Newsletter April 6

Good Evening All,

The first bounce (they don’t do that anymore do they?) is almost upon us. How exciting!  There is still a bit of information to get out so let’s do that shall we!

Jumper Presentation/Season Launch

Tomorrow night straight after training we will kick off the season with our jumper presentation. Bring your cameras folks! There will be food from the BBQ for sale and the bar will be open. There will be a raffle with some awesome prizes as well.


We have received extra shorts for those of you who have been waiting. These will be available tomorrow night along with the socks. We will also have hoodie order forms for those of you who wish to order one. We will need to place the order next week, so if you want one, get in quick. We will not be doing another order this year. The hoodies are $40 and will need to be paid for at the time of ordering. There will be sample hoodies to try on in the rooms to help you get the right size.

Match day requirements

Hopefully you are all aware that mouthguards are compulsory. If your child doesn’t have one for the game, they will not be permitted to play. The weather forecast for Sunday is wet. Perfect football weather! Boots are highly recommended. If you need a pair there are a few pairs that have been donated to the boot swap that can be taken free of charge. If you have pairs that no longer fit your kids feel free to bring them to the club and we’ll see if we can’t find them a new home.

The WRFL has informed us that if your child is to wear a long sleeve top under their jumper, it is to be red in colour. Hoodies are strictly prohibited as there have been several children who have been injured by being tackled by the hood. Skins on the legs are ok, as long as they are skin coloured.

The Games

I have had a crash course in IT this season and have managed to link the fixtures to our new website. These fixtures can be found on the junior’s page of our website. They contain all the info you need such as game times and maps of the venues. Check them out here. Hopefully all of you know which team you’re in. For those in the Under 9s, here are the team squads to start the year.

Under 9 Red (Richie) Under 9 Blue (Paul)
               Luca Annese
Sasha    Araldi
               Efe  Anli
Griffin   Barker
                Archer  Earl                 Felix       Cameron
                Harry     Gardner-Solomon                 Mrinal   Chopra
                Jack Henry Laurence Geraedts                 Sophia  Cowall
                Iggy        Golz-Mcsweeney                 Nathaniel Cowie
                Dylan     Hall                 Eli            Despotellis
                Xavier   Howe                 Hadi       El-hodr
                Abby     Jovan                 Oscar     Ferraro
                Riley      Laakulu                 Jacob     Fitzgerald
                Eamon  Lacey                 Kai          Fraser
                Jack        Mosca                 Mitchell Houareau
                Clara      Mullaly                 Maya     Jess
                Louis      Mullaly                 Miles     Martin
                Otto       Murray                 Bastien Meyer
                Jack        Pennacchia                 Jake       Miller
                max       Phelan                 Arlo        Millsom
                Rylan     Rees                 Hugo     Newman
                Jackson Rose                 Noah     Pitliangas
                Oliver    Runciman                 Max       Richardson Buchanan
                Jamison                Simmons                 Artisan  Sairat
                Achilles Smith                 Alexander Scanlon
                Aiden    Tschappeller                 Arlo        Scott-Teunen
                Oscar     Wood

Both Under 9 teams are away this week.

The 10s, 11s and 13s are at home. This means we will need volunteers to work in the canteen from each parent group. Please put your hands up to help in the canteen and in the many other roles that need to be filled. Let your team manager know that you can help.

Under 11’s parents.  Rebecca is having IT issues at home, hence hasn’t been able to contact you yet. Don’t despair! She has loads of volunteer roles available. These include:
Goal Umpire
Boundary Umpire
Umpire Escort
Water Person
Canteen helpers

These gigs need to be filled. Please text Rebecca on 0400 812 695 to fill these roles.

Lastly, but most importantly. If your child is unable to play this week, let your team manager know. Please be at the ground at least 50 minutes before the game is scheduled to start. Help your team managers get stuff done. Don’t bother coaches with questions. If you see something that needs to be done, please do it. Remember that Junior Football is for your child, and other children to enjoy. Be respectful of umpires, opposing parents and all children at the game. Let the coaches’ coach. Let the umpires umpire and let the children play.

Last year we had several parents take some great photos of our kids in games. Feel free to take some snaps and we will put the pic of them onto our Facebook page and on the website. Don’t send them all to me though. I’m a busy man!


A friendly reminder that your club registration fees are due in the next two weeks. Those of you who have had their Active Maribyrnong Grant approved, please bring your email/letter to training and we can sort out the remainder of the club registration for you. If you are struggling to make the payment please apply for the All Aboard Fund via our Juniors page.

If I don’t see you tomorrow, I wish you all good luck for the first games of the season.

Go Roosters


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Junior News April 2nd

Good Evening Folks,


One week to go and still a lot to get done. Where to start? The most pressing stuff first.


