Round 3 Match Reports

Hi Folks below are all our Match Reports for Round 3. Scroll Down to find your team’s report.

Thanks to our coaches and a couple of extra helpers for writing/producing these.


Under 9 Blues Vs Yarraville Seddon Eagles

Our Players were keen at training after the school holidays and an Easter break.  They had spread far and wide over the time off, but were keen to get back together and carry on some decent progress we had made into moving the football around the field during a game.

We focused on keeping possession, handballing to someone moving forward and kicking to someone free, or kicking to numbers.

Today we welcomed Angus Fowlie’s for his 1st Roosters game and was presented with Jumper #9.


Role Call: absent today is Jack Mosca, Leo Annese and Zavior Long.

Captains : Zoe was chosen by last weeks’ Captains for solid and improving play along with a great ‘Team’ attitude.

      Braydon was my choice for his efforts on the field and training to quickly grasp and follow instructions.


1st Quarter;

Fletcher made a good pick-up off the ground around the pack and Natalie got early defensive clearance.  Braydon took a clean mark, Angus made a good chase in defence. Maverick -> Cooper was nice play. 

On centre half forward Logan -> Maverick (mark) -> Hamish (mark).  Arthur helped lock it in with a tackle that won a free kick.  Fletcher and Hamish had a running 1-2-3 chain of handballs.  We trapped the ball in our F50 and eventually the ball fell to Logan who snapped a GOAL!

Back in Defence, Zoe held position at Full Back and stopped an opposition shot, Angus trapped a ground ball and got his kick away.  Harvey Warhurst won a free for a tackle.  Fletcher and Arthur worked well together moving the ball forward.

A great start to the game with nice ball movement and link-ups.


2nd Quarter;

In the middle Tiger laid a strong tackle.  Harrison made a chase down tackle stick and Fletcher chased hard to keep the ball in our F50.  Hamish got a kick in to our Goalsquare where Maverick won a ground ball and quickly shot and got a GOAL!

Our players were working hard and combining well : James(kick) -> Harvey H(mark) -> Fletcher(mark) -> Arthur(mark) – 3 kick marks in a row is fantastic.   Tiger helped Jacob with some good pressure on the wing.  The fast feet of Maverick, Hamish and Harvey H helped lock the ball in our F50.

Back in the middle, Fletcher laid a strong tackle that was deemed ‘taking to the ground’ – an under 9 Rule not often called, which gave up a free kick.

Harvey H made a running handball to Fletch, handball to Arthur and kick through the middle of the ground.

In defence, Zoe and Natalie weren’t letting anything past them. Maverick made a spoil running back with the flight of the ball and Hamish smothered a kick.


Half Time oranges and a break were well deserved – our Team was playing really well.  With the magnets moved for the second half, the message was for more of the same.

3rd Quarter;

A nice defensive mark by Fletcher(kick) to Zoe who took a strong overhead mark and kicked long.

Yarraville Seddon Eagles had lifted their effort this quarter.  Arthur took a defensive mark and passed to Fletcher (mark).  Maverick and Angus were working hard in the packs. Harvey H and Harrison combined, Natalie -> Zoe -> Logan also moved the ball well.

There were lots of little pieces of good play in this quarter as the play rebounded between the 50m archs.


4th Quarter;

For all our good play – and there really was some excellent stuff – the scoreboard tightened when YSE got a goal.  We could hear the chirp and enthusiasm coming from our opposition.  Hold Strong Roosters!

Angus won it out of the middle.  Cooper and Zoe worked the ball forward.  Jacob and Ryder were not letting the ball past them.

Fletch laid another strong tackle, but stood tall and didn’t take the player to ground – winning a free kick for himself (well done adjusting your technique Fletch).

Arthur-> Fletcher -> Zoe had 3 more kick/ marks.

Natalie ran, and ran, and ran (how far??) into space in our F50 to try for a shot at goal.

Angus had quick reflexes to pick up and kick a near impossible, Eddie Betts style, from-the-boundary, in front of your fans checkside boo-nah-nah.

Goal-Line technology however confirmed the on-ground inkling that it had brushed the post. (A tough, but fair call to make Andre).


A controversial off the ground goal was awarded to YSE to set up a tense final few minutes (questionable Goal-Line technology at that end..)


Tiger got himself a kick out of a large pack. Ben stopped a final Eagles push forward and the Bell(?) sounded as Zoe took yet another mark.


Well played today Roosters.

We did a lot of things well in moving the ball.  We were challenged on the scoreboard as the oppositions efforts lifted – but we stood strong and stuck to our way of playing.  I was really chuffed that all our players were getting involved and having some significant touches on the ball.

