Round 13 Match Reports & Photos

Hi Folks below are our Match Reports for Round 13.

We have now made writing these reports optional for our coaches as like everyone, they have a busy life and they are all volunteers. We invite our parents and/or players to write a game report themselves and we will post those here that week. These don’t need to be long, just a brief description of the game is enough. Send to our club email at by Wednesday midday to be sure they get posted.

Thanks to our coaches or parents who have found time to write these reports again this week.

Under 9 Reds Vs Yarraville Seddon


The weather was calm and mild and the ground had dried out – it was a great morning for football!  As usual Mark and Chris had the early arrivals warming up out the front.  The Eagles had been skilful first time we met and it would be an interesting contest.  As everyone gathered there was plenty of positive energy in the shed and maybe not much attention to instructions. But we know the Roosters can switch on once they run out behind the captains who today were Enrique and Eden.

The first quarter looked like a very tight contest. No team was given any space and there were plenty of ball ups.  Eamon laid a strong tackle early to set the tone.  Tom Mulcahy in the midfield ran hard to make the contests.  Lachie rucked well and took an excellent overhead mark.  Hugo took several good marks and made tackles.  Tom E. stopped his opponent defending in the packs and Paddy ran the ball out of our backline to relieve the pressure.  Bill also started well sticking tackles and applying pressure forward.  Every yard was hard fought.

A shuffle of positions and encouragement to get their kick away the set off heading the horsey park end.  Oliver picked it up well and kicked long.  The ball was locked in our forward line thanks to an excellent wall formed by Enrique and Carl and the many repeat entries were finally rewarded.  Eli was very elusive around the forward line and roved well before kicking our first goal.  Soon afterwards Zeph raced around into his favourite left pocket to snap another goal.  Jensen kept the pressure on kicking well. 

Despite not devouring the usual feast of oranges the Rooster’s continued their great form after the long break.  Zach rebounded well off half back with a bounce and kick.  The ball was deep in our forward line often and Charlie pushed forward to slot a goal from the pocket.  The team was running and handballing well across the ground.  A high kick to the goal square was crumbed by Eden booted a goal, and the Roosters were flying.  Tom Mitchell took an excellent mark.  One of the best passages started in the back line with a series of marks and kicks keeping possession all the way down the ground and finished with Bodee kicking a nice goal to finish the quarter on a high. 

The last quarter saw the Eagles press again.  Otis attacked the ball and defended his opponent well.  Noah and Arlo ran the midfield hard and won some tough contests.  Tom W. worked very hard in the contests on his flank and ended needing a rest after getting a knock.  The Roosters continued some good passages of play and finished the game strongly.  Back in the sheds the players got to sing the club song after a game well played.

The young Roosters are powering towards the end of the season. Their confidence has grown to attack the ball pick it up and think about the best option.  Hopefully they can finish the last game off next week with the same skill and teamwork.  The Eagles showed some skill but the Rooster’s defended hard and controlled more of the game.  Slice Girls Rooster of the week was well deserved by Tom W and Enrique.




Under 9  Blues Vs Caroline Springs

First off, apologies for not getting my Match Report or photos in on time for Round 12 (vs Yarraville Seddon Eagles)

That was an excellent game by our Players. Lead by Captains Leo Annese (welcome back) and Harvey Warhurst, we started quickly and scored 2 goals in the 1st Quarter.  The game evened up to be all square at half time.  After the break our focus on link-up play and kick-marks won us possession and field position and more ‘GOAL!’ notifications on our new scoreboard.

Finishing the game with 2 goals into the wind at the Dog Park end was the difference in the game.

Special mentions from Round 12 :

Goals :

Arthur-2, Jack-2

Roosters of the Week :

  • Harvey W – fantastic Team play, kicking to the ‘Hot Spot’ allowing for Team-mates a chance at an easier goal.
  • Zoe – consistent with a high level of Team play and skills.


On to this week…

Caroline Springs was now the only Team we hadn’t had a (theoretical, in a non-scoring way) win against in our schedule.  They just got the better of us in a highly competitive game at our ground.  Could we return the favour??

