U9 Orange

Rd 12: West Footscray V Newport

Firstly a big thanks to Tony Mosca for coaching last week in my absence. Well done to all the players and parents who could make it to the game in the middle of the school holidays. Sounds like it went really well.

This week it was Friday night at Newport, behind the train tracks, which is not where I had expected to be, but Newport had requested a schedule change and we were happy to oblige. The Roosters slowly emerged out of the darkness that surrounded our room at the back of the clubrooms. There were a few outs still this week and some bits of important equipment running late (mouthguard, boots etc). After the initial noise and chaos that is U9’s change room antics the players settled down and seemed to focus for a moment (see photo below). Noah and Charlie were captains and they led us out into the night. Newport had out played us in the first encounter and, based on the comparison of attention during warm up drills, this might have been a tough night. At the last minute Enrique arrived, and so did another’s mouth guard so we had 18 players on the field.

It is a big oval and the lights are no brighter than ours so it was very hard to see exactly what was happening sometimes, especially as almost the whole game was played on the far side. Red jumpers were flashing across the oval in the half light as we seemed to have numbers at every contest. Jack M. and Malik kicked long out of our backline. Eli laid a strong tackle. Bodee and Hugo N. held strong marks. There was great Rooster teamwork from all as the ball went from end to end. Russell as runner was helping organise the kids on the field. Jackson won a hard ball in our forward line and handballed to Charlie slotted a GOAL! The Roosters started the game fantastically with their best first quarter effort. Maybe warmups are overrated.

Newport might have been surprised by the situation as they started strongly in the second quarter. Our backline was working extra hard now to hold them off. Hugo L. attacked the ball to make contests. Oliver C. made a good touch to save a goal. When we got the ball forward Oliver R. took a strong mark, and later Jack M. booted a goal from traffic. Newport finally scored their first goal but the Roosters had more than matched them.

After the long break the game continued at a great pace. Kade made some good runs around the far wing. Paddy and Eamon each stuck great tackles. Noah and Enrique were applying good pressure to lock the ball in our forward line. Jack M. grabbed the ball in the pocket before bouncing/rolling it across the face, re-gathering and kicking another goal. There was plenty of support coming from the Rooster crowd now.

The night was getting really cold now and the dew was settling in. During the last break instructions were given on how to keep your fingers warm under your arms. When it restarted the game continued fast and furious. Kase laid a great tackle. James and Zeph kept moving the ball forward. Hugo N. got on the end of a good passage of play and bounce a goal through with a good leg break. Newport managed a couple of late goals but it had been great game by the Roosters in cold and damp conditions. The players teamwork and skills continue to improve.

Bodee collected the heartland award for a strong 4 quarter game, and Oliver R. was Rooster of the week for a good game and showing great sportsmanship.




Friday Night Under Lights – U9 Blue vs Albanvale

The final week of school holidays and our training had most faces appear and come game day we had a healthy 17 players.  We were faring better than our opponents today, they only had 11.

A couple of last-minute arrivals for Albanvale, and a lend of a couple of our players meant we had a 15 a side game.

Captains today were Nathaniel and Archer – 2 players who both play to our ‘spread or defend’ ideals.

I was pleased we had volunteers to play in the North Melbourne looking kit – Jackson and Jack had their hands up to go first.

1st Quarter;

Fair to say we got jumped out of the blocks.  Jack and Jackson were playing out of their skins in opposition colours and the Roosters were pinned in our defensive area.  Quite early we had some brother-vs-brother as Ben and Jack both came together a few times, looking to win the same ball (points went about even in that battle)

Oscar help provide resistance with a nice pick up and kick.

Arlo was getting involved, but still we were defending.

Tom, Archer(C) and Ben shared a nice link-up play through the midfield, this got us to Fletcher at Half Forward. He maintained our possession and got the ball on to Arlo who ran into our A50 and kicked truly for our first GOAL!

Back at Albanvale’s end – Jack and Jackson were doing just a bit too well – Jackson even had a shot at goal.

Harvey laid a great ball-and-all tackle to win a free kick at half-back.

From a kick-in, we got the ball the length of the field – a new favourite play for the Coach!

