Round 14, 2019

Round 14 Match Reports & Photos

Hi Folks below are our Match Reports for Round 14.

We have now made writing these reports optional for our coaches as like everyone, they have a busy life and they are all volunteers. We invite our parents and/or players to write a game report themselves and we will post those here that week. These don't need to be long, just a brief description of the game is enough. Send to our club email at by Wednesday midday to be sure they get posted.

Thanks to our coaches or parents who have found time to write these reports again this week.


Under 9 Reds Vs Caroline Springs

Last game of the season!  The players know the routine well now.  A quick look at the board for their starting positions and they were ready. No need to linger in these change rooms so they all lined up behind their captains Oscar and Bodee.  We had a full list today except for Bill who was sick unfortunately. 

Today we got to play on the big ground (oval 1). It is almost as wide as it is long and instructions were to play down the middle.  No wind, a dry ground and slowly warming up - it felt like a perfect morning for football. 

The game started off fast with match of it played between the arcs.  Carl had started well in the ruck but unfortunately got a knock and needed a rest.  Bodee played very well in the middle too taking a great mark and kicking long.  The ball was trapped in our forward line thanks to some great pressure by Eli and Jensen.  Finally Thomas Mitchell swooped and snapped the first goal.  Arlo entered the game and showed great composure with his head over the ball.  Enrique was a key target at CHF and gathered the ball in traffic to move the ball well into the forward line.  Zach got behind their defence again to run into space gather and kick a goal. Well played Roosters!

The pressure went up second quarter with lots of tackling.  Tom Watt played his best game and took a good mark midfield.  Paddy could be spotted even on the far side with his flowing locks racing after the ball and laying strong tackles.  Charlie repelled many attacks playing CHB perfectly.  Thomas E. was in the packs on his wing and Oscar was also terrific on his wing with tackling and handballs.  Eamon was strong at the ball putting his body on the line but needed a rest to recover one knock.

The players had definitely warmed up now and things seemed to go up another notch in the second half.  It is great to see some hard running across the big ground to cover defence and make space in attack.  Noah and Enrique made good position and took great marks.  Lachie and Eden were also running mid field and created some good clearances.  When the ball reached our backline Otis was there to block the attack and Zeph sped it back up the ground.  There had been a lot of tough contested football by both teams. 

One last shuffle of magnets around the board.  How would the last quarter of the season play out?  Some good centre clearances saw the ball deep forward.  After a tussle in the goal square Tom Mulcahy kicked a quick goal.  The ball was sent forward again with some long kicks by Noah from CHF.  Oliver dashed back with the flight and booted a goal.  The opposition responded and were looking dangerous when Hugo at CHB laid a very strong tackle which knocked the ball loose for the Roosters to sweep it away.  Again the ball went forward and this time Charlie reeled around onto his left boot to slot another goal.  When the final siren sounded the Roosters were celebrating, and they had plenty to be happy about the game they had all played.

The Roosters finished full of handballs to running teammates, long kicks, strong tackles and good marks.  A great way to end a great season. Well done to all the players!  They have played some excellent football in the last few weeks and should all be very proud of how they have developed as a team and also the good spirit they have played the game in.  To their credit Caroline Springs also played the game well today.  Charlie collected the Heartland with some classy football at both ends of the ground.  Slice Girls Roosters of the week was earnt by Tom Mulcahy, Tom E, Eli and Zeph.

A very big thanks to all the parents and families who have been with us throughout the season and helped with the many jobs.  It feels like the team has had a great spirit again this year.  Special thanks to Claire and Richard for managing everything so smoothly, and also to Chris and Mark for their support coaching the kids.  I hope you have all enjoyed it as much as me.  Go Roosters!



Under 9  Blues Vs Spotswood

We were blessed to be at our Home Ground of Shorten Reserve for our final game, with all its lumps, bumps, puddles, sticky mud and plenty of support.

Today we were going to focus on the fun we have playing together in this Team, recognise and celebrate all our efforts and look to share the ball around.

Captains today : Arthur and Hamish


In short, we played as well as we had all year.

Strong tackles, handballs flicked out the side to players running past.

Link up play, strong marks and defending well behind the ball.


1st Term

Ben started us of with a strong tackle.

Logan -> Jack -> Fletcher linked up a got the ball going our way.

Harrison was darting around getting possessions.

Angus took a mark from a kick in. He kicked long from his set shot for his 1st Roosters GOAL!

Fletcher chased back and covered in defence to clear the danger area.

Hamish and James provided run and carry.

Braydon won the ball in our forward 50 and kicked to Zoe, who marked.  She settled and kicked straight for her 1st Roosters GOAL!

We were certainly up and about and full of energy today.


2nd Term continued in a similar vein;

Fletcher smothered a kick then won the ball.

Nico -> Harvey W who kicked to Hamish in the Goal-square.  Zoe roved the loose ball and kicked another GOAL!

Maverick was starting to win more of the ball.

Jacob had some telling possessions in the midfield.

Natalie was running clear of the opposition with the ball.

At Half Time, we talked about keeping the ball moving and to keep looking out for each other.


3rd Term;

Maverick kicked to the Goalsquare, Harvey H was in position to mark, settle for his set shot and GOAL! – another Rooster 1st Goal (You couldn’t script this…)

Hamish and James were nipping around getting plenty of the ball.

Ryder was getting involved around the packs and popping out handballs.

Cooper kicked to our HotSpot where Harvey H gave off a handball to Logan who snapped a fine GOAL!

Harvey W was constantly kicking to our advantage.

Tiger wasn’t letting the ball get past him.

Continued pressure in our Forward 50 resulted in the ball spilling out to Jack who kicked a long GOAL!


4th and Final Term for the Season;

“Run this out players, this is the last chance to play together”

Harvey W handballed to Ben, who got a kick in to Fletcher (mark).  Set Shot GOAL!

Angus chased and tackled to win a free kick.

Arthur cleared with a good left-foot kick.

Liye got low and collected a ground ball on the run in defence.

Maverick and Ben provided clearing kicks in defence.

(There was great noise of support from the u12s who had arrived by now for their game.)

The final play of the day was one of my favourites of the year –

Jack, Cooper and Ben worked hard to keep the ball up our scoring end. Jack kicked clear to Arthur, who had a run and bounce and kicked to Fletcher who marked at the top-of-the-square.

Fletch was easily within kicking distance, but he handballed of to Harvey W, who finished a fantastic Team GOAL!


After the siren there was plenty of happy Players and Parents.  We were all really proud and pleased with the efforts of everyone on the field today and throughout the year.

There was some real joy on the Players faces as they ran through a Guard of Honour made by their proud Parents and they even attempted a version of the Club song in the changerooms afterwards.


Special mentions;

Liz Earl – for organising the Parents each week and making my Role a whole lot easier.

Lorelli and Kate – for covering our all important First Aider role

Michael, Michael and Mike – our Field umpires throughout the year.  We cannot play without your help.

Umpire Security – thanks for protecting our umpires

Orange Cutters, Flag Wavers, Time-keepers, H2O carriers, Coach-Board holders, Assistant Coach, Scribes, Paparazzi, Training Day Helpers – it takes all of you to make a Team.

Thankyou for all the Parents ongoing early Sunday mornings support, in some rather testing temperatures at times – we certainly can hear your cheering on the ground.


And most of all, Thankyou to all the Players – its really been a pleasure to see you improve individually and as a Team throughout the year.


Thanks Everyone for a Great Junior Footy Season,


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Round 13, 2019

Round 13 Match Reports & Photos

Hi Folks below are our Match Reports for Round 13.

We have now made writing these reports optional for our coaches as like everyone, they have a busy life and they are all volunteers. We invite our parents and/or players to write a game report themselves and we will post those here that week. These don't need to be long, just a brief description of the game is enough. Send to our club email at by Wednesday midday to be sure they get posted.

Thanks to our coaches or parents who have found time to write these reports again this week.

Under 9 Reds Vs Yarraville Seddon


The weather was calm and mild and the ground had dried out – it was a great morning for football!  As usual Mark and Chris had the early arrivals warming up out the front.  The Eagles had been skilful first time we met and it would be an interesting contest.  As everyone gathered there was plenty of positive energy in the shed and maybe not much attention to instructions. But we know the Roosters can switch on once they run out behind the captains who today were Enrique and Eden.

The first quarter looked like a very tight contest. No team was given any space and there were plenty of ball ups.  Eamon laid a strong tackle early to set the tone.  Tom Mulcahy in the midfield ran hard to make the contests.  Lachie rucked well and took an excellent overhead mark.  Hugo took several good marks and made tackles.  Tom E. stopped his opponent defending in the packs and Paddy ran the ball out of our backline to relieve the pressure.  Bill also started well sticking tackles and applying pressure forward.  Every yard was hard fought.

A shuffle of positions and encouragement to get their kick away the set off heading the horsey park end.  Oliver picked it up well and kicked long.  The ball was locked in our forward line thanks to an excellent wall formed by Enrique and Carl and the many repeat entries were finally rewarded.  Eli was very elusive around the forward line and roved well before kicking our first goal.  Soon afterwards Zeph raced around into his favourite left pocket to snap another goal.  Jensen kept the pressure on kicking well. 

Despite not devouring the usual feast of oranges the Rooster’s continued their great form after the long break.  Zach rebounded well off half back with a bounce and kick.  The ball was deep in our forward line often and Charlie pushed forward to slot a goal from the pocket.  The team was running and handballing well across the ground.  A high kick to the goal square was crumbed by Eden booted a goal, and the Roosters were flying.  Tom Mitchell took an excellent mark.  One of the best passages started in the back line with a series of marks and kicks keeping possession all the way down the ground and finished with Bodee kicking a nice goal to finish the quarter on a high. 

The last quarter saw the Eagles press again.  Otis attacked the ball and defended his opponent well.  Noah and Arlo ran the midfield hard and won some tough contests.  Tom W. worked very hard in the contests on his flank and ended needing a rest after getting a knock.  The Roosters continued some good passages of play and finished the game strongly.  Back in the sheds the players got to sing the club song after a game well played.

The young Roosters are powering towards the end of the season. Their confidence has grown to attack the ball pick it up and think about the best option.  Hopefully they can finish the last game off next week with the same skill and teamwork.  The Eagles showed some skill but the Rooster’s defended hard and controlled more of the game.  Slice Girls Rooster of the week was well deserved by Tom W and Enrique.




Under 9  Blues Vs Caroline Springs

First off, apologies for not getting my Match Report or photos in on time for Round 12 (vs Yarraville Seddon Eagles)

That was an excellent game by our Players. Lead by Captains Leo Annese (welcome back) and Harvey Warhurst, we started quickly and scored 2 goals in the 1st Quarter.  The game evened up to be all square at half time.  After the break our focus on link-up play and kick-marks won us possession and field position and more ‘GOAL!’ notifications on our new scoreboard.

Finishing the game with 2 goals into the wind at the Dog Park end was the difference in the game.

Special mentions from Round 12 :

Goals :

Arthur-2, Jack-2

Roosters of the Week :

  • Harvey W – fantastic Team play, kicking to the ‘Hot Spot’ allowing for Team-mates a chance at an easier goal.
  • Zoe – consistent with a high level of Team play and skills.


On to this week…

Caroline Springs was now the only Team we hadn’t had a (theoretical, in a non-scoring way) win against in our schedule.  They just got the better of us in a highly competitive game at our ground.  Could we return the favour??

Our focus again was link-up plays - running handballs, passes out in front and being ‘next’ to keep the ball.

Captains: Two of our experienced players – Jack and Fletcher.

1st Term;

Caroline Springs got the jump on us and got the ball into their A50.

Tiger worked hard to get the ball out of defence. 

Natalie and Logan combined through the middle, Maverick was providing some forward bursts.

Arthur –> Fletcher –> Harvey W linked up.

Harvey H was providing repeat efforts in defence across half-back.  Tiger put his body over the ball and smothered a kick, while Maverick was laying his strong tackles.

Jack used his long kick to get the ball deep into our A50, Harrison and Harvey H combined to keep it in there.

Angus needed to go off for a blood nose after a (erm, strong tackle) – this was to be the first of many battle wounds for the day.

Quarter Time was an opportunity to reinforce that we were doing plenty right, we just needed the ball near our scoring sticks a bit more.


2nd Term;

A long kick by Natalie started things going our way.  Harvey W -> Fletcher (mark) -> to the goal square, where Jack was able to gather and GOAL!

