Under 9 Blues – Away to Caroline Springs.


Our final round of the season brought us to Caroline Springs at the unusual time of mid-morning Saturday.  A bit of a juggle of our normal weekend routines had us one player short – Harvey had an unavoidable prior arrangement – but with the help from Jack Mosca – who had vowed to squeeze as many game s as he can get out of the final weekend.

The Saturday weather was clear and sunny with a small breeze favoring one end of the very wide and very brown oval.

Before the game we talked about how proud all the Parents were of this Team.   We started the year as a group of players, who have ended up as a solid Team. The individuals all understand and appreciate each others’ roles within the Team and the camaraderie has been outstanding.  We checked how we had progressed against our early season goals;

Did we have Fun? – Tick

Did we learn about Teamwork? – Tick

Did we improve our skills? – Tick

Ok Roosters here is our last chance to show everyone just how much we have improved.  Keep it simple today; Play in Front, Mark the ball out in Front and keep the ball in front of you.


We knew from our previous encounter that this would be a challenging game – which proved to be true.  Our Team played out a tough game in which we were more often showing our defensive efforts over our attacking flair:


Under 9 West Footscray Roosters (Blues) versus Caroline Springs Lakers.

Town Centre Oval No.1, Caroline Springs.

10:30am Saturday July 28th 2018,

Captains: Jack (6) & Hudson (2)

1st Quarter

Roosters were kicking into the wind for the 1st Term.

Hamish (14) was out of the blocks early for the Rooster Blues.  Fletcher (9) laid a strong tackle on Caroline Springs (C.S.) Lakers.  But it was the Lakers to score the first, with a behind. The Roosters tried to get it out of the Lakers’ forward line, but it was either Hamish (14) or Oscar (33) near the centre back flank who copped an early blow trying for the mark.  

Carline Springs had number around the ball, wherever we sent it, and with the help of the wind, kept us pinned in to our D50. Oscar smothered a kick and got winded from his effort.

Through the centre, and it was Arlo (3) to direct it out and toward the forward pocket, where Jack (6) earned a free-kick.  Fletcher – Jack – Archer linked up nicely at Half Forward.

Ben took a nice mark.

Dylan – Archer – Arlo – Hudson linked up with nice passes, Leo got a handball out of congestion to Eli.

Nathaniel showed courage with a good mark and then there was promise with another kick onto Archer (21) who also then marked closer to goal.  However, somehow the C.S. Lakers managed to stop our run and quickly again counter-attack. But Leo (16) wasn’t having a bar of it and put in hard to stop the run dead, in combination with Jackson (32) who was tackled solidly for his troubles.  And it was another minor score to the Lakers.

The Rooster Blues seemed to be getting caught flat, with the opposition keenly ready to quickly pounce on the ball and send it long into their forward line.  Their kicks had depth, where our kicks seemed like they were pulling up short. Possibly the wind . . . or possibly the effects of the late “parents-versus-kids” game the night before.  Whatever it was, our boys were definitely not in their best form.

Back to the game, and it was Finn (11) who marked in the square, and he sent it forward.  Thankfully this lead to a GOAL! for the Rooster Blues and the hope that the game was back on track.  Jack Mosca (from the Orange Roosters) was helping out in the back line. Ryan (18) was trying hard in defence, and Dylan (5) was doing a great job in ruck and on the ball.  

Finn had repeat efforts in the middle of the ground, where again we were outnumbered.

Nathaniel was strong at Full Back and our defence worked hard this term.


Quarter Time had our Coaches pleading for a bigger effort in running hard in both directions, no loose player and to play out this last game as well as we can.  The Team Circle brought out some encouragement and energy back into the Team.


2nd Quarter

The second quarter saw Hudson (2) at full back, supported by Jack (6) and Fletcher (9) in the pockets.  Archer (21) and Finn (11) flanked either side of Ryan (18) at the centre-back line, Oscar (33) and Jackson (32) in the wings, and Ben (13) and Eli (30) either side of Arlo (3) at the centre-forward position.  Dylan (5) was up front in full-forward, with Ed (15) and Tom (34) by his sides. Lachlan (12), Nathaniel (17), Hamish (14) and Leo (16) featured in the centre.

It was a quick start for the Lakers in the second quarter, and they got their ball down to their forward line in a flash, but Hudson (2) thankfully put a stop to that.  

