U9 Orange

Rd 6: West Footscray V Williamstown Juniors

Friday night lights, the anticipation from all involved for our first game at Shorten Reserve under lights was something to behold. Captains tonight were Eamon and Enrique. It was a fabulous night for football and the boys came out of the gates with the best start this season. We pushed the ball into the forward 50 and held the pressure on for the first half of the quarter. Lots of great marking was on show including Hugo N. who took an excellent one. Jack M launched some fantastic kicks from full back and continued with link up play. Charlie gave a great example of how to put your body over the ball with a bump that protects yourself and wins the ball.

The second quarter showed the size of a couple of the Williamstown players started to have an effect on the game but we still were willing in the contest and our younger players effected some great tackles – Hugo L and Eamon were tackling like their life depended on it, and Paddy made a big chase down. Enrique also made the perfect side bump to get his body over the ball. Otto, Jackson and Hugo W. were all running hard at every contest. All the boys where playing with a great spirit.

The half time oranges provided a much needed energy boost to our young team. Against the run of play Malik snagged us a point. At the other end a goal line scramble seemed to go on forever with multiple ball ups and great resistance shown by the backline of James, Bodee and Eli. A clearance saw Kase take a great mark and slot the ball straight through the posts for our first goal. Zeph had been in and under all night also got on the score sheet with a point.

The last quarter became more a who’s who of injuries than a football game. Jackson took a blow to the eye, Charlie had a blood nose, Zeph a sore hand and Noah finally came off after a heroic effort against much larger opposition. Malik decided that speed and agility was the way to best a much bigger opponent and raced across the ground in front of the club rooms. Oliver C grabbed a mark that was travelling close to the speed of sound and was unlucky to have his effort on goal touched as it sailed through the goal posts. Jack G, Thomas and Kade continued to work hard laying a big gang tackle together. Some were showing the signs of tired legs and a late night by now.

All the lads kept to their positions well, and the calling out and tackling showed that our training sessions are really paying dividends. It is really good to see the team develop their skills and learning about how to play the game together. All in all another great effort under lights as the spectators can testify.

Special mentions-

Oliver R who couldn’t make it on the night but was with his team mates in spirit.

All the players who came off injured because you could tell they really wanted to keep playing.

All the team for the tackling, handballs, calling and kicking, and also never losing faith against a much bigger and more experienced team, well done.

Rooster of the week was Noah for a stoic effort as he was tackled again and again and kept getting up.

Next Sundays game is at the Shorten reserve again against Tarneit at 8.50am, lets put all the hard work we have put in so far this season into effect and really have a go this Sunday, Roosters, Roosters Cock-a-doodle-do

Chris and Gerald



Match Report – Under 9’s Blue

Round 6 – Away to Nth Footscray/ PEGS


Another game, another new Team to encounter.

This week was the combined Team of North Footscray and PEGS at Hansen Reserve.

The changerooms had some interesting mottos/ advise on the walls and proper lockers above the wooden benches.

Outside of the changerooms were a group of players warming up in Red and White.  However our players were in the changeroom…

I now understand why we are asked to wear Red sleeves – the Nth Footscray kit that they had chosen to wear was very similar to ours – a tad more white on their tops, white sleeves, and no white stripes on their socks.


Role Call;

Absent were Ed, Arlo and Jackson.

Helping us make a squad of 17 (Thankyou Guys) were Charlie – for the second time this year and Hugo – an original Blue, who knows our mantra and values we are trying to achieve.


Captains today were Dylan – one of our marking targets and long kickers, and Archer – proving to be pivotal in our link up play.


1st Quarter;

After calling incorrectly on the phone flip, we were kicking away from the clubrooms and into the wind to start.

Leo got an early mark, Hudson and Charlie soon also marked the ball.

Our captains Dylan and Archer were strong in defence.

Jack won an important possession in the middle of the ground and got the ball on to Finn.  He wheeled around and with great vision, kicked the ball in front of Fletcher who was racing through our attacking 50, gathered the ball and got himself a GOAL!  Possibly my favorite play so far this year.

