Round 4 – Home to Flemington Juniors


A mudfest had been discussed.

But the potential short straw of this weeks jumper-wash roster, that seemed on the cards when the weather prevented Friday training, never eventuated.

Instead it was a Sunday sleep in, Players Mums getting suitably spoilt and the sun was out. The Doggies (and Dockers) had won the night before – what a great day this looked like becoming.


It was inspiring to see our Rooster U9 comrades strutting their stuff as we were gathering and warming up.  There was no puddles, no mud and players were bouncing the ball through the centre square.  Wet weather tactics will wait for another time.


Our Captains this week were to be Eli and Jack – 2 players that are really finding their feet at this level and realising where they can be most effective on the field.


Our Match Report (below) is kindly done by Kate McPhee this week.


I would like to mention that I was very proud, again, of the way our players stuck to our style and implementing the things we have been training, and this week against a much tougher opposition.

Flemington is a team that I remember from last year.  They had showed us up with better positioning, controlling of possession and skills.  We more than held our own this week – it was end to end stuff, with both teams having moments of dominance.

We were unlucky not to get a couple more goals, but maybe so were they.


I feel our players are really starting to understand their own roles and each other’s attributes that are being added to the Team.

Our Senior 9’s are spreading and moving the ball, and our new players are growing in confidence.

This really is an exciting and enjoyable time, seeing the players improve and bond together.


Match report


West Footscray Under 9 Blue vs Flemington.

Shorten Reserve, Sunday the 13th of May, Mother’s Day.


Flemington were obviously a strong and well coached side. They had their players on the ball and did not appear to make careless mistakes with moving it to the goal square.


The Roosters played a good game. West Footscray Number 21, Archer, who had a cracking game today was everywhere in the 1st all the way to the 4th quarter. Jackson (32) got out early as well in the 1st quarter too and scored 2 points. Thank you for your leadership spirit boys it appeared to rub off on the rest of the team throughout the match.


The second quarter had the opposition pick up their game and reduced our scoring in the quarter to zero. Again, Archer kept playing strong along with Harvey (36), Finn (11), Jack (6) and Hamish (14). The team work was really appearing at this point in the game.


After half time, Eli (30) scrambled to a goal early and appeared to set the tone for the quarter: hard work is rewarded. Again, Archer (21) followed suit with persistence and skill and found another goal. Lots of other team members appeared in this quarter that had been lesser known in the game, mostly but not limited to Oscar (33), Harvey (36), Finn (11) and Thomas () as well as the other West Footscray brothers Brodie and Charlie, appearing for the second time on the oval that morning. Ben (13) showed some strong promise and in this quarter, he caught the coaches eye for the Rooster of the Week.


In the final quarter of this game with many highlights, Arlo (3) got a well-deserved goal and had some strong support from team mates Archer (21) and Fletcher (9). Archer your Rooster of the week award was well deserved. You boys kept playing to the very end of the game which is a credit to you.



Special Mentions;

Roosters of the Week

Archer : seemed to have brought his own ball today, it was always in his hands.

Ben : didn’t flinch with bodies around him in defence or attack, getting more opportunities to show his skills.



Eli / Archer / Arlo : 1 each


Thankyou to Bodie and Charlie for helping us out today.  You both contributed well and showed us your skills and game sense.


Well played again Team.

It is Caroline Springs next week – lets keep our focus, keep looking to improve and keep having fun while we are at it.




U9 Orange

Rd 4: West Footscray V Yarraville Seddon Eagles

After a few days of torrential rain and real cold weather I was nervous about what Sunday morning would bring. Fortunately the oval and the skies were good considering. We were the first game of five at Shorten today – a big day at Rooster central. A few of the players even got a second game later. There was some talk early about how good the Eagles were last year but this is a new season and a new team. We had full list available today and Jack G. and Paddy led us out as captains today.

Noah, Bodee and Paddy were part of the midfield that started off working overtime in the first quarter. Otto and Thomas got straight into the action in the backline. Jack M. also took a great mark in the last line of defence. It was a tough start to the game and everyone was warmed up by the break.

