Round 1 Match Reports

Hi Folks below are all our Match Reports for Round 1. Scroll Down to find your team’s report.

Thanks to our coaches and a couple of extra helpers for writing/producing these.



Under 9 Blues vs St Bernards.

“ Now Let the Games begin….”


It was only apt that our season began after the Summers daylight saving had ended.

  • Was I the only one who’s different times on analogue and digital devices caused a moment of panic?


After a lot of effort by our Junior Committee and Volunteer Team Parents, here came the fun part:

We had completed some broad training sessions since the Teams were announced:

  • The players came up with a set of Team Values for Fun, Teamwork, Improvement and Respect.
  • We addressed a few rules around tackling, running with the ball and kicking off the ground.

Across the U9 Blues, our individual players skillset was broad – we had ball getters, good ball users and plenty of speed.  All wrapped up with an abundance of enthusiasm.  It was now going to be interesting to see how this would work together on the field.

For a lot of our players, this would have been the 1st time they had the whole oval, as a playing arena, to themselves.  A big ground and an exciting opportunity.


We took a moment in our Change Room to announce player numbers with our Jumper Presentation. (This is the U9 Blues first year of having consecutive numbers, on matching jerseys – Thankyou Committee!)

  • Angus will receive his Jersey when he is available in a couple of weeks


On a stunning morning with no dew to kick off, our players were ready!

Our Captains today were Jack Mosca – a young player already with plenty of experience and Natalie Meilak who has embraced training with enthusiasm and a smile.

Kicking towards the Dogpark end, Maverick won us some early ball.  Fletcher and Jack were getting possessions as the ball ricocheted between the arcs.  Hamish used his pace to run down and tackle a St Bernard player.  We were starting to get some link-ups with Maverick and Fletcher getting other players involved.  Harrison took a good mark under pressure, likewise Braydon took a strong defensive mark.


By the end of the 1st quarter, I was already impressed with our endeavour and attempts for keeping the ball.


2nd Quarter:

Once the nerves were blown off and a reminder to ‘Keep Moving, Trust each other to get the ball and Play in Front’ our Team launched into the second term.

Maverick showed his gather-dinky-run-kick move again which linked up with Zoe.  Tiger and Jack took marks.  Arthur kicked a nice pass in to Logan in our attacking 50. Logan got it towards goal.  A shot went across the goal-face.  Logan had followed up, found space where there wasn’t much and kicked truly through the Big Sticks – GOAL!

A good reward for a quarter and a half of Team effort.

After some celebration and the re-start Fletcher took a strong mark in a pack and we used some handball and run out of defence.  Zoe ran the ball through the mid-field, kicked the ball in front of Natalie who then got the ball on to Logan, who was playing in position and some space around him kicked another GOAL!


From the re-start we regained the ball and worked it forward again.  Jack was involved a couple of times and got reward of his own GOAL!


As the players devoured the ½ time oranges, we talked about giving ourselves and each other space, keeping in position at either end of the ground and to continue the things we were doing well.

All our players had had a touch on the ball to half-time which in itself was a little victory.

I set the Team a challenge of completing 3 possession link-up.


3rd Quarter;

Our rotations now had Logan at Full Back where he saved a goal – touched on the line.  James laid a good tackle.  Mav grabbed another ground-ball and pass.  Zoe showed good attack on the ball and a long kick.

We had gained territory and the ball was locked in our Attacking 50.  We were too bunched up, too many bodies all trying to do the same thing and just couldn’t get an effective possession.

We were getting a few shots at goal, but they went behind the big stick.  We were defending well up our end, but couldn’t quite get the goal.


4th Quarter;

‘Lets run out the game’

Harvey Howe took a mark on the line to save a goal.

Zoe kept good positioning, repelling St Bernards forward passes.

We were defending hard, Maverick and Jack laid good tackles to win free kicks,

but the ball wasn’t getting forward of our Centre.


We finished up with 3 Goals, a handful of points, a few bumps, bruises and a possible sprained ankle – and our 1st competitive game under our belt.

I’m sure there were plenty of revisits of the action as told by our players on the way home.

I was certainly more than happy with our first hit-out.

There are certainly a few things to work on, but we are starting from a pretty good level.



