Round 5 – Under 9s Blue – Home to Carline Springs Lakers



We had a health check of our Team Values at training this Friday.


We revisited our Goals of Fun, Teamwork, Improve and Respect. The Players recalled all that we had discussed in our 1st days of training and even thought of some new examples.  I was pleased with the responses and looked forward to us carrying on our games in good spirit.



We have had a couple of good games in a row, where we were managing to move the ball quickly either by taking 1st options, running before bouncing or using our low, hard kicks.



Our Captains today are;


Hudson van Griessel – who has been maintaining a high standard of competiveness and team play.


Leo Liberto – is striving to improve his skills and gets in around the packs.



We had help today from Aimen – thankyou , which helped cover for our winged Rooster Ed, Jackson was away and Dylan was to be a bit late with his martial arts grading.


It was Caroline Springs today, a team of solid bodies of various heights, well drilled with skills and confidence (and a loud coach).



1st Quarter;


We were straight away on the defensive end of the oval. Lachie took a mark and got the ball on to Arlo, Jack and Hamish made strong tackles and Eli gathered a good possession off the ground.


Fletcher skillfully trapped the ball on a half-volley, Lachie had another clearing kick.


Bodies were going in hard and a few were left in the aftermath of pack.


Lachie showed some great team spirit when we had a wounded soldier, getting the adults attention.


Arlo took another mark and Fletcher again on ½ back.


Our best passage going forward involved Hudson (mark) on to Nathaniel (mark) and a kick to space on the wing.


There wasn’t much opportunities for our forwards this term.



2nd Quarter;


Dylan had arrived at ¼ time, so we had a full field of players. He was immediately involved with a mark at full back. Dylan’s kicks have improved a lot over the last few weeks and he was able to clear our defensive area with his long kick-outs.


Jack – Finn and Fletcher linked up well on the run.


Hamish was a tackling machine, not letting the ball past him.


Harvey was going in and extracting his own ball again and looking to follow up and support.


We were getting a bit more of the ball, but we always seemed under pressure.


Arlo – Nathaniel – Finn combined to get it to our attacking 50.


Another 4-link play involved Nathaniel (defensive mark) – Hudson (strong mark) – Arlo – to the run of Harvey… nice one.


Dylan was solid at Full back and had plenty of opportunities to show his long kicks mentioned before, kicking in after a point.


Ben has his confidence up now, took a mark and is getting his hands on the ball more often.


Ryan was holding off opposition forwards with defensive plays.



The bigger bodies of the Lakers were allowing them to win any disputed ball and their kicking, run and carry skills and field positioning were keeping the ball out of our hands effectively.


We were having a few good moments, but the field is long when we cannot kick that far.



Half Time arrived, cheerful Tom was bounding in telling me that that was a much better quarter – and in deed it was.


Over oranges we talked about giving ourselves space to move and options to pass to. Try to resist the moth-to-a-light attraction of attempting to get the ball out of the pack yourself.


We decided to start fresh on the (non-existent) scoreboard and see if we can win a term.



3rd Quarter;


Lachie held off an opposition raid, stopping what became a 4 vs 1 in their goalsquare and prevented a goal – super effort.


Oscar kept hovering in good positions on the wing and the ball was coming out to him.


Hudson bustled through the pack with the ball and kicked forward to space.


Ryan and Fletcher were getting a few opportunities in our forward line.


After working so hard to get the ball near our goals, the players were working double-time to keep it near there.


Aimen got the ball on to Arlo who kicked to our Hotspot. Somehow Hudson managed a strong pack mark with many hands reaching for the ball.


Hudsoin settled, set shot – GOAL! well done players…



Harvey through himself in for another strong tackle, Nathaniel a defensive mark under pressure.


Hudson went through the middle again, Fletcher and Finn used their speed and skills to look dangerous in attack. Fletcher took a mark on attacking 50 but unfortunately was called to play on.


Leo was helping out around the packs.


We finished the quarter with the ball in our 50.



4th Quarter;


Archer was gathering more possessions, just not in the attacking positions like last week.


Nathaniel’s kick to goalsquare bounced backwards and nearly went through – instead it hit the post.


Some players were getting tired after chasing the opposition and the ball most of the game.


Not Harvey or Tom through as the made a good play out of the pack.


There may have been some relief when the final siren sounded.


The Lakers played a strong and hard running game – we can use that as an example of the level we would like to get to. We are heading that way already – we have improved a lot over the first 5 games. We passed our values health-check and we play some good footy in a good spirit.



Special Mentions;


Roosters of the Week;

  • Fletcher Bodman – A breakout game. He showed great positioning and had a big influence throughout the game.



  • Laclan Shackell – has steadily improved his skills and game sense and with that is gaining in confidence. He also looked out for his injured team mate during the game.





The game gave me a few more ideas of what to work on at training

  • Play in front



  • Defensive spoils if caught behind in a marking contest.



  • Find and cover players in defense quicker.