Our focus again was link-up plays – running handballs, passes out in front and being ‘next’ to keep the ball.

Captains: Two of our experienced players – Jack and Fletcher.

1st Term;

Caroline Springs got the jump on us and got the ball into their A50.

Tiger worked hard to get the ball out of defence. 

Natalie and Logan combined through the middle, Maverick was providing some forward bursts.

Arthur –> Fletcher –> Harvey W linked up.

Harvey H was providing repeat efforts in defence across half-back.  Tiger put his body over the ball and smothered a kick, while Maverick was laying his strong tackles.

Jack used his long kick to get the ball deep into our A50, Harrison and Harvey H combined to keep it in there.

Angus needed to go off for a blood nose after a (erm, strong tackle) – this was to be the first of many battle wounds for the day.

Quarter Time was an opportunity to reinforce that we were doing plenty right, we just needed the ball near our scoring sticks a bit more.


2nd Term;

A long kick by Natalie started things going our way.  Harvey W -> Fletcher (mark) -> to the goal square, where Jack was able to gather and GOAL!

Nico and Jacob defended well in the last line.  Cooper took a good mark under a high ball.

Harrison provided a long chase to pressure their ball carrier.

Maverick -> Cooper (mark) -> Braydon gather and kick on the run to our Goal square.  A pack formed around the ball but Fletcher found room out the front and burst through to kick a GOAL!


We had things a bit more our way in that term, and the game was starting to even up. (now 5 Goals to 2)

At Half-Time, we talked about our good efforts so far, chasing harder in defence, having some players behind the ball and continuing to focus on our link-up play that was working well.


3rd Term;

With our magnets moved, we had some of our bigger bodies in midfield and defence.

Mavericks run was now starting on the wing, Natalies kick went to the goalsquare,  Harrison ran on to it and snapped a kick over his shoulder for a GOAL!

We were right in this game now.

Caroline Springs sensed this and their tackles got harder, the ‘chirp’ got more frequent, and the complaints to the umpires grew.

Meanwhile Fletcher provided a chase and tackle of his own, to win a free kick. Jack and Angus weren’t letting player or ball past them.

James and Hamish were darting around with quick kicks and handballs.

Harvey H had a good possession with time to look up and kick.

Jack -> Fletcher -> Logan -> Arthur was nice play through the middle of the ground.

Jack laid a strong smother and tackle.

Liye took a courageous mark under a high ball, with pressure coming.

(6 goals to our 3)

At the last break, I urged the players to keep at it and run the game out.


4th Term;

The tight contest across the ground continued.  It seemed ever possession was under pressure.  Good skills gave some breathing space, but a fumble or a fickle bounce invited the pressure again.

Jack provided a good hand ball to James on the run.

Hamish was nipping around, Maverick was in amongst all the packs.

Zoe worked her way into contests and kicked the ball long.

The desperation from both Teams intensified further.

Harvey H took another mark.

Angus was winning the ball under pressure.  Fletcher, Maverick and Jack kept tackling.

Tired bodies got up slower from bumps, but our legs kept running.

Jacob knocked the ball out of a contest, Braydon provided run and carry with the ball.

Harvey W had good hands and a kick in defence. 

The game finished as Nico held possession of the ball in our forward 50.


Our players had evened up the contest, against a Team of majority ‘bigger’ players.

I was particularly proud of how our Players maintained great sportsmanship as the game got (erm) heated at times.

There is plenty of moral victories, little victories within the game and character-building moments that we will take out of this game.

Everyone Player should be proud of their efforts in a pressure packed game.

Special Mentions:

  • Goals: Jack -1, Fletcher -1, Harrison -1
  • Heartland Award: Jack Mosca
  • Roosters of the Week: Arthur, Angus and Harvey H (who ended the game with the most authentic ‘footy’ knee bandage I’ve seen in U9’s)

3 Big ‘Roosters’ and a ‘Cock-a-Doodle Do!’


One more game to go, which is the start of a full day of fixtures at Shorten Oval next Sunday, with a Club provided BBQ after the final game (around 3pm) on the day.




ROUND 13 PHOTOS – Keep scrolling down there are lots to see!