  • Logan – 2 Goals
  • Jack – 1 Goal

But a special mention for other player also, as everyone contributed to a great 1st game of end to end football (I had many comments from Parents of our game and the next saying it was such a good game to watch)

To all our volunteers : orange slicers, flag wavers, canteen helpers, medic, umpire and umpire security, magnet movers, scribes and photo-snappers well done.

A special thanks from me to Darren and Liz who have ridden a steep learning curve to get to and now through their first game also.


I’m looking forward to training and our next game




Under 9 Reds V Point Cook

The U9 Reds had come together in the past week with a mix of enthusiastic youth and experienced veterans.  Our season opener kicked off under lights on Friday night against Point Cook. The Rooster convoy battled through peak hour traffic and everyone managed to arrive in time – even one player who hitched a lift on the way when a flat tyre struck. After jumper presentations and some pep talk to the players and also the parents I think all the kids were keen to just get started and play.

Captains today were Thomas E. and Charlie.  After a tough coin toss we had to start kicking into a strong wind. Luckily we had Paddy, Zach and Bill starting off across fullback and they did a great job repelling most of the Point Cook attacks.  Enrique started well in the ruck taking his first of several overhead marks. Otis and Jensen played the wings and ran well in the big space on this oval.

Fortunately the wind kept blowing in the second quarter and Hugo and Eden held good marks to kick the ball deep forward.  Lachie and Oliver were in a lot of the action in the middle.  Zeph was busy running hard and racking up possessions. Point Cook had some fast and skilful players too which were a challenge and they managed to score into the wind.

Third quarter was against the strong wind again but the Roosters kept competing and held the opposition to less than the first quarter. Tom W. found his spot and worked hard in the back line.  Thomas E. and Eli gave plenty of effort through the middle and we worked the ball forward into the wind for Eamon and Arlo to take good marks this quarter.

I was very proud of the effort the Roosters continued with in every quarter, and kicking with the wind again helped us move the ball forward many times in the last quarter.  Noah attacked the ball with speed as he had all night but this time came off second best with a leg injury. Paddy seemed to increase his energy winning more contests each quarter. Tom Mulcahy held the full back line together well.  We were rewarded at last when Thomas Mitchell marked a good pass from Charlie, and kicked truly right through the middle – cheers went up around the ground almost like a packed MCG.  Still the Roosters kept giving it their all.  A couple more injuries had Julia busy applying ice packs until the final siren sounded.

Zeph earnt the heartland award with a 4 quarter game of run and skill.  Hugo and Charlie were Rooster’s of the week with very strong games too.

Across the ground Roosters held a lot of marks and were looking to handball to teammates. I have probably missed a few highlights on this big ground under lights but hopefully you have a few yourselves.  There seems to be plenty of heart and talent amongst the kids. I have a feeling that this group will bond together and develop well over the season.

A big thanks to Claire and Richard Denby for managing the team through our first game very smoothly. Also thanks to all the parents for helping on the night. We have a bye next week, and then the Easter break off. Our next game is a while away but I am looking forward to it already. Enjoy the Sunday sleep in’s while you can.




Under 10 Whites V Albanvale

Friday night saw great excitement and beautiful late autumn warmth, and the West Footscray Under ten’s started in sensational fashion with a strong performance under lights at Albanvale Football Club.

In a very one sided affair the roosters burst out of the blocks from the first bounce with Charlie in the ruck giving us first use, Finn was everywhere early and the forward line led by Allan, Justin and Eli Andrews put plenty of scoreboard pressure on the opposition and made full use of the strong wind.

The second quarter saw us kicking against the wind and the roosters were asked to run and carry which is exactly what they did playing great ‘team’ orientated footy and outscoring their opponents again in a strong performance. Kase, Eli G, Hamish and Archer all played their positions well and the roosters went in to the half time break with good momentum.

The second half reflected a much more balanced game as the Albanvale team played much tighter and more congested footy. Roosters had to work harder to clear the footy and struggled to kick goals despite a strong breeze. Artisan was great in the midfield battle, Arlo controlled his areas and Hugo N and Hugo W cracked in hard for their team.

