Round 4 Match Reports

Hi Folks below are all our Match Reports for Round 4. Scroll Down to find your team’s report. There are a few missing this week but lets give our coaches a break. Life does get in the way some times, so some weeks these just might not happen.

Thanks to our coaches and a couple of extra helpers for writing/producing these.


Under 9 Blues Vs Caroline Springs

There is no place like Home.

After 2 weeks playing away, it was nice to be in the familiar (and closer) environs of Shorten Reserve.

In our previous outing last week, we produced some excellent ball use.  All our Players were gaining confidence, working out how to move the ball and link up together.  I was really impressed with our run and carry and our handballs.

The tv shows all say ‘a week is a long time in football’.  In the week following our last game, I heard some intel on our next opponents – in short, they were Good.

How would we show up? Ready to knuckle down again, or over-confident?



Fletcher – Chosen for his good decisions with the ball and sportsmanship

Jacob – his knock-out of the ball from a pack in our game simulation inspired a training drill the next session.

1st Quarter;

Kicking to the Playground end, we started with a Jacob-style knock out of the pack by Arthur.  The ball wasn’t moving far as both Teams defended well.  Hamish got a kick away, Mark to Arthur – kick – Logan Mark – kick – Harvey H Mark, our link up was starting to gain ground.

To maintain territory Fletcher and Braydon were laid strong tackles.

Jack took mark and then booted a BIG kick into our forward 50.

Mav managed another of his into the pack, tackle-and-leave-with-the-ball moves.

Leo won the ball, kick – Fletcher Mark – kick – Jack Mark.

It was a hard fought start to the game where we were needed to defend a lot and we did well not to concede more than the one Lakers Goal.

At the Quarter Time break we talked about being caught out of position in defense and giving our Team-mates an option when we have the ball.


2nd Quarter;

Fletch won the ball out of the middle and kicked to our numbers.  Jack kicked long on the wing.

Angus got a groundball and kicked to Hamish (Mark).  He burst forward and got the ball on to Natalie.  Her kick didn’t get through our crowded Goalsquare. Maverick got his foot to the ball in a scramble, but hit the Big Stick for a Point.

Hamish and Jack were providing some run and carry.  Mav got the ball again but further out from our goal, where he squared the ball to Harvey W – Good Play.

Our midfield chased hard on the wing and Harvey W kicked up the line.

James collected the ball at full speed as he burst out of the backline and kicked long – Brilliant!

Harrison was in around the ball and won a free kick for a tackle.

Our Triple-H Backline (Harvey H, Harvey W and Harrison) all worked together out of defense and up the wing.

Zoe collected a contested ball and kicked it clear.  Jacob held position in the last line of defence and didn’t let the ball past him.

This was an excellent response from our Players, who have now really evened up the efforts, territory and possessions in this game.

3rd Quarter;

We were right in this game now. Magnets were moved and asked the Players to hold their positions to defend when we need to and have someone to kick to going forward.

Harvey H and James started us off, combining on the wing.  Harvey W got the ball forward to Jack, on further to Harvey H.  Mav kicked to the goal-square, Fletch gathered and snapped a shot… but behind the stick for a point.

From the kick-in, Arthur tapped the ball forward to himself and got a kick to the HotSpot.  Hamish got onto it and got himself a GOAL!

This was a great reward for the maintained efforts though the game so far.

Back to our defensive end, Leo kicked long to James.

After a long defensive effort, the ball crossed for a Lakers goal (2-1)

In the middle Jack took a towering pack mark.

Harvey W and Logan worked together through the middle ads did Arthur and Jack.

Natalie won the ball against the tide of opposition coming at her. She got a handball to Jack who had a long shot that just missed – point.

From the kickin Havey W took a mark by playing in front.  Set Shot.  GOAL!

2- All for goals (not that we score in U9’s)


4th Quarter;

Mav and Fletch were winning the ball around the packs.

Zoe took a strong defensive mark against 3 opposition.

Arthur got a kick to Logan, Harrison and James got quick kicks away.

Harrison then followed up with a smother.

The Lakers scored the next goal, but our players didn’t drop their heads.

Harvey w to Fletcher(mark) into our F50.  Repeat efforts by Fletcher managed to get the ball to Logan who had a long – straight – shot and got – a GOAL!

3 –All on goals.

Lakers kept the ball well from their kick-off and eventually finished the game with the last goal.

3 – 4 in a fantastic Goal-for-Goal contest.


Our players could tell they played well and were part of a great contest, and rightly were not too disappointed on the (non-existent) score line.


