Under 9’s Blue – Round 1 Match Report : Home vs Albion.


What a way to start the Junior Footy Season – a stand-alone Friday night match, akin to the Richmond v Carlton game a few weeks ago.

The weather was warm, there was a nice atmosphere building and we had that excited/ nervous/ anxious energy running.


In the build up, our training days had been going well – we were getting to know each other and we have set some Team goals around Fun, Teamwork, Improving and Sportsmanship.  Having some experienced players already is helping us with with the training day messages, by demonstrating the drills and setting good examples.

Ours new players have been showing great enthusiasm, and have been attentive in learning the flowing game aspects we are trying to achieve.

I was now keen to see how this transpired with access to the whole of Shorten Reserve’s undulating surface, an equally keen opposition and just 1 footy between 36 them all.



For todays game we had Arlo and Tom as our captains.

Albion called “heads” correctly, we were kicking to the Dog Park end.


1st Quarter;

The game commenced with a combination of good skills and contested play.

Albion got the he first goal of the game, but from our resultant kick-off we swept through to our scoring end.  In a goal-square scramble, Hamish won a free kick for a high tackle.  He went back, settled, kicked clear of the player on the mark – strong and high and true!  2 flags waved and the 9 Blues were on our way…


We fought out the first quarter over the full length of the field, as both teams were able to move the ball well.

Hudson was holding his position at half back and rarely let the ball past him.

We had plenty around the ball and everyone was running hard.



2nd Quarter;

Arlo (C) had a huge term across half back, breaking up Albion’s forward moves and running back to save a goal and a shot on goal himself.

Eli took a great defensive mark.

Harvey, Dylan and Jack got in around the ball

Moving the Ball Forward d was a bit rushed, but we were still getting it down our end.

Ryan, Tom(C) and Lachie were offering us marking targets when we had the chance to kick.


Everyone had had a touch on the ball by half-time, which I thought was a great result.

Oranges and a reinforcement of our messages : spreading out, and choose an option quickly, had us ready for the second half.



3rd Quarter;

More of the same action – a combination of many bodies around a slow moving loose ball, and quick end to end play when the ball did come out.

Finn received a free within shooting distance – he kicked well for a goal.

Leo and Edward found the ball on the edges of the packs.


Arlo had a couple more shots on the run that went wide.



4th Quarter;

Jackson took a mark and shot truly for a goal.

Hamish chased down an Albion shot at goal and touched it through for a behind.

Eli had a passage of repeat efforts including a good mark.

The ball again was up and down the length of the field.

Nathaniel got a great handball to Finn on an overlap run.

Fletcher, Hudson, Oscar and Archer were getting the feel for being in good ball receiving positions.



The game was close – I believe that we fell a couple or few points short.  But genuinely I don’t keep track of the score, our goal scorers yes, but I look to keep count of our possession chains, marks good decisions etc.

For a first hit out, I was really impressed with their skill and game sense.

We ran out the game well – it’s a big ground for short legs, and especially so when we had just one on the bench (or even no bench when Archer got stud-marked)


Things that went well;

–              General positioning and skills

–              Choosing good options

–              Everyone’s endeavour and willingness to run out the game


Things to work on;

–              Good shape and distance around the ball

–              Be prepared this o be “next” and not “now”



Our Rooster of the Week;

Hudson van Geisel – for showing a fine example of positioning, skills and determination.



Well done everyone, including the Parents/ Game Day Helpers – it does feel good to get the first game out of the way – And to see that we have a good base to start working with.



See you at training,





U9 Orange

Rd 1: West Footscray V Point Cook

Finally, the first game of the season had arrived. I think there have been some excited young Roosters this past week thinking about it. I certainly didn’t sleep well wondering how this new team with a mix of first and second year players would cope with the challenge, and how I would cope remembering all the players names.

The weather turned out to be fantastic! Sunny and no wind – this is a huge bonus when it comes to any trip to the lands of Point Cook during football season. After the formalities of donning jumpers and tying boots, the team tied strode out into the sunshine… and onto the huge expanse of synthetic grass. It made a strange thundering noise as they ran around in a group. After a quick team briefing, and many explanations about why we weren’t playing on real grass, the game was on.

Bodee and James were the captains for today and they both led the Roosters well into every contest. From the outset the pressure was intense. It is a difficult thing to face a charging pack of players in a game and put your body on the line but this young group all showed great courage at the times it was needed. Jack M & Jack G started off as pillars of our defence and did a great job. Once Oliver C. got his bearings he was also in the action at the back. Zeph and Hugo N. showed there experience in the middle reading the play well.

In the second quarter the magnets were shuffled and everyone tried new positions. The rotations are challenging and I am sure it does the kids head in almost as much as it does mine. Still they all got to their starting positions and Point Cook was more confused than me as they cleared the ball well and kicked it into OUR forward line (cue more loud yelling from the opposition coaches). The game soon switched back and our midfield and backline worked overtime this quarter. Fortunately we had Eli, Malik and Patrick (Paddy) stopping most attacks with great marking and tackling. Malik won the heartland award today with a great effort throughout the game (glad we got his mouth guard sorted). Patrick ran so hard all day he wore out the skin on one foot that needed some repairs. Luckily a band aid was all that was needed from the first aid bag today. With a restart kick after a Point Cook goal the ball was forced further into our forward line with desperate and skilful play by Oliver R. and Kade. Charlie got on the end of the loose ball and kicked long for the empty goal square….rolling, rolling, rolling… through for a GOAL!  First goal for the Roosters year.

Half time arrived and the oranges were quickly devoured. Water bottles had to be re-filled regularly as the players tried to re-hydrate. The oranges did the trick for Noah who really got going in the 3rd quarter and took a great mark under pressure. Otto was running through the middle now and applying great pressure. The ball was forced forward through many hands until finally it ricocheted though for our second goal. It wasn’t clear who kicked it through the mass of bodies at the far end of the ground but no doubt I will get all the details at our next training.

Another change of ends and another good clearance by Point Cook into OUR forward line was a good start to the last quarter. The arm wrestle continued typified by Enrique making a great smother. Kase and Eamon finished the game strongly with big last quarters. Hugo L. and Jackson also got their hands on the ball as the temperature rose. The hot weather and huge ground was starting to take a toll on some tired players before the final siren sounded.

The kids all played their different positions really well, with only a little help, and they will learn to use the space on the big grounds even better as the season develops. Apologies if I didn’t capture all the highlights of the day but it was a huge ground and the sun was mostly in my eyes. I am sure those who could make it will have your own fond memories.

I was very proud with the way every player did their best throughout the game. Hopefully they all had some fun and are ready to play again next Sunday. Looking forward to it already.

Thanks also to all the families supporting on the day, particularly this week helpers: Vilma, Tony, Chris, Andrew N., Julia, Matt, Melanie, and especially Andrew D. for umpiring. Great job Kate getting things organised.






WOW what a great start to our season U10 Blues (or Bloosters as our team manager calls us)


Thank you to all our players and parents for being part of such an amazing team on Sunday. Special thanks to Paul for all his effort helping make our first game run so smoothly. Also thanks to Arlo and Eli for helping us make up a full team. They both made a huge contribution to our game and I hope they can join us again this season.


It was great to kick off the game just like the AFL teams with a minute silence. After we finished, the coach of Newport and I chatted about how impressed we were with both our teams for being so respectful.


Then from the start of the game till the very end, you all fought so hard for your team mates. I think I’d speak for every parent in saying you all made us super proud. I’d love to be able watch a replay of the whole game so I could recall all the great stuff you guys did.


Congratulations to our first ‘TEAMS’ focus awards winners. You’ll notice that each of these awards relate very closely to each other. So winning one award means you need to try to be strong in all these areas.


Teamwork – Sasha

From helping position teammates to kicking to a team mate who has made an effort to find space, Sasha was a strong team player this week. He also helped other team mates chase down opponents many times.


Effort – Jake

4 awesome goals pretty much says it all. Jake made a huge effort all game, often with 1 or 2 opponents hanging off him. You know you’re getting maximum effort from a player when you can’t get them to take a rest!


Awareness – Iggy

Through the game I often saw Iggy position himself perfectly to get the next kick. He kept aware of where the ball was likely to go next and even when he didn’t get a touch he kept trying to be well positioned.


Movement- Max P.

If we had GPS tracking I think it would show Max covered a lot of ground through the game. With his constant awareness of the ball movement he made a huge effort to be in a perfect position and got heaps of touches.


Sportsmanship – The Whole Team

The respect our whole team showed in our minutes silence meant I couldn’t find a more outstanding display of sportsmanship for the rest of the game. Super proud guys!


Also well done to our Squad Leaders Sasha (Blue), Oscar (Red) and Iggy (Green). I’ve decided to rotate leaders each game because I want to see everyone have a try. We will randomly select 1 of the 3 leaders to do the coin toss as our captain for the week. Squad leaders will be announced at each Wednesday (or Friday this week) training and they will be the leader during training as well if they’re there. Everyone will get at least 2 goes at being Squad Leader.


Just one change to the Squads this week. I’m moving Billy to the Blue Squad and Alex will take his place in the Red Squad. Lets hope we can get at least one extra player to help out our Red Squad.


Friday will be our only training session this week, before our home game at 10:20am Sunday against Flemington. I expect they will be a much tougher opponent than our last game, so we’ll need to be up and about!





WEST FOOTSCRAY ROOSTERS – Under 10 Reds vs. Spotswood – Round One – 22/4/18.

“Oh give me land, lots of land and the starry skies above, don’t fence me in”

“Let me ride through the wide open country that I love, don’t fence me in”

(I will come back to this)

Good Evening Sports Fans!

Well, it had finally arrived, Round One, 2018! Paul and the Under 9 Blues would kick off the season opener under Friday night lights. We would get our turn on Sunday morning so the nerves had plenty of time to build over the coming days. And build they did! Let me explain.

After two years together in the nine reds, the niners’ had been split down the middle to pave the way for an unprecedented two sides in the tens competition. The Coup had exploded over the summer months with the club boasting its highest junior numbers on record. Would there be too many tens for one team but not enough for two?

Rumours of two teams in the tens had been circulating for some time and this was eventually confirmed during pre-season training. Although squad numbers would be a little skinny, we would be topped up with top age nines to get us on the park. The Reds would be gifted Griff and Arti, a pair of silky mid-fielders, graced with natural speed and flair. Thanks must go to Paul who cleared the transfers to set the Ten Reds Squad in stone.

We were still however a couple of players down, when tragedy struck. Hurricane Harry Solomon would break his wrist in a freak playground accident. The news sent shockwaves through the Reds camp. Six weeks to eight weeks…… ahhh!!!  We were calmly advised that we were still six weeks out from round one, so maybe not such a bad thing. He still trained with his arm in a sling and the silver lining is that this has sharpened up his skills with his kicking improving out of sight. Miles would also miss round one due to pre-scheduled road trip across the USA with his family. The squad was still only sitting at 16 on Friday night when in rode Walter Box. After a prolonged absence from the footy field, Walt had decided that enough time had passed and he was ready to make his return. For those of you who know Walter, you will know that he marches to the beat of his own drum. He will surprise you when you least expect it!

So what’s to be nervous about?

Sunday morning would arrive quickly and driving to the ground I wanted to know if the universe was tuned in to our wavelength. What better way to know that than tune into the radio. The first song we hear will determine today’s outcome. “Don’t Fence Me In” .This is a good sign!

We talk a lot about finding space in junior footy, let the opposition chase, that’s their job. Get out into the open and take the game on.

Spotswood had always been good competition. Pretty evenly matched, but the Roosters always had the edge. We had no way of knowing though which Woodsmen had been elevated and who had stayed in the nines or had they too been split to make way for two sides. Nope…. only one side, looks like they have all gone through! This would be a good test. First game for a new side with some old heads, new players, top age nines, the aforementioned Paul who would let his son Nathaniel play Friday and for us on Sunday, nervous coach, one player short, injured, we had it all.

Our Captains are selected alphabetically; this would send Archie and Arti into the middle for the coin toss. The toss was won and we were kicking to the dog park. Rotations would be minimal today, being a player down we went in without a CHF. The plan was to keep the forward line open, get the ball in quick and let Showboat Simmons run amok. Should the ball venture into the backline, the old heads of Howe Diddy and Arch would mop up and send the ball back into the middle.  We had spoken during the week about not being an overly tall side and that we would be relying on leg speed to get us into space and out of trouble, I was hoping that the message had sunk in. Well, this was the plan.

I was still unsure of how this would play out. I recognised a few of the bigger bodies from Spotswood 2017; they were all in the middle. Their game plan was clear; it looked to be all mid field grunt in the engine room. I looked across at Hurricane sporting the water boy vest, arm in a sling, two water bottles hanging from his left hand. The hang dog look on his face said it all.

A few deep breathes, siren sounds and we were underway.  Bastian would have rucking duties today and he seamlessly slipped into the big man role. I had told him not to worry too much about the contest and to just be a big body around the stoppages. He played his role to a tee and was instrumental in moving the ball forward. He was ably assisted by Louie the Fly and co-captain Arti. I really want to call them a mosquito fleet but I can’t because Louis is a fly! Louis seems to have found another gear over summer and was fearless around the ball. Arti is a pocket rocket, superb user of the footy with all the time in the world for disposal. Griff would take our fourth spot in the middle. You can call him “Centreman”!  A lad of few words, Griff lets his footy do the talking for him, a gut running, line breaking, ball magnet. Time and time again, Griff was at the contest, arriving emptied handed and leaving with the pill. We were fleshed out in the wings by Clara and Merrick. Clara was our shining star last year. I am not sure what the Mullaly’s do in their holidays but much like her twin, Clara was attacking every contest. Her zealousness saw her twice taken from the ground for some running repairs only to come straight back out again. Merrick has been a revelation. I have not seen much of her on the training track but she too is not shy about getting her hands dirty. A good height and clean hands, she could be destined for a stint in the ruck as a roaming target across the middle. Then we can call her Mezzanine, because she will take her game to the next level………

The back line was rock solid. Efe and Nathaniel kept the flanks protected whilst Archie attacked the contest head on. His role was to repel any forward entries before they got there. Should the ball get passed the first line of defence, it then had to clear the second and there was not much chance of that happening today.  Oscar, playing his first ever game of football was superb. He played to his strengths, not quite there with his kicking just yet but very sure with his hands and knows how to weave in and out of traffic. The Dozer in the opposite pocket picked up where he left off last season. As his nickname would suggest, Dozer seems intent on clearing a path and leaving destruction in his wake as he carved through any contests around the goals. Then there was Howe Diddy. I don’t call him this for nothing. His reading of the play is exceptional beyond his years, executing his role flawlessly. He stayed home at Full Back all day and saved many shots on goal with clean marking and explosive pace.

Let’s not forget what was happening down forward though. Showboat was on fire. He is the perfect embodiment of a small attacking forward.  Harassing their backline into submission, he had kicked three by half time and probably could have snaffled a few more if not for some good marking from their full back. Then it was Walt’s turn to surprise, as he always does, he caught one out the back and casually strolled into an open goal. He reads the play in his own way does Walt. Apart from Showboat, our forward line is pretty new to the game. Brayden, another quietly spoken Rooster, has a booming right leg and is virtually impossible to bring down. He too has very clean hands and looked to be enjoying himself out there. Noah is also learning his craft but not afraid to get amongst the rough and tumble. I had to drag him back to his position a few times such was his enthusiasm for getting the footy. Last but not least, the forward line was rounded out by Diego, another quietly spoken lad with terrific potential.  His clean ball skills will really help him develop into an exciting player as he gets more comfortable out there.

So did our game plan work?

It sure did. The Roosters were relentless, attacking fearlessly and defending mercilessly. The Woodsmen would let their frustrations out with some crude tackling, but it was not enough to slow us down. The unofficial end result saw a comfortable margin to the Roosters – 8.3.51 – 2.0.12.

Goals – Showboat 3 – Arti 3 – Walter 1 – Efe 1:

We turn our attentions to next Sunday, away against Altona. New game, new challenges, more nerves, can’t wait!

Special Thanks to Libby for tending to the wounded and Brad and Saint Nick for running around in White and to those who filled the volunteered roles and to those who cheered us on, we can’t do this without you, it is most appreciated.

Richie + Kane.



Under 11 Round 1:


West Footscray


0.1.1     1.1.7     1.1.7     1.1.7


Lost to




1.1.7     2.2.14     3.3.21   6.4.40


Best: Reuben, Angus, Ashton, Tem, Joharo, Patrick


Goals:  Ziggy


The first game of the season brought the usual pre match nerves as well as 3 first gamers.  Angus, Luke and Oli were all named joint captains to recognise their debut.  A beautiful sunny morning greeted the boys and after sizing up the Flemington side, we knew we were in for a tough contest given a number of the boys in Yellow and Blue that towered over our red and white warriors.


With only 2 on the bench, the balance of getting the right amount of ‘rest’ and right amount of hard running was going to be crucial.  Ashton, Ben, Angus, Marlon, Nicholas and Hamish were charged with winning the early battle across the centreline.  These guys battled manfully against bigger opposition and did well to halve the initial contests.  The sheer size of the on ball brigade from Flemington eventually saw our defenders being pressured early.  Patrick, Joharo, Tem and Reuben repelled the early onslaught.  They played tight on their men and desperately forced the ball to the boundary side as per the coaches instructions.  It was only after the dreaded ‘repeat entries’ did Flemington register their first major.  The remainder of the quarter saw the ball hover between the centre line and their forward line. Flynn, Zeke, Zaw Zaw and Thomas worked hard getting their fair share of the footy and ensured the Roosters only remained that goal behind at the first break.


A few shuffles on the magnet board – Kiir up to half forward, Ben resting forward, Oli joining Kiir and Ziggy occupying the goal square.  Again the midfield shared the early contests – the ball working forward through efforts such as a great smother by Flynn, Oli continuing to hover in dangerous positions and good link up play by Nicholas, Rory and Ben that saw the ball end up in the hands of Ziggy who kicked truly for our first goal of the season.  The Red and Whites lifted as a result and the boys worked into their tasks.  Joharo, Tem working well with Patrick and Reuben to rebound any Flemington forays forward.  Angus continued to shine in his debut performance with sure ball handling and good decision making.  Flemington snuck it forward late in the quarter for their second goal and a little bit of breathing space at the main break.


The Roosters deserved their half time oranges – the hard running in blazing sunshine was beginning to take its toll.  Looking over at the Flemington boys, they too were feeling it – would the practice game last week or the 3 extra players on the bench have an influence?  Time would tell.  The third quarter saw Kiir and Joharo pushed up into the middle to do their share of the heavy lifting.  Kiir providing good physical contests and support for his smaller teammates to take advantage.  Flynn was given the task of shadowing their number 29 – a player to watch in future contests (J Filia – according to the team sheet).  Flynn shut down his influence and Patrick and Reuben were able to keep the scoreboard in check.  A few fumbles at the Rooster end saw slim opportunities missed while the arm wrestle continued Flemington managed another goal to take a 2 goal lead into the final change.


The Roosters were determined not to give the game up without a fight.  Great tackling by Ashton, Kiir, Ben and Joharo all went un rewarded and one could sense the shift in the game.  Flemington put a couple more goals on the board to end up running out 33 point victors.


A pretty spirited performance by the roosters against a team much bigger and with extra players through which to rotate.  Ashton, Zeke, Joharo and Eli all battled hard in the middle.  Flynn did well in a lock down role.  Tem, Patrick and Reuben all showed their capabilities in defence.  Our debutantes – Oli, Angus and Luke showed some good signs of what is to come.  Marlon, Thomas, Zaw Zaw gave us good contests.  Nicholas, Ben, Rory and Kiir were terrific when given the opportunity up forward and will only get better as the season progresses.  Hamish gave great dash.  Ziggy was rewarded for his good reading of the play and clean execution of his skills with our only goal.  A bruising contest that will give the boys a good insight into what is to come at this level.  The coaches will be looking for some more blocking/shepherding next week as well as cleaner hands when grabbing the ball.  All of this of which can be worked on at training.


Well done on a solid start – we look forward to Werribee Centrals next week back at our regular timeslot of 8.50.


Special thanks to our parent (and brother) helpers on the day.  Tania with time keeping duties, Liam and Mark with the boundary umpiring; Mark in particular with his de-mystifying of the role.  It is proving to be the hardest one to fill and it would be great to share that one around a bit as we won’t be able to rely on U/14 players going forward.   Mark doubled up with the security guarding of the boys with the whistle, Zoran and Carol in the medical room,  Alex and Anton running out serious volumes of water under the watchful supervision of Lucy (who also supplied the oranges) Denis was very good on flag waving duties and Simon and Dave donning the newly created ‘Match Day Manager’ bib.  Phew..  There is a lot to fill and as they say ‘many hands make like work’ and please, make no mistake – no experience IS necessary and all on the job training is provided..


See you at training or on game day.






Under 12 Girls


Well what a special start for the U12 Girls West Footscray Roosters!


Special was when our Captain of the day, Liberty led the girls out onto the ground to the cheers of parents, friends and onlookers.


Every one of the girls deserves to feel proud of the way they played. They were gallant in the face of Altona, a more experienced and worthy opponent.


Our girls’ beaming faces after the game showed they were just happy to be out there in the thick of it, and that they know that this is just the start.


Simon and I were especially pleased at the way the girls responded to the challenge to match the opposition’s physicality- it really tightened the contest up in parts.


We’ve approached the art of tackling with care at training, but on Sunday I reckon the girls sent us a pretty clear message- if getting the ball and scoring goals in a game requires it, they’re up for getting a bit more physical; within the modified rules of course.


The effort of the girls was really even. Everyone pitched in, and in keeping with our team commitment, Simon rotated them through positions to give them a rest, or spend time in the high traffic areas.


While there were too many individual highlights to mention, Sophie M’s outstanding all-round effort was fittingly recognised by the home team.


Over the coming weeks, we’ll work out a way to better recognise and record some of the many golden moments in our match reports.


Its early days, and aside from the joy the girls are obviously taking from participating, its been hard to think of how we should measure progress.


So it was good that the umpire on the day and the opposition coach gave us some idea. Both of them pointed to the way our girls moved the ball forward, saying it was very well developed for a team with no game experience.


And so now we look forward to next week, with a game in front of a home crowd.


And just a reminder: no training on Wednesday due to the ANZAC Day holiday. We’ll train as usual on Friday.


Cheers, Bernie and Simon




Under 12 West Footscray vs Wyndhamvale


2017 had been a very good season for this team. A preliminary final was a great result. Whilst we were a polished unit, we lacked one thing. A tall guy. We got one this year (excited giggles and tears of joy!) so we were optimistic that we would become even better in 2018. Would we though?


Perfect weather for football and a home game for round one. How good is that! Only 19 boys would take to the field for this game as Mickey was interstate, Sasmitha unavailable and Tito had announced his retirement from football. 19 is a pretty skinny squad but allows for more game time for each kid. That’s pretty cool! Elijah Moon and Zach would captain the team today after displaying fantastic effort and improvement during the preseason. We had played Wyndhamvale last season and recalled them being fairly physical (polite description), in particular the big one that looked like Drew Carey. This game wouldn’t be easy.


