Under 9’s Blue – Away to Flemington.


We had the early start this week, but there was no dew to kick off – the warm winter sun had helped us there.  The early morning dog walkers who share this oval had left and there was no evidence of their canine friends “morning walks” on the grass.

Though we had 2 games to go, next weeks’ game is on a Saturday and left us predicting that our Scott Pendlebury prototypes may opt to fulfil their basketball commitments.  As such we saw todays’ game as an opportunity to put in, for some, a final Big Effort for our Teammates.

Our Roosters and Flemington Colts played out a brilliant and close game at Shorten Reserve earlier in the season, I warned the players to expect another tough encounter…


Role Call : absent today are Oscar, Archer and Leo – that left us with 16 on the field.

Captains today are Eli – a slick ball winner with great ground ball and evasive skills

and Dylan – one of our tall targets who can kick a long ball, he has grown in confidence as the season progressed.


1st Quarter;

Both Teams were reluctant to give up ground early.  Eli(C) and Nathaniel were holding up well across half back, providing defense and spread.  Hudson and Arlo set the tone for tackling through the middle of the ground. Our link up play started to work and Fletcher was starting to get involved.  Big tackles also came from Ryan and Lachie in midfield. We worked hard to get the ball forward. Harvey held position in our attacking 50, he got a couple of touches on the ball and had a shot at goal.

From the kick in – Fletch won the ball and passed to Jack.  His kick was deep into our attacking area, Eli(C) got his hands on the ball, saw an opening and crumbed a GOAL!

Back at the defensive end, Hamish reminded us of his defensive running and Tom made a goal-line save that resulted in a ball-up.

An impressive start to the game.


2nd Quarter;

Hamish took an early mark, Dylan(C) got his hands on the ball and got a kick away.

Eli intercepted and marked.  Finn made a good lead – it was honoured with Eli’s pass – onto Finn’s chest  (Nice Play).

Harvey dished off a nice handball to JAckson running past at pace.

Lachie tackled a player having a shot at goal and won a free kick.

Harvey followed up his midfield work with 3 chase and tackles in a row.

Hamish released defensive pressure and created options .

Jack made an audacious spin-out-a-tackle and kick move work.

Ben was trying to link our defensive with attack through the middle.

Eli(C) held position and held the ball in our A50.

Dylan(C) won an important possession in the middle of the ground.  Eli ran with the ball through our forward 50 arc. His kick reached the HotSpot, where Harvey was in the right spot, collected the ball – Snap – GOAL!

A great end to the half.

We talked at half time about the things we were doing well – and there was many.  

“Keep it going Guys, don’t fall off with our efforts”

Oranges were happily devoured amid comments of “mmm – these are some good oranges…”


3rd Quarter;

Flemington started the second half with an extra bit of vigor.

Lachie won a free for a strong tackle, helped out by Ed.

There was a big chased-down tackle by Hamish. His kick found Jackson on the wing.

His ball went to Eli(C) on a lead – from near the righthand side point post (add BT commentary voice..) he kicked a right foot boo-nah-nah, that split the Big Sticks – GOAL!

Finn drifted through a flying pack and completed a mark.

On the ground, pressure around the ball came from Harvey and Jackson.  They combined to get the ball to Nathaniel, near Eli’s point post pocket.  Nathaniel shrugged off 1 tackle, got his foot to the ball as he was tackled again and kicked a GOAL! From a tight angle.

Hamish, Ben and Ryan combined through the midfield.

Lachie won the ball – out in front of Finn – he gathered and had a bounce, while being shepparded by Eli(C) – passed forward to Jackson – who ran in to an open GOAL!

Fletch made a great defensive clearance, following on from another strong tackle.


We had been caught out a few times, not chasing back in defense.

¾ time chat was about re-focussing on “no loose players and playing in front”


4th Quarter;

Fair to say our players were spent.  Flemington were running out the game strong, with the wind behind them.

Our defensive 6, including Dylan(C), Ed and Ben did well under constant pressure.


In the end, the ground was too big for our 16 players to cover for a whole game.

But they bravely fought it out with what energy they had left.


It was another close game that both sets of spectators had lots to cheer about.

Special Mentions;

Heartland Award – Harvey; another game showing big hearted effort and good position play.

Goals – Eli(C) 2, Harvey 1, Nathaniel 1, Jackson 1


With 1 game to go and knowing a few won’t be able to make our last game on Saturday, I want to thank all the Parents of the U9 Blues for the season this year – I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the players and seeing them improve individually and as a Team.  We can be really proud of their efforts and also their encouragement and acknowledgement of each other.

I have needed to some later training times and even a chop-out completely on other training nights – you were understanding, accommodating and we got through.

I don’t think we fell short of any game day roles, which is a credit to you and the efforts of our 2 Team Managers Sarah and Rachael.