The second quarter started and Charlie set the standard with a very good tackle early. Kase, Jackson and Zeph combined really well with handballs linking through the middle of the ground. James was playing a good game after a week’s absence. Oliver C. also lifted this quarter winning the ball and getting a kick away. There were great efforts all over the ground that kept the ball mostly in our forward half but we were unlucky and could only score a point.

The third quarter involved a lot of desperate defence again. Hugo W and Hugo L were contesting well through middle and both earnt some good kicks. Oliver R. plays the fullback position well and kicked a great drop punt for Kade to mark. Hugo N. was a good target at centre half forward. Malik had been a force all game and when he got the ball in our forward line he kicked a very long goal.

Kase, Eli and Aemon all had a great fourth quarter –especially considering Aemon copped a big ‘falcon’ (football to the face) in the third. Enrique took a good overhead mark at half back. Kade is very good ‘below his knees’ including one passage where he kept tapping the ball in front of himself halfway up the ground. A highlight passage of play was started with Jack M. moving the ball quickly around the boundary line and kicking into the forward line. All the forwards then kept the ball alive and worked it around the boundary and across the face of goals, in the face of desperate Eagles defence. Jack G. then swooped and finished the move with a snapped goal from the square. The players ran from all over to celebrate a great team goal.

Rooster of the week was Jack G. who played a very good game again today.

The team had some really good passages of play. We will continue to develop our skills and confidence in the contests as the season unfolds. The game was played in good spirits again with the opposition which makes for a fun day at the footy. We will look forward to facing them again.

Thanks also to all the families for their support with jobs around the ground, in the canteen and on the BBQ. Particular thanks to Andrew who did a great job field umpiring again.



WEST FOOTSCRAY ROOSTERS – Under 10 Reds vs. Flemington – Round Four – 13/5/18.


One more time……..


“Living with my eyes closed”


(I will come back to this)


Good Evening Sports Fans!


The Tenners were back on the bus today as they rolled out of town for a date with Flemington Juniors. Being Mother’s Day, there were tears aplenty as they set off from Shorten Reserve Car Park. It is a tall order to be sent off to battle on Mother’s Day, a day when we should be celebrating our Mothers and all that they do for us and not separating us. Those tears of sorrow would soon turn into tears of joy as J.J Holland Park is only a five minute drive from the Roosters Coup and all the mums had followed in their own cars. Makes perfect sense really!


The lead up week had been a little unsettling. Wednesday night training had been indifferent with the Tenners cock-a-hoop after three in a row. A bit too much swagger for this nervous coach’s liking. We had fallen into this trap before when everything is going right. Training does not seem to matter so much. That is usually when reality comes and bites hard and unsuspectingly. The grapevine also had whispers of The General pulling a hammy. Say it ‘aint so! General had been rock solid so far and this would be a big out. Arch had not trained either and was in X-ray on Thursday night checking on a painful troublesome wrist. Scans would reveal a sprained thumb from last Sunday’s game and he was no certainty to line up either. We seemed to be copping a few more injuries than normal. The step up from nines to tens is probably a bit bigger than we all expected. The pace of the game is certainly quicker and obviously more physical as well. Things were looking ominous. Facing Flemington without the spine of the backline; what else could possibly go wrong!


Well for starters, Friday night training would get washed out in further evidence that things were in fact a little off kilter. I really wanted us back on the track after Wednesday night. One last hit out to give some peace of mind was what we needed. If General’s hammy wasn’t bad enough and Arch’s thumb was uncertain then news that this would be Arti’s last game for seven weeks was unbearable. Artisan has been asked to cover the Royal Wedding and would be on assignment for the next couple of months. His dash and flair will be sorely missed, but for the greater good, we wish him well and look forward to his return. What is it with our Roosters and the Royals?


The rain clouds had gathered again on Sunday morning. Did someone mention ominous before? Check the phone, no messages! Good start. Check Arch’s thumb, not much pain, even better. 10:20 kick off, woo hoo! Sunshine breaking through the clouds, Hallelujah! Maybe things would not be so bad after all.