During the post match handshakes on the ground, the Caroline Springs Coach mentioned that we were the first tough opposition they had played.  He paid a special mention to Harrisons efforts in the early parts of the game which stopped the Lakers forward thrusts.


Special Mentions;

Many players raised their game today – (as mentioned) Harrison, Harvey W, Arthur and James had their best games for the year.

Goals – Hamish, Harvey W, Logan

(this is the 4th game in a row Logan has scored a goal – great effort)

Rooster of the Week – James : his burst out of defense, to hit the ball at full speed when it was coming in was a bright highlight, in a game of many highlights


Thankyou for you efforts Players and Parents.

I look forward to seeing you at training.





Under 9 Reds Vs Altona

11.25! What an amazing time for an U9 game of football. With a rainbow appearing over Altona on the trip down Millers Road it seemed like things were aligning for a nice day at the football.  We had a full company of Roosters captained by Bill and Noah, ready to take on the Altona Junior Vikings. Even our warm up drills were looking organised this week – thanks to some close instruction by Chris and Mark – and the team was ready to go.

The first quarter started mainly the Roosters way.  Bodee working strongly through the middle with Zach kept the plenty of forward entries.  Charlie made some space near goals and kicked the first goal of the game.  Still the pressure came with a good kick forward by Thomas E.  Noah – Charlie – Tom Mulcahy put on a display of kicking around the wing to the cheers of the hill crowd.  This time Noah capitalised with our second gaol.  Altona did regroup strongly and started to launch some attacks.  Arlo stood firm under a high ball to hold a good mark in the backline.  Paddy taking the kick-ins played on and kicked long outside 50 m following our tactics really well.  The game had evened up by quarter time and it was well worth watching. 

The second quarter began after a shuffle of the magnets and some urging to hold onto our tackles.  The players responded with extra efforts in the middle by Oliver and Jenson, and Carl kicked long with the breeze.  Another long kick by Lachie had us deep in attack and the sharp shooter Eli snapped his first goal.  The contest continued evenly with good marks around the ground especially by Enrique and Zeph. 

The third quarter shaped as a tough one against the breeze and the backline stood up to lots of pressure.  Hugo marked well running back, Eamon attacked the ball strongly and Bill and Tom W. laid big tackles.  Tom Mitchell and Otis ran hard through the middle and get back to help in defence.  Altona were held to only one goal and it was shaping as a tense last quarter.

The Roosters continued to give it their all and the ball seemed to be trapped in our forward line for most of the last quarter.  Eden marked well in front of goal and kicked a valuable point.  Oliver applied great forward pressure to force another rushed behind.  Altona defended bravely and somehow only more points followed. When they did venture forward Eli was positioned perfectly to take the intercept mark and end their hopes.

It was a very even game overall and played in good spirits. Eli collected the Heartland award for courage and skill, and Carl took home the Slice Girls Rooster of the week for his great team play.  The team showed plenty of good signs looking for teammates with the ball this week.  We are back to our regular time slot next Sunday but we should all be up early to see how good this team can be as the season unfolds.



Under 10 Whites Vs 

Sorry folks Luke has had a very busy week so no report this week. I would welcome any parents to put their hand up and help him out with a report for some weeks.

Under 12 Girls Vs 

Coming Soon

Under 12 As Vs Werribee Districts

As I said last week, it is hard to know what to make of the opposition when you have not played them before.

Unlike Round Three, our opposition were at the opposite end of the scale. Werribee had been struggling thus far and had appeared to have been taking a few big hits along the way.

Sunday’s game was a leisurely 12:50 kick off and the early morning rain was clearing to a bright and sunny afternoon, albeit a little breezy. Werribee seemed to be a ground in pretty good nick given that rain that had fallen the night before.

Our Captain’s for the day would be a pair of very good footballers in Too Tall Paddy Hall and The Rooboy.

The Roosters were sharp in the warm up, something that brings a little relief to nervous coach in the absence of Desmond Decker. I was very fortunate to be assisted by the great Tim Grant who had been helping out at training as well and possesses a vast resource of footy acumen. Thanks Tim.

Watching the District boys turn up and run around I was perplexed as to why they had been on the end of some big losses. They seemed to be of a good size and possessed good skills as well. After a quick introduction and chat to their coach, it was suggested that they had been graded too high as they have a Division One side as well which takes precedent over the lower grade.

As it turns out, this would be their last game in Division Two with Round Four being the last of the grading games to take place. Their backline was superb with some great overhead goal saving marks denying the Roosters a few majors and making us work hard for the ones that we got.