Nico and Jacob defended well in the last line.  Cooper took a good mark under a high ball.

Harrison provided a long chase to pressure their ball carrier.

Maverick -> Cooper (mark) -> Braydon gather and kick on the run to our Goal square.  A pack formed around the ball but Fletcher found room out the front and burst through to kick a GOAL!


We had things a bit more our way in that term, and the game was starting to even up. (now 5 Goals to 2)

At Half-Time, we talked about our good efforts so far, chasing harder in defence, having some players behind the ball and continuing to focus on our link-up play that was working well.


3rd Term;

With our magnets moved, we had some of our bigger bodies in midfield and defence.

Mavericks run was now starting on the wing, Natalies kick went to the goalsquare,  Harrison ran on to it and snapped a kick over his shoulder for a GOAL!

We were right in this game now.

Caroline Springs sensed this and their tackles got harder, the ‘chirp’ got more frequent, and the complaints to the umpires grew.

Meanwhile Fletcher provided a chase and tackle of his own, to win a free kick. Jack and Angus weren’t letting player or ball past them.

James and Hamish were darting around with quick kicks and handballs.

Harvey H had a good possession with time to look up and kick.

Jack -> Fletcher -> Logan -> Arthur was nice play through the middle of the ground.

Jack laid a strong smother and tackle.

Liye took a courageous mark under a high ball, with pressure coming.

(6 goals to our 3)

At the last break, I urged the players to keep at it and run the game out.


4th Term;

The tight contest across the ground continued.  It seemed ever possession was under pressure.  Good skills gave some breathing space, but a fumble or a fickle bounce invited the pressure again.

Jack provided a good hand ball to James on the run.

Hamish was nipping around, Maverick was in amongst all the packs.

Zoe worked her way into contests and kicked the ball long.

The desperation from both Teams intensified further.

Harvey H took another mark.

Angus was winning the ball under pressure.  Fletcher, Maverick and Jack kept tackling.

Tired bodies got up slower from bumps, but our legs kept running.

Jacob knocked the ball out of a contest, Braydon provided run and carry with the ball.

Harvey W had good hands and a kick in defence. 

The game finished as Nico held possession of the ball in our forward 50.


Our players had evened up the contest, against a Team of majority ‘bigger’ players.

I was particularly proud of how our Players maintained great sportsmanship as the game got (erm) heated at times.

There is plenty of moral victories, little victories within the game and character-building moments that we will take out of this game.

Everyone Player should be proud of their efforts in a pressure packed game.

Special Mentions:

  • Goals: Jack -1, Fletcher -1, Harrison -1
  • Heartland Award: Jack Mosca
  • Roosters of the Week: Arthur, Angus and Harvey H (who ended the game with the most authentic ‘footy’ knee bandage I’ve seen in U9’s)

3 Big ‘Roosters’ and a ‘Cock-a-Doodle Do!’


One more game to go, which is the start of a full day of fixtures at Shorten Oval next Sunday, with a Club provided BBQ after the final game (around 3pm) on the day.




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Round 12, 2019

Round 12 Match Reports & Photos

Hi Folks below are our Match Reports for Round 12.

We have now made writing these reports optional for our coaches as like everyone, they have a busy life and they are all volunteers. We invite our parents and/or players to write a game report themselves and we will post those here that week. These don't need to be long, just a brief description of the game is enough. Send to our club email at by Wednesday midday to be sure they get posted.

Thanks to our coaches or parents who have found time to write these reports again this week.

Under 9 Reds Vs Flemington Juniors

Another long break between games, especially for me with time on the injury list, and I had forgotten how early the games feel on a Sunday morning.  A very big thanks to Chris and Mark for coaching the team so well while I was recovering.  Fortunately the weather this morning was better than it had been at recent training nights and the team all gathered looking happy to be back together and keen to play.  There were plenty of instructions given in the rooms and it is hard tell if anyone is listening, but I didn’t need to worry.  Oliver and Thomas Mitchell led the team out as captains today.

Our captains won the toss which was a good omen.  Tom Mitchell continued the energy with a great start winning many clearances in the middle.  Tom Mulcahy and Paddy positioned perfectly in defence and attacked any ball that came their way.  The teams appeared to be evenly matched and they had a couple of ball carriers that the Roosters had to work hard to contain.

The second quarter continued to be an arm wrestle up and down the ground.  Many of our younger players were really stepping up with good marks by Eden and Eli, as well as good kicks by Arlo and Oscar.  Carl was playing well at CHF and narrowly missed a shot on goal.  The blanket on the bench was warm but all the players were keen to get back in the game when it was their turn again.

The third started with Charlie controlling the backline and great help from Otis and Eamon.  Hugo, Bodee and Oliver won some good midfield clearances to send the ball forward.  The Roosters applied strong pressure up forward and were rewarded with a clever snap for a goal by Zeth.  Noah was playing another strong game and soon booted another goal from a free kick in the square. 

The Roosters kept their focus in the last quarter and were hunting the ball in numbers now to finish the game strongly.  Zach moved forward from the wing and slotted a nice goal which is becoming a good habit.  Tom W was also in the action a lot on his wing.  Eli made a fearless smother to save a goal at one end and Jenson locked the ball up forward at the other.  Charlie swooped on the loose ball and kicked a goal with his silky left foot The Roosters were crowing when the final siren.

Overall the team all played fantastically.  Some of the highlights for me included their great positioning in defence as well as in front of the ball.  They also showed many examples of linking up with teammates by hand and attacking the ball to win those 50/50 contests.  Tom Mulcahy earned the heartland award and the Slice Girls Rooster of the week was well deserved by Tom Mitchell and Eamon.






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Round 11, 2019

Round 11 Match Reports & Photos

Hi Folks below are our Match Reports for Round 11.

We have now made writing these reports optional for our coaches as like everyone, they have a busy life and they are all volunteers. We invite our parents and/or players to write a game report themselves and we will post those here that week. These don't need to be long, just a brief description of the game is enough. Send to our club email at by Wednesday midday to be sure they get posted.

Thanks to our coaches or parents who have found time to write these reports again this week.

Under 9 Blues Vs Altona

As we arrived at the ground for a friendly weekend timeslot of 10:30 kick-off, we saw the last part of our U9 Reds taking on a Team in Purple and Yellow.  “How were they?” “That’s Altona, and that’s the umpire from our Round 2 game”.

Our Team was happy to set a Guard of Honour line for the U9Reds as they left the field after a strong effort.


For our game, the holidays and winter symptoms had prevented us having Leo, Hamish, Tiger, Nico, angus and Zavier.

Luckily the easily we had Noah and Zeph from the Reds on hand to help out.

Captains : Cooper – for adding speed to our game and helping us to spread out.

                     Liye – adding his effective possessions to our game.


After coming off a great performance last week I was hopeful of another similar effort.

Unfortunately for us, the excitement in the room was for the end of the school term and our players were ‘just a bit off’.

Hard to put my finger on it, as in general the effort was there, but our kicks were missing the target and our run and overlap wasn’t quite there.  We were strong with our marking, chased and tackled great, but couldn’t quite work the ball forward effectively.

It took till after ½ time for us to ‘click’ into gear.

Our best bit of link up play for the game so far : Arthur -> Logan (Mark) -> Jack -> Fletcher on the run, to the Goalsquare and GOAL!

And with that you could see the relief and satisfaction of reward for effort through the whole Team.

At 1 Goal to 4, a BIG Effort was needed in the last term.

Our ball winners were getting us the ball, our speed players were getting it to space and our ball users were (now) getting it to each other.

Noah popped a handball out to Arthur (kick) – Jack marked 15m out. Set Shot and GOAL!  (2-4)

Zoe was again strong in defence along with Harvey W and Ben.

Cooper, James, Maverick and Harvey H worked hard in the middle.  Natalie continued to provide run.  Zeph was getting touches along with Liye and Ryder. 

Maverick won a free in our A50, kicked to Jack (mark), Set Shot and GOAL!  (3-5)

Logan, Harrison and Brayden were giving us targets to kick to.

James marked in attack, Mav won the ball out of a pack.  Liye kicked it forward, where Braydon ran on to it and with a quick kick GOAL! (4-5)

Jacob has grown in confidence and is getting more involved.

Fletcher, Jack, Noah and Arthur were distributing the ball well. 

The game finished with another nice link-up play : Maverick – Zeph and Harrison moved the ball on the run through the middle.  Arthur (mark) – Logan (mark) out in front of Maverick who was able to have a shot.

The game finished (our) 4 Goals to 6.

Wow – it took us 3 quarters to get started, but it ended up a really good game.

After the game our players were found intently listening to Coach Andrew run through his pre-game with his u14’s.

  • It was refreshing for me to hear some of the same messages being said to the older Team.

Followed up with another Guard of Honour for the U14’s to run out through – Nice One my Guys!!


Special Mentions:

Thankyou to Noah and Zeph for doubling-up and contributing well to our game.


Goals : Jack-2, Fletcher-1, Braydon-1

Slice Girls Roosters of the Week : Fletcher and Maverick, working hard at getting the ball going our way in a tough 1st half.


We will have training on Wednesday this week, but not on Friday, as there is no game this weekend.

Then 3 games to go….


See you at training,



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Round 10, 2019

Round 10 Match Reports & Photos

Hi Folks below are our Match Reports for Round 10.

We have now made writing these reports optional for our coaches as like everyone, they have a busy life and they are all volunteers. We invite our parents and/or players to write a game report themselves and we will post those here that week. These don't need to be long, just a brief description of the game is enough. Send to our club email at by Wednesday midday to be sure they get posted.

Thanks to our coaches or parents who have found time to write these reports again this week.

Under 9 Blues Vs St Bernards

Frozen Grounds and Frozen Fingers.

This was to be the 1st of our ‘Return Matches’ this year.  St Bernards beat us in our very first game this year, at home.  We were just finding our feet and gave up a couple of ‘kick across the face of goals’ easy shots.

I know we have improved, but I’m sure they have too.


Our focus all week (I really wanted to get one over this Club) was to get back to our ‘Good Footy’ – some players behind the ball, run and play to our space and no loose players when they have it.  To get back to our Teamwork and not just individuals’ plays.


Rolecall : absent today were Zavier, Leo and Tiger.

Captains : Ben – who shows great courage and Teamwork on the field.

                  Ryder – who has great enthusiasm and is improving each week.


1st Quarter;

The Game got moved to the sunnier and bigger ground to avoid the frost and ice that came off the plastic tarp protecting the cricket wicket on our normal field.  From the elevated Coaches Box – the players on the far side did seem small.

Hamish set an early standard playing in front of a taller player.  Jack provided some rebound off half back, Mav got his legs running hard, Natalie attacked the ball and Arthur was getting some telling kicks through the midfield. 

The game was mainly in midfield and our F50.  Angus worked hard near the goalsquare and nearly got his reward a few times.  Ben and Hamish worked well together.  Natalie passed well to Angus.  Logan -> Jack -> Fletcher -> Zoe on the wing showed our link-up play was back.  Ben got a nice handball out to Arthur. Brayden on to Ryder kept the ball going our way.

Mav was getting to a lot of contests and tacking everyone.

Harvey W took a diving mark and passed well to Logan.

Deep in our F50, Maverick dodged through the pack and found space were there was none to shoot and score our first GOAL!

A great start to the game.


2nd Quarter;

Jacob made a good pick-up in congestion and a clearing kick in the middle, Natalie helped the ball forward.  Mav got the ball in our F50 and passed on to Arthur – Mark, play on and GOAL! – really nice flowing play by all players involved.

As the day warmed up (leaving frost only in the tree line shadows) as was our game.

Brayden worked hard in a pack, Ryder and James combined well, Arthur kicked to space in front of Harvey H, who then linked with Cooper.

Our Half-Backs held position and kept the ball rebounding in.

Harrison-> James -> Maverick : Mark – Set Shot and GOAL!

The term finished with Zoe locking the ball in our F50.

Half time oranges taste sweeter when we are playing well. 

Magnets were moved and the same messages reinforced – we are doing a lot well, keep it up.


3rd Quarter;

Nico started us off with a strong mark and play on.  Jack was providing us ball out of the middle.  Our new backline (Nico, Angus and Cooper) was playing in position and using the ball well.

