Round 2 Match Reports

Hi Folks below are all our Match Reports for Round 2. Scroll Down to find your team’s report.

Thanks to our coaches and a couple of extra helpers for writing/producing these. Special mention to Paul Cowie who coached his U9 team then Lukes U10 team and has written a match report for both. Well done Paul!


Under 9 Blues Vs Altona Vikings

Our Wednesday training review of our 1st game brought plenty of positive comments – we did a lot of things right, and our Players identified a few things we can work on.

I belatedly announced our 1st Slice Girls Rooster of the week as Maverick – for his work in getting the ball out of packs, chase, tackles and energy.


The School holidays meant a few absentees at training and at our 2nd Game.

In stunning warm weather, we arrived to a plumbing issue where the sprinklers were on, and not willingly going off.  Warm weather, sun out but some wet weather areas on the oval.  All was resolved well before our game.

Role Call : Absent today were Angus, Natalie, Tiger, Leo and Zavier

Drafted In from U9 Red : Zeph (a mid-week-nominated keen-trooper), Bodie (1st response to the Saturday callout – in for his 1st game this season), Noah and Charlie who were probably kicking the footy together when asked…

That gave us a balance 3 on the bench.

Captains for today : Maverick (as chosen by last weeks Captain Jack) for the reasons mentioned above, though Jack wasn’t there when Mav got his Heartland and didn’t know.

And Hamish – for his approach to training : calling for the ball and positioning.

1st Quarter

We lost the pen-hand-guess, we got paper, but that may have been the only loss we had this quarter.  Our players were quick to the ball, tackling hard when we didn’t have it and moving it well when we got it.

Cooper, Hamish and James were adding pace to and around the ball, Charlie, Jack and Logan provided direction forward.  Harvey H kept position on the wing and the ball squirted out.  His pass went to Harvey W in the Forward 50. After a bit of a scramble Noah got his hands on the ball and found the big sticks for a GOAL! Great Start Team.

At the next kick off – Harv H was tod by his wing opposition “we won by 59 last week” – hmmm, we may have just got lucky with our goal.

From the re-start Cooper got it and under with Maverick, HArv H got another touch, James provided a chase and tackle.  Logan marked and got it downfield. Noah, onto to Harvey W and a shot to the Goal Square … touched.

James marked in our F50, Hamish, Mav, James again kept possession.  The ball got forward to Logan, who had a long shot – behind the stick – point.

For the rest of the quarter, the ball didn’t get past our mid-field and the siren saved Altona from another attacking effort.

Well done Team – we are doing plenty of things right.


2nd Quarter

We changed up positions within our thirds and went back to it.

Charlie got a good handball out to Harv H.  Mav to Harv H – Mark.

Zoe gathered the ball well and cleared with a big kick.

Noah-Nico- Charlie combined well and got the ball into our F50 and Harvey W took his chance with a dribbler GOAL!

From the Altona kick-off, Charlie and Hamish kept the pressure on.  Arthur got the ball to the HotSpot.  Logan worked his way out of a pack and got another GOAL!

We were in a groove now. Nico got the ball out of traffic, Jack kicked a 20m pass to Charlie.  Nico and Hamish were in the play again.  Charlie got the ball in our F50 and bounced through a GOAL!

We were pressuring everything that Altona did – Jacob, Bodie and Zeph worked together to tackle and move the ball our way.

Hamish, Mav and Cooper laid a gang tackle.

Braydon got a good kick away into our attacking 50.

Harrison provided a great pop-up handball to Harv H on the outside.

Arthur took a mark on the wing.

Siren sounded to end an excellent half.

As oranges were devoured – our defence was relieved to hear the were moving up the field – a chance to get more involved in the game.  Up till now our Forwards and Midfield had prevented much ball getting past our wings.

I challenged the players to get to 5 link-ups of play.

3rd Quarter

Arthur laid a good tackle.

Harv W – James – Arthur and Hamish combined – 4 link-ups.