With two players on the injury list in Sasha and Xavier and Joharo still away, the dynamic Griffin Barker was called up for his second game of the day to help with the mid field rotations.

The first quarter was slow with the Roosters kicking into a slight breeze. The District boys were a little careless with the sling, with one throwing Showboat into next week, which shook him up a bit landing awkwardly on his back.  Although, Roosters in glass houses……. We were guilty of a few ourselves but more out of frustration/retaliation. Three straight into the wind was a good return for some very ordinary shots on goal of late from our wayward sons. Hitting moving targets has also been a focus at training and one it appears that we need to focus more on as we gave them plenty of opportunities through turnovers. Fortunately for us, they could not capitalise on our errant deliveries.

The second quarter was a carbon copy of the first with three more but could have been six.  As I mentioned earlier Districts had some terrific marking talls in their backline and we had to work hard around goal. The intensity was up and we were much harder at the contest but again some of our composure desserts us when we need it most. We were in control and we felt we could take the opportunity to iron out a few bad habits. We urged the boys to understand that we had some big challenges ahead and the wins would not come this way every week. So let’s look to tighten things up.

They must have been listening as the  third quarter saw Districts slow us up. They had the wind but again they could not capitalise on any forward entries kicking their only two behinds for the game. We were pushed, but to our credit, we were not going to just give goals away because we had a handy lead. We managed to kick one against the tide which was pleasing in itself.

The last quarter saw the Roosters power away, 7 goals until three quarter time and then six in the last. However, once again it was nine shots on goal for a better than average return, but it could be better.  The signs are good, seven individual goal kickers is a good spread. The scoreboard did not do Werribee justice. They fought hard and defended well but the Roosters were a little slicker across the board with more avenues to goal.

 The end of round four would have us as the only undefeated team in Division two although we did not get a crack at who we felt would be our main contenders this season; Sunshine and St B’s. 

With the divisions now reset, we have a couple of new Sheriffs in town with both Williamstown and Werribee Centrals being undefeated and bumped up to Division two. It should make things a little more interesting in the coming weeks.

West Footscray – 13:6:84 – Werribee Districts 0:2:2.


Goals:  Jake Miller 4 – Rylan Rees 2 – Eli Jess 2 – Ashton Odzovski 2 – Hamish Vlaeminck 1 – Achilles Smith 1 – Flynn Roberts 1 :

 Rooster of the Week went to Zaw Zaw for his most complete game to date, finding his home in the forward line.

Heartland went to Rooboy for his relentless gut running and attack of the footy

Special thanks to Zoran for tending to the wounded, Tim for running the messages and assistant coaching, Shaun  for waving the flags and everyone else who keeps us on the park each week, we can not do this with out you.

Richie, Des and Kane.

Under 12 Bs Vs Hoppers Crossing

Thanks again to Justin (Clara and Louis’s Dad) for the effort in writing our game report this week. Very much appreciated by me (Ash) and all our players and parents!

So with round five almost upon us it’s time to step back in time and take a look at the efforts of our team last round.


A moment after the siren sounded to start the game against Hoppers Crossing, Luca quickly got the ball out of centre, and the Roosters threatened to goal in their first foray forward.


Oscar F continued his great form smothering a kick from our opponents and as the first quarter continued there was no doubt that we were in for a great game of two teams who were evenly matched.


Stephen who played like the great captain he is cleared the ball and sent it forward on numerous occasions with Aiden taking charge with his dash and carry.


And with the ball forward Jordan showed great touch and creativity with a nifty tap out of a big pack of players to his teammates’ advantage.  Griff proved again that he could dance and then showed some more skills with a big tackle at half forward.


With the ball spending a fair bit of time in our half of the ground we continued to push forward with a number of Roosters gathering and kicking it deep into our fifty metre zone.


Mitchell magnificently dodged and weaved his way through traffic but alas a few minutes later Hoppers Crossing hit the scoreboard with a goal.


Jordon kept making contributions with a big kick into the fifty and a shot at goal which was touched just on the line.


Braydon almost took a big mark breaking open the pack and then it was Riley’s turn to run the ball forward side stepping several opponents.


Miles was unyielding in the pack in the middle of the ground with Wes and Finn defending stoutly.


Quarter time score: Roosters 0.2-2 // Hoppers Crossing 1.0-6


As the second quarter got underway the Roosters battled hard in the centre with Kai accepting a free kick for a high tackle.


The ball slowing made its way to the Hoppers Crossing goal square where they score a second goal after a ball up.


