Round 14 – Home to Caroline Springs


Other than an injured Oscar, we had a full coop today.  Before the game we talked about how proud all the Parents were of this Team.  We started with just a couple of players who had played Team Football before – and all in different Teams.  We were a group of players, who ended up as a Team.  The individuals all understand and appreciates each others roles within the Team and the camaraderie has been outstanding.  We checked how we had progressed against our early season goals;

Did we have Fun? – Tick

Did we learn about Teamwork? – Tick

Did we improve our skills? – Tick

Ok Roosters here is our last chance to show everyone just how much we have improved.  Keep it simple today; Play in Front, Mark the ball out in Front and keep the ball in front of you.


Maya and Mitchell were nominated as captains for the day.


1st Quarter;

Efe started the game of with a confident mark, Arti gathered the ball off the ground while running at speed, Bastien won a free kick with a strong tackle.  Mitchell had a run and bounce through the midfield.

We scored a goal – but it was disallowed as it was kicked off the ground.

Mrinal had a good clearing kick into space. Mitchell took a mark at half-forward and Arlo S-T laid a goal-saving tackle in the last line of defence. Maya was making sure the ball was not getting past her in defence.

We had made a solid start to the game – keep at it.


2nd Quarter;

We had two early shots at goal by Efe and Griffin, both from near the boundary.  Both players were apologetic to there Team-mates for not centring the ball.  Our forwards were playing in from the and kept the ball in ourselves 50m arch. Malik burst through a large pack at Centre Half Forward, he had a bounce and somehow found space to have a ping a the Big Sticks. He kicked truly for our first Goal.

Eli to a safe mark in defence with pressure coming. He passed on to Alan (mark) and then on to Arti again on the run. Sophia was trying hard, as she always does and got a pass away.

We were again passing the ball well and gaining ground.  Alan kicked into our forward 50, Max marked the kick, he turned quickly and passed to Felix – which he then marked. On a 45* angle at at his full distance Felix kicked through the hey-diddle-diddle – for his first Goal of the season.

  • I am particularly chuffed that Felix got a Goal for his Team, as he will be playing under different colours next year, after his family moves to the Macedon Ranges.

We had our (Rooster) tails up now…

Jake smothered a kick then followed up with a tackle on our defensive 50.

Soon after Jake took a screamer of a mark.

Arti again burst forward of the pack , had a bounce, ran his full distance, but his kick for goal fell just short (when the ball bounced on its point and backwards)

Alan laid a strong tackle to keep the ball in our attacking 50m.

A couple of goals has evened up the scoreboard, in a highly enjoyable and even game on the field.

In between our oranges the message was fairly simple – “Guys, just keep going – you’re doing all the right things and they are working out for us


3rd Quarter;

Eli had a clearing kick out of the pack.  Mitch had a kick-in marked by Eli.  Jake had another good mark and later a strong tackle.  Alan (again) and Eli(again) were applying good pressure around the ball.  Alex took a solid overhead mark.  Arlo M was still running hard to chase and tackle, Noah found his element around the packs with Hadi, muscling the ball forward.  Bastien ran hard and chased down an opponent.  Kai was presenting in good field positions and getting a few touches.

We had good play through the centre; Alan marked and on to Malik who marked and kicked. Nathaniel, Jake and Hugo combined well down the wing with kicks and handballs.


4th Quarter;

I knew the game was close, I knew we were playing as well as we had all season – I hoped we could finish off strong.  I called for one final effort – this is the final term of our season, there is no need for any unused energy after this.

Mitchell won a Ruck tap. Malik took a mark – he had a Dribble shot at goal, that went just wide.  From the Caroline Springs lick in we played in front and kept the pressure on.  Malik got on the end of a loose ball and he was able to snap his second Goal of the game.

Griffin was again providing good run a clearing kicks to his Team mates.

Still at our attacking end, Jake marked another kick-out – he played on, dodged past 2 players to get in front of goal and kicked his Goal.

At the other end,  Jacob took on 3 attacking players in the Caroline Springs goal square.  With eyes on the ball and determination he won the ball and cleared the danger zone.

At the end of the quarter,  Sophia was battling hard on our goal line – looking for her first goal, but couldn’t get a clear possession before the final siren sounded.

We didn’t give out an individual award today, but instead we congratulated each and every Rooster for their outstanding game and Season – this included Oscar also who was on crutches today.