I was also proud of the players when hearing the Parent’s comment about how well they thought we played.


Special mentions:

Goals : Logan and Maverick

Heartland Award : Harvey Howe

Rooster of the Week : Fletcher Bodman.


I’m looking forward to training and our next game already..




Under 9 Reds Vs Williamstown Juniors

A week is a long time in football, and 3 weeks since our first game feels like an eternity.  In that time we have had school holidays, a bye, Easter holidays and Anzac day.  I think everyone was looking forward to getting back together for a game. This week the young Roosters were captained by Carl and Paddy who led us out against Williamstown Juniors.

The game started off intensely with the ball locked between midfield and our backline for much of the quarter.  Hugo was strong across half back holding tackles and marks.  Carl started really well in the ruck and took an overhead mark. Eden committed to every contest and punched the ball clear from a certain mark for Willi in front of goal.  Thomas Mitchell was injected into the backline and also took a strong mark. Some great defence held Williamstown at bay and it was still nil all at quarter time.

Suddenly with the second quarter came a stronger wind favouring the Willi end which they made good use of.  Lachie got involved with a strong tackle. Bodee worked extra hard at fullback all quarter.  Enrique and Zach both took strong marks around the ground.  We started to find some space to move the ball up the ground and there was excellent link up by hand between Charlie and Tom Mulcahy around the north wing. Noah had been running hard both ways this quarter, took a strong overhead mark forward, then he kicked a long goal into the breeze. Great play Roosters! 

After some half time oranges and encouragement about the breeze we started the 3rd quarter with Bill and Otis getting busy through the middle of the ground.  Oliver and Tom Mu. had a moment of kick to kick across the ground demonstrating excellent skills. Thomas E. laid a strong tackle. The ball spent much of the quarter in our forward line with Eli and Jenson looking dangerous around goals but we couldn’t convert.

By the last quarter Paddy was fully warmed up and became a tackling-running machine.  Eamon and Arlo were also hunting the ball around the middle of the ground.  With the breeze against us the ball spent a lot of time locked deep in our backline.  Most of the players ended up camped around it but the scoring by Willi was slow thanks to some desperate and congested defence.

The Roosters showed plenty of spirit and some good skills against a little more experienced and stronger team. The Roosters marking was a highlight around the ground today.  Time and space is precious in a game when you have the ball and we will keep learning each week how to create more of that as a team.  Zach collected the Rooster of the week with a game full of run today.  The team seemed to head off the ground happy to be playing the game together again which is the best result.




Under 10 Whites Vs Deer Park

The under 10 Roosters ventured out Ballarat road to Deer Park to try and continue a good run of form from round 1 & 2.

From the first quarter the task looked formidable as the Deer Park kids were big and talented and played really fast paced footy. West Footscray however were not to be deterred and had many kids put up a strong fight from the outset. Jackson Rose put his head over the footy all day, Kase was also hard at the contest and ‘New’ Hamish Spark doing some really impressive defensive work.

After letting Deer Park have most of the play in the second quarter the team was called upon to keep tighter on their opponents and work harder to help out their back line. It was impressive to see that the midfield responded and players like Arlo and Hamish Sully held our defence together which made for a much tighter contest.

The second half was a much more even contest as Artisan and Allen linked up for some great midfield bursts giving our forward line some good scoring opportunities.

Jackson Z and Hudson worked hard in the forward line to keep the ball in the attacking half and our little pocket rocket Ateeq played above his stature to collect plenty of possessions within the fifty arc.

It was really pleasing again to see the team stick at it and keep trying what we have been putting together on the training track. Again, with big numbers on the interchange the boys took their breaks without complaint which showed real maturity and team spirit.

Artison was named both the Rooster of the week and the opposition player of the week by Deer Park as he played a great all round game and is developing hid game nicely this year.

We turn to Albion at home this week which should be a much more even affair and we will be looking forward to some home town support. Again, the support o game day was great to see and is much appreciated!



Under 12 Girls Vs Altona

We travelled out to Point Cook on Sunday for a match against a team that was undefeated. The early game start at 8:40 ensured a few late arrivals, which left the coaching staff and parents extremely happy when scores were all locked up at the first break. After our Captains, Claudia & Martha won the toss, the girls settled into a good rhythm in a tight contest. There was plenty of ball movement up and down the grounds, mostly between the 50 m arcs, thanks to some great defensive efforts to repel the ball from the defence of both teams.


