Gardner-Solomon who was quite simply, superb.  Not sure he had an opponent near him for the entire game. Ash gave Roosters of the Week awards to Ben & Reuben for their consistent efforts across the game.


West Footscray 15.18.108 def. Tarneit 0.0.0

Goals: Jake 7, Sasha 3, Harry 3, Asthon 1, Kiir 1


Till next week (when we have even more regular players away!)



Under 12 Round 10


West Footscray vs Werribee Districts


The Under 12s hadn’t played much in the last month because of a bye, public holidays and a washout. Half a game of football in total to be precise. This is hardly the ideal preparation for a game of football, particularly when you are to lock horns with an undefeated side sporting a percentage near to 2000! The dreaded school holiday curse had claimed to of our guns. Javier and Vinh were on holidays. We had one on the bench, a positive attitude and the chance to strut our stuff against the best going around. Nothing to lose!


With Javier unavailable Kadin was rucking for us this week. Jack, Frank and Weston were parked at his feet looking for his tap. He won the tap and our kids went to work. It was hard work getting it forward against this Werribee unit. They were super slick and organised. Their number 9 was outstanding, winning his own ball and running to all the damaging spots. His hair was top shelf as well. Not one out of place! Despite the fantastic efforts of our boys we found ourselves four goals down quickly. To my delight our Roosters didn’t drop their heads. They upped their work rate and began to play the way we want to. Fast and open. Xavier was sensational on the forward flank and took several crucial grabs. Yash and Christian were starting to find the ball in space now as well. Frank was in everything, Weston was getting busy as well. The hard work was repaid when Jack popped up inside 50 and did what Jack does. Smacked one through the middle. Not long after we were moving forward again. Nathaniel was providing a target and fighting to lock it in. Felix was feverish around the packs. Werribee were feeling a bit of pressure (something they rarely feel I suspect). Great work Roosters. This fantastic effort would result in a second goal as Kadin swooped into open space with the pill and drove it straight through the big sticks. What looked like being a hiding had now turned into a real contest. Our backline was superb. Aaron was filling in at full back and playing his heart out. Mickey was a rock at centre half back. Cooper rebounding everything. Leroy was outstanding. If he got down any lower in contests he would have grass stains on his chin! After a sluggish start (on the scoreboard anyway) we were right in this game.


¼ time West Footscray 2.0.12 vs Werribee Districts 5.1.31


I was happy with the first term. Tighten a few things up and ply with more width were the instructions. We were without a bench now as E-M was off injured and looked unlikely to come back on. Big effort required guys! Werribee Districts came out hard after the break and once again our backline had work to do. Zach was amazing. Tackles, shepherds and clearing kicks. Samuel was into it up to his eyeballs as well. Our mids were down there helping but gee it was hard work. Our half forwards were right up the ground looking to send us forward. Sean was having a real crack and lost the bark off his knees on the rock hard centre wicket trying to win the pill.  Murphy and Sas were despite their efforts, unable to get it forward. Werribee were so well drilled and disciplined.  A huge defensive effort from our kids in the second given the amount of ball coming into Werribee’s forward line. We conceded 4 goals but should have coughed up more than that. Fantastic effort lads.

½ time West Footscray 2.0.12 vs Werribee Districts 9.3.57


Some changes were made in for the third term. Mickey tried his hand in the ruck and Kadin out to the wing. Leroy was injected into the middle and Frank went back after a great first half. It would require a massive comeback to win from here. I knew that was unlikely and so did the boys I suspect. I was most interested in whether they would attack the game with the same vigour that they did in the first. They did! Despite being outplayed the effort was once again brilliant. The style of play when we had it was improved as well. They were looking to switch it more now and we were finding more space than we had been afforded in the first half. Mickey was having big dip in the ruck. Jack and Weston were tireless in their efforts to win the ball and Leroy had a few opponents second guessing whether taking possession was a wise decision.  Sas looked certain to score his first ever goal when he gathered on the run inside 50. He shot as his opponent was about to wrap him up only to see his kick marked right on the goal line by a defender. Boooooo! Christian was getting on top on his wing and Kadin likewise on the other. The ball was coming in quickly now. Murphy almost hit E-M on the lead with a sizzling bullet pass. Nathaniel and Xavier were providing targets as well. When Werribee did go forward they were finding it more difficult. Yash was to be avoided at centre half back. He won plenty and drove it back. Aaron was fantastic at full back. Considering we had no bench for most of the game and how tired our boys were, the effort they continued to produce was fantastic.


¾ time West Footscray 2.0.12 vs Werribee Districts 12.4.76


One last big effort guys. Let’s out score them in the last. Despite the scoreboard, heads were still held high and enthusiasm for the contest was evident. A few more tweaks. Yash into the ruck. The game opened up a bit in the last which suited us nicely. There were some very tired boys out there in red and white, but they were still putting everything they had into the game. Samuel was sensational in close down back. He wanted the ball. Zach received the best falcon of 2018 in the last. He shook it off almost instantly and took off after the ball laying multiple  tackles in repeat efforts. Fantastic Zach.  Sean was moving well at half forward and providing options. Nathaniel was flexing his muscle down there as well. A lot of the boys were looking to switch it now and on quite a few occasions managed to really open the game up. Our persistence paid off as Jack hit Weston on the chest dead in front of goal. He slotted it with a minimum of fuss.  The siren would soon sound. We hadn’t quite managed to outscore them but had gotten within 3 points in the final term. Great effort guys!


Full time West Footscray 3.0.18 vs Werribee Districts 13.7.85


If you put the scoreboard aside, this was a ridiculously good performance. We were missing our ruckman and our full back against the best side in the comp. We played most of the game without a bench and it was practically our first game in almost a month. We showed our ability to open them up when we played with more width on numerous occasions. There were a great deal more positives to come from this game than negatives I believe. Great effort guys. Next week it’s the peanut!




Under 14s


After a tough last couple games, the boys came up against Sunshine Heights for the second edition of the grand final rematch from last year. This time at their home ground. The boys were told before the game to start well and put Sunshine on the back foot early. Luis kicked the first goal of the game and from there we played some of the best footy we have seen since before the bye. Everyone was contributing. With the boys up by 78 points at half time, my fellow coaches and I tried to reiterate to them that the game wasn’t over and still another half to go. In the 3rd quarter I decided to make changes and allow players who weren’t getting much of the play down back, to be positioned up forward. Isaac who was playing his best game of the year down back at that point was put in the forward line and managed to kick 3 goals for the game. His first 3 goals for the season. Hamish was put at full forward and every time the roosters got the ball down forward, Zidane would be the one yelling at the other end of the ground “Give it to Hamish!!” The roosters ended up winning 144-16 but to Sunshine Heights credit they didn’t give up till the final siren. Congratulations to Isaac on winning the Heartland award!!!!


Round 9, 2018

U9 Orange

Rd 9: West Footscray V Werribee District

An early start and a long drive to Werribee Districts (Werribee South) last Sunday. It is a very nice place in summer but today was cold, overcast and pungent enough for it to have lost all its appeal. The players who arrived early enjoyed a good warm enjoying the nearby playground. Eli had arrived but was too sick to get out of the car (he hadn’t even smelt the local air) and unfortunately he made the long trip home again. Noah and Kade had the week off and Hugo N. was missing so we started with no-one on the bench.

Captains today were two young Rooster’s in Charlie and Hugo L. They both started well with Hugo taking the first mark of the game and Charlie kicking a point early. James started well in the ruck and also took a good mark. Oliver R. was running well on the wing and applying good pressure. Hugo N. arrived during the quarter checking his watch. Bodee had looked green all quarter and couldn’t play on so he took an early trip home.

The second quarter started with the ball trapped in our backline but some big efforts from Hugo W. and Eamon stopped them scoring. Malik was also playing a great game at centre half back and gained a lot of meters for us on a very big oval. Later in the quarter the ball was locked in our forward line where Jack M coolly slotted our first goal. Soon afterwards Jack G. snapped a great kick from the boundary that was on target but just touched on the line. The breeze had changed which may have improved the odour but it had also dropped the temperature a few degrees by the time half time sounded.

The third quarter again started with a lot of pressure in our backline. Kase played fantastically at fullback with goal saving touches and a great mark in the last line. Zeph and Oliver C. were also giving their all in every contest down back. Jackson and Otto both took great marks and we were able to get the ball forward.  Thomas gathered the ball well in one move forward but was crushed in a tackle and got a hard earnt free kick for the team but he had to recover on the bench.

The final quarter seemed to mostly be going the Roosters way. Paddy took another strong mark. Enrique and Hugo N. showed clean hands to pick up the ball and move it on. Our forward area was getting a little crowded but Jimmy managed a good mark and his kick to the square was marked by Malik (looking a little like Ben Brown with his leap and hair), who then played on and finished with a goal from point blank. When the ball did reach our backline Jack M. turned it around strongly.

The players showed some really good skills on a cold day, especially with a lot of excellent marks. It was a good contest all up with four quarters of effort from everyone. Hopefully our sick players all make a quick recovery for next week.

The heartland was won by Jack M. for a great all round performance and Jimmy collected the Rooster of the week for his best game of the season.




Friday Night Under Lights.


I love the excitement and build up to these Friday Night games.  I can only hope the Players and Parents talk it up during the week as much as I do.

Training had been going well – focusing on 'No loose Players' and passing the ball out in front.

The weather had turned on a treat and the post training crowd was in place.


No absentees meant we had a full team and one on the bench.

Captains today were Fletcher and Lachie – 2 players who have increasingly found their best positions and attributes they contribute to the team.

1st Quarter;

The game started at a frenetic speed.  This suited Eli who got a few early touches. One of which got the ball forward to Jack, who had an attempt at the big sticks.

Ben had an early mark and a pass.

Arlo was prominent again and we were starting to dominate play.

Archer took a mark – on to Arlo (mark) down the wing.  We got the ball forward into our 50.

Our Players did really well in locking in there.  Eli got it on to Hamish who had a shot. It fell short and after a bit of a scramble, it was Finn with the sure possession and enough time and space for a snap and a GOAL!

Sunshine had their share of the play.

From our kick in from the Sunshine end, Ryan kicked in.  He found Eli who had a run and kick. Then on to Harvey who was unlucky not to be paid a courageous mark.

Hamish won a free kick for a good tackle and then again for a great tackle.  He really is a tackling machine, a wall in defense.

Jack and Fletcher(C) were tacking on the tackling duties also.

Tom won a free by getting to a low ball first.

It was an even start in a well-played game.


2nd Quarter;

Arlo as in the Ruck and Lachie(C) was in the middle.

Jackson set the tone early with courageous play, running into a crowd and taking a mark.

Nathaniel won a free kick for getting low to gather the ball.

This started a chain of possessions involving Archer, Jackson, Jack and Ryan.

Ben laid a strong tackle that saved a Sunshine shot at goal, followed up by Fletcher(C) working hard and putting pressure on in the back line.

Nathaniel won the ball in our backline and got it on to Archer, who then got it on to Jackson.

Hamish won 2 more free kicks for good tackles.  He got the ball on to Tom, he had a couple of goes at it, but got his pass to Archer.  The ball was out in front of him, he gathered and snapped a GOAL!


This next one makes my list of best plays this year;

Ryan kicked in after an opposition point.  A long kick wide to the boundary. Arlo took a mark and wheeled around to get it out of our defensive 50.  Harvey was next showing great control over the rolling ball. Hudson joined in and helped get the ball forward. It was scrappy, but it was determined and it was moving forward for us.  Harvey got a kick away, which Tom marked. His kick got the ball into our attacking 50 where Jack, Dylan, Finn and Ed kept it moving. Eventually it came to Arlo, who found some space and had a running shot at goal. The shot went behind the big stick, but the end-to-end plays were fantastic by everyone involved near the ball.

Our defense worked hard (when they were in position) - Leo and Archer kept the ball in front of them, Fletcher showed composure to look up and clear from half-back.

Eli really had his skates on – covering lots of ground and possession while at it.

This was a really well played quarter, with so many contributors.


Half Time Oranges were devoured like these kids hadn't had dinner – oh, hang on...

With the ball we were playing well, putting it out in front of our players.

Without the ball I was looking for more effort in covering the opposition.

Everyone was getting involved and seemed to be enjoying the occasion, including our Cheer Squad (we certainly could hear you out on the ground – Thanks)


3rd Quarter;

Rotations now had Ryan in the Ruck.  The starting ball up was won by Ryan, down to Ben who got the ball forward.

Archer took a mark in our forward 50. Lachie(C) laid a ball and all tackle to win a free kick.

Arlo, Hudson and Finn all had shots on goal that went wide.

In one of the more audacious plays our Players have pulled, and pulled off – Lachie(C) won another free kick on our forward edge of the centre square.  He played on and baulked the player on the mark, he had a bounce and got his kick away successfully into our forward line. I think it took everyone by surprise, including the player on the mark!

Fletcher(C) had a set shot, that fell just short.

We were dominating play, but not quite hitting the (non-existant) scoreboard.

Hamish repelled another opposition venture forward, Arlo got the ball through our 50.  His set shot went off hands to Jackson, who snapped a GOAL!

In the midfield, Oscar popped up a handball to his Team-mate running passed, who didn’t need to break stride (Nice Play!)

4th Quarter;

Archer won a free kick for a good tackle, on to Tom who kept the bouncing ball moving in front of him.

Ryan was having an influence around the high balls.

Arlo took a first class overhead mark.

Dylan laid a strong tackle, Jack was on the ball getting more possessions.

Hamish made a goal saving, run down from behind tackle that earned him a grazed and bruised arm, and a stint on the bench – well played today Hamish.

In an attacking move, Arlo got the ball to Fletcher, who's shot went behind the big stick.

Hudson marked a Sunshine kick-out.  His shot lead to a goal square scramble with Finn finding the ball and a crumbers GOAL!


It was now end to end stuff in a close and open contest, with Goals at either end.

Oscar took another mark.

Eli took the ball through our attacking 50 and on to Archer.  A high ball shot at goal landed in Finn's hands. From a tight angle, next to the goal post, Finn shot true – for his 3rd GOAL!


Coaches, Players, Parents and spectators were all pleased with a very entertaining game.


It can be hard to separate individual players out such an even performance.

Rooster's of the Week;

  • Ben : contested marks and big tackles, he is finding himself more involved each game.
  • Ed : is working his way into the Team well after a spell on the sidelines.
  • Finn : 3 Goals and contributions in general play.



Finn –3, Jackson- 1, Archer-1


It was a great atmosphere to play in, with plenty of barracking heard on the ground.  Many of the Parents and the opposition Coach, expressed how impressed they were with the standard of the gamne.  Even our official umpire (Merv) commented that this was one of the better games he has officiated this year.


So well done Players, Volunteers, Supporters and scribe.

We have another 2 home games this year, one of which is another Friday Night under Lights – bring it on....


See you at training,



Match Report u/14

The positions on the ladder suggested that it would be a close contest between the roosters and Werribee Centrals. The opening quarter was anything but an even contest with the Central boys showing a great deal of intensity and commitment to the football, something which the roosters would not do. Werribee centrals dominated the scoreboard, kicking 4 goals to none in the opening term. The second quarter started in much the same way as the first, with the Werribee team dominating possession. The roosters where able to stop them from scoring though and in the second half of the quarter, started to show some intensity at the football. This was finally rewarded with a goal to Soc. The scores at half time 36 to 8.

The halftime speech by Josh must have been inspirational because the roosters came out and began to dominate the contest. They held the ball in the forward line for a great deal of time and were able to add another goal to their tally, with Nathan slotting o nice snap. The contest was much more even with the Werribee Central backline holding up well. The 3/4 time score 38 to 15.

The final quarter started with the roosters dominating possession, showing the intensity that Werribee Centrals had shown in the first quarter. The rooster boys were hard at the contest, worked hard for each other and dominated time in forward half. This unfortunately did not translate on the scoreboard with the roosters unable to convert a major in the last quarter.

The game eventually became the even contest that we all expected unfortunately the damage had been done in the first quarter. The final score Werribee Centrals 46, the roosters 16.



Round 8, 2018

U9 Orange


Rd 8: West Footscray V Point Cook


We awoke early to the sound of heavy rain. The forecast seemed spot on unfortunately and we were going to have a cold and wet game. A huge contrast from our first game of the season at Point Cook. Some text messages were exchanged early to confirm if we still play when it is raining. To the credit of players and parents all the team arrived ready to go. The pre-game talk went on a bit until we could delay no longer. Led by Captains today in Oliver R. and Thomas we emerged from the warm building. Noticing a few big puddles on the ground I suggested we try to avoid them, but that was never going to happen.


The rain relented for the start of the game and we won the toss (possibly for the first time) which caused some excitement. Zeph started strongly with great attack at the ball. Paddy and Eamon also showed their wet weather credentials with some good in and under efforts. It was a good tussle to start but Point Cook managed a few successful attacks. Enrique rucked well and at a restart kicked nicely to Charlie, who skilfully passed to Hugo L, who handled the pressure well and finished kicking to Malik, moving dangerously around the forward line for a shot – a good passage of play for only a point.


In the second quarter the wind started blowing hard, unfortunately it was against us. Our backline included Oliver R. and Hugo W. were working overtime to hold them out as the ball spent a lot of time at one end. Jimmy and Jackson took the lead in the middle working hard across the sticky cricket wicket. Kade made some good runs on the northern wing, which was dryer except for one deep puddle which collected so many possessions it nearly won the heartland. The blanket on the bench was looking like a good position for some and the rain started falling heavily. The rooms were a welcome change for the players to shelter from the weather during the half time break. Otto competed full of energy early but the cold air got to his asthma and he had to retire.


We were looking forward to the third quarter with the wind at our backs. The players didn’t disappoint with some good forward pressure from Thomas the ball stayed locked in. Finally Hugo N. work rate was rewarded as he jagged a difficult bouncing shot through for a goal. Oliver C landed a few good kicks before the ball got its revenge with a blow to his head that needed a spell. The team huddled around during the last break more like penguins in the Antarctic, than roosters.


They must of found some strength in the huddle because they played the last quarter like no other yet this season. The Roosters flew out of the middle with the first clearance. Soon Jack M. kicked over the top to Jack G. who had run forward from the middle for a great goal into the wind. The Roosters pressure continued with Noah attacking the ball. Bodee was strong and clean in the contest across half back. Kase raced towards goal brushing aside opponents only to be called for running too far – unlucky. Eli won a hard free kick to start another attack deep in our forward line. Great pressure seemed to come from every Rooster player as we pushed forward. Jack M. at the end gathered a loose ball and booted another goal into the wind. The game finished with the Rooster’s crowing.


Charlie collected Rooster of the week for another polished and tough performance. All the team deserved congratulations for their efforts today.


We had survived, and through it we had grown stronger. I think everyone was proud of how the kids coped with the weather and managed to finish the game fantastically. They played their different positions really well and showed great courage and skills on a tough day. Little did we know the games to follow ours would have much worse weather. It is not often the early game gets the best of the weather.






Round 8 – U9 Blue - Away to St Albans.



Remember today, it may well be the day that all other bad weather days are compared to....



The conditions certainly tested us today.


Some players thrived : Arlo, Hamish, Fletcher and Nathaniel, staying on their feet and solid ball skills


Some adapted well : Jackson, Finn, Harvey and Hudson all still had plenty of effective possessions.


And some dug deep for the extra effort required : Lachie, Tom and Ryan were involved around the ball with possessions and repeat efforts.


However, all players deserve credit for their efforts under very trying conditions today.



Our volunteer Parents;


Our Parent Umpire Mulcahy slugged it out on the field in puddles of various depths.


Goal umpire Steve was stationary in the rain with minimal flag waving required up our end.


(St Albans Coach latter told me that they were unbeaten so far this season)


Our Trainer Ben was dealing with repeated requests by "injured" - read "cold" - players on our non-existent bench.


And our stoic supporters had their encouraging voices heard through the wind and rain.


Thankyou All.



Arlo won the Heartland Award in our game – and then was off for more, helping out one of the u10's Teams. That says enough about this boy's footballing commitment.



I was unable to take any legible notes on the ground, so thankyou Paolo for your Match Report below.



Im looking forward to another Friday Night under lights game


See you at Training,






Under 9 Roosters (Blues) versus St Albans.


Kings Park Reserve, St Albans.


8:50am Sunday June 17th 2018,


Captains: Finn & Ben


It was a day that could only be described as absolutely miserable!


Surprisingly, most of the team eventually showed for what was going to be a hard slog against St Albans.


Starting the game, up front we had Ben (13) and Eli (30), supporting Thomas (34) in full-forward.


Oscar (33), Dylan (5) and Hamish (14) were slated to start in the half forward line for us.


Archer (21) and Nathaniel (17) were initially mooted to start on the wings, but Archer (21) then moved into the centre position as Harvey (36) waited eagerly on the bench for his mouth-guard to turn up.


Lachie (12) and Arlo (3) started strong in the centre, and then Harvey (36) eventually came in to join the game on the wing.


Hudson (2), Jack (6) and Jackson (32) formed the first line of defence at the half back line.


Fletcher (9), Ryan (18) and Finn (11) were at the final line of defence, right up the back, and it was this group that got the biggest work out early on.


They had their work cut out for them as St Albans got off to a flying start with a quick early goal.


Nathaniel (17) played hard in the back line early, with some great kicking out of defence to keep the opposition at bay.


They were supported by strong work in defence by Fletcher (9) who marked and kicked out of the back line.


Jack (6) and Hamish (14) combined well along the half back line to move the ball out of defence, but St Albans were just too strong when we came to trying to push the ball further forward.


They kept repelling out attacks and sending the ball straight back.


Jackson wasn’t having a bar of it, though, and with determination marked in the back line, getting it out to Harvey (36) who by then was having a tough time on the wing, but managed to see the ball to Hamish (14) to move the ball forward.


Again, St Albans repelled and attacked, only to be thwarted by the sturdiness of an out-of-position Eli (30) who had run back to defence, running the ball out and around near the boundary.


Finn (11) and Hamish (14) then combined out of centre-half-back to run the ball forward but were again met by an impenetrable wall of St Albans defenders, at our centre-half-forward line.


Nathaniel (17) came out of the bench to immediately assist in moving the ball forward for us.


Arlo (3) showed grit with strong tackling throughout the 1st.


Eli (30) produced our final push forward for the term but was unfortunately beaten to the finish line by the siren which sounded the end of the first quarter.


By the end of the first break St Albans were at least a couple of goals up, to our solitary point, but who’s counting!




In the second term conditions worsened and our warriors started to fall! Near freezing conditions combined with driving rain to put bodies to the test, and tears were shed as our boys struggled to get a grip on the ball with numbed fingers, not helped by the bone-chilling wind.


Thomas (34) kept putting in through it all and would easily have been a contender for best-on-ground as he passed the ball on to Hudson (2), who then somehow got it to Thomas (34), who pushed on in the cold.


Again, it was Jackson (32) kicking the ball out from the wing.


Hamish (14) was still going strong, this time in defence, with Thomas (34) (AGAIN!) this time on the last line of defence in the square.


And Archer (21) felt the brute strength of the opposition after being all but squashed by an opposition player and earning a free kick to move us forward.


Same too, Fletcher (9) who earned a free with some determination.


Again Hamish (14) strong out of defence against the constant barrage from St Albans.


By half time it was clear that St Albans just seemed to be less affected by the cold – Obviously they make them a little tougher the further out west you go!


Numbers started to dwindle for us with at least 5 players down, and we scraped the bottom of the barrel with barely 13 souls remaining for the rest of the fight.