Jack took a diving mark, passed to Fletcher, on to Logan then Arthur.  His kick went out in front of Harvey W who was running to space on the wing.  Harrison got the ball into our F50, Jacob pulled a “Maverick move’ and stole the ball out of a pack – shot on the run - oooh just wide.  Great play again though.

Reading the play beautifully and taking a intercept mark was Nico.  Harvey H was also taking defensive marks.

The game had intensified and evened up.

The opposition Runner commented on the high quality of the game.

Zoe provide run and kicked forward.  Ben took another mark from good positioning.  Ryder worked hard to get in a tackle. Cooper ran with a bounce and got the ball forward.


I asked for one last effort, finish the game off in the manner we are playing.

One big “ROOSTERS!” and out we went for the last term.


4th Quarter;

Jack and Zoe combined through the middle. Fletcher popped a nice handball out of a pack.  From the F50 Maverick went into heavy traffic to tackle (did he actually tackle every opposition player today?) and came out with the ball.  Zoe got a kick to our goalsquare, Jacob had his shot smothered, but Maverick was on hand to gather and GOAL!

After the re-start Fletcher provided a great chase and tackle to win a free kick.

Jack -> Zoe -> Harvey W into our F50.  Instead of blazing away a shot, he saw Jacob in the HotSpot and passed around the corner to him.  Jacob had time to gather, turn and straighten for his first Roosters GOAL!

*(this is currently my favourite Roosters play – correct play, unselfish play by Harv W that gave his Teammate time to score  - 3rd time lucky for Jacob)

Our Backline were hunting in packs and the game finished with Fletcher winning a strong ball out of a pack in the defensive goalsquare -> Jack -> Logan and a clearing kick to the wing.

SIREN! – Woohoo!!


What a performance.  We have set ourselves a new standard.


The St Bernards Coach mentioned our positioning and Teamwork, which was especially satisfying as we worked on that all week.

Special Mentions:


Maverick - 3, Arthur – 1, Jacob – 1.

Heartland Award :

Harvey Warhurst – another strong game, some great positioning and Teamwork.

Roosters of the Week :

Nico – hasn’t missed a beat since returning to the Team.

Liye – our newest Teammate who is quickly getting involved and contributing well.


I want to thank all the players for listening at training all week and pre-game, and for an outstanding effort in the game.

You may sense some extra passion in this report – this is my 1st win against the St Bernards Teams – so Thankyou. (Any previous years U9 Blue Parents may understand! – 5 goals to 1 Woohoo)

3 Loud “Roosters” and a “Cock-a-Doodle-Do”


See you at training.


Under 9 Reds Vs Williamstown Juniors

It had been three weeks since our last game thanks to the long weekend and then a bye. This was a tough way to get back into the routine – only 3 degrees, a heavy dew on the grass and the sun only just peeping above the roof tops.  On the up side the usual Willi wind wasn’t blowing and there was no cricket mud bath in the middle.  The old shed change room was full of chat about the Matilda’s world cup result which may have caused a few late arrivals.  Jensen and Lachie were captains and led the team out into the early morning sun.

The game started with some quick ball movement by Willi and it seemed the Roosters were still defrosting.  Bodee was holding the fort at fullback with some strong marks and one huge kick-out after a point.  Carl roamed the ground well as ruck and took a good mark.  Eli hunted the ball on his wing and tackling much bigger opponents.  Paddy also started strongly, attacking the ball and the packs.  Lachie moved the ball forward and Arlo took a good mark in the forward pocket but couldn’t quite convert. Despite our efforts Willi kept pressing and we needed to regroup at quarter time.

The second quarter started more evenly with Tom E. using his height in the ruck and clean skills from Charlie drove the ball into our forward line.  Jensen was applying plenty of forward pressure and Oliver took a mark at full forward, but his shot was just off line.  Eamon played strongly in the middle and earnt some good free kicks.  Oscar was also elusive on his wing and took a good mark.  Zeph had given all he could but illness overcame him as he reluctantly rugged up for the second half.

By the third quarter the sun was starting to warm the air a little and so did the Roosters.  Enrique and Otis were defending strongly across half back.  Tom W. was contesting on his wing and Tom Mulcahy linked up well through the middle with some run.  Bodee pushed forward from the ruck to get on the end of things and kicked a team lifting goal.  He deservedly had a little strut to the huddle at ¾ time.

The Roosters continued to give their all in the last quarter.  Hugo was tackling strongly and positioning well at CHB.  One of the best passages of play involved kicks from Tom Mulcahy to Eden, and then quickly onto Bodee, who finished kicking another excellent team goal.  Tom Mitchell played an excellent quarter at fullback repelling attacks with sure hands.  The Roosters finished strongly with Zach marking deep forward and calmly slotting a goal with a nice kick.

I was very proud of how the Roosters kept trying throughout the game. They showed some passages of skilful play, as well as plenty of courage in cold and tough conditions.  We will continue practicing our defensive pressure and attack on the ball.  Paddy collected he heartland after a courageous 4 quarter effort. Slice Girls Rooster of the week was well deserved by Bodee and Oscar.  The forecast for next Sunday is a lot warmer and I hope the players are looking forward to it as much as me.




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Round 9, 2019

Round 9 Match Reports & Photos

Hi Folks below are all our Match Reports for Round 9.

We have now made writing these reports optional for our coaches as like everyone, they have a busy life and they are all volunteers. We invite our parents and/or players to write a game report themselves and we will post those here that week. These don't need to be long, just a brief description of the game is enough. Send to our club email at by Wednesday midday to be sure they get posted.

Thanks to our coaches or parents who have found time to write these reports again this week.

Under 9 Blues Vs Sunshine North

Friday Night under Foreign Lights.

This game brought a few first for me and our Team.

This was my 1st away game on a Friday night.

This was the first time I had been to this ground and even the 1st time I had come across this Team. 

This would also be the 1st time we played for points (well, noy actually for points..) on a 2/3 size field.  Complete with push-in posts at one end and cones for boundary lines - a short under 9 sized kick in from the painted lines.  This was a thrill for some Parents who have not ventured across the ‘white line’ much..


Our normal pre-game routine was interrupted by the apparent training drill equipment still on the oval – surely this was left out after their Friday night training, the outbound traffic on Ballarat Rd (which I am normally fortunate to pass in the other direction) and the sort of downpour that prevents either of the 3 kids in my car helping with any ‘Coach Stuff’ as they ran for shelter.

Once the red and blue band passed on the BOM Radar, we set to warm up.  Stretches, run-throughs and some quick ball skills.  Our opposition were confident – they weren’t doing anything to warm up.


Role Call : Leo and Ben were absent today

Captains : Arthur – shows consistent efforts and does lots of the ‘right’ things

and Cooper – uses his skills and speed to win and then use the ball to the Team’s advantage.


1st Term;

The Players were clearly a bit amused by the shortened field and the lack of normal field markings would prove to make positioning a challenge.

Logan set the early standard with a strong chest mark in the backline. The shorter field meant a few quick posessions by Jack / Fletcher / Arthur had the ball in our goal-square.  Harrison scrambled a kick, Jack found some space and snapped a GOAL! over his shoulder.

At the other end, Natalie made a goal saving chase and tackle.

Jack / Arthur and Fletcher combined again – this time it was Fletch who scored a GOAL!

Cooper took a mark in defence.  Logan and Harvey W combined through the middle.  Zoe had a shot at Goal.  Arthur marked the resulting kick-in.  With the siren sounding during his run up, he kicked long and hard for a GOAL! – as shepparded through by Jack.

We had made a good start to the game.

The small field and psychedelic coloured ball hadn’t put us off.


2nd Term;

Our focus was to keep spread out and stay in position.

Zavier kicked to Harrison (mark). Maverick was starting to tackle everyone.  Arthur picked up the wet ball well of the ground.

Natalie and Jacob were holding the line in defence.  Logan put on a nice dodge-on-the-run move.

Fletcher snapped a GOAL! backwards over his head (I don’t recall that training drill)

Harrison took another good mark, then Fletcher kicked another, different, GOAL!


Half Time oranges were devoured like the kids hadn’t had dinner yet (erm..)  our magnets got moved and we reinforced the idea of keeping spread out.


3rd Term;

Harvey W burst out of defence with the ball.  Maverick was working his way through his ‘Got You’ tackle scalps with repeat efforts.

Sunshine North had upped their game and weren’t letting us within goal range.

Arthur – Harvey H – Ryder and Hamish held a good line in our defence, which meant the game became a midfield battle.  One of our soldiers was injured in the battle when Harvey H got hurt in a tackle.

Sunshine North got their first goal and some wind in their sails.

Cooper competed well against Sunshine Norths bigger bodies.

That quarter was a real wake-up call for us.  We needed to get back to our basics – play in front, move for each other and use the space.


4th Term;

The game had evened up and I called for a strong last effort.

Brayden and Fletcher started strong against the flow in defence.

Cooper sent a nice handball to Hamish running past. Tiger was getting some clearer possessions around the ball,  Maverick was still tackling machine. 

Jacob cleared the pack with a big kick.

Jack got our reward for improved Team-Play with a GOAL! from 15m out.

Zoe made a great defensive clearance.

Maverick pulled his ‘tackle-and-steal-the-ball move’.

Logan scored a GOAL! from long range on the bounce.

The Team really had lifted.

Harvey W burst through the muddiest part of the ground

Jack marked 20m out and kicked a set shot truly for another GOAL!

Natalie intercepted and ran through the middle.  Nico made a great pick up and kick on the run.

The final play of the game saw Fletcher GOAL! with the an outside-of-the-boot Boo-Nah-Nah (again I don’t remember that training drill…)


I was really please with the way the Team re-focussed on our game focuses and that they got results for their efforts.


It works out that Sunshine North are a rebuilding Club and this was their first u9s for about 7 years (I wasn’t going mad – I hadn’t seen their St Kilda with a lightning bolt jersey before)


Special Mentions:

Goals : Fletcher – 4, Jack – 3, Arthur – 1, Logan – 1

Heartland Award : Arthur

Slice Girls Roosters of the Week :

Brayden – for playing a trusted role in the Team.

            Jacob – is getting more involved in the game and showing us his impressive big kick.


I’m expecting next weeks game to be a sterner test – St Bernards.

We are entering the ‘return game’ rounds and St Bernards were the 1st Team we played.

They got the points (well not actually ‘points’) at our ground.  We have improved, but we need to assume they have also….


See you at training.


Under 14As Vs Yarraville Seddon (Thanks Dave Hall for writing this Report)

After the Queen’s birthday long weekend, the under 14A’s looked keen to get back out there in the red and white. Seven of the lads had donned the red, white and blue that previous week for inter-league duties. This could prove a valuable experience as the finals approach.


A zephyr of wind was evident at lumpy valley (aka Shorten Reserve), as we hosted Yarraville Seddon. The cricket pitch area was really feeling the effects of heavy recent rain and six games of footy in the past 24 hours. So much so that most of the scoring occurred to the dog park end, avoiding having to cross over ‘no-man’s-land’. There were a number of fairly hilarious slips and spills in the dark mud, and at least one of the Y-S lads (#41) decided on the full facial treatment at match’s end.


Yarraville played the better footy in the first quarter, running harder and hunting the pill with ferocity, while a few of our lads held back a bit. Jack had a big quarter, and from your scribe’s perspective played the most complete 4 quarter game of his season. Likewise, Diesel was a key player in keeping us in it at quarter time. Lachie took a couple of marks inside the forward 50 but didn’t quite nail his kicks, and Weston was handy with his clean pickups. But we were clearly flat, a bit disorganised down back, and struggling to combat a couple of good defenders and midfielders (#14 and #22 in particular).


Coach Andrew implored the boys to work harder, and to help with the intensity around the ball – tackling pressure, extra numbers, shepherds, blocks. The Roosters managed to switch up a gear part-way through the second, aided by some of our prime-movers – Henry, Samuel, Socrates, Kadin, Mickey and Jonathan. In the space of about ten minutes we piled on 7 goals to none, and broke the game wide open. Jonathan kicked a couple of beautiful goals from about 35 metres out on the run. Kadin marked and converted well after some unselfish dish-offs by Soc. Leroy provided excellent pressure up forward, often setting up scoring opportunities through tackles and tenacity. Frank, Mickey, Isaac C, Aaron and Samuel were all providing stoic defence, ensuring the ball didn’t get ‘over-the back’. Jack and Henry continued to run hard all over the ground and make it very hard for Yarraville to get clean possession. By half-tie the scores were 58 to 16 in the red and white’s favour.