A tough outing that we will learn from.


Well played though and I cannot question our players endeavor.








West Footscray Under 9 Orange v Newport 19/5/2018 (Rd 5)




I would like to start this match report by congratulating both teams for a game played with the best sportsmanship we have seen so far this season.




What a great effort we saw this week from the boys, every week the improvement is quite remarkable and the enthusiasm is certainly not lacking. The first quarter was an even match with some great link up plays from both teams. Our defence was outstanding and we kept the pressure on the ball for the whole fifteen minutes.




Then we entered the second quarter, which was by far and away our best to date, with 70% possession to our lads. We had our best passage of play to date with five consecutive kicks and marks in the forward 50, finishing with a shot at goal and a point. A great passage of play saw Jack G scoring a goal and I lost count of the tackles laid.




After a refreshing orange the boys continued to shine in the third quarter against a wind which was certainly making life difficult. In a swirling wind Jimmy put his hands up and took a overhead mark that saw the bench erupt with joy. Every player on the field was keeping their positions and leading too some beautiful link up passages of play.




The fourth quarter saw the wind in our favour and we put even more pressure against a much more experienced and older team. Enrique put his body on the line with a great spoil off an opponent’s boot which lead to another link up play and point for us. Plenty of marks ,handballs and long drop punts down field helped us have a real go. All in all a great game played in great spirit, Well done.




Special mentions-




Rooster of the week was Kase for really attacking the ball at every opportunity. Great effort mate.


All the team played well this week as it really was our best game to date.




Thank you to all the parents whom volunteered this week, we couldn’t do it without you.




We have a 6.30pm game this Friday night against Williamstown Juniors, let’s have another go chaps!!


Roosters, Roosters, cock-a-doodle-do






Chris C.



WEST FOOTSCRAY ROOSTERS – Under 10 Reds vs. Yarraville/Seddon – Round Five – 20/5/18.


Can I keep this up?……..


“Wild Thing….”


(I will come back to this)


Good Evening Sports Fans!


The Tenners roadshow rolled back into Shorten Reserve car park today in the leisurely 12:05 time slot after last week’s bruising hard fought loss to Flemington. That game would see the Tenners just eleven points shy in a memorable Mother’s Day classic. The loss was just the tonic that the Tenners needed to reignite the intensity at training that had been missing last week. Friday night was sharp and they would need to be even sharper against the Eagles from Yarraville/Seddon. The corresponding game last year was a ripper, with only a couple of points separating the two sides, so we knew what we were in for.


With Arti now gone for seven weeks on assignment and Bastien still a couple of weeks away at his Governors pleasure, I wondered what more injury woes might befall us. We were bolstered by the news that The General had recovered from his hammy and was almost certainly lining up and more good news was to come. The Ten Blues had a bye this week so T.M Kane went to work earning his bickies and snaffled some familiar faces. Sash the Dash, Maxi (more than a) Phelan and Raz Rees were all recruited to help our dwindling stocks tackle the might of The Eagles. As great as his managerial skills are, his maths could use a little work as he recruited three players for two spots which would put one of our recruits on the pine and different times. After last week’s game, it probably would not be a bad thing. As this coach grappled with the concept of having a bench to play with, news would come through that Noah Pit would miss with a chest infection. Apparently after Carlton’s win against Essendon, Noah had stripped off his shirt and ran to Lygon Street to celebrate with the blues faithful. Whether it was the Winnie Blues or just the cold weather, I am not sure but regardless, he would miss. With the concept of the bench erased it was business as usual.


I find the late starts a bit unsettling. Too much time to think about what may or may not happen. You end up at the ground early anyway; such is your Sunday morning routine. Speaking of routines, what has now become a habit that I can’t shake is tempting fate with the radio on the first song we hear predicting the outcome of the game.


“you make my heart sing”. I’m not sure how to take this one!


Wild Thing!……. Would that be our wild thing or their wild thing? I must abide by the karma laws of the radio and accept what fate is bestowed upon us. Would my heart be singing? Only time would tell……


Our Captains for the day would be Hurricane and Showboat. We won the toss and would be kicking to the playground.


From first bounce it was evident that we would be in for a tough afternoon. The Eagles for most part were bigger across the board and this would test the resolve of our little Rooster nuggets.


Mighty Miles was back in the ruck and had a cracking game, hard at it all day and he got plenty of the ball for his reward. Hurricane had a blinder! Ready to atone for supposed criticism levelled at him by this coach for not getting as many as possessions as he normally would (I did this by resting him in the forward line by the way!), Hurricane was ……. a hurricane! Except there was no calm in his eye, just a steely glaze and I was, getting blown away. Whether it was tackling, running or marking above his head, he did it all today. He would also kick two of our three goals. Griff continued as Griff does, ducking, weaving, giving, receiving, he does not give up even when faced with three or four opponents. He has already thought about how he is getting out and is gone before they can lay a hand on him. Showboat had a different role today, starting down back and working his way down the field. You could have also called him Candyman today as sold plenty of it. The General also had a different role by starting forward for the first two quarters. Although there would not be much rest, there was no rest to be had anywhere. He would spend the second half on the ball and his evident class would attract much heavy unwarranted attention. Late in the last quarter he would take a well-read mark and kick a clutch goal to swing the game back into our favour.


