U9 Orange

Rd 2: West Footscray V Werribee Districts

Our first early game and everyone was on time. Great start. No sign of the opposition at first but they had a long journey from the Districts of Werribee. With overcast skies, calm and mild air, it looked like a good morning for football (enjoy it while we can). The kids were keen to get out there having a good warm up before they had their jumpers. Captains today were Zeph and Jackson.

We started with all 3 Hugo’s around the middle just to confuse the opposition. It seemed to work with Hugo L and Hugo N combining well with marks and kicks to each other around the wing. Hugo W. began well after missing the first week and was in the action quickly. James and Eamon were holding the opposition at bay across half back for us. Eli was applying good pressure as we were locking the ball in our forward line. Jack M. looked dangerous around goal early and swooped on a loose ball to snap a GOAL! Great first quarter.

Bodee cleared the ball well from the half back line to start the second quarter. Kade was finding plenty of the ball all around the ground. Thomas began his football career today and looked happy to be in the action – a promising sign. A few other good shots by the Roosters were saved by their fullback on the line. Half time arrived and it felt like we had a close one with the opposition only kicking a couple.

Drizzle turned to rain in the third quarter. This is more like football weather and it suited some of our players. Zeth and Charlie were running hard and picking the ball up cleanly. Someone flicked the switch for Otto and he was electric around the ground this quarter. Paddy showed football smarts beyond his years by touching the ball on the ground instead of trying to bounce. Noah and Enrique linked up well moving the ball forward. Jack G. had been very strong in our backline early now went forward and finished with our second goal (no one is sure who kicked it which shows fantastic team first attitude).

The last quarter began with Oliver C. and Oliver R. showing more great team work with blocks and shepherds to make space for their teammates. Malik was good all day and held a strong mark in the backline this quarter. Kase gave it his all throughout the game before having to rest from a heavy collision. A few others were winged in the packs and needed some icepack treatment on the sidelines, but nothing too serious.

Rooster of the week was Paddy with a great 4 quarter effort.

Overall it was a close game between two evenly matched teams. We saw a few passages of play link up which was great. The kids all did their best and they didn’t let a little rain dampen their spirits. Onward, into the season we go.

Thanks also to all the families for their support, even when the rain set in, particularly this weeks helpers: Chris, Nicolle, Dave, Tony, Ben, Esther, Glenn, Simon, and Matt for umpiring. (some helpers were looking resplendent in their fluorescent bibs). Also special thanks to Julia, Esther, Suzanne, Heidi & Jo for helping in the canteen.





Under 9 Blue – Match Report – Away to St Bernards


We were in new environs today, I hadn’t been to this ground before – hence some of our keenest Roosters beat us there. Another 20 minutes latter, it was recognised that the Roosters Red and White was the only footy jumpers on the oval..


Fortunately there was a cross between Hawthorn and Eagles colours in the carpark.  Relax, we are at the right ground.


Our Captains today were Hamish and Harvey, who have both grasped the challenge of junior footy with both hands.  They had already decided to kick with the wind (um, wind?) if they won the coin toss. I cannot recall who won the toss, or remember any wind, but we were heading to the Clubhouse end to start.


1st Quarter;

The game started in suitably enthusiastic junior footy style. Tom got our first meaningful possession, sending the ball towards our end. Ryan won a free kick and Hudson took a mark. Hamish © got the first of his many contested possessions.  Nathaniel attacked the ball in defence and cleared with a kick. Harvey laid a strong tackle on our defensive 50.

Down our scoring end, Finn took a mark and kicked well to Arlo. He got the ball inside 50 where Fletcher took a mark, kick on to Oscar, kick to Hudson, shot at Goal – ooh – behind the big stick (point)

Eli and Jackson worked a great 1-2 in the midfield.

Nathaniel took a mark from our kick-in between a couple of opposition players.

Hamish © took a mark on our D50. Finn flew high for a mark/spoil.

More great link up play between Harvey © – Hudson – Finn and also Nathaniel – Arlo – Finn.

The majority of the play this quarter was between the arcs, with few scoring opportunities for either Team.


I was really impressed with our overhead marking, kick passes and link up play.


2nd Quarter;

More of the same please…

We were defending early – Fletcher got a clearance, Tom and Harvey © laid good tackles.

Hudson took a mark and got the ball on to Arlo.