Mitch, in only his fifth game for the club, was moved in to the ruck in the second half, and had a really good game. His basketball nous shone through, with some good ‘dish-off handpasses to teammates in space.


Scoring dried up a bit in the third quarter, but the Roosters continued to control play. The major concern for teammates at three quarter time was not being squirted with water, courtesy of Henry stepping on the bottles. The threatening rain arrived just as the fourth quarter began, making the conditions very slippery. The quality of the ball handling was impressive. Soc played as if the ball was still dry, having a very influential game at centre half forward. He is incredibly team-oriented and set up many goals with his precise kicking and decision making. Diesel and Jack were enormous all day. In the wet, Jack took a quite amazing one-armed mark. Samuel really started to exert his influence down back with some scything runs and penetrating kicks. Juma and Kiir Robert both combined in flying for a mark, bringing the ball to ground where Kadin swooped and slotted home a goal. Thanks to Kiir for filling in from the under 12’s – you’re a handy under 14 player…! Daniel also had a very good game, mostly down back, making it very hard for his opponent, and then unleashing a huge rain-making bomb from near the scoreboard. Aaron continues to play well for us, and will be important as the season gets to the pointy end.


A big challenge awaits us next week: it’s one v two as we take on ladder leaders Hoppers Crossing on their turf.


Final scores

West Footscray 12.7-79

Yarraville Seddon 3.8-26


Goals: Kadin Miller 3, Jonathan Stelluto, Diesel Lim, Jack Gerardi, Socrates Mavrokostidis (2 each), Lachlan Davies (1)

Best players (from WRFL website): Henry Lovell, Diesel Lim, Socrates M, Samuel Hall, Kadin Miller, Jack Gerardi.



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Round 8, 2019

Round 8 Newsletter

Hi Folks below are all our Match Reports for Round 8. Scroll down to find your team's report.

We have now made writing these reports optional for our coaches as like everyone, they have a busy life and they are all volunteers. We invite our parents and/or players to write a game report themselves and we will post those here that week. These don't need to be long, just a brief description of the game is enough. Send to our club email at by Wednesday midday to be sure they get posted.

Thanks to our coaches who have found time to write these reports again this week.

Under 9 Blues Vs St Albans


Friday Night – Mud and Lights


I just love the Friday night games – it’s the one that all the water cooler conversations are about during the week.

My workmates were introduced to the infectious Junior Footy fever that our ‘Big Stage’ game presented.  How were we going to put all my excitement onto the field? Were the Players as excited as me??

Captains :

Arthur – Constantly in the ‘Right’ position and shows good skill and decision making

Harvey Howe – uses his speed, skill and good team play to our advantage.


After a brief and low key training session, I took the opportunity to have a mid-season review.

The Players all recalled to me our Team ethics of Fun, Teamwork, Improving and Respect, that we first talked about prior to game 1.  The Players also were able to tell me the methods of play – move, share, positioning and the mantras that I am constantly into them about, which was really rewarding to hear.

This Team really is starting to ‘get it’ and play well.  They are appreciating each players contribution to the Team and enjoying the game.  I have had a few chats to Parents of late and the message I’m getting back is that their Player is loving the whole footy ‘thing’.  I am one of those Parents too.


To the game;

The wet weather prevented our mid-week training (at late notice – sorry all) and the West Footscray PS kids had a Teacher-doing-stuff day off.  With our disrupted and a short 5 day break, were the Players heads going to be in the game?

Siren – tap, kick – mark Brayden, Jack, Harv H, and a scrabble GOAL to Fletcher indicated we were in fact ‘on’.

Quickly it became apparent that our team play and skills repeatedly were to allow us to have opportunities at our attacking end.

I am not going to go play-by-play in this match report, but instead I would like to say the things I was most impressed with.

Through the midfield, we trusted our players to get the ball.  We then shared the ball well and found a loose option that had time to look and kick.

In the first half our defence (esp Arthur/ Harrison/ Zoe/ Jacob) held a good ground position a kick or two behind the play – nothing got past them.

Midfield ball getters Ryder, Tiger and Maverick fed the ball out to our fast legs Natalie, Harv H and Cooper, with Hamish, Ben, Harrison and James providing the link up plays.  Nico was clearly enjoying being back in the Team – getting touches on the ball all plenty of mud on himself.  Angus showed great intent in getting and using the ball.

This all lead to our forwards having plenty of opportunities.

By Quarter Time our good play had 3 Goals on the board – the 1st to Fletcher and 2 after that to Jack.

To keep focus, I asked the players to re-start each quarter as it was still nil-all.

It was becoming clear that our St Albans was struggling to meet our Players intent at the ball and then our Team play to move the ball forward.

Our forwards were again getting plenty of opportunity and added another 3 goals in the 2nd Term – one apiece to Jack, Fletcher and Logan.

Half Time and the magnets move.  Some of our defence, who hadn’t had much to do, got to move towards the action.

Different Players in different Role – but the outcome was much the same.

Our intent at the ball and the spreading it out to loose players was excellent.

We did crowd up in attack, as everyone wanted a bit of the action, but we still managed to keep scoring.

Harvey W worked his way forward for a GOAL! – twice

Arthur marked a kick in – took his shot and kicked truly – GOAL!

And Maverick cashed in on his hard running for a GOAL!

In the Final term;

Hamish found himself Goalside with the ball and kicked a GOAL!

Natalie burst forward of the pack for her 1st Rooster GOAL!

Maverick got another GOAL!

Ben marked on a lead, steadied for a set-shot GOAL! – his 1st for this season.


Wow – what an effort.  What a reward for effort.

During the game, the St Albans Assistant Coach commented to me that ‘ this is a pretty good Team’.

Today I definitely thought so too.

Two similar bits of play which I was most impressed with was a move out of the middle, kick to a lead (mark) – kick to a lead (mark) – for a shot on Goal – well I wished the Bulldogs  (or Dockers) would do that!!

Enjoy this weekend off.

I will be trying to keep a lid on our Teams assumed expectations for the upcoming games – they will not be as one sided as this one.


Special Mentions;

Every player played FANTASTIC


Natalie – 1st Roosters Goal

Ben – 1st Goal this season

Fletcher -2, Jack – 2, Harvey W – 2, Maverick -2

Arthur, Hamish, Logan – 1 each

Roosters of the Week:

  • Harrison : across many games has shown great teamwork and effort
  • Ryder : for getting in amongst it and being our muddiest player.


Thankyou to all our Team helpers – none of this happens without all the positions covered.

Chris – thanks for your notes there was a lot to take in through this game. 

Unfortunately, my camera didn’t work well during this game so I am not able to add to the Team App photos this week.


See you at training.




Under 9 Reds Vs Point Cook

Second half of the season now and the Roosters hosted Point Cook this weekend in our return game.  Compared with the mid-week weather Sunday morning was really quite nice.  The cricket wicket mud wasn’t even too bad after all the rain.  Claire and Richard have the morning tasks all in hand and we had plenty of time for as warm welcome to our newest teammate - Oscar.  Captains today were Arlo and Eli - two young Roosters who proudly led the team out and won the toss.

Despite a few pre-game nerves the team began the game really strongly.  Hugo presented well up forward holding a mark.  Lachie was in the action early grabbing the ball from packs and Charlie was a handful for Point Cook from the middle then finished things off with a classy first goal to the Roosters.  Eamon and Tom Mitchell both played well on the wings and kicked it forward.  Zach found space deep forward and slotted a goal also.  Noah was controlling the half back line whenever needed but unfortunately limped off at the end of the quarter.  The Roosters had started fantastically well all around the ground.

Point Cook might have been surprised by our start but they did respond after the break.  Fortunately we had Tom Mulcahy and Enrique as our pillars in defence and I don’t think a single goal was allowed.  Our midfield rotations worked tirelessly with a great quarter by Carl in ruck, Eden running hard one wing, and Bill became a tackling machine on his wing.  The Rooster did move into attack and lots of forward pressure by Otis and Tom W gave us multiple opportunities until the ball finished with Zach who popped through another from close range, then quickly returned to the back line.

A few messages were given at half time until the oranges arrived – who knew how good oranges can be.  The Roosters were keen to get back on with the game.  Oliver gave plenty of drive from the middle. Thomas E. was in the packs and Oscar was getting a feel of the game now.  Zeph continued to run all game and rack up the possessions.  Tom Mulcahy plays with a lot of energy and his long kick had enough on it to roll through for another Roosters goal.  Point Cook did start to even up the score board and it was an exciting game to watch.  Paddy keeps the excitement going with his high octane style and mullet hair shaking like a mane as he tackles like a lion.

Final quarter and new positions again. The players do a great job adjusting their game to new positions each quarter and it is starting to show how they understand their role anywhere on the ground.  Bodee is a great example of this as he happily took over fullback, and he was strongly supported by Arlo and Eli when Point Cook continued to press.  The Roosters kept running hard each way as the ball moved up and down the ground but we couldn’t convert any chances in the end.

We didn’t see the speedy Point Cook players from Round 1.  Maybe they were missing a couple but I think our tackling pressure around the ball and attention to defending opponents has improved a lot.  Well played Roosters.  Enjoy the long weekend off and keep practicing your skills ready for our next game.





Under 14 As Vs Williamstown Juniors

Through a ‘quirk’ in the re-grading, our Roosters under 14A’s had lost just one game but found themselves in fifth place on the ladder a couple of weeks ago, with a reasonably handy percentage of 353…(!!). Recent wins against elevated sides St Albans and Williamstown meant today’s game saw second-placed Werribee Centrals playing third-placed Cock-a-doodle-do. The boys and coaches knew Werribee had taken it right up to competition heavy-weights Hoppers Crossing.


Pre-game, coaches Andrew and Chris were again clear with their instructions to each player and as a team. The boys are locked-on when the coaches are speaking, which is great to see. We had a team goal of five holding-the-ball decisions in the first term.


Werribee jumped out of the blocks, going two goals up with quick midfield clearances and a dangerous forward line. #21, #8 and #9 in particular were causing headaches and finding open space. Soc goaled late in the term after a rare forward entry, relieving some pressure. Henry had an enormous quarter and game. His repeat efforts are commendable – a desire to keep hunting after the ball and driving it back in to our attack. Werribee set up very well behind the ball throughout the game. #25, #20 and #50 were all very good larger defenders who could kick the ball a long way. Our running game would be key to getting it through their defence.


Diesel was moved in to the middle at the start of the second quarter, and immediately lit up Shorten with key clearances and searing runs. Aaron and Hamish are getting better and better in the ruck and as mobile big men. The both took key marks and kicked or handpassed the ball well, and contested fiercely. Hamish even copped a nasty blow to the nose from his ruck opponent, but managed to play on. They certainly covered Daniel’s absence, who was home sick in bed.

Both Frank and Mickey were very good off half back, spoiling, making good decisions and kicking the ball well after hard contests. Isaac C had what I think was his best game for the season – not that I’ve seen them all. He nullified his opponent on most occasions, used the golden fist well, read the play and competed hard.

Weston has some rare skills, including picking the ball up like grease lightning and slotting a goal on his left from deep in the scoreboard pocket. It was desperately needed, and a real team lifter. We kicked one more goal and kept the opposition scoreless, taking a narrow 8-point lead in to the main break. Your faithful match reporter was nursing the old man’s injury of a tweaked calf after running the boundary. In my defence, it was a hectic game with a lot of quick play back and forth.


Werribee responded early in the third with two quick goals from their number 9 who was left alone ‘out the back’ to run in for easy goals. This coincided with an injury to Diesel. We certainly miss his dash and determination when he’s not on the ground. But as soon as Werribee hit the front we managed a quick reply, thanks to some more Henry desperation and a kick off the ground by Cooper. Then came the moment that I think changed the momentum. Werribee were using the slight breeze, and were streaming in to the forward 50 for a likely goal. Blake read the situation and laid a huge smother on the kick from the 50. It spilled eventually to Soc who, for one of the rare times today, found himself in space in the middle. He streamed forward and kicked brilliantly to Diesel, who then went on to slot the goal. I got a bit excited at this point, seeing our full-back set up a team lifting goal.