A shout out at this point to Katrina and Charlie, Ed’s parents, who went out of their way to buy hot chocolates for all the kids in the team as we all huddled for warmth in the club rooms at half time, to try and lift spirits and warm those cold fingers.


However, St Albans showed that they were not only a terrific footy team, but great sports as well by remarkably contributing four of their own players to assist our team in the second half, and to ensure that the match would not be called off.


Unfortunately for our boys, the second half was more a training run for St Albans than what we would ideally like to have seen.


And, with some of their players swapping jumpers to play for us in the second half, it was also somewhat difficult to tell who was who by the end of it!


Arlo (3) was still putting in, nonetheless, with a fine effort in the 3rd quarter, this time on the wing.


Jack (6) also was giving it a strong go, and Harvey (36) was really warming up to it in this second half.


Fetcher (9) was laying on some fine tackles for us at centre-half-back, and Harvey (36) was again figuring strongly.


However, unfortunately the floodgates had by this time opened on the goals by St Albans, and our boys were struggling to plug the holes.


By the time the fourth quarter came, everyone was well and truly over it, and it was a hard slog from then onto the finish line.


The final term saw some very-altered team positions figure, and some improvisation by Coach Paul, who was trying to cover the holes in the team line-up, with Ben (13), Leo (16), Ed (15) and Ryan (18) making up a depleted forward half of the field. Harvey (36), Arlo (3) and Nathaniel (17) were thrown into the centre and supported by Fletcher (9) on one wing.


Meanwhile, the back-half was kept strong with Hudson (2), Dylan (5) and Jack (6) on the first line of defence, and Eli (30), Thomas (34) and Ed (15) right up the back.


Nathaniel (17) started with some strong tackling up in our forward line to give us some hope.


Harvey (36) and Lachie (12) were also combining well at the last, in the forward line.


Ben (13) was having a hard time of it, trying to stay focused.


Thomas (34) couldn’t be held back and just kept going.


Fletcher (9) was still putting in, as was Ed (15).


Dylan (5) was still remaining resilient in the face of the storm, and Ryan (18) also hadn’t yet thrown in the towel and was doing some solid running.


Arlo (3) was playing strong out of the back pocket as he covered lots of the ground to try and sure up the defence, as did Nathaniel (17), putting in a determined effort.


Lachie (12) and Arlo (3) again, combined well out of the wing.


However, by the end of it, some of the credits might also have gone out to the opposition players who had joined in to assist our team (well done especially to their numbers 20 and 12 – I think?)


Big credits also to all of our players, and particularly to those that remained standing by the end of what could only be called a very hard-slog and a mud-bath!!!


By the time the final siren sounded, for the Roosters (U9 Blues) it had been a game more of lessons than point-scoring.


Captains Ben (13) and Finn (11) there to thank the opposition for their efforts and for being the best of sports.


Everyone was glad to see the back of that game, that’s for sure – On to the next one! Bring on the Sunshine, for the upcoming game next Friday night under lights!


Contributor: Paolo Pennacchia


Round 7, 2018

U9 Orange

Rd 7: West Footscray V Tarneit

It had been a while since we had the early game, and the first Sunday of Winter was not gentle in reminding us what it can be like. The BOM records confirm it was an apparent temperature of only 2 degrees when we arrived, with a dew laying on the Shorten Oval grass, but still some kids didn’t think it was cold enough to wear an extra layer but they were happy to warm up in the sheds. At least there was no wind chill. Kase was a late omission which needed some edits to the team plan. The sun was slowly starting to emerge as the captains today (Noah N. and Otto) led the team onto the park.

Tarneit looked fairly large at the far end of the park warming up and once the game started that turned out to be correct. The Roosters did a lot of chasing and desperate defending, especially from Oliver R. and Thomas, but we couldn’t hold back the Tarneit tide and they got the jump on us. Charlie took a good overhead mark (as he does) and Otto started well with some clean hands. Hugo L. took a good mark and was solid all match. Maybe some Roosters were thinking about warm beds or hot breakfasts because not everyone was focused on the game yet.

I asked the older players to lift and Jack M. responded fantastically at full back in the second quarter – tackling strongly, attacking the ball and holding marks. Jack G., Kade and Bodee worked hard through the middle and the ball did stay in our forward line a while. A much better quarter all around by the Roosters. By half time the air was warming up and the team looked like they were all awake now.

The second half began with much more energy from the Roosters. Jackson was strong at half back and launched a big kick to help get the ball forward. Enrique, Noah and Hugo N. were in the middle and running hard. Eamon made a strong tackle and earnt a free kick in our forward line. Malik got his game going and started looking dangerous around half forward and scoring a point. Tarneit still held sway though and attacked regularly. Jimmy had a good quarter at full back with safe marks and aided by Eli and Paddy they limited the scoring.

One last quarter to go and whoever played the backline was holding up well. This quarter Hugo W played his position really well and took several good marks then kicked well as his reward. Oliver C. also finished strongly with a good mark and kick. Zeph found some space in the middle to mark and pass the ball well onto a team mate before the final siren sounded.

This was our toughest match yet against a big and skilful opposition. Most pleasing was how the Roosters all kept trying, especially after quarter time, and every player did something special during the game. Well done to Jack M. who collected Rooster of the week.

Hard to believe we are half way through the season already. It has been great to see the team get to know each other and develop their confidence. We have a few simple game ideas we will talk about and work on before we go again in two weeks. I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend off from football.




U9 Blues – Rond 7 – Home to Deer Park


When I had looked at the original season fixture, this weekend was down as a "Bye".

Knowing a long weekend was approaching I thought nothing of it.  It was in fact down as weekend without a game, before the weekend with no Junior games.

So, there was some relief after our Calendar checking that we were allowed us another hit-out.

A couple of weeks prior, Team Manager Paul from U10s Blue had asked me " have you heard anything about Deer Park's team?".  I hadn't. Paul continued : "We were due a game with them, but they are not in our Division anymore. We now have a Bye.."

Well Deer Park had appeared on our fixture.


Training on Wednesday (Thanks Keiran)  and Friday had revolved around putting the ball out in front of our players, moving to where we can be easier to pass to and being on the move.


Captains today;

Oscar – Always trains well and is starting to find his own ball within the game, gaining confidence with each gathered possession.

Nathaniel – goes under the radar a bit, but his name is often in our link-up play combinations.


Role Call;

Edward is back – no more clipped wing, this Rooster is ready to fly...

But Ryan was not available.

A full Team, but no bench today.


Our mantra today was " Play in Front" and " No loose Players"


1st Quarter;

The coin toss determined we were heading to the Playground end to start.

We had Hudson in the unfamiliar role of ruck –  he just loves any contest.

An early tap by Hudson found Fletcher who sent a running handball forward of the pack.

Oscar hassled opposition players who had the ball at half back.

Hudson picked the pocket of a player and left with the ball.

Tom had a great marking attempt knocked out.

Hamish was proving solid in defense – repelling our opponents attacks.

Fletcher was making good plays and decisions on the wing.

Nathaniel – Fletcher – Jackson – Harvey – had a good combination of link up play.

We were under pressure deep in our defensive 50 – Ben twice save our skins with " touched on the line" efforts.


We looked like we were in for a battle today, our forwards this quarter didn’t get many opportunities and our defense was working hard.


2nd Quarter;

Arlo was involving himself more taking strong marks.  He got the ball forward, Eli on the wing got the ball in front on Hudson, who gathered and ran through our attacking 50m arc.  Having used up his one bounce he sent an end-over-end bouncing ball forward and tumbling through the Big Sticks.

A well deserved GOAL!

Nathaniel gathered and cleared in defense.

Tom put his head over the ball in the middle and gathered a contested possession.

Oscar was tackling hard and Dylan was getting more involved.

Hamish won a free kick after a chase down tackle.

Finn was using great body-work to protect the drop of the ball and take a mark. (Play in Front)


At half time I was really pleased for the players to have gotten some reward for their efforts so far.

These tough games show us what we need to do better, the level we want to get to and the things that will get us there.

"when we have the ball - Run to where the ball is going to go.  When they have the ball – No loose players, play in front"


3rd Quarter;

Fletcher started us off with a good tackle, Lachie followed suit with his own.


Jackson was solid in defense, along with Dylan, Jack and Arlo.

Oscar won another contested ball, Leo was trying to get involved,

Eli was doing his thing – tracking the ball in front of himself and turning the opposition inside out.

Fletcher again found space where a moment before there was none.

Ed did a good job with kick-ins under increasing pressure (later acknowledged by Nathaniel – nice one)


We had acknowledged that this was a tough outing.

I asked the players to finish the game hard – keep on running.


4th Quarter;

Jackson tackled down a much bigger player.

Archer sent out a precise pass to a teammate

Dylan was solid in our defensive 50 and used his long kick well on kick outs.

Finn and Fletcher work a handball 1 – 2   - 3 (had we worked on that?) in the midfield.

Hamish was clearing our lines again with his left boot.

Arlo gathered a clean pick up from a ground ball, and got the ball into our attacking 50.

Nathaniel and Jackson helped lock it in there.  

Fletch won a free kick and got the ball to our Hot Spot – top of the Goalsquare.

From a  loose ball and scrabble, Harvey managed to gather the ball and across his body snapoped  a GOAL!


A sweet way to end a tough game.

Was this the same Deer Park Team that was in the 10s a couple of weeks ago?


Regardless, our players played out well and kept to the task right till the end.

I will call this a "solid defensive hit out" but with plenty of ball-moving-forward positives.


Special Mentions;

Roosters of the Week;

  • Hamish – another solid effort, hardly lets the ball past him and gets it moving our way
  • Dylan – his confidence is growing with more possessions and distance on his kicks.

Well done to all our players who were under the pump for a lot of the game today, but showed great resilience and made the most of our own opportunities.


Thanks to our Parents – the game cannot happen without your help.

Mike – good, fair and consistent calls when umpiring (by yourself)

Flag wavers, Medics, Scribes, Paparazzi(?), Water boys and Cheer-squad – Thankyou all.


See you at training – back to 5:00pm again





WEST FOOTSCRAY ROOSTERS – Under 10 Reds vs. Caroline Springs - Round Seven – 3/6/18.

Oh yes!!!……..

“If you want me, come and get me….”

(I will come back to this)

Good Evening Sports Fans!

The Tenners Roadshow rolled back into town today after spending a week by the seaside cooling their battle worn heels. Last week’s win/loss/draw against a strong Williamstown was a corker in more than one sense of the word, with the corkie being the injury of choice amongst the squad. Someone always appears to be carrying something at the moment; such is our commitment to the contest. This week’s game would mark the first for winter and would also see the halfway point, with the Tenners now having played each team once. Followers of the Tenners would have to agree that the mid-season report card was looking pretty healthy thus far.

But, you are only as good as your last game as they say so, new week, new opposition, new challenge. I can honestly say that I did not know what the challenge would be. I can’t recall having to play a side from Caroline Springs in the past couple of years, but I was aware of their heavy rep. Other Roosters squads bore tales of woe, lamenting their lack of sheer physical size against the team from the outer west. I do say it every week, but this would be a real test. Friday night’s training was sharp with the focus being “best option”. This “sharpness” was dulled however by the news that The Dozer would miss this week with a chin full of stitches. The word on the street was that he had been asked to spar with Conner McGregor and copped a cheeky whack when he wasn’t looking splitting Dozer’s chin wide open.  It was reported as a random dodge ball accident, but we know the truth! With the squad reduced back to 16 again like a fine red and white wine sauce, TM Kane would be back on a recruiting drive to get us up for Sunday. Little bro Kade and pocket rocket Jackson Rose would step up from the nines to fill the spots with Sash the Dash thrown in for good measure straight off the back of a 10:20 flight out of Yarraville/Seddon.

For the second time in three games we had been gifted the 12:05 time slot at home under sunny blue skies. An ever so slight breeze blew to the car park end in complete contrast to last week’s howling northerly. Good name for a blues singer that, Howlin’ Northerly.