Trainers for Under 9s.


If you have any of the following certifications could you please email my ASAP so that we can register you as a trainer with the league.


  SMA Level 1
  SMA Level 2
  Sports First Aid
  Registered Nurse – Div 1 or Div 2
  Provide First Aid HLTAID003
  Advanced First Aid HLTAID006
  Emergency Response Coordinator
  Ambulance Paramedic- Level 2


As mentioned in previous emails, we are required by the league and their insurer to have certified trainers at all our games. We will need to have this sorted and paperwork lodged by Friday to get you  accredited, so please respond quickly if you have one of these certifications.


Season Launch


This coming Friday will be our 2017 season launch. Many of our young Roosters will slip on the West Footscray colours for the first time on the night. It is a question that I am constantly asked. No, you do not keep the jumper. It is more of a ceremonial thing and the chance to present the teams to the parents and friends for the first time.  We keep the jumpers to keep the cost of registration as low as possible. What you do get to keep though is the food from the canteen and BBQ that will be available as well as the drinks that will be on sale at the bar. There will also be a raffle on the night where every child’s dream will be up for grabs. An entire box of football cards!!!!!!!! The bar will open at the conclusion of training. Bring your cameras for those all-important jumper shots!



Shorts and Socks will be available on Wednesday and Friday nights. Due to a larger than expected signup of new kids this year and the 6 week turnaround of our short supplier, we have run out of some of the smaller sizes. We are working with the league to rectify this. This will not prevent your children from playing! We also have limited numbers of Roosters backpacks available and will have the order forms for hoodies there along with sample sizes as well. The hoodies will need to be ordered and paid for in advance. If you wish to purchase one please do as promptly as we will be placing only one order for these this season.

It should also be noted that our football jumpers are sleeveless. The WRFL has informed us that any long sleeve top to be worn under our jumpers on the colder winter days must be red in colour. Under no circumstance should these long sleeve tops be hoodies.  There were several instances in our league and others last season where children had fingers badly injured as a result of attempting to tackle players by the hood of their jumper.  Umpires have been instructed to remove children from the field until their hooded jumper has been taken off.




As the first bounce approaches it is a little disappointing to see that some children still training at the club are yet to register with the WRFL. I need to be 100% clear about this. If your child is not registered with the WRFL by midnight Friday, they will not play in Round 1. Here’s the link to prevent the profound disappointment of your child and the most uncomfortable school holidays of your life!

Those of you who have not applied for the Maribyrnong Active Grant should pay your club fees as soon as possible. If we have not received the club fees for your child by Round 3, they will not be permitted to take the field either. If you need help with the fees, please apply for All Aboard Fund access on the Juniors page of our website. Several households have accessed the fund to date and it is great to know that we have been able to help their children play football with us.


Round One Games

The league have finalised the fixture for the first week of the competition. They expect to have the remaining fixture completed by the end of the week. I know you’re excited so here are the first games of the year.


Under 9 Blue (Pauls Team)


Point Cook v West Footscray,  Saltwater Reserve Synthetics   12:30 pm


Under 9 Red (Richies Team)


Williamstown Juniors v West Footscray,  Bayside College Oval No. 2  8:50am


Under 10 White


West Footscray v Spotswood, Shorten Reserve 8:50 am


Under 11 Division 2


West Footscray v Manor Lakes Shorten Reserve 10:20 am


Under 13 Division 3


West Footscray v Sunshine Shorten Reserve 12:05 pm


As soon as the league has these fixtures online, we will activate the link for them on our website. We will let you know as soon as this occurs. It is also worth noting that the time displayed for the U9 blue game may be different on the league site. I have been in talks with Point Cook regarding a slightly later start time to allow one of their other coaches to run their team after coaching another team earlier. You all know how much I like a volunteer, so I could hardly say no to that.

This bit is the most important piece of information in this entire email. Please ensure that you are at the ground at least 50 minutes prior to the game commencing. This will help your Team Manager immensely. Your team managers will make contact with you shortly.  If your child is unable to play, let your TM know as soon as possible.


Until Wednesday



Newsletter March 29

Good Afternoon All,

There is a bit going on at the Roosters with just over a week to go until the first games of the season. We are hoping to have the fixtures available on Friday. Steph at the WRFL is working overtime on them. Fingers crossed!

The socks and shorts are here. Many of you purchased these last Friday. They will be available again tonight at training inside the rooms.  Those of you playing Under 11s and 13s are reminded that you will require a pair of white away shorts as well this season.