Driving to the ground, I could not resist. Three songs had foretold three great wins. Would I be entitled to a forth? “Now I believe there comes a time when everything falls into line” A sense of relief washed over me. “All fired up” Could it be true? In spite of all of our injuries of late and heading to the ground with only 16 players again, would those 16 be all fired up? I had no reason to believe otherwise.


The late mail would reveal that Walt would also miss. He was up all night with a fever that he had most likely caught from photographing Prince Louis last week. Damn Royals again!


With the squad reduced to 15, we would again be graciously topped up with three Flemington Juniors per quarter to even up the sides.


Our Captains for the day would be Griff and Efe. I am not sure who won the toss but we were kicking to the commissions.


The Dozer had a run in the ruck today; such is his enthusiasm to be amongst the action at all times. Although a bit daunted by the prospect in the change rooms before the game, he accepted the challenge and did not look back. He should be very happy with his efforts today, getting plenty of it and providing a little bit of mongrel at the coal face. Showboat was also having a run in the middle to clean out the cobwebs after staying forward for the first few rounds with his wonky knee. He would return forward later in the game after the tank ran low, kicked a goal and was pinged for too far after some brilliant coast to coast work from the backline through Griff in the middle to Showboat whose legs were going faster than his brain. Speaking of Griff, he was enormous today and would go on to win the Heartland for his relentless attack. I have spoken before about his positioning, but this was just half of it. His run and carry through the middle was tireless. Hurricane was once again in and under everything and kicked a couple of running goals. A little down on his usual disposal count, but understandable against a very capable and solid opposition. Arti playing his last game for some time showed why we will miss him dearly. He has unbelievable balance and tenacity well beyond his stature. He kicked two in a row in a dominant third quarter performance and single handedly ran the ball and the opposition out of defence to the wing with cunning and class. Stay safe OS little fella, we want you back safe and sound. Louis the Fly took up full back for the first half and was brilliant, gallantly taking on a much bigger forward line. Taking last line goal saving marks and delivering out with class he had another cracker of a game and would be our R.O.T.W. He would also cop a knee to the noggin which saw him sidelined for a bit but came back out and picked up where he left off. Speaking of Mullaly’s, Clara is becoming a clearance queen. Trying saying that fast three fast… Clara the Clearance Queen. Own up, how many tried? She has great hands and a nifty side step which was put to good use today to clear some congestion and get her kick away.


Why have one brother/sister combo when you can have two I say! Mezz continued on her merry way today with another strong mark in the thick of some pretty close checking and continues to look more and more comfortable. When little brother Kade was offered up by Mum + Dad at half time to help our dwindling squad, he was welcomed with open arms. It did not take him long to find some action either getting amongst it almost immediately. Well done little fella! Mighty Miles was tried out in a couple of different positions today up forward and down back. He snapped a beautiful goal, his first for the year, but I get the feeling he is a free range Rooster and would prefer roaming free in the ruck.


Brayden was solid again and I was pleased to see the headband reappear. He is another Rooster who is very good with his hands and has great vision and awareness around the stoppages. Efe added another snag to his tally with his confidence continuing to grow each week. He will be a beast by the end of the year. Cruzer also spent time up forward and down back, but I think he would feel at home on the wing with his smooth moving pace and kicking abilities. Ozi and Noah did their best to find the ball amongst some stiff opposition with the bigger and more experienced bodies of Flemington asserting  themselves at every contest but it won’t be long before they are feeling at home.


We went in at three quarter time with a handy lead, one which I was not expecting to have. The Tenners had been playing out of their skins and I was mightily impressed, so too was my opposite number. I felt if we could get a couple of quick ones, it would be game over. But as luck would have it, the injury curse would strike again. Arch, who had been holding down CHB with aplomb, copped a knee to the head. The collision briefly stopped play with the offending knee being carried off and also sent Arch to the sidelines with an egg on his cheek. St Nick checked him for concussion and wisely decided that that would be enough for today. With Arch off and The General in trackies, the structure of the backline was gone. This enabled Flemington to kick four quick goals, something that they had only managed for three quarters of footy to that point.


