Round 12 Match Reports & Photos

Hi Folks below are our Match Reports for Round 12.

We have now made writing these reports optional for our coaches as like everyone, they have a busy life and they are all volunteers. We invite our parents and/or players to write a game report themselves and we will post those here that week. These don’t need to be long, just a brief description of the game is enough. Send to our club email at by Wednesday midday to be sure they get posted.

Thanks to our coaches or parents who have found time to write these reports again this week.

Under 9 Reds Vs Flemington Juniors

Another long break between games, especially for me with time on the injury list, and I had forgotten how early the games feel on a Sunday morning.  A very big thanks to Chris and Mark for coaching the team so well while I was recovering.  Fortunately the weather this morning was better than it had been at recent training nights and the team all gathered looking happy to be back together and keen to play.  There were plenty of instructions given in the rooms and it is hard tell if anyone is listening, but I didn’t need to worry.  Oliver and Thomas Mitchell led the team out as captains today.

Our captains won the toss which was a good omen.  Tom Mitchell continued the energy with a great start winning many clearances in the middle.  Tom Mulcahy and Paddy positioned perfectly in defence and attacked any ball that came their way.  The teams appeared to be evenly matched and they had a couple of ball carriers that the Roosters had to work hard to contain.

The second quarter continued to be an arm wrestle up and down the ground.  Many of our younger players were really stepping up with good marks by Eden and Eli, as well as good kicks by Arlo and Oscar.  Carl was playing well at CHF and narrowly missed a shot on goal.  The blanket on the bench was warm but all the players were keen to get back in the game when it was their turn again.

The third started with Charlie controlling the backline and great help from Otis and Eamon.  Hugo, Bodee and Oliver won some good midfield clearances to send the ball forward.  The Roosters applied strong pressure up forward and were rewarded with a clever snap for a goal by Zeth.  Noah was playing another strong game and soon booted another goal from a free kick in the square. 

The Roosters kept their focus in the last quarter and were hunting the ball in numbers now to finish the game strongly.  Zach moved forward from the wing and slotted a nice goal which is becoming a good habit.  Tom W was also in the action a lot on his wing.  Eli made a fearless smother to save a goal at one end and Jenson locked the ball up forward at the other.  Charlie swooped on the loose ball and kicked a goal with his silky left foot The Roosters were crowing when the final siren.

Overall the team all played fantastically.  Some of the highlights for me included their great positioning in defence as well as in front of the ball.  They also showed many examples of linking up with teammates by hand and attacking the ball to win those 50/50 contests.  Tom Mulcahy earned the heartland award and the Slice Girls Rooster of the week was well deserved by Tom Mitchell and Eamon.






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