The second quarter was a mirror image of the first. Leah Biddle on the half-back plank showed she was becoming more comfortable in the game and showed great poise in beating her opponent in 1:1 contests throughout the first half. Martha was getting plenty of the ball in the middle, Calaen was giving us plenty of first use from the tap outs, and also applying great tackling pressure, along with Merrick. Half-time saw us all locked up again, 0.0. – 0.0.


Who says you need high scoring games of football for it to be exciting.  


The third quarter saw Pt Cook push deeper into our defence than at anytime previously in the game, and with a the ball locked in our goal square for at least 2 minutes, the girls showed how switched on they were by defending their goal and eventually moving the ball out of the area with our willingness to not concede a score. At three-quarter time the girls were praised for their efforts to hold off Pt Cook.


In the end, with the wind at their back, Pt Cook’s continual repeat entries into their forward line resulted in the first score of the game, and a few more. It was a great effort by our girls, who once again, came up against a very good team, who look likely to feature in the finals. We have come up against 3 good teams in the first three games, and showed that we’re able to match it with them for the most part. This week we’re down the hill for our first Flemington home game, which will be another exciting challenge as we come up against another team that looks to be knocking on the door of the top four.   


Under 12 As Vs Hoppers Crossing

It is hard to know what to make of the opposition when you have not played them before.

Statistically they were equal third and unbeaten along with St B’s and our good selves, but had not managed to impact  the scoreboard to any great degree, but as we were about to find out,  they certainly like to impact the contest.

These mid holiday/Easter games are traditionally a bit sluggish, training is not as intense and diets tend to be on the sugary side of the nutritional pyramid if you know what I mean. It is a lot to ask of these young Roosters to be able to flick the switch from weary to warrior.

Our Captain for the day would be Tommy for his Captains crewcut.

Hoppers brought with them a brand of physical contested footy that shook the Roosters early with the bench and Zoran working overtime. Big Z would have had to of had the most meters gained I reckon with a lot of the carnage taking place on the opposite side of the ground. We had planned for midfield rotations but not because of injury.

They also had a couple of mid field jets with sure hands, great pace and long kicking who kept their forward fifty entry count ticking over nicely. If they can work out their avenue to goal they will be very hard to beat.  I know this must be sounding like Hoppers match report but it is not.

The drizzle had well and truly set in by the time we took to the ground. After a few days of glorious weather the conditions had gone from sublime to slippery overnight. We often talk about the footy gods and today they seemed intent on not letting us or our opposition wrest on our laurels and assume that our unbeaten runs would just continue. The ball and the ground would be greasy and hard to handle, not ideal for a side that likes to run and carry.

Hoppers hit the ground and the player hard in the opening quarter and seemed intent on making sure that we respected their intensity (you may read into this sentence anyway you please) and took an early lead into quarter time with the Roosters feeling a little shell shocked to say the least.  The quarter time huddle provided a short respite and some time to reflect on what was happening. Some late rotations in the first quarter had steadied the ship and the lads felt confident that they could match the pressure and more importantly the footy.

The second quarter was a corker with Hoppers realising that they could not just push us around and got a taste of their own medicine with the Roosters standing tall across the whole ground. Two unanswered goals would see us take control and keep them scoreless.  The switch had been flicked. Buoyed by their efforts, the Roosters were confident that they could keep going. We reinforced that they had not kicked any big scores to date and this proved to be true as they could only manage one point in the third quarter against another goal to us. We could have snagged a couple more but we will not dwell on what could have been and set our focus on composure instead.

There was only ten points in this at 3 quarter time with both teams feeling like they could win what had been a down right dour struggle between the arcs. Hoppers had had only managed 9 points thus far so it was going to be hard and we felt like we needed at least one more to seal it up. They got one back and another point as well and trust me, they were pushing really hard right until the end but our backline stood up under enormous pressure to not only stop goals from being scored but also to clear it out of the fifty and down the wing and this would be where the ball was being contested when the final siren sounded. Jubilation ensued; we had earned this one and earnt it well. We were challenged physically and mentally and really took it up to a solid contender, one which we see at least two more times this season you would have thought.


 Raz – tough contested goal from the square: Showboat – typical sneak from the boat: Hammer – best goal you will ever see from the back pocket!

Rooster of the Week went to A-Mac  for his relentless attack in the ruck against some seriously tall timber.

Special thanks to Zoran for tending to the wounded, Brad for running the messages, Tim for waving the flags and everyone else who keeps us on the park each week, we can not do this with out you.

Richie, Des and Kane.