Archer saved an opposition goal right on the line, Hamish and Harvey both laid opposition stopping tackles.

Nathaniel – Ryan – Archer had a nice chain of possession through the middle of the ground.

At the quarter time break I congratulated the players on a good competitive start to the game.

” This is our even-up quarter, playing with the wind this time”.

I challenged the players to get to 6 links in possessions – we had achieved 4 a few times now, let aim for 6.


2nd Quarter;

With the wind in our back – we were now heading into attack.

Finn found Nathaniel on the wing – mark

Harvey charged down an attempted kick and then got a kick of his own away.

Lachie won a free kick (in the back) by playing in front, Charlie won a kick for a good tackle.

Nathaniel – Fletcher – Nathaniel combined to bring the ball down our wing and into our attacking 50.

Nathaniel sent another kick into our forward pocket.  Eli gathered and slotted the ball between the tall posts from a very tight angle GOAL! (I will assume that Eli was trying to centre the ball to the hot-spot….)

Tom and Archer combined. Jack beat 2 players keeping the ball in front of himself.

Ben took a good mark between players at half forward.

Harvey got reward for playing in front, when he took a mark and had a set shot attempt.

Charlie – Lachie – Nathaniel – Hamish got the ball into our attacking 50 again.

Hudson took a mark a fair way out from goal.  He kicked his set shot high and hard, letting the tail wind grab it for a long range GOAL!


We were able to lock the ball down our end with great forward pressure through out this term.


We were playing really well, maybe the best I think we had so far this season.

As our Parents gathered in the middle for our half time chat, their comments and encouragement showed they thought the same.

(A nice side note was that the oranges were all devoured this week)


3rd Quarter;

Our players had found their groove and they were finding each other with passes – a real credit given the similar kits.

Jack won another centre clearance.

Fletcher and Harvey tackling anyone that dared come near them.

Finn was running into space, Hamish was bursting out of contests with the ball.

Tom won himself another kick, Dylan took another mark.

Eli and Nathaniel were strong in defence with repeat efforts.

Archer laid a good tackle and straight after Charlie laid a great tackle.

Hugo won the ball out and passed well to Tom, who took a mark.

Against the wind we didn’t have many scoring shots, but the rest of our play was really sound again.


4th Quarter,

Players, lets run this game out.  We have the wind again, keep playing well and I’m sure we will get some reward.

Hudson won an important clearance from within our defensive 50 –  Nathaniel gathered the ball – run, bounce, run, kick – Fletcher won another contest and got the ball back to Nathaniel. We were now through our attacking 50, run and kick to the goalsquare.  The bounce favoured Jack, who turned his opponent and kicked a GOAL!

I NOW have a new favourite play for the year.

Hugo was getting more involved, Ben made a good play on the wing out to Archer – Nathaniel – Fletcher and a kick to the top square again.  This time it was Hudson who got reward for playing in front – he marked, lined up his set shot and got his second GOAL!


Finn continued our forward line pressure.  He got a pass to Harvey, who was playing in front in the goalsquare. Mark, set shot and GOAL!

I can see a pattern here, I hope the players do also.


We finished the game really strong, we played some of our best footy so far this year and we got some reward for it too.


Well done players.

Well done Parents – with special Thanks to ;

Dave for filling in as our Trainer today

Toby for running about, blowing his whistle and deciphering the minimal jersey differences as our umpire – all after his 40th the night before.

All our other helper Parents – Thankyou, you all help allow these games to happen.


Special mentions;

Heartland Award – Charlie : for great positioning and effectiveness throughout the game

Goals : Hudson -2, Fletcher/  Eli/ Jack/ Harvey –1

But many players had their best games today.


Our next game is 10:20 at Home against Deer Park.

See you at training on Friday,





Round 6 – Roosters U10 Blues (Bloosters) vs Williamstown



So last week my homework was to come up with nicknames for all the lads. That seemed like a pretty easy task but it took way longer than I’d expected. I think most were well received except Mitch’s and I think I have a good alternative for him. How does ‘Interceptor’ sound Mitch? Hopefully each one represented the qualities of each player so check with your lads to see what name they were given and why.

Our boys kicked off a big day of footy at home with an early start on a surprisingly mild morning. With our numbers down to 16 we were in desperate need of some help and that came in the form of 2 U9 stars Brodee, and for a second time this year Jack. Special thanks to both these young lads for helping us have a very successful game. I just had to give Jack a Rooster of the Week award for his 2 goals this week (and one last game) so well done Jack.

We all know Willy are strong footy club so we were expecting a really tough game and that it was, although I think our team are realising just how good they are playing now. I wasn’t surprised to see them take charge for most of the game with that incredible effort they bring each week. I know I keep saying it (yes I was reminded of that) but I think this was our best game so far. Firstly because we were up against a very strong team and secondly because we didn’t let them back in the game and fought it out to the end. Well Done Champs!



This week our Leaders were Billy (Big Ben), Jake (The Knife) and Rylan (Rhino). Jake was the random selection for captain and went in for the toss with our plan to kick with the wind. We lost the toss and they went with that end, but the footy gods were on our side and having the wind in the second and last quarter turned out to work in our favour. We fought extra hard in the first and third quarter to keep their score to 2 goals and used the wind to pile on our goals.



As our boys get a better understanding of what it means to be a team mate, so the level of team work is increasing. This week we saw some great teamwork from many of our players including Stephen (Super), Jacob (Magnet) , Max RB (Rolex), Sasha (Dasha) and Rylan. This week Rylan really stepped up his own level of teamwork with some unselfish passing to team mates in a good position helping us keep possession and gain ground. At our level it isn’t easy to be selfless but I’m noticing more and more times when our players work together rather than try to do it all themselves. Remember my Transformer analogy, we are all part of one big machine and if we play like that we’ll always be hard to beat.





Where do I start. I give 1 mark for each effort I see from a player and if I add all those marks up its more than all other categories combined. Of course I can’t mark all of them but I can say everyone got at least 1 mark for effort so all round awesome effort this game! That said I need to pick out some guys who’s efforts were at their individual best. These include Alan (Rocket), Stephen, Mitch (Interceptor), Wes (Mack), Sasha, Jake, Alex (Terminator), Jacob, Oscar (Ferrari), Riley (Cannonball) and Aiden (Cyril/Lion). This week I felt Aiden showed some incredible efforts to chase down opponents then tackling like a lion. If he didn’t have a self-requested nickname of Cyril he would definitely be named Lion for his fierce chase downs.



We are working hard on our positioning on the field, but to do that well takes constant awareness of where you are in relation to the ball, your team mates and your opponents. So this week I was happy to see many of you in the right position to either defend or attack when the ball came your way. No one did this better than Sasha this week with some great positioning, so he took out the Awareness award. A few others that showed some great awareness included Iggy (GMC), Billy, Oscar, Kai (Lambo), Max RB, Jacob, Jake and Mitch. If there was an area we need to work on I think it’s awareness and positioning especially through the midfield, so we have a new game plan for the next game that will hopefully help us create a link between our forward and back line.



I understand that not all our players have the tank for lots of movement but even those who aren’t the strongest runners will be noticed if they make effort to keep moving. That might be just moving back into a good position or doing their best to chase an opponent or lead out for a team mate. It’s a harder category for me to notice as it’s not always done near the ball, but those I saw moving very well this game include Jake, Aiden, Jacob, Sasha, Iggy, Steven, Rylan and Riley. The one I chose as the winner this week was Oscar because he seemed to cover lots of the ground so nice work Oscar.



This week’s goals came from 4 different team mates, which is always pleasing for a coach. As mentioned young Jack Mosca booted 2 great goals, he just can’t miss! Seeing him and his Dad down at the oval doing goal kicking practice quite often, there’s no surprise why he’s so good in front of goals. Jake added to his impressive tally with another quality goal. Mitch who played with a strapped knee was asking me to be interchanged, but with an empty bench that was going to be hard. I told him to swap with Kai at full back but as he was about to head there he found himself part of a great link up off the back line and next thing he was kicking a goal. Nothing like that to fix all ailments. Riley was our other awesome goal scorer I think kicking his first for the year so well done to you Riley!


Wrap Up

This week’s game was a fine example of what our Bloosters are capable of. Now we only have 1 team in our group that we haven’t played, but with the belief we’ve built, I think we’ll have a another good game this week. Let’s keep up the effort, be aware of our position, hit our targets and the non-existent scoreboard will take care of itself 😊.






WEST FOOTSCRAY ROOSTERS – Under 10 Reds vs. Williamstown Juniors – Round Six – 27/5/18.


Damn you Eagles!……..


“There’s gonna be a heartache tonight….”


(I will come back to this)


Good Evening Sports Fans!


The Tenners were back out on the black top again for the long haul down old Willi rd. to the end of the line for a date with Williamstown Juniors. After a cracking hard fought win against the Mighty Eagles, (not those Eagles) the Tenners felt they could do with some sea air and a dip in the ocean to cool their aching bodies. The past few weeks have seen some bruising encounters against some physically challenging sides and this would be just the recovery that they needed as we have been copping a few injuries of late. The scene was set. Mother Nature had left the heater on overnight and we were greeted with a balmy late May Sunday morning. Perfect conditions for a swim and a game of footy. Well, this coach’s fax machine must not be working, as none of the Tenners had appeared to get the memo about the early morning session. As I swam a lonely 5 or 6km’s by myself, I thought long and hard about inventing something to replace the trusty but sometimes unpredictable method of communication. Nah! Impossible I thought.


When you finally get to the end of the line, the first thing you notice is the wind. A howling northerly that effectively gives you a 19th man of biblical proportions. The 19thman must be shown enormous respect or you must be prepared to face the consequences. The 19th man can kick multiple goals against you in quick concession or will stop you from trying to get the ball out of your defensive 50 as you battle hard against him. The good thing is you get the 19th man for two quarters on your side. Which two quarters depends on whether you win the toss and choose him for one and three or two and four.


Our Captains for the day would be Louis and Mezz, whose little bro Kade was again on loan from the nines. We also welcomed back Big Bad Bastien who had done his time and was ready to unleash weeks of pent up footy angst on an unsuspecting opponent.


Williamstown would win the toss and chose the 19th man to apply as much scoreboard pressure as they possibly could in an effort to stop the Tenners before we could get started. Tactically not a bad move but we were up for it today and in particular The General, who wasn’t in the mood to let the 19th man ruffle his hair. With hammy strains behind him, he played as good a game of under tens football that I will ever see. He was quick, he was clean, he was a football machine. He kicked two goals and unselfishly gave the opportunity to others to try and kick their own. He would go on to win the Heartland, which was called by my opposite number early in the second quarter, such was his influence. Mighty Miles started us off in the ruck again and had another solid game on the ball, with B.B.B now back in the side to help out in the ruck, he was able to spend time up forward and out on a wing as well. He is having a great year so far and I am really happy with the way he goes about it. The Hurricane copped one early which seemed to shake him up, but you can never tell. I asked him if he was OK and his response was,” leave me in the midfield” .There is a whole lotta Selwood about that boy!  I seem to report the same thing about Griff every week, but Griff does what Griff does, I’m just not sure how he does it. His awareness is beyond his years, especially when you consider that he is technically under nines! Speaking of under nines, Kade was back in the side today and boy does he like to play. He would have been our smallest fella out there but his willingness to attack the ball outweighs his stature.


Louis the Fly started the game at full back and stayed for the first half. He was instrumental in keeping Willi to only one first half goal. Given the conditions, it was an outstanding effort. Arch started again at CHB but was carrying a twisted knee from the day before. He still did his thing but he admitted to struggling to chase down like normal. He went forward in the last and kicked two goals, one a beautiful raking drop punt which bounced through from long range which put a smile back on his dial. Efe was asked to hold down the fort in the howling third and was bombarded with Sherrin’s, but held his own. It was a tough gig and I am hoping that he enjoyed the challenge as he has the makings of a key position player; we just need to work out forward or back. Showboat was back in the goal square but did not see much of it in the first as it did not get down there. He would later be seen selling candy in the backline without a licence; he will get caught one day if he is not careful! Dozer had a ripper and took a real step forward today. He would win R.O.T.W for his efforts and took some great marks in some tricky conditions. The pennies are dropping for him and pretty soon he will be buying us all a drink. I will look forward to it. Clara the Clearance Queen was doing her bit but then copped one in the mush. Some quick treatment on the sidelines was all that was needed to get her back out there and she continued bravely on. I haven’t asked Mezz just yet if she is enjoying having little bro on the field stealing away any Brownlow votes from her, but she is clearly enjoying her footy. You can’t ask for more than that. The same could be said for Brayden, he always has a big smile to go with that big right leg of his. If he had gotten on to one today we would have been fishing it out of the bay.


It was great to see Noah going for his marks, even though they were Hail Mary’s. With the ball holding up in the wind he stuck up the dukes like he was praying to Kouta, the Greek God of Football for some divine intervention. I am not sure who the Nordic God of Football is but Ozi could be it one day. He plays the game like a running back, sort of swivel hipped and spring heeled with great evasive skills. We just need to work on him holding onto the ball because he has the speed to get into space and does not need to dish it off straight away. Walt asked for a run in the middle, had a crack and seemed to like it. He too could hang on to the pill a little longer, but we do train for quick hands and it becomes a reflex. It is another piece in the puzzle for Walt. Cruzer was cool at either end and appears to have plenty of time when he gets it. His confidence is on the rise as he also pieces it all together.


As for the game, it was another belter. We were scoreless in the first and they were scoreless in the last. We squandered some chances in the second by kicking 1 goal eight and they capitalised by kicking 4 goals in the third. It was a see-sawing affair. The 19th man played a vital role for both sides. Once again, two opposing coaches would marvel at what a great game of football had been played. Did there have to be heartache tonight for one of those coaches? It would be a shame to think so. I thought it was me; I had scored it Roosters 33 – Willi 34. T.M Kane had scored it Roosters 35 – Willi 34. Let’s split the difference and call it a draw, because that is what it deserved.


Goals –– The General 2 – Archie 2:


We now turn our attentions to next Sunday, home against Caroline Springs.


Special Thanks to Brad for tending to the wounded and to those who filled the volunteered roles and to those who cheered us on away from home, we can’t do this without you, it is most appreciated.


Richie + Kane.


Under 11’s match report (Dave Hall)


Sunday 27 May, 2018, v Sunshine.


Sunshine was forecast, and Sunshine arrived. A few of the more statistically-minded players knew this would be one heck of a game. Sunshine were sitting fourth, but had a better percentage – essentially meaning they had been able to score more goals than us, and restrict the opposition to fewer goals than us.


The opening three minutes bore this out. Sunshine had two goals on the board before we’d settled in to the game. Immediately their quick runners, kicking and marking were on display.


But working in to a slight breeze, the Roosters came to life. Sacha Araldi, filling in from the under 10’s, was instrumental in our revival. Rory, Joharo, Tom and Reuben were starting to win it around the packs, feed it out to our runners like Eli, Angus, Hamish and Ashton for some inside-50 forays. Sacha was the focal point, attacking the ball with pace and determination. He marked on an angle 20 metres out, went back and slotted a much needed goal. Sacha then kicked another point before Reuben took a great mark, got it on to Ziggy who kicked it long to Hamish. Hamish, in customary style, then took off and slammed home the Roosters second goal.


We then had to defend stoutly for the rest of the quarter, with Patrick handling kick-in duties very effectively. Ben and Ashton contested desperately on the back flank, preventing another Sunshine attack, and Nicholas was injured in the car park pocket right on the siren, looking a bit disheveled as he made his way to the quarter-time huddle. We were two points down.


With the aid of the slight breeze in the second quarter, we were hopeful of adding a couple more goals. One came in the form of a classy mark and goal to Ashton, but the rest of the quarter was an arm-wrestle between two very good, evenly matched sides. My brother-in-law from Brisbane was watching today, having seen our team play last year. He was immediately impressed with the improvement in skill, running, marking and cleaner play.


Tom and Zeke competed well this quarter with quick handpasses – and they even started to kick the ball as the game went on. Maya was also filling in from the girls’ team in the absence of Flynn who has unfortunately broken his leg. She was getting involved, chasing hard and feeding out handpasses. Both Eli and Ben were awarded well-earned free-kicks, but our forward line was thwarted by some very good Sunshine defence. Likewise, our backline was thwarting their forward efforts.


A goal up at the long-break, and the coaches had a sense of urgency in their voice. They knew Sunshine were a strong, fit, running team. Our #17, Caleb, was proving a very good match up on their #17, reducing his influence. Patrick got some words of encouragement from his uncle: “imagine you are trying to beat your older brother”, and it did the trick. He laid a strong, goal-saving tackle, then spotted up Ziggy who marked cleanly and kicked it prodigiously. Marlon was also getting involved, burrowing in to packs with his distinctive side-rump tackling. Kiir donned the helmet today, and laid some strong tackles. Patrick took two intercept marks deep in defence to save a couple more goals and clear to the safety of the boundary line, and Hamish then managed to get it on to Rory, Reuben, Sacha, Ollie, back to Sacha for one of the best points seen at this level. Sacha and #26 had a superb battle for the pill on the members wing.


The coaches were rotating our bench in an effort to have some fresh legs in the final quarter. Zaw Zaw and Ollie were running around in the forward line – Ollie in particular was a consistent target deep in the goal square. Angus read the ball beautifully for an intercept mark off #3, then dashed it to Ashton who got in to full flight – is there any better sight? – moving it on to Ben, on to Sacha and a fantastic goal.


But a quick centre clearance had the ball deep near Sunshine’s goal, going behind the stick. A quick play-on by Patrick found Ben on the back flank, who streamed it forward to Sacha, on to Eli, and just over Ashton’s head as the siren went. It would have been a handy three goal buffer, but the Roosters were quietly confident with the aid of the slight breeze in the final quarter.


Luke P copped a big knock just before 3 quarter time, but managed to play out the game – always a good sign for next week, apparently. Tem was getting involved around the packs, and Caleb was using his height to full advantage. Des was his animated self at the 3QT huddle: “Marlon, that is one of the best quarters of footy I have ever seen.” It got me thinking back to Kouta and the ’99 prelim final… Ah, the memories.


Another friend from Thailand was watching her first ever game of Aussie Rules. Her impressions: “I was excited to see the circle of sharing, and the Roosters chant. Are you allowed to pull the other person like that?” The answer: “Yep, pretty much.”


In the final quarter, Ash was moved to full back and Kiir to full forward. Ashton twice picked the ball up cleanly and took off on long searching runs, finding Rory, Angus, Zeke, Maya. One poor sunshine kid fell victim to the infamous velodrome step, tripping up hill, as you do at our ground. But his teammates were unconcerned, and went on to score a goal, almost against the run of play.


We were 6 or 7 points up – the scoreboard was hard to read – might be time to invest in an upgrade… Joharo had played a big game in the ruck and around the ground all day. A couple of holding-the-ball decisions didn’t help our cause, but they were there. Patrick’s game continued to build with a number of crucial overhead marks. He was joined by his good mate Kiir, who moved from full forward to the backline to try to stem the tide. But Sunshine were full of running and clean skills. They kicked another goal, and then managed to score a point with a minute to go. The final siren saw the Roosters down by 1 point. All credit to Sunshine – they played the game at a high level in great spirits, and came back from two goals down. A draw would have been a fitting result, and we look forward to hopefully playing them again later in the season. Thanks sunshine.