I couldn’t have asked for any more effort or demonstration of our skills and teamwork we learnt this season.

For the record I think we did win this game.

But even better is we have shown ourselves and others that we can be a Team that plays some really good footy.

A lot of backslapping, “well done”s and “thankyou”s post match in the rooms made for a fantastic atmosphere.

Thankyou everyone for being part of this adventure – most of all to Monique who really did a lot of the organising that facilitated the games going ahead. But to all the Parents– with everyone chipping in, we managed a successful first season.

I really have enjoyed the journey – and I certainly wont forget my first year with the Roosters.

I look forward to seeing (most of) you around the Club again next year.

Enjoy your Sunday morning sleep-ins or cartoons again…






WEST FOOTSCRAY ROOSTERS – Under 9 Reds vs. Spotswood – Round Fourteen – 21/7/17.

“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning”
Good Evening Sports Fans.

The words of Winston Churchill echoed around the flanks of Shorten Reserve on Friday night. For some, their first season had drawn to a close, for others, another year under their belts, for most, the seed had/has been planted.  This may be the end of our season but it is only the beginning of the time of our lives. Football….. an oddly shaped ball kicked around an oddly shaped ground with no apparent rules or plans. A 360 degree free for all of desperation, hope and desire. Ask those who watch it why it thrills us, better still, ask those who play it. You probably won’t get a definitive answer, but you will get the idea. The final siren only signalled the end of an epic battle under Friday night lights. One that unfortunately had a fair bit of niggle about it. Not so much from the players on the field, you are always going to get that, heat of the battle, frustrations, all that stuff. You should never hear it from the sidelines though and most certainly never to an official of the game. I don’t want to give any further airtime to certain (unknown) individuals but I will say one thing. A big thankyou to Ben (Woody) Wood for donning the whistle and rising above in somewhat trying conditions. I know that you would be fairly used to it in your line of work big fella, but that does not make it acceptable. Thanks Mate.

Anyways, on to the news.

We met Spotswood away in round three. It would turn out to be our first win of the season and it really kick started what would be a pretty successful year for the Niner’s. That game was officially umpired and although frustrating at times, it helped us understand that rules are rules.  Accept it and move on, a mantra that we would enforce each pre-game address. It took a little while to get going that day, but once it did there was no turning back.

Before the game we felt that we should be able to account for Spotswood but we should not rest on our laurels. We had improved, so there is no reason why they should not have improved either.

Our Captains for the night would be Archie and Rylan. We lost the toss and were kicking to the dog park. For the second week in a row the centre bounce went the other way, they had improved. They certainly were not the same side. They had a few prime movers whom I could not recall from last time and they kept our fleet footed mid field on their toes. The first quarter would belong to the Roosters though and in particular our Little Maestro Jami who would kick three in the first and would go on to kick five for the night. I am positive that he is not a pest at home, but he bugs the hell out of the opposing back lines.

As I mentioned, they had a few prime movers who threatened to spoil our Friday Night party. There was plenty of run and carry from both sides tonight and they certainly felt that they could take this one home. Fortunately for us, this was our party and nobody was going to spoil it. It would not have mattered who it was. Out in the middle you could feel the tension of a not so much “see sawing” battle because I do not think that were headed except for maybe the first goal, but a relentless one. The skilful reliability of the Niner’s would shine through. Knowing that your teammate will deliver and not that everyone must be in the contest is a fine line between confidence and interference. Last week we left it all too too few. This week saw great endeavour with some of our more experienced players “allowing” our younger Roosters a chance at getting the ball. Jack P would play his best game tonight. Under the pressure of some unwarranted and unsettling attention at times, Jack decided to let his footy do the talking and was instrumental in a number of big plays. Luca, Louie and Aiden all had crackers. All three boys took it to the next level. I have said before that it all clicks for different people at different times. If Friday night was half way through the season, then these boys would be unstoppable come seasons end. Oliver assumed the role of our “swingman” of sorts and rotated through the centre all night. Oscar would have enjoyed having his old man on the ground as he too was getting his hands on it. Dozer was another who had his best game, determined to kick a goal, he came so close and took a couple of grabs and laid some tackles. Speaking of laying tackles, he gets a mention every week for Lacing Up his opponents. One of our smallest Roosters he knows his strengths and sticks to it by sticking them.  A smiling assassin of sorts! Archer, Iggy and Otto will be ready made next year and ready to step it up. All it takes is a bit of confidence in yourself; I feel these boys got a real taste of it this year. Dylan and Jack G will also benefit from feeling the heat of the battle; Jack kicked a couple of goals this year on more than one occasion, a terrific effort. Diesel and Action Jackson were busy tonight, great awareness around the ball and great skills for a couple of mosquito fleeters.  When we talk of endeavour and commitment and attitude, you cannot help but to think of Abby and Clara. Both girls learning the game, both girls are outstanding, both girls are a pleasure to coach. Riley thinks he might be leaving the coup this year but is unsure. One thing is for sure; he loves to compete and imposes himself on every contest he attends. He kicked a goal and stood tall when we needed him. Max ‘more than a’ Phelan and Harry would be two o f the hardest players to bring to ground. Both fellas have their own brand of escapism. Maxie has this head turn and body twist that I have never seen before and once he is through, good luck catching him and Harry is a bullock, best to stay out of his way for your own safety.  They can both run and carry and are devastating inside 50. Archie and Rylan are very similar in the way they play. Attack the ball, get the ball, run with the ball and deliver the ball. Be it off the half back line or half forward line both have great leg speed and confidence and skill. Sasha the Dasher, his name says it all, his unusual check side kicking around boundary lines is something to witness, he is not only quick but has a tank on him that does not empty. Last but not least, The General, Howe Diddy. Nobody can read the play like he does. His nous is exceptional his leg speed and skills are electric. I don’t know how many times through out the year that I heard “who is on 17?”