A gallant loss is better than an easy win. We needed this to give us a better perspective of where we are at. Training can seem boring at times, but those drills need to become second nature so when a hole is created it can be filled without blinking and its business as usual.


“We live and learn from our mistakes”


The final score line of 7.2.44 – 8.7.55 was testament to a great game of football.


Goals – Artisan 2 – Hurricane 2 – Showboat 1 – Mighty Miles 1 – Efe 1:


We now turn our attentions to next Sunday, home against Yarraville/Seddon.


Special Thanks to Brad for donning the whistle and St.Nick for tending to the wounded and to those who filled the volunteered roles and to those who cheered us on away from home, we can’t do this without you, it is most appreciated.


Richie + Kane.



Round 4 – Roosters U10 Blues (Bloosters) vs Altona Vikings




The day started with pancakes for Kai’s Mum, and hopefully all our lads and Dads made it a good day for our Mums on Mothers Day.




It was nice to be back at home, and to enjoy seeing some of our up and coming U9s do their stuff before our game at midday. The early news was that we had 2 of the best U9 ‘guns for hire’ coming on board our team for the day, and they didn’t let us down. Thanks heaps to the awesomeness of Paddy and Zeph for all your huge efforts on the day.




So we were taking on the Altona Vikings, and I think the first comment I heard from someone in our team was ‘They’re Huge!’ when he looked over at our opposition. He was right, they must feed them well over in Altona. But as I said, ‘don’t worry we got some big guys too’ so they were probably thinking the same thing when they look across at us. It proved to be true in that both teams were very competitive, and it made for a great game.






Our Leaders for the day were Alan (Green), Alex (Red) and Max RB (Blue) and Alex was drawn as our captain. We lost the toss but that meant we had the wind in the second and last quarter so that wasn’t such a bad thing.






There were some great team efforts by many of you this week. From helping a team mate to be in a better position to making an effort to get to a contest and help out a team mate, this is the stuff I notice for our Teamwork award. It’s not the big runs or kicks or the goals, it’s the hard stuff that takes multiple efforts that wins the this award. So this week those who stood out for teamwork were Jacob, Mitch, Oscar Alan and Sasha. I couldn’t go past giving it to Sasha this week who I think played his best game yet. Well-deserved Sasha!






I was keen for us to get a good start and asked the boys to put in their best effort for the first and they didn’t dissapoint. Tackling and chasing was fierce from our boys, and I think any fear that we couldn’t match them quickly disappeared. There were awesome efforts everywhere with a few standouts being from Rylan, Max P, Aiden, Riley, Alan, Jacob, Jake, Max RB, Mitch, Sasha and Stephen. In the end Mitch took out the Effort Award so well done Mitch!






Once again it was great to see many of our lads being aware of their position defensive and forward side of the contest and it must have been getting pretty frustrating for their guys when they would kick the ball out and it would keep coming straight back. I found I didn’t need to be yelling my head off (in a nice way…) to get you guys to drop back into space or find space on our goal side of the contest, so that helped. Some of the standouts in awareness this week were Iggy, Jake, Kai, Max RB, Sasha, Wes and Billy. As Coach and Dad I’m probably always going to avoid showing favour to my boy, but I thought he really tried hard to be in the right spot all game, so deserved to take out the Awareness Award for the week. Well done buddy!






On a wet ground and in colder weather it can be harder to move around the ground. That didn’t stop many of you from making a huge effort to move with the contest and get into a good position to either cover an opponent or get free for the next kick. To be honest at our level I probably shouldn’t be expecting you to move that much, but it stands out when you do. So this week those who stood out in movement were Aiden, Sasha, Jake, Alan, Iggy, Kai, Stephen, Rylan, Mitch, and our 2 Maxs. These awards will always go to the player who exceeds themselves and for a second time in 4 weeks I felt Alan was our best in terms of movement for the game. Cant ask for more consistency than that. Great stuff Alan!