Our Co-Captains for the day would be Noah the Pit(bull) and Mighty Miles Martin. The toss was won and we were kicking to the Dog Park. Once again the Tenners would find themselves in a real arm wrestle, the Sherrin traversing backward and forward, with neither team gaining any real ascendency. They were bigger and harder but could not get through as easily as they would have hoped. Our forward thrusts were built off the back of great defensive work with the mids trusting they would get the job done. Once the ball was out we were slick inside 50. The Showboat was back in fine form today, not that he has been out of form, but it was his turn to fire and fire he did. Two classy first quarter goals were a highlight but his David and Goliath tackle in the dying seconds of the game against the biggest body out there was pure gold. He mowed down their ruckman as he was about to send the ball forward, turning him from grass into daisies. I think Hurricane might be carrying a few injuries, but he won’t let on, but he will keep going. He was knocked down a few times today and gingerly rose to his feet. He flicked the switch in the second and bagged a couple, but he was forced to rest at full back in the last against his will, but for his own good. When I say rest………! The General had another ripper but finished the game off the ground with a few minutes to go after getting crunched in traffic. He spent a quarter at full back and was all class as usual. For those of you who watched closely and thought some of his kicking was a bit off today, let me tell you, that was his opposite foot getting a workout! Griff the Diff(erence) was tough as nails. No backward step will be taken, side step maybe but never backward. He copped a bit of niggle but just shrugged it off. He often finds himself amongst three or four opponents but is always cold as ice. Louis the Fly spent the first half at full back and should not only be commended for his goal saving antics but also his sportsmanship. The Springers had a shot on goal called a point but Louis overrode the decision and told the umpire that it was a goal. Well done fella, good karma is coming your way.

Arch spent the first three at CHB and attacked the ball at will. He too is carrying a few injuries and finds himself a little off the pace but keeps on going. I have it on good authority that he frustrated their forward line trying to pin him down and he spent the last quarter on the ball doing the same. Mighty Miles and Big Bad Bastien are very similar in their style. I get them confused at times for which I must apologise. They are both free range ruckmen who enjoy the wide open plains but also the hustle and bustle of the inner city living.

There were a few big steps forward today. Brayden took his first overhead mark; he is also one of a few Roosters who actually like the backline! Clara the Clearance Queen got plenty of it, marks, kicks, tackles. She should have kicked her first goal when she found herself at the top of the square but the shot was on goal from the pocket and not squared up where she was all alone. Mezz also found herself out in space on a number of occasions and found herself getting a few kicks for it as well. A bit more work on getting boot to ball a little quicker and she will be away. Ozi was in and under man! It was easily his most productive game in terms of getting his hands on it, especially in the third when they were pushing hard. He would go on to win R.O.T.W for his efforts. Lil Bro Kade took a nice low down grab and continues to impress with his let me at it attitude. I felt Cruzer played his best game today. He is really starting to find his feet in traffic and uses his clean hands to advantage.  If we can get him running out of congestion he will be hard to stop. Efe is a real confidence player, gifted with natural ability. When he is in the game early he can be influential as anyone out there. Co-Capitan Pit(bull) copped a bit of a shoulder and spent some time on the sidelines. It was great to see him going for his marks again and I can’t wait for him to drag one in.

There is only one Walt! There was pre game mention of a skateboarding achilles injury which was “stinging” a bit and he wasn’t sure if he should take the field. A quick consultation with Dad Kiernan would reveal a nasty blister instead. After which diagnosis, he was ready to go. Some last quarter heroics would see a vertical leap and mark out of nowhere and resulting goal to put us back in front. Like I said, there is only one Walt!

That just leaves me with our two other recruits. Both played previous games that morning and both were outstanding. Sash the Dash is electric and is potentially the only under tens footballer that I have seen who will go the spoil from behind with his fist. He took some great marks and was also on the deck when the final siren sounded clutching at his ribs. We also welcomed back pocket rocket Jackson Rose who played with us last year. He rivalled Kade for the smallest man on the ground but you wouldn’t think that with the way he plays. Pure hunger for the football and those flowing locks will see him go a long way!

“you don’t have a chance if you don’t move now”

We are working hard on best option; not the “best” player in the worst position but the player in the best position being the best option. This is purely just a mindset and one that we hope will sink in but we will keep working at it. Today was another cracker with mere points again deciding the outcome. The final scoreline read – 5.4.34 – 5.3.33. Roosters by a point.

Goals –– Showboat 2 – Hurricane 2 - Walt 1:

As we head into the mid-year break, we can all stand back and be extremely proud of our efforts so far. Undersized, injury prone and undermanned; Means nothing. Belief in yourself and your ability to trust your team mates is everything.

“This time I’m playing to win”

We now turn our attentions to next Sunday, celebrating the Queen’s Birthday.

Rest up Tenners, we have turned the corner and we are heading for home.

Special Thanks to Libby for donning the whistle and St.Nick for tending to the wounded and to those who filled the volunteered roles and to those who cheered us on, we can’t do this without you, it is most appreciated.

Richie + Kane.


Under 11


Rd 7 Vs Spotswood Away: Sun 3rd June: Roosters 2.3 -15 to Spotswood 6.3-39


Playing the top team, this was clearly our best game for the season by this committed and resilient Rooster 11’s. Playing with only 18 vs Spotswood’s extended bench there was a number of individual and team highlights but what most pleasing for this coach, our young Roosters played for the moment and didn't let any distractions impede their focus and drive. The voice and encouragement was the loudest I have heard from these Rooster & a good foundation for the back half of the season.


Captains for the day were Ashton and Joharo. Both worked tirelessly around the ground using their physicality to great effect and helped set the tone for their teammates. Joharo had imo, his best game in the Red & White and seems to have found a niche as ruckman. Ashton laid some big tackles and winning the ball in close and handballing it out to his runners.


Q1 WF: 1.3-9 vs S: 2.0-12

Straight out of the box our Roosters were into their rivals with intense pressure and attack on the ball. Reuben, given the task of running with the feisty No 2, not only curbed his influence but won a heap of the ball himself with some gutsy two way running. Outstanding effort by Reuben. Elijah started at Full Back played a pivotal role thwarting the early Spotswood attacks. Later in the game Eli moved into the midfield to give us some much needed dash & carry. Tem is proving to be a great decision maker, knowing when to leave his opponent and win the crucial contests and his pressure is outstanding. Nicholas was outstanding all day and played his best game for the Roosters. Nicholas’s determination and will to beat his opponent is outstanding and he is now adding the spins and evasion to take his game to a new level. Hamish covered a lot of ground the entire game and pleasingly picked the right moments to back himself and outrun his opponents. A great snap by Hamish confirmed to the team they were right in this. After absorbing Spotswood early pressure we hit back and were unlucky not to score more but we went into ¼ time with more scoring shots than Spotswood and well justified belief.


Q2 WF: 1.3-9 vs S: 5.0-30

Looking at the scoreline an outsider would think that Spotswood clearly dominated our Roosters but i felt we won the majority of contested ball for the quarter. Spotswood managed to jag a couple of goals from extreme angles and were handed another to underline how solid our defence was. A small lapse in the middle of the quarter, meant we lost our formation and Spotswood were quick to pounce with their overlapping run. Still it was inspiring to see the lads regroup and hit back during the quarter. Ben, our Heartland Winner was his usual inspiring self, reading the play to a tee and putting his body on the line. Patrick on the other flank, is having an outstanding season, his work rate & decision making when outnumbered by 2 or 3 is a sight to behold. I think Patrick is building for a big back of the season and it was great to see him move onto the ball in the 2nd half and continue to dominate. Caleb was another in imo who played his best game this year. Caleb’s 2nd and 3rd efforts were inspiring helping to lift his teammates when Spotswood threatened to dominate. Marlon was another who I felt really increased his physical pressure on his opponent and won a number of crucial one-on-ones. Pleasingly, Marlon is upping his work rate over the four quarters and is making himself dangerous. Ezekiel, moving into the ruck in the 2nd quarter shone with his physical pressure around the packs was a crucial factor in preventing them dominating us when they threatened.


Q3 WF: 2.3-15 vs S: 5.0-30

Another quarter where we had more scoring shots than Spotswood but unlucky not to be rewarded more for our domination of the play. Tom moved to wing and provide some great run and carry for us. I think this was Tom’s best game for us this season and his two way running a feature. More of this Tom because it will be crucial. Oliver clearly played his best game in his short career. Either at the bottom of the packs winning the ball out or tackling bigger opponents, Oliver was inspiring with his determination and relentlessness. As I said at the break, keep working Oliver because you will be rewarded. Zaw Zaw is another who is building his physical presence around the ball and it was great to see one of his classic snaps for a goal - more physicality, blocks, pushes in the side, etc and I know Zaw Zaw you will be rewarded with more goals. Holding Spotswood goalless was a good achievement lads but I think we can go further. But that's a coaches prerogative  - :)


Q4 WF: 2.3-15 vs S: 6.3-39

With no bench, it was always a matter if we could run out the game. We did run out gas a little but what pleasingly our defence held firm. We just lacked the run to carry the ball it deep into our forward line. Angus played another outstanding game with some classy intercepts and run. His ability to cut through packs and kick accurately a feature. It was also great to see Angus bounce back quickly from a few heavy clashes, sending Spotswood a clear message that we would not back down. Rory was another who imo played his best game for the season. Constantly getting to the right spots, Rory really shone with his inside work, winning the ball out to his fellow midfielders and than combining it with vital link up play. Kiir had been outstanding all day, setting the tone with his attack on the ball and inside work. Moving to full back in the last quarter he again proved what a huge will he has, beating single handedly 3 and 4 opponents on several occasions. Excellent stuff Kiir. In the end close, but not there. We will take our medicine and look forward to our next Spotswood clash in the coming weeks.


Thanks to all those who volunteered & supported our young Roosters. It is very much appreciated. Next match against the old foe in Flemington will be crucial. Enjoy the break lads as we move into the 2nd half of the season. Numbers will be critical in the coming weeks so if anyone (outside those already informed) becomes unavailable please let us know as as possible.


NEXT MATCH AWAY: vs Flemington 10.20AM Sun 17th June


Under 12s


Once again, I have failed to find the time to knock out a proper match report. Considering how the game panned out, it was probably a good one to miss. Our first loss of the season from seven starts. If someone had offered me that at the start of the season I would have taken it. Having said that, I think the boys would admit that they were well off their best against St Bernard’s. Maybe we thought we had them easily given their ladder position? Was it the loss we needed? You do learn more from a loss than a win I think.  As good as we’ve been, we can still improve a lot.


Enjoy the weekend off boys. Flemington awaits when we get back. You are two games clear in second and I believe capable of beating every team in the competition if we produce our best. You’ve been amazing so far. Let’s do it.


Finally, one more thing to think about………….







Match report West Footscray under 14’s V Point Cook, Sunday 3 June, 2018

By Michael S, standing in for Dave H (standing in for an absent umpire)


On a beautiful crisp day for football, the Roosters showed that they had come to play with Sam H being involved in a number of possessions on the wing that culminated in an easy walk in goal to Socrates, to open the account for the Roosters.

The wide expanses of the Point Cook Oval allowed for plenty of free flowing rebound football with the Roosters pushing the ball forward from half back, ending in goals to Xavier and then to Soc and Liam twice. The siren sounded with the score at 5 goals 3 behinds to the Roosters to no score to Point Cook. This score line exemplified the willingness of the Roosters to run in numbers both in offence and defence.

The second quarter started in much the same way with the forward line pressure of the Roosters locking the ball in the forward 50. After a couple of near misses Xavier ran the park in classic Kevin Bartlett fashion to open the second quarter scoring. It wasn’t long after we witnessed the classic combination of Diesel down the wing to Sam H along the half forward flank for a goal that was shepherded through unselfishly by Soc.

Another fine passage of play starting from the backline with the run through the middle by Nav to Zidane and Nathan who flicked the ball sideways to Diesel running down the wing with plenty of time, finding Liam who connected with Xavier for another goal.  