Hamish pick-pocketed a player and ran off with the ball.

Zoe had 3 repeat efforts while defending on the wing and got her kick away.

Noah-Jack then Arthur on the outside, run bounce and kick to Maverick  – 4 link-ups.

Jacob got his kick away out of a pack.

Bodie centred the ball – smart play.


4th Quarter

“Lets run the game out – spread when we have it, defend a player when they have it.”

Noah took a mark in defence.  Jack took a nice overhead mark.

Mav chased back to effect a tackle.  Ben provided pressure and a tackle.

Altona were finishing the game strong, but we were up to the challenge.

Nico then Harvey W chased and tackled, James provided a smother.

Finally we were winning the ball : Noah to Harv W (mark).  Some good play up the wing with Logan providing some run and carry. Harvey W (mark) on to Logan (mark – play on) to Zoe (mark) in position about 20m out in front of goal.  She went back and had her shot.  It fell a tad short, but Jack took a mark.  His shot slammed into the big stick for a post-wobbling point.

We finished the game, the way much of it was played – in our forward half.


Very well played today Team.

Thankyou for all your efforts today and at training Players – it was nice to get some reward and play some good footy.

Thankyou to our fill in players, Mike our umpire, flag wavers, H2O holders, magnet movers, interchange director, oranges quarterer, special comments and paparazzi.  Liz for all her organising and our vocal cheersquad.

Special Mentions :

Goals ; Noah, Harvey W, Logan, Charlie

Heartland Award : Zoe Briffa

Slice Girls Rooster of the Week : Hamish Rose (he may have brought his own ball today, he always seemed to have it)



Under 10 Whites Vs Spotswood

I arrived excited to see the Under 10s play a full game.  I jumped at the chance of getting the ‘Keys to the Ferrari’ and try and guide this Teams’ speed and skill around the contours of Shorten Reserve.

After a scramble for masking tape, a Team list and some magnets we were set. Well by set, we got 18 players on the magnet board field and an extended-9-long bench in place.

Last weeks Captain Finn helped me by nominating Arlo as Captain for this week – based on his efforts at chasing, winning the ball and good ball use.

Ted had the Team purring with warm-up drills, I adjusted the seat, mirrors and dropped the clutch.

(Please pardon me if players are not mentioned as they move so fast their numbers can be a blur)

1st Quarter

The Team quickly got into their work : kick – mark – kick, keeping possession through the mid-field. Kade- Arlo – Jackson – Arti and back to Jackson. 

In our Forward 50 : Jimmy took a mark – kick – Artisan (mark) – on to Kade – then Jackson – snap – GOAL!

Some nice sharp play!

But we weren’t having it all our own way. Spotswood spread well when they had the ball and often maintained possession by stretching us.

We were defending a lot, but we were defending fairly well.


2nd Quarter

This quarter was highlighted by the many marks our Team took.

Alan backed into places unknown and courageously took an overhead mark.

Arti took a mark at the HotSpot and shot truly for a GOAL!

Nathaniel and Jimmy took good marks as play swung from end to end.

Alan took another brave mark with pressure coming from the opposition.

The ball was in our attacking 50 a lot this quarter – you could have thought there was a wind advantage to this end.



3rd Quarter

Over our half time oranges, we talked about spreading out to give ourselves room and chasing back harder in defence.

Arti was now repelling a Spotswood attacks in defence.

Kade to a strong mark from a kick in.  The ball went to our #10 who kicked truly for a GOAL!

Ollie chased and tackled, Eli hardly let the ball past him and Jack P defended well.

After some good play through the midfield, Arlo took a mark at our HotSpot.  He settled – set shot – GOAL!


4th Quarter

We had our fair share of possession, but Spotswood was a bit more effective.

Jack G tried hard to centre the ball from the boundary, with a drop kick that looked suspiciously like a checkside-banana that missed the HotSpot, but did curve through the big sticks for a GOAL!

Archer was stoic in defence with good use of the ball at his kick-ins.


