Roosters Under 9’s Blue

Sunday 9th April – Away to Point Cook Bulldogs



Our Team of Keen Troopers went hard at it all day, in some cool and sometimes cold and wet conditions.

Fair to say that our forwards were needing to jog on the spot in the first quarter as we were under a lot of defensive pressure.

Kai took the Team’s first mark and then rebounded the ball out – he was on half back and took a few good intercept marks this quarter.

Other good marks were taken by Hugo, Mitchell and Griffin.

Our tackle pressure was good, lead by our Captain-on-the-Day : Jacob, also Mitchell, Oscar, Griffin and Nathaniel laid some good tackles.

Felix and Artisan combined well to save a goal.

Hugo got the ball in combination with teammates.

Max got the ball clear of the pack.


We were much better in the second quarter and we were able to get the ball through the middle and up to our end.

Artisan got more of the ball this quarter, Eli kicked the ball well into space and to the Roosters advantage.

There was some brave returns to the ground after injuries to Alex and Hadi when they went into the pack to get the ball

Our Teamwork and link up improved ; Mrinal, Bastien and ArloS-T joined in with good handballs to Teammates.

Noah, Arlo M, Miles and Sofia were getting in and after the ball.


In the second half, we continued with our strong effort. We put on great tackle pressure and won a fair bit of the football. Everyone chipped in and got touches on the ball and  provided tackles.

All the players ran hard right till the final siren, they never dropped their heads and didn’t stop trying.


We had some very tired players come the end.

We are very happy with all of our Teams efforts, Teamwork and the skills they showed

– Especially as, for most of them, this was their very first game.

Well done everyone – including the Parents who helped out on the day.


Best on Ground (Heartland Award) – Griffin Barker

  • For great tackling, clearing kicks, teamwork and running.


Special mentions to;

  • Jacob Fitzgerald (Captain-on-the-day), Oscar Ferraro, Mitchell Houareau and Artisan Sairat – for all around the ground performance.
  • Team Manager, Moninque Houareau – who got the Parents through their first match and answered so many questions.


Focus for next game;

  • Spread out to space when we have the ball.
  • Find a player when we are defending



Training As normal next Wednesday – 12th April.

No Training Easter Friday – 14th April.

No Game next Weekend – Sunday 16th April.

Back to Training Wednesday – 19th April.


Nathaniel and I will be away From Easter till Anzac Day (25th April), missing a full week (Wednesday and Friday Trainings, and the Sunday Game)

  • Please help Ash, our other helpers, and the 9’s Red Coaches as much as you can on our Training and Game days.
  • In the end, we are all just Parents of Kids who want to play footy – we need your help at times.



It was great to get our 1st game out of the way,


Well done again,



Paul Cowie



WEST FOOTSCRAY ROOSTERS – Under 9 Reds vs. Williamstown Juniors – Round One – 9/4/17.


Before we knew it, it had crept up on us; the first game of the season was but two sleeps away. The fruits of a long and hard pre-season were celebrated in fine style at jumper presentation on Friday night. Old campaigners and wide eyed debutants alike reveled in the atmosphere of the impending season as heroic tales were swapped with enthusiastic optimism.

The season had crept up on the Football Gods too, for it seemed that they had left the showers running in the change rooms, which in turn quickly extinguished our Indian summer with a torrential downpour of somewhat Biblical proportions. (No offence Nth. Queensland!)

They must have been angry with us too, for they had banished our Little Red Roosters to the blustery plains of Williamstown for our season opener, a baptism of fire in anyone’s book. To top it off, they also threw in an opposing Goliath of dubious pubescence. Something about making up the numbers…. it’s in the good book somewhere….. in the back …. who am I kidding, I don’t know…..

Anyway, our anointed Captains for the day were Abby and Aiden.  The instructions were to bang it long; it was not going to be pretty. A toss of the coin, heads was called and heads it was, we were kicking with the wind. The wind which howled straight across the ground; but closer to our goals than theirs! The players were cold, the parents were cold, the umpires and the coaches were all cold but the footy and the contest were hot.

Neither side could gain ascendancy in the first half. We had our chances, but the conditions proved difficult to kick majors. We peppered away but only managed to work one side of the goal umpires body. We did however managed to keep them to only one or two points, which against a side like Williamstown was/is outstanding. Our defensive pressure and attack on the ball and player were relentless. A brilliant effort all round. There is something about teams from the west that do this the best.