This week the Green squad had the prized 2 quarters in the forward line. There were goals flying through for both teams with our scoring spread between Jake (1 goal), Mitch (1 behind), Oscar (1 goal), Rylan (1 goal, 1 behind) and Sasha (1 goal, 1 behind). Awesome work by all you guys but I’m hoping to see some new names in that list in the next few weeks.




Wrap Up


In the end it was a very close game and there was only a couple of points in it. I made a rookie coaching error to give some of our backline guys the licence to run up the ground thinking we would pile on some extra goals with the wind but it left our defence depleted. Although our lads left in defence put up an amazing fight, they couldn’t cover all of them and we got a couple of late goals scored against us. So apologies for my stuff up there but we learn from these things and we get better for it.




So this week, sadly we have a bye. I’m sure you all have plans but if you’re looking for something to do, why not come along to our home ground and cheer on Richie’s U10 Reds Team against Yarraville/Seddon at 12:05pm on Sunday. I’ll be there, and a couple of our guys will be joining their team, so that’s even more reason to come along and give them our support!




Go Bloosters!!!




U/11 Round 4 vs Point Cook Centrals


Point Cook Centrals:  0 0   0 0   0 2   1 3 9


Lost to


West Footscray: 5 1   9 4   11 5   15 8 98


Goals:  Ashton 3, Eli 2, Rory 2, Hamish 2, Reuben 2, Patrick 1, Joharo 1, Angus 1, Flynn 1


Mother’s Day took our travelling roadshow to the new estates around Point Cook and we found an oval the size of the MCG.


14 Point Cook boys greeted us so we somewhat evened the score by offering them 2 Roosters each quarter – needless to add they were gratefully accepted.  I want to acknowledge the outstanding display of sportsmanship and ‘all round good guy’ efforts of Marlon, Thomas, Ben, Angus, Reuben, Patrick, Zeke and Kiir.  Such humility and good grace served as an excellent example of what West Footscray strives to be and there are certainly others in the WRFL that would well to take a leaf out of each of these boys’ books.


So the juggling began.  There were more moves of the magnets today than something that involves moving a lot of magnets such was the opportunity that was presented to the boys to develop their skills in unfamiliar positions.  The first quarter saw the visiting Roosters kick into a tricky breeze.  It was clear from the outset that Point Cook weren’t going to go the distance and we set about running and linking with excellent chains of handball – something demanded for in the pre-match address.  Rory, Rueben, Joharo led from the front out of the centre giving our forward line many chances to hit the scoreboard.  Hamish, Eli, Rory, Flynn and Ashton got on the end of slick ball movement to register majors in the first quarter and put the contest to bed early.  The second saw the Red and Whites kick with the breeze and taking full advantage, Patrick, Angus and Reuben added more six-pointers.  Caleb, Oli, Nicholas and Ziggy worked tremendously well together to give the Sharks no respite.  Zaw Zaw and Tem saw some action deep forward and despite several great opportunities, couldn’t quite snag a ‘sausage roll’.  The third quarter began with the mercy rule not quite in place and that allowed Zeke some time in the ruck – I think he showed that he would be quite competent in that role going forward.  Kiir continued to bullock his way through many contests and Thomas and Marlon looked quite busy across the half forward line also.  The last quarter saw perhaps the highlight as the swelling crowd got right behind the Sharks in their endeavours to register their first major of the season and sure enough it came with minutes remaining – the spirit of junior footy was on show at that point for all to see.  Ben and Joharo continued to power the ball forward – Ashton on the end of a couple to kick 3 for the day was the main beneficiary of excellent lead up play.The final siren saw many highlights for the visiting Roosters – 9 individual goal kickers, Excellent accuracy in front of goal, Dave pinging Patrick for holding the ball in the first  minute, Ben and Patrick survive a car crash like collision (horror of horrors..) in the third quarter that saw both come from the ground in severe pain – Patrick in a Sharks jumper at the time, for them to resume in the last and Eli kicking his first career goals.