Special Mentions : Kade, Jackson, Artisan, Arlo and Archer got their hands on the ball all over the ground.

All the other players also played well and showed some great Teamwork.


Splice Girls Rooster of the Week : Alan Luu for taking a couple of strong pack marks.


Thankyou Players, Ted, our Gameday Volunteers and Cheersquad for a great game.

(I think I handed the Ferrari back with less fuel in it, but unscathed…)




Under 12 Girls Vs Altona

Round 2 saw our girls at our home for the first time in 2019 and looking forward to another test against a team that featured in the finals last year.

The first quarter was tightly contested and we managed to keep scores even. Scoring was difficult in a  tightly contested opening, with the majority of the play concentrated in between the two 50m arcs. Cara Martinkus was scintillating on a wing, seemingly with ball-on-a-string and pack break-aways a plenty. Scores at quarter-time were all square.

The second quarter was not much different with Altona managing to score a goal despite some desperate defensive efforts. Martha was also getting her hands on the football a lot in the middle and booting it our way.

At the half we were down by a goal, but well and truly in the contest. Some mandatory positional changes saw Calaen into the ruck and giving The Roosters first use of the ball, which was important as Altona had a number of tallish girls in the middle who were very good at busting open packs and sending the ball their way. Ruby and Calaen developed an understanding that allowed Ruby many clearances after Calaen had tapped the ball to her; very impressive, and Ruby’s best game for the Roosters. The forward-line worked tirelessly to lock the ball in our forward line, which allowed us a goal to Darcy. At three-quarter time we were down by two goals.

The last quarter saw Altona score two early goals to put the result beyond doubt, but a couple of late goals to us showed us the girls had not given up and were still working towards sending the ball our way. A goal to Sophie, which she informs me was her second for the club, and Signe, who was a late interchange after a couple of last quarter injuries to Emma and Mia, saw us finish the game full of steam and confidence and only 9 points in arrears.

Next game sees us up against Pt Cook, who appear to be a team placing themselves in contention for a finals finish at year’s end as well.  



Under 12 As Vs Yarraville Seddon

Two rounds done, now for the chocolate.

The Under 12a’s ventured out to Yarraville-Seddon on Sunday and gave a convincing and patchy performance to add to their Rd 1 win. Dominate in the 1st and 3rd quarters with a lull in the 2nd and 4th. Again I want bore you words but let Simon’s gifted work speak.

Some really good highlights from all this amazing 12s. Jacob, Joharo, Jamison all play their 1st game of the year and each put in a very strong performances and will better for the run. Also special mention to Griffin who joined us from Ash’s team and was outstanding with his attack on the ball, run and reading of the game.

The highlights also show some areas to work on, eg. Too many broken tackles). But Thankfully there’s a break. Happy Easter and relaxing time to all. Looking forward to the remainder of the season..

The link is good straight up this week.  all videos will now require a password,  to keep them private.

Password   GoRooster12s2019

 Happy Easter

Des, Richie & Kane 


Under 12 Bs Vs Point Cook

Big Thanks to Justin (Clara & Louis’s Dad) for writing this weeks report. It’s a great read and I hope he has more of these in him 🙂 – Cheers Ash


Brilliant autumn weather was matched by another fantastic effort by the Roosters U12B team over Point Cook.

Looking around the ground before the first bounce it was clear that what we lacked in size we could hopefully make up in skill and speed.

As Jason our esteemed club president bounced the ball in the middle – thanks Jason for donning the whites and umpiring the game – it seemed we had both speed and skill in droves.

With the school holidays taking its toll on team numbers and Clara away rallying in support of refugees, we welcomed the arrival of 3 ring-ins from the U12As who arrived at the ground following their big win earlier in the day – but more on them later.

The first quarter was a hard fought affair with the bigger Point Cook players making their presence felt around the ball and their #23 at one stage kicking the ball to the goal line from the 50 with ease.