The second half was just as fierce. A few positional changes were made to try and freshen things up, but the bigger bodies and the wiser heads of Williamstown started to wear us down. We had five players absent today, which meant we could not afford rotations let alone injuries. Williamstown managed to fashion a couple of goals as did Harry, kicking one for us, but it was not quite enough.

Pipped and definitely pooped at the post, a couple of points were all that separated a spirited contest.

Congratulations to Harry for winning the first Heartland of the year. They may have had Goliath, but Harry was our David.

Special thanks to Chris from the Phelan Footy Factory for donning the whistle and co –umpiring, a tough gig on a tough morning and to those who were able to fill the volunteered positions, we can not do this without you, it is most appreciated. Please check with Kane if you think that you can assist.

Thanks also to everyone who braved the conditions to cheer us on, this makes the world of difference.





Under 10 vs Spotswood







One lesson learnt from the weekend – want to fight off Global warming? – Get the WRFL to

schedule the start of their junior matches and presto – winter returns. Rain, wind and mud – you

forget how much you miss them!

Firstly, welcome back to all those who journeyed with us last year and also a big welcome to the

many new players and their families for 2017. If the first match is anything to go by, this is going

to be one hell of a ride with a talented and energy packed group. I look forward to seeing how

they progress.

In Game One, we tackled the might of Spotswood. Ashton and Manny were our captains for the

day and both provided the drive and leadership as Spotwood challenged for most of the day. It

all seems a blur now, but in a flash the game was on. With Ziggy winning the ruck, Rory

providing his fearless attack on the ball, Flynn with his long, accurate kicking and Marlon with

his run, we were soon dominating out of the middle and had Spotswood on the back foot.

Kicking with the wind, we were able to lock the ball in for a fair chunk of the quarter, scoring two

goals but unlucky on quite a few other occasions. What was also pleasing was to see the

tenaciousness of Moses and Will, who not only were winning their own ball but also sticking

several big tackles on key opponents, denying Spotswood the run and link up from their back

half. It was also pleasing to see our latest recruit, Noah, pitch in for his 1st goal for the Roosters.

Fantastic kicking Noah. Looking forward to more.

However, we didn’t have all our own way and on several occasions during the quarter

Spotswood showed they were a force. Some loose checking on our behalf saw them create a

couple of potential scoring opportunities only to be saved by some excellent defensive work by

Nicholas, Ezekiel and Joharo. Each were outnumbered on quite a few occasions but somehow

made the right choice to save their team a couple of goals. Score Q1 – 2 goals to zip.

Q1 was a pleasing quarter in many ways and a glimpse into the future. However, on reflection it

was also a vital lesson learnt for the coach – forget the past – same game but different team –

new possibilities, new ways to get there – Get with it, coach.

Quarter 2: With Spotswood now kicking with the wind the pressure on our defence and midfield

but we lifted several notches. Thomas, Leo and Hamish mopped up many of their entries,

continually clearing the ball out of our defensive 50. Unfortunately, we were finding hard to

break over the centre line, with our forwards getting sucked into their attacking 50. Got to hold

our structure, lads. Patrick is obviously taking his game to another level this year, with his

second and third efforts a real standout. Benny, likewise, is working hard on developing his all

round game and his non stop running was a feature over the course of the match. Zaw Zaw was

also prominent in defence and was a vital part of holding out Spotwood as they threatened to

run away from us. In the end they scored two goals to our zip and at halftime scores were

locked up.

The wind had died down by the start of the 3rd and any advantage gone. Who organised that?

But regardless we managed to lock the ball into our forward half for extended periods. Reuben,

the machine, was running hot and driving the ball into the danger area regularly. Alex was

dominating around the ground and the ever tenacious Kiir, picked up from where he left off last

year, literally driving us forward. Our defence had started to tighten up and it was good to see

Ashton assert himself through his attack on the ball and his directing of his teammates. Leo

showed his keen understanding of the match dynamics and provide some timely runs to help

out his teammates when things looked dire. We managed to hold them goalless and kicked one

ourselves setting up a tense last term.

The two goal wind was up again and we were kicking into it: Who organised that?: But what a

term our young Roosters turned on. Running over the the top of Spotswood, we kicked two

decisive goals to one. Pleasingly, it was very even team effort across the board in that last

quarter. It was great to see the many displays of teamwork, i.e. shephards, chase downs &

encouragement to each other that came to the fore. Well done lads, the longer the game went

on, the stronger you got. A great way to start our journey together. Score 5 goals to 3.