Great link-up passages of play again resulted in goals to Luis and Xavier, with the score when the halftime siren sounded, 10 goals 7 behinds to the Roosters… no score to Point Cook. 

The third quarter started in the same way with the Roosters dominating the opening passages of play which resulted in a pressure goal to Soc. 

Some dour defending by the Point Cook team saw the Roosters scoring dry up. It was another six minutes before Liam finally broke the shackles by scoring a goal, and not long after that before he scored another. It seemed to spur the Roosters side on as it wasn’t long after that again that Kevin Bartlett showed up in the form of Xavier for another classic goal, roving off the marking pack. The siren sounded for the end of the third quarter, the Roosters 14 goals 12 behinds to Point Cook no score.

The final quarter started as the third quarter had finished with “the general”, Lenny making a much welcomed return to the side, winning the ball out of the centre and pinpointing a pass to Xavier who ran into an open goal. Xavier followed this with another goal after a beautiful mark and goal from the 20 metre mark and then set up Soc for another goal. After a couple more missed opportunities, it was the Xavier Kevin Bartlett show again with another cheeky rove off the pack for a goal.

A bit of indecision after Lenny took a mark 25m and unselfishly passed it to Liam who was also 25 m out who then unselfishly passed it back to “the general” who was again 25 m out. This hot potato play finished with Liam kicking the goal. This was shortly after followed by a mark and goal to Nathan, Zidane, Liam and Stephen. And another strong push through the midfield by Nav finished with a goal by Alex. The final siren sounded with the Roosters 24 goals 14 behinds to point Cook no score. Fantastic performance by the young running team.


Great debut game by Aaron, who took a couple of nice marks. Steven was one of the captains today, and had a fine game. Sam V and Henry was impassable in the back line. Juma delivered a Liam Jones-like spoil in the third quarter with an almighty punch away, setting up another forward entry. Jonathon S enjoyed the extra space in the middle today using his footy smarts to find some great options. And all the lads seemed to heed Jack’s words of advice before the game: “We don’t want to get lost in their deep pockets.”


Chris C burned through the pencils in keeping the statistics today, and the team seem to be responding really well. Here’s his summary:

Outstanding stats that resulted in a fantastic team performance:

21 tackles outside our forward 50.

26 tackles inside our forward 50 (great forward pressure)

34 shepherds

14 spoils

and wait for it: 28 switches / square-ups to team mates in a better position. Take a bow boys.


Round 6, 2018


U9 Orange

Rd 6: West Footscray V Williamstown Juniors

Friday night lights, the anticipation from all involved for our first game at Shorten Reserve under lights was something to behold. Captains tonight were Eamon and Enrique. It was a fabulous night for football and the boys came out of the gates with the best start this season. We pushed the ball into the forward 50 and held the pressure on for the first half of the quarter. Lots of great marking was on show including Hugo N. who took an excellent one. Jack M launched some fantastic kicks from full back and continued with link up play. Charlie gave a great example of how to put your body over the ball with a bump that protects yourself and wins the ball.

The second quarter showed the size of a couple of the Williamstown players started to have an effect on the game but we still were willing in the contest and our younger players effected some great tackles - Hugo L and Eamon were tackling like their life depended on it, and Paddy made a big chase down. Enrique also made the perfect side bump to get his body over the ball. Otto, Jackson and Hugo W. were all running hard at every contest. All the boys where playing with a great spirit.

The half time oranges provided a much needed energy boost to our young team. Against the run of play Malik snagged us a point. At the other end a goal line scramble seemed to go on forever with multiple ball ups and great resistance shown by the backline of James, Bodee and Eli. A clearance saw Kase take a great mark and slot the ball straight through the posts for our first goal. Zeph had been in and under all night also got on the score sheet with a point.

The last quarter became more a who’s who of injuries than a football game. Jackson took a blow to the eye, Charlie had a blood nose, Zeph a sore hand and Noah finally came off after a heroic effort against much larger opposition. Malik decided that speed and agility was the way to best a much bigger opponent and raced across the ground in front of the club rooms. Oliver C grabbed a mark that was travelling close to the speed of sound and was unlucky to have his effort on goal touched as it sailed through the goal posts. Jack G, Thomas and Kade continued to work hard laying a big gang tackle together. Some were showing the signs of tired legs and a late night by now.

All the lads kept to their positions well, and the calling out and tackling showed that our training sessions are really paying dividends. It is really good to see the team develop their skills and learning about how to play the game together. All in all another great effort under lights as the spectators can testify.

Special mentions-

Oliver R who couldn’t make it on the night but was with his team mates in spirit.

All the players who came off injured because you could tell they really wanted to keep playing.

All the team for the tackling, handballs, calling and kicking, and also never losing faith against a much bigger and more experienced team, well done.

Rooster of the week was Noah for a stoic effort as he was tackled again and again and kept getting up.

Next Sundays game is at the Shorten reserve again against Tarneit at 8.50am, lets put all the hard work we have put in so far this season into effect and really have a go this Sunday, Roosters, Roosters Cock-a-doodle-do

Chris and Gerald



Match Report – Under 9's Blue

Round 6 – Away to Nth Footscray/ PEGS


Another game, another new Team to encounter.

This week was the combined Team of North Footscray and PEGS at Hansen Reserve.

The changerooms had some interesting mottos/ advise on the walls and proper lockers above the wooden benches.

Outside of the changerooms were a group of players warming up in Red and White.  However our players were in the changeroom...

I now understand why we are asked to wear Red sleeves - the Nth Footscray kit that they had chosen to wear was very similar to ours – a tad more white on their tops, white sleeves, and no white stripes on their socks.


Role Call;

Absent were Ed, Arlo and Jackson.

Helping us make a squad of 17 (Thankyou Guys) were Charlie - for the second time this year and Hugo – an original Blue, who knows our mantra and values we are trying to achieve.


Captains today were Dylan – one of our marking targets and long kickers, and Archer – proving to be pivotal in our link up play.


1st Quarter;

After calling incorrectly on the phone flip, we were kicking away from the clubrooms and into the wind to start.

Leo got an early mark, Hudson and Charlie soon also marked the ball.

Our captains Dylan and Archer were strong in defence.

Jack won an important possession in the middle of the ground and got the ball on to Finn.  He wheeled around and with great vision, kicked the ball in front of Fletcher who was racing through our attacking 50, gathered the ball and got himself a GOAL!  Possibly my favorite play so far this year.

Archer saved an opposition goal right on the line, Hamish and Harvey both laid opposition stopping tackles.

Nathaniel – Ryan – Archer had a nice chain of possession through the middle of the ground.

At the quarter time break I congratulated the players on a good competitive start to the game.

" This is our even-up quarter, playing with the wind this time".

I challenged the players to get to 6 links in possessions – we had achieved 4 a few times now, let aim for 6.


2nd Quarter;

With the wind in our back – we were now heading into attack.

Finn found Nathaniel on the wing – mark

Harvey charged down an attempted kick and then got a kick of his own away.

Lachie won a free kick (in the back) by playing in front, Charlie won a kick for a good tackle.

Nathaniel – Fletcher – Nathaniel combined to bring the ball down our wing and into our attacking 50.

Nathaniel sent another kick into our forward pocket.  Eli gathered and slotted the ball between the tall posts from a very tight angle GOAL! (I will assume that Eli was trying to centre the ball to the hot-spot....)

Tom and Archer combined. Jack beat 2 players keeping the ball in front of himself.

Ben took a good mark between players at half forward.

Harvey got reward for playing in front, when he took a mark and had a set shot attempt.

Charlie – Lachie – Nathaniel – Hamish got the ball into our attacking 50 again.

Hudson took a mark a fair way out from goal.  He kicked his set shot high and hard, letting the tail wind grab it for a long range GOAL!


We were able to lock the ball down our end with great forward pressure through out this term.


We were playing really well, maybe the best I think we had so far this season.

As our Parents gathered in the middle for our half time chat, their comments and encouragement showed they thought the same.

(A nice side note was that the oranges were all devoured this week)


3rd Quarter;

Our players had found their groove and they were finding each other with passes – a real credit given the similar kits.

Jack won another centre clearance.

Fletcher and Harvey tackling anyone that dared come near them.

Finn was running into space, Hamish was bursting out of contests with the ball.

Tom won himself another kick, Dylan took another mark.

Eli and Nathaniel were strong in defence with repeat efforts.

Archer laid a good tackle and straight after Charlie laid a great tackle.

Hugo won the ball out and passed well to Tom, who took a mark.

Against the wind we didn’t have many scoring shots, but the rest of our play was really sound again.


4th Quarter,

Players, lets run this game out.  We have the wind again, keep playing well and I'm sure we will get some reward.

Hudson won an important clearance from within our defensive 50 -  Nathaniel gathered the ball – run, bounce, run, kick – Fletcher won another contest and got the ball back to Nathaniel. We were now through our attacking 50, run and kick to the goalsquare.  The bounce favoured Jack, who turned his opponent and kicked a GOAL!

I NOW have a new favourite play for the year.

Hugo was getting more involved, Ben made a good play on the wing out to Archer – Nathaniel – Fletcher and a kick to the top square again.  This time it was Hudson who got reward for playing in front – he marked, lined up his set shot and got his second GOAL!


Finn continued our forward line pressure.  He got a pass to Harvey, who was playing in front in the goalsquare. Mark, set shot and GOAL!

I can see a pattern here, I hope the players do also.


We finished the game really strong, we played some of our best footy so far this year and we got some reward for it too.


Well done players.

Well done Parents – with special Thanks to ;

Dave for filling in as our Trainer today

Toby for running about, blowing his whistle and deciphering the minimal jersey differences as our umpire – all after his 40th the night before.

All our other helper Parents – Thankyou, you all help allow these games to happen.


Special mentions;

Heartland Award – Charlie : for great positioning and effectiveness throughout the game

Goals : Hudson -2, Fletcher/  Eli/ Jack/ Harvey –1

But many players had their best games today.


Our next game is 10:20 at Home against Deer Park.

See you at training on Friday,





Round 6 - Roosters U10 Blues (Bloosters) vs Williamstown



So last week my homework was to come up with nicknames for all the lads. That seemed like a pretty easy task but it took way longer than I’d expected. I think most were well received except Mitch’s and I think I have a good alternative for him. How does ‘Interceptor’ sound Mitch? Hopefully each one represented the qualities of each player so check with your lads to see what name they were given and why.

Our boys kicked off a big day of footy at home with an early start on a surprisingly mild morning. With our numbers down to 16 we were in desperate need of some help and that came in the form of 2 U9 stars Brodee, and for a second time this year Jack. Special thanks to both these young lads for helping us have a very successful game. I just had to give Jack a Rooster of the Week award for his 2 goals this week (and one last game) so well done Jack.

We all know Willy are strong footy club so we were expecting a really tough game and that it was, although I think our team are realising just how good they are playing now. I wasn’t surprised to see them take charge for most of the game with that incredible effort they bring each week. I know I keep saying it (yes I was reminded of that) but I think this was our best game so far. Firstly because we were up against a very strong team and secondly because we didn’t let them back in the game and fought it out to the end. Well Done Champs!



This week our Leaders were Billy (Big Ben), Jake (The Knife) and Rylan (Rhino). Jake was the random selection for captain and went in for the toss with our plan to kick with the wind. We lost the toss and they went with that end, but the footy gods were on our side and having the wind in the second and last quarter turned out to work in our favour. We fought extra hard in the first and third quarter to keep their score to 2 goals and used the wind to pile on our goals.



As our boys get a better understanding of what it means to be a team mate, so the level of team work is increasing. This week we saw some great teamwork from many of our players including Stephen (Super), Jacob (Magnet) , Max RB (Rolex), Sasha (Dasha) and Rylan. This week Rylan really stepped up his own level of teamwork with some unselfish passing to team mates in a good position helping us keep possession and gain ground. At our level it isn’t easy to be selfless but I’m noticing more and more times when our players work together rather than try to do it all themselves. Remember my Transformer analogy, we are all part of one big machine and if we play like that we’ll always be hard to beat.