Nathaniel(C) kicked in, boundary side a found the first target. Kick – mark – look – run- handball on the move – pass – lead.  There would have been 5 or 6 players and 8 or so possessions to get the ball from our kick-in, whick ended up with a shot at our attacking end.

We defended their kick in and Fletcher pounced to get us a GOAL!

2nd Quarter;

Rotations were adjusted to allow Jack and Jackson up forward for volunteering to help the opposition. Albanvale had another late arrival and now needed 1 player – Ed had his hand up first.

Jack marked a pass off Jackson his pass to the Hot-Spot found Archer(C) who pulled in a nice overhead mark.  He went back, set shot – GOAL!

Arlo drifted into a pack and took a strong overhead mark.

He soon flew again and took another towering mark – this time resulting in a set-shot GOAL!

We were having the majority of the game at our attacking end now.

Ed was showing the Blue and whites how to run and lead for the ball.

Finn was providing run and carry with the ball.

Eli set up another play by holding position a kick behind play on our A50.  He gathered a clearance kick and got the ball to our Hot-Spot again.  Arlo was in the right place a t the right time, crumbed and snapped another GOAL!

Half Time oranges taste so much sweeter when you’re playing well and getting reward for your efforts.

Keep it up Guys – Play in Front, Top of the Square for shots at goal.

Hands in the middle – let’s go…

3rd Quarter;

Dylan volunteered to help Albanvale – well done Mate.

The territory game continued in our favour and the ball was quickly in our A50.

Ben latched onto the ball near the point post and snapped over his shoulder for his first Roosters GOAL!

Eli kicked to the top of the square and Jackson marked.

Leo got a good handball away.

Ryan was able to run his Buddy Franklin like arc  before kicking deep into our area.

It’s a tighter contest, mainly because we were pinging shots at goal from everywhere, then not allowing Albanvale to clear our A50.

Players were down across the ground as the tackle pressure was strong by both Teams and it got crowded in our forward line.

Finally our relentless Team-pressure resulted in another Arlo GOAL!

Which was soon followed by another…this time running into an open GOAL!

4th Quarter;

Leo was up for helping Albanvale – thanks Mate.

Dylan and Eli took marks in our A50.

Jackson and Archer(C) had shots at goal.

Dylan took another mark and had a shot a goal.

Ben gathered the ball, kicked to Fletcher(mark) on to Nathaniel(C)(mark) – Arlo and into our A50

Hudson had a long range shot at goal, Jackson got the crumb and snapped a GOAL!

A thorough performance by our Roosters today, rewarded with a total of 9 Goals.

A highlight for me was the length of the field play without a break in our possession.

Special Mentions;

Rooster of the Weeks;

  • Leo – runs hard to get involved and is enjoying himself
  • Ryan – provides us with a marking target and a long clearing kick

Goal Scorers;

Arlo – 5,

Fletcher, Ben, Archer, Jackson – 1

Thankyou to everyone – TM’s, Flag wavers, Canteen, Medic, Scribe, Paparazzi, Magnet Mover, H2O, Cheer leaders, Encouragers, Chauffeurs

we are all part of this Team, and we all did well again today.

Our next game is away to Flemington,

See you there,



WEST FOOTSCRAY ROOSTERS – Under 10 Reds vs. Yarraville/Seddon – Round Twelve – 15/7/18.

Good Evening Sports Fans!

The Tenners roadshow rolled out of Shorten for a date with The Mighty Eagles of Yarraville/Seddon. Previous encounters with The Eagles have always proven to be tough assignments, with the home side usually getting the points. On a high after last week’s Friday night classic against Flemington, the Tenners seemed in good spirits pre game.  After a quick pre match pep talk about enjoying the last two games of the season the Roosters flew out of the change room intent on causing some havoc……. and headed straight to the playground equipment! If anything, it proved one thing…. they do listen!

Still suffering the effects of dwindling squads, today’s side would need some propping up. Finn the Finisher and Little Bro Kade stepped up again from the nines and we would eagerly await the quarter time arrival of Jumpin’ Jacob Fitzgerald and Raz Rees backing up their early slot with the Blues.  Thanks for the chop out fellas. It was safe to say then that it was great to see Clara the Clearance Queen and Louis the Fly back from their sojourn, chasing monkeys through the Malaysian jungle and back in Roosters Guernsey’s. To honour this occasion, they would be anointed Captains for the day.

