Round 10 Match Reports & Photos

Hi Folks below are our Match Reports for Round 10.

We have now made writing these reports optional for our coaches as like everyone, they have a busy life and they are all volunteers. We invite our parents and/or players to write a game report themselves and we will post those here that week. These don’t need to be long, just a brief description of the game is enough. Send to our club email at by Wednesday midday to be sure they get posted.

Thanks to our coaches or parents who have found time to write these reports again this week.

Under 9 Blues Vs St Bernards

Frozen Grounds and Frozen Fingers.

This was to be the 1st of our ‘Return Matches’ this year.  St Bernards beat us in our very first game this year, at home.  We were just finding our feet and gave up a couple of ‘kick across the face of goals’ easy shots.

I know we have improved, but I’m sure they have too.


Our focus all week (I really wanted to get one over this Club) was to get back to our ‘Good Footy’ – some players behind the ball, run and play to our space and no loose players when they have it.  To get back to our Teamwork and not just individuals’ plays.


Rolecall : absent today were Zavier, Leo and Tiger.

Captains : Ben – who shows great courage and Teamwork on the field.

                  Ryder – who has great enthusiasm and is improving each week.


1st Quarter;

The Game got moved to the sunnier and bigger ground to avoid the frost and ice that came off the plastic tarp protecting the cricket wicket on our normal field.  From the elevated Coaches Box – the players on the far side did seem small.

Hamish set an early standard playing in front of a taller player.  Jack provided some rebound off half back, Mav got his legs running hard, Natalie attacked the ball and Arthur was getting some telling kicks through the midfield. 

The game was mainly in midfield and our F50.  Angus worked hard near the goalsquare and nearly got his reward a few times.  Ben and Hamish worked well together.  Natalie passed well to Angus.  Logan -> Jack -> Fletcher -> Zoe on the wing showed our link-up play was back.  Ben got a nice handball out to Arthur. Brayden on to Ryder kept the ball going our way.

Mav was getting to a lot of contests and tacking everyone.

Harvey W took a diving mark and passed well to Logan.

Deep in our F50, Maverick dodged through the pack and found space were there was none to shoot and score our first GOAL!

A great start to the game.


2nd Quarter;

Jacob made a good pick-up in congestion and a clearing kick in the middle, Natalie helped the ball forward.  Mav got the ball in our F50 and passed on to Arthur – Mark, play on and GOAL! – really nice flowing play by all players involved.

As the day warmed up (leaving frost only in the tree line shadows) as was our game.

Brayden worked hard in a pack, Ryder and James combined well, Arthur kicked to space in front of Harvey H, who then linked with Cooper.

Our Half-Backs held position and kept the ball rebounding in.

Harrison-> James -> Maverick : Mark – Set Shot and GOAL!

The term finished with Zoe locking the ball in our F50.

Half time oranges taste sweeter when we are playing well. 

Magnets were moved and the same messages reinforced – we are doing a lot well, keep it up.


3rd Quarter;

Nico started us off with a strong mark and play on.  Jack was providing us ball out of the middle.  Our new backline (Nico, Angus and Cooper) was playing in position and using the ball well.

Jack took a diving mark, passed to Fletcher, on to Logan then Arthur.  His kick went out in front of Harvey W who was running to space on the wing.  Harrison got the ball into our F50, Jacob pulled a “Maverick move’ and stole the ball out of a pack – shot on the run – oooh just wide.  Great play again though.

Reading the play beautifully and taking a intercept mark was Nico.  Harvey H was also taking defensive marks.

The game had intensified and evened up.

The opposition Runner commented on the high quality of the game.

Zoe provide run and kicked forward.  Ben took another mark from good positioning.  Ryder worked hard to get in a tackle. Cooper ran with a bounce and got the ball forward.


I asked for one last effort, finish the game off in the manner we are playing.

One big “ROOSTERS!” and out we went for the last term.


4th Quarter;

Jack and Zoe combined through the middle. Fletcher popped a nice handball out of a pack.  From the F50 Maverick went into heavy traffic to tackle (did he actually tackle every opposition player today?) and came out with the ball.  Zoe got a kick to our goalsquare, Jacob had his shot smothered, but Maverick was on hand to gather and GOAL!