Werribee were a well-matched opposition, and they contested very hard, but it was a bit of a case of our players working their way in to the game. After the first quarter Samuel was able to free up for that roaming half back role that he plays very well. Many times he took the ball and streamed through or away from a pack of players to kick long and direct. Jack, Leroy, Kadin and Jonathan all got better as the game went on. Jonathan and Weston have footy smarts in spades, and we wish them well in interleague this weekend, along with Jack, Kadin, Socrates, Diesel and Samuel. Jack and Leroy played a lot of the game as high half-forwards, and had their work cut out against tenacious opponents. But they stuck to it. Again, their tackling efforts on much larger opponents were a sight to behold, and had a huge influence on the outcome. Juma and Mitchell (#20) competed hard all day, and were rewarded in setting up a goal in the third quarter.


A few weeks ago against Caroline Springs, Diesel played one of the great final quarters of footy. Today it was Soc (or “shoe”. It was reminiscent of the Greek god Koutoufidis from ‘99. He took huge marks, contested hard, kicked two or three goals (including a dribbler from Weston’s pocket – trying explaining that sentence to the uninitiated…), and ensured the Roosters would come away with a 25-point victory. The ferocious stormy winds, reminiscent at one point of tornado alley in the US of A, didn’t hurt our cause either.


We had very good bench cover today, with Xavier Lacey, Zac Johnson and Sean Lopez all allowing our on-ballers to have a crucial rest.


One suspects we could well encounter Werribee Centrals in the finals later in the season. But for now, this was a hard fought win to savour, and the song was sung with gusto in the Shorten sheds. Check the rendition out on the Roosters facebook page. And the Fitcher clan will be happy, too – everyone’s favourite runner, Lenny, took home the Slice Girls Pizza voucher.


Goals: Socrates M (3), Jonathan S, Cooper T, Weston B, Diesel L (1 each)


Best (from WRFL website): Henry L, Diesel L, Mickey D, Samuel H, Socrates M, Aaron M.


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Round 7, 2019

Round 7 Match Reports

Hi Folks below are all our Match Reports for Round 7. Scroll down to find your team's report. Our coaches do their best to get prepared for training and games so fitting in writing a game report among just living their lives is not always easy. If you like reading these reports perhaps you could put your hand up to help your coach write them.

Thanks to our coaches and a couple of extra helpers for writing/producing these again this week.

Under 9 Blues Vs Albion

In the Shadows of the Silos.

A brisk morning brought out my tracky-pants for the warm-up this week.

We were at Albions home ground and the sun was peeking through, between the nearby Silos.

Today we acknowledged our Aboriginal player – Tiger (in this Indigenous Round) and Jack Mosca’s black armband - worn in honour of his passing Grandfather.

We also welcomed our newest player, #23 – Liye.


It was a tough game, played mainly at the sunny end of the ground, but with little scoring by either Team.

There were lots of great little-efforts.  But on a full size ground, it takes more than a few by under 9’s to move the ball from one end to the other


That said, every player got involved, made important contributions and finished the game stronger than we started – which I felt was a great result.

Due to the tight contest, I heard reports of niggle – both verbal and physical , but our Players stood their ground but didn’t retaliate.  Another great result.


Thankyou to Liz, Lorelli, Scott and all our helpers again this week – there is no game without everyone’s contribution.

Marlene managed to get some cracking photos in the bright morning of our dew-kickers in action.

And Kate helped me out by contributing the match report below.



Our next Game is on Friday Night – at Shorten Reserve 6:30.

  • Please be there by 5:30 (an hour early as per normal) so we can set up the Team. Or make sure that we know your availability and time you can make it.

I will be there from 5:00 on Friday

  • Training as normal on Wednesday


See you at Training.




Sunday 26th of May

Round 7

Away to Albion

Captains – Angus and Harvey W


It was an early start and the air was more than crisp. Wet conditions on the field meant that the ball became heavy early on. Our players showed a commitment from the start and were in it against a very tough side.

Natalie (#16) was consistent in her approach to getting the ball out early in the quarter. Our Captain Harvey was alongside her and tried for an early goal. Unfortunately, he only got a point but it showed his commitment to the game.

Brayden (#19) and his brother Logan (#20) were a formidable duo in defence and stopping the opposition getting ahead. Hamish (#22) who each week is fearless in his approach to the ball did not disappoint the spectators.


Quarter 2 saw everyone on the team getting out and trying to be on the ball early. Our newest recruit, Liye Xu (#23) and Rookie of the Year, was quick to get in on the action and had a big kick. He told me later he has never been so cold! It was great to see his team mates getting behind him and showing him the ropes of this wonderful (yet sometimes confusing) game called Aussie Rules Football.

(#21) Tiger worked with one of the leaders of the football team, (#1) Jack M and together they marked and tackled hard. Logan again shone through and was good on the ball. #4 Harvey W took a great mark and (#12) Cooper was a quieter achiever in taking a great mark.

#22 Hamish took the goal towards the end of the quarter and it was cheers all round. 


Quarter 3 – All Roosters took their positions early and were ready to go! The opposition were a little slower in arriving to play after half time and yet their patience did not waiver.

(#4) Harvey W was again quick and out to make a mark. (#10) Maverick, another solid achiever in our matches, got a quick point. (#15) Xavier turned a great mark into a quick turnover and kicked it back to (#10) Maverick. (#2) Fletcher took a great mark just before the end of the quarter.


Quarter 4 – (#23) Liye, our rookie, got going again early and took a great mark. (#11) Harvey, again a strong and quiet achiever, took another great mark. (#14) James was strong against the opposition tactics of putting the boys and girls off their game, took a great mark. (#22) Hamish, who was everywhere in today’s game, was good in stopping the opposition form scoring goal. (#10) Maverick got the ball out of their goal circle with a very big kick.

(#1) Jack scored another goal on the back of a point being scored by an unknown Rooster. (#14) James again strong and clear got a great kick down to the forwards. (#10) The fourth quarter certainly belonged to Maverick (#10) as he just kept persevering and got the ball out again and again.

(#9) Our Captain, Angus, won the Heartland award and appeared to have a great game supporting his team mates.


Roosters of the Week – Tiger and Ben.


Heartland Award - Angus Fowlie


Paul, our coach, reinforced at the end of the game that we are not a club that gives any sledging and we will not react to it. Well done players! You were strong and graceful under pressure. See you at home next week.


Under 9 Reds Vs Caroline Springs

The rain during the night had cleared and it was another great autumn morning for football.  Everyone is into the swing of Sunday mornings now and we had plenty of time to prepare and warm up.  After some reminiscing about last week’s game and talking about building on the good efforts the Rosters were ready to go.  Captain’s today were Eden and Eamon who led the Roosters onto the ground and won the toss.

The Roosters did continue on from the end of last week.  Lachie got involved from the start in ruck and Jensen was brave in the packs getting kicks.  The grass was still wet and it looked a little slippery especially near the centre.  Tom Mulcahy was busy around the ground hitting the ball to our advantage and we spent a lot of time in our forward half.  Bodee controlled CHB and showed great team spirit.  During one forward entry Noah swooped on the ball, spinning brilliantly out of the pack and passing to Zach who found space goal side and slotted our first goal!  Great start Roosters.

The Lakers settled in the second quarter and applied some pressure. Fortunately Zeph was turbo charged on the ball and Arlo played a great quarter sweeping across half back collecting intercept marks.  The whole backline was great with Eamon making a strong tackle and Carl holding onto marks at CHB and Noah and Bill defending well deep, so they didn’t score a goal.  The Roosters did manage to work the ball forward with excellent pressure and bursting runs by Paddy.  Tom Mitchell finished it off with a nice goal. Otis was battling well but got a bump to the beak and came off for an icepack.

The third quarter resumed with Roosters taking control again.  Enrique took several marks as a target at CHF but missed his shots.  Carl marked again and his deep kick was marked by Charlie who kicked a goal.  Charlie followed the ball forward soon after to cleanly score another goal!  Thomas E. was moving on the wing and kicked the ball clear.  Eden stopped any Lakers attack with a great tackle and the rest of the backline positioned really well near the centre and didn’t get sucked too far forward so they prevented any counter attack.  Another highlight was Paddy leading perfectly down the ground into space on the north wing to mark a bullet pass from Charlie’s deadly left foot.

I didn’t need to say much at the break except keep up the good work.  There were great team link ups by hand and foot typified by Eli’s game.  Hugo ran the game out very strongly in the middle to earn some good possessions.  Eden positioned himself behind the pack like a natural and Charlie was dynamic kicking a long goal that Noah carefully shepherded through as it rolled across the line.  Oliver put together another good game and this time Zach slipped forward from the wing into space to boot his second goal of the match.

Another great team effort today.  We are halfway through the season already!  The players are continuing to develop their game sense, skills and confidence as you can see by their own positioning and teamwork around the ground.  Slice Girls Rooster of the week was Otis for a tough match.  Next week we face the return match against the speedy Point Cook opponents and it will be interesting to see how we go this time.  I am looking forward to the game already.




Under 10 Whites Vs Caroline Springs

Back at home this week up against a Caroline Springs outfit that looked undermanned at first but proved to be an even match for our reduced numbered team.

Our main focus for the day was staying with our opponent, holding our position and increasing our use of voice. The kids have been training for these fundamentals all month and it was great to see them on display on the field.

The undermanned Carro Springs outfit showed a little more endeavour in the initial quarter and it took a couple of early goals to kick our team into gear. But when they did it was a pleasure to watch, Cassius became a tacking machine, Allan and Eli Andrews started to throw their collective weight around, and we started to get back on top with late goals prior to the quarter time break.

 The second quarter was tougher against the wind but our midfield held their own with Arty, Charlie in the ruck and Justin driving the ball forward and Jackson Rose fighting hard with Charlie to hold the ball in. Jackson was rewarded with a strong goal and Arty also snagged a couple of goals. Mrinal was proving a valuable asset at centre half forward and took many lead out marks.

The boys saved their best footy for the third quarter, Hugo N showed some class kicking a great goal on the run and Arlo controlled the midfield with nothing being let through. Our full backline led by Nathaniel and Hugo White ensured nothing passed the fifty meter arc and we only conceded one goal for the quarter, a great effort.

Carro Springs had a strong wind at their backs for the last quarter and flooded their forward line with players which proved difficult to stem the flow of goals. Jackson Z fought and tackled hard and Olly also battled hard on half back to keep the scoring to a minimum.

The pleasing part is that the team are playing consistent footy and doing everything that their coach asks of them. It’s great to see the ongoing development of all our players with special mentions this week to Mrinal who is proving to be a gun half forward, Jackson Z who played a solid game and Jackson Rose who was the captain and rooster of the week this week.

Thanks again for all the support and look forward to St Bernard’s next week. Special thanks to my little brother Dan who got stitched up thinking he had the goal umpire job only to discover he’d been nominated for the central umpire gig!


Under 12 Girls Vs Point Cook Centrals

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Under 12 As Vs St Bernards

If you would like to read a game report for your team please help your coach by offering to write one

Under 12 Bs Vs Werribee Centrals

Windy and chilly is the only way to describe the conditions confronting our chargers as we headed out to face the only opposition we had yet to come up against – Werribee Centrals.


Ash encouraged our players ahead of the first bounce and made it very clear that the team who was “tougher for longer” would likely get the points – I’m not too sure if he did, but I would have included the weather in that equation.


The ball was bounced and immediately a pack descended and so it would remain for most of the quarter – tight in the clinches – with open running play hard to get.


We were kicking with the wind and with it at our backs the ball spent the first half of the quarter in our forward line.


Mitchell was had some important touches rebounding the ball into our fifty and Clara was at the bottom of most packs, with Miles not far away.


Diego contributed well, trying to get the ball on a string to go for a run.  Eli was blocked off the ball which prevented him from having a red hot go at the goals.


And with a sensational piece of team play we were able to transition the ball from centre wing on the far side of the ground, across the middle, and deep into our fifty as Mitchell, Miles and Louis linked up with expert marking and kicking.


And with ball still spending almost every moment in our half of the ground we were finally rewarded for our effort with Eli banging one through the big sticks.


Aiden was hard at it, trying to win numerous contested balls, Oscar H with a new lease on football life found himself under a big pack and was able to get it out to advantage.


Lenny put his hand up to have a go and Jordan was more than solid across half back.  Both Riley and Oliver took important marks at half back and on the wing respectively – the later a really ripping grab.


Despite the Roosters efforts, Werribee we able to get a goal into the wind and the remainder of the quarter saw tackling pressure from our team like we had not seen before


And as Billy was on track with the ball the siren sounded to end the first term.