Riley countered on the Rooster’s behalf not long after with a superb tackle in the fifty arc – and too far out the score he was blessed by a 50 metre penalty (a bit dubious I might add) which made the goal unmissable.


Boris got his hands on the ball and is showing real improvement every week.  Efe, Oliver, Lenny, Clara, and Billy all made important contributions keeping the pressure on Hoppers Crossing.


Alex played brilliantly to hold the opposition up in our back pocket and both Griff and Mitchell went for a run and bounce to get the ball forward.


Our opponents were showing real resilience and despite a beautiful gather and kick by Kai managed another goal to end the quarter.


Half time score: Roosters 1.2-2 // Hoppers Crossing 3.0-18


Brandon flew for another big mark a few minutes into the second half and we were back to our best with Griff kicking to Oscar who got it through the big sticks.


Our effort and determination went up a notch with a big Rooster’s mark in the centre of the ground and a thumping punch in a marking contest by Wes.


Diego swept in for a key run and bounce into 50 and Jordon’s bullocking towards goal resulted in a narrow miss and resulting behind.


Finn showed his credentials with a series of repeat efforts and a glorious tackle bring his opponent to the ground.


But despite our teams’ best efforts Hoppers Crossing managed another goal.


Three quarter time score: Roosters 2.3-15 // Hoppers Crossing 4.0-24


The final quarter was hard fought with the Rooster’s playing their best football of the season so far – tough, hard, uncompromising and relentless.  We keep the opposition scoreless.


Diego almost goaled after some fine play and Eli had a kick on goal which narrowly missed.


Much of the quarter was played in our forward fifty. Aiden again had his talent on display with a great attack on the goals scoring an unlucky point.  Oscar H helped out at the bottom of the pack and Iggy kept at it making sure that Hoppers Crossing couldn’t get the ball out of our forward line.


Eli was on fire and had another near miss.


In the end the opposition kept our Roosters at bay, but the efforts of that last quarter go to show that when every West Footscray player tries their best, never gives up, is strong and tough around the ball, and always – always goes the extra mile to help out a teammate we are a really hard side to beat.


Final score: Roosters 2.5-17 // Hoppers Crossing 4.0-24


Under 14 As Vs Point Cook


For the readers of the usual weekly match report I must apologise in advance – our usual match day Reuters correspondent Dave Hall was not able to make the game this week so the following comes from a coach who is an accountant!


There is not much really you can say about a game where the scores are so lopsided. From a coaching perspective, I asked all the players to treat the game like any other game and play the team game we have been trying to build on over the past month. Despite the obvious temptation to go kick chasing every player stuck fat to the game plan. Furthermore, players where shuffled from one end to the other and adapted accordingly. The players are steadily improving week on week which is pleasing.


One thing I will mention however is credit must be paid to our opponents – outsized, outmuscled they fought on to the very end and never dropped their heads. Well done to those lads.


In terms of highlights, there were a few to be noted. The debut of Xavier Lacey and Zac Johnson who played there role with vigour, with Zac scoring the second goal of his career late in the last much to the excitement of his team mates. Lachie (aka Locky) was on fire early with 3 first quarter goals including some selling candy action. Leroy (aka nugget or delicious nugget) was terrorizing opponents as soon as the ball hit the deck and also helped himself to a bag of 3. Isaac also got into the action with 3 good goals of his own. Samuel H (aka the lamp or torch, still to be determined) continued to bamboozle opponents weaving in and out of traffic hitting targets laces out. Henry (aka Kramer) and Diesel (aka D) continued normal service gathering the ball at speed and whisking us into attack quicker than you can blink. Daniel (aka Terry I prefer Terrence) took the mark of the day and followed up with a booming kick.


However the day belonged to 2 players – Micky D (aka sheep) just like our team has been getting better week by week. He hit the ground contests with intent and followed up with some terrific tackles which earnt him the Slice Girls golden fist award. Finally, Socrates (aka shoe) who always puts the team before himself took out the heartland award for his 7 goals and probably as many assists – his first heartland in 89 games of footy for the roosters.

Roll on next week.


Under 14 Bs V Werribee Centrals

The opening 3 rounds of the season had been a real test of character for our boys. They had played the top 3 teams in the competition (two of these have since been graded up to division 3), and endured some horrific scoreboards as a result. Despite this, the boys had continued to go about their game with enthusiasm and spirit, which from a coaches point of view, is something that is proudly commendable. This week Werribee Centrals would make the trek to Shorten Reserve for our first game there for the season. Numbers were skinny with Nicholas and Ziggy out injured. This was countered by the long awaited return of Jacob from injury. Reinforcements had also arrived in the form of Frank, Cooper and Hamish from Andrews’s team, Layla from the U15 girls and Christian, who had been lured out of retirement to help us out for the day.


