This guide will take you through the process of registering your child with the West Footscray Football Club.


Before you begin the process of registration, please ensure that you have read our junior information pack.


Some of you may be eligible for an Active Maribyrnong Grant to subsidise your child’s registration. To be eligible for this scheme you must hold either


  • A current health care or pension card.
  • Be a female participant registering for the first time at a club.


For more info please click this link:

If you fit into these categories you will receive a 75% discount on your registration.

Those of you that don’t qualify for the Active Grant but would like assistance with the cost of registration, please apply for financial support through our All Aboard Fund (see this application at bottom of the Juniors Page.


If you intend to apply for either of these subsidies please inform us via email at We also ask that you continue with the registration process through to payment, but only select the WRFL League registration, do not select the West Footscray Roosters club registration product.


It is vitally important in terms of us being able to coordinate our juniors that you register as early as possible. The information we receive through your league registration enables us to better plan for the coming season. We require all club registration fees to be paid by April 20. You can complete this registration and return at a later date to pay the club fee. The WRFL Junior registration fee is the most important aspect for us now. If you are able to also pay the club fee now, please do so. If you have not registered your child by paying the WRFL registration fee by March 27, your child will not gain a spot in a team if registration numbers for their age group have reached capacity. To ensure you don’t miss out, please register your child as soon as possible.

To begin registering your child please proceed to this link:

Once you have done this, the site will ask how many children you wish to register. If registering more than one, please select the applicable number from the dropdown menu. This will ensure that you receive the sibling discount when registering all of your children. Also, please ensure that you set the Adult number to 0 (it is set as 1 by default).

Click continue to proceed.


You will now be asked for your email address. Enter this now. If you are yet to register a child before a link will be sent to the address you entered with a confirmation link. Open your email in another tab and click the link to continue.


Previously registered children will be directed to enter their password. Parents who have previously registered their children in Auskick will be on the system but will need to be registered as a new player. Previously registered players at the club will be able to select from the left hand side of the screen. Click the applicable tab to proceed. Those registering more than one child will be redirected to here for each child.


If you are re-registering your child, please ensure that the information is correct. If for the first time after participating in Auskick, enter your child’s details. The system will register your child from Auskick registration and give you the option of selecting them from a red pop up menu at the top of the page. Ensure you tick the player box on the form.

If you have played previously at another club you will not be able to continue with the registration until your child is transferred to our club. Please contact us by email to begin this process.


The next page will ask you for the important information such as contact details, emergency contact details, allergies, and important medical information. All boxes with a red star beside them must be filled out. Once you have completed the form you can select our club registration and, if you wish, contribute to our all aboard fund, by clicking the box beside the product. The WRFL registration of $12.50 is mandatory and already selected. There are also Bulldogs memberships available. Once you have selected the products you want and agreed to the terms and conditions by checking the boxes at the bottom of the page, you will proceed to the payment section.



Once you have filled out your payment you are all done! Welcome to the Roosters for 2019!!!