Where do I start. I give 1 mark for each effort I see from a player and if I add all those marks up its more than all other categories combined. Of course I can’t mark all of them but I can say everyone got at least 1 mark for effort so all round awesome effort this game! That said I need to pick out some guys who’s efforts were at their individual best. These include Alan (Rocket), Stephen, Mitch (Interceptor), Wes (Mack), Sasha, Jake, Alex (Terminator), Jacob, Oscar (Ferrari), Riley (Cannonball) and Aiden (Cyril/Lion). This week I felt Aiden showed some incredible efforts to chase down opponents then tackling like a lion. If he didn’t have a self-requested nickname of Cyril he would definitely be named Lion for his fierce chase downs.



We are working hard on our positioning on the field, but to do that well takes constant awareness of where you are in relation to the ball, your team mates and your opponents. So this week I was happy to see many of you in the right position to either defend or attack when the ball came your way. No one did this better than Sasha this week with some great positioning, so he took out the Awareness award. A few others that showed some great awareness included Iggy (GMC), Billy, Oscar, Kai (Lambo), Max RB, Jacob, Jake and Mitch. If there was an area we need to work on I think it’s awareness and positioning especially through the midfield, so we have a new game plan for the next game that will hopefully help us create a link between our forward and back line.



I understand that not all our players have the tank for lots of movement but even those who aren’t the strongest runners will be noticed if they make effort to keep moving. That might be just moving back into a good position or doing their best to chase an opponent or lead out for a team mate. It’s a harder category for me to notice as it’s not always done near the ball, but those I saw moving very well this game include Jake, Aiden, Jacob, Sasha, Iggy, Steven, Rylan and Riley. The one I chose as the winner this week was Oscar because he seemed to cover lots of the ground so nice work Oscar.



This week’s goals came from 4 different team mates, which is always pleasing for a coach. As mentioned young Jack Mosca booted 2 great goals, he just can’t miss! Seeing him and his Dad down at the oval doing goal kicking practice quite often, there’s no surprise why he’s so good in front of goals. Jake added to his impressive tally with another quality goal. Mitch who played with a strapped knee was asking me to be interchanged, but with an empty bench that was going to be hard. I told him to swap with Kai at full back but as he was about to head there he found himself part of a great link up off the back line and next thing he was kicking a goal. Nothing like that to fix all ailments. Riley was our other awesome goal scorer I think kicking his first for the year so well done to you Riley!


Wrap Up

This week’s game was a fine example of what our Bloosters are capable of. Now we only have 1 team in our group that we haven’t played, but with the belief we’ve built, I think we’ll have a another good game this week. Let’s keep up the effort, be aware of our position, hit our targets and the non-existent scoreboard will take care of itself 😊.






WEST FOOTSCRAY ROOSTERS – Under 10 Reds vs. Williamstown Juniors - Round Six – 27/5/18.


Damn you Eagles!……..


“There’s gonna be a heartache tonight….”


(I will come back to this)


Good Evening Sports Fans!


The Tenners were back out on the black top again for the long haul down old Willi rd. to the end of the line for a date with Williamstown Juniors. After a cracking hard fought win against the Mighty Eagles, (not those Eagles) the Tenners felt they could do with some sea air and a dip in the ocean to cool their aching bodies. The past few weeks have seen some bruising encounters against some physically challenging sides and this would be just the recovery that they needed as we have been copping a few injuries of late. The scene was set. Mother Nature had left the heater on overnight and we were greeted with a balmy late May Sunday morning. Perfect conditions for a swim and a game of footy. Well, this coach’s fax machine must not be working, as none of the Tenners had appeared to get the memo about the early morning session. As I swam a lonely 5 or 6km’s by myself, I thought long and hard about inventing something to replace the trusty but sometimes unpredictable method of communication. Nah! Impossible I thought.


When you finally get to the end of the line, the first thing you notice is the wind. A howling northerly that effectively gives you a 19th man of biblical proportions. The 19thman must be shown enormous respect or you must be prepared to face the consequences. The 19th man can kick multiple goals against you in quick concession or will stop you from trying to get the ball out of your defensive 50 as you battle hard against him. The good thing is you get the 19th man for two quarters on your side. Which two quarters depends on whether you win the toss and choose him for one and three or two and four.


Our Captains for the day would be Louis and Mezz, whose little bro Kade was again on loan from the nines. We also welcomed back Big Bad Bastien who had done his time and was ready to unleash weeks of pent up footy angst on an unsuspecting opponent.


Williamstown would win the toss and chose the 19th man to apply as much scoreboard pressure as they possibly could in an effort to stop the Tenners before we could get started. Tactically not a bad move but we were up for it today and in particular The General, who wasn’t in the mood to let the 19th man ruffle his hair. With hammy strains behind him, he played as good a game of under tens football that I will ever see. He was quick, he was clean, he was a football machine. He kicked two goals and unselfishly gave the opportunity to others to try and kick their own. He would go on to win the Heartland, which was called by my opposite number early in the second quarter, such was his influence. Mighty Miles started us off in the ruck again and had another solid game on the ball, with B.B.B now back in the side to help out in the ruck, he was able to spend time up forward and out on a wing as well. He is having a great year so far and I am really happy with the way he goes about it. The Hurricane copped one early which seemed to shake him up, but you can never tell. I asked him if he was OK and his response was,” leave me in the midfield” .There is a whole lotta Selwood about that boy!  I seem to report the same thing about Griff every week, but Griff does what Griff does, I’m just not sure how he does it. His awareness is beyond his years, especially when you consider that he is technically under nines! Speaking of under nines, Kade was back in the side today and boy does he like to play. He would have been our smallest fella out there but his willingness to attack the ball outweighs his stature.


Louis the Fly started the game at full back and stayed for the first half. He was instrumental in keeping Willi to only one first half goal. Given the conditions, it was an outstanding effort. Arch started again at CHB but was carrying a twisted knee from the day before. He still did his thing but he admitted to struggling to chase down like normal. He went forward in the last and kicked two goals, one a beautiful raking drop punt which bounced through from long range which put a smile back on his dial. Efe was asked to hold down the fort in the howling third and was bombarded with Sherrin’s, but held his own. It was a tough gig and I am hoping that he enjoyed the challenge as he has the makings of a key position player; we just need to work out forward or back. Showboat was back in the goal square but did not see much of it in the first as it did not get down there. He would later be seen selling candy in the backline without a licence; he will get caught one day if he is not careful! Dozer had a ripper and took a real step forward today. He would win R.O.T.W for his efforts and took some great marks in some tricky conditions. The pennies are dropping for him and pretty soon he will be buying us all a drink. I will look forward to it. Clara the Clearance Queen was doing her bit but then copped one in the mush. Some quick treatment on the sidelines was all that was needed to get her back out there and she continued bravely on. I haven’t asked Mezz just yet if she is enjoying having little bro on the field stealing away any Brownlow votes from her, but she is clearly enjoying her footy. You can’t ask for more than that. The same could be said for Brayden, he always has a big smile to go with that big right leg of his. If he had gotten on to one today we would have been fishing it out of the bay.


It was great to see Noah going for his marks, even though they were Hail Mary’s. With the ball holding up in the wind he stuck up the dukes like he was praying to Kouta, the Greek God of Football for some divine intervention. I am not sure who the Nordic God of Football is but Ozi could be it one day. He plays the game like a running back, sort of swivel hipped and spring heeled with great evasive skills. We just need to work on him holding onto the ball because he has the speed to get into space and does not need to dish it off straight away. Walt asked for a run in the middle, had a crack and seemed to like it. He too could hang on to the pill a little longer, but we do train for quick hands and it becomes a reflex. It is another piece in the puzzle for Walt. Cruzer was cool at either end and appears to have plenty of time when he gets it. His confidence is on the rise as he also pieces it all together.


As for the game, it was another belter. We were scoreless in the first and they were scoreless in the last. We squandered some chances in the second by kicking 1 goal eight and they capitalised by kicking 4 goals in the third. It was a see-sawing affair. The 19th man played a vital role for both sides. Once again, two opposing coaches would marvel at what a great game of football had been played. Did there have to be heartache tonight for one of those coaches? It would be a shame to think so. I thought it was me; I had scored it Roosters 33 – Willi 34. T.M Kane had scored it Roosters 35 – Willi 34. Let’s split the difference and call it a draw, because that is what it deserved.


Goals –– The General 2 – Archie 2:


We now turn our attentions to next Sunday, home against Caroline Springs.


Special Thanks to Brad for tending to the wounded and to those who filled the volunteered roles and to those who cheered us on away from home, we can’t do this without you, it is most appreciated.


Richie + Kane.


Under 11’s match report (Dave Hall)


Sunday 27 May, 2018, v Sunshine.


Sunshine was forecast, and Sunshine arrived. A few of the more statistically-minded players knew this would be one heck of a game. Sunshine were sitting fourth, but had a better percentage – essentially meaning they had been able to score more goals than us, and restrict the opposition to fewer goals than us.


The opening three minutes bore this out. Sunshine had two goals on the board before we’d settled in to the game. Immediately their quick runners, kicking and marking were on display.


But working in to a slight breeze, the Roosters came to life. Sacha Araldi, filling in from the under 10’s, was instrumental in our revival. Rory, Joharo, Tom and Reuben were starting to win it around the packs, feed it out to our runners like Eli, Angus, Hamish and Ashton for some inside-50 forays. Sacha was the focal point, attacking the ball with pace and determination. He marked on an angle 20 metres out, went back and slotted a much needed goal. Sacha then kicked another point before Reuben took a great mark, got it on to Ziggy who kicked it long to Hamish. Hamish, in customary style, then took off and slammed home the Roosters second goal.


We then had to defend stoutly for the rest of the quarter, with Patrick handling kick-in duties very effectively. Ben and Ashton contested desperately on the back flank, preventing another Sunshine attack, and Nicholas was injured in the car park pocket right on the siren, looking a bit disheveled as he made his way to the quarter-time huddle. We were two points down.


With the aid of the slight breeze in the second quarter, we were hopeful of adding a couple more goals. One came in the form of a classy mark and goal to Ashton, but the rest of the quarter was an arm-wrestle between two very good, evenly matched sides. My brother-in-law from Brisbane was watching today, having seen our team play last year. He was immediately impressed with the improvement in skill, running, marking and cleaner play.


Tom and Zeke competed well this quarter with quick handpasses – and they even started to kick the ball as the game went on. Maya was also filling in from the girls' team in the absence of Flynn who has unfortunately broken his leg. She was getting involved, chasing hard and feeding out handpasses. Both Eli and Ben were awarded well-earned free-kicks, but our forward line was thwarted by some very good Sunshine defence. Likewise, our backline was thwarting their forward efforts.


A goal up at the long-break, and the coaches had a sense of urgency in their voice. They knew Sunshine were a strong, fit, running team. Our #17, Caleb, was proving a very good match up on their #17, reducing his influence. Patrick got some words of encouragement from his uncle: “imagine you are trying to beat your older brother”, and it did the trick. He laid a strong, goal-saving tackle, then spotted up Ziggy who marked cleanly and kicked it prodigiously. Marlon was also getting involved, burrowing in to packs with his distinctive side-rump tackling. Kiir donned the helmet today, and laid some strong tackles. Patrick took two intercept marks deep in defence to save a couple more goals and clear to the safety of the boundary line, and Hamish then managed to get it on to Rory, Reuben, Sacha, Ollie, back to Sacha for one of the best points seen at this level. Sacha and #26 had a superb battle for the pill on the members wing.


The coaches were rotating our bench in an effort to have some fresh legs in the final quarter. Zaw Zaw and Ollie were running around in the forward line – Ollie in particular was a consistent target deep in the goal square. Angus read the ball beautifully for an intercept mark off #3, then dashed it to Ashton who got in to full flight – is there any better sight? – moving it on to Ben, on to Sacha and a fantastic goal.


