WEST FOOTSCRAY ROOSTERS – Under 9 Reds vs. Flemington Juniors – Round Ten – 23/6/17.

Good Evening Sports Fans.

It was always there in the fixture, Round Ten. Even after round one, it was still nine rounds away so mathematically it had to come. Sure enough, a round nine win against Albion meant a Round Ten clash with Flemington was imminent. At least we had nine rounds to prepare.  Not necessarily preparing for the best team, but there is something about them that makes you want to play your best. Is it because last year they were coached by Scotty Cummings? Is it because they film every game? I don’t know, just a bit of ego talkin’ I guess.  We have a good record against The Colts though. Recent history has at one win a piece. It would be nice to go one up!

Our Captains for the day would be Otto and Riley. We lost the toss and were kicking to the Commissions.

Wait….. Is that a drone hovering over our heads?! What did I tell ya!

The first stanza would prove to be a tight tussle but the Niner’s would prove to be a little bit slicker than the Colts. It took a few minutes of sizing each other up before Archie, determined not to repeat his inaccuracy from last week, kicked his and our first for the day. As I mentioned, it was tight, but we had all the answers. Sasha the Dasher, as usual ran his socks off and Howe Diddy was electric. Raz was monstrous, I might have to start calling him “Hurls” such is his strength. Clara and Archer kept up the pressure in the forward line as did Oliver and Jack P in defence. Harry and Archie took fine marks and at the siren, it was close with the Niner’s up by seven points, 19 to 12.

The Second Quarter would be just as tight as the first. The effort of Niner’s was outstanding across the board. Diesel was chasing and tackling as was Abby. Lace Up, like the Joker, was at the bottom of most packs, Dylan and Jack G kept up the heat in the middle and Dozer and Aiden patrolled the forward line like hungry dogs looking for scraps. Oscar and Jack G linked up for a nice play which made me think that we have come a long way this year. The only score of the quarter would be a goal to Howe Diddy who owned the footy and would prompt Kane’s opposite Manager to call the Heartland before half time!

The tussle would continue in the third, with both goal umpires drinking Latte’s and enjoying a little down time in the morning sun. However the battle between the opposing goal posts was fierce. Louis and Max ‘more than a’ Phelan were injected into the mid field and kept the Roosters engine rumbling. Riley assumed his usual third quarter role in the ruck with his newly shaved scone adding to the physical menace that he provides. Archer, who is taking it up a notch each week, was crunched in bone rattling tackle that shook him up momentarily but he continued on, not wanting to miss out on the action. Iggy had a terrific second half, he looks to be really enjoying getting his hands dirty and went on to win Rooster of the Week for his efforts and Captain Otto had his skates on chasing the footy through the middle. The back line was strong with Jami, Archie and Harry providing the run off half back and Rylan hanging tough at full back.

It was still close at the beginning of the last, only fourteen points. Considering that they had only kicked twelve points so far, it seemed unlikely. You could feel the energy in the huddle, like a shaken can of Coke ready to be opened by an unwitting Rube .The past two quarters had been restricting and The Little Red Roosters were ready to offer our hosts a little drink.

“Why thank you Roosters, don’t mind if we do”!

Siren sounds, whistle blows, then silence, everything appears in slow motion. Everything except the Niners!  Enough was enough; they exploded from the blocks leaving the Colts at the gates. Harry kicked the first. Raz crashed his way forward to land one on the chest of Iggy. Unfortunately it drifted across the face for a Wilbur Poster. Marking would be a pleasing feature of the quarter with Harry, Louis, Archie, Dozer, Maxie and Iggy all taking grabs. The pressure on the Colts was relentless. Archer and Action Jackson kept the wings flapping. Archie roved to kick his third, Raz attacked to kick his first, Maxie ducked and weaved for his first and Archie would round it out with his forth. The Colts would manage one, their first score since the first quarter but the rout had already been inflicted; 9.4.58 – 3.0.18. Five goals to one in the last, well done Roosters. Ego soothed!

Well, we have earned it. Our turn for a rest this weekend with the Niner’s snagging the bye in the first week of school hols. Enjoy your time off Little Red Roosters. Our next game will be a cracker under Friday Night Lights against the mite of Williamstown. We will be keen to follow on from the success of the Blues in what we hope will be an annual tradition of Friday night footy. We hope to see you all there.

Special thanks to Brad for tending to the wounded, and to everyone who filled the volunteered roles, and to those who cheered us on away from home, we can’t do this without you, it is most appreciated.

Richie and Kane. Round 10 – Away to Altona Vikings.


After last weeks strong and disciplined performance we had a spring in our step as we prepared in the chilly morning air for this encounter.


Our Captains today are Alan Luu and Miles Martin – a good reward for ongoing strong efforts and improvements.


1st Quarter;

The first tap of the day was won by Jake, down to Arti, who then moved it on to Mitchell – we were away immediately with some good Teamwork. Mitchell applied good pressure around a loose ball which eventually came out to Oscar – who kicked the games first Goal.

From the kick-off, the ball headed the other way through loose Viking players and and their good foot passing.

We re-focussed and the game became more of a battle between the 50m archs.

Efe was working hard at getting the ball forward for us, Alex had some big kicks – clearing players in defence.  Mitchell was rewarded for a strong tackle in our goalsquare with a free kick – he settled and kicked truly for another Goal.

Oscar kept tackling hard and Bastien was rewarded for repeat efforts at tackling with a free kick.


2nd Quarter;

We lost our shape and concentration a bit in this period of the game.  We were struggling to defend against the Vikings spread out players and didn’t have options ourselves when we had the ball.

(C)Alan was harassing the Viking whenever he was near the ball,  there was strong tacklers in Malik, Arti, Maya and Arlo S-T.

We had some goal saving efforts by Jake, Bastien and (C)Miles.

Jacob and Nathaniel took a good marks.  Max did well under pressure to get a handball away to a Teammate.  Sophia did well to keep the ball in our area. Jake made a great smother on the mark and rolled up with a tackle.


At half time we talked about how we had gone away from doing all the good things that had helped us last week and in the first quarter.

Let’s get the Vitamin c into us, and lets start this game from now and try to keep our shape and kick to the first option.


3rd Quarter;

The game had maybe gotten away from us in the second quarter – but there was a re-need enthusiasm after the long break.

Kai set the example of sticking close to the Viking opposition, Eli and Alex were still applying pressure, Malik had a good kick through the centre of the ground.

We were passing the ball a bit more (sometimes not quite far enough – but the right idea) and working the ball out of defence along the boundary (sometimes going out – but again, the right idea)

Maya had a good handball out of the pack to a Teammate.  Griffin continued his strong all round efforts – highlighted by a smother creating a point scored.

Hadi was bustling the ball forward for his Team.  Felix was strong in defence – watching the ball when surrounded by Vikings.  Noah was watching the play better and sticking to his opposition. Oscar won himself another kick with a great tackle.

A very even quarter – a big improvement from the Second – with not much scoring by either Team.



4th Quarter;

Ok Team, we have got back into the game – lets finish strong.

Mrinal laid tackles, got some possessions and kept up our pressure.

Max again quickly got a handball out of the pack to Oscar – kick to our goalsquare, where Jacob gathered the ball and Goaled.

Oscar took another good mark, Felix saved a goal in defence and kept going at the ball.  Arlo M guarded his space in defence and made a good tackle.  Hadi had a good kick out of defence.  Nathaniel kept running and offering an option to pass to.  Griff was trying to link with his Teammates.

Late in the quarter, Jake bustled across our crowded goalsquare and snapped the last Goal of the day.

–              A great way to finish the game.


Today the Heartland Award went to (C)Miles Martin – for ongoing efforts with and without the ball.


Our Rooster Awards went to Maya and Oscar – for continually setting good examples of effort and Teamwork.



We played well in patches today – but went away from holding our shape at times, and that is when we were scored against.



Things to work on this week;

–              Kicking on the run.

–              Keepy – off how to keep passing the ball to an option in space.

–              What positions should our players be in when the ball is in different spots on the field.


Overall well done Players,

well done Flag-wavers, Whistle-blowers, H2O Holders, Magnet Movers, Orange-Quarterers, First aid, Press, Paparazzi and Cheer-squad,

Thank-you (as always) Ash, Monique and Paul, and anyone who cannot fit themselves into a previous mentioned spot.


See you at training,






U10 Match Report Round 10 Newport vs West Footscray


I adore all of these little boys, but there’s one I feel a particularly filial, dna-induced affection for.  Luckily for me, I have the pleasure of living with Benny the Dentist and so have been privy to the weekly countdown to his fiftieth game (a countdown in train since July 2016…).  At 9 years, 10 months and 24 days he surely has to be the youngest player in the history of the club to manage that milestone.  Could he possibly play 200 games for West Footscray?  Bronze sculpture on its way.  Please excuse the self-indulgence, but hey, write a match report and you too can wax lyrical about your own child.


In the spirit of the theme, I thought I’d base this report around the top 50 highlights of what was a super, all-round brilliant team effort this week.


1st quarter…

  • More than half the team arriving before the door was even unlocked. We’re getting better folks!


  • Several parents offering extra assistance despite all jobs being filled. Thanks for all your support, it makes the game flow so much more smoothly.


  • Marlon forgetting his socks, just when I thought the manager’s kit bag had every possible spare item imaginable.


  • The guard of honour provided by the Newport team to welcome Benny onto the ground. Set the tone for a lovely match played in a really great spirit.


  • The 5XL runner’s polo, looking more like a tent than a shirt. A comical highlight for all but the runner.


  • Marlon’s immediate push forward from the middle, catching Newport unawares.


  • Manny’s quick snap on goal within the first few minutes.


  • The 2nd, 3rd and 4th efforts by Eli in tackling, chasing, and smothering which he kept up for the entire match, earning him the Heartland Award.


  • A brilliant mark by Patrick to swing the flow immediately to our forward line.


  • Alex running around 4 opponents to pass it to Noah the goal machine, who kicked truly.


  • Great smother by the Dentist, first of many for the game.


  • Impressive body work by Flynn stopping any attempt by Newport to clear the ball out of their defence.


  • Terrific defensive work on the Newport forward line by Nicholas, tackling and smothering, which continued throughout the game.


  • Great mark by Rory in the middle just as Newport were pushing forward. He held this position solidly all game.


  • The Kiir-Hamish-Noah combination terrifying the Newport back line.


  • An opposition parent overheard exclaiming “gee that Number 18” can run! Yes, Reuben sure can.


  • Great work out of defence by Zaw Zaw, preventing Newport from getting close to scoring.


  • A goal by Hamish just on the siren, taking us into the quarter-time break at 2.4 having kicked with the (icy) wind.


  • Mad dash to the change rooms to rescue an errant mouthguard – aside from the mid-game workout for the manager this was not a highlight but it doesn’t hurt to slot in a reminder to all players to have all gear organised and ready to go.


2nd quarter…

  • Goal to Ashton shortly after play resumed.


  • Very cosy bench blankies supplied by Lisa, which up until this point have been surplus to requirements but which had a serious workout on Sunday.


  • Ferocious tackling in the backline from Patrick, Zeke, Leo, Ben, Reuben, Hamish… Newport just couldn’t break through.


  • Great reading of the play by Leo and William to clear the ball out of defence time after time.


  • Joharo patrolling the centre like a general and directing the ball forward.


  • Strong kicking into the wind by Kiir to clear the ball from danger.


  • Restricting Newport to a 1 point quarter with the wind, while kicking several of our own (our conversion could still do with some work though!).


3rd quarter…

  • An immediate goal to Alex within seconds of play resuming.