Nathaniel (17) then had it out of the centre and Jackson (32) put in a brilliant effort with some strong tackling.  Again Nathaniel (17) had it and got it out to Arlo (3) who made a kick for goal which landed just short. Again, the Caroline Springs rebound was quick out of their back line, and the ball was back into their forward line swiftly.  Fletcher (9) did well in defence and Hamish (14), as ever, wasn’t holding back and played strong. Another point, though, to the opposition. And then Arlo (3) kicked it out of out defence, and the ball made it to Lachie (12) on our centre-half back line.  

Ben and Jackson teamed up in the middle, Nathaniel passed to Finn who took a mark.

Jack made a clearance from deep in defence.

Back to the centre and this time it was Hamish (14) kicking it out.  Soon thereafter the ball was back with Hamish (14), who this time was earning a free kick, and kicking it out to Jackson (32) who was playing with gusto to work the ball forward.  Eli (30) too, was putting in a great effort, and Archer (21) was teaming up well with him, even as he was shrugging off the tackles in the centre of the ground. However, the ball again ended up somehow down in the Lakers’ goal square, where Finn (11) was defending well.  And Jack Mosca again came to the rescue to boot it out of defence, and to see out the first half.

The quarter ended with Oscar taking a mark on the wing.


Our halftime chat repeated our message of “run hard both ways” and “this is our last game – play it out well”. Surely the message was heard over the quiet sucking of half-time oranges.


3rd Quarter

Into the wind again, we were under pressure in defence.  Ryan (18) tried hard out of the centre. Jack (6) also gave an effort, Arlo provide run through the middle and Jack M again featured strongly as a force of resistance and helped in scoring another GOAL!

4th Quarter

“This is it Team – our final term of the season.  Don’t leave the ground with any energy left in your legs, run hard for each other”

The last quarter saw Oscar (33) and Leo (16) either side of Lachlan (12) at full back, Jackson (32) and Hamish (14) either side of Nathaniel (17) at the centre-back line, Ben (13) and Dylan (5) on the wings, Fletcher (9) and Hudson (2) flanking either side of Ryan (18) at the centre-forward line, and then Jack (6) at full forward, supported by Finn (9) and Jack Mosca in the pocket.  And in the centre were Tom (34), Eli (30) and Ed (15), with Archer (21) taking a break at the start of the last.

And in this quarter the Roosters tried hard.  Hamish (14) figured as a stalwart for the team and gave it his all in the centre-forward line, in combination with Fletcher (9) who managed a tenacious GOAL!  However, soon after the Lakers came back with another one. Jackson (32) didn’t let this dull his spirit, though, and kept on keeping on, as did Ben (13) who was still giving his all late into the fourth, with a tackle and free kick.  There was one last hoorah for the Roosters with Jack (6) kicking to Finn, who then went on to nail a GOAL!. A great last effort for the game that wrapped up the season!

Well done Rooster Blues.  Keep working on your skills in the off-season.  Well done coach Paul, Rachel and Sarah, and all the support crew!

Contributor: Paolo Pennacchia


Special Mentions;

Heartland Award –  Hamish Sully – for continued run and carry following his strong defensive efforts

Goals – Finn (2), Fletcher (1), Jack Mosca(1)


Once again there was great comraderie, appreciation and encouragement that flowed through the Players and Parents to each other – which has been the real highlight throughout the year.

We have grown over the season into a Team that has developed a strong ‘spread or defend’ attitude, we have shown great individual and teamwork skills – and we have shown that we can play some really Good Footy!

A lot of backslapping, “well done”s and “thankyou”s post match in the rooms post-game made for a fantastic atmosphere.

A final, loud “Rooster-Roosters- Roosters… ” finished our season.


Thankyou everyone for being part of this adventure – most of all to Sarah and Rachael who really did do a lot of the organising that facilitated the games going ahead.

But to all the Parents– with everyone chipping in, we managed a successful and fun season.


I really have enjoyed the journey – and having the opportunity to review and socialise a bit post-match (lucky we had the sunny Saturday weather!)

I look forward to seeing you around the Club again next year.

Enjoy your Sunday morning sleep-ins or cartoons again…





U9 Orange

Rd 14: West Footscray V Tarneit

The last game seems to come quickly and bring a close our season. Feelings are a mix of regret and relief. Another feeling is that it is a long drive down the highway, early on a Sunday morning with dark skies and heavy rain, heading to the lands of Tarneit. On arrival the rain had stopped but an ice cold wind still blew strongly across the ovals. The players arrived slowly and gathered in the shelter of the change rooms. Captains today were Jack G. and Jack M. who led us onto the oval – where we found the ground covered in sticky fertiliser pellets! What is going on?

