Round 10 – U9 Blue – Home to St Bernards


This was the second game of the ‘play them again’ part of the season.  We had received a bit of a touch up by this St Bernards 1st time around.  I know we have improved, but would it be enough?

Though we had the early start, we weren’t kicking dew off this morning, but we were dealing with some drizzle to make the ball slippery.  Players weren’t complaining and the smell of cooked bacon pleased the supporters.

Holidays had left us a few short but our Team Managers found some eager Roosters from the Orange Team in Jackson Z, Jack Mosca and Hugo (thankyou Guys) that gave us a full team to start.

Absent today were Eli, Dylan, Archer and Lachlan.

Captains today; chosen for showing on ground leadership, was Jackson Rose and Arlo.

Umpire Merv was in control, we have already experienced his umpiring and demonstration of ‘other’ rules of the game.


1st Quarter;

We won the toss and chose to have the drizzle blown on our backs as we headed to the Dog Park end.

Ben and Hamish won the 1st centre clearance.

The ball got locked into the St Bernards end.  As they put on defensive pressure, our players all got back to help out.  That left us short of options to clear the area to. Arlo(C) and Hamish were getting plenty of the ball, breaking tackles and getting it as far forward as they could.

Jack M took on the Full Back duties and was taking marks and was able to find our players with his kick-ins.

Hamish to Ben was a nice handball on the run.

After a few wide shots, St Bernards finally broke our resistance and got one between the big sticks (though there were claims of touched on the line)

Bad memories of our 1st encounter were returning.

From the re-start things went better though –

Finn won a free kick at half-forward, he got it on to Jackson, further on to Arlo(C) who had a running shot at goal from wide out…. a behind the result (and Fletcher was waiting in the Hotspot – Coaches Note: refer to last weeks goalkicking results training)

However, the ball was at our end and our hard work was keeping it there.

Hamish gathered a clearing kick and kicked to space in front of Fletcher, he ran onto the ball and got it to Arlo.

Jackson(C) joined in and worked a handball combination with Arlo and Fletch.

Hamish won another 50/50 ball in the centre.


We worked our way back into the contest with our effort, but we had moved away from what we had been doing so well the previous weeks.

‘Don’t bunch up, play in front, keep moving’


2nd Quarter;

Rotations got Arlo(C) into the middle of the ground to use his drive.

The game was still hard fought around the ball, but the territory game was starting to even out.

Nathaniel – Arlo(C) on the wing – Hamish – and forward again to Harvey.  Our link up play was starting to show results. Another shot from the pocket went wide.

We covered the St B players and didn’t let them get the ball far.

Nathaniel won a free kick for good work getting low for the ball.  His pass found Arlo(C)(mark). He played on and wheeled around on his right and sent (add Brian Taylor voice-over) a low-hard-bullet of a ball to the top of the square. Tom was in position, but as if he had body armour on the bullet bounced off his chest with a thump.  Through the pack of players, Hudson found Jack M with a tidy handball, but the snap went wide.

We locked the ball in our A50 (as ALL our players were in there…) Arlo won a free and got the ball back to the HotSpot.  Jack Mosca this time found space where the was none, had a snap over his shoulder and rewarded with a GOAL!

Hudson won our next centre clearance and got the ball into our forward line.

A kick out of the pack was touched on the line.

Hudson locked the ball in by winning possession, on to Hamish who then found Harvey.  The ball was now deep in our attacking 50. Finn smothered a clearing kick, Jackson won a free as St B were under relentless pressure.  Set shot – Jackson(C) – no worries – GOAL!

Our next foray forward (again? Yes!) was a bit more of a scramble, but an effective scramble.  Hamish burst the pack open with ball in hand, rolled around to his left and banged through another sausage –  GOAL!

3 Goals in a quarter, well done players! – Reward for strong efforts and some better decision making.

Enjoy the long break, oranges and enthusiastic “well-played Roosters” comments from our supporters.


3rd Quarter;

Tom won us a hardball and got it forward, Jack P made a good play in defense trapping the ball and looking up before kicking.

Fletcher got the ball through the middle and on to Jack P, who then linked up with Arlo(C)– nice play.