In the end, I think we got up by about six goals, the game much like the season is over in the blink of an eye.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few people if I may.

Firstly, the Mighty Roosters Junior Footy Club for being the best club to be a part of. The Junior Committee has been outstanding in the rebuild and it is a pleasure to be able to be a part of it. To Kane Simmons for his exceptional management skills and professional and fair approach. To James for taking on a big part of helping to train/coach the squad, it is most appreciated mate, especially when you only got to see two full games due to work commitments. To Brad and Libby for looking after the wounded, we had some tough ones this year, it was comforting to have you out there with us, knowing we could concentrate on getting the job done. To Ethan and Lorelei for the abundance of amazing photos of our little roosters, there are some absolutely cracking photos that you have so generously supplied. To Pistol, Ben and Brad for donning the whistle when we needed, there is no footy without umpires, thanks fellas. To Pistol, Brad, Tony, Ethan, Alan, Simon and Chris for helping out at training and on game days, it never goes astray to have extra hands. To all who filled all the volunteered roles, the unglamorous side of washing jumpers, cutting oranges, manning canteens, escorting umpires, goal umpiring, running out water  and cheering us on, we appreciate it so much and cannot be done without you all. Big thanks to all the parents who have allowed us to indulge ourselves in the big time of junior footy, you are the best parents in the WRFL.

Last but certainly not least, thanks to all of the Niner’s what a cracking year you’ve had, I had fun, I hope that you did too. I can’t say what I will be doing next year, but I hope you all stick around. The community spirit and  the club is getting bigger and it really is something to be a part of.

Richie and Kane.


Under 10’s: Rd 14: vs Flemington: Home

This is a tough report to write – for a few reasons. Some good, some bad. The good – our Under 10’s again showed their tremendous fighting will and determination to peg back a poor start and put the acid on the opposition. A real credit to this team and what they have shown all year – they will never drop their heads and always play the game with the intensity it demands. In my view, this group has played beyond their expected age maturity. Why? Because playing determined, focused & unrelenting football requires a selflessness and desire to work for each other beyond many 9 and 10 year olds. And this group has displayed this throughout the entire 14 rounds, in training and on game day. It is something I am proud to witness 1st hand and will cherish from this season. It also demands the opposition to either play with equal will and intent or return what I would call the ‘snipe’. We have seen both responses in our oppositions this year. However, to our lads credit they took it all in their stride, kept their eye on the next contest, and played the game with the right spirit no matter what was thrown at them.

On Sunday, we again started slowly, with Flemington kicking 3 of their 4 goals with the wind in the 1st quarter. After quarter time we locked the ball into our forward half for the majority of the game but again our kicking for goal let us down. Some of it was execution, some of it bad luck – (e.g. Ziggy’s fantastic snap on the run. Classy play Ziggy – the thud of ball on mental was lamented around the ground. Also Alex & Ash missed a couple of shots they would normally get.) But poor kicking is poor football so no doubt honing our skills will be a focus for this group as they move up to Under 11’s.

