Round 5 Match Reports

Hi Folks below are all our Match Reports for Round 5. Scroll Down to find your team’s report. There are still a few missing this week but lets give our coaches a break. Life does get in the way some times, so some weeks these just might not happen. Feel free to put your hand up to help write a report for your coach.

Thanks to our coaches and a couple of extra helpers for writing/producing these.


Under 9 Blues Vs Spotswood

Happy Mother’s Day Mum.

The briefest of breakfasts in bed for Siobhan was cut short as we needed to head south of the Westgate for this weeks’ game.  Once again, the dew kickers timeslot betrayed its name – the morning was warm and dry.

Role Call : with Nico following medical instructions and helping from the sidelines for a couple of weeks, we had 2 on the bench.

Captains : Harrison – for his efforts at training and in games, his sportsmanship and good       handballs

     Logan – has kicked at least 1 goal in each of the 4 previous games, by being in good positions and reading the play.

Pre-Game we discussed having some players behind the ball around the ground, in case the next play goes the oppositions way.


1st Quarter;

Angus started us off strongly in the centre, helping to get the ball forward into our A50.  Jack took a mark and kicked long to the goal-square and Logan had our 1st shot at goal.  Ben took a strong mark and Cooper made a desperate dive and handball out of pressure. Jacob chased and gathered the ball on our defensive 50. Angus got a contested kick away on the wing to Jack. His pass was marked by Braydon who made a good lead.  Jack followed up and marked Braydon’s pass, played on and GOAL!

Fletch, Cooper and James combined well out of defence.  Natalie and Maverick were tackling hard and adding to our pressure around the ball.

The Blue’s stated well, with good possessions and field position through the opening quarter.


2nd Quarter;

Leo had a good ruck tap to start us off. The ball went straight into our A50 and Maverick had a shot – just wide.  From the kick-in Leo and Braydon helped lock it in and Mav then won a free kick for a high tackle.  Too far out to score, Mav sent the ball in high to the goal-square.  Jack rose highest from about 3 deep and took a strong pack mark.  He settled for his set-shot.  Straight through the hey-diddle-diddle for another GOAL!

Play wasn’t often in our defensive end, but when it was Fletcher, Arthur and Logan dealt with it well and set us forward again.  Hamish was providing run through midfield.  Zoe won possession on the wing, had a run and sent a beautiful kick forward.  Natalie was playing a contested ball game and winning the ball in the middle.  Mav was dishing out his’ don’t argue’, Harvey H took a pack mark and Leo got another kick away.  The ball finished the term in our forward 50 again.

We really were playing well, the players had listened and kept a couple of players behind the ball around the ground, which meant we were rarely caught out when we lost possession.


Oranges were devoured, magnets were moved and I asked for more of the same effort.


3rd Quarter;

Angus took a strong mark at Half-back, the n played a 1-2 with Arthur who kicked long to clear the area.

Hamish – Fletch – Arthur combined well, with Hamish having a run and bounce through the middle.  Natalie was courageous again in a pack and won a free kick.    Arthur kicked out of defense, Fletch took a good mark and played on to Zoe – handball to Logan, kick to Braydon and kick into our A50 to Harvey H.  Tiger helped out with a strong tackle to lock it in.

Hamish and Natalie won the ball – kick to Braydon – kick to Jack.  Mav won a ground ball, took a quick kick and GOAL!

We were able to get the re-start back to our attacking end. Jacob dove onto the ball to lock it in and stopped a Spotswood forward thrust.  Logan kicked the ball deep to our goal-square.  Jack was on hand to gather and snap a LEFT FOOT GOAL!

Ben was providing tackling pressure, Tiger won a free kick for his tackle.

Fletcher – Jack – Cooper linked up through the middle.  Arthur took a forward 50 mark. His pass to Logan was marked.  Kick to the top of the square and Jack ran on to it for a Dribble GOAL!


4th Quarter;

Ben cleared room for Logan in the centre.  Leo took a good mark and kicked into our A50.  Harvey W burst onto the ball and got out a handball. Tiger got a contested kick away out of a pack.  Natalie found some space and had a run and bounce.  Hamish won a few possessions around the packs.  Ryder was doing his best to get amongst it.  Mav got the ball to Logan who had a shot on the run – point. (hmm – had I put the moccas on Logan with my ‘got a goal in each game so far’ comment?)

Arthur marked the kick-in.  He settled for his set shot, and kicked truly for his 1st Roosters GOAL!

James read the play well with a run and kick to Harrison on the wing.  Cooper provided more run through the middle.  Jacob got a handball on to Harrison again, his ball went to Hamish, his kick went to our forward line.  Mav got onto it and passed to Logan who marked, set shot – GOAL! (Coaches comment can stand for another week…)

Harvey H, Cooper and James worked hard in defense.

Logan – Braydon – Arthur combined for a great running handball play from the defensive 50 to the forward 50.

The ball finished the game again at our attacking end.

7 Goals scored is a great return, but none conceded really shows our efforts.

The Team has really impressed me with their Teamwork, ball movement and today a little bit of tactics (albeit another form of ‘spread out’).


Special mentions;

Goal Scorers – Jack (4), Maverick (1), Arthur (1), Logan (1)

Natalie, Jacob and Braydon had their best games yet.

Heartland Award – Cooper Kenny

Rooster of the Week – Jack Mosca


Thankyou Players, Parents, all our volunteers, paparazzi and scribes.

See you at training,




Under 9 Reds Vs Flemington

Back to our regular time slot of 8.40 am the team came together in the early morning like a well-oiled machine now after a few games in a row.  Today we hosted Flemington Colts, and Charlie surprised with one eye on fashion and a dislike of their yellow and blue colour combination.  All the team were present except for a late illness to Eamon which required some quick edits to the rotations.  Captains today were Otis and Zach who led us onto the park on a near perfect autumn morning for football.

It was a perfect start to the game for the Roosters with the fastest goal in club history (juniors or seniors) from the opening bounce. The ball whizzed from Charlie – Enrique- Noah and finally Carl at full forward who kicked it through the middle.  Fantastic team play!  When Flemington tried to attack Bodee or Oliver were there to hold a strong mark at CHB.  The Roosters whipped the ball around packs with excellent handballs by Eden and when the ball went forward Noah pounced to kick our second goal and the Roosters were crowing having controlled most of the quarter.

Second quarter saw some adjustments by Flemington. They had a couple of athletic and skilful players that gave us plenty to chase around the ground.  Fortunately our defence were up to the challenge.  Arlo took two great marks.  Lachie cleared things out with a long kick on the run.  Hugo had a strong quarter at CHB with some big tackles. Zeph and Paddy were dynamite around the clubhouse wing.  No-one scored in the quarter which was a win for us and the players had earnt some oranges after a great first half effort.

Oranges! Where are the oranges! Oranges arrived and adults stepped back while the pack fed. Who new arranges were so good.

The third quarter was another tight contest.  Eli showed great skills and game sense.  Thomas Mitchell and Bill held up the back line with him.  Otis, Jensen and Tom Watt also stopped many attacks with hard work in the packs, but Flemington did get back in the game.

I asked the players to stay focussed and give 12 more minutes of effort.  The Roosters responded well.  Tom Mulcahy carried the ball well across the rolling hills of the north wing.  We lost Oliver and Carl to injuries (all good now) so Zeph stepped onto the ground at exactly the right time to mark and goal!  Things felt tense and if we were scoring it would have been close.  The final minute saw the ball locked in our back line with almost every player around it. Zach and Thomas E. were in the thick of the action.  Several times it was kicked straight up in the air in the goal square.  Finally Flemington kicked a goal and then the siren sounded.  The

It was another game played in good spirits. The Roosters showed plenty of skill and teamwork and sang the Rooster-Rooster-Rooster chant afterwards in the rooms with plenty of passion.  This week the Slice Girls Roosters of the week were Paddy and Jensen.  Thanks to all the parents for helping especially the Mum’s for getting up early on their special day, and also particularly the Denby gang who took on 3 jobs this week (see the gallery photo).




Under 10 Whites Vs 

The under 10 Roosters played out a mother’s day clash with the St Albans Saints on a cloudy day on the Saints home turf.

It is fair to say that the roosters were a little off early as the St Albans kids got an early jump out of the blocks while our midfield and backline could only watch as many goals were kicked by the saints in the first quarter.

Pleasingly the roosters came out hard in the second term and played much tighter footy staying closer to their opponent and starting to link up with some great in close play. Jack P was in everything on the wing and fought hard to maintain possession. Jack G also provided strong rebound off half back. With many key players missing, we also saw Arlo and Allan step up into key positions and played the key position roles well.

An even larger improvement came after half time as the team started to click. Charlie proved to be a workhorse in the ruck on the large St Albans ground, Eli A and Eli G put on some fantastic forward half pressure and Hudson and Mrinal provided strong targets on the centre half forward line.

As we hoped, the last quarter proved to be the most competitive with the team playing more even and team orientated footy. Jackson Z moved into the forward line to provide a tall option and Jack G and Olly moved into the midfield to provide more drive forward. Rooster matched and probably outplayed the St Albans boys and we can only hope this form will roll into next week against Caroline Springs at home.

Look forward to this next week!


Under 12 Girls Vs Newport Power

Calling out to our U12 girls parents or players to help Simon out with writing a report. I’m sure he would be super happy to get some help.

Under 12 As Vs 

Coming Soon 


Under 12 Bs Vs Tarneit

Thanks to Justin (Clara and Louis’s Dad) for the effort in writing our game report once again this week. Very much appreciated by me (Ash) and all our players and parents!

Well what a game – equal measures of drama, determination, quick thinking and football nous – it seems our Roosters have worked out their way and what a way it was – on Mother’s Day not least.


Ash’s pregame instructions were clear: be in the right position, use the ball well and think about what to do with it.  And for those who got the ball and had a paddock ahead of them please he said, “touch the ball on the ground don’t bounce”.