Quarter time score: Roosters 1.0-6 // Werribee Centrals 1.1-7



Our campaign in the second quarter started with several strong tackles by Stephen, a recurring theme for the day.  And kicking with the wind the opposition managed to score a goal early on.


Eli was making his mark on the game, Riley was trying hard in the ruck, Miles marked for us at half back and Oscar H again was found at the bottom of the pack.


Griff continued to have a big influence on the game keeping the ball away from his opponents and running the ball forward.  Finn laid a trademark tackle, and Alex stepped up to the plate with an important block which let his teammates get the ball and send it into our fifty.


Kai and Wes combined to stop another Werribee forward thrust, Griff took a great mark and Stephen made another tackle.  Braydon gathered the ball in the centre and went for a canter, which was followed by great teamwork with a handball link up across the wing.


Werribee made the most of their opportunities and goaled – their second for the quarter, and at the next centre bounce Louis was able to get the ball out quickly to our advantage.  Eli rode a bump and Clara again featured with a strong mark in the centre of the ground.


Half time score: Roosters 1.0-6 // Werribee Centrals 3.3-21


The third quarter started with drama – rumours circulated that a Werribee player had ‘metal’ studs which may have explained a few marks on some of our players.  The umpires dutifully called the opposition squad together and checked every boot and in the end gave Werribee the all clear.


Werribee was first into their fifty – kicking against the wind, but Mitchell was on hand to drive the ball back our way and not long after Jordan brought his opponent to the ground with a big tackle.


Griff went for a stroll from half forward down to the back line and immediately got his hands on the ball and Luca took a masterful mark on the last line of defence.


The ball flipped between the fifty arcs of each team and our players were fighting hard in the packs and bombing it long when they got the chance.  Our tackling pressure never dissipated with Stephen, Finn, and Clara again taking the lead.


The ball became stuck in our back pocket with attempt after attempt by our Roosters to get it forward.  Aiden was valiant in keeping Werribee at bay the back pocket.


Finally, with the ball close to our goal, Kai was able to get it to Griff who from twenty meters out popped it home. 


Alex scrambled again for the ball and almost got it through the big sticks.


By quarter’s end we had kept Werribee scoreless and got one back ourselves. 


Three quarter time score: Roosters 2.0-12 // Werribee Centrals 3.3-21


Efe started the final stanza well combining a teammate to keep ball in goal kicking distance.


Several Roosters found themselves at the bottom of the pack, including Riley who takes no prisoners when the ball is up for grabs.


And with the wind, our opposition, was able to score a number of goals during the term.


Boris was in the thick of it as the ball moved through the centre, with Griff, Riley, and Stephen all trying their very best to win the ball and get it to advantage.  Clara smothered the ball with the sound of the slap reverberating around the ground, and Iggy did his best to harass and worry Werribee.


Alex took a great intercept mark, but soon Werribee was able to goal even after a bone crunching Griff tackle.


With the ball spending more and more time within goal kicking range for our opponents Stephen continued his mighty efforts to stop them – sending his tackle count into double digits.


The Roosters managed to run it down the wing to our advantage, with Diego having some important late touches to keep us in the hunt.


Jordan was able to kick a tremendous goal late in the quarter, and as Wes continued to try hard for his team the siren sounded to bring the game to a close.


A strong effort by the Roosters in trying conditions and against a very good opposition.


Final time score: Roosters 3.0-18 // Werribee Centrals 6.3-39

Under 14 As Vs Williamstown Juniors

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Under 14 Bs Vs Hoppers Crossing

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Under 15 Girls Vs 

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ROUND 7 PHOTOS - Keep scrolling down there are lots to see!

Round 6, 2019

Round 6 Match Reports

Hi Folks below are all our Match Reports for Round 6. Scroll Down to find your team's report. Our coaches do their best to get prepared for training and games so fitting in writing a game report among just living their lives is not always easy. If you like reading these reports perhaps you could put your hand up to help your coach write them.

Thanks to our coaches and a couple of extra helpers for writing/producing these again this week.


Under 9 Blues Vs Deer Park

Putting on a Show.

Rumors had it that the U9 Blue were playing some exciting footy.  Or so said a bragging Blue’s Parent to nearby ears. Chris Briffa was proudly describing his daughters Team to a friend.  “You should come see these kids; they are putting in some great efforts”.  This friend was Ellyse Gamble – Western Bulldogs AFLW Player (No 14).

We were fortunate enough that Ellyse took up the offer and even came down in time for our warm –up and pre-game chat.

Our players were impressed to have someone other than their Parents to try and impress today.  This Coach was stoked to hear that the AFLW players get asked similar things to our Team - to play for each other (trust), move the ball smartly (out in front) and to hold their positions (no loose players).  But most of all – to make sure we keep it Fun.

Role Call : We had a full list, including Zavier Long, except for Nico and Liye.  21 meant 3 on the bench.

Captains : Nominated by last weeks’ Captains was James Langhorne for sharing the ball around and providing us good run.

And ‘Tiger’ Patton – for his efforts in and around the packs during games and working hard on his skills at training.


1st Quarter;

Kicking to the Dogpark End, Ryder got a contested possession on the wing, out to angus who got a clearing kick away.  Harvey W took a mark in defense.  As our players started to find their rhythm, it was Jack – Zoe – Logan then Braydon that got our first link of possessions through the middle.

As the play bounced between the arcs, Natalie won the ball against the flow in defense.  Braydon took a mark on the wing.  Arthur had a run, a bounce and a kick. Harvey H, Harrison and Harvey W linked up a got the ball into our attacking 50.  Hamish pounced onto the ball, on to Logan who ran his measure and had a snap at Goal – touched on the line.

The kick in didn’t get out of our attacking 50.  Jack got the ball – run, bounce, run a kicked to the Goal Square.  The was half a dozen players around the ball.  Harrison had a low shot smothered.  It rebounded back to him, this time he turned and snapped a high shot over the outstretched hands (and over his watching brothers’ head) for his first Roosters GOAL!

From a (very) quick re-start we gave up a goal to Deer Park right before the quarter time siren.


We had started well, it was hard work though.  Having more players behind the ball for if it comes back at us and better 1st options to give it to when we have it will help.


2nd Quarter;

Braydon won the tap from the Ruck, James got onto it and got a kick to Harvey W (mark), his ball went to Braydon, on to Ben and he got a kick into our A50.  James had a shot on the run – touched for a point.  We locked the ball in our attacking area again and James passed to the top of the Square, where Fletcher took a lowdown mark.  He settled – set shot – GOAL!

Angus, James and Zavier did well defensively on the wing.  Natalie wasn’t letting the ball past her at Half back. Zavier laid a good tackle, Jacob was helping to get the ball out of packs.  Jack, Angus and Natalie linked up to get the ball forward, where James and Tiger locked it into our A50.

Maverick had a stong chase and tackle which won him a free kick.

The ball finished the half in our forward 50.


As the magnets were moved for the second half, I again asked the players to look around them to be aware of where we are and where the opposition are, especially in defense.

If you have time, run and carry if there isn't someone to kick to.

Ellyse was pretty happy with how things were going.


3rd Quarter;

Straight into it, Maverick and Hamish worked the ball out of the middle.  Cooper got involved and passed to James (mark), he passed out in front of a leading Harvey W who took a low down, sliding mark.  He settled and kicked truly for a GOAL! from a decent distance out.

After the re-start, Mav crashed the pack and exited with the ball (how does he do that?).  Arthur knocked the ball out to Harrison who was on the move.  Logan held position well in the centre to stop a Deer Park attack.  From there James – Cooper and Harvey H used their speed to get the ball forward again.  Maverick run the ball into our F50, Angus found the ball and enough space to snap a high shot... that was marked on the Goal-line by Deer Park (Coaching note : how to sheppard the ball through).

Zoe and Logan won the ball back in the middle.  Tiger had a contested possession and got the ball forward.  James used his fast legs for some run-and-carry-and-dodge-and-bounce and find space to shoot into an open GOAL! - his 1st Roosters Goal.

Natalie continued to not let the ball past her.  Logan – Hamish – Leo – Maverick worked the ball along the Clubhouse wing from defence to attack.  Leo had tapped the ball from a ball-up to James running past in our A50.  James – Hamish – James – Logan then Natalie locked the ball in our A50 to finish that term.

Well played again Roosters – keep it up for one last quarter...


4th Quarter;

Deer Park definitely lifted their efforts at the start of this quarter and it became a real battle.  Braydon laid a strong and fair tackle.  Natalie – Coopper – James linked up well in front of the Clubhouse wing (Was that clapping from the spectators I heard?) 

As Jack (mark) - Tiger(mark) and Harvey H (mark) linked up nicely in our forward half, Arthur – Logan and Harrison held position a kick or 2 back and ‘Built a Wall’ preventing any Deer Park forward thrusts.  Zoe positioned herself just in front of them, Fletcher was another kick behind – Great Positioning and Deer Park struggled to get past them.

Zavier had a run and bounce, hmm and bounce again, down the wing. On to Jack, into our F50.  Harvey H marked and kicked long. 

As the contest rebounded between the arcs the crowd clearly appreciated the players efforts from both Teams – as there was in fact some more genuine clapping.

The game ended with Deer Park finally getting into their attacking 50 and having a shot on goal.  Logan chased back hard and stopped the ball going through for any score.  He then got a clearing kick away as 4 Deer Park players surrounded him.

Siren Sounds – Well done today Players!


The Deer Park Coach made mention of our Player positioning and ball movement, which is really refreshing for this Coach to hear, as that is the main messages that we have been working on through these first few weeks.

Special Mentions;

Braydon, Tiger, Angus and Leo may have played their best games.

Harrison, Hamish, Cooper, James and Harvey Howe provided plenty of speed.

Jack, Arthur, Fletcher and Harvey Warhurst for providing our direction.

Zoe and Maverick kept winning the ball back for us.

Ryder, Jacob, Ben are finding the ball more often

Zavier did well in his first game back after a 4 game break.

Roosters of the Week;

Natalie – another strong game, rebounding the ball back to our forward direction.

Logan – a goal in every game up till this one (sorry I shouldn’t have said that out loud last week), but made an effort just as important in stopping an opposition score late in the game today.

Goal Scorers;

Harrison (1st Roosters Goal), Fletcher(1st Goal this season), Harvey W(3rd Goal this season), James (1st Roosters Goal)


I was really impressed with our ball movement and better awareness of our positions and opposition positions on the field.  A thought shared by our new fan Ellyse.


See you at training,



Under 9 Reds Vs Yarraville Seddon

Another great autumn morning this Sunday saw the Roosters head over to Yarraville gardens to test our skills against the Eagles.  After suiting up in change rooms we safely negotiated across the road to the oval thanks to some careful supervision by Kate. It is a pretty oval – views of the port and city with a garden backdrop so we didn’t bother going back to the sheds again.  With a few away we had only one on the bench – well the garden rock wall anyway.  Captains today were the two T’s Tom Watt and Tom Mulcahy who were enthusiastic about their appointment.

The first quarter started off in a tight tussle with the ball moving up and down the ground.  The Eagles had some good players and took plenty of uncontested marks.  The Roosters started to warm up towards the end with a good mark by Eden.  It was a good contest but we had to tighten up in defence and not stand back watching the ball.

The increased effort by the Roosters continued in the second quarter.  Jensen was really getting into the packs and kicking well.  Lachie discovered his strength to win a tough contested ball and ran clear to kick around the wing.  Noah was motoring dangerously around the forward line on any loose ball and booted the Roosters first goal!  The next forward entry saw Oliver kick well to Arlo who turned on a dime and slotted another Rooster goal.  Hugo took a good overhead mark and linked up with Tom Mulcahy who is always alert and making space.

The third quarter continued as a tough battle all over the ground.  Zeph and Eli ran hard through the middle and linked up with good kicks and marks.  Charlie pushed back to clunk a strong overhead mark and Oliver took another critical mark at full back.  Eamon and Bodee were also pushing themselves hard in every midfield contest.

Final requests for one last effort and the Roosters seemed fired up.  Straight from the ball up Carl knocked the ball forward and Oliver burst out of the middle kicking it forward. Charlie glided through the forward opposition and slotted a goal.  Carl continued his good start with a strong mark.  There was loads of excellent forward pressure from Eamon and Otis to trap the ball in attack.  Bodee always a key force around the ground kicked long from CHF and Charlie marked overhead in the square to kick another goal.  The kick restart had our defence busy and strong tackles by Tom W. Zach and Thomas E. turned back the eagles attacks.  Enrique played a great last quarter in the back with attack on the ball and positioning to mark.  Hugo also took another saving mark on the goal line.  Noah worked hard getting back from the middle to help and kicked us long into attack.  Charlie continued his party in the forward half grabbing another loose ball and kicking his third for the quarter! The final siren (faint noise) sounded and the Roosters were crowing as they come together at the end of the game.