With Ash’s coaching ringing in their ears, Griff was able to mark at centre half back and get the ball with precision to Miles who ensured it landed in the forward fifty.  Mitchell – with Lenny, Wes and Oscar H providing support – got on the end of another piece of excellent play from Louis at half back and turned on the turbo chargers taking a bounce.  Mitchell’s low flying into the fifty was bit much for the umpire who issued him a speeding ticket for running too far.

It wasn’t to be the only time the umpy had his book out.

With both teams taking turns to move the ball between the arcs, it took another Rooster speedster Diego to crank things up on the outside and move the ball with lighting speed. And when it wasn’t Diego, Oscar F was extracting the ball from the pack and going for a canter.

With the ball going forward Luca fought it out and a rebound back into the fifty saw Braydon deftly bring the ball to ground with whip smart Griff taking no time to pounce and goal.  Roosters up by six.

Boris fought hard at the next bounce with Point Cook getting it forward and scoring a point.  A booming kick out by Efe was returned not long after with a goal to the opposition – a one-point ball game.

It was tough in the packs and Point Cook continued to get the ball forward. Oscar H and Louis both came a cropper under friendly fire, staying down for a minute or so before charging back into the fray without the need for our trainer to get out on to the park – thanks Virginia for taking on the role for the day.

Diego took on the game with a stellar run with two bounces.

And Louis with six efforts to get the ball, one after another after another, still wasn’t enough to stop a second Point Cook goal.

Griff again was dangerous in front of goal with only the siren standing between him and another six pointer.

Quarter time score: Roosters 1.1-7 // Point Cook 2.1-13

The second quarter started with our ring-ins, Xavier, Jamison and Rylan in key positions which helped as the game’s intensity went to the next level.

Point Cook scored an early one, with Xavier impacting the scoreboard for West Footscray.  Miles’ big frame and relentlessness at the pill meant that the opposition found it almost impossible to get the ball past the centre.

Rylan almost marked but kept the ball moving only for the stray ball to be gathered up by Griff – and bang – a goal to the Roosters.

Our team has the ability to link the ball down the ground like no other we’ve played this season and it was on display producing another shot at goal which slid through for a behind.

Jamison joined the party, playing off half back and despite their big #23 putting in a huge defensive effort in our forward 50 we managed to keep the ball in our forward line for much of the quarter.

Point Cook managed a poster and repeat efforts by our backs, especially Aiden and Kai kept a further goal at bay, Diego went for another run and Iggy marked perfectly – the right spot at the right time.

Mitchell had another ping at the goals and Alex put in a great effort to keep the ball moving forward with his deft touch.

With the siren sounding momentum was with the Roosters.

Half time score: Roosters 2.3-15 // Point Cook 3.2-20

Ash was quick to advise the team to keep Point Cook out – use your body to get the ball and man up in back line.  One of his chargers, clearly a student of politics, said to the coach “I will build a wall” – Ash was quickly on his own political analysis by responding “yeah sure but not that type of wall”.

The boy’s efforts in the third quarter were marvellous, Xavier became more dominant around the ground with great linking play involving Rylan, Louis, Wes, and Eli who was active in and around the packs.

Rylan’s sausage roll was followed by a critical touch by Aiden on the wing preventing Point Cook from benefiting from the open paddock just behind him.  


Luca’s shot on goal came up just short and Rylan copped one across the face, and moments later, unperturbed, used his head to mark the ball (the side of his head that is) and then goaled.


Iggy kept at it around the pack and Kai once again locked out Point Cook in defence.  Efe kept them at bay too, with Aiden and Braydon lending more than a hand.


And with the siren sounding West Footscray were out in front for the first time in the game.


Three quarter time score: Roosters 5.5-35 // Point Cook 4.2-26


The final term proved as exciting as the last, with Iggy playing a key role and scoring a goal, and Oscar F keeping at it building on a great game in the first three quarters.


Our ability to run and carry, and hit targets helped us to another goal, as did our ability to keep it moving forward in a rolling maul style.