Under 12 Bs Vs Point Cook

Taking on the ladder leaders was always going to be a big task but as the team revved up in the rooms to the instructions of their coach and the encouragement of parents and supporters, they were clearly up for a challenge.


Mitchell was named captain for the day and proved to be a great leader throughout, earning the Heartland Award for his determination in and around the ball.


Ash demanded effort, effort and more effort from his chargers, telling them to follow up the ball, help their teammates, and most of all fight hard for the ball.


And fight hard they did.


The first quarter started, and Manor Lakes quickly kicked the ball into their fifty where it stayed with the assistance of a strong breeze for much of the quarter.


The opposition goaled not long after, and as the ball entered their scoring zone again Mitchell tracked and pushed the ball the other way, ability helped by Clara on the wing.


A ripping defensive punch by Eli prevented a Manor Lakes mark and certain goal, and we were greeted with a few spits of rain to add to the test confronting our Roosters.  Griff was key to driving the ball out of the centre towards our goal and not long after Stephen tackled hard and was rewarded with a free kick.


Luca worked to get on the end of another Roosters surge forward, the first of number of important touches he would have for the match.  Efe tracked the ball forward to our advantage and you got a sense that we might just score against the wind and an opposition which was already on the way to sizeable score.


Eli again got his hands on the ball and kicked it into our fifty and Luca was like lightening with his quick hands.


Braydon was doing his best to hold Manor Lakes up in defence and Griff went for a run and a bounce (well two in fact) and floated past his opponents displaying his trademark two step tap dancing.


Louis tackled hard earning a free kick and as the siren sounded the Roosters had tightened things up around the stoppages making it much harder for Manor Laker to score.


Quarter time score: Roosters 0.0-0 // Manor Lakes 4.1-25


Ash wrung the changes and at the start of the second quarter, Riley was in the ruck and already having a big impact on the game and following the instruction to “kick long and use the wind”.


Finn became busy around the pack, and then then the team started an avalanche of the hardest kick in our great game. 


Imagine when going for a shot on goal and instead of having to put the ball between the big white sticks you instead had to hit one of them directly – yep that’s right you’d miss every time and be lucky to score one goal per month.  But in the second quarter we managed to nail the big sticks – poster after poster after poster – including an unlucky one kicked by Jordan (I’m sure it almost made it through on the right side!). 


Through a great team effort we peppered the goals but alas it was not to be.


As the quarter continued Manor Lakes looked like scoring into the wind but great defence from Miles and Oscar H, and a stellar mark by Diego helped to keep them goalless.


Alex helped us to another foray forward with a smart kick into fifty, Finn coped a knock, and Oscar F sought out one of his own by displaying great courage running back with the flight of the ball going for a mark.  Thankfully he was untouached.


Then calls of “stretcher” could be heard from the far side of the ground, as another Rooster had been struck down, this time Louis.  And flat on his back he remained for the rest of the match with the doctors at the RCH diagnosing a sprained neck and recommending some serious down time, including a week on the sidelines.


Half time score: Roosters 0.4-4 // Manor Lakes 4.1-25



So as you all know, with our fearless warrior Louis down, so too was our match reporter Justin (his dad) over and out for the day. It’s a tough act to follow so unfortunately the report for the remainder of last weeks game will be rather short. 

I think we all got a little rattled after Louis went down, I forgot it was even half time and forgot to let Helen know to bring on the Oranges so they were 3/4 time oranges instead. Our players don’t let dodgy coaching efforts get in the way of effort though. I think our fight in the 3rd was as good or better than any games we have played so far. We put on a goal against the wind with some good battles by the likes of Billy, Kai and Aiden and all the regular toughened warriors. Even saw Boris do a nice shepard and that made me cheer. We will turn you into a staunch defender, or maybe attacker  by the end of this season Boris.


Three quarter time score: Roosters 1.5-11 // Manor Lakes 5.1-31

So I thought I needed to pick up my coaching effort and focus on the game at 3/4 time with everyone including myself still wondering how Louis was going. Helen bought on the oranges and we were ready for another great final quarter comeback. With their power ruckman the Manor Lakes team took us a bit by surprise with a couple of quick goals and it seemed to take the wind out of our sails, even though we had the wind. I’ll take a fair chunk or the blame on this one and think I learnt quite a lot about needing to react much faster to plug up some holes and strenghten  areas where we were being over run.

In the end and even with our players such as Wes and Lenny fighting it out till the end, the game got away from us. You’d expect me to say this but I think considering the opposition are possibly playing couple of divisions below their skill level, we really took it to them.