It was the best team effort I think I have seen coaching the U9’s.  Good positioning, run, endeavour and skill.  Well done Roosters!  The Heartland award was collected by Oliver for a great four quarter game. Slice Girls Roosters of the week were Lachie and Arlo who are improving each game.




Under 10 Whites  - Bye This Week

Under 12 Girls Vs Williamstown Juniors

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Under 12 As Vs Werribee Centrals

The message for the day, in fact for the remainder of the season was “We grow stronger by doing difficult things!” Of course this was aimed at all the 1%er’s as they like to call them, eg repeat efforts, tackles, run downs, shepherds, etc. And it’s pleasing to report the lads went out and built upon their earlier work in previous rounds. What was also very pleasing was to witness these young men adapting to a few difficult things that were let’s say unexpected. Most notably, well let’s be frank, some unsportsmanlike behaviour off the ball by a few of our opponents.


However to their enormous credit, our lads never lost their way or their drive, sticking at the task at hand. I have coached most of these lads for four years now and it’s a pleasure to see them develop and extend their individual and collective resilience. The most pleasing aspect was this was a team effort with every single standing up and being counted when it was their time to go Excellent stuff lads. Unfortunately Archie sustained a broken wrist but he will join us again in the not too distant future.


The coming weeks will bring more opportunities to further grow our belief in each other and extend our resilience. To me this is what football can really develop in all of us and I look forward to witness this grow further. We grow stronger by doing difficult things.


This week we push on to play another good team in St Bernard’s. And I think this is going to be a cracking game with team two skilful teams going head to head. I think Simon will again be available to donate his sublime DOP skills. If so, I look forward to sharing a highlight reel in the coming week.


Thanks to all the parents who have been assisting on match days. We truly appreciate all your efforts and time. 😁


See you there at St Bernard’s.

Des, Richie & Kane


Under 12 Bs Vs Caroline Springs

Brilliant sunshine greeted us for a later than usual start for our Under 12Bs.  Clara took on the captaincy for the game, and soon after the bounce we knew that Caroline Springs may have the leap on us. 


Both teams moved the ball quickly with Aiden strong in defence. Our mostly bigger bodied opponents pressed hard towards goal – they were to kick two in the quarter.


Griff continued to star for the Roosters by kicking a goal and making a big tackle.  Hamish yet again proved is relative youth isn’t a barrier to skilful Under 12s footy.


Ever reliable Stephen was ably assisted by Clara at back half and Finn continued to show us what he is made of with one of signature ‘there’s no way you’re getting past me’ tackles.


By quarter’s end Caroline Springs had the lead with our Roosters taking the fight right up to them.


Quarter time score: Roosters 1.0-6 // Caroline Springs 2.1-13


There’s no doubt our Riley has presence on the field and in the middle is as able a ruckman as you’ll see.  Louis marked with his sticky hands and Eli was hard nosed with his head over the ball.


Numerous Roosters were able to apply tackling pressure and go for a run on the outside of the pack.  Boris kept in the hunt at half forward and Wes was able to hold up the opposition upon their attempt to transition out of the our forward fifty.


And although the sun shone there was a curious ill wind from the north, perhaps all the way from Queensland, which began to blow harder and have an impact just like the northern effect on the election the night before.


Caroline Springs with a host of very capable players had a ping on goal resulting in a behind and not long after scored a major – and maybe just maybe our Roosters’ heads dropped a little as they realised evermore what confronted them.


Hamish copped blow and Jordan intervened to gather the next ground ball using strength under pressure.


Griff again joined in the play and Iggy lent a hand to keep the ball in our forward half.


And as we all know timing is everything and as the siren rang out it was perfectly programmed to prevent the opposition heading forward again.


Half time score: Roosters 1.0-6 // Caroline Springs 4.2-26


With Ash’s clear words of wisdom at the forefront of our players’ minds – ‘don’t drop your head – the contest will swing back our way – fight harder and harder – long kicks and really good effort’ – the second half began, and by the end of the third term we had a host of contributors all over the ground.


Louis gathered in our forward half, thirty seconds in to the quarter, and had a shot on goal which didn’t miss by too much. 


And with the ball toing and froing in the centre corridor the contest had gone up a level.  Despite Efe’s hard fought attempts to win the ball, Caroline Springs managed to run it forward for another goal.


Not long after Diego showed his flare by dulcetly collecting the ball on the wing which was followed a ripping mark by Luca.


Oliver and Alex kept their efforts up with every Rooster looking to contribute to the team’s attempt to wrestle back control of the play.


Miles makes any opponent earn every touch and was in fine form with an expert tap out of a big pack of players right to a teammate’s advantage.


And as we kept pressing forward Kai almost took a nice grab, positioning his body well, in the forward pocket.  Riley laid a big tackle, part of a brilliant team effort to hold the opposition up on centre wing.


Mitchell showed real courage marching back into the danger zone as he tracked the ball back with the flight, almost marking.  Not long after his continued efforts were rewarded with a goal which palpably saw the Roosters’ spirits rise.


Diego was having a big influence on the game with repeat efforts to get the ball and by the end of the quarter our Roosters has kept level with the opposition – one goal apiece.


Three Quarter time score: Roosters 2.1-13 // Caroline Springs 5.3-33


Our team took up where they had left off and again showed that final quarters may be our forte. Eli kept the pressure on and we fought and fought to keep them from scoring despite the pill remaining in their forward pocket minute after minute.


Billy and Brayden both contributed, doing their best to advance our cause and Iggy was important to stop a Caroline Springs attempt to goal.


Wes showed us all how to play this game with a blind turn you had to see to believe and he combined well with Miles in the forward line.  Oscar H – in a stand out game – would not give in or give up.


Team tackling by Stephen, Finn, and Diego was matched by a good effort by Lenny


Diego again intervened with some magnificent play – undoubled the Rooster play of the day.


Finn had a shot at goal on to just miss, and Griff was always at the heart of our efforts to get the ball in a position to kick a goal.


Oscar H again made the difference, putting his body on the line, which enabled Riley to do what he does so very well – hit the scoreboard with a big goal.


And as the final quarter came to a close the effort of our Roosters was important to recognise.  After being out positioned and out gunned for much of the game we had kept Caroline Springs goalless for the entire term.


Final score: Roosters 3.2-20 // Caroline Springs 5.4-34


Under 14 As Vs St Albans

It seemed like an eternity since the u14A’s had last played when they lined up at shorten reserve. The change in fixture has presented some interesting challenges to the group and I was concerned the bye we had come at a bad time as our guys were just starting to gain momentum.


Our opposition was a bit of a “known/unknown” quantity. Promoted from Division 4, they handed all side’s before them some heavy beatings, including our undermanned B side in round 2. A few of our older players had crossed paths with some of their bigger players at interleague training. Alas, thanks to the powers that be @ league HQ, they sat ahead of us on the ladder as did Williamstown who were also promoted. Before the first bounce we were sitting 5th having lost 1 game by 13 points…… go figure!


Again, they proved to be a physically bigger side than us, though we should be getting use to this by now. Having lost the toss again (I will have to give our captains some lessons in 2-up), we were kicking into a 2 goal breeze. The contest was on from the first bounce, our opponents were keen to use the wind to gain territory but our backline held firm, with Sam “Torch” Hall marshalling our troops behind the ball and our lads attacking the ball with good momentum – Hamish “Hammer” and Micky “Sheep” were particularly resolute against bigger opposition. They eventually scored the first goal, we quickly replied with the second and they in turn quickly replied with the third for the game. However, toward the end of the quarter our boys got some drive through the middle. Henry “Kramer” was relentless all day in and under packs and feeding our outside runners. West was finding space and using the ball well and our forwards looked dangerous particularly when the ball hit the ground. Soc “Shoe” kicked a couple and we were away, up by 2 goals at qtr time.


The second quarter with the breeze started like the end of the first quarter where we began to dominate possession. Diesel was warming into the game and his speed was causing a few headache’s around the midfield and our forwards were once again putting tremendous pressure on their backs. Leroy “Delicious Nugget” got on the board with a set shot whilst Jack “Spud” chimed in with a couple and we began to build a healthy lead. However, to their credit the St Albans lads kicked into gear, with No 25 thrown on the ball and bulldozing his way forward and snagging a couple – he went on to kick 5 for the day, the teams entire bag of goals! Our backs again held up well against sustained pressure, Cooper and Frankie held back a couple of dangerous aerial balls and at half time we were 4 goals up.


Our opposition came out of the blocks better in the 3rd quarter and scored the first 2 goals to be down by only 2 goals. Daniel “Terry” was assigned the task of quietening no 25 and began to quell his influence and eventually we regained the momentum thanks to some great ball movement out of defence. Into the breeze we kicked 2 goals and maintained our lead at 3 quarter time. Our opposition still had a sniff going into the last but the barn door was shut early as we overran our opponents with good spread away from the contest. Juma got in on the scoreboard action as did Shoe. Symbolic of the growing confidence was a run-down tackle by the delicious nugget of their ruck probably twice his size which earned him the Slice girls “golden fist” award. Not to be outdone, Diesel repeated the feat not longer thereafter.


A great game and most pleasingly our guys appear to be enjoying playing in this team. Looking forward to our next game against Williamstown.

 Under 14 Bs Vs Point Cook Centrals

If you would like to read a game report for your team please help your coach by offering to write one

Under 15 Girls Vs Flemington Juniors

If you would like to read a game report for your team please help your coach by offering to write one


ROUND 6 PHOTOS - Keep scrolling down there are lots to see!


Round 5, 2019

Round 5 Match Reports

Hi Folks below are all our Match Reports for Round 5. Scroll Down to find your team's report. There are still a few missing this week but lets give our coaches a break. Life does get in the way some times, so some weeks these just might not happen. Feel free to put your hand up to help write a report for your coach.

Thanks to our coaches and a couple of extra helpers for writing/producing these.


Under 9 Blues Vs Spotswood

Happy Mother’s Day Mum.

The briefest of breakfasts in bed for Siobhan was cut short as we needed to head south of the Westgate for this weeks’ game.  Once again, the dew kickers timeslot betrayed its name – the morning was warm and dry.

Role Call : with Nico following medical instructions and helping from the sidelines for a couple of weeks, we had 2 on the bench.

Captains : Harrison – for his efforts at training and in games, his sportsmanship and good       handballs

     Logan – has kicked at least 1 goal in each of the 4 previous games, by being in good positions and reading the play.

Pre-Game we discussed having some players behind the ball around the ground, in case the next play goes the oppositions way.


1st Quarter;

Angus started us off strongly in the centre, helping to get the ball forward into our A50.  Jack took a mark and kicked long to the goal-square and Logan had our 1st shot at goal.  Ben took a strong mark and Cooper made a desperate dive and handball out of pressure. Jacob chased and gathered the ball on our defensive 50. Angus got a contested kick away on the wing to Jack. His pass was marked by Braydon who made a good lead.  Jack followed up and marked Braydon’s pass, played on and GOAL!

Fletch, Cooper and James combined well out of defence.  Natalie and Maverick were tackling hard and adding to our pressure around the ball.

The Blue’s stated well, with good possessions and field position through the opening quarter.


2nd Quarter;

Leo had a good ruck tap to start us off. The ball went straight into our A50 and Maverick had a shot – just wide.  From the kick-in Leo and Braydon helped lock it in and Mav then won a free kick for a high tackle.  Too far out to score, Mav sent the ball in high to the goal-square.  Jack rose highest from about 3 deep and took a strong pack mark.  He settled for his set-shot.  Straight through the hey-diddle-diddle for another GOAL!

Play wasn’t often in our defensive end, but when it was Fletcher, Arthur and Logan dealt with it well and set us forward again.  Hamish was providing run through midfield.  Zoe won possession on the wing, had a run and sent a beautiful kick forward.  Natalie was playing a contested ball game and winning the ball in the middle.  Mav was dishing out his’ don’t argue’, Harvey H took a pack mark and Leo got another kick away.  The ball finished the term in our forward 50 again.