Jamison got a speeding ticket and Eli was able to rebound the ball back into our fifty. Griff clearly wanted what Jamison was having and was issued a speeding fine – and not content with that the other umpire advised him that he wasn’t to dance and weave rugby style but to kick it instead – I say keep it up Griff.


Point Cook added two more goals for the quarter and after a huge effort our Roosters got up for a win with Mitchell still looking for that elusive goal, scoring a point right on the siren.


A great team effort.


Final score: Roosters 7.6-48 // Point Cook 6.2-38


Under 14 As Vs Caroline Springs

Big Thanks to Dave Hall for helping write this weeks U14A’s Report – Cheers, Andrew


I’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve made the journey to Town Centre Oval in Caroline Springs for sporting events. Today we came in from the Ballarat direction, and were greeted with perfect weather conditions. Like last week, it was actually a tad too warm, so extravagant hats were the order of the day for spectators and water runners. Yeni Lim even crouched under a shade umbrella.  


The changerooms were less than perfect. Oval 1 boasts magnificent facilities and salubrious changerooms. Oval 2 does not. We were playing on oval 2… and the changerooms consisted of two “dongers”, side-by-side.


The day really was a contrast of the two dongers. In the Caroline Springs donger, one metre away from ours, the coach started his pre-game ‘chat’ about half an hour before game time. With the umpires waiting patiently at their donger door, he let go a full-throated verbal assault on his players, imploring them with language that would make a sailor blush or a maggot gag (take your pick of preferred analogy here)… He calmed down in order to have a polite chat with the umpires about the spirit of the game, etiquette, etc, and was then back in to it, this time with some heavy metal music and banging his fist on the walls.


The Caroline Springians squeezed their way out of the donger, some with determined looks, but most, let’s be honest, squinting, gasping for air and looking exhausted. There’s not much airflow in them there dongers, and that air was thick.


The Roosters coaches and team had a contrasting approach. Coach Andrew quietly sat crossed legged on the donger floor, and went through instructions for each player and a reminder of the game plan. He and assistant coach Chris smile a lot, laugh easily, know footy inside out and clearly enjoy their voluntary roles.


As will be the case most weeks, we lined up as the smaller opponent, and we suspect the Springians thought their pre-game tirade would be enough to intimidate our littler fellas. We even had three under 12’s filling in today – Kiir, Reuben and Eli. And didn’t they play well, all contributing to the team pressure and taking the game on. Kiir flew for mark of the year, and his opponent (who provided the step ladder) had to be helped from the ground. Reuben played the whole game in the back pocket and didn’t give his opponent a chance. Following on from his heartland award earlier in the morning he took home a Slice Girls pizza voucher for his efforts. And Eli almost snagged a goal in the last quarter. Crucially he provided bench cover – something that cost us last week.


With three of our bigger players Daniel, Aaron and Isaac C absent today, we warmly welcomed back Hamish O’Rourke for the season. Not only has he grown a few centimetres, but also improved his skills and game sense, too. He and Kadin Miller combined well in the ruck against bigger opposition. Our on ballers are tenacious hunters of the pill, led by Henry, Leroy (sorry, Nugget), Jack (having recovered from a trailer-induced toe injury), Diesel and Socrates. Weston and Jonathan both played excellent games out on their wings, and held their positions well to often be crucial link-up players when coming out of defence.


Our back six are already beginning to form a strong unit, led by Samuel who had another dominant game with his run, carry and long, strong kicking. Blake joined a growing number of teammates who have been bowled over by one of Samuel’s searing kicks. Last week it was Frank, last year it was Leo Morrison, and today it was Blake, with the very painful face-falcon. 7 plays in 7 days material. At least the ball wasn’t waterlogged. Blake recovered and played well as full back, using the golden fist on occasions. Mickey is another who is really finding his feet at under 14 level, having grown quite a few centimetres in the cricket season. He and Cooper played good tight games on their opponents. Frank took home another of the Slice Girls pizza vouchers for his defensive efforts, tackling and run.