I must say the response from Under 9 parents regarding people volunteering to register as trainers was very underwhelming. We received one reply. Once again I ask that those of you with a level 3 first aid certificate or higher volunteer for this role. It takes a minute to complete the form, I take your photo and send it to the league. That’s it, you’re registered! The position of trainer is highly unlikely to require you to perform any serious first aid, particularly in Under 9s. Despite this it is an AFL Victoria requirement that we provide one. In the instance when neither team can provide one, no match will be played. If you wish to avoid this particular circumstance, I recommend that you volunteer ASAP. We would also like to see more of you helping out the coaches at training during the week.  The more help they get, the better time the kids will have.

The Season Launch/Jumper Presentation will take place at the completion of training next Friday, April 7th. The bar will be open and there will be food on sale either from the canteen, the BBQ or both. Rumour has it an entire box of 2017 football cards will be raffled on the night.

Training this Friday will conclude at 5:45. This is being done to ensure that the 38 children that were drawn from the hat for the Bulldogs guard of honour have enough time to get to the game. If your child was selected and cannot attend could you please let me know immediately.  There are others that would love to go. A reminder that the lucky kids are:

Sophie Cowall Vinh Dinh Nicholas Cowall Joharo
Ben Grant Jonathan Stelluto Miles Martin Mrinal Chopra
Tem Gillespie Alex Scanlon Felix Coleman Efe Anli
Jack Mosca Xavier Lacey Nathaniel Cowie Nathaniel Pitliangis
Moses Milllar Hadi El-Hodr Jack Gerardi Arlo  Millsom
Socrates Leo Hollis Jacob Fitzgerald Jack Geraedts
Aiden T Murphy Lockwood Oscar Ferraro Jack Pennacchia
Jackson Rose Elijah Moon Hatch Harry G-S Sean Lopez
Max  Phelan Jamieson Simmons Luca Annese Frank Bryans
Hugo Newman Aaron Williamson  


The Bulldogs have requested that these children wear Bulldogs clothing. If you don’t have any of their merchandise, they would like the kids to wear red, white and blue, with blue being the predominant colour. Each child will receive one children’s ticket and one adult’s ticket. You will need to meet up with us at Gate 8 of Etihad Stadium by 7:10 pm at the absolute latest. Any later and you will miss out. Parents will be unable to accompany their children onto the ground.

Our coaches and Team Managers are meeting this evening to fine tune their plans for the season. Expect to receive an email in the coming days from them. There are still one or two of you who are yet to register your children. YOU NEED TO DO THIS IMMEDIATELY! Click the link to do it.


Lastly, I will also be posting these newsletters onto our website for the rest of the season.

Junior Sponsorship Package

The Juniors of the West Footscray Roosters are looking for local businesses to get behind them and make our fantastic junior program even better.  If you would like to sponsor our juniors or would like to know more, please read the sponsorship package attached.



Click below to open



All Aboard Policy




The West Footscray Roosters Junior Football All Aboard Fund will promote inclusiveness through assisting the families of junior players who may not be able to engage with the club without financial support.



-To enable children to fully participate in playing for the West Footscray Football Club.

-To assist with costs associated with participation, specifically uniform and support  toward the payment of annual fees.



Operational Guidelines

-The All Aboard Fund will take an active role in offering support and financial assistance to players who are in greatest need.


-Families can request assistance from the All Aboard Fund by completing the AAF application from the West Footscray Roosters website Juniors page or by emailing it to


-Assistance will be provided as a subsidy, supporting the purchase of uniform and/or a contribution to annual fees. In the majority of cases it is unlikely the fund will be able to contribute more than 50% to these costs.


-All Decisions will be based on individual need and negotiated through discussion with the administrators.


-The administrator convening “All Aboard” and the West Footscray Junior committee will meet throughout the year to decide how All Aboard funds will be spent and to plan future fund raising activities for the All Aboard fund.


-Records will be kept of both income and expenditure.


-All Aboard will report to the Junior Committee.


-All Aboard will treat all personal information with confidentiality and adhere to the policies and procedures of the West Footscray Football Club.


-The All Aboard Fund is limited in its capacity and may not be able to support all those who apply or are eligible every year. Every effort will be made to support as many families as possible.

Match Reports

Hello Parents,

Keep your eyes peeled on this blog when the season has started. This is where all of our match  reports will be posted from  now on. We will also publish the pick of the photos you take through the season on here, so get those cameras ready and email us your snaps!

Welcome to the web Roosters!!!!

Hello everyone and welcome the brand new West Footscray Football Club website. This site will  be your one stop shop for all the info you could possibly need to know about what is happening down at Shorten Reserve. Take your time and have a good look around. A massive thanks for the awesome work of our parent volunteers in the juniors. It is through your hard work that we have raised the funds to get this site up for the entire club.  We love your work!