Well done boys – another 4 points and another step on the journey together.  A very special thank you to the mother’s that made the trip – each rewarded with a little cup cake to mark the occasion (well done Andrea).  We hope you enjoyed the show!  Thanks again to our band of parent helpers:  Dave with the whistle, Shaun with the flags, both Andrew and Craig who ran the boundary – extra kudos to Andrew who covered their boundary umpire role at the last minute.  Zoran with the medicals, Anne who kept the rowdy mob away from the umpires, Bianca with the half time oranges, Kath with the siren duties, Joanne, Kylie, Sophie and Sienna who ran the water.


See you all at training.




Under 12 Girls


Match Result: West Footscray 4.7.31 def. Point Cook Centrals 2.5.17


Another win. We’re two and two. And now with the words, we belted out the team song for the first time at home. We’re building momentum on field, and building more bandwagon off it.


Winning is intoxicating, but the girls know what its like to be on the other end. Without saying as much, they’re taking it one week at a time; knowing that they’re bucking the trend of new teams in their first year.


You could tell the girls were keen to pick up where they left off out at Caroline Springs the week before. They were bunched real tight behind our Captain of the day, Mahli as she led them onto the ground. And now it’s easier to tell who kicked a goal because they rush from everywhere to pat their teammate on the back.


Asked why they won, the girls pointed to their linkages, and upping the pressure when the margin tightened in the closing stages of the game. Before things got tight there were a few pretty impressive end-to-end passages of play.


Once again, our opponents were good sports and generous, offering us a few of their players so everyone got a run. Everyone we’ve encountered so far this season has been committed to making footy a positive experience for all the girls. Let’s keep our end up on this and hope that it continues.


Here are just a few highlights from the match. And as always, take them as observations made quickly and from afar. Please forgive me for omissions, errors and oversights.


The first quarter


From the get go we had some good ball movement out of the centre and into our forward line where we had plenty of chances but struggled to convert. Both Maggie and Martha came close to scoring goals with long-bombs from set shots 25 metres out on an a slight angle. Liberty and Layla were carving up the centre while Nina was wheeling out of packs along the halfback line and kicking straight down the guts. Ruby was racing headlong into packs, while Mia H and Sophie C landed some great tackles and were rewarded for their efforts with free kicks.


The second quarter


We started strongly with plenty of centre clearances and time in the forward line. With some determined tackling by Ella H, Mahli and Katerina pushing through packs up the wing we just wouldn’t let go until we scored a goal. They came eventually by Layla’s (?) foot and a crazy bounce, and then Nina bursting through a pack to deliver a belter from 30m out at full speed. Sophie M’s reputation as a goal sneak, coming off the forward flank is growing with a few unlucky misses. These opportunities only came up because of the steel in our backline and clearing kicks to space on the wing.


The third quarter


A quarter marked by seesawing momentum in the middle and hardness down back- the Bulldogs call it the “Men’s Department”- where Ginger and Liberty were holding back the tide. Maggie and Ella F moved into the middle keeping up our rate of centre clearances, helping Mia H and Sophie C to get the ball down to our dangerous forwards through some great linking up footy. Nina was moving like a freight train through the middle of the ground. Captain Mahli was unlucky to miss a goal while Mia H scored a wonderful goal on the run from the forward pocket, from quite a tight angle.


The fourth quarter


The ball was locked up in the middle and the opposition just wouldn’t lie down. They made it an eight-point ball game with two quick goals early in the quarter, giving our girls (and us on the boundary line) something to think about. The game turned on the pressure we applied in the midfield and on the wings. The opposition would come close to moving into their forward fifty only to drop the ball because Ella H, Ella P, Mia H and Ella F were hunting as a pack. The ball would make its way back to our forwards where goal sneak Sophie M put one away to seal the result and set us all at ease. Walking off to the cheers of the home crowd will be remembered, as was forming a guard for the women’s team as they ran onto the field for their match.


Out of all our games this was the most even collective performance. Despite that, here are a few special mentions:

•Spice Girls West Award- Nina was a standout, imposing herself on the game from the backline and kicking a goal.