A few throat lozenges were surely consumed by the C springian coach, for he unleashed another tirade at half time on his poor charges, audible from Deer Park apparently. Five minutes in to the third quarter, the Roosters were up by just two goals, even though we had enjoyed the bulk of the possession and were running well in to space. At this point, our senior players started to dominate. Socrates played an excellent game both up forward and in the midfield, kicking four goals. He rarely wastes a kick and is always looking to set up a teammate. Henry is an elite runner and rarely loses a one-on-one contest. Samuel across half-back sets up many of our forays forward. Jack really got moving with his in-and-under play and classy kicking.


But it was Diesel’s day, today. It was a joy to witness his efforts. 7 goals, some of them after blistering runs through the midfield. The C. Springians had no answer for him, no match-up, often just left puffing and bewildered (a bit like the way they emerged from the donger before the game). I suspect a few of our younger under 14’s felt equal parts awe and inspiration seeing the way Diesel plays. What a team to be part of.


We ran out 89 point victors, with Juma taking a great mark and slotting the goal, and everyone contributing really well. A week off for Easter Sunday, and then we are back on the Shorten velodrome to take on Wyndham Suns.


Scores West Footscray 17.14 – 116 def Caroline Springs 4.3 – 27

Goals: Diesel L (7), Socrates M (4), Kadin M (2), Jack G (2), Weston B (1), Juma R (1)

Best players (from WRFL website): Diesel L, Henry L, Samuel H, Soc M, Hamish O, Weston B.


Match reporter: Dave Hall



Under 14 Bs V St Albans

After a torrid day at the office in Round 1, the boys were remarkably upbeat at training during the week and had brought that enthusiasm to their second-round game. St. Albans were an unknown quantity but had won in their opening game of the season. We had a few still unavailable to play. Ziggy had his return delayed due to a foot injury sustained in his first training night of the year, Samuel was ill, Jacob was still a few weeks away with his wrist, the eagerly awaited return of Vinh was on hold with a hip complaint and Eli did a Garry Sidebottom of sorts.  He didn’t miss the bus, just caught the wrong one after a mix up regarding selection. Ashton and Joharo had backed up after their 12’s game in the morning to give us a hand for the big clash.


Once the St. Albans kids hit the paddock, the enormity of the challenge became instantly apparent. Their tallest player was easily beyond the 6-foot mark, the full forward was not much shorter but had a frame nudging 100kgs. A quick scan would show 6 or so kids in St. Albans jumpers that were comfortably larger than Matthew and Javier. This would require a herculean effort from our Roos-Deers, Parkeroos, West Parkers…………..(please send your nickname submissions in folks).


The four quarters that followed were pretty much what you would have expected given my earlier description. St. Albans were a vastly superior side to our Round one opponent but the efforts of our kids to compete were outstanding. We kept them to 8 goals 3 behinds after half time while scoring 3 goals 6 ourselves. That’s only a differential of 2 shots at goal.  Given the score at the main break, our kids looked deflated, and fair enough. Playing against giants who can kick 50 metres is a rough afternoon. We set some targets for the second half, and more importantly we achieved them. That required a massive effort given we only had 16 players, they had 4 on the bench to rotate and it was hot. I was super impressed with the effort guys. That took a lot of character and determination.

Zach: First game of the year. Loved his pressure around the middle and repeat determined efforts at every contest he was in. A bunch of clearances as well.


Ashton: Didn’t look out of place at all in the 14’s. Provided great movement down forward, laid some big tackles and snagged a goal as well!


Noah: Just runs all day. Played in the middle and down back. Did really well in the tight spaces and provided plenty of drive and clearances. Snagged a sausage when resting forward as well. Nice!


Murphy: Gave the tallest kid a 10-metre head start and almost got him in a 50-metre chase.  Big effort that was a team lifter. Looked dangerous and found space down forward.


Xavier: Played his best game yet. Laid countless tackles and won two free kicks within 2 minutes in the third term in an amazing display of determination.


