Round 6 Match Reports

Hi Folks below are all our Match Reports for Round 6. Scroll Down to find your team’s report. Our coaches do their best to get prepared for training and games so fitting in writing a game report among just living their lives is not always easy. If you like reading these reports perhaps you could put your hand up to help your coach write them.

Thanks to our coaches and a couple of extra helpers for writing/producing these again this week.


Under 9 Blues Vs Deer Park

Putting on a Show.

Rumors had it that the U9 Blue were playing some exciting footy.  Or so said a bragging Blue’s Parent to nearby ears. Chris Briffa was proudly describing his daughters Team to a friend.  “You should come see these kids; they are putting in some great efforts”.  This friend was Ellyse Gamble – Western Bulldogs AFLW Player (No 14).

We were fortunate enough that Ellyse took up the offer and even came down in time for our warm –up and pre-game chat.

Our players were impressed to have someone other than their Parents to try and impress today.  This Coach was stoked to hear that the AFLW players get asked similar things to our Team – to play for each other (trust), move the ball smartly (out in front) and to hold their positions (no loose players).  But most of all – to make sure we keep it Fun.

Role Call : We had a full list, including Zavier Long, except for Nico and Liye.  21 meant 3 on the bench.

Captains : Nominated by last weeks’ Captains was James Langhorne for sharing the ball around and providing us good run.

And ‘Tiger’ Patton – for his efforts in and around the packs during games and working hard on his skills at training.


1st Quarter;

Kicking to the Dogpark End, Ryder got a contested possession on the wing, out to angus who got a clearