Round 11 – Under 9’s Blue vs St Albans Saints

This week at training we concentrated on where our players should be positioned with the ball in different parts of the field – holding our shape, looking for optimism ions that are not always straight in front of us, kicking and marking.

Our Captains today ;

Nathaniel – for continued Teamwork and pressure and Max – some great handballs out of tackles and showing good courage.


1st Quarter;

We were kicking to the Playground end.

From the first centre clearance – Mrinal held his halfback position and took a safe mark.

Griffin won a free kick from a good tackle, he played on with a wrap around handball to Mitchell running past – Great Vision, calling and pass.

Felix was taking some marks and getting his possessions out on the Members Wing (his best quarter yet – he was in everything)

Mitchell again launched from half-back with a run-bounce-run and kick through the centre and into our forward 50.

Griff was giving his best with repeated efforts around the ball, Oscar dived on the loose ball.

It was an end-to-end game with the only score going to the Saints.

Well done Team – we are right in this..


2nd Quarter;

Players moved positions up the board, “stay wide, stay in your zone, only 4 near the ball, use the first option, kick when you can”

Our skills were on show again – Mitchell took a mark running back with the flight of the ball. Arti was great around the ball getting it out of congestion – but his best work was when he was off the pack and we got it out to him.

Sophia was strong at the ball, not letting it get past her again.  Arlo S-T was great in defence and saved a sure goal. Malik was going for and getting his marks. Jake was having one of his best games – drop punt kicks only, took good options and took a few great overhead marks.

Hugo came out of a St Albans sandwich with a free kick – he is starting to understand his speed works better in open spaces.

We were getting the ball into our Forward 50 but we struggled to get a clear possession close enough to goal to shoot.

Our defence in the middle of the ground was good, and another repeat entry Mitch centred to Jake, he kicked to the top of the square, in amongst the scramble Efe knocked the ball out to Malik who found enough space to burst through and GOAL!


The half-time chat between oranges was around how we were doing things well, a couple of unlucky bounces elite her stopped our scoring or allowed the Saints. Keep the course we are following and keep up to he effort.


3rd Quarter;

We started re-invigoured;

Mile had no-fear with a fend-off to allow him time to get his kick away. Noah was persistent at the ball, (C) Max was helping his Teammates by getting touches while playing in position.  Alex stood his ground in defence – in front of the biggest kid I have seen(a child-mouintain).  He may have a sore shoulder, but Alex did win a free kick.  Efe was good in close and stayed wide when needed.  Hadi had 3 tackles in a row!! – strong effort.

We were rewarded when Mitchell was disciplined and kicked to the top of the square, Arlo S-T got goalside of his opponent and scored a close range GOAL!

Alan took a mark in defence, Arti had a quick gather and kick from a Ruck tap.

Arlo M was trying hard and was getting possessions through the midfield, Eli didn’t flinch under pressure and got his kicks away.

Griff was in it all again – from selling dummies, tackling the child-mountain…

A great piece of Team play;

Arlo S-T got a kick through this he middle of the ground to Hugo.  He got it to Centre Half Forward, (C)Nathaniel helped lock it in our area, it came out to Malik – who got it to our goalsquare, where Mitchell had  held his position and ran in to an open GOAL!


At 3/4 time there was some sore bodies.  Our normal rotations were altered as a few requests to be off for the last were granted.


4th Quarter;

Kai was one wounded soldier who was brave to return – and continued his strong game.

The ball was up and back the length of the ground and out to both wings and flanks – this was a good contest!

We eventually got the ball deep into our attack thanks to Jake’s kick , where Oscar got on the end of it and snapped a left-foot GOAL!

We got caught out (for the second time this game) by a quick reply goal the other way – we may have been celebrating too much.

The rest of the game was again an even battle – we played out well till the final siren.

If we were scoring, I think we fell less than a goal short, but I was more than happy with our effort, skills and positioning – I actually think this could overall been our best played game.


Special mention Awards to;

Hugo Newman – Was in hard at the ball when required, but is starting to understand his speed works better in open spaces

Mitchell Houareau – his best game on top of many good games.  Broke the line with his run and carry, took good options with his possessions and kept his field position.


I was impressed with;

–              Our kicking; all nice drop-punts, no unnecessary torpedo bomb attaempts

–              Positioning; everyone is starting to see the reward of being “next”

–              Teamwork; talk and correct decisions on the ground

–              We didn’t shy away from some bigger players (and the Child-Mountain)

–              There was no score from any of our kick-outs

–              We didn’t drop our heads when the quick-reply goals were scored


We really were a couple of lucky vs unlucky bounces away from winning this game.


This to work on;

–              Getting back to the centre quicker after a goal.

–              Kicking on the run and into space

–              Turn forward to kick quicker, or run backwards to prepare for our kick.

Not a lot, just some tweaking – really well played today.


Thankyou Monique, Ash, Paul and all our helpers, cheer-squad, paparazzi and scribes.

We have only a few weeks left – please check the roster that Monique prepared.  If you are down for a role you either are unavailable for or feel uncomfortable doing, please let the other Parents know and between us we may be able to arrange a swap of roles or something.


I hope there will be some of you able to stay back after training this Friday as the 9’s Red Roosters play under lights – I’d like the chance to talk to the players parents also.





Under 10 Match Report Round 11 vs PEGS


Round 11 saw a return to our regular 8.50 timeslot hosting PEGS at the Coop.  The Round 4 encounter against the flight crew was a tough slog resulting in a narrow victory to the Roosters, and so the boys knew PEGS would be keen for revenge.  Assistant Coach Kiernan worked the boys hard on the track during the week and they were primed, as switched on for the contest as they have been all season.


But first to our celebrations, continuing the theme of 50 game milestones; this time to Manny.  Now is a good opportunity to thank his mum Lisa who has taken on a role nearly every round and assumed the position as our regular water person doing a brilliant job.  This week to acknowledge the special ‘50’ the match report comes as a decade of cinquains:



50 games

Big game performer

Appointed captain for today




Umpiring again

No bias shown

Don’t run too far!




Straight in

Nicholas Ziggy Reuben

Alex pass to Hamish




No mercy

Patrick William Kiir

PEGS couldn’t break through




Zeke dominating

Ben Marlon Rory

Running the ball clear




Great display

Best efforts ever

Kiir Reuben Flynn Manny




Smothering too

Great effort Leo

Leaving the opposition shellshocked







Long kicking

Hitting the forwards

Joharo scoring shots aplenty




Zaw Zaw

Off the bench

Kicked a great goal




Huge result

Dominated all game

Fantastic all team effort



13 goals to 1, multiple goals to Hamish, Manny & Alex.  Brilliant all round team effort, superbly coached by Des with much-appreciated support from Kiernan.  Huge thanks to all our parent helpers, this and every week.  Please let me know if you’re away during school holidays as numbers will be tight in coming weeks.





Under 11 Round 11

West Footscray vs Hoppers Crossing


It’s hard to write a match report about a game where you got touched up to the tune of 100 points. Given this fact, I won’t even try it. I will however give you a rundown of every player this season, with the odd snippet about the previously mentioned game thrown in from time to time.

#1. Zach (The Blanket): In his third year of football at the Roosters, Zach has shown improvement beyond our expectations. He is a tackling machine. It should be noted that he always was. This season has seen him seriously improve his game awareness which has allowed him to have far greater impact on matches. It’s a travesty that he hasn’t bagged a goal yet. He has narrowly missed on so many occasions. Can play at either end as either a dour defender or a defensive forward. Either way I know that I will get 100% effort every time he hits the field. Great season Zach.

#2. Jack. As expected, Jack has had an amazing year. 25 goals from 10 games in the midfield is an amazing return. Fast on the outside of packs and hard at it inside of them. Big marks running back with the flight and a stack of tackles. Tinkered with a headband briefly which would have seen him dropped from the squad, Jack has put together a season to this point which has been outstanding.

#3. Samuel. This young man’s last month of football has been brilliant. A key plank down back. His attack on the ball is sensational. He appears to go better against bigger opponents which is a pretty handy attribute given some of the sides we play. Will see a bit of time further up the ground in coming weeks. His game against Hoppers was his best yet at the club. Keep it going Sam. You’re coach is loving it.

#4 Aaron. Has been given the unenviable task of playing full back this year. He has done it well. He is quickly learning when to leave his opponent to attack the pill and when to stay at home. Aaron has taken countless goal saving grabs on the last line of defence. Keep it up mate. It’s one of the toughest jobs in the team and you are getting better at it each time you play. Cracking year so far.

#5 Murphy. Murphy has found himself at half forward this season. He is there for a reason as well. Quick as a flash with a knack for hitting the scoreboard.  9 goals this season so far. His field kicking has improved out of sight. His confidence in taking on opponents and running is growing and will be much needed in the finals campaign. Great work Murf!

#6 Xavier (The Wallet/Doona). There is no opponent that this young man will not tackle. His stature belies a fierce competitive streak where he refuses to be beaten. His tackle in the dying moments of our victory against Altona is a season highlight for me. A back pocket specialist (hence “the wallet”) who can always be depended upon to do the hard work and lay that important tackle. A vital cog down back. Well done Xavier.

#7. Cooper. Chalked up his 50th game in what has been an amazing season. Cooper is rock solid down back and ultra-attacking in the middle. Loves to tackle and not afraid to take opponents on. Every possession he wins, Cooper will always look to attack with it. When Cooper is up and running we rarely lose. A couple of goals this year, a thousand touches and a fantastic season from someone we knew was good already, but has still exceeded our expectations.

#8 Angus. This fine young man is a sleeping giant. Angus can’t make every game, but when he has been available has shown a growing confidence and will to get the ball. For a large guy he does his best work in close where his strength and height are used to advantage. His skills have improved out of sight and we look forward to seeing him pull on the red and white again this season.

#9. Kadin. Nobody in the team moves like Kadin. A natural athlete with silky skills. A great mark overhead with pin point kicking and handballs. Spent the first half of the season in the ruck before moving to the wing. He hated the move when told. This faded quickly however when in his first game on the wing he tore the game to pieces and scored a Heartland Award. Kadin has 2 goals this year but has set up countless others. This boy could be anything. He just needs the self-belief now. Kadin, I know you can an absolute game winner.

#10 Sean. A forward line specialist who has played back to back career best games. His game against Hoppers Crossing as captain was brilliant. Sean has always possessed good skills, but has in recent weeks added some seriously improved movement and attack on the ball to his game. This will be super important for the team as we head towards finals. His 3 goal tally is certain to be improved if he keeps going like this. Great work Sean. Keep it going mate.

#11. Nathaniel. A first year player who has developed well beyond our expectations. Plays the role of the deep forward target. His strength in the forward line is an invaluable asset. Does the one percenters every time. Shepherds, tackles and the grunt work are his forte when the pill hits the ground. Has a strong mark as well which has enabled him to slot 3 goals for the season. Love your work Nathaniel. Awesome first year of football.

#12 Leroy (Nugget). An absolute contested ball animal. The harder the contest, the better he goes. Leroy has spent most of the season frustrating opposition teams in the backline. He has some serious closing speed and a bone jarring tackle technique. Leroy played the best game I’ve ever seen from him against Hoppers Crossing last week as a midfielder. He did all the little things we love and added some serious pace once he got clear of the pack.  Super important cog in this team. Keep it coming Nugget. Last week was absolutely brilliant!

#13 Frank. Being a coach is like being a parent. You’re not supposed to have favourites. You will have to excuse me when it comes to Frank. The ultimate team man. He is also the ultimate utility. When I ask Frank to a job I know it will get done. In his second season in 2017, Frank has been an absolute revelation. His development as a footballer has been nothing short of incredible. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty and is amazing in tight around the packs and damaging when he finds it in space. The gap between his best and worst games is tiny. Franks best is very, very good. I love the effort you give every week Frank. You’re amazing.

#14 Yash. Another second year player who has come along in leaps and bounds. Yash started the season as a wingman where his run and attacking skills were amazing. He swapped into the ruck (I can still the look on his face when told him) and has been playing amazing football ever since. He out rucks far taller opponents and instantly goes to work in tight when it hits the ground. His pace enables him to break from packs and launch attacks for his team. He has also bagged 2 goals this year. His game last weekend against Hoppers was fantastic and quite possibly his best game for the Roosters yet. The  ruck is a tough gig, especially when you are almost always shorter.  The way Yash has approached this task is brilliant and a great example to his team mates. Awesome.