Fletcher then produced an excellent chase down and tackle, of a considerably larger player.

Finn made a smart play, tapping the ball in front of himself and then gaining possession.

A Rainbow hovered over the Clubhouse

Tom took a Defensive Goaline mark.


Half Time messages were about running hard in defence to cover the opposition and running hard to space when we had the ball.


3rd Quarter;

Oscar picked the ball up off the ground on the run and hand balled.  Jackson and Tom took good marks. Oscar and Archer combined through the middle.

Eli weaved through players to get a good clearance.

Jack was getting more of the ball and was using it well.

The rain that made the rainbow had now arrived – and some scrappy footy followed.

Tall players don’t get shorter as the game goes on, and Dylan and Ryan were providing our Ruck Taps and Tall marking targets.

Lachlan and Leo were putting pressure onto the ball carrier

Edward was following the ball and Ben got himself some touches on the ball.


4th Quarter;

We were doing so many of the little things well, but till now we were not quite getting the ball deep enough into our scoring 50.

This changed in the final quarter. We were able to use our link play and skills in our forward line.

Hamish © kept the pressure on with a good chase down tackle.

With the ball locked in our attacking area, Jackson got a shot at goal – behind the big stick….

The kick in didn’t leave our attacking 50.

Eli took a strong mark. He popped it to the goalsquare, where Jackson took a great pack mark between many players.  He lined up his set shot and kicked well for a truly well deserved GOAL.

The bell (not a siren) sounded not long after.


I was really glad for the Team to get a reward for some really good play.

Highlights for me;

  • Kick ins – used the whole square and no kick in was scored from directly
  • Plenty of good kicks and strong marks
  • Link up combinations
  • Choosing good options


Special mentions;

  • Edward – played out the game with what turned out to be a impact fracture in his wrist from earlier in the week. We look forward to having you back in game mode in a few weeks Ed.
  • Heartland Award Winner – Finn O’Donnell, getting plenty of possessions by playing in good positions on the field.


Thankyou Parents, things ran smoothly again. Your Photos and Game Notes help recall our young Roosters action also.


See you at training,



WEST FOOTSCRAY ROOSTERS – Under 10 Reds vs. Altona Vikings – Round Two – 29/4/18.

Without a word of a lie……..

“In the day we sweat it out on the streets of a runaway American dream”

(I will come back to this)

Good Evening Sports Fans!

After a spirited and pleasing performance last week against Spotswood, Sunday morning would see the Tenners sail across the misty Newport fiords for a date with the Altona Vikings. This time it would be with a full squad in tow. That’s right, a full squad! Hurricane Harry had been given the all clear to play from the finest physicians in the land and so keen was he that this prompted him to make Ethan shave his head pre game so that he could see better! Mighty Miles had also returned from hitch hiking his way across USA and was ready to play.

Ring Ring….Ring Ring…. “Hello, what’s that? Bastien’s broken his what now!? Ahhhhh!

Tragedy would again strike a blow to the heart of the Tenners as news filtered through that Bastien had broken his toe. Details are sketchy; all I heard was Bastien, broken toe, circus, purple monkey, two weeks……. It could have also meant that Bastien had broken the toe of a purple monkey at the circus and was in jail for two weeks. Either story is plausible……

Last week I had turned to the oracle of the radio in hope that the first song that we would hear would determine our fate. It worked last time, why not again?

Without word of a lie, the exact moment I turned on the radio coincided with the first crashing notes of “Born to Run”. Ladies and Gentlemen, omens do not get any better than this when you are driving to a football game and gambling your fate on whether you win or lose that day!

As I unceremoniously murdered some of The Boss’s finest work, I wondered if I should be tempting fate in such away. I felt that I had good reason. Hurricane and Miles playing their first games, Showboat had a wonky knee, Dozer had dodgy ankle, Arch had a corky in the calf, and Bastien was in jail…… No harm in asking for a little insight. “Sprung from cages on highway nine”…..

Autumn had been kind thus far, but as we sailed across the Newport Fiords the rain clouds gathered and threatened to slow down proceedings. Our game plan had worked last week and we planned to do the same but with a few changes. The spine would remain the same but the pockets and flanks would rotate through back, wings and forwards. Our leg speed combined with our run and carry was working well and time would tell if it would work again.