The bad – well the season is done and dusted. I will miss the great spirit and laughter this team shared with each other. Maybe the Sunday morning sleep in might help. J Although the 10’s are done it is good to see the Roosters 11’s & 13’s are playing on and I wish them and Damian and Tim all the best for the finals. I am in the process of writing a few sentences on each of our Under 10 players as a summary for their year. Not quite finished so I will hold that over for next week’s newsletter which I hope is ok.

But I will take this opportunity to thank a few people who have made a tremendous commitment and dedication to our young Roosters. I tried to do so pregame but sadly forgot to make sure the people you are thanking are in the room!? Give me lines and I am ok but this public speaking stuff is a bit out of my league.

To Andrea – I just simply cannot express enough my gratitude for all your work, dedication and leadership. The year ran like a dream and it flowed from all your forethought, preparation and humour. I have no doubt it showed out on the field with our laid back but committed team. We were very lucky to have you at the helm and once again I would like to give my heart felts thanks.

To Zoran – a big thank you for your calming presence, clear advice & humour at training and on game day. I really appreciate that and I know our lads walk taller with you around.

To Dave Hall – amazing effort Dave. Not only your assistance at training but also your unbiased umpiring and timely advice. It always made rethink things clearer.

To Kiernan – Big Thank you to you Kiernan, for stepping in on numerous occasions at training and against Williamstown. Also for your eye on game day. Thought we complemented each other pretty well and enjoyed your company. Thanks Kiernan.

To Tim Grant – love your approach Tim and driving our team on at crucial times. Learnt a lot from you from just listening. I hope you and the 13s have a great final season.

To Damian – don’t know how you do it Damo but with all your dedication and humour – you are a legend. Big Thanks.

To all the parents of these amazing Under 10’s – A big, big Thank you for all your support and dedication to these young Roosters. I am sorry I’m not more of a people person but I really respect all of the family’s and each and every one of our Under 10’s. I tried to be as fair as I can. I just hope you all forget the cold, early Sunday mornings, the dirty washing and ever missing mouth guards and be back next year. This is a great group.

Finally, to all our young Roosters – my heartfelt thanks. I am so proud of you 2017 achievements and grit. You have all worked very hard, listened to this knuckle head and never taken yourselves too seriously. Every time you were called upon (and before) to help each other out, you responded in abundance. Simply amazing and your future teams will benefit from this amazing approach. (Next week I will have a little break down on each individual.)

Thank you to everyone for an amazing and rewarding year. I will miss it. Cheers Des.



Under 11 Round 14

West Footscray vs Spotswood


Milestone Round at home would see 6 of our Under 11s celebrate reaching the 50 game mark. Leroy, Weston, Cooper, Jack, Murphy and Aaron had a banner to tear to bits. That’s if the combination of a strong wind and the inexperience of our crafty team of banner makers didn’t do it first. Running out behind them would be a full squad, with the exception of Christian, who had endured some fine tuning on his knee on the Friday night. He was there to cheer his team mates on though. Aaron was playing his 50th on the day and was given the task of captaining the team along with Vinh who was making his much awaited return from a fractured finger and an overseas trip. Spotswood were an unknown quantity after joining our competition mid-season due to being graded down from division one. They had won the unwinnable and lost the unlosable since joining our completion. What would they produce today?

It was a good toss to win with the wind blowing so hard. Unfortunately we didn’t win it. Spotswood had some big kids and looked polished in the warm up. Could they play? The simple answer was a categorical yes! Yash was in the ruck and was giving away plenty of height against his opponent. Despite his best efforts, the giant from Spotswood was giving his midfielders plenty of opportunity to win the ball. Jack, Weston and Felix were forced to chase the pill and to work overtime to win it back. With the wind at their sizable backs, the kids of Spotswood continually drove the ball forward. Our backs were under siege. Aaron was tireless and smart at full back. He stayed when he needed to stay and hunted the ball when required. He saved our skins on more than one occasion in what would be his best game of the year to date. Frank was producing effort after effort in attempt to stem the tide. Samuel was strong over the ball and helped to mitigate the damage. Despite our efforts, Spotswood were hitting the scoreboard regularly. Cooper was doing his best to kick start our game off half back. Weston used the ball well when he had it. Jack kept crashing in to packs to win the ball and Felix was amazing in his efforts to drive it forward. It was hard work getting it forward. Spotswood would score the first 4 goals of the game with a blitz that had our boys rattled. Late in the first we got our run going. Kadin was dominating his wing and moving it towards our forwards. Mickey fought like a man possessed to get his hands on it when it got there. We would get our first goal of the game off the boot of Weston who had followed the play inside 50 and coolly finished from 25 out. Spotswood would get another almost immediately after the restart. Our boys kept working into the wind. Murphy was starting to find it a bit and would pump it forward to Elijah Moon. The ball would evade him but Kadin was on hand to pick up the crumbs and slotted a nice goal just before the siren.