But a quick centre clearance had the ball deep near Sunshine’s goal, going behind the stick. A quick play-on by Patrick found Ben on the back flank, who streamed it forward to Sacha, on to Eli, and just over Ashton’s head as the siren went. It would have been a handy three goal buffer, but the Roosters were quietly confident with the aid of the slight breeze in the final quarter.


Luke P copped a big knock just before 3 quarter time, but managed to play out the game – always a good sign for next week, apparently. Tem was getting involved around the packs, and Caleb was using his height to full advantage. Des was his animated self at the 3QT huddle: “Marlon, that is one of the best quarters of footy I have ever seen.” It got me thinking back to Kouta and the ’99 prelim final… Ah, the memories.


Another friend from Thailand was watching her first ever game of Aussie Rules. Her impressions: “I was excited to see the circle of sharing, and the Roosters chant. Are you allowed to pull the other person like that?” The answer: “Yep, pretty much.”


In the final quarter, Ash was moved to full back and Kiir to full forward. Ashton twice picked the ball up cleanly and took off on long searching runs, finding Rory, Angus, Zeke, Maya. One poor sunshine kid fell victim to the infamous velodrome step, tripping up hill, as you do at our ground. But his teammates were unconcerned, and went on to score a goal, almost against the run of play.


We were 6 or 7 points up – the scoreboard was hard to read – might be time to invest in an upgrade… Joharo had played a big game in the ruck and around the ground all day. A couple of holding-the-ball decisions didn’t help our cause, but they were there. Patrick’s game continued to build with a number of crucial overhead marks. He was joined by his good mate Kiir, who moved from full forward to the backline to try to stem the tide. But Sunshine were full of running and clean skills. They kicked another goal, and then managed to score a point with a minute to go. The final siren saw the Roosters down by 1 point. All credit to Sunshine – they played the game at a high level in great spirits, and came back from two goals down. A draw would have been a fitting result, and we look forward to hopefully playing them again later in the season. Thanks sunshine.

A big challenge awaits next week against the unconquered Spotswood, but I suspect our Roosters can give them a challenge.


Under 12 Round 6


West Footscray vs Point Cook Centrals


Expectations were high in our team after getting the chocolates in a thriller against Deer Park the week before. 5 wins from 5 starts had the boys feeling pretty good about themselves. This week we would play Point Cook Centrals (formerly Sanctuary Lakes). WE had only beaten them once from 3 attempts last year. That win came in the finals when their most intimidating player, Astin Hewitt was unavailable due to stomping on someone’s head the week before. He was our nemesis.

Nemesis (noun),

absolutely rubbish English progressive rock band fronted by singing drummer Phil Collins.  Released 16 very forgettable studio albums.


My mistake. That was of course Genesis, and yes, they were rubbish!


Nemesis (noun),

an inescapable agent of someone’s, or somethings downfall.


That’s better. Far more foreboding and clearly possessing more talent than Phil Collins and his mates.


We had a few outs to deal with for this match. Zach was viral and infectious, Yash is still a few weeks away, Leroy is in Bali and Elijah Moon was a little over exuberant on a trampoline the day before. We were short of the 18 we needed. Jake stepped up to fill a spot and a mercy dash down Buxton street would produce Benny “The Dentist” Grant to take another spot. Jack would captain the side with Samuel after their fantastic games the week before.


The boys took the field and noticed that Astin was no longer the biggest kid in the other team. Several of his team mates had doubled in size. This would be interesting! We waited an eternity for our umpires to take the field before it was discovered that they hadn’t shown up. Andrew bravely took the whistle despite his hamstring giving him curry from his old man football the week before. Finally, the game began. Javier wasted no time at the first bounce and smacked it forward with a huge punch. Weston pounced on it and drove it into our 50. A huge pack formed around the pill. Jack managed to free the ball and himself from the crowd and sent the pill straight through the middle. Great Start Roosters! That was easy. It didn’t stay easy for long though. Point Cook Centrals could play. The remainder of the first would be an arm wrestle. Our mids were tireless. Felix was in everything as usual. Sime fine tackling and desperation by him thwarted our opponents. Cooper, Frank and Mickey were super busy at half back. All our defenders were. Aaron and Vinh were awesome. Vinh seems to play in slow motion at times. He has plenty of time and makes great decisions with the ball. Our back 6 held firm against the breeze and limited the damage we could have suffered.

¼ time West Footscray 1.1.7 vs Point Cook Centrals 1.3.9


Magnets were shuffled slightly and away we went. Frank was in the middle now and having a big impact on the contest. The bigger kids from Point Cook Centrals were causing a few headaches. Their size and speed were hard to stop. Murphy had grown tired of this and produced multiple  big efforts to run them down. The pressure this produced definitely impacted the bigger kids on the other team. We were getting forward more frequently now. Javier got the pill from Murphy on the flank after some great pressure football and shot a 10-metre handball to Kadin in space. He turned, ran and slotted a beauty. Weston was producing another vintage performance. Minutes after that goal he would set Kadin up for his second of the term. Sean was lively in attack and Samuel was attacking the ball with his usual ferocity to create chances. Nathaniel was just as fierce. The Point Cook Centrals kids were still in the game but frustration was growing. Frank got put down by a bump a long way from the ball and would need a spell on the pine to recover. Unnecessary, but a little compliment on how well he was playing. Good term Roosters.


½ time West Footscray 3.6.24 vs Point Cook Centrals 3.4.22


Kadin went into the ruck for the third. Benny went forward. I urged them for a big effort and got it. Jack was on fire (again). Christian was providing some much-needed width to our play on the wing. Felix was tearing up the wing on the other side. Point Cook Centrals were still attacking relentlessly. Our backs were forced to be more accountable but were doing it beautifully. Mickey was sensational. Several times leaving his opponent to attack the ball and thwart attacks. Weston was getting plenty of it as usual and hit Christian with a bullet like pass. Christian didn’t let him down and slotted a nice goal. Kadin was rampant in the ruck. His kicking is fantastic and he spotted Benny in space deep in our forward line. The Dentist pounced and bagged another for the team. We were starting to dominate. Point Cook Centrals had their chances, but the thanks to great defensive play by our boys were having to shoot from tough spots and couldn’t inflict the damage. Late in the third Jack would extricate himself from another pack with the ball and slot our third of the term. Our forwards were lively. Sasmitha was constantly in it. His pace was causing our opponents headaches. Fantastic quarter of football boys. Into the wind as well!


¾ time West Footscray 6.7.43 vs Point Cook Centrals 4.7.31


Benny left the game at the last change to prepare for his Under 11 games. Great game Benny! Jake went forward and now we had no bench. A 2-goal lead wouldn’t be enough I thought. Another big effort would be needed. Point Cook Centrals threw everything at us for the first 5 minutes. Our backs withstood the onslaught. Mickey was playing a blinder at centre half back. Cooper was amazing as well. An early goal for Point Cook Centrals looked likely at one point when they found a one on one 20 out from goal. Unfortunately for them, their player tried to take on Xavier. Bad move champ. Xavier wrapped him up like Christmas preventing a goal and winning a free kick. Super tackle Xav! From the free kick our boys sped down the ground. Weston got it inside 50 and hit Jack again. Jack slotted his third for the game, Weston had set up 3 goals now. Great work boys. Point Cook Centrals were still working hard and managed to get one back. 2 goal margin again and a nervous bench! The game had opened up now as the kids on the paddock tired. This suited us and our ball movement was slicing through our opponents. We pumped the ball into our open forward line where Jake was waiting. He gathered and took off. His opponent couldn’t catch him and Jake bagged a goal. Minutes later it had happened again. Jake found himself with time, space and pace and produced a carbon copy of his first. Not bad for a kid that is eligible to play under 9s! His goals had all but extinguished Point Cook Centrals hope. The siren sounded and we had won 6 on the trot!


Full Time West Footscray 9.8.62 vs Point Cook Centrals 5.7.37


Another great effort by our boys. They are playing very good teams each week and competing every time. The effort and hard work is working. Keep it up. Who knows how far this will take us in 2018. A big thanks to Benny and Jake for filling in. 3 goals from you two was a massive help. Big thanks to all the parents who helped as well. Especially Andrew, who despite being hampered by injury umpired beautifully and produced some textbook gestures when awarding free kicks!

The nemesis is conquered!





The Team manager’s match report . . .




The Mighty West Footscray Roosters Vs Hopper’s Crossing


Sunday 27 May 2018.


The weather was warm enough for some people to show up in short sleeves! The canteen pumping away with chips and toasties.

The U14s all pumped up with their new play book and drill sessions pregame.

The Coach, Runner and Assistant Coach have set the plays as our opposition has hardly scored this year. Ten goals in the first quarter?

18, 16, 10 and 12 peppered the goals with support from 4, 23 and 3.

Nine goals up and hungry for more.

A rookie Rooster 20 plays hard and goals. A headgear trio or 19, 21 and 25, provided assistance and run to all.

22 rucked taller than tall. 2, 17, 13 and 9 handballed and marked to the advantage of their teammates for sure.

A memorable second half with 3 goals in a quarter to 24 and another goal and great run from 7, yippee!

11 crunched twice to the ground and marked twice his height and goaled once more.

Bags to 10 and 18. We could not be prouder.

A big thanks to mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and friends who volunteer and make our hearts beat louder.

30 goals 17 almost goals 197 points. . .



Round 5, 2018


Round 5 – Under 9s Blue – Home to Carline Springs Lakers



We had a health check of our Team Values at training this Friday.


We revisited our Goals of Fun, Teamwork, Improve and Respect. The Players recalled all that we had discussed in our 1st days of training and even thought of some new examples.  I was pleased with the responses and looked forward to us carrying on our games in good spirit.



We have had a couple of good games in a row, where we were managing to move the ball quickly either by taking 1st options, running before bouncing or using our low, hard kicks.



Our Captains today are;


Hudson van Griessel – who has been maintaining a high standard of competiveness and team play.


Leo Liberto – is striving to improve his skills and gets in around the packs.



We had help today from Aimen – thankyou , which helped cover for our winged Rooster Ed, Jackson was away and Dylan was to be a bit late with his martial arts grading.


It was Caroline Springs today, a team of solid bodies of various heights, well drilled with skills and confidence (and a loud coach).



1st Quarter;


We were straight away on the defensive end of the oval. Lachie took a mark and got the ball on to Arlo, Jack and Hamish made strong tackles and Eli gathered a good possession off the ground.


Fletcher skillfully trapped the ball on a half-volley, Lachie had another clearing kick.


Bodies were going in hard and a few were left in the aftermath of pack.


Lachie showed some great team spirit when we had a wounded soldier, getting the adults attention.


Arlo took another mark and Fletcher again on ½ back.


Our best passage going forward involved Hudson (mark) on to Nathaniel (mark) and a kick to space on the wing.


There wasn’t much opportunities for our forwards this term.



2nd Quarter;


Dylan had arrived at ¼ time, so we had a full field of players. He was immediately involved with a mark at full back. Dylan's kicks have improved a lot over the last few weeks and he was able to clear our defensive area with his long kick-outs.


Jack – Finn and Fletcher linked up well on the run.


Hamish was a tackling machine, not letting the ball past him.


Harvey was going in and extracting his own ball again and looking to follow up and support.


We were getting a bit more of the ball, but we always seemed under pressure.


Arlo – Nathaniel – Finn combined to get it to our attacking 50.


Another 4-link play involved Nathaniel (defensive mark) - Hudson (strong mark) - Arlo – to the run of Harvey... nice one.


Dylan was solid at Full back and had plenty of opportunities to show his long kicks mentioned before, kicking in after a point.


Ben has his confidence up now, took a mark and is getting his hands on the ball more often.


Ryan was holding off opposition forwards with defensive plays.



The bigger bodies of the Lakers were allowing them to win any disputed ball and their kicking, run and carry skills and field positioning were keeping the ball out of our hands effectively.