His final piece of advice: if you can’t grab the ball easily tap it out in front – and our team followed suit.


We knew we were missing one of our key ball getters, Oscar F and regular contributors Efe, Wes, Alex, Lenny, and Oscar H but history will show we able to carry on regardless.


The first quarter began with our Riley tapping effortlessly in the ruck which was followed almost immediately with a Jordan ‘don’t argue’ – the more we see of this fella the more we know how he can really play.


Mitchell collected and popped a shot toward goal deep in the pocket – his early touches around the sticks was a sign of things to come.


Diego marked well and the Roosters hit the scoreboard first if only for a behind.


Blind turns were back in style on Mother’s Day with Griff showing his mastery in getting out of trouble.


Clara is starting to make her mark as defender with great mark on half back.  But not long after it was not enough to stop a Tarneit player firing at goal hitting the post.  Our opposition kept pushing forward only to be met with solid defence by Miles and tackle after tackle after tackle by he and his teammates.


Our Roosters were able to string a lovely piece of play together with Louis to Griff to Diego and not long after Aiden announced his presence, which would only get bigger as the quarters went by with a key pass to Mitchell who had a go at the goals again only for it to be touched.


One of our standard bearers for effort and integrity Stephen stepped up to the plate with a second effort which denied Tarneit what looked to be an open forward line and likely goal.


Our opposition though were every bit as keen to gift a win to all their mothers’ and soon goaled – there was no doubt that this was going to be hard fought game.


But just before the quarter time siren we had a visitation – Mitchell coped one high and went down and stayed down sore I am sure.  But Lazarus like rose up to take his free kick and accompanying 15 metre penalty to kick truly for a big goal.


Quarter time score: Roosters 1.3-9 // Tarneit 1.1-7


Louis continued his steady contribution in his return game and was resolute in defence early in the second quarter.


The ball remained held up in Tarneit’s forward fifty for a considerable part of the quarter.  Stephen interrupted their flow with a great mark and Billy stepped up to the plate with impressive tackling pressure on our half forward line. 


Braydon kept at it in and around the pack following on from his first term efforts.  Aiden laid a big tackle and kept at it and at it and Billy was busy again getting it to Oliver for an almost goal.


Iggy burst on to the scene with a brilliant mark in defence and was soon fighting hard for the ball at ground level.


By the end of the quarter both teams had scored another goal; our Roosters with their noses in front.


Half time score: Roosters 2.5-17 // Tarneit 2.1-13


Not long into the third stanza Oliver took on what seemed like most of the opposition deep in our forward pocket scoring a behind for his effort.


Riley kept making the play and marked in front with his long kick just off line.


Finn jumped into the fray with big tackle on the wing – when he gets you its almost impossible to get away.


Aiden again marked in the middle of the ground and kicked to Luca who pumped it into our fifty.


Our younger ring in Hamish – Stephen’s brother no less – had already made a real difference in the first half and continued to influence the game with a bursting run and bounce.


Griff got his broom out and swept up a loose ball and there was no doubt that we had to keep fighting with Tarneit’s number 19 having a dominant game.


Boris wasn’t going to let that stop him and got his hand on it in defence admirably supported by Eli.


Clara was great in the back half, and Aiden and Luca combined again to get the ball forward.


Jordan showed he wanted the ball more than the opposition with a magnificent pick-pocket effort.


But the momentum was building for Tarneit and they knew it: scoring a goal and building in confidence.


West Footscray kept fighting – scrimmaging around the ball not letting the opposition get an easy touch – our team fought and fought saving otherwise sure goals deep in defence.


And with the game tied – what a final quarter we were in for.


Three quarter time score: Roosters 2.7-19 // Tarneit 3.1-19


It started with Lou, Finn and Riley around the ball with the latter spinning out of the pack.


Diego contributed with a timely intercept mark and Kai made a real effort in holding Tarneit at bay – his efforts in the last quarter were important to the outcome.


Iggy battled on the boundary with multiple efforts and Stephen made big play extracting the ball and moving it forward.


Finn earned a free for a fearsome tackle.  Griff and Clara were busy and with great team play – illustrating our emerging hallmark of effort and support for one another around the ball – meant the Roosters were able to score the first major of the quarter.


The teamwork continued this time by hand across the middle and Braydon marked expertly and equally so kicked to Billy.


Jordan made his way through pack after pack the way a motorcyclist moves through traffic and with Diego busy we had a sniff.


Eli was rock-hard in defence and then Aiden stole the show with a great gather and run with 2 bounces, then put it out in front of Mitchell who put on the afterburners, had bounce himself, and banged it through the goals.


A brilliant effort by our Roosters and very well-deserved win.


Final score: Roosters 4.7-31 // Hoppers Crossing 3.4-22


Under 14 As Bye This Week

Under 14 Bs Vs St Bernards

Calling out to our U14B parents or players to help Damo out with writing a report. I’m sure he would be super happy to get some help.


Under 15 Girls Vs

Calling out to our U15 Girls parents or players to help Darren out with writing a report. I’m sure he would be super happy to get some help.


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