#15. Mickey.  To say that this guys last month has been fantastic would be an understatement. He has been outstanding. Mickey has always looked silky on the training track but has taken a bit longer to produce this form consistently in games. That is now a thing of the past. His leading and clean marking are fantastic. His confidence around packs is also greatly improved. Mickey now wins his own ball on the ground and then uses it to bring his team mates into the action. Mickey has 2 goals this season in a tally that is certain to increase. His game vs Hopers Crossing last week was fantastic. He gives you 100% every game and is quickly becoming one of the more accomplished players in the squad.

#16. Felix. The boy is a machine! Felix started the season as a half forward. His goal sense is second to none. As the season progressed it become clear that this Rooster needed to play in the middle. Quick, desperate, crafty and tireless, he is an absolute blessing to have in the middle of the park. His attack on the ball is ferocious, his tackling outstanding and his run on the outside amazing. Felix has 3 goals to his name this season and would have had plenty more if he wasn’t in the middle so often. Another of our 100% effort guys. Brilliant against Hoppers Crossing last week. Felix, you are a gun!

#17 Vinh. Hard as nails with beautiful skills. Who wouldn’t want Vinh in the team? He spends his time rotating between the middle and half back. Vinh possesses a very cool head when under the pump and seemingly always makes the right decision. His game is selfless and everything he does is to the benefit of the team. Unfortunately Vinh has missed a lot of games recently due to a fractured finger and will miss a few more courtesy of a trip to Vietnam. Hurry back Vinh! A vital piece of our U11 team puzzle who has left a large void in his absence. Vinh, you’re a gun!

#18 Elijah-Moon. This young gent was a permanent fixture at Shorten Reserve over the off season as he honed his goal kicking.  His football has improved steadily as the season has progressed. His leading is beginning to bring him more and more of the ball. That’s a good thing as he is pretty handy in front of the sticks as his 6 goals this season would attest.  I am really looking forward to his next month given his improvement. With some hard work at training learning his craft I think there is a very real chance that we can greatly improve his goal tally.

#19 Aleks. I must admit that it has taken me a few years to really figure out where this chaps best position is. Early season training confirmed that he needed to be a key defender. A lot of kids hate it when they are told they are going to the backline. Aleks embraced it. Even better is that he is seriously good at it. Blessed with amazing overhead marking, fantastic ability to read the play and a booming left boot, Aleks is both our first line of defence and our first line of attack. He is pretty handy at weaving his way through packs when needed and has done some pinch hitting in the ruck where he been fantastic. We would be a far lesser team without you Aleks. Stupendous season so far!

#22 Tito. This young man came to our team several weeks after the season had started. It is always hard to figure out the best place to play new players. After playing the first few weeks in the forward half it was decided that Tito would be pretty useful down back. He has size and strength. His tackling is best avoided. His marking under pressure is very solid and this has enabled him to bail us out on more than one occasion. Each week he shows a little bit more that he has brought to his game. Keep it up Tito. Nice work.

#23 Christian.  Another late comer to this season. Christian only played a couple of games before it was obvious. This boy is a wingman. He has a seriously quick set of wheels and a beautiful kick. Once he gets free he is hard to catch. His speed and attacking game have seen him score 3 goals this year. His game against Hoppers Crossing last week was particularly pleasing. I asked him to take players on and he did. Repeatedly. Hoppers Crossing found this hard to counter. That’s pretty handy to know. Awesome game last week and a brilliant first season. His confidence is still building and it’s exciting to think of what he is capable of producing. Great work Christian.

#24 Sasmitha. 7 games into his Roosters career and I get a sense that things are beginning to click with this boy. Another of our speedsters, Sas has been deployed in the forward line. He has come agonisingly close to scoring his maiden goal and I am absolutely certain it won’t be far away. His efforts last week against Hoppers Crossing were great. He attacked the ball and got it. Keep doing it mate. Once you get away, you probably won’t get caught. A very good start to your first season buddy. Keep working at it and I know you will get rewarded. You’ve got the skills and speed to be a real threat down forward.