Much like our game against Williamstown, the wind would be a massive contributor to whoever could harness its power. The Eagles would win the toss and chose to saddle up early. They were quick and they were clean and they galloped away with a four goal blast of fast paced footy. Louis, Arch, Brayden, Walt, Efe and Cruzer all soldiered the load and were at least kept warm, unlike the forward line who shivered through a lonely first quarter.

The second quarter would be our chance to even the ledger, but we struggled to keep the heat on. It was evident that the Tenners were out of sorts, more than likely a combination of a tough season coming to a close and school holidays and for some, extra games with other teams. Finn the Finisher would snag one and Arti another, but it would not be enough to keep in touch with The Eagles who would be heading into the third with the howling wind. Big Bad Bastien and Mighty Miles alternated between rucking duties and CHF with J.J.F and Raz using their bigger bodies in defence.

To our credit, our intensity lifted in the third and although they bagged another three, it was not out of the realms of possibilities that we could power home.  Arch and Showboat were moved into the middle to try and inject some extra drive. Griff and Xav had battled hard all day and needed some help but it was clear that the wind would prove the major difference between two teams. We were lucky that they kicked five behinds to go with those three goals; the result could have been a whole lot worse heading into the last.  Mezz, Clara, J.J.F, Razz and Brayden were busy and under intense pressure. Kicking out from full back into a swirling wind is no easy task. Especially when the last shot on goal takes the full back a couple of minutes to retrieve the ball allowing the opposition to flood the back line.

It would take a massive effort to kick six and keep them goalless but we would have a crack. Efe went forward and snapped a beauty and was unlucky not to get another, it is definitely his preferred method of attack kicking around the body, The General marked strongly and kicked truly, he would also win our R.O.T.W for his cracking game. Cruzer and Louis the Fly had moved down to the wings for some extra dash with the idea being that we needed to hold the ball up inside our forward fifty and not let it out. Except after we had kicked a goal of course, but then we needed to get it straight back in. Kicking into the swirling wind is not much different from full back or the middle. It is hard to hit a target.  J.J.F and Griff went forward to mix things up.

For all our efforts, we could not keep up with The Eagles. They managed to kick one against the script and were just generally cleaner with the footy. It is good to play against a quality opposition and there was not much in it despite the 23 point deficit, I will take that against a benchmark side.

Congratulations to Arti for his Heartland Award performance, slightly under the weather and a smack across the schnoz could not stop the pocket rocket from a cracking game.

We now turn our attentions to next Sunday, home against Williamstown.

Special Thanks to Brad for tending to the wounded and to those who filled the volunteered roles and to those who cheered us on away from home, we can’t do this without you, it is most appreciated.

Richie + Kane.


Under 12 Round 12

West Footscray vs Williamstown


I have unfortunately not found the time this week to write my usual unnecessarily long and self-indulgent match report due my mountain of admin work and banner making activities. Our game vs Williamstown on the weekend rewarded us with a hard earned win. Despite the scoreboard only recording a one goal victory (courtesy of some peculiar goal umpiring), it did feel as though we were in control for the majority of the contest. This was a very significant effort given the players that were absent. As a result of this win we are now assured of a finals berth which is a brilliant effort given there are still two rounds to go. I would also like to say a big thankyou to the Under 11 players who raced back from their game at Albion to help us out for our game and ensured we had enough players to get the job done. They, like the rest of our side all contributed to the team and definitely helped us get over the line. When we switched the ball on Sunday we looked very, very good. We fought hard to win the ball in the middle, defended fearlessly down back and worked hard in the forward line to create better scoring opportunities for team mates in good positions. Keep switching it boys!


This week we take on St Bernards. They surprised us last time we met and come to us having given Deer Park a reasonable touch up in their last game. A win on Sunday will be hard earned. If we need any extra motivation to win, let’s win it for Zach, Xavier, Kadin and Sean who will be running through their 50 game banner, and the fact that a win will guarantee us a top 2 finish and the opportunity to progress directly to the big dance should we win our first final. That should be motivation enough! We have a full team this week, so let’s give it a big effort!