The last quarter was a strong finish with more goals against the fading breeze. Due to the large number of players on the interchange everyone shared the load in the last 15 minutes which was great to see. Dylan, Hudson and Oliver contributed in this quarter and Kade and Mrinal finished off strongly.

Finn O’Connell was named rooster of the week by Albanvale who had a great game and kicked 2 goals as well.

Most importantly everyone played their part in the team and the support from the parents was really encouraging. There were a few teething issues with jumpers, rule changes etc which will sort themselves out for round two. Overall it was a great start to the year. Look forward to next week!

Luke’s weekly reports will also get better as the year goes on as he focuses a bit more on the game than managing the large interchange bench!

Luke Hill


Under 12 Girls Vs Yarraville

The West Footscray Under 12 Girls have combined with the Flemington Under 12 Girls to create a super team in 2019. We headed to Yarraville for the first game of the season after only one combined session where the two teams had a chance to meet each other. It was a whirlwind last week leading up to the first game and the combined team was made up of 14 West Footscray girls and 8 Flemington girls to make a total of 22, creating a new headache with what to do with all the extra players! A headache we would rather have. 


Our two captains for the day were Maya Jess and Bess Martin who were rewarded for their leadership qualities. Yarraville started with the wind at their back and kicked two early goals, but our girls began to find their rhythm with Caelan, Bess & Merrick in the middle steadying the ship by getting their hands on the ball and moving it forward. Bess played an important role as a defensive midfielder covering the back of the packs which meant Yarraville, who were very good at getting the ball out of packs and breaking away into clear space, were always under pressure with their break-aways. Thanks to some desperate defensive work deep in our back line to force some inaccurate kicking, we remained in the contest. 


The second quarter saw our girls use the wind to their advantage to even the scores, with an even spread of players around the contest to ensure their break-aways were always pressured. Two goals to us saw us go into half-time with spirits high that we had pushed last year’s runners-up. Some rotations at half-time gave the girls an opportunity to experience some time in different parts of the ground; a trend that the West Footscray girls were used to after spending time in all parts of the ground throughout 2018. In the third quarter with a new on-ball brigade, our midfield found themselves chasing tails when caught too far in front of the contest. The message at three-quarter-time was to be wary around the packs to pressure Yarraville’s break-aways. 


With the wind at our backs for the last quarter, the girls fought hard and kicked another goal to end the game with three in total. For a first run together, the combined team gelled well and showed signs of a really fun season ahead. Yarraville are a very good team and will win a lot of games through their football smarts and skills. They were a good team to use as a barometer on our season, and we look forward to playing them again to measure our improvement over the season. Congratulations to all of the girls who played their first ever game of football: Olivia, Alahana, Emma, Leah, Natalie & Merrick (with the girls). Special mention to Caelan who showed signs of a big year ahead, Bess for her smart play around packs, and Merrick for excellent use of her hands. We’re looking forward to seeing how the girls improve and continue to enjoy their season ahead. 


Yarraville:                                  9.10.64

West Footscray/Flemington :    3.1.19



Under 12 As Vs Albion

Firstly, Richie, Kane & myself want to welcome back all our players & parents from last year to another exciting and epic chapter in Rooster 12 football, 2019 style. We would also like to warmly welcome some new additions to our ‘family’ – Zachary Beaumont & Jacob Fitzgerald and families. Both Zac & Jacob were unavailable for Rd 1, due to injury and travel but we look forward to making them feel home and their contribution throughout the season.  


And what a way to start the season? A 29 scoring shot bonanza against Albion at home. Lots of good signs here but lots to work to do, in particular, our tackling, pressure and of course our allround skills. But instead of boring you with my words, we thought we would utilise the talents of our parents. In our midst, we have a highly skilled and creative cameraman who covers the AFL, amongst many other sports and programs – Simon McIntyre. Simon graciously offered his skill & nous to our opening game, and produced the goods, doing a remarkable job in capturing the ebb and flow (on a camera that must seem out of the ’80s compared to what he normally uses). Thanks, Simon. Great job! Also, thank you to Craig Gillespie who also tamed my camera for the practice match the week before at short notice. Thanks, Craig.