  • Brilliant reading of the play by Thomas, swooping as he did all game to get the ball quickly to Patrick.


  • Umpire Dave pinging Patrick for running too far. Not a highlight, but it couldn’t go un-mentioned.


  • Swarming of Ashton-Manny-Alex in the forward line to repeatedly pepper the goals (did I already mention that conversion rate…?)


  • A brilliant, text-book tackle by Ben earning a free kick and saving a sure Newport goal.


  • Umpire Dave paying a second free for running too far, this time against Ben. Again not a highlight, but you could never question his bias.


  • A courageous smother by Flynn thwarting Newport’s first set shot on goal.


  • An exciting, attention-grabbing passage from Reuben hoovering the ball from the centre, streaming down the wing and booting the ball towards goal – deserved better than a point.


  • Patrick marking the kick-in and immediately kicking a goal.


  • Brilliant mark to Reuben on the half-back line, followed by the trademark run-around-onto-his-left-foot (and-by-now-every-scout-knows-this-kid-is-a-ball-magnet-and-can-run-like-the-wind-so-just-be-sure-to-keep-him-off-his-left).


  • Flynn emerging from the pack for an impressive, if awry kick on goal.


  • Alex seizing on the subsequent scrum to finish off the quarter with a goal.


  • Des’ 3/4 time address, drawing on his trademark wisdom and imparting a few life lessons along the way. This particular address congratulated the boys on their whole-team effort to that point and encouraged them to bring it home.  It went something along the lines of… “It’s got to be a do-or-die effort. It’s got to be a determined effort. You’ve got to show me all the guts and determination you’ve got in your body. You’ve got to inspire me with this last quarter finish. You’ve been in front all day and you’ve got to stay there.”  Pretty good stuff.


4th quarter…

  • William desperately diving on a Newport-bound ball to thwart any chance of a final quarter comeback.


  • Ben surging through the middle from the backline to take a terrific mark.


  • Marlon bursting through the pack to somehow find a way forward to Noah.


  • Kiir guarding the Newport goals, preventing any last minute scoring.


  • Dave throwing in yet another ‘ran too far’ free to Newport. Seriously, he’s umpiring with one of those wheel things we used to have in primary school in the 80s, before lasers, and digital technology and the like, (you know the ones that you roll around and they click when you pass certain increments.  I think it’s called a trundle wheel.  Stay with me.)


  • The final tally of 7 goals (and too many points) while restricting Newport to 1.1.


  • The attempt by several boys to chair Ben off the ground, nearly dropping him on his head in the process.


  • The eventually successful chair-off managed by Kiir (on his own).


  • The glorious, joyful performance of ‘Roosters, Roosters, Roosters, cock-a-doodle-do’ heard bellowing from the Visitors’ change-rooms (thank God the U13s have moved onto something a little more manly… I really can’t imagine the likes of Zidane and Juma belting that one out…)


  • The support of all our parent volunteers today, including Craig whose son Tem was a late withdrawal but he still donned the yellow escort vest nonetheless.


  • The dedication and commitment of Coach Des who gives these boys so much, week after week even though his time is well and truly taken up by other matters at present. Love your work, Des!




Here we go;


Round 10 was the first of the return matches and so we ventured to Kinder Smith (what or who is Kinder Smith?  Google failed to enlighten this seasoned scribe) to take on Sunshine.  We delved into the notebook on what they served up last time and all the notes centred on #12.  There was no question the lad could play (he played interleague so we weren’t the only ones that knew he could play).


We had a couple of late (very late) withdrawals leaving us with 16.  We did have Jack and Weston on the fast train from Altona, but we took the field without them.  Jonathan won the toss and we kicked with the breeze – massive bonus, as we surged out of the middle via Alex, Lenny and our skipper, Jonathan.  This gave plenty of supply for Soc and Diesel to do their usual bit and hit the scoreboard early.  The boys, however, were only in second gear – drifting, grouping and kicking down the line; all things we wish to avoid and after a lacklustre quarter, 4 goals to 1 with a significant breeze gave the coaching staff a bit to ponder.