Sean: Provided one of the plays of the day off half back.  He won the ball when outnumbered then broke clear with a great run up the middle. Keep it coming Whispers. I loved it!


Aleksander: Spent a lot of time in the middle this week and didn’t let us down. Great balance and poise in contested situations, clean hands and a beautiful kick of the sherrin. Great game mate.


Joharo: Like Ashton, showed plenty while playing for us. Laid tackles, applied pressure, ran to the right places and kicked a great goal. Brilliant stuff buddy!


Nicholas: Was absolutely outstanding all game. Clearances, tackles and repeat efforts for the full four quarters. Picked up a much-deserved maiden Heartland award for his work.


Ryan T: Clocked up the miles on Sunday and found himself playing in every part of the ground. Found it in space on several occasions which allowed us to open the game up.


Nathaniel: Tried his heart out at Full Back against an opponent that was markedly taller, twice his weight and had a vastly inferior hair style! Did really well, saved goals and looks super assured down back. Keep it up mate.


Javier: Had the task of sharing ruck duties against the giants and battled manfully. Played out of his skin at Full Back in the last, turning defence into attack on numerous occasions. Great game.


Ryan B: Had a crack at both ends during the day. His strength in contests was crucial at various stages of the day. Used his physicality to win the ball for the team. Keep it up.


Thomas: Played mostly forward and competed well. His repeated efforts in one contest were crucial and resulted in us clearing the pill. Keep it up Tommy. More of the same in round 3 and beyond!


Jake: Played a ripping game! Great attack on the ball and tackling pressure. He spoiled certain marks and used his booming kicks to great effect for our team. Unleashed a torp too! Those who know the coach will tell you hex is super fond of the torp! Sensational Jake


Matthew: Like Javier, found himself battling grown men for most of the day. His last term was fantastic at centre half forward.  He worked hard all day and provided plenty of drive for the team.


Fantastic effort guys given the opposition. There were plenty of positives to take from the game and few things to work on. Caroline Springs, Lookout!





Under 15 Girls Vs Caroline Springs

West Footscray 3 5 23 defeated Newport 0 9 9

What a match, it was a arm wrestle all day and a great win by the girls.


The first quarter saw us kicking into a slight breeze and our defence really stood up led by Nina, Faith, Alex and Matilda who provide a  great team effort to keep Newport to 1 point to quarter time. They also supplied plenty of drive of the back line and ran well with the midfield but unfortunately Newport Centre half back Joudy Jawad was a wall we could not get past and at quarter time score where level at one point apiece.


The second quarter we kicked with the breeze and what a great quarter of footy that was keeping Newport to one point but the forward line turned it on especially Mia Harvey who kicked two goals for the quarter. She was assisted by Ella Houghton and Miia Nguyen who provide great marking options and if they could not mark the ball brought the ball down to our smaller forwards in Liberty, Sophie. With reduce playing numbers there was plenty of space on the big ground at Newport so our on ball brigade of Sasha, Isabel, Layla, Chloe provide plenty of run and drive from the centre of the ground and push hard up and down the ground which was a great performance especially with the hot conditions.

At halftime we went with a 14 point lead.


The third quarter saw Newport pepper the forward 50 with loads of forward entry’s but to our girls credit they never gave up and they battle hard as a team to keep them to five behinds despite the ball spending a lot of time in there. We where kept scoreless for the quarter but kicking into the wind that had step up a little  it was a great effort especially the backline and at three quarter time we had a lead of nine points.


Newport continued its momentum into the fourth quarter and had all the play in the first 5 minutes, but then we kicked into football mode again and third time lucky for the quarter our Slice Girls Rooster of the Week Ella Houghton kicked a wonderful long goal to seal the win for the girls.


This week see us with a week off with Easter, we then play Tarneit at home in another game we should be really competitive in.

Girls and parents please remember over the next two week training will only be on Tuesday as we have Easter Thursday and then ANZAC Day. Lets be ready to take on Tarneit and make it 3 from 3.


Go Roosters


Darren Burnham