A big challenge awaits next week against the unconquered Spotswood, but I suspect our Roosters can give them a challenge.


Under 12 Round 6


West Footscray vs Point Cook Centrals


Expectations were high in our team after getting the chocolates in a thriller against Deer Park the week before. 5 wins from 5 starts had the boys feeling pretty good about themselves. This week we would play Point Cook Centrals (formerly Sanctuary Lakes). WE had only beaten them once from 3 attempts last year. That win came in the finals when their most intimidating player, Astin Hewitt was unavailable due to stomping on someone’s head the week before. He was our nemesis.

Nemesis (noun),

absolutely rubbish English progressive rock band fronted by singing drummer Phil Collins.  Released 16 very forgettable studio albums.


My mistake. That was of course Genesis, and yes, they were rubbish!


Nemesis (noun),

an inescapable agent of someone’s, or somethings downfall.


That’s better. Far more foreboding and clearly possessing more talent than Phil Collins and his mates.


We had a few outs to deal with for this match. Zach was viral and infectious, Yash is still a few weeks away, Leroy is in Bali and Elijah Moon was a little over exuberant on a trampoline the day before. We were short of the 18 we needed. Jake stepped up to fill a spot and a mercy dash down Buxton street would produce Benny “The Dentist” Grant to take another spot. Jack would captain the side with Samuel after their fantastic games the week before.


The boys took the field and noticed that Astin was no longer the biggest kid in the other team. Several of his team mates had doubled in size. This would be interesting! We waited an eternity for our umpires to take the field before it was discovered that they hadn’t shown up. Andrew bravely took the whistle despite his hamstring giving him curry from his old man football the week before. Finally, the game began. Javier wasted no time at the first bounce and smacked it forward with a huge punch. Weston pounced on it and drove it into our 50. A huge pack formed around the pill. Jack managed to free the ball and himself from the crowd and sent the pill straight through the middle. Great Start Roosters! That was easy. It didn’t stay easy for long though. Point Cook Centrals could play. The remainder of the first would be an arm wrestle. Our mids were tireless. Felix was in everything as usual. Sime fine tackling and desperation by him thwarted our opponents. Cooper, Frank and Mickey were super busy at half back. All our defenders were. Aaron and Vinh were awesome. Vinh seems to play in slow motion at times. He has plenty of time and makes great decisions with the ball. Our back 6 held firm against the breeze and limited the damage we could have suffered.

¼ time West Footscray 1.1.7 vs Point Cook Centrals 1.3.9


Magnets were shuffled slightly and away we went. Frank was in the middle now and having a big impact on the contest. The bigger kids from Point Cook Centrals were causing a few headaches. Their size and speed were hard to stop. Murphy had grown tired of this and produced multiple  big efforts to run them down. The pressure this produced definitely impacted the bigger kids on the other team. We were getting forward more frequently now. Javier got the pill from Murphy on the flank after some great pressure football and shot a 10-metre handball to Kadin in space. He turned, ran and slotted a beauty. Weston was producing another vintage performance. Minutes after that goal he would set Kadin up for his second of the term. Sean was lively in attack and Samuel was attacking the ball with his usual ferocity to create chances. Nathaniel was just as fierce. The Point Cook Centrals kids were still in the game but frustration was growing. Frank got put down by a bump a long way from the ball and would need a spell on the pine to recover. Unnecessary, but a little compliment on how well he was playing. Good term Roosters.