•Captain of the day- Mahli showed the way with her tackling, kicking to possession and quickness around goals.

•Hard-line defenders – When things got tough, Liberty and Ginger both put their hands up to drop back to the last line of defence when we needed it.


Cheers, Bernie


Under 12 Round 4


Flemington 2.4.16 vs West Footscray 8.10.58


I’d had an eye on this game for quite some weeks. With no disrespect to our opponents from the first 3 rounds, it was fair to that our boys had barely raised a sweat in chalking up wins from these fixtures. Flemington would present a much-needed test of our team work and footballing ability. The weather of the previous few days had threatened to turn the game into a slog, but thankfully the blue sky reappeared in time for our game and had brought to an abrupt halt our plans of building an ark (these plans were also scuttled due to costs. Boats are expensive). We released all the animals and made the drive down Dynon Road.


Rather than go into my usual foggy recollections of the game I will instead give you a brief rundown of the game and pump up the tyres of our boys a bit. It’s a well-earned pump up. They were very good!


The Flemington we encountered on Sunday was a different team to the one we played in 2017. They were noticeably taller, far more physical, and their game style and play significantly improved. Despite having a decent advantage with the wind in the first we could manage only one goal while Flemington got a valuable one into the breeze. A sluggish start by our boys as it took them a while to figure out that they would need to work much harder this week to get the four points.


The second had me worried as we were now working into the wind. To the credit of every Rooster out there, they did a remarkable job in allowing Flemington only one goal. We were unlucky to go in trailing at the main break despite not scoring a major. Our boys were on top.


The third would see the game open right up for us. Kadin was unstoppable in the ruck; our kids were flying and Flemington had no response. 5 unanswered goals saw the game firmly in our grasp after a magnificent 17 minutes of hard work and quick running football.


Flemington had the wind in the last but gained little from the advantage. Our boys kept running and working as a unit. 2 more goals for us. We had scored 7 goals in the second half and kept Flemington to just one behind. FANTACTIC TEAM PERFORMANCE!


Zach:                     Played the whole game down back. Multiple efforts and big tackles. Consistently worked to win the ball even when outsized. Great game.

Jack:                      Another gem from Jack. Had a kid hanging off him all day. Beat him and won plenty of ball for the team. Set one up and bagged a sausage as well. Top Shelf!

Samuel:                Played forward and back. Was rock solid at each end and won plenty of the ball. Fantastic tackling. A sore jaw and some very dirty knees. Excellent all day.

Murphy:              Started forward and used his pace well. Laid a great tackle in the middle. He came off injured in the second and couldn’t come back. I love the tackling Murf!

Xavier:                  Breakout game! Set up our first 2 goals with great passing. Beat his opponent, won a stack of the ball, laid big tackles and took home the Heartland for his efforts. Loved it Xav. Just loved it!

Cooper:                A rock as always at half back. Read it well. Defended when required and attacked when he could. Directed traffic down back as usual. Ripping game Coop!

Kadin:                   BOG for me. Swung the game completely with a scintillating third term in the ruck. Kicked 3 long goals while doing it. Just as good on the wing. Amazing game Kadin.

Sean:                     Cracking game. Your best yet mate. Contested everything that came near him. Brilliant handball to setup Christian and a goal as well. Very, very good.

Nathaniel:           Awesome competitor who produces every week. Strong and determined down forward. He worked so hard to keep the ball in our attack. Keep it up Big Dog!

Leroy:                   Blitzed Flemington from the middle in the third. Fast, hard and effective. Your best game yet nugget. Really added some drive when we needed it. Superb.

Frank:                   Went back after half time and was amazing. Desperation and commitment are his trademarks. Came off hurt (also a trademark) and returned to play a crucial role in the win. Superstar!

Mickey:                Absolutely outstanding. Laid more tackles than I’ve heard him say words. (he laid more than 10 though). A key factor in us being in the game at half time and a real influence on us getting the win. Brilliant Mickey. Just Brilliant!