The wind was blowing strongly across the oval and favouring one end, which fortunately we were kicking to in the first quarter. After some last minute assurance the white fertiliser wouldn’t hurt them the Roosters ran off to position. The game began in the middle but the wind quickly blew everything to the far wing, and there it stayed. Tony T. did a great job as runner today trying to direct play back toward the middle. The game looked intense even from a distance with lots of pressure applied by the Roosters and not much space for any clean possessions. Bodee and Paddy both took good marks. Jack M. was strong at full back and Hugo L. got his hands on the ball early to kick it our way, but we weren’t able to move it deep into our forward half. The Roosters gathered at the break with their boots (and anything else that had touched the ground) covered in white fertiliser paste (who is on jumper washing?).

After quarter time the bench relocated to the opposite wing so we were closer to the game. Now we could see what was happening, but had no shelter from the wind. It made you realise how tough the conditions were on the ground from both the opposition and weather. Jackson kept his head over the ball and kicked well for Enrique to take a good mark. Jack G. and Charlie did a great job down back with lots of possessions that repelled attacks from a bigger opposition. Malik was chasing and tackling fantastically and copped a blow to the face for his effort – a big victory for Malik who kept his cool and went on playing great and fair football all game. (also special credit to one Tarneit player who ran halfway across the oval to our bench to say he saw it and apologise).

Kade had a great third quarter with lots of dash and courage in the back line. Eli used his dance moves to evade opponents and kick clear. Oliver R. and Jimmy held up the key back positions well. Hugo W. was working hard through the middle.  Otto and Zeph looked fast and dangerous when we got it forward but the ball wouldn’t bounce for them perhaps because it was covered in white fertiliser muck. Kase made several great tackles and he in turn received a blow to the face. Things had started to get ridiculous before the siren sounded.

A word to the umpire at three quarter time saw a great improvement with the senior umpire mentor controlling the game and sending one opponent from the field. The Roosters were getting rewarded for their efforts now and won plenty of the ball. Eamon had a great quarter in the midfield, along with Oliver C who kept up the pressure. Hugo N. finished another strong game rallying the backline with Thomas. The wind continued to dominate the game though and all the players spent a lot of time chasing the ball over the line. Many kicks just blew straight back out again. I think everyone was ready for the game to end when the final siren blew.

It was a tough end to our season in many ways but the players all kept their cool and their spirits up, displaying great sportsmanship and teamwork. Congratulations to all 22 of the players for doing their personal best all season and I hope they all had fun. I am looking forward to seeing how they develop next season already.

A very big thanks to all the families for helping make it a great season. Especially Kate for managing everything so well, and Chris for his excellent assistance. I think everyone will have some good memories and new friends. Look forward to seeing everyone at the presentation day or catching up for a kick at the park soon.



WEST FOOTSCRAY ROOSTERS – Under 10 Reds vs. Caroline Springs – Round Fourteen – 29/7/18.

Says it all really!……..

“I’m not crazy; I’m just a little unwell….”

(I will come back to this)

Good Evening Sports Fans!

Well, that’s a wrap. The curtain has come down on the Tenners for the last time this season as they hit the blacktop for a date with Caroline Springs on a soggy Sunday morning.  The heavens had opened the night before and continued to smatter us on the early drive down. The sun would tease us with a rainbow that looked like it was leading us to the ground. I would not expect to find a pot of gold but definitely 20 cheeky leprechaun’s! Our last encounter with the Lakers saw the Tenners prevail in a tight one by one point at home so you could expect this would be a good contest. Especially after signing Le Bron James, that could be a tough match up!

Regular followers of the Tenners would know that the last few weeks had been challenging with list management being the hot topic of conversation around the coup water cooler, not just for us, but for most of our junior sides. Kudos must go to all the T.M’s, parents and players alike. And not just the players who played multiple extra games or who stepped up age brackets although a big shout out to them, let’s not forget the players that held their squads together, often topped up by players from opposing sides.  It is character building stuff and deserves a shout out all of its own.

The Tenners were unusually attentive pre game, so much so that we thought we might be in the wrong rooms! I could not quite put my finger on why but maybe the thought of their last game for the year had dawned on them and it was time for reflection…………… Hmmm, maybe not!