After the re-start Fletcher provided a great chase and tackle to win a free kick.

Jack -> Zoe -> Harvey W into our F50.  Instead of blazing away a shot, he saw Jacob in the HotSpot and passed around the corner to him.  Jacob had time to gather, turn and straighten for his first Roosters GOAL!

*(this is currently my favourite Roosters play – correct play, unselfish play by Harv W that gave his Teammate time to score  – 3rd time lucky for Jacob)

Our Backline were hunting in packs and the game finished with Fletcher winning a strong ball out of a pack in the defensive goalsquare -> Jack -> Logan and a clearing kick to the wing.

SIREN! – Woohoo!!


What a performance.  We have set ourselves a new standard.


The St Bernards Coach mentioned our positioning and Teamwork, which was especially satisfying as we worked on that all week.

Special Mentions:


Maverick – 3, Arthur – 1, Jacob – 1.

Heartland Award :

Harvey Warhurst – another strong game, some great positioning and Teamwork.

Roosters of the Week :

Nico – hasn’t missed a beat since returning to the Team.

Liye – our newest Teammate who is quickly getting involved and contributing well.


I want to thank all the players for listening at training all week and pre-game, and for an outstanding effort in the game.

You may sense some extra passion in this report – this is my 1st win against the St Bernards Teams – so Thankyou. (Any previous years U9 Blue Parents may understand! – 5 goals to 1 Woohoo)

3 Loud “Roosters” and a “Cock-a-Doodle-Do”


See you at training.


Under 9 Reds Vs Williamstown Juniors

It had been three weeks since our last game thanks to the long weekend and then a bye. This was a tough way to get back into the routine – only 3 degrees, a heavy dew on the grass and the sun only just peeping above the roof tops.  On the up side the usual Willi wind wasn’t blowing and there was no cricket mud bath in the middle.  The old shed change room was full of chat about the Matilda’s world cup result which may have caused a few late arrivals.  Jensen and Lachie were captains and led the team out into the early morning sun.

The game started with some quick ball movement by Willi and it seemed the Roosters were still defrosting.  Bodee was holding the fort at fullback with some strong marks and one huge kick-out after a point.  Carl roamed the ground well as ruck and took a good mark.  Eli hunted the ball on his wing and tackling much bigger opponents.  Paddy also started strongly, attacking the ball and the packs.  Lachie moved the ball forward and Arlo took a good mark in the forward pocket but couldn’t quite convert. Despite our efforts Willi kept pressing and we needed to regroup at quarter time.

The second quarter started more evenly with Tom E. using his height in the ruck and clean skills from Charlie drove the ball into our forward line.  Jensen was applying plenty of forward pressure and Oliver took a mark at full forward, but his shot was just off line.  Eamon played strongly in the middle and earnt some good free kicks.  Oscar was also elusive on his wing and took a good mark.  Zeph had given all he could but illness overcame him as he reluctantly rugged up for the second half.

By the third quarter the sun was starting to warm the air a little and so did the Roosters.  Enrique and Otis were defending strongly across half back.  Tom W. was contesting on his wing and Tom Mulcahy linked up well through the middle with some run.  Bodee pushed forward from the ruck to get on the end of things and kicked a team lifting goal.  He deservedly had a little strut to the huddle at ¾ time.

The Roosters continued to give their all in the last quarter.  Hugo was tackling strongly and positioning well at CHB.  One of the best passages of play involved kicks from Tom Mulcahy to Eden, and then quickly onto Bodee, who finished kicking another excellent team goal.  Tom Mitchell played an excellent quarter at fullback repelling attacks with sure hands.  The Roosters finished strongly with Zach marking deep forward and calmly slotting a goal with a nice kick.

I was very proud of how the Roosters kept trying throughout the game. They showed some passages of skilful play, as well as plenty of courage in cold and tough conditions.  We will continue practicing our defensive pressure and attack on the ball.  Paddy collected he heartland after a courageous 4 quarter effort. Slice Girls Rooster of the week was well deserved by Bodee and Oscar.  The forecast for next Sunday is a lot warmer and I hope the players are looking forward to it as much as me.




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