West Footscray 5.4.34 vs Williamstown 3.9.27




Roosters under 14’s Round 12 v Flemington


The under 14’s have put together a good season against lower opposition, but haven’t beaten a top three side as yet. The challenge was on today against Flemington, who had some under 12’s filling in for them, but still had some powerhouse players: #3, #5, # 10, #11 and a few others. Last time we played them, three of our prime movers were absent, so the Roosters went in with some hope. 


Zidane, Nathan, Xavier and Liam started in the middle, with Samuel H getting the job early at full back on their dynamo goal-kicker. Ben M was at centre-half back trying to nullify another of they key play makers. The first half of the first quarter saw the Roosters taking it right up to Flemington. We had the majority of possession, with Zidane prominent in midfield clearance work. Xavier worked one through to Nathan who took the game on with a running bounce and long kick in to Steven. He almost marked it, but then picked the ball up cleanly, side-stepped, and slotted through the first goal – a great start to the Roosters. Liam then kicked another behind, Xav laid a huge tackle on their dangerous # 3, and we had another rushed behind. Henry started to work in to the contest and win his own possession. 


Their big full-forward was moved up the ground, and Ben immediately had his hands full. A somewhat dubious free kick was awarded to Flemington after a kick in by Luis which appeared to be touched by Zidane before going over the boundary line. The kick back to the hotspot was marked by their FF, who slotted a much-needed goal. 


Flemington were looking hurried, and scrambled three more behinds. Luis was on kick-in duties for the first half today. With one short kick-in he found Samuel on the high side who quickly got it on to Liam, then on to Henry and out to the coach’s wing. But a turnover cost us, and the ball was pumped back in, bounced past Navindu and #50 scooped up the ball and snapped it home. 


A free-kick in the centre square to Flemington and the momentum had swung their way. 


The second quarter saw Diesel start to get his running game going, Nav laying huge tackles, Nathan, Zidane and Liam continuing to work very hard in the midfield. Luis pumped an amazing kick-in out near the 50 metre arc to spot up Soc. Samuel also executed a huge clearance kick out to Lachlan in the centre circle. But the Roosters were under the pump. Nathan was desperate, Jonathan was getting involved with clever touches, then Xavier was taken out in a huge (and mostly fair) tackle by one of their big lads. The game was halted while he was helped from the ground. It was a decisive moment, as, although Xav was able to come back on in the second half, he spent most of it nursing a bad corky in the forward pocket and couldn’t influence the contest too much. At the same time, their big forward, #10 also went off after a big hit, but he found his way back on in the second half and had a large say in the outcome. 


The wind, which was already fresh, freshened even more, making goal-scoring difficult. At half time, it was 19 to 8, with the Roosters well and truly in the contest. 


The message at both half-time and three-quarter-time was to keep taking the game on, to look for the 45 and 90 degree kicks, run in to space, and try to attack the ‘high’ side, rather than having the play stuck on the dead wind-driven side. To their credit, the Roosters tried to do this. The risk, of course, is that the game opens up, and a couple of easy goals were scored against us by their power players. Henry had a superb game, beavering in the packs, determined to win the ball and streak away. Hamish was presenting well as a leading forward, and marked on the 3 QT siren then had a shot for goal. His awareness about where to run is improving with each game he plays. Nav followed the coaches instructions and burst away from the pack, taking the game on and slamming through a great goal. For this scribe, it brought back memories of his comeback game last season out at Williamstown when he kicked 4 or 5 goals like that in a quarter. 


By 3QT Flemington had extended their lead, but a number of our lads were taking the contest right up to them. 


The fourth quarter highlight came from Alex Qureshi, who kicked a goal. His game grew as the contest wore on, especially his ruck duel, alternating with Nathan. Diesel ran hard and kicked the ball well all day. A Flemington parent unfairly described his hairdo as a mullet… 

Samuel played on well from kick-ins in the second-half to set up forward forays. 


In the end the scoreboard (69 to 22) didn’t quite reflect how close the contest was. Our small forward line struggled to kick goals against big, strong defence, but across the midfield and in defence we competed very well. 


Next week sees us back at home (2:05pm) taking on sixth placed Williamstown. It should be a great game. 


Dave H (occasional match reporter) ​