We really were playing well, the players had listened and kept a couple of players behind the ball around the ground, which meant we were rarely caught out when we lost possession.


Oranges were devoured, magnets were moved and I asked for more of the same effort.


3rd Quarter;

Angus took a strong mark at Half-back, the n played a 1-2 with Arthur who kicked long to clear the area.

Hamish – Fletch – Arthur combined well, with Hamish having a run and bounce through the middle.  Natalie was courageous again in a pack and won a free kick.    Arthur kicked out of defense, Fletch took a good mark and played on to Zoe – handball to Logan, kick to Braydon and kick into our A50 to Harvey H.  Tiger helped out with a strong tackle to lock it in.

Hamish and Natalie won the ball – kick to Braydon – kick to Jack.  Mav won a ground ball, took a quick kick and GOAL!

We were able to get the re-start back to our attacking end. Jacob dove onto the ball to lock it in and stopped a Spotswood forward thrust.  Logan kicked the ball deep to our goal-square.  Jack was on hand to gather and snap a LEFT FOOT GOAL!

Ben was providing tackling pressure, Tiger won a free kick for his tackle.

Fletcher – Jack – Cooper linked up through the middle.  Arthur took a forward 50 mark. His pass to Logan was marked.  Kick to the top of the square and Jack ran on to it for a Dribble GOAL!


4th Quarter;

Ben cleared room for Logan in the centre.  Leo took a good mark and kicked into our A50.  Harvey W burst onto the ball and got out a handball. Tiger got a contested kick away out of a pack.  Natalie found some space and had a run and bounce.  Hamish won a few possessions around the packs.  Ryder was doing his best to get amongst it.  Mav got the ball to Logan who had a shot on the run – point. (hmm – had I put the moccas on Logan with my ‘got a goal in each game so far’ comment?)

Arthur marked the kick-in.  He settled for his set shot, and kicked truly for his 1st Roosters GOAL!

James read the play well with a run and kick to Harrison on the wing.  Cooper provided more run through the middle.  Jacob got a handball on to Harrison again, his ball went to Hamish, his kick went to our forward line.  Mav got onto it and passed to Logan who marked, set shot – GOAL! (Coaches comment can stand for another week...)

Harvey H, Cooper and James worked hard in defense.

Logan – Braydon – Arthur combined for a great running handball play from the defensive 50 to the forward 50.

The ball finished the game again at our attacking end.

7 Goals scored is a great return, but none conceded really shows our efforts.

The Team has really impressed me with their Teamwork, ball movement and today a little bit of tactics (albeit another form of ‘spread out’).


Special mentions;

Goal Scorers – Jack (4), Maverick (1), Arthur (1), Logan (1)

Natalie, Jacob and Braydon had their best games yet.

Heartland Award – Cooper Kenny

Rooster of the Week – Jack Mosca


Thankyou Players, Parents, all our volunteers, paparazzi and scribes.

See you at training,




Under 9 Reds Vs Flemington

Back to our regular time slot of 8.40 am the team came together in the early morning like a well-oiled machine now after a few games in a row.  Today we hosted Flemington Colts, and Charlie surprised with one eye on fashion and a dislike of their yellow and blue colour combination.  All the team were present except for a late illness to Eamon which required some quick edits to the rotations.  Captains today were Otis and Zach who led us onto the park on a near perfect autumn morning for football.

It was a perfect start to the game for the Roosters with the fastest goal in club history (juniors or seniors) from the opening bounce. The ball whizzed from Charlie – Enrique- Noah and finally Carl at full forward who kicked it through the middle.  Fantastic team play!  When Flemington tried to attack Bodee or Oliver were there to hold a strong mark at CHB.  The Roosters whipped the ball around packs with excellent handballs by Eden and when the ball went forward Noah pounced to kick our second goal and the Roosters were crowing having controlled most of the quarter.

Second quarter saw some adjustments by Flemington. They had a couple of athletic and skilful players that gave us plenty to chase around the ground.  Fortunately our defence were up to the challenge.  Arlo took two great marks.  Lachie cleared things out with a long kick on the run.  Hugo had a strong quarter at CHB with some big tackles. Zeph and Paddy were dynamite around the clubhouse wing.  No-one scored in the quarter which was a win for us and the players had earnt some oranges after a great first half effort.

Oranges! Where are the oranges! Oranges arrived and adults stepped back while the pack fed. Who new arranges were so good.

The third quarter was another tight contest.  Eli showed great skills and game sense.  Thomas Mitchell and Bill held up the back line with him.  Otis, Jensen and Tom Watt also stopped many attacks with hard work in the packs, but Flemington did get back in the game.

I asked the players to stay focussed and give 12 more minutes of effort.  The Roosters responded well.  Tom Mulcahy carried the ball well across the rolling hills of the north wing.  We lost Oliver and Carl to injuries (all good now) so Zeph stepped onto the ground at exactly the right time to mark and goal!  Things felt tense and if we were scoring it would have been close.  The final minute saw the ball locked in our back line with almost every player around it. Zach and Thomas E. were in the thick of the action.  Several times it was kicked straight up in the air in the goal square.  Finally Flemington kicked a goal and then the siren sounded.  The

It was another game played in good spirits. The Roosters showed plenty of skill and teamwork and sang the Rooster-Rooster-Rooster chant afterwards in the rooms with plenty of passion.  This week the Slice Girls Roosters of the week were Paddy and Jensen.  Thanks to all the parents for helping especially the Mum’s for getting up early on their special day, and also particularly the Denby gang who took on 3 jobs this week (see the gallery photo).




Under 10 Whites Vs 

The under 10 Roosters played out a mother’s day clash with the St Albans Saints on a cloudy day on the Saints home turf.

It is fair to say that the roosters were a little off early as the St Albans kids got an early jump out of the blocks while our midfield and backline could only watch as many goals were kicked by the saints in the first quarter.

Pleasingly the roosters came out hard in the second term and played much tighter footy staying closer to their opponent and starting to link up with some great in close play. Jack P was in everything on the wing and fought hard to maintain possession. Jack G also provided strong rebound off half back. With many key players missing, we also saw Arlo and Allan step up into key positions and played the key position roles well.

An even larger improvement came after half time as the team started to click. Charlie proved to be a workhorse in the ruck on the large St Albans ground, Eli A and Eli G put on some fantastic forward half pressure and Hudson and Mrinal provided strong targets on the centre half forward line.

As we hoped, the last quarter proved to be the most competitive with the team playing more even and team orientated footy. Jackson Z moved into the forward line to provide a tall option and Jack G and Olly moved into the midfield to provide more drive forward. Rooster matched and probably outplayed the St Albans boys and we can only hope this form will roll into next week against Caroline Springs at home.

Look forward to this next week!


Under 12 Girls Vs Newport Power

Calling out to our U12 girls parents or players to help Simon out with writing a report. I'm sure he would be super happy to get some help.

Under 12 As Vs 

Coming Soon 


Under 12 Bs Vs Tarneit

Thanks to Justin (Clara and Louis's Dad) for the effort in writing our game report once again this week. Very much appreciated by me (Ash) and all our players and parents!

Well what a game – equal measures of drama, determination, quick thinking and football nous – it seems our Roosters have worked out their way and what a way it was – on Mother’s Day not least.


Ash’s pregame instructions were clear: be in the right position, use the ball well and think about what to do with it.  And for those who got the ball and had a paddock ahead of them please he said, “touch the ball on the ground don’t bounce”.


His final piece of advice: if you can’t grab the ball easily tap it out in front – and our team followed suit.


We knew we were missing one of our key ball getters, Oscar F and regular contributors Efe, Wes, Alex, Lenny, and Oscar H but history will show we able to carry on regardless.


The first quarter began with our Riley tapping effortlessly in the ruck which was followed almost immediately with a Jordan ‘don’t argue’ – the more we see of this fella the more we know how he can really play.


Mitchell collected and popped a shot toward goal deep in the pocket – his early touches around the sticks was a sign of things to come.


Diego marked well and the Roosters hit the scoreboard first if only for a behind.


Blind turns were back in style on Mother’s Day with Griff showing his mastery in getting out of trouble.


Clara is starting to make her mark as defender with great mark on half back.  But not long after it was not enough to stop a Tarneit player firing at goal hitting the post.  Our opposition kept pushing forward only to be met with solid defence by Miles and tackle after tackle after tackle by he and his teammates.


Our Roosters were able to string a lovely piece of play together with Louis to Griff to Diego and not long after Aiden announced his presence, which would only get bigger as the quarters went by with a key pass to Mitchell who had a go at the goals again only for it to be touched.


One of our standard bearers for effort and integrity Stephen stepped up to the plate with a second effort which denied Tarneit what looked to be an open forward line and likely goal.


Our opposition though were every bit as keen to gift a win to all their mothers’ and soon goaled – there was no doubt that this was going to be hard fought game.


But just before the quarter time siren we had a visitation – Mitchell coped one high and went down and stayed down sore I am sure.  But Lazarus like rose up to take his free kick and accompanying 15 metre penalty to kick truly for a big goal.


Quarter time score: Roosters 1.3-9 // Tarneit 1.1-7


Louis continued his steady contribution in his return game and was resolute in defence early in the second quarter.


The ball remained held up in Tarneit’s forward fifty for a considerable part of the quarter.  Stephen interrupted their flow with a great mark and Billy stepped up to the plate with impressive tackling pressure on our half forward line. 


Braydon kept at it in and around the pack following on from his first term efforts.  Aiden laid a big tackle and kept at it and at it and Billy was busy again getting it to Oliver for an almost goal.


Iggy burst on to the scene with a brilliant mark in defence and was soon fighting hard for the ball at ground level.


By the end of the quarter both teams had scored another goal; our Roosters with their noses in front.


Half time score: Roosters 2.5-17 // Tarneit 2.1-13


Not long into the third stanza Oliver took on what seemed like most of the opposition deep in our forward pocket scoring a behind for his effort.


Riley kept making the play and marked in front with his long kick just off line.


Finn jumped into the fray with big tackle on the wing – when he gets you its almost impossible to get away.


Aiden again marked in the middle of the ground and kicked to Luca who pumped it into our fifty.


Our younger ring in Hamish – Stephen’s brother no less – had already made a real difference in the first half and continued to influence the game with a bursting run and bounce.


Griff got his broom out and swept up a loose ball and there was no doubt that we had to keep fighting with Tarneit’s number 19 having a dominant game.


Boris wasn’t going to let that stop him and got his hand on it in defence admirably supported by Eli.


Clara was great in the back half, and Aiden and Luca combined again to get the ball forward.


Jordan showed he wanted the ball more than the opposition with a magnificent pick-pocket effort.


But the momentum was building for Tarneit and they knew it: scoring a goal and building in confidence.


West Footscray kept fighting – scrimmaging around the ball not letting the opposition get an easy touch – our team fought and fought saving otherwise sure goals deep in defence.


And with the game tied – what a final quarter we were in for.


Three quarter time score: Roosters 2.7-19 // Tarneit 3.1-19


It started with Lou, Finn and Riley around the ball with the latter spinning out of the pack.


Diego contributed with a timely intercept mark and Kai made a real effort in holding Tarneit at bay – his efforts in the last quarter were important to the outcome.


Iggy battled on the boundary with multiple efforts and Stephen made big play extracting the ball and moving it forward.


Finn earned a free for a fearsome tackle.  Griff and Clara were busy and with great team play – illustrating our emerging hallmark of effort and support for one another around the ball – meant the Roosters were able to score the first major of the quarter.


The teamwork continued this time by hand across the middle and Braydon marked expertly and equally so kicked to Billy.


Jordan made his way through pack after pack the way a motorcyclist moves through traffic and with Diego busy we had a sniff.


Eli was rock-hard in defence and then Aiden stole the show with a great gather and run with 2 bounces, then put it out in front of Mitchell who put on the afterburners, had bounce himself, and banged it through the goals.


A brilliant effort by our Roosters and very well-deserved win.


Final score: Roosters 4.7-31 // Hoppers Crossing 3.4-22


Under 14 As Bye This Week

Under 14 Bs Vs St Bernards

Calling out to our U14B parents or players to help Damo out with writing a report. I'm sure he would be super happy to get some help.


Under 15 Girls Vs

Calling out to our U15 Girls parents or players to help Darren out with writing a report. I'm sure he would be super happy to get some help.


ROUND 5 PHOTOS - Keep scrolling down there are lots to see!