Clara the Clearance Queen was taking care of business. Easily her most productive game thus far, in so far as more kicks, tackles, handballs, she is right on the cusp of breaking out. C.T.C.Q  would also be our R.O.T.W. Arch once again held down CHB with another solid performance. He took a great overhead grab backing into a pack late in the last quarter as the Eagles were pushing hard to snaffle a last minute goal. His dash off the back line is fast becoming his trademark. Louis the Fly started at full back and moved forward as the game wore on. His sticky mits came in very handy on a number of occasions as maintaining possession would be paramount to prevailing today. Dozer was cleaned up a few times as the Eagles would swoop on anyone prepared to take the ball and go for a run. To his credit, he would dust himself off and go again. He doesn’t mind a dash does the Dozer!


Efe is ready to breakout too. It won’t be long as his game starts to fall into place for him. A little bit more confidence to take the game on and he will be on his way. Mezz stood tall in the heat and did not wilter. She has a great ability to not go to ground and keep her hands on the ball and uses her frame to protect it. Speaking of standing tall, Brayden is an imposing figure. I watched as he tried to shake down his opponent like he was dirty laundry in the spin cycle of a washing machine. Luckily the ump blew his whistle before Brayden put him all the way through the wash.


Walter, Ozi and Cruzer battled hard. This was a level up from most of the games this season and I am glad they got a taste of it as we have a few more big games with big teams to come. Its games like this one that make you feel like you belong and you can go into the next one without trepidation. They each have their own style and it’s great to watch how they all navigate the battle differently. Ozi with grit, Cruzer with style and Walty with flair!


As for our recruits, it would have been a real slog without them. Sash the Dash has pace and used the after burners when we needed them most to bust away from congestion and kick long into the forward line. He took some great grabs to add to what was a big day. Maxi (more than a) Phelan is a dude. Cool in a crisis, took a great mark in the last quarter to take the heat off the accelerator so that we could reset. Raz Rees, big body, key position player able to hold down a back line or monster one depending on where he is playing and had a run in the ruck as well.


Make no mistake. This was an epic battle and one that we should be very proud of. When my opposite number in his post-match address asked the parents if they appreciated what they had just witnessed, he meant it. After all, this is still under tens footy being played at a level beyond their years. It wasn’t just their coach; it was their runner, water carrier, parents all commenting on what a great game that this was. Especially for a side that apparently has not lost a game for a year and a half. We frustrated them and did not allow them to play how they would normally play and this leads me to Wild Thing. Well, the Wild Thing wasn’t running around in red and white is all I will say. With this frustration setting in and the constant pressure applied, their natural game was clipped. The Roosters hung tough and the final siren would sound to “make everything groovy”!


The final score line of 3.4.22 – 3.2.20 was testament to a great game of football.


Goals – Hurricane 2 – The General 1:


We now turn our attentions to next Sunday, away against Williamstown.


Special Thanks to Brad for donning the whistle and Libby for tending to the wounded and to those who filled the volunteered roles and to those who cheered us on, we can’t do this without you, it is most appreciated.


Richie + Kane.




U/14s Match Report


West Footscray versus Caroline Springs


Sunday 20/05/18





Parents, players and hanger-onnerers all made their way out to Caroline Springs for the Sunday game. The determined young Roosters were to take on the ladder leaders. Spirits were generally high, but there was a bit of concern about the win/loss differential of the team the boys were about to face…over 1,000%.



Nevertheless the Roosters prepared to launch themselves into the contest.



And so they did.



Off to a blinder, the boys worked superbly together, and within minutes had scored a brilliant team goal. For the rest of the quarter our boys and theirs were in an arm-wrestle: banging, bashing, kicking, handballing, a tussle for ascendancy. If it wasn’t for a late goal from the Springers we would have went into the first break neck and neck.



In that first quarter our boys were equal to their opposition.



CS: 2.2-14


WF: 1.0-6



But from the beginning of the second quarter the Springers went into another gear, and it proved difficult for our staunch young Roosters to match them. It became obvious why this team was top of the table. They played their home ground a treat – using the wide wings to advantage, running our team ragged. They hit targets with their long kicking, had at least four or five at each contest, pressured with body and chase, shepherded their mates when needed, led, and shared the ball in all areas of the field: an impressive unit, well-drilled and dominant.



The Roosters worked hard all day and they can hold heads high as their determination never waned, they showed grit and resilience when physically tested in the contest, and their never-say-die attitude is always commendable.



Final score:


Caroline Springs: 18.13-121


West Footscray: 1.1-7



Thank you to all those parents that volunteered on the day!!!