Our alphabetical Captain for the day was Brayden. As the gentle giant strode into the middle for the coin toss, I thought that he could use an ironic moniker like “Boomer” with his quietly spoken demeanour juxtaposed with his booming right leg. I reckon it could stick….. better ask him first though! With the coin toss lost we were kicking to the right of screen as light rain fell across the wide open plains of Oval Number One, Grant Reserve.

Mighty Miles had been injected into the ruck and Hurricane had slept in the centre square overnight, so thought best to leave him there. Both lads would impact the contest immediately as the Tenners picked up where they left off last week and dominated proceedings. The Viking defenders battled hard in their Longship as Tenners bombarded them with Sherrin’s, but they were no match for Showboats brand of forward pressure football as he kicked the first two on his way to another bag of four with his wonky knee showing no signs of buckling just yet. Walt had told me pre game that he had a kicked a goal here before and I casually suggested that he should kick another. So he did! Once again using his footy smarts, Walt got hold of one over the top and strode into an open goal. He was unlucky not to get another from a great snap later in the game, but it sailed behind.

The mid field was working a treat. Mighty Miles was presenting well and tackling hard. Arti is slick. He is quick and he is clean and reads the play beautifully and would be our second “Rooster of the week”. I hope that your fingers are OK little fella? Hurricane racked up possessions like they were stolen goods, picking packs and tackling like his life depended on it. He would also bag three and was on his way to four when he committed the cardinal sin of the dreaded one bounce rule.

Centreman used his game to a different effect today. Still rock hard at the ball, he played a crucial link up between backline and forward momentum. He too reads the play beautifully and can get on the bike if he needs to or get off and menace the contest with his physical presence.

The Dynamic duo of Clara and Mezz fleshed out the wings and both were covered in wet grass at half time such is there willingness to get amongst the action. Clara managed to stay away from the trainers today. Her game continues to improve on the back of first, second and third efforts and was able to scoot away from congestion on a number of occasions. Mezz is also well on her way to the next level (how many weeks will I be able to get away with using that one?). She has a great ability to stand up in tackles and still get boot to ball and not for one minute looks overawed by the attention.

Cruzer stepped it up a notch from last week and managed to get himself out into space and implement our run and carry plan to great effect. His confidence is on the rise and I look forward to seeing what he will become by seasons end.

Noah and Ozi once again played to their strengths. The skills will come but you can’t teach enthusiasm. Both lads have plenty of it. We only had Noah for three quarters today with his old man mumbling something about having to see a bloke about a dog or words to that effect, but for three quarters we got effort and big smile. Ozi, in only his second ever game is really starting to find his feet with a beautiful pirouette out of pack and kick away.

The Dozer probably played his best game today. Another of the walking wounded, his adrenalin overriding the sore ankle, he pleaded to go into the middle after half time. Took some grabs, got some kicks, layed some tackles and had a cracker.

Efe and Louis the Fly started on the half back flanks today and moved their way down the wings as the game wore on. Efe is looking like real CHF material. Solid body, strong mark great kick, he was unlucky not to add to his tally today with a Wilbur poster. As I just mentioned, after a strong mark, the kick veered right at the last moment to scrape the woodwork on the way through. Louis the Fly buzzed the packs with opponents swatting at him as he flew in and flew out of congestion with ease. He is one of a few who can take a grab, hands out in front of his face; it is not an easy thing to do, but a delight to watch.

Arch and The General (trialling a new nickname for Howe Diddy here) once again controlled the back line. Arch would go on to win the Heartland for his attack on the incoming footy. His willingness to run off his opponent and attack the ball is starting to click for him as he realises turning defence into attack can be just as much fun as it is challenging. Although, I am not sure that he knows who his opponent is at times! That just leaves The General.  He swept the full back line to a gleaming shine once again today. Probably our most vocal Rooster on the field his encouragement of others is brilliant. Safe hands, great feet, whippet speed, knows when to hold em and knows when to fold em.

Don’t get me wrong, it was not all one way traffic. The Vikings were holed up in their forward 50 for large periods of play. They just could not break through. The link up of the Tenners was outstanding today in what turned out to be some slippery conditions under foot. We must forget either that we only had 17 on the park for three quarters and 16 for the last quarter. The combined efforts of everyone today saw another comfortable “margin” to the Roosters.

8.5.53 – 0.02.02.

Goals – Showboat 4 – Hurricane 3 – Walter 1:

We now turn our attentions to next Sunday, home against Point Cook.