Well Done Everyone, lets enjoy the last weeks training and our final hitout at Caroline Springs.





U9 Orange

Rd 13: West Footscray V Williamstown

The weather had cleared after a wet and wild week to reveal a sunny, almost warm day Sunday. Luckily is was a late (10.20) game as it took a bit to find the new venue at Newport Gardens Primary School. It turned out to be a small ground that was great for the under 9’s. We had plenty of time to prepare on the playground equipment before the game and also talk about our approach to the upcoming contest with a stiff wind favouring one end.

Hugo N. and Kade were captains today and started well by winning the toss and kicking with the wind. The Roosters were on right from the first bounce. All the pressure in our forward line from Zeph and Hugo W. was rewarded with Jack M. slotting the first goal of the day. Hugo N. was marking everything and tried a long torp for a point. Soon after Hugo N. made up for that with a nice drop punt through the middle and the Roosters were flying. When the ball did reach our half back line Mailk, Kase and Oliver R. were patrolling strongly and repelling everything.

Second quarter into the wind would be a test for the Roosters but they all lifted their efforts and the ball continued to be in our forward line. Jackson matched their height in the ruck strongly but had to retire later with a knee injury. Malik continued to cover a lot of ground and was rewarded with goal into the wind. The backline were great staying on their opponents – Enrique shut down their big CHF and Noah attacked the ball against one of the biggest opponents to win a big contest. Rooster pressure was great with Hugo L. and Eamon laying multiple tackles to stop their bigger opponents.

Not much needs to be said at half time after that great performance and the players were on a high. Oranges devoured they were keen to get on with the game again. Williamstown were having a long chat about how the game had unfolded so far and they started the 3rd quarter more strongly. Jack G. was great with Bodee and Thomas as well, rebounding from the full back line. Otto showed clean hands and lots of dash with the ball in hand. Paddy and James took over in the middle with some huge tackles. Oliver C. and Eli chased down every loose ball. Kade’s hard work all day with his head over the ball was rewarded with a fine goal.

Some of the bigger opponents were hard to stop with the wind behind their back and Williamstown loaded up the forward half. Charlie had clean hands all day and took a great overhead mark. The Roosters did push forward into the wind but couldn’t finish with a goal this quarter.  The Roosters were crowing at the end of a close game as they knew they had played a great team game. Looking for teammates by hand and foot, tackling pressure and running were great all day.

Kade collected a well-earned heartland tody and Otto was Rooster of the week with a great 4 quarter effort.




WEST FOOTSCRAY ROOSTERS – Under 10 Reds vs. Williamstown Juniors – Round Thirteen – 22/7/18.

“I think it’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound, everybody look what’s going down”

(I will come back to this)

Apologies if this seems short and sweet.

Good Evening Sports Fans!

The Tenners bus rolled back into Shorten Reserve after last week’s honourable defeat at the hands of Yarraville/Seddon. Today’s game would be no picnic either coming up against an old foe in Williamstown. Our last encounter would be called a draw enduring some tough conditions on a blustery deck. Shorten reserve would be unseasonably pleasant in stark contrast to that day. The Tenners list would be in stark contrast too, being reduced to 13 before the first bounce. Ravaged by illness, injury and duty, we were limping home with only two rounds to go. Williamstown would graciously top us up until the cavalry could arrive with The Bloosters on assignment down the road in Altona. We would once again welcome Raz Rees, Maxi (more than a) Phelan and for the first time in the Reds, Slippery Stephen Sully to the ranks. My opposite number would later reveal that his players were lining up to join us against their own!

The radio had provided us with a telling omen, one that would probably sum up the past few weeks. Although our season is only 14 weeks long the concentration starts to wane around this point, especially with a tough run home……… and I can’t really speak for the players!

Our Captain for the day would be The General for no other reason that he has had a cracking few weeks. Williamstown would win the toss and decided not to take advantage of a slight breeze to the playground end. Early on it looked like it was going to be a long day at the office with Williamstown doing all the attacking, but the Tenners were hanging tough. A two goal to one first quarter was a good result considering the amount of time they had use of the ball.

We were opened up in the second quarter and although it seemed an even contest, Williamstown were much cleaner by hand and foot. Every forward entry was rewarded with a goal and they scooted out to a solid five goal lead. Positioning and link up is crucial and we just could not find as much space as they could.

The breeze was slowly heading into the wind category by the third quarter and this was our chance to claw back some respect on the scoreboard. As I said, it was a close contest, and we were still in the game. Alas, we would only trouble the scorers on one occasion though after Showboat drilled one from down town. Williamstown would do the same, but we felt that the game had evened right up despite the scoreboard discrepancy. Around the ground was level pegging but the damage had appeared to have been done. We were player better, but they were playing no worse.

