Round 14 Match Reports & Photos

Hi Folks below are our Match Reports for Round 14.

We have now made writing these reports optional for our coaches as like everyone, they have a busy life and they are all volunteers. We invite our parents and/or players to write a game report themselves and we will post those here that week. These don’t need to be long, just a brief description of the game is enough. Send to our club email at by Wednesday midday to be sure they get posted.

Thanks to our coaches or parents who have found time to write these reports again this week.


Under 9 Reds Vs Caroline Springs

Last game of the season!  The players know the routine well now.  A quick look at the board for their starting positions and they were ready. No need to linger in these change rooms so they all lined up behind their captains Oscar and Bodee.  We had a full list today except for Bill who was sick unfortunately. 

Today we got to play on the big ground (oval 1). It is almost as wide as it is long and instructions were to play down the middle.  No wind, a dry ground and slowly warming up – it felt like a perfect morning for football. 

The game started off fast with match of it played between the arcs.  Carl had started well in the ruck but unfortunately got a knock and needed a rest.  Bodee played very well in the middle too taking a great mark and kicking long.  The ball was trapped in our forward line thanks to some great pressure by Eli and Jensen.  Finally Thomas Mitchell swooped and snapped the first goal.  Arlo entered the game and showed great composure with his head over the ball.  Enrique was a key target at CHF and gathered the ball in traffic to move the ball well into the forward line.  Zach got behind their defence again to run into space gather and kick a goal. Well played Roosters!

The pressure went up second quarter with lots of tackling.  Tom Watt played his best game and took a good mark midfield.  Paddy could be spotted even on the far side with his flowing locks racing after the ball and laying strong tackles.  Charlie repelled many attacks playing CHB perfectly.  Thomas E. was in the packs on his wing and Oscar was also terrific on his wing with tackling and handballs.  Eamon was strong at the ball putting his body on the line but needed a rest to recover one knock.

The players had definitely warmed up now and things seemed to go up another notch in the second half.  It is great to see some hard running across the big ground to cover defence and make space in attack.  Noah and Enrique made good position and took great marks.  Lachie and Eden were also running mid field and created some good clearances.  When the ball reached our backline Otis was there to block the attack and Zeph sped it back up the ground.  There had been a lot of tough contested football by both teams. 

One last shuffle of magnets around the board.  How would the last quarter of the season play out?  Some good centre clearances saw the ball deep forward.  After a tussle in the goal square Tom Mulcahy kicked a quick goal.  The ball was sent forward again with some long kicks by Noah from CHF.  Oliver dashed back with the flight and booted a goal.  The opposition responded and were looking dangerous when Hugo at CHB laid a very strong tackle which knocked the ball loose for the Roosters to sweep it away.  Again the ball went forward and this time Charlie reeled around onto his left boot to slot another goal.  When the final siren sounded the Roosters were celebrating, and they had plenty to be happy about the game they had all played.

The Roosters finished full of handballs to running teammates, long kicks, strong tackles and good marks.  A great way to end a great season. Well done to all the players!  They have played some excellent football in the last few weeks and should all be very proud of how they have developed as a team and also the good spirit they have played the game in.  To their credit Caroline Springs also played the game well today.  Charlie collected the Heartland with some classy football at both ends of the ground.  Slice Girls Roosters of the week was earnt by Tom Mulcahy, Tom E, Eli and Zeph.

A very big thanks to all the parents and families who have been with us throughout the season and helped with the many jobs.  It feels like the team has had a great spirit again this year.  Special thanks to Claire and Richard for managing everything so smoothly, and also to Chris and Mark for their support coaching the kids.  I hope you have all enjoyed it as much as me.  Go Roosters!



Under 9  Blues Vs Spotswood

We were blessed to be at our Home Ground of Shorten Reserve for our final game, with all its lumps, bumps, puddles, sticky mud and plenty of support.

Today we were going to focus on the fun we have playing together in this Team, recognise and celebrate all our efforts and look to share the ball around.

Captains today : Arthur and Hamish


In short, we played as well as we had all year.

Strong tackles, handballs flicked out the side to players running past.

Link up play, strong marks and defending well behind the ball.


1st Term

Ben started us of with a strong tackle.

Logan -> Jack -> Fletcher linked up a got the ball going our way.

Harrison was darting around getting possessions.

Angus took a mark from a kick in. He kicked long from his set shot for his 1st Roosters GOAL!

Fletcher chased back and covered in defence to clear the danger area.

Hamish and James provided run and carry.

Braydon won the ball in our forward 50 and kicked to Zoe, who marked.  She settled and kicked straight for her 1st Roosters GOAL!

We were certainly up and about and full of energy today.


2nd Term continued in a similar vein;

Fletcher smothered a kick then won the ball.

Nico -> Harvey W who kicked to Hamish in the Goal-square.  Zoe roved the loose ball and kicked another GOAL!

Maverick was starting to win more of the ball.

Jacob had some telling possessions in the midfield.

Natalie was running clear of the opposition with the ball.

At Half Time, we talked about keeping the ball moving and to keep looking out for each other.


3rd Term;

Maverick kicked to the Goalsquare, Harvey H was in position to mark, settle for his set shot and GOAL! – another Rooster 1st Goal (You couldn’t script this…)

Hamish and James were nipping around getting plenty of the ball.

Ryder was getting involved around the packs and popping out handballs.

Cooper kicked to our HotSpot where Harvey H gave off a handball to Logan who snapped a fine GOAL!

Harvey W was constantly kicking to our advantage.

Tiger wasn’t letting the ball get past him.

Continued pressure in our Forward 50 resulted in the ball spilling out to Jack who kicked a long GOAL!


4th and Final Term for the Season;

“Run this out players, this is the last chance to play together”

Harvey W handballed to Ben, who got a kick in to Fletcher (mark).  Set Shot GOAL!

Angus chased and tackled to win a free kick.

Arthur cleared with a good left-foot kick.

Liye got low and collected a ground ball on the run in defence.

Maverick and Ben provided clearing kicks in defence.

(There was great noise of support from the u12s who had arrived by now for their game.)

The final play of the day was one of my favourites of the year –

Jack, Cooper and Ben worked hard to keep the ball up our scoring end. Jack kicked clear to Arthur, who had a run and bounce and kicked to Fletcher who marked at the top-of-the-square.

Fletch was easily within kicking distance, but he handballed of to Harvey W, who finished a fantastic Team GOAL!


After the siren there was plenty of happy Players and Parents.  We were all really proud and pleased with the efforts of everyone on the field today and throughout the year.

There was some real joy on the Players faces as they ran through a Guard of Honour made by their proud Parents and they even attempted a version of the Club song in the changerooms afterwards.


Special mentions;

Liz Earl – for organising the Parents each week and making my Role a whole lot easier.

Lorelli and Kate – for covering our all important First Aider role

Michael, Michael and Mike – our Field umpires throughout the year.  We cannot play without your help.

Umpire Security – thanks for protecting our umpires

Orange Cutters, Flag Wavers, Time-keepers, H2O carriers, Coach-Board holders, Assistant Coach, Scribes, Paparazzi, Training Day Helpers – it takes all of you to make a Team.

Thankyou for all the Parents ongoing early Sunday mornings support, in some rather testing temperatures at times – we certainly can hear your cheering on the ground.


And most of all, Thankyou to all the Players – its really been a pleasure to see you improve individually and as a Team throughout the year.


Thanks Everyone for a Great Junior Footy Season,


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