“Tramps like us, baby we were born to run”

Special Thanks to Libby for donning the whistle and to those who filled the volunteered roles and to those who cheered us on away from home, we can’t do this without you, it is most appreciated.

Richie + Kane.


Under 10 Blues vs Flemington

This week our U10 Blues rose to the challenge, and played a blinder against quality opposition in the Flemington Colts.




I was super impressed with the efforts by all of you to be more aware of what to do when their team had the ball. I saw many of you looking for one of their players to cover and creating a contest so they didn’t get to move the ball very far to their end. One I mentioned at half time was when Alan who quickly read where the player was about to kick and was running to the opponent before the player even kicked the ball. That created a contest and the ball came back into our forward line. There were many others such as Max R.B, Jacob, Billy, Kai and Steven who I saw hold their position a kick away from where the ball was being contested and often they were the next player to contest the ball.




The pressure from our team was relentless with awesome tackling from so many of you. Some highlights were 2nd and 3rd efforts from the likes of Max P, Jake, Aiden, Both Jacks, Billy, Iggy, Oscar, Wesley and Rylan. I think everyone made an effort to keep tackling and chasing during the game and that fighting spirit is becoming our trademark I reckon.




Because we don’t score I didn’t keep a track on all the goals but with the help of Jacobs mum Mary (who helped me with this week’s game report) I’ve got a few listed. Great effort to Alan, Oscar, Rylan, Stephen, Jake and I reckon there were a few more than that. I’ll try to note those down for next week’s report. Also some great marks from Jake, Kai, Mitch, Jacob, Sasha, Alex and Stephen and I know there were more than that so that’s a sign that we were looking for good targets and hitting them with solid kicks.




Our ball movement stepped up another level from last week and it needed to with the pressure coming from the Colts. From Jake claiming the ‘Dusty’ title with fend offs and pack busting efforts to Riley, Ryan, Jacob and Oscar all breaking out of packs and clearing the ball to the outside players. There was one particular play where we ran it out of defence and into our half with a string of well directed kicks and strong marks. Hopefully that showed you all what we can do if we are aware of the ball movement and make an effort to move into a good position for the next kick in the chain rather than just chase the ball.




They scored a couple of late goals in the last quarter but I think we held the stronger position for most of the game, so I was extremely proud of you all. This week we have an early one (8:50am so we need to be there at 7:50am argggg) away against Caroline Springs. If they’re anything like last year we have another great challenge ahead but with some lessons learnt in our last game we won’t give them an easy run at it. If we keep reminding ourselves to ‘spread out’ when we have the ball and ‘man up’ (find an opponent) when they have the ball, I think we will do very well again this week.




Thanks to all our Parents and Carers who helped out last week. We can’t do it without you! Also thanks to our 2 Jacks from U9 Orange who both stepped up with class and even added to our scoreboard. Unfortunately we won’t have that luxury this week so we will all need to dig deep and show the Lakers what the Roosters are made of!






Rd 2 Vs Werribee Central Sunday 29th April Roosters 5.9.39 to 4.3.27

Just want to firstly Welcome all parents & players for 2018. I think it’s going to be an exciting season of growth for these lads. The Werribee game was noted for its team effort. Across the field everyone did their bit, which grew throughout the game.

From the opening bounce Werribee pushed deep into our defence, pinning us down to work straight away. But as we saw against Flemington, this is one solid and cohesive unit who all that complement each other. Eizkiel reading of the play has gone to another, constantly putting his body on the line. Patrick knows when to leave his man and is precise with rebound and kick ins. Reuben provides the dash and link up and it was great to see him mix up his attacking options. Tem ability to make the right decision at the right time was a highlight and is another who doesn’t take a backward step. Ben this week moved back into his sweeping role and timed his attacking dashes to perfection; it was great to see finally be able to break the shackles of the one bounce rule and use his pace and agility. Thomas on the opposite flank to Reuben showed his nous with repeated runs and covering of loose men. After absorbing all of Werribee pressure 2nd half of the quarter saw the lads reverse the tables, locking the ball deep into our forward line, with Flynn and Ziggy looking dangerous. While we created quiet a few scoring opportunities, there was little return. Within the last minute, against the run of play, Werribee finally scored the first goal of the day, echoing Flemington the week before, where out intensity dropped approaching the siren. Got to play those 17 minutes out lads.