Quarter Time     West Footscray 2.0.12 vs Spotswood 5.2.32


We had the wind but needed a few tweaks. Vinh would go into the middle. His impact was immediate. Strong over the ball and clean with his disposal. Hardly the expected traits of a boy that had missed 7 games of football. Welcome back Vinh. Spotswood had dropped an extra defender back and the ball kept finding him. Then the injuries started! In the space of a minute or two, much to my horror Weston would roll his ankle, Jack would do likewise and Cooper would be carried off after getting stood on. Neither Jack nor Weston would see any action for the rest of the game. The midfield would need a major reshuffle. Back in went Felix and Murphy went with him. Felix was amazing. He gets better each week and his form had now reached critical mass. He was everywhere. I urged our half forwards to get moving. Sean did just that. He led up the wing right in front of our bench, took a mark and instantly dished off the slickest, quickest handball to Kadin who was flying by on the boundary. Elijah Moon was getting his hands on it a fair bit now at half forward. He’s been very lively over the last month. Leroy wasn’t looking overly lively today though. He looked uncomfortable running and was holding his stomach. His discomfort was apparently the result of attempting hundreds of sit ups the previous evening. We were doing well in the second but just couldn’t land those goals due to Spotswood’s defending. The ball was getting in enough. Nathaniel was bullocking deep in our forward line trying to win the ball. Tito got his hands on it as well. Yash was still going at a million miles an hour, roving his own ruck contests and driving it forward. Unfortunately we just couldn’t get that goal and would head to the main break with the same deficit from the first break.


Half Time             West Footscray 2.1.13 vs Spotswood 5.3.33


Cooper was ok to come back on in the third. We were against the wind again and his football smarts would be handy. The game had evened up a bit in the second term in terms of possession and I hoped this would continue in the third. If we defended well enough we could have a reasonable score to chase down at the final break. Firstly, we had to prevent Spotswood from doing any more damage. Our backs defended well in the third. Aaron continued his great game at full back. Zach was giving his all as usual and laid some crucial tackles. Sas was playing in the back pocket and was growing in confidence. The scoring wouldn’t come as easily this time for Spotswood. We were getting the ball forward into the wind much better that we had in the first quarter. Mickey was an obvious target for our attacking play. Elijah Moon was getting a fair bit as well. Murphy was playing higher up the ground and finding it as well. Yash was looking tired after his efforts in the ruck. Angus was shifted into the middle to try and combat the height of the ruckman from Spotswood. Angus was a revelation! He won the taps, hunted the ball on the ground and won it for our team. Awesome Angus. Absolutely awesome! Cooper was running hard. Felix just kept out running everyone in a phenomenal display. Vinh was proving why he had been so dearly missed. Frank was defending his backside off. Aleks was right there with him. Spotswood had managed to score one goal with the breeze but had still left us with a sizable score to try and run down.


¾ Time                  West Footscray 2.2.14 vs Spotswood 6.9.45


Reeling in 31 points is a very ambitious target when you have only scored 14 for the day. Despite this we would give it a go. Angus was really starting to be a big influence in the game by now. His efforts in the air and on the ground were giving us a chance. Yash was amazing. He was in everything. Felix was simply brilliant. Continually we drove the ball forward only to have Spotswood’s big number 10 gobble it up every time. Kadin was simply brilliant in front of the scoreboard when he beat several opponents to win the ball only to be penalised for holding the ball the very moment he picked it up. The amount of time he had to get rid of it could only be measured on an atomic clock. I have considerable doubt as to whether the umpire was in possession of such a timepiece, and suspect that he might have just guessed how many nanoseconds had elapsed. Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to criticise his credentials as an umpire or nuclear physicist, but suspect any dreams he had of working at the Hadron Collider may have passed him by……………quite some time ago. This period of time could be measured on calendars or by carbon dating! This decision would drain the last drop of hope out of our boys but here were still some highlights to be had. Xavier (the wallet) got out of the back pocket and up to the flank. He won the bouncing ball and shaped to drive it back our way with a sizable Spotswood boy closing in fast. He then sold the most delightful candy, stepped around the hapless opponent and smacked it long down the ground with a noticeable grin on his face. Textbook Xav! Nice Work. Moments later Aleks would get his hands on the ball in our forward 50. This is uncommon territory for Aleks this year. You wouldn’t have known it though as he reeled around on his trusty left and banged it through the big sticks a zeptosecond (it’s real. Google it) before the final siren. (According the umpires calculations)