Nathaniel is getting a taste for bodying players off the ball to win possession.

Jackson(C) laid a good tackle stopping a St B run at goal.

Hamish was doing his thing with a strong run and clearing kick.

Fletch took a mark on the wing, on to Harvey (mark) and then further forward to Arlo(C) for a shot at goal.

Fletch was owning his wing – he stopped the St B forward moves with tackle after tackle, including one on their biggest player ‘Baz’, that shook the Coaches Box.

Jack P had a taste for the contest today and throw himself on a players’ boot to smother a kick.

Ed was determined not to let the ball get past him in defense.

Ryan was taking a few marks and wheeling around onto his right foot to kick.


3 / 4 Time meant we bit farewell to our 9’s Orange comrades – Thankyou again Jackson, Hugo and Jack for your help today and Good Luck in your own game…


4th Quarter;

We had a diminished Team, one borrowed player and vowed to run out the game

The pressure stakes had raised again around the ball – Arlo(C) and Hamish were in amongst it, doing some heavy work. Tom had a strong defensive effort, Ed got over the ball twice in our forward half.

Harvey and Tom worked together to get the ball going our way. A kick deep into our attacking 50 where Fletch and Finn worked a 1-2 and a quick kick – GOAL! To Finn.

Ben made a big tackle, Harvey got involved in defense, Oscar took another mark.

We had sustained pressure in our forward half.

Finn had another shot.

The ball was head out when Arlo(C) intercepted and had a shot on the run.  This time he wasn’t as wide out and slotted another GOAL!


A thoroughly enjoyable game, open and end-to-end.

5 Goals by our Roosters and an evenly contested game was a huge improvement to our first meeting with St Bernards.  (We were unlucky to have a few of their Goals allowed : missed a goal-line clearance, an unfortunate ‘off the ground’ free kick and a very quick re-start)

We can certainly hold our heads high after this one.


Special Mentions;

Goal Scorers :

  • Jackson, Hamish, Finn, Arlo, Jack M. – 1 each

Rooster’s of the Week:

  • Jack P : won plenty of the ball with his efforts, looked up and passed effectively to his Team-mates.
  • Tom : Continues to have meaningful possessions and demonstrate good positioning and Teamwork, all with an infectious enthusiasm.


Thankyou Players, TM’s, Parents, Medics, Scribes, Orange Slicer, Cheersquad, Magnets Mover, Flag Waver, Re-hydrator and Canteen.


We have another Blockbuster Friday Night game this week – I’m looking forward to it already….

See you at training.



Round 11 – Roosters U10 Blues (Bloosters) vs Flemington


First I want to thank all the parents for their efforts to get your kids to our game on a chilly Sunday morning when you all really deserve to be eating breaky in bed served up by your little angels. There’s a hint kids, in 3 weeks you can reward your wonderful parents with something nice on a Sunday morning after all their effort getting you to games this footy season .

Once again we had a full list to choose from thanks to some awesome help from our U10 Reds team. So to Merrick, Efe, Dozer, Diego, Arti and Walter, a HUUUUGE thank you for a great effort. Every one of you played a big part in helping us have a very successful game. A special thanks to your parents for making the effort to get you all to your second game for the weekend.

So last time we played Flemington it was a tough game and I think they got a couple of late goals to get on top of us in the end. Well this game I asked for 3 goals in the last quarter and we got 4!!. That’s the kind of return I like to see from my team, and it showed you all fought hard till the end, which is all I could ask for. I think this shows just how much our team has improved over the season so I hope you’re all super proud of your game this week.


In all my planning this week I forgot to pick out the 3 leaders so a last minute call was to give Rylan the captains role for his first time and he played it very well. He was unlucky to be second in a few of the TEAM categories and with Mitch playing a blinder he missed the Rooster of the Week but he deserves special mention for an all round great game.


Many of you are getting better at working as a team so it makes it harder to award (and harder to win) this award.  Some of our players who showed some good teamwork were Rylan, Mitch, Diego and Walter. I felt that Max showed the highest level of teamwork by not only displaying it himself but also helping others to position themselves especially when he played in the back line. Great teamwork Turbo!


How do you pick one out of all the effort today I hear you ask. We you’re right it’s not easy but these awards are about giving all our players something to strive for. A few that I’d like to mention for making top effort were Steven, Rylan, Alan, Arti, Oscar, Alex, Jacob, Mitch, Billy, Merrick, Kai and Dozer. As it turns out the one who I decided to award best Effort today was the one that didn’t even know there was an award. Eli played his first ever ‘real’ game of footy today and I think you would all agree that he showed some awesome efforts. So nice one Eli and welcome aboard the Bloosters train!


I keep banging on about awareness and positioning on the field, and for this game that was my number one focus. I wanted everyone to try to hold their position on the ground and reset those once the ball had moved on. I was happy to see many of you must have been listening and those include Rylan, Aiden, Efe, Max, Jacob, Mitch, Wes. We still have some improvement to make in this area but I reckon we’re getting better. What this means when we win the ball we have someone in a good position to receive it then move it to the next person. So awareness isn’t easy but if we are all ‘in the game’ and aware of our position we will play better as a team. This week lots of you showed great awareness but I selected Steven who I thought had shown even greater awareness than he had previously so I think this was well deserved. Great stuff Steven!


You won’t get the ball if you don’t move, that’s pretty , but it’s where you move to that will decide how often you get it. Today I saw some of the same players get the ball multiple times, not just because they were chasing the ball, but because they were moving well into good positions to get the ball once it was kicked or handballed from the contest. So this week Mitch and Jacob were standouts when it came to movement and they were both rewarded with lots of touches of the ball. Others who I thought showed some good movement were Mitch, Max, Rylan, Arti, Alan and Aiden. While everyone did really well, I thought Jacob was a well earnt winner of the Movement award this week. Awesome Jacob!

Rooster of The Week (ROW)

It’s not often that we have a clear standout with all our players being great contributors to the team. But today I think Mitch deserved both the Heartland and the ROW award for his game this week. I believe he has been working on his game and skills even beyond regular training and it really shows. His multiple efforts to get the ball, positioning on the ground and great movement meant he did all that was asked and then some. Fantastic Mitch, keep that up buddy!

So we have 2 more games to go. Can’t say I’m happy about that but let’s make the best of them. Hopefully we see many of you at one or both our training sessions this week to get ready for our big home game next week against Caroline Springs.

P.S. I managed to re injure a calf muscle today (Sunday) while playing soccer (see it’s a very dangerous sport ) against Kai and Oscar so if any Mums or Dads want to come and help with training that would be good. Cheers, Ash.

Go Bloosters!!


Round 11 vs Wyndhamvale


West Foots: 1.0   5.0 5.0 6.1.37




Wyndhamvale:  0.4 0.4 1.8   1.9.15


Goals: Sasha 3, Jamison 1, Harry 1, Jake 1


With one of the coaches back on deck, things were starting to return to normal, although looking around the room prior to the first bounce, there were still a large number of new faces (Added to that, was the late call-up of Kiir to assist the U12s).  Nonetheless, they were all wearing a Rooster jumper and prepared to give their all for the full 4 quarters. Sophie and Maya donned the captain’s armbands and led from the front. Maya busy in the middle and Sophie working up and back across half forward.  The call was to spread the ball early to take advantage of our runners and wear down a 16-man opposition outfit. A flukey breeze saw Wyndhamvale have first use and whilst the ball was in their half for the majority of the first quarter, resolute defence from Ben, Nicholas, Zeke and Tem repelled any dangerous movement.  Jake, Ashton and Rory got their hands on the footy and were able to create some chances for our attacking wingmen of Archie and Griffin. Some good hard running saw us get out the back for Sasha to take full advantage and register our first major of the day. Marlon and Thomas played their roles beautifully, supporting their younger team mates and putting their head over it when it was their time to go.  Great stuff!! Strong tackling was asked for at the first change as well as take advantage of the wind. This quarter saw the Roosters put the result beyond doubt, as well as a spike in the confidence for the team from Shorten Reserve. Sasha, Jake and Harry finished off the good work up field by Miles, Mitchell (joining us after his game earlier in the morning – gutsy effort!!), Harrison, Eli and Maya. Nicholas kept getting in good positions to repel any forays forward and Rory’s tackling (3 holding the ball decisions) were the highlights of the quarter.  Half time saw the magnets shuffled around in a bid to monitor the workloads – the 2 captains had another game to play. Conscious the visitors had the wind and a lapse could see the door opened, the instruction was to play tight, disciplined footy and not to let the Falcons back in. What ensued could only be described as good, hard footy with no side prepared to yield – perhaps a preview of the much anticipated finals series. Whilst the Roosters didn’t trouble the scorers, the willingness to spread the ball wide and work the boundary into the wind was admirable.  This forced the visitors to take low percentage shots at goal resulting in just the one goal for the term. The back was just about broken. The last quarter saw the Roosters dominate possession as the boys from out the back of Werribee tired. Jamison just about provided the highlight of the day, with a kick that he cleverly regathered then sprinted 30m into an open goal to put the icing on the cake. A terrific win with a set of fresh faces that proves a role can be played by anyone and when you have 20 boys and girls working together, anything is possible.


Huge thanks to all who donned the guernsey and a massive pat on the back to Andrea who managed to co-ordinate filling the team with great support from Ash, Paul, Richie and Kane.

Special thanks to the helpers on the day:  Liam on boundary umpire duties, Zoran with the medicals, Kane running the messages, Richie with a sound ear and great sounding board, Xavier providing the water, Steve on the clock AND oranges AND jumper washing duty, Ethan keeping the umpires safe and Craig waving the flags.



Under 12 Round 11


Point Cook Centrals vs West Footscray


The boys were without a win for quite a few weeks and the road trip to play the sharks was a must win given how tight the ladder is. To compound this situation we were without quite a few who were on holidays. Javier, Vinh, Mickey and Christian were all unavailable. We did however have the luxury of the Under 14s not playing courtesy of their opponent forfeiting midweek so Jonathan was drafted in to help us out. We also picked up Kiir from the 11s for the day courtesy of some frantic Saturday night Instagram messaging to his brother Juma. That gave us 19 for the game. The boys shouldn’t have needed much motivation for this game given the importance of the result, but extra incentive was available in the form of Kadin, Xavier and Sean playing their 50th games. On top of this Yash and Aaron were celebrating birthdays. How much more motivation could you need? Our Milestone boys were captains for the game. They lost the toss and we would be kicking into a fairly stiff breeze. When is it not windy in Point Cook?

Point Cook Centrals are probably the tallest team in our competition so no Javier for us was going to hurt. Yash took the ruck duties for the day. He had Weston, Jack and Jonathan in the middle with him. The opening bounce went to Point Cook and they wasted no time going forward. Despite our best efforts we would cough up a goal in the first 90 seconds. Not an ideal start! The next bounce was won by Yash and away we went. The forward line was open thanks to the size of the oval. Rumour has it the goal squares at each end have different postcodes. There was much confusion from parents on the boundary as to who had the ball, particularly when Murphy or Xavier had it with their matching helmets. Thankfully as their coach, and the parent of one I could tell them apart. Chris however may need to go to OPSM in the coming weeks given his inability to identify his own child. Both boys were lively and Murf had one saved right on the goal line. Sean the 50-game man was finding it a fair bit as well. Our mids were winning most of it on the ground and a goal looked likely. It came off the boot of Jonathan who was clearly enjoying his trot in the 12s. Point Cook Centrals (PCC from now on as I grow tired of typing their name) were still very much in the game and enjoyed multiple forward entries. Cooper and Frank were super good down back and repelled quite a few. Samuel laid a ripping tackle on the last line to prevent a goal and win a free.  Leroy was in fine form as well down back. He tackled, spoiled and won his own ball regularly. Despite the wind we kept surging forward thanks to our backs and midfielders. One of these mids was Weston. He hasn’t kicked too many this year due to his role but wasted little time in snagging one at the first opportunity that presented. Bang. 2 goals into the wind was an awesome result for a quality quarter of football.