Thanks to all those parents and family who volunteered to make the matchday possible. It really

is a pleasure to see the smilies on these boys faces after their hard work. A special thanks to

our team manager, Andrea Grant, whose attention to detail is exactly what we need. (Now I

know where Benny gets his game reading skills 🙂 ) Thanks Andrea. Also a big thanks to all the

parents who have been helping out at training. Also Kiernan Box & Damian. Thanks.

So not sure where or when we are on for Rd 2, but no doubt it will be cold and miserable. So I

look forward to seeing you there and our next adventure. Go 10 Roosters.




Under 11 Division 2, Round 1


Finally the day had arrived for my boys. Scoring. Ladders. Finals? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. Having said that I may have tracked down a tattooist who will do premiership ink on 10 and 11 year olds. He works out of his garage and prefers to be called Stingray. Nothing concrete yet though, but please keep an eye out for the confirmation email in the coming months. We will need to beat Manor Lakes before we get those tattoos. Presumably we will need to beat a few others as well. Unfortunately the others failed to turn up, so Manor Lakes would have to do. We had a few Roosters who were unavailable for the opening game. Angus and Sass were doing holiday stuff whilst Kadin was playing for a basketball flag. Clearly a tattoo enthusiast who thought that a full back Rooster wouldn’t be enough.

The weather had been pretty awful over the weekend. The under 10s were forced to play in some seriously wintery conditions in the curtain raiser. Sideways rain is rarely welcome at the football. That is of course unless you are watching it from inside as we were, in which case it is mildly amusing! Pre-game instructions were of the usual lacklustre quality. Kick it long and move it quickly were the buzzwords in the rooms. Ground breaking stuff from a true visionary. We would need two captains for the opener. Stars on the training track all pre-season, Alek and Frank got the gig. Let’s get out there!

Frank and Al had won the toss and chosen to kick to the playground end to capitalise on the strong breeze going that way. Almost instantly the wind disappeared. Typical. Players took their spots.  Jack, Weston and Vinh were in the middle hoping to get on the end of Alek’s ruck work.  Get on the end of it they did. Vinh was rampant early. Winning contest after contest.  Weston could be seen everywhere. Partly due to this ability to find the pill, and partly due to his ability to find his sisters hair dye. Both his skills by foot and hand, and his lustrous pink locks were impressive to all at the ground. Not long in to the game it was his goal kicking on display. Our first major for the year and we were on our way. Manor Lakes couldn’t get the ball beyond our half forward line. Leroy, Cooper and Frank were impassable. Mickey and Yash were tearing up their wings.  The dominance of the Roosters needed rewarding.  Jack did just that. Bang! Another for the Roosters. Nathaniel was enjoying his first game in the red and white at full forward. The ball just kept coming in!  Just before the break Elijah Moon got his hands on it close to goal and let rip. Another one! No surprise though. The only thing at Shorten Reserve that has spent more time at that end over the summer are the goal posts. Brendan and Kiah should have a carpark space reserved for them. Great quarter by the guys with Alek an absolute standout in the ruck.  Quarter time. Roosters 3.1.19 Manor Lakes 0.0.0

A quick chat with the boys at the break and I sent them back out to wait for Manor Lakes and the umpires. And wait they did. Seemingly in no rush to restart the game, Manor Lakes took an eternity to come back out.  Eventually they did and we were underway again. Frank was on the ball this term with Cooper and Weston. Murphy had moved up to the wing and was using his trademark speed to break away from packs and send it forward. Aaron was having a trot in the ruck after being bored senseless in the first at full back. He picked up from where Alek left off. Samuel was released from the backline as well and began to find it at will on his flank.  Sean was popping up everywhere in the forward line. Time and time again the Roosters drove it forward only to see it come back out of our attacking 50. Despite dominating the game again in the second,  we couldn’t land a goal. Perhaps  some oranges would help? Let’s find out.  Rooster 3.3.21 Manor Lakes 0.0.0