Full Time              West Footscray 3.2.20 vs Spotswood 6.9.45


A 25 point defeat isn’t exactly what we were after as we head into an elimination final. Having said that there were quite a few positives to take from the loss. We kept a very good team to just one goal for three quarters. Angus has emerged as a very impressive ruck option. Felix is running so hot right now you fry an egg on him (just a metaphor people, please don’t try this) and Vinh is back and looking like he hasn’t missed a game. The biggest positive though is that you guys are playing finals! I’ll admit it will be hard to win it from fourth, but it is impossible to win it from 6th, 7th, 8th or 9th. Give it your best and you never know what might happen. For what it’s worth, I think you can do it.




The last game of the home and away season pitted first v second – an eagerly anticipated contest that was going to provide a good insight in to what might be in store for the finals.


Unfortunately for the boys in Red and White, the Sunshine Heights outfit were a slick, well drilled and fearsome unit.  The next 2 hours showed the Roosters just how Sunshine Heights have managed to go undefeated with a mammoth percentage.


What these 2 hours also showed was that when West Footscray do manage to control the footy and find some open space, the opportunity to hit the scoreboard presented.


With all 22 listed players on deck, we had the chance to celebrate the 50 game milestone for Zidane, Nav, Luis, Isaac C, Henry and Lenny:  All dedicated and hard-working Roosters.  Well done boys!!


The edict was to tackle, spread the footy and be tight in defence.  All was going to plan in the first quarter with several holding the balls paid West’s way, and Bailey bobbing up to take a couple of good marks across half forward.  The midfielders were assigned roles that they admirably tried to perform.  Zidane and Nav working with Juma and Daniel in the middle fought hard to get their hands on the footy.  Kailey up against much taller opponents toiled well all day.  Our wingmen – Jonathan and Ben started well, positioning to allow the outlet kick to come their way.  Samuel, Bailey, Henry and Luis patrolled the half forward line and stuck to their task.  The backs – Liam, Isaac C, Isaac T, Alex, Lenny and Leo all faced off with taller opponents and on occasion, quicker.  The visitors had the better of the first quarter, aided by some unusually undisciplined defence – not punching the ball from behind (Something we need to improve in a hurry).  The magnets got shuffled around in the second with Hamish and Abdullah working across half forward, and Diesel and Henry operating the wings.  Our usual ferocious tackling slipped down a couple of notches and a dose of the fumbles swept through the boys as the Heights boys and girl upped the ante.  We were in the midst of genuine finals pressure and it was great to see Henry, Samuel, Diesel and Nav rise to the occasion.  A few more bumps and hard hits to Lockie, Luis, Liam and Alex hammered home the point.  The game continued in much the same manner for the remainder – the magnets continued to be swung around and with Soc (having registered our only major) having a run through the middle, and Dan and Juma up forward, we were out classed and out muscled. We will learn a few lessons for the next time we take them on.  A disappointing day. Hopefully the next occasion we can keep the pressure on and hit the scoreboard more often.


Thanks to our band of volunteers again today – Simon R in goals, Simon M on boundary duties, special guest appearance from Andrea on running duties (both calves remain intact), Yenni in the casualty ward, Mark on the clock, Con on BBQ and security, the Lakusa water team and Arjuna providing the oranges.  Great job all.


We move into the finals finishing a well-deserved second place with a double chance and a game against Sunshine next week.  We should be confident going into this game having comfortably beaten them twice during the regular season.


Training needs to go up a cog as does our focus and attention to detail.  The boys learnt a few things today and now we get the chance to put them into practice.  Rest up – big few weeks coming up. Hopefully everyone can get along and support the team in the finals.