Roosters 0.2.2 Werribee Centrals 1.3-9




2nd Quarter: Began with the Roosters now dictating the play. Kiir was instrumental in providing the pressure around the contest and reversing the dominance of Number 11. Angus picked up from his dominant performance in Rd 1 and again showed his class around the packs, winning the ball and kicking to the right positions. Marlon relished his run through the middle and it was great to see his pressure and tackling, building again on his Rd 1 performance. Ashton had now moved into the ruck and was providing the drive around the contests and making havoc for Werribee defenders. Zaw Zaw was equally impressive – Zaw Zaw has some fantastic finishing skills and it’s a pleasure to see him lift his intensity at the ball to new levels. I look forward to seeing this develop further. Elijah gave us the run and carry through the middle of the ground and persisted right throughout the game. (He saved us in the last quarter at Full Back when Werribee threatened a come back.) Nicholas work in the forward was outstanding and is another who has just deciding they are taking their game up to a new level. It’s a privilege to witness see a player through their own hard work ‘believe’. We were rewarded with out forward dominance by a clever Hamish snap, for our first goal and it looked like we were away. To Werribee’s credit and our repeated drop off in intensity in the final few minutes of the quarter, two quick goals were scored against us. So after all our hard work and dominance we headed in the half time break having lost two quarters of football on the scoreboard. Werribee had their tails up and the questions’ flashing in the Roosters coach’s minds was how would our lads respond?


Roosters 2.2.14 Werribee Centrals 3.3-21


3rd Quarter: It didn’t take long to find out. Joharo had moved into the ruck during the Q2 and his physical pressure and handballing to runners was vital in setting our dominance. Flynn moved into the forward line and was everywhere, winning the ball creating several scoring opportunities. He was unlucky not to have at least 2 majors but I’m sure this will change in the coming weeks. Oliver game grew from week one and laid numerous important tackles as Werribee threatened to break out of our hold. Rory was another looking dangerous in the forward half and his ability to switch quickly from attack to defence a feature of his game. Again after completely dominating Werribee and keeping them scoreless we were unable to convert our possession into goals, returning four with only four points, which were all gettable goals. A bit of work to do there but it was great to see the pride and determination from this group.


Roosters 2.6.18 Werribee Centrals 3.3-21



4th quarter: With Werribee still 3 points ahead the game was up for grabs. Luke, a newcomer to this game, was outstanding in his attack on the ball and laid some big tackles at critical stages through the quarter. He certainly was feeling it post match but he should be proud of his efforts. Caleb also played a pivotal role in defence in the 2nd half and shows great composure and decision-making and will be important player for us through the remainder of the season. It was great to see Ziggy have new relish for football and his ability overhead and at ground level a feature of his versatility. He was rewarded with another clever goal and looks set for a big season. Finally we started to see reward for our pressure, kicking three goals to one, to clearly run out a very impressive performance. I sense there is more to come and look forward to coming games. See all you down there for the next chapter.


Roosters 5.9.39 Werribee Centrals 3.3-21



Goal Kickers: R. Lovell, H. Vlaeminck, Z. Moore, R. Lieberman, F. Roberts






Under 12 Round 2

Sunshine Heights vs West Footscray


As we drove to the ground Weston, Murphy, Javier and myself pondered whether we had ever played Sunshine heights before in our long, proud junior careers. We certainly had never been there. Google maps would need to co-pilot the trip. We found the place easily (thanks Google Maps!) and drove around trying to find a park. We eventually got one, grabbed our gear and checked that we had locked the car about 15 times. The neighbourhood reminded me of where I grew up in Geelong, so I checked the locks one more time and headed into the rooms. We only had 18 available today with Sean, Xavier and Sasmitha unavailable. Javier and Vinh were our captains. No Bench is great, no injuries would be even better!