The game was a seriously hard fought contest. Neither side had registered a win this year, and the opportunity to rectify that was clearly on the minds of all who took to the field. A dominant first term by our side wasn’t reflected on the scoreboard. The ball lived in our forward half, but that elusive goal could not be found. Werribee made the most of their opportunities and scored a couple for their team.


The second term would see us finally snag one of the boot of Tommy after some brilliant body work in the goal square to cap off some beautiful ball movement into our forward 50. Whilst still controlling most of the play, Werribee added another and went in at half time 10 points up.


More of the same in the third term. The only difference being that we had stopped Werribee from scoring. Our backs were awesome at preventing Werribee from scoring. Jacob was on fire in his return to football. His attacking play off half back had Werribee searching for answers. Frankie slotted our second of the day and we had kept Werribee goalless. There was now less than a goal in it!


The last term would be a desperate affair. WE kept the ball in our half for most of the first 10 minutes but couldn’t snag one. It took some classic Samuel Bolton desperation to land our first goal. We were finally in front and Sam had capped off a magnificent game for him. Werribee were still desperate and had chances to pinch the lead back but were foiled by inaccuracy in front of the sticks and the fantastic work of our defence. Hamish would snag another for our team with a few minutes to go. Could we hold on? Werribee pressed again and again, but were unable to find a goal. The siren would sound with us up by 5 points. We had kept our opponents goalless in the second half and found a way to win. The smiles were contagious and the post-game victory song just as scrappy as the game that had proceeded it! A few more wins and we’ll have that song dialled in!


Sam:                      Huge game from Bolts this week. Kept getting hurt, but kept getting the ball. Snagged a goal as well. Magnificent game Sam!

Tom:                      Great game at full forward. Grabbed his first goal and did a power of work deep forward. Amazing strength over the ball and couldn’t be brought down.


Frank:                   Fantastic through the middle and off half back. Grabbed a much needed goal and was a real driver of the team all day.


Hamish:                Provided a great target down forward and straightened us up. Snagged a goal as well and was productive all game.


Murphy:              The run was back from Murf. Great run to set up our first goal. Took on opponents and utilised his speed all day. Great mark running back with the flight in the second.


Nathaniel:           Was an absolute rock down back. His pressure and tackling were crucial. Absolutely brilliant all day and a seriously big improver each week. Great job!


Noah:                    Amazing! Gets more touches each term than I’ve heard words from him all year. Another super consistent game from the leather magnet. His efforts this week, as with those before was simply superb.


Layla:                    Was apparently nervous but didn’t show it on the paddock. A real livewire up forward who provided great drive when we had it and some serious pressure to keep it there. Outstanding game Layla!


Jacob:                   What a return!!! More long runs than a dodgy painter. His pace and attacking endeavour off half back were a real key to our win. Freakishly fast and agile. Werribee had no answer for him. I absolutely loved it!


Aleks:                    On the wing for most of the day and was fantastic. Possesses a good football brain and a pinpoint left boot. His decision making and passing regularly opened Werribee up. Great game in an already stellar season.


Ryan T:                 Lively and involved down forward. Got a heap of touches in tight, contested situations. Was more than handy for our team. Good job mate.


Javier:                   Played down back and rucked. Huge second half from the big man where he really took over the centre square. His tap work was fantastic. Was rock solid at full back as well. Keep it going champ.

Matt:                     Big effort all day in the ruck and deep in defence. Looked spent in the last term down back but willed himself to stop Werribee and get us the four points. Great game.


Cooper:                Provided loads of drive off half back and through the middle. His tackling and run were a big factor in us getting the win.


Jake:                      Started in the midfield and was fantastic. His attack on the ball is sensational and his tackling second to none. Some big clearing kicks from half back were pivotal during the game. Well done Jake. Excellent game.


Christian:             How I’ve missed seeing this guy on the wing!!! Loads of run, great positioning and perfectly timed runs. Didn’t looked like he hadn’t played for months. Fantastic mate!


Ryan B:                 Sensational down back. Big tackles, great shepherding and fantastic pressure. Rock solid all day. Great game Ryan.


A huge thanks to the kids that helped us get the 18 we needed this week. An equally big thanks to all the kids in the team for their effort. It’s been a tough start to the year but we now have that elusive win. A win that was hard earned but seriously well deserved on the day.




Under 15 Girls Bye this week


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