Felix:                     Best game of the year. Tireless running and multiple repeat efforts. Huge second half. As Katherine said, Mother’s Day became smothers day! Loved it Felix.

Vinh:                     An absolute rock at full back. Nullified his opponent and launched attacks almost instantly. Magnificent game Vinh!

Elijah Moon:      Played full forward all day and kicked two with some nice leading work. Set up Jack for one in the last with a kick to the top of the square as well. Contested well and provided a deep target. Great Stuff E-M

Aaron:                  Soooooo Good! Lost count of how many times he won it down back and pumped it out. Great tackling and team work. Huge when it wasn’t going our way early. Sensational Aaron.

Javier:                   Rucked beautifully for three quarters and really straightened us up at centre half forward. Took multiple crucial marks in the second half to really stifle Flemington. Just keeps getting better. Ripping game Javier.

Christian:             His run on the wing was fantastic. Constantly linking up when needed and pushing wide to provide options as well. Snagged a goal after some silky team play down the right flank. Keep it coming Christian.

Weston:               Does it all! Big tackles, hard running pin point passing. Steadies this team amazingly with his position around the ground. Once again West, nothing short of excellent!


Deer Park next week. A huge challenge and a big opportunity to see where we are at. How exciting!





Under 14 vs Williamstown

On what is arguably one of the most important days on the calendar, why Mothers Day of course, it would be a sea-change of sorts, taking on Williamstown at Bayside Oval.


As is fairly standard for this location, we were greeted by a “Chilly-Willi” sea breeze.


Pre-game instructions from the Coach to Co-Captains Juma & Jonathan was to kick with the estimated 4 goal wind, however efficient, team oriented footy was needed in order to get the most out of any advantage the wind might offer up.


Nav, Henry & Diesel were getting plenty of it to open up our account while instructions were followed to the letter.  This, coupled with a smattering of good footy nouse by Liam holding his position through the middle, presented as a good target & Xav centring the ball from deep in the pocket a couple of times (off his one good leg), resulted in the Roosters strutting their stuff & getting off to a flyer.  7.5 to 1.2 in the opening term exceeded all expectations and ruffled the Seagulls feathers.


The 2nd quarter was going to be a tough gig given the strength of the “breeze” we’d be looking to score into and would also require some disciplined defence to keep the opposition at bay.

Zidane, Sam H, Sam V & Nathan (in game 1 as a Rooster) were providing run & attack out of defence, while the smaller brigade in Daniel, Lachlan, Luis & Jonathan were holding their own and their opponents well.  By half time it was mission accomplished in keeping Willi to just one “wind-assisted” major.


Tactics often play a part at any level of footy and it was never more evident than the couple of opposition “extras” that had pushed back in the 3rd quarter to flood our forward line in an attempt to stop a repeat of the 1st quarter onslaught. Soc, Xav, Hamish & Steve battled hard, presented as targets and made the most of every opportunity.  While opposition tactics resulted in only 2 Rooster goals for the quarter it brought our “Wingers” in Ben & Diesel further into the game as we needed our forward entries to go a little via the cape.  Two individual highlights for the quarter also stood out.  The first being a strong & persistent shepherd by Juma which resulted in an “easier than normal” shot on goal that resulted in a major. (Great Captains example) The second was a free to Daniel after 4 “repeat tackle efforts” on the boundary beating 2 opposition.  Great stuff.


Xav begrudgingly would sit the last quarter out having hobbled as much as he could for 3 quarters meaning we’d play one player short to see the game out.  In what was a really spirited effort, we only conceded 2 goals, again defending what was at least a 4 goal advantage.  Nathan’s diving spoil on the goal line a highlight and was an effort Heath Shaw would have been proud of.


Another solid team performance and another win.  Final scores 9.11 – 65 to 5.8 – 38.


Well done to Diesel for his eye catching performance in securing the Heartland Award.


Hopefully all the boy’s spent the rest of the day continuing to spoil their Mums on their ” Special Day” and let’s try to get as many as possible along to training Tuesday, followed by pizza 👍😉😊


Go Roosters