The pre- game instruction was simple; we have four quarters of football left for the season. Let’s enjoy it as much as we can and see if we can sneak away with a win.

Before we knew it, game time was upon us, the skies were clearing and the sun was out and the wind was…….. blowing straight across the ground. I am almost positive that the ball did not reach the opposite side of the park even though it may have been kicked in that direction. There appeared to not be any clear advantage to goal but if anything it slightly favoured one end.  We would be welcoming back Ozi after injury and special thanks go out to Raz Rees, Finn the Finisher, Magic Mitch Houareau and Oscar Ferrari Ferraro for his first hit out with the Reds. Especially Finn; up from the nines, who had played the same ground the day before and had patiently waited for us to arrive.

Our Captains for the day would be the dynamic duo of Mezz and Clara who won the toss and chose the slightly favoured end over the not so slightly favoured end.

As suspected, it was scrappy. The wind did not allow too much run and carry as delivery of the pill was hazardous to say the least. This one would need to be ground out and ground out it was like minced meat or coffee, take your pick! It was hard to maintain possession as the ball would hold up, swirl around, change direction all in one passage of play.

This one would be won in the trenches and the Tenners were more than up for it today, storming the arcs and holding down the enemy. Well not enemy, but you know what I mean. The Lakers are a good bunch of kids but got a little bit niggly when things were nit going quite to plan. Especially when a run of behinds would skittle their plans of stealing a win.  Our goal umpire would be seen ditching the white coat at games end and blending into the crowd. The most pleasing aspect to come out of the game today was to see everyone have a real crack. You could expect that the Lakers would have chalked this up for a win, but the Tenners had other ideas and were not going to let the last one slip. You could feel how much it meant post game as they belted the hell out of the team song with gusto.

Arti would win the Heartland for his fierce attack on the ball and Brayden would win R.O.T.W for his continued improvement and willingness to compete.

Well, that is about it for now. I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all the players who donned the red and white for the Tenners this year; you have been an amazing bunch of rag tag, knockabout footballers and I have enjoyed just about every minute of it, I hope you have enjoyed just about every minute of it too!

A massive thank you to T.M Kane, I could not do it without you buddy. To Libby and Brad, umpire/trainer extraordinaires for your calming and fair approach to the games. To Eskil for all the fine snaps of our budding AFL superstars, it so great to see the images after the game. To everyone who helped out at training, Kane, Brad, Kiernan, Desi, Simon, Ethan, Nick Pit, this is most appreciated. There are times when the little rug rats just don’t want to be there so it was great to have your support. To all the parents, the Sunday mornings can be a chore so I thank you for not only being the best but for allowing us to indulge in the big time of junior suburban footy. Last but not least, to all the sibling water carriers, let’s hope you all graduate into red and white one day soon.

“I know right now you can’t tell, but wait a while and maybe then you’ll see”

4.4.28 – 1.6.12. Roosters by 16.

Goals –– Showboat 2 –Xavier 2:

Special Thanks to Libby for donning the whistle and Brad for tending to the wounded and to those who filled the volunteered roles and to those who cheered us on away from home, we can’t do this without you, it is most appreciated.

Richie + Kane.