We were having a few good moments, but the field is long when we cannot kick that far.



Half Time arrived, cheerful Tom was bounding in telling me that that was a much better quarter – and in deed it was.


Over oranges we talked about giving ourselves space to move and options to pass to. Try to resist the moth-to-a-light attraction of attempting to get the ball out of the pack yourself.


We decided to start fresh on the (non-existent) scoreboard and see if we can win a term.



3rd Quarter;


Lachie held off an opposition raid, stopping what became a 4 vs 1 in their goalsquare and prevented a goal – super effort.


Oscar kept hovering in good positions on the wing and the ball was coming out to him.


Hudson bustled through the pack with the ball and kicked forward to space.


Ryan and Fletcher were getting a few opportunities in our forward line.


After working so hard to get the ball near our goals, the players were working double-time to keep it near there.


Aimen got the ball on to Arlo who kicked to our Hotspot. Somehow Hudson managed a strong pack mark with many hands reaching for the ball.


Hudsoin settled, set shot – GOAL! well done players...



Harvey through himself in for another strong tackle, Nathaniel a defensive mark under pressure.


Hudson went through the middle again, Fletcher and Finn used their speed and skills to look dangerous in attack. Fletcher took a mark on attacking 50 but unfortunately was called to play on.


Leo was helping out around the packs.


We finished the quarter with the ball in our 50.



4th Quarter;


Archer was gathering more possessions, just not in the attacking positions like last week.


Nathaniel's kick to goalsquare bounced backwards and nearly went through – instead it hit the post.


Some players were getting tired after chasing the opposition and the ball most of the game.


Not Harvey or Tom through as the made a good play out of the pack.


There may have been some relief when the final siren sounded.


The Lakers played a strong and hard running game – we can use that as an example of the level we would like to get to. We are heading that way already – we have improved a lot over the first 5 games. We passed our values health-check and we play some good footy in a good spirit.



Special Mentions;


Roosters of the Week;

  • Fletcher Bodman – A breakout game. He showed great positioning and had a big influence throughout the game.



  • Laclan Shackell – has steadily improved his skills and game sense and with that is gaining in confidence. He also looked out for his injured team mate during the game.





The game gave me a few more ideas of what to work on at training

  • Play in front



  • Defensive spoils if caught behind in a marking contest.



  • Find and cover players in defense quicker.





A tough outing that we will learn from.


Well played though and I cannot question our players endeavor.








West Footscray Under 9 Orange v Newport 19/5/2018 (Rd 5)




I would like to start this match report by congratulating both teams for a game played with the best sportsmanship we have seen so far this season.




What a great effort we saw this week from the boys, every week the improvement is quite remarkable and the enthusiasm is certainly not lacking. The first quarter was an even match with some great link up plays from both teams. Our defence was outstanding and we kept the pressure on the ball for the whole fifteen minutes.




Then we entered the second quarter, which was by far and away our best to date, with 70% possession to our lads. We had our best passage of play to date with five consecutive kicks and marks in the forward 50, finishing with a shot at goal and a point. A great passage of play saw Jack G scoring a goal and I lost count of the tackles laid.




After a refreshing orange the boys continued to shine in the third quarter against a wind which was certainly making life difficult. In a swirling wind Jimmy put his hands up and took a overhead mark that saw the bench erupt with joy. Every player on the field was keeping their positions and leading too some beautiful link up passages of play.




The fourth quarter saw the wind in our favour and we put even more pressure against a much more experienced and older team. Enrique put his body on the line with a great spoil off an opponent’s boot which lead to another link up play and point for us. Plenty of marks ,handballs and long drop punts down field helped us have a real go. All in all a great game played in great spirit, Well done.




Special mentions-




Rooster of the week was Kase for really attacking the ball at every opportunity. Great effort mate.


All the team played well this week as it really was our best game to date.




Thank you to all the parents whom volunteered this week, we couldn’t do it without you.




We have a 6.30pm game this Friday night against Williamstown Juniors, let’s have another go chaps!!


Roosters, Roosters, cock-a-doodle-do






Chris C.



WEST FOOTSCRAY ROOSTERS – Under 10 Reds vs. Yarraville/Seddon - Round Five – 20/5/18.


Can I keep this up?……..


“Wild Thing….”


(I will come back to this)


Good Evening Sports Fans!


The Tenners roadshow rolled back into Shorten Reserve car park today in the leisurely 12:05 time slot after last week’s bruising hard fought loss to Flemington. That game would see the Tenners just eleven points shy in a memorable Mother’s Day classic. The loss was just the tonic that the Tenners needed to reignite the intensity at training that had been missing last week. Friday night was sharp and they would need to be even sharper against the Eagles from Yarraville/Seddon. The corresponding game last year was a ripper, with only a couple of points separating the two sides, so we knew what we were in for.


With Arti now gone for seven weeks on assignment and Bastien still a couple of weeks away at his Governors pleasure, I wondered what more injury woes might befall us. We were bolstered by the news that The General had recovered from his hammy and was almost certainly lining up and more good news was to come. The Ten Blues had a bye this week so T.M Kane went to work earning his bickies and snaffled some familiar faces. Sash the Dash, Maxi (more than a) Phelan and Raz Rees were all recruited to help our dwindling stocks tackle the might of The Eagles. As great as his managerial skills are, his maths could use a little work as he recruited three players for two spots which would put one of our recruits on the pine and different times. After last week’s game, it probably would not be a bad thing. As this coach grappled with the concept of having a bench to play with, news would come through that Noah Pit would miss with a chest infection. Apparently after Carlton’s win against Essendon, Noah had stripped off his shirt and ran to Lygon Street to celebrate with the blues faithful. Whether it was the Winnie Blues or just the cold weather, I am not sure but regardless, he would miss. With the concept of the bench erased it was business as usual.


I find the late starts a bit unsettling. Too much time to think about what may or may not happen. You end up at the ground early anyway; such is your Sunday morning routine. Speaking of routines, what has now become a habit that I can’t shake is tempting fate with the radio on the first song we hear predicting the outcome of the game.


“you make my heart sing”. I’m not sure how to take this one!


Wild Thing!……. Would that be our wild thing or their wild thing? I must abide by the karma laws of the radio and accept what fate is bestowed upon us. Would my heart be singing? Only time would tell……


Our Captains for the day would be Hurricane and Showboat. We won the toss and would be kicking to the playground.


From first bounce it was evident that we would be in for a tough afternoon. The Eagles for most part were bigger across the board and this would test the resolve of our little Rooster nuggets.


Mighty Miles was back in the ruck and had a cracking game, hard at it all day and he got plenty of the ball for his reward. Hurricane had a blinder! Ready to atone for supposed criticism levelled at him by this coach for not getting as many as possessions as he normally would (I did this by resting him in the forward line by the way!), Hurricane was ……. a hurricane! Except there was no calm in his eye, just a steely glaze and I was, getting blown away. Whether it was tackling, running or marking above his head, he did it all today. He would also kick two of our three goals. Griff continued as Griff does, ducking, weaving, giving, receiving, he does not give up even when faced with three or four opponents. He has already thought about how he is getting out and is gone before they can lay a hand on him. Showboat had a different role today, starting down back and working his way down the field. You could have also called him Candyman today as sold plenty of it. The General also had a different role by starting forward for the first two quarters. Although there would not be much rest, there was no rest to be had anywhere. He would spend the second half on the ball and his evident class would attract much heavy unwarranted attention. Late in the last quarter he would take a well-read mark and kick a clutch goal to swing the game back into our favour.


Clara the Clearance Queen was taking care of business. Easily her most productive game thus far, in so far as more kicks, tackles, handballs, she is right on the cusp of breaking out. C.T.C.Q  would also be our R.O.T.W. Arch once again held down CHB with another solid performance. He took a great overhead grab backing into a pack late in the last quarter as the Eagles were pushing hard to snaffle a last minute goal. His dash off the back line is fast becoming his trademark. Louis the Fly started at full back and moved forward as the game wore on. His sticky mits came in very handy on a number of occasions as maintaining possession would be paramount to prevailing today. Dozer was cleaned up a few times as the Eagles would swoop on anyone prepared to take the ball and go for a run. To his credit, he would dust himself off and go again. He doesn’t mind a dash does the Dozer!


Efe is ready to breakout too. It won’t be long as his game starts to fall into place for him. A little bit more confidence to take the game on and he will be on his way. Mezz stood tall in the heat and did not wilter. She has a great ability to not go to ground and keep her hands on the ball and uses her frame to protect it. Speaking of standing tall, Brayden is an imposing figure. I watched as he tried to shake down his opponent like he was dirty laundry in the spin cycle of a washing machine. Luckily the ump blew his whistle before Brayden put him all the way through the wash.


Walter, Ozi and Cruzer battled hard. This was a level up from most of the games this season and I am glad they got a taste of it as we have a few more big games with big teams to come. Its games like this one that make you feel like you belong and you can go into the next one without trepidation. They each have their own style and it’s great to watch how they all navigate the battle differently. Ozi with grit, Cruzer with style and Walty with flair!


As for our recruits, it would have been a real slog without them. Sash the Dash has pace and used the after burners when we needed them most to bust away from congestion and kick long into the forward line. He took some great grabs to add to what was a big day. Maxi (more than a) Phelan is a dude. Cool in a crisis, took a great mark in the last quarter to take the heat off the accelerator so that we could reset. Raz Rees, big body, key position player able to hold down a back line or monster one depending on where he is playing and had a run in the ruck as well.


Make no mistake. This was an epic battle and one that we should be very proud of. When my opposite number in his post-match address asked the parents if they appreciated what they had just witnessed, he meant it. After all, this is still under tens footy being played at a level beyond their years. It wasn’t just their coach; it was their runner, water carrier, parents all commenting on what a great game that this was. Especially for a side that apparently has not lost a game for a year and a half. We frustrated them and did not allow them to play how they would normally play and this leads me to Wild Thing. Well, the Wild Thing wasn’t running around in red and white is all I will say. With this frustration setting in and the constant pressure applied, their natural game was clipped. The Roosters hung tough and the final siren would sound to “make everything groovy”!


The final score line of 3.4.22 – 3.2.20 was testament to a great game of football.


Goals – Hurricane 2 – The General 1:


We now turn our attentions to next Sunday, away against Williamstown.


Special Thanks to Brad for donning the whistle and Libby for tending to the wounded and to those who filled the volunteered roles and to those who cheered us on, we can’t do this without you, it is most appreciated.


Richie + Kane.




U/14s Match Report


West Footscray versus Caroline Springs


Sunday 20/05/18





Parents, players and hanger-onnerers all made their way out to Caroline Springs for the Sunday game. The determined young Roosters were to take on the ladder leaders. Spirits were generally high, but there was a bit of concern about the win/loss differential of the team the boys were about to face…over 1,000%.



Nevertheless the Roosters prepared to launch themselves into the contest.



And so they did.



Off to a blinder, the boys worked superbly together, and within minutes had scored a brilliant team goal. For the rest of the quarter our boys and theirs were in an arm-wrestle: banging, bashing, kicking, handballing, a tussle for ascendancy. If it wasn’t for a late goal from the Springers we would have went into the first break neck and neck.



In that first quarter our boys were equal to their opposition.



CS: 2.2-14


WF: 1.0-6



But from the beginning of the second quarter the Springers went into another gear, and it proved difficult for our staunch young Roosters to match them. It became obvious why this team was top of the table. They played their home ground a treat – using the wide wings to advantage, running our team ragged. They hit targets with their long kicking, had at least four or five at each contest, pressured with body and chase, shepherded their mates when needed, led, and shared the ball in all areas of the field: an impressive unit, well-drilled and dominant.



The Roosters worked hard all day and they can hold heads high as their determination never waned, they showed grit and resilience when physically tested in the contest, and their never-say-die attitude is always commendable.



Final score:


Caroline Springs: 18.13-121


West Footscray: 1.1-7



Thank you to all those parents that volunteered on the day!!!