¼ time P.C.C 2.0.12 vs West Footscray 2.3.15


It was our turn with the wind now. Yash was killing it in the ruck. His follow up work after the ball ups was amazing and effectively gave us an extra running midfielder. Jonathan was really feeling it now and linking up beautifully with his new team mates. Kadin was finding plenty of ball in space and creating attacking moves for our team. Murf and Xavier were still buzzing around our forward line and Xavier almost got his first of the year after Murphy passed to him. Unfortunately, Xavier got tangled up in his own feet and the opportunity was gone. Sas was also enjoying the open spaces. He latched onto one 20 metres out and snapped truly for his first ever goal. His team mates loved it and came from everywhere to celebrate! Our forwards and mids were dominating. Felix was killing it on his wing. His attack on the ball was relentless and fearless. Kiir was a tackling machine and had the kids from PCC second guessing the wisdom of picking up the ball anywhere in his vicinity. E-M was leading beautifully at full forward. His hard work went unrewarded but created paddocks of space behind him as defenders followed him. Nathaniel got busy. He laid tackles and worked hard to lock it in. Jack was everywhere despite being tagged. Never one to miss an opportunity to go forward it was only a matter of time until he snagged one. Bang! Great goal and great 17 minutes of football Roosters!


½ time P.C.C. 2.2.14 vs West Footscray 4.5.29


The magnets were shuffled for the third. Jack went forward to shake his tagger, Leroy was injected into the middle and Yash given a spell from the ruck, with Jonathan having a run there instead. Another big effort was required into the wind. PCC were looking a much better side with the breeze at their backs. Our defenders had plenty to do. Frank and Cooper were outstanding at half back. Yash was on fire as well. So much for his rest! Aaron won several crucial contests at full back in an outstanding display. Zach pounced on anyone wearing a Sharks jumper with the ball. Despite PCC’s best efforts our defence refused to crack. In fact, we looked more likely to score as we rebounded up the ground from defence. Kadin and Felix were tearing up their wings. Leroy was a force to be reckoned with! Jonathan was everywhere and Weston was setting us up beautifully. AS mentioned earlier, Jack near goal is a real concern for all teams and he wasted no time in hitting the scoreboard. Not content with that he preceded to hit it again! That was 3 in a row for him and the PCC coach must have been lamenting his decision to take his tagger off Jack.


¾ time P.C.C. 3.3.21 vs West Footscray 6.6.42


We had doubled the score of PCC and were now coming home with the wind. Aaron was moved forward as were Zach and Samuel. Yash went back into the ruck and Jack back into the engine room….to continue the Jack Gerardi show! He was on fire and so was the team. Our boys were unrelenting and PCC just couldn’t respond. E-M was flying out of the goal square on the lead. Jack kicked it over him to the vacant space E-M had created and scored his fourth in a row. His old man did his best to upstage him with some masterfully crafted goal umpiring theatrics, but to no avail! Minutes later Jack did it again and so did Andrew! 5 in a row for Jacko! PCC had no answers to the Roosters attacking play. Kadin marked dead in front about 30 metres out and lined up the big sticks. Much to everyone’s surprise, particularly Murphy’s, he passed to Murf who wasn’t looking. He almost clunked it……. almost. Take the shot next time Kadin. Jonathan was still flying around and in everything. Kiir was sensational at keeping it locked in. Zach found plenty of it and almost snagged one for himself. Weston drifted forward and slotted a very nice one from a tight angle for his second of the day. Still the ball kept coming forward. Samuel gathered the pill off the deck about 20 out and slotted his first of the year and showed so little excitement I thought he had missed. A huge last term had seen our boys get over the line in a very impressive display of football.


Full Time P.C.C. 4.3.27 vs West Footscray 10.10.70


A fantastic game and a much-needed win for the 12’s. The way we moved the ball was sensational. A huge thank you to Jonathan and Kiir for playing with us. You two were brilliant! The club song was replaced by a powerful version of Happy Birthday for Yash and Aaron. All 3 of our 50 game champs played amazingly well and Sean took home his first Heartland. Well done boys!