Round 14 vs Spotswood U11


West Footscray:  1.1 1.5 2.6 2.6.18


Lost to


Spotswood: 1.2   2.8 3.8 7.13.55


Goals:  Harry 1, Archie 1


The last home and away of the season saw the Roosters pitted against the ladder leading Spotswood.  The last time we played, a pretty even contest resulted and with only 18 that day, more was expected this time around.  The banner survived the early showers and wind gusts and Kiir, Joharo, Reuben, Patrick and Ashton took great delight in smashing through the run-through (no KB efforts though – which was pleasing).  A full quota this weekend with the return of long term injured players – Ziggy (although he was a late, late, late withdrawal), Zaw Zaw and Flynn. It was great to have the whole gang back together. This meant lots of rotations and more action on the bench and magnet board than has ever been seen this year.  Spotswood are on top for a reason, they have a number of good players who play at a level that probably defies U11 standard. Our boys were up for the challenge. Kiir, Joharo, Reuben and Thomas had first crack in the middle after the visitors won the toss and opted to kick into the breeze. The early tussles were evenly contested with plenty of physicality being brought by both sides.  Hamish and Rory on the wings gave good intensity around the ball and the half forwards of Jake (who had a minding role on their general at the back), Sasha, Alex and Harry were getting dangerous. Patrick, Tem, Zeke, Caleb, Nicholas and Ben controlled things across the backline and when the siren sounded there was only a point in it. Spotswood clearly were getting agitated and not being able to brush off the plucky Roosters and the second quarter remained tight again.  A few wayward shots by the visitors kept the scores tight and unfortunately we were also seeing some of the dark arts appearing. High fend offs and niggling behind the play incidents were going unnoticed and full credit to the Red and Whites for hanging in there. With still not much in it at the main break, the coaches called for a huge effort with the breeze. Marlon, in his last game at Shorten Reserve, Zaw Zaw, Oli did well across the forward line to keep the ball from being released.  Patrick up on the wing was able to use his neat kicking skills to good effect. Ashton was imposing himself more on the contest and with Hamish finding plenty of the footy the boys believed that something special could be achieved. At 3 quarter time, the boys were visibly tiring – kicking into the wind made it harder too. A few swings of the magnets saw the heavy lifting shared around. Angus was returning to his best form and Flynn was able to contribute to some positive passages of play.  Ultimately, the gas tank ran dry and Spotswood were able to hit the scoreboard in what the purists call ‘junk time’. A great effort by all the Roosters and the belief in the system we are playing is certainly palpable amongst the playing group. A season well rounded out and now we approach the finals with all systems go. A huge thanks to Alex for what he has been able to achieve in the 2 games he has played.


Thanks again to the band of helpers:  Shawn on siren duties, Ethan on security detail, Tania with the flags, Tung in the orange polo, Zoran in the medical room, Ethan (on penalty from the senior club) and Kathi running water, Patrick assisting the coaches,  Andrea co-ordinating the superb banner (on top of the usual busyness of the role), Des with the life lessons. Bring on Sunshine (and the Sunshine at 10.20 this week).


Round 14 vs Caroline Springs U14


West Foostcray:  1.2 1.2 1.2 1.3.9


Lost to


Caroline Springs:   4.9 5.13 11.18 14.23.107


Goal:  Zidane


The last home and away game of the season was a windy affair at Shorten Reserve.  Could the Roosters find that bit extra to take it to one of the power houses of the division?  A full quota made it easier to rotate players through various key posts. Nathan in the ruck played a beauty all day – winning hit outs against all opponents.  Xavier battled hard for the duration and was involved in many passages of positive play. Henry and Diesel ran tirelessly and were creative in their use of the footy.  The visitors kicked with the wind in the first and when Zidane scored the first major of the day, the signs were good for the Red and Whites. The contest was pretty even with Caroline Springs missing plenty.  The second quarter with the breeze, the Roosters had to take advantage. Zidane (now moved into defence) mopped up everything that came his way including a moment that all footballers dread – dropping back into the hole when the big body is coming the other way – an unfortunate collision ensued, but all totally fair and part of footy.  The young guy managed to get to his feet but am sure he will be pretty sore come Monday (and will not be doing that again when Zidane is around). West couldn’t hit the scoreboard and with Caroline Springs registering a few more majors, the contest was effectively ended. Samuel, in the back line worked very well with Zidane to repel the repeated forward forays.  Navindu was finding a bit of the footy too but wave after wave made it hard to compete. Half time gave pause to reflect and with a few more shuffles of the magnets, the boys were sent out to see what they could do. Juma, Luis and Lockie got a bit of the footy and Daniel was doing his bit across half back. Liam, showing signs of the battering he has copped all season, battled hard to influence the game with some useful touches – including a very good overhead mark followed by playing on and launching from beyond the arc narrowly missing the Roosters’ second major.  Soc, in his last game for the season, came up into the middle to have a crack – and that he did. Sam V and Stephen battled against bigger, faster opponents – doing well when they got the chance. The second half was unfortunately a fairly one sided affair with the ball spending far too much time for this Red and White supporter’s liking in the Caroline Springs forward line. Much of the sting had left the game and the boys had the chance to play some footy with a little more space and, at times, were able to link up well and create some scoring chances. Ben working off half back, Lenny battling away, Isaac C and Alex all contributing in bursts.  Jonathan and Diesel kept the pressure up but the petrol tickets were spent and by the time the siren sounded to end the game, a convincing win was had by the visitors.


A big well done to Dave with the whistle who had to negotiate a couple of tricky calls and kept the tempers in check.  A few bruises for the boys to nurse as they now enter the finals series. A bit of luck and who knows how far they can go.