The pre-match showers had made the track a little slippery. This wouldn’t suit our game.  I suspect our boys had enjoyed having Javier in the ruck this season. Today he would ruck against an equally tall opponent. He won the first tap and the ball hit the deck. It was instantly like a cake of soap. The Sunshine Heights midfield and half backs were hard to crack. Chains of handballs fell apart due to the conditions and pressure being applied. We had lively targets down forward. Leroy (who complained of a crook stomach pre-game) was seemingly enjoying the conditions. Christian (rolled ankle on Saturday. Basketball is now outlawed for all under 12 roosters) likewise. We were finding the open space more easily than our dogged opponents. Jack broke through on the left flank and smacked it goalward. The ball evaded all our forwards and their defence apart from Elijah Moon. He picked it up, smacked it through and began the fist pumping Within minutes Jack repeated the dose. This time the ball rolled through off his boot.  Claims of him attempting to pass it on both occasions were highly dubious, but a goal is a goal! Great work Jacko! Our mids were beginning to dominate now. Felix was his usual busy self. Kadin and Samuel were winning their wings. After yet another forward thrust, Weston pounced on the pill and threaded through a beauty. After a tough start, we were controlling the game.


¼ time Sunshine Heights 0.1.1 vs West Footscray 3.4.22


We were kicking to the dodgy pub end in the second term. Frank had moved into the middle and may never come back out. He was sensational! The ball and the ground were drying out and our game style was really warming up. We were flicking the ball around by hand and foot and breaking through Sunshine Heights defence regularly. Our half backs were now patrolling the middle of the ground and sending the ball forward whenever the opportunity arose. Yash, Cooper and Mickey had the game under control. A goal couldn’t be far away I thought. Kadin can read my mind or possibly I can control his. Maybe it was purely coincidental, whatever it was (I’m leaning toward mind control) he smacked through his first of the day. We were relentless. Murphy wrapped up one of their defenders and won a free kick. Aaron and Nathaniel were proving to be fantastic targets deep forward. Kadin found the pill and put it onto Elijah Moons chest. Bang! Another one. Minutes later Frank would repeat the dose. Bang! E-M has 3 now. The party wasn’t over yet as Weston drilled yet another onto E-M’s chest and he snagged his third of the term and fourth of the day. We peppered them a bit. 4.7 isn’t great kicking. Strangely E-M got his three from going exactly where his coach had urged us to kick it (nice work E-M). Who’d have thought? It actually works!


½ time Sunshine Heights 0.1.1 vs West Footscray 7.11.53


A 52-point lead would be difficult to wind back. With this, and the potential for these guys to graded up a division, I threw the magnets around. A lot of our backs had hardly seen it all day so they went forward and into the middle. Our mids and forwards found themselves in unfamiliar territory as well. Yash took the ruck duties and was brilliant. He won taps and roved them as well. Vinh cruised through the middle with his usual ample time and decision making. Zach was down forward now, and predating anyone with the ball wearing a Sunshine Heights jumper that came too close. Cooper was flying through the middle and setting up attack after attack. The constant forward pressure paid off and E-M set up Kadin for his second of the day.  Nice play boys! Mickey was also now playing forward and looking to cash in. His hard work and endeavour was rewarded when he snagged another for the team. That would unfortunately be the last highlight for the third term as play was stopped for quite some time while trainers attended to Yash who had been left worse for wear after what could only be politely described as an over-exuberant tackle. I have a less polite version but will sit on that for now.


¾ time Sunshine Heights 0.1.1 vs West Footscray 9.12.66


The umpires came over in the last break to inform us that they would be implementing the mercy rule in the last term due to our dominance of the game. Fair enough I thought. I had been run through the rule at a coach’s night and it seemed reasonable. Every time they score, they get a free kick from the middle. What I didn’t account for was that they would flood every one of their players into their forward line. We had to stay in position. This isn’t how it was explained to me at the afore mentioned coach’s night! Obviously, this numerical advantage would produce a goal or two. Our boys defended well and managed to break free of the defensive 50 on many occasions. Frank hadn’t stopped all day and wasn’t done yet. He set up Jack for his second of the day, our tenth. More mercy rule nonsense followed. I like the idea of the rule but sheesh, it ruins a game of football quickly! The problem with the way Sunshine Heights play the rule is that when we get it out, there is no one there to stop us! Jack found himself racing through the middle and a paddock in front of him. He smacked it long to Murphy who reeled around on his right, completely burnt Aaron who was running by on his way to goal, and luckily for Murf, snagged his first and our last of the day.


Full Time Sunshine Heights 3.5.23 vs West Footscray 11.12. 78


A pretty solid display again this week. Yash getting hurt was a real low light. Thankfully he will be ok.  Well done to Nick for his work as trainer. Two in two weeks is a tough way to start mate. Well done to our boyos and a big thanks to all who volunteered again this week.