Good Evening Rooster Parents,

Finally after a long fortnight, we finally get to play some football again on Sunday. We will have quite a few debutantes this weekend which is exciting, and there are still children signing up to play football at West Footscray.  3 more this week in fact. Anyways, enough of the statistics and on with the news.

Club Registration Fees

As has been mentioned in many previous emails, club registration fees are due by round 3. That’s next week people! If you haven’t paid the club registration yet, please do so ASAP. If you having difficulties with the online payment, let us know. If you wish to access our All Aboard Fund, please go to the website, apply to the fund and let us know.  If we do not hear from you by next weekend and you haven’t paid, your child will not play until this has been resolved. So once again, if there is an issue with paying the club registration, you must let us know within the next week.

Maribyrnong Active Recipients

I have received final confirmation from council of the successful applicants for the Maribyrnong Active Fund.  I will email you in the coming days to inform you of your successful applications and how to proceed with rest of the club registration.

Hoodies and Uniforms

This Friday will be the last day that you can place an order for a Roosters hoodie.  Payment is required at the time of ordering either by EFTPOS or cash. Shorts and socks will also be available.

Skins and Undergarments

Many of you have enquires as to the requirements of skins etc and as to whether they  can be worn. I contacted the league today and they have forwarded me this recently amended by-law.

By-law 3.17.13 will be amended to provide as follows:

·         For all junior and senior players, the colour of lower body undergarments that are visible below the team uniform shorts shall be either beige, black or the same colour as the shorts.

·         For junior players only, any upper body undergarment worn with sleeveless jumpers shall be the same colour as the predominant jumper colour.

·         For senior players, upper body undergarments with sleeves of any length may not be worn with sleeveless jumpers.

This Weeks Games

Both Under 9s teams are at home this weekend. Richie’s Reds kick things off at 8:50. Pauls Blues, this week coached by Kiernan Box in the absence of Paul, will start at 10:20. A massive thank you to Kiernan for filling in.  His kids aren’t even playing this year! Given is efforts to get your kids on the paddock  this  week, I’m certain that volunteers for other match day roles should be  knocking Monique over with offers to help out.

The 10s and 11s make the trip to Hoppers Crossing on Sunday.  The 10s are playing at 8:50 and the 11s at 10:20.

The mighty 13s team will be on the road at Williamstown. That game kicks off at 12:05.

Both the 11s and 13 will need their white away shorts this week. Please don’t forget them!

For all the fine details of these games, please click the fixture links on ourJuniors page of the website.

Most of you made sure you arrived at the ground at least 50 minutes before your game last week. Thank you. Those of you who arrive late, some of you just minutes before the game, please understand that this is a massive inconvenience to your child’s team manager and coach. If this continues to be an issue we will seriously need to look at a cut off time before games.  Many people at this club put large amounts of time and effort into the difficult task of running our teams. Please respect there efforts by doing what you can to minimise the workload of these volunteers.  Getting to the ground on time is a good start.

If your child is unavailable to play this week could you please let their team manager know as early as possible.

Friday Night Meals

Unfortunately we will not be able to do food after training this week. The council have been doing some work in the canteen and have unfortunately encountered some problems. Due to this, we are unable to operate the canteen this Friday night. The bar will also not open. Fear not though! We will be back up and running next week.

That’s about it for this week. Please keep taking those photos of our Roosters in action. You can post them on our Facebook page of email them to me. They will be posted in our match reports and in future newsletters in coming weeks.

Good luck for the weekend kids!