Oranges consumed in record time.  The messages from the day refined slightly. Move it on as quickly as possible and smash it forward when in doubt. The third would be all Roosters.  The centre square quartet from the first term were back in the engine room. They were sensational. The ball lived in our half of the ground and barely escaped the forward 50.  When it did Frank, Cooper and Leroy sent it straight back. Xavier could be found at the bottom of every pack. His smothers, tackles and repeat efforts were a major factor in keeping the ball locked in our half. Zach was doing likewise and was stiff not to snag a major when his quick shot at goal narrowly missed to the left. Elijah Moon wasn’t going to miss. The master of the Market street end had his second and our fourth of the day. Jack likes a goal. That’s no secret to anyone involved in this team. If anyone at the ground wasn’t aware of this, they were about to find out. The lazy four goals from our Ruck Rover in the third. All due to the hard work of his team mates who created so many opportunities. His fourth was a highlight. He was forced to pick it up and kick it from the goal line as he had unselfishly shepherded Murphy’s rolling shot at goal which had refused to bounce anywhere but straight up once it got within a metre of goal. Felix almost produced the miracle goal over his head in what was easily his best game for the club.  Vinh had two shots touched on the line.  The siren unfortunately would have to sound and end what is one of the best quarters of football I’d ever seen these kids play. Brilliant! Roosters 8.10.58 Manor Lakes 0.0.0.

When you’re boys are 10 goals up at ¾ time there isn’t much you need to tell them. Just keep doing what you have been doing.  No problem. Midfield reshuffled. Jack moved to defence to give someone else the chance to score a goal. It was pretty much the same story in the last term. It was all Roosters. Weston snagged a beauty early in the last quarter. Cooper was loving his time on the ball. He seemed to constantly have the ball in his hands.  Seemingly sick of having it in his hands he decided to kick it through the goals instead. His first for the year and yet another for the Roosters. The resistance from the Manor Lakes side was starting to weaken and our boys just kept going at 100%. I don’t know why you would dye your hair pink. For fun? Catch the umpires’ eye? Compensate the side for the lack of Hollywood this year? No idea. It was working for Weston though. He would add a third for the morning to his tally with another silky kick off his trusty left boot. Minutes before the final siren, Sean “the invisible man” Lopez once again found himself in space at the right time and had the ball slap into his chest where his arms were waiting to wrap it up. From about 20 metres out he sent the drop punt straight over the goal umpires head to register our 12th major of the morning. Roosters 12.11.83 Manor Lakes 0.0.0

An amazing start to the season for our under 11 side. Some of these guys have been playing together for 4 years now and that is really starting to show in their play. Such an even team effort today where everyone played their part. I was particularly impressed with the spirit in which they played. A few of their opposing players were a little easily agitated, as was there runner whose rather limited vocabulary wasn’t really fit for the ears of junior footballers. Despite this our Roosters continued to play the game fairly and with humility. I will never grow tired of watching that. Well done guys!

Goals : Jack 5, Weston 3, Elijah Moon 2,  Cooper, Sean.

Best : Team Effort.



West Footscray Roosters under 13’s match report



Sunday 9 April, 2017, v Sunshine


Season opener, 2017… In some ways, lots of things were unfamiliar… in other ways, everything was familiar. Unfamiliar were the absence of a few team-mates from last season and the dapper, long-striding, quiet and poetic coach, the artist still known as Kiernan. One suspects we will welcome him, and at least one of his progeny back to the Shorten Reserve dung heap in the coming weeks. He has been spotted at training with Des’ formidable under 10’s.


Vaguely familiar were the sights of Navindu, Ben Murphy and Abdullahi – largely unsighted at pre-season training but ready and raring come game day.


Very familiar was the Antarctic blast we received right on cue to herald (in none-too-subtle terms) the beginning of the winter sporting season. Lightning had caused the abandonment of VAFA matches the day before – would the same fate befall these eager 11 and 12 year olds who endured a restless sleep and a very light breakfast? The clap of thunder at 6am ensured everyone was wide awake (apart from Kiir, but he’s in the under 10’s so doesn’t really need to play a prominent part in this match report)…


Newly minted co-coaches Tim Grant and Jack Fitcher were down to business with very clear instructions and a concise game plan. 3, 4, 5 zone defence after we’ve kicked a point, rolling around the back of the stoppages, and using the 45 deg and 90 deg running options when you can.


We won the toss, kicked with the wind, and the lads quite frankly played out of their skin in the first quarter. We took the field with 20 players, not bad for a team with an uncertain future three weeks earlier. Sunshine had a few big lads, but we managed to pressure them, knock the ball out, pick it up cleanly and find a team mate in space. The link-up play was high quality in very wet conditions. The first goal scorer for the season was Juma! A wonderful memory for one of our quietest but most dedicated players. He followed it up with a second goal a few minutes later, and almost kicked a third in the second quarter.


Kailey was powerful in the ruck throughout the day, really imposing himself on the contest in the first quarter. Liam was terrific in around the ball for three quarters, and kicked a very nice running goal from about 30 metres. He ended up with an impressive clod of dark mud on his left ear – a bit of Druids cricket turf. Side on he looked a bit like Princess Leah, just with really dark buns.