With only one quarter and one game of our season to go, I asked for one last ditch effort, and I got it. Heading into the wind, The Tenners were magnificent attacking every contest. Showboat bagged another and should have kicked two but for a desperate smother on the last line by a Willi defender. The General kicked two after going down in the third clutching his troublesome hammy. The scoreboard was looking far more reflective of the contest but Willi would kick a couple of late ones to sneak back out to safety.

And so it was;  another honourable defeat from another quality opposition.  It does hurt to lose a few of your prime movers, but it also opens up opportunities for others willing to take on the role. Continuity is the key to success but we are all still learning at this level. It is so easy to blur the lines between what is and what should have been but all we should be doing is having fun. I hope we still are!

“A thousand people in the street, singing songs and carrying signs, mostly say, Hooray for our side”

Goals –– The General 3 – Showboat 2:

We now turn our attentions to the last game of our season, away against Caroline Springs.

Special Thanks to Libby for donning the whistle + Brad for tending to the wounded and to those who filled the volunteered roles and to those who cheered us on, we can’t do this without you, it is most appreciated.

Richie + Kane.


Under 11s


Rd 13th vs. Sunshine: Away

Captain: Kiir

Heartland: Hamish


What a cracking power performance by this committed Under 11’s. Without doubt the quickest transition and ball movement this year combined with a clear focus and pressure on the opposition.


Kiir won the toss and correctly choose to kick with the wind. For the first five minutes I began to wonder about where this game was heading. Sunshine seemed up and about with some good ball movement, pushing into our forward line. But to our Roosters credit they held firm and knuckled down to pressure their opponents. Joharo in the Ruck has really come on and was palming the ball clearly to his mids, with Reuben, Thomas and Kirr pouncing on the loose ball and dominating the stoppages. Angus, Archie, Sacha and Hamish were providing the much-needed link up and carry we have become accustomed to, whilst Ben, Ash and Eli were resolute in their defence and rebound. The intensity at the ball and opponent soon began to be rewarded and we went on to dominate the remainder of the quarter. Alex, back from his big break, was providing the key forward target, whilst Oliver & Marlon were providing excellent forward pressure to now lock the ball deep into our attacking half. Jake and Harry SG were also pivotal in winning possession and providing the run.

Q1: WF 4.1 – 25  vs. Sunshine 0.0 – 0


The 2nd quarter was going to be a crucial with Sunshine now kicking with the substantial wind. Tim, perched up high, was providing plenty of timely rotations. Rory, Nicholas & Harrison entered the fray, providing us with more run and carry whilst maintaining our outstanding pressure. Tem, Patrick and Ezekiel were resolute in the last line, providing the grit and desperation we have come to expect during the course of the season. The running and support by all the Roosters was first class and it showed on the scoreboard with Sunshine only managing a single goal, whilst we kicked three into the wind. All in all a dominate half of football from all 22 young Roosters.

Q2: WF 7.1 – 43 vs. Sunshine 1.0 – 6


Earlier in the year we had taken a half time lead against Sunshine only to see us fall away in the 2nd half. However this time you could sense these lads were itching to maintain the pressure. And so they did with another quality quarter of football. Lots of outstanding pressure football by all 22 Roosters was the highlight for me. A strong team effort across the board with plenty of unselfish acts. On the eve of the finals it is pleasing to see this team support and willingness to back each other up, as I expect a hard fought finals campaign from all remaining teams.

Q3 WF 9.3 – 57 vs. Sunshine 2.1 – 13


With the game clearly won through all their hard work, it was still pleasing to see the lads push through to the end. Whilst Sunshine did kick a couple of goals, it was pleasing to the Roosters hold their structure and make the right decisions. A very pleasing performance from all our young Roosters. This week we take on the Ladder leaders, Spotswood, giving us another excellent opportunity to challenge ourselves and break through our self-imposed limitations.

Q3 WF 9.3 – 57 vs. Sunshine 4.4 – 28


Congratulations on Kiir 50 game milestone. A try leader and inspiration of these lads for the last three seasons, it is a pleasure to witness his ability to overcome obstacles and put his team first. Well-done Kiir. Also great to see Alex back, after his run of injuries this year. Alex really makes a presence out there and gives us a few more options.


A special note of thanks to Kath Matheson for making the mercy dash back to West Footscray. Our Roosters were truly rewarded by this gift, with the white short recipient, Harry, going on to kick five awesome goals. Thanks Kath. Also big Thanks again to Andrea, Tim, Zoran and all the volunteers.   


Rd 14 Our Final Home & Away for 2018 – vs Spotswood.

At Home at the frightening time of 8.50AM. ☺

See you all there at 8AM or in the coffee shop before.