Final score: Roosters 1.5-11 // Manor Lakes 10.2-62

Thanks to all our volunteers for the day and to Justin for making the effort to write the game report for the first half.

Get well Loius from everyone on the team. We need you back soon champ!


Under 14 As Vs Wyndham Vale

Big Thanks to Dave Hall for helping write this weeks U14A’s Report – Cheers, Andrew

It felt like a long time since the under 14A’s had triumphed down at Caroline Springs.


We were back on home turf against a familiar opponent – Wyndham Vale, whom we had played in a practice match a month ago. One of our key players, Weston Barker, was out with an injured wrist. Coaches Chris and Andrew drafted in a couple of likely lads from the under 12A’s: Benjamin Grant and Patrick Hall. For your match reporter it was quite a moment – the first time in about 100 games of junior footy that I’ve seen Samuel and Patrick play in the same team. B.P.’s services weren’t required until after half time, meaning our team trainer Margriet wasn’t called on too much.


That said, it was still a tough contest with some niggle at times. The Roosters quickly hit top gear, seeming to resume where they finished the last quarter against the C.Springians. Kicking in to a slight breeze, we banged home 6 unanswered goals. Diesel was brilliant again, chalking up 3 goals by early in the second quarter. Leroy, Jack and Henry were being well supplied with midfield ball by Daniel and Aaron. We were up against bigger bodied midfielders, but again found a way to extract the ball. #18, #29 and #9 for the W.Vales all had very good games.


Socrates sacrificed some of his Greek Easter celebrations to play today, but his dad Con was back at the family home seasoning the lamb. Soc played very well in what is often regarded as the hardest position on the field: centre half forward. He kicked four goals in total, had a pile of possessions, ran hard and used the ball very well on his trusty left foot. 


The back line accomplished the rare feat of not conceding a single goal. Samuel is the general at CHB, but one of the most pleasing things about today’s game was seeing Mickey, Frank, Blake and Isaac all defend really well and take the game on a bit more. The golden fist was used to good effect, they tackled hard, supported each other and were quick to play on after taking a mark.


The whole team are benefitting from a very clear game plan laid out by Andrew and Chris, especially when coming out of defence and around stoppages. Jonathan and Kadin are key players for us out on the wing, once again holding their positions really well and being excellent link-up players for forward entries.


Nugget kicked a goal, and coach Andrew fulfilled his pre-game promise/dare of screaming out “delicious nugget”. I’d spent a bit of time kicking with Juma during the week. He did not shank a single kick at training, so when he took a mark 20 metres out on a slight angle, I foolishly declared: “Juma will kick this…” What did he do…? Shank it. But he did get on the scoreboard a bit later, and is providing a very handy marking target deep in the forward line. Lachlan D is our other deep forward target, and he laid a couple of good tackles today, and almost snagged a goal (which he does love). Aaron had his best game of footy with a goal and a lot of good work as a mobile ruckman. His marking has improved, and he is dishing the ball off well to the outside runners.


Likewise, Jack had his best game at under 14 level, kicking three classy goals, running tenaciously all day and bravely putting his head over the ball. Sean and Hamish were good targets up forward, too, and helped to set up a number of goals and forward entries.


After half-time Ben and Patrick got their chance – Ben in his familiar role sweeping across the backline, and Patrick in a role he likes up forward. They both contributed really well, with Ben showing customary great courage against boys about three times his body-weight, ‘front-lining the ball’ once to ensure it didn’t get over the back for a goal. He helped to clear a number of forays out of defence. At the other end, Patrick took a fine overhead mark and almost kicking a couple of goals, including one on his left foot. He provided some good forward line pressure, earning a free-kick after a very good chase.


In the end, the Roosters were far too strong for Wyndham Vale, who resorted to flooding the backline to try to limit our goal-kicking, even avoiding the 6-6-6 scrutiny of the umpires. We travel down the highway to Point Cook next Sunday.


West Footscray. 14.14-98

Wyndham Vale. 0.3-3


Best players (on WRFL website): Samuel H, Diesel L, Socrates M, Jonathan S, Aaron M, Jack G.

Goals: Diesel and Socrates (4), Jack (3), Aaron, Juma and Leroy (1).


Match reporter: Dave Hall



Under 14 Bs V St Albans

Maybe coming soon but we are letting Damo focus on his team this week. With a couple out injured we are hoping to boost numbers with some of our U12s and give our U14B’s a bit of a lift. Good luck this week lads!


Under 15 Girls Vs Caroline Springs

Sorry U15 Girls, No report this week with Darren away


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