Diesel was a constant threat up forward using his exceptional pace to get to the ball first, also kicking a very nice goal.


The backline were left to shiver a bit as the ball spent a lot of time in our forward half. Quarter time had us five goals up, but facing a big wind and some big kids in the next stanza.


Somehow, in the second, we continued on, with three more goals in to the wind, while restricting Sunshine to just 1 goal. Leo and Lenny were working hard in the middle and mopping up in defence. When Leo got within 75 metres of goal, the familiar voice of his mum, Shannon rang out across the ground: “Have a shot Morrison.” He didn’t, but he did help to set up the next goal, kicked by Lachlan having found plenty of space. Lachlan earned the moniker of “space man” last season, and we’ve no reason to change that given his first-up start. He’s also a terrific mark of the ball – taking a superb overhead mark in the last quarter, and then in the space of a minute dropping a bit of a sitter. Never mind, it was a slippery, heavy ball by then.


Speaking of great marks, have we mentioned Socrates? Wow, can this boy play… He’s grown a bit over the summer, still got a smile like Dr Teeth, kicked two great goals himself and set up two or three others with some terrific unselfish play.


Samuel really worked himself in to the game, read the play well and contested very hard. At one point he won a four-on-one contest right in front of the coaches box, and repelled a lot of Sunshine’s forward forays.


A lot of boys followed suit, picking up the pace of the game and getting more involved around the contest. Jonathan has a very good footy brain and dished off some nice handpasses to set up team-mates. Isaac C really came to life in the second half and will be an important quick cog in the Roosters machine this season. Bailey took a terrific mark deep in defence in the last quarter from a kick that would have travelled 40 metres. He was playing against his old team, and keen to impress. Alex Q was a huge presence during the day, both in the ruck and deep in defence, particularly in the last quarter.


Ben Murphy is taller (we suspect) than his mum now, runs like the wind and provides a great one-on-one contest. He’ll be a handful for opposition teams this year. Luis is one of the founding sons of this resurgent West Footscray Juniors – his mum was particularly pleased with the new water bottles – thanks Committee. You know you’re a club on the up when the water bottles get an upgrade, too… Luis is a good footballer on the improve, too, fyi.


Isaac T was another late addition to the side, and had a glint in his eye after realizing he has also improved quite a bit from last season – keep it up Isaac.


But there were two more surprise packets to bob up in the second half – Navindu and Abdullahi. Navindu registered to play late yesterday, but you’d hardly know he had missed a couple of seasons of footy. He ran in to space beautifully, took great marks and kicked the ball long. He finished with a goal as well. Abdullahi played just a couple of games last season. Today he kicked a couple of goals – his first ever – what a great moment. He was lively around the ground, too, and is another Rooster with pace to burn.


Daniel was very good in defence, and had a purple patch in the third quarter in front of the crowd with some clean pick-ups, marks and intercepts. In another entry in to the annals of classic Daniel moments, at the end of the game rather than heading in to the rooms to sing the song with his mates, he headed straight to the canteen to hit his mum up for a bucket of chips.


Henry showed his running endurance in the second half, getting to countless contests, tackling hard, deflecting opposition efforts and wheeling on to his trusty left foot. He got caught a couple of times, and copped some not so friendly fire in the last quarter, but will again be a key part of this team. Speaking of friendly fire, Lenny copped a water-logged footy kicked at close range in to his hand. Down he went like Jacob Weitering at the ‘G today (had to weave a reference in somewhere), and up he got like Weitering, ready to roar again next game.


Sunshine out-scored us in the last quarter with the help of a strong wind. It did give us a chance to practice our kick-in drills, and a credit to Samuel and Liam in managing to hit targets and clear the forward 50 metres almost every time.


Simon (Kailey’s dad) had a good day waving the flags, but indicated he’d like to do something to keep himself a bit warmer next week, like boundary umpiring.


The song was sung – not Cheer Cheer the Red and the White, to the disappointment of some. No, apparently we’ve been singing the wrong song for the past 4 years. So in continuing the familiar / unfamiliar theme, the lads had a crack at the new/old song. Hopefully we’ll have a few more chances to sing it (and get it a bit better) in the coming weeks.


Final scores

West Footscray Roosters        10 goals, 12 behinds, 72 points.

Sunshine:                                 4 goals, 4 behinds,      28 points.