Round 11 Match Reports & Photos

Hi Folks below are our Match Reports for Round 11.

We have now made writing these reports optional for our coaches as like everyone, they have a busy life and they are all volunteers. We invite our parents and/or players to write a game report themselves and we will post those here that week. These don’t need to be long, just a brief description of the game is enough. Send to our club email at by Wednesday midday to be sure they get posted.

Thanks to our coaches or parents who have found time to write these reports again this week.

Under 9 Blues Vs Altona

As we arrived at the ground for a friendly weekend timeslot of 10:30 kick-off, we saw the last part of our U9 Reds taking on a Team in Purple and Yellow.  “How were they?” “That’s Altona, and that’s the umpire from our Round 2 game”.

Our Team was happy to set a Guard of Honour line for the U9Reds as they left the field after a strong effort.


For our game, the holidays and winter symptoms had prevented us having Leo, Hamish, Tiger, Nico, angus and Zavier.

Luckily the easily we had Noah and Zeph from the Reds on hand to help out.

Captains : Cooper – for adding speed to our game and helping us to spread out.

                     Liye – adding his effective possessions to our game.


After coming off a great performance last week I was hopeful of another similar effort.

Unfortunately for us, the excitement in the room was for the end of the school term and our players were ‘just a bit off’.

Hard to put my finger on it, as in general the effort was there, but our kicks were missing the target and our run and overlap wasn’t quite there.  We were strong with our marking, chased and tackled great, but couldn’t quite work the ball forward effectively.

It took till after ½ time for us to ‘click’ into gear.

Our best bit of link up play for the game so far : Arthur -> Logan (Mark) -> Jack -> Fletcher on the run, to the Goalsquare and GOAL!

And with that you could see the relief and satisfaction of reward for effort through the whole Team.

At 1 Goal to 4, a BIG Effort was needed in the last term.

Our ball winners were getting us the ball, our speed players were getting it to space and our ball users were (now) getting it to each other.

Noah popped a handball out to Arthur (kick) – Jack marked 15m out. Set Shot and GOAL!  (2-4)

Zoe was again strong in defence along with Harvey W and Ben.

Cooper, James, Maverick and Harvey H worked hard in the middle.  Natalie continued to provide run.  Zeph was getting touches along with Liye and Ryder. 

Maverick won a free in our A50, kicked to Jack (mark), Set Shot and GOAL!  (3-5)

Logan, Harrison and Brayden were giving us targets to kick to.

James marked in attack, Mav won the ball out of a pack.  Liye kicked it forward, where Braydon ran on to it and with a quick kick GOAL! (4-5)

Jacob has grown in confidence and is getting more involved.

Fletcher, Jack, Noah and Arthur were distributing the ball well. 

The game finished with another nice link-up play : Maverick – Zeph and Harrison moved the ball on the run through the middle.  Arthur (mark) – Logan (mark) out in front of Maverick who was able to have a shot.

The game finished (our) 4 Goals to 6.

Wow – it took us 3 quarters to get started, but it ended up a really good game.

After the game our players were found intently listening to Coach Andrew run through his pre-game with his u14’s.

  • It was refreshing for me to hear some of the same messages being said to the older Team.

Followed up with another Guard of Honour for the U14’s to run out through – Nice One my Guys!!


Special Mentions:

Thankyou to Noah and Zeph for doubling-up and contributing well to our game.


Goals : Jack-2, Fletcher-1, Braydon-1

Slice Girls Roosters of the Week : Fletcher and Maverick, working hard at getting the ball going our way in a tough 1st half.


We will have training on Wednesday this week, but not on Friday, as there is no game this weekend.

Then 3 games to go….


See you at training,



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