Hamish making his debut proved a handy asset and one of the highlights was him getting his first goal – into the breeze no less, that allowed us to score 2 goals to none in the second.  Henry and Ben were winning their positions – something Sunshine didn’t handle at all.  Combine that with Juma, Leo, Isaac, Bailey and Samuel holding down the fort in the backline – West asserted their dominance.  Juma playing very tight, Leo – reading the play well and both Isaac and Bailey refusing to let the ball past.  All traits of dominant sides.  Lenny continued to marshal the troops, I love the way he plays, he puts his head over it, knows how to look for an option and doesn’t buckle under pressure from the opposition.  The long break came with the Roosters in control 6.5 to 1.1.


The instructions at half time was to sharpen the skills, play to the whistle and put Sunshine away in the 3rd quarter.  Juma was moved forward, Hamish slotted onto the back flank, Ben into the ruck and Diesel up onto a wing.  This gave Sunshine even more to think about.  #12 was struggling to assert any influence – particularly given Liam was assigned the task of minimising his impact; a job he mastered with aplomb.  The third started with Jack and Weston (much needed reinforcements) hovering around half forward, and what a nuisance they proved to be.  Time and time again, they got on the end of the clearance and set up chances for Soc, Juma and Nav.  Nav, despite a return bout of the fumbles, continued to involve himself in many passages of play and proved a massive headache for our hosts.    6 goals to none ended the contest but there was still work to do.  One of the highlights was Juma winning a deliberate rushed behind free kick to kick one of our 6 goals for the quarter – a rule rarely seen enforced at this level, but strictly speaking it was the right call.


The last 20 minutes saw another reshuffle of the borad.  Lachie – who had been very solid all game, involved himself again to bob up and kick a vital goal into the wind.  Henry and Samuel continued to dominate their positions.  Samuel playing a very impressive game across half back and repelling the odd wave of Sunshine attack.  His kicking continues to impress.  Hitting targets, both long and short is a skill all would do well to try to replicate.  Henry, time and time again shows his elite running power and we have yet to see anyone who can match it with him.  Not to be outdone was Bailey, who again shows his worth to his team through his versatility.  When the time comes for him to go, he goes and is rarely beaten in a 1-on-1 contest.  Although the opposition coach may have had his wires crossed re our goal kickers, Bailey was a deserved winner of the Heartland Award today.  His season to date has been one of consistency.  He is always willing to play the role asked of him and it is always carried out with a minimum of fuss – well deserved Bailey!


The final siren sounded to confirm another solid Rooster victory.  The boys had survived being the hunted – yet that mantle will not disappear over the remaining 4 home and away games.  The challenges keep on coming, with a loaded Williamstown arriving at Shorten on Sunday looking to atone for their last effort against our Red & White machine.


Thanks to Weston and Jack for answering our SOS – particularly Jack who felt the full brunt of U13 footy; rest up pal, we may need you again soon.  Thanks also go to our band of helpers and supporters.  Shannon with the fruit, Simon M on boundary (keep practicing those throw ins), Margriet on first aid duties, Yenny & Thomas with drinks, Jamie T in goals and Con escorting umpires and Arjuna on the clock.


We get a few boys back next game, but that by no means suggests the load will be taken up by others.  Continue working on the track boys, plenty of hard work is ahead of us.  The WRFL just don’t hand out awards for 10 games.  The season is hotting up and it is time for the Roosters to take it to the next level.


Our regular team awards were shared amongst Diesel and Samuel today.  We pride our performance on team first and play your role accountability and these two fine young Roosters continue to display these traits in spades.  Well earnt boys!!


Onwards we go and make sure we get to training to keep working hard on our game.


Scores:  WFFC 15.9.99 def Sunshine 2.2.14

Goals: Soc 3, Nav 2, Diesel 2, Juma 2, Hamish 1, Lachie 1, Weston 1, Liam 1, Henry 1, Ben 1