½ time West Footscray 3.6.24 vs Point Cook Centrals 3.4.22


Kadin went into the ruck for the third. Benny went forward. I urged them for a big effort and got it. Jack was on fire (again). Christian was providing some much-needed width to our play on the wing. Felix was tearing up the wing on the other side. Point Cook Centrals were still attacking relentlessly. Our backs were forced to be more accountable but were doing it beautifully. Mickey was sensational. Several times leaving his opponent to attack the ball and thwart attacks. Weston was getting plenty of it as usual and hit Christian with a bullet like pass. Christian didn’t let him down and slotted a nice goal. Kadin was rampant in the ruck. His kicking is fantastic and he spotted Benny in space deep in our forward line. The Dentist pounced and bagged another for the team. We were starting to dominate. Point Cook Centrals had their chances, but the thanks to great defensive play by our boys were having to shoot from tough spots and couldn’t inflict the damage. Late in the third Jack would extricate himself from another pack with the ball and slot our third of the term. Our forwards were lively. Sasmitha was constantly in it. His pace was causing our opponents headaches. Fantastic quarter of football boys. Into the wind as well!


¾ time West Footscray 6.7.43 vs Point Cook Centrals 4.7.31


Benny left the game at the last change to prepare for his Under 11 games. Great game Benny! Jake went forward and now we had no bench. A 2-goal lead wouldn’t be enough I thought. Another big effort would be needed. Point Cook Centrals threw everything at us for the first 5 minutes. Our backs withstood the onslaught. Mickey was playing a blinder at centre half back. Cooper was amazing as well. An early goal for Point Cook Centrals looked likely at one point when they found a one on one 20 out from goal. Unfortunately for them, their player tried to take on Xavier. Bad move champ. Xavier wrapped him up like Christmas preventing a goal and winning a free kick. Super tackle Xav! From the free kick our boys sped down the ground. Weston got it inside 50 and hit Jack again. Jack slotted his third for the game, Weston had set up 3 goals now. Great work boys. Point Cook Centrals were still working hard and managed to get one back. 2 goal margin again and a nervous bench! The game had opened up now as the kids on the paddock tired. This suited us and our ball movement was slicing through our opponents. We pumped the ball into our open forward line where Jake was waiting. He gathered and took off. His opponent couldn’t catch him and Jake bagged a goal. Minutes later it had happened again. Jake found himself with time, space and pace and produced a carbon copy of his first. Not bad for a kid that is eligible to play under 9s! His goals had all but extinguished Point Cook Centrals hope. The siren sounded and we had won 6 on the trot!


Full Time West Footscray 9.8.62 vs Point Cook Centrals 5.7.37


Another great effort by our boys. They are playing very good teams each week and competing every time. The effort and hard work is working. Keep it up. Who knows how far this will take us in 2018. A big thanks to Benny and Jake for filling in. 3 goals from you two was a massive help. Big thanks to all the parents who helped as well. Especially Andrew, who despite being hampered by injury umpired beautifully and produced some textbook gestures when awarding free kicks!

The nemesis is conquered!





The Team manager’s match report . . .




The Mighty West Footscray Roosters Vs Hopper’s Crossing


Sunday 27 May 2018.


The weather was warm enough for some people to show up in short sleeves! The canteen pumping away with chips and toasties.

The U14s all pumped up with their new play book and drill sessions pregame.

The Coach, Runner and Assistant Coach have set the plays as our opposition has hardly scored this year. Ten goals in the first quarter?

18, 16, 10 and 12 peppered the goals with support from 4, 23 and 3.

Nine goals up and hungry for more.

A rookie Rooster 20 plays hard and goals. A headgear trio or 19, 21 and 25, provided assistance and run to all.

22 rucked taller than tall. 2, 17, 13 and 9 handballed and marked to the advantage of their teammates for sure.

A memorable second half with 3 goals in a quarter to 24 and another goal and great run from 7, yippee!

11 crunched twice to the ground and marked twice his height and goaled once more.

Bags to 10 and 18. We could not be prouder.

A big thanks to mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and friends who volunteer and make our hearts beat louder.

30 goals 17 almost goals 197 points. . .