#25 Weston. Wow! What a season so far. Weston has been integral to our season. Blessed with great decision making, a laser like left boot, a pretty accurate right boot and seemingly all the time in the world when he has the pill. A great mark as well. Weston has bagged 6 goals this year from the centre. His goal sense is impeccable and would have surely scored more if not for his highly accountable style of play and his team first mentality by positioning himself behind the play in our forward line. An amazing season so far from a young man who has developed his game beyond our already high expectations. Absolutely brilliant.


We have 3 big games to go before the finals. I am still firmly of the belief that our best is good enough to beat every side we play. By fine tuning and working on little things like our tackling, shepherding and attack on the ball, we will surely give all comers in the finals a real run for their money. Let’s do it!




Rd 11: U13’s West Footscray V Williamstown Juniors


Home game this week and with most of our players back we actually had a bench. We were facing up to Willi juniors and expecting a real challenge as they are 3rd on the ladder. It had been a huge day at Rooster central with this being the fourth and last game for the day, starting at 2.05pm. A big thanks to the parents who kept the canteen going all day, particularly Vicki Roberts who did a few shifts today.


It didn’t look like the opposition had loaded up their team based on the warmups but they started well with a quick clearance and goal in the first minute of the game. There was a steady breeze across the ground favouring the horsey park end which we were kicking to but it didn’t seem to be helping much. Most of the Rooster’s looked like they were still asleep – maybe they thought it was siesta time due to the late start, or just school holidays daze.


A few players were starting out of their usual position to try and keep Willi guessing. Maybe that had our own players guessing too. Eventually the ball spent some time in our forward half and Henry weaved through the traffic to get the Roosters on the board with a goal. Overall we seemed to be struggling with the basics today. The pressure from Willi was showing with lots of scrambling play and missed kicks. Liam made the most of his chances at full forward kicking a couple as well – including another out of the ground.


The second quarter continued much like the first with skill errors around the ground but a least our pressure and effort were there. Willi had a few good fast players which took some chasing, but they didn’t like it if they were caught. Kailey took great pleasure in wrapping up one little speedster to the cry of ballllll from the crowd and a well earnt free kick. Desperate efforts by Lenny, Bailey, Isaac T and Leo held Willi off even though they had the breeze. The long break came and we had the close one 4.2.26 to 4.4.28, although the Roosters were down.


I didn’t hear the coaching message during the break but it must have been good because the Roosters finally got going. Zidane worked himself into the game as it went on and his warm holiday became a memory – glad to have you back. Navindu showed some glimpses of his electric speed and Hamish continued his good start in football with some clean possessions. Jonathan always seems to have time to make the right decision passing with the ball, and Henry took full advantage kicking a long set shot goal with the breeze. Willi were scoreless for the quarter thanks to some excellent defence from Juma, Isaac C and Luis, and pressure in the forward half from Diesel, Daniel and Lachlan. Samuel was left free across half back and he cleaned up beautifully – can’t believe Willi made that mistake. The game had swung our way with a handy lead now 8.3.51 to 4.4.28.


By the last quarter Willi seemed to have lost their run. Socrates, back in his usual territory in front of goals, took a good overhead mark and goaled to start the last quarter well into the breeze. Alex was great in defence all game and changing into the ruck. Sam and Liam had a well-earned rest on the bench to finish the game. Willi had the last few scores that balanced up the scoreboard a little but the Roosters finished with a good win in the end.


With finals just around the corner now we will have to really sharpen up our skills and teamwork. We will meet Willi again in the first week of finals and they are going to be harderthen so we can’t afford a slow start again.


Thanks to the volunteer umpires today as the league couldn’t provide any. One was a player from the Roosters seniors so thanks very much.


Thanks also to all the parents supporting on the day, particularly helpers this week: Kris in goals & Liza with the ice water, Con on security, Rohan running boundary (the dead side all game), Margriet (no major injuries), Briohny (cold with the clock) and Jamie T with fruit and jumpers.


Roosters 10. 9. 65 def Point Cook 5. 9. 39


Goals: Liam 3, Henry 2, Socrates 2, Diesel 1, Zidane1