The toss was lost and we kicked to the dog park end. A few positional changes for this season saw Vinh start at full back with Yash at centre half back. Aaron and Leroy would play forward. Javier would play in the ruck (squeals of delight). The ball was bounced and Javier won it comfortably. Straight forward we went. Leroy was quick and so was Murphy. Elijah Moon was providing a target for our mids to kick to.  He would provide the first assist of the season (yep, I’m keeping record of that too) and Kadin wouldn’t let him down. Goal number one! Not long after Murphy would feed one to Leroy by hand who drilled his first goal in many seasons. It was already looking a little ugly for Wyndhamvale! Our forwards were dominating and our backs getting bored. Occasionally it did get down there only to have Yash, Vinh, Cooper and Frank send it straight back. Elijah Moon soon found himself with a shot at goal. He was a fair way out but rated his chances. It fell short and Jack plucked it from a big pack. He slotted his first and our third.  Weston had been dominating through the middle and linking up with Felix and co. He got the chance to sneak inside the forward line and made Wyndhamvale pay with another.


¼ time West Footscray 4.1.25 vs Wyndhamvale 0.4.4


Frank went into the middle in the second while jack had a rest and was amazing. Effort after effort. Javier was killing it in the ruck and consistently winning the tap. Christian and Kadin were flying down their wings and all that handball/link up training was starting to show results. Once again, the ball lived in our forward half. Nathaniel and Aaron were big targets close to goal and causing headaches for their opponents. When the ball hit the ground, Zach was in everything. Jack wouldn’t wait long to snag another after coming back on. Frank, who was loving his trot in the middle snagged a beauty in traffic shortly after. Sean was busy in attack and creating more attacking moves for the team. Samuel moved into the middle and was fantastic. I swear we have about 15 midfielders in this team. Christian teed up Jack for his third. We were flying. Cooper joined in the party and gave another to Kadin who was destroying Wyndhamvale from his wing. Felix was a machine at half forward and in everything. Some of the ball movement was as good as I’ve seen from these guys. The one just before the siren sensational where a lightning chain of link up handball ended up with Murphy who drilled a bullet onto Christians chest. Unfortunately, he couldn’t convert it but wow! How slick was that!


½ time West Footscray 8.5.53 vs Wyndhamvale 0.4.4


More changes in the third term. Vinh went into the middle with Cooper. Murphy had a crack in the ruck. With Javier out of the centre square it was going to be harder. Vinh seemed unconcerned with the situation and racked up possessions at will. Outstanding Vinh! Samuel was super busy as well. Cooper was getting plenty of the pill and driving it forward constantly. Yash was fast and assured across the middle and half back. Weston was out on the wing now but still getting the ball with devastating effect. He put one down the throat of Jack who smacked through another.  Elijah moon drove it forward shortly after and Javier gobbled it up. He smacked through his first for the club and another for the team. Despite the scoreboard, the seemingly constant late contact and over exuberant tackling, our boys continued to give it 100%. Xavier took possession on the half back line despite the impending danger coming in from all directions. He took a massive hit for his efforts and was forced form the game (and later into an ambulance). Nothing untoward in it I should add. Your too brave for your own good sometimes Xav!


¾ time West Footscray 10.6.66 vs Wyndhamvale 1.4.10


The magnets were shuffled again in the last. Javier went back into the middle. Weston went forward. Vinh was accumulating touches and using it beautifully in the middle. He seems to have more time than most and used this time to drill one to Jack who smacked yet another through the big sticks. Not long after Weston replicated this with Kadin being the beneficiary of his fantastic play. Felix did some amazing work on the mark at one point! He added an assist to his routine when he set Murphy up for his first of the season after some great team play in the pocket. It was a little bit of party time in the last. Shots at goal from the pocket and bananas on the run (let’s not make a habit of it guys!) until Vinh restored some sanity and set up Jack for his sixth and our last of the day.


Final Score West Footscray 14.10.94 vs Wyndhamvale 2.4.16


A pretty good start to the season guys which was tempered by the injury to Xavier. Thankfully he was given the ok by the doctors at the RCH.  A big thanks to all those who filled our volunteer roles on Sunday. Particularly Nick for his trainer work. That’s a tough debut mate!