So please follow the link to watch some match highlights of Game One. It was a team effort and it was great to see every player shine at particular moments. Lots of little things, like a tap on’s, shepherds & run which can go unnoticed in the speed of the game, but its these little things that count and stand us well in the coming games. Well-done Roosters, a great base to build from. Hopefully, this will be ongoing but it just depends on work commitments. Enjoy and see you at Rd 2.


Des, Richie & Kane


Under 12 Bs Vs Wyndham Suns

Nothing like a comeback win to get the heart racing!

So we headed off to Tarneit to take on the Wyndham Suns on a windy but fairly pleasant Sunday morning. Don’t get use to that folks, that’s not footy weather, but enjoy it while it lasts!

Tory was kind enough to accept my request to be part of our jumper presentation which was a big thrill for me and hopefully all our players. I’m guessing there wouldn’t be many teams in junior league footy that had their jumper presented to them by an AFL premiership player 😀

I had the pleasure of awarding the role of captain for the season to Stephen Sully. I was looking for someone who lead by example both on the field and in training. I felt Stephen’s effort and courage in our first practice game showed he was a great example of what I want to see in all our players. I don’t expect everyone to be the best player, but I do expect them to play to the best of their ability. Congratulations Stephen!

We lost the toss and they had the wind in the first, but as we know that may have been to our advantage in the end. I reckon you can tell how switched on a team is within the first few minutes and I had a good feeling about our team. We fought hard from the start and even though they had the wind we really held them down, so they didn’t get the jump they wanted. While the last quarter may have won us the game, the first quarter effort made it possible.

Even though we had the wind in the second I think we were well matched by the Suns and they made it hard for us to score. But we did manage to put on a goal and Miles become the first goal scorer for our team this season. It was pleasing to see some good linking through the middle so even when they managed to get into their 50 we still took it back down our end without them scoring. Iggy and Jordan put on a couple of behinds to help boost our score, but by half time we still had work to do.

They say the third quarter is the premiership quarter and being they had the wind that could have been dangerous, but OMG did we fight! I can’t remember all the great efforts, but I recall Griff and Louis flying around the opponents like they were The Flash, and a few great in an under efforts from Clara, Mitch and Riley. By the end of the season I want everyone to be prepared to dive in and grab that footy with all their might. ‘If you want it enough it’s yours!’ (stole that from their coach, Helen overheard him saying it in their huddle). I can’t leave out the play of the day where Oscar took it from virtually the boundary through let’s say 10 opponents with 3 or so bounces and bombed it on his left right through the guts! Wow that was special!!!

But we were still 3 points down at the start of the last and the fight wasn’t over. We did however lose the toss, so we had the wind. Some may say the Suns ran out of legs, I’d say we wanted it more and we fought it out, and eventually the dam wall broke and goals came from everywhere. Griff, Jordy, Riley and not be satisfied with 1, Oscar got his second. But let’s remember that goals are the result of efforts. Very rarely can a player score a goal without the efforts of his or her teammates. The effort of the day by any player on the ground went to Aiden for a 30 metre chase that ended in a holding the ball free. Coaches are not meant to cheer, but I cheered that effort, it was awesome!

So we win our first game and congratulations to all of you. There are things we did well and things we can do better, as we discussed at training tonight. But driving home I wasn’t thinking about the result, I was thinking about how everyone played to their best ability. That made me happy 😊.

Thank You to all our volunteers for the day and especially Jane for your help getting us on the park without a hiccup. Great team effort 12 Bs!



Under 14 As Vs Hoppers Crossing

The start of any sporting season brings an air of anticipation – some pre-game jitters, glances across to the opposition, wondering how your team will fare. Glorious sunshine and warm conditions greeted our under 14A Roosters as they sprinted (well, some sauntered) on to Shorten Reserve. With the new WRFL age configurations, it was a new-look side. Eight of our players are top-age, and the other ten are younger. This is their first season playing together. But for coaches Andrew Gerardi and Chris Phelan, April 7 has been a long time coming. Indeed, some of this team have been running pre-season laps since before Christmas! Three of the senior players in Henry Lovell, Socrates Mavrokostidis and Samuel Hall have been appointed captains for the season.


The inside-word from Andrew G and Damian L were that Hoppers Crossing would be a strong opponent. That proved correct. Both teams ran hard, competed well and were skilful. A very fair competitive spirit was on display from both teams.


Your occasional matchday correspondent was roped in at the last minute, so this report lacks a little bit of colour from the crowd and the rooms, but Roosters number 1 ticket holder Liza Lakusa was in the grandstand (well, the Essex Street hill). Any excuse to wear the red and white more often. She’s an upholder of due protocol and manners, is Liza… “I’ve seen three or four people walk directly behind the goal umpire rather than go around the back of the nets,” said Liza. “It’s just not on…” At this point I fell silent, as five minutes earlier I had committed that sin. In my defence, the game hadn’t started.


Shortly thereafter news filtered through that both teams had been fined for starting the game late. The majority of our little crowd thought that was a bit harsh. Not Liza. “Fair enough, it’s about time everyone started paying attention to the umpires.”


So, the game got underway, 90 seconds late… Hoppers had some big bodies in the midfield, but we had some tenacious ball-winners – Henry, Diesel, Weston, Jack G and Leroy (from now on mostly referred to as Nugget, perhaps inspired by the cameo character from Crocodile Dundee). A stream-lined Daniel Hudson was in the ruck. His cross-training for hockey has been handy. He was supported at times by Aaron and Blake against a couple of formidable ruckmen.


Hoppers were kicking with a strong breeze in the first quarter, and had multiple repeat entries. Our back six were under immense pressure, repelling numerous attacks, led by Samuel, Cooper, Weston, Isaac C and Frank. But Hoppers had set up not just one, but two walls – one along the 50 metre arc (Hadrians wall), and one across the mid-field (the Great Wall – I’m making this up – I’m not sure if Hoppers actually call them by those names).


Their #19 unloaded a huge bomb from about 40 metres for a very impressive goal, which actually gave our backline a chance to catch their breath, and our midfield to reset. Although we didn’t score in the first quarter, we restricted Hoppers to just two goals. One of our most creative players, Jonathan S, was off with an ice pack on the upper arm, so we were down to 17 players.


The second quarter was probably our best for the game. Quick entries in to the forward 50 were the key, seeing the Hoppers defenders out of position. Jack Gerardi was nursing a badly bruised toe, self-inflicted the previous day after not quite sticking the landing while trying to dismount from a trailer. I actually missed a game of footy when I was 19 after running in to a trailer in our backyard, but I digress. Socrates, Jack, Leroy, Juma and Lachlan D were all appreciating the ball coming in fast. We hit the scoreboard with four goals in the second quarter – a couple to Soc, one to Diesel and one to Jack G.


At the long break we found ourselves 9 points in front, with a spring in our step. And Jonathan had recovered, setting up a goal after sprinting back on to the field. The third quarter would be a case of defending as grimly as we could. The breeze had picked up a bit more, and Hoppers really got their running game going. We had no-one on the bench, and in the very warm conditions fatigue was a factor. Once again the backline were under siege, and a few times were caught out of position or without an opponent. But we’ll get better at that as the season progresses. Weston and Kadin were showing their footy nous with some excellent handpasses and side steps, linking up well with Samuel who is our primary ball carrier and kicker out of defence. Mickey A played a great game through the middle and on the wings, as did Frank. The courage and effort could not be questioned, against bigger opposition. Number 12 for Hoppers was really exerting his influence up forward – strong marks and sure kicks for goal saw Hoppers take a 13 point lead in to the last quarter.


At the final huddle, the boys were tired but felt they could overcome the deficit. Unfortunately fatigue was a big factor, and a few of our boys were out on their feet. This kept our resident runner Lenny Fitcher very busy in the last stanza, who was making repeat dashes across the ground as the changes were swung – a massive thanks to Lenny for giving us a hand. To their credit, Hoppers ran hard with the ball in to the wind and kicked two goals to make it very difficult for us. A late surge saw us kick two goals in two minutes, but the weight of numbers was with Hoppers, who ran out 14 point victors.


Already we can see our team gelling together and listening carefully to the game plan and instructions from Andrew and Chris. And already, thoughts are turning to our journey down Ballarat Road next Sunday for the match against Caroline Springs.


Hoppers Crossing 7.11-53 def West Footscray 6.3-39

Goal kickers: Socarates 3, Jack 2, Diesel 1

Best players (on WRFL website): Samuel, Henry, Socrates, Diesel, Leroy (Nugget), Frank.




Under 14 Bs V Williamstown

It was hard to know what to expect for our first game of the season. This team had been come to exist through the merger of kids from different clubs, a happening that had only occurred just a few weeks previously. The opening round coinciding with the first weekend of the school holidays had done us no favours either, and several of our team were unavailable to play our opening game. I’d been fortunate over recent seasons to have a team of kids that had played together for years. They knew each other’s games inside out, and the chemistry that existed within the team was a significant contributor to their many victories. This side however would be starting from scratch. How would they play? Would they gel together out on the field? What would I call them? The Roos-Deers?


The focus pre-game would be all about the process. How do we want to play? The scoreboard would be irrelevant for the first few weeks. Sure, we would like to snag a win or two, but he first part of the season would be about getting them to gel, and most importantly getting them to understand how we want them to play, and what we want to do to go about this.


I won’t go into the excruciating and pun riddled detail of my usual match reports. It’s fair to say we got a serious touch up on Sunday at the hands of a far more polished and cohesive unit from Williamstown. Having said that, despite the magnitude of the defeat Josh and I could still draw quite a few positives from the game. The most obvious to me was that despite what was happening on the paddock, all the boys continued to play with their chins up. We made quite a few blunders that hurt us, we got out bodied all over the ground and had to watch the ball sail over our, and the goal umpires head for most of the afternoon. Despite all of this, the boys kept chipping away at it.


I suspect the Mighty Roos-Deers (I’m running with that) learned a lot on Sunday that will help us improve as the season progresses. There’s no point in getting too down about it boys. It wasn’t our day, we simply look to improve for St Albans this week.


I should say a big thank you to Kiir, Alex, Eli and Thomas who backed up after an Under 12 game in the morning to help us out in the afternoon. That’s a huge effort boys and much appreciated. None of you looked out of place playing for the 14 B’s. Another big clap for Jacob who did the running on Sunday courtesy of that plaster cast on your wrist. It comes off on April 29 folks, then we can let him rip, so lock that one in your calendars! More thanks to Maya and Sophie who ran the drinks after their Under 12 girls’ game in the morning. One last especially big thanks to all the parents who helped.


After arriving at the game with so many questions, only to leave with twice as many, I must say I’m looking forward to our game on Sunday.  Let’s get to work!




Under 15 Girls Vs Caroline Springs

The first Under 15’s Girls Rooster side welcome some new faces to go with some returning Roosters from the Under 12’s last year and it was a wonderful way to start the year with a great team effort from the 17 girls who took the field where they come out winners over Caroline Springs 11 15 81 to 1 0 6.


I could not have asked for anymore from them as they play as a team and link up with handball and by foot to dominant the game. Each girl contribute in their own way to the victory.

It was great to see training drills put into practise.


The first quarter started with the Roosters kicking with the wind, and we peppered the goals but we could only manage one goal to Isabel despite some great efforts from Olivia and Ella H who provide great targets.


At quarter time I asked the girls for a special effort to run and link as in the second quarter we kicked into a strong wind. The girls certainly responded kicking

3 goals 6 behinds for the quarter and be lead by the midfield of Sasha, Sophie, Layla Isabel and Chloe. Up forward Edie 1 goal Miia , Mia  and Liberty supplied great targets. The back line repelled every attack by Caroline Springs and back six of Nina, Alex, Kat,

Ella P,  Matilda and Faith keep them scoreless for the half and provide great drive into our forward.

In the third quarter the girls continued their momentum kicking 5 goals to nil with the wind to close out the game followed by another two goals into the wind in the last in what was a fantastic team effort.


Multiple goal kickers with 2 goals where Sophie Isabel and Sasha with singles to Layla, Alex, Mia, Miia and Edie.

In what was a great team effort our First Rooster of the week thanks to our sponsors at Slice Girls (4 Yewers St Footscray) was Sasha Nelson playing her first game for the club.

A big thanks to all the families that help make the day run smoothly and remember without you the girls can’t run on the ground each week.

Hope to see you all at training this week especially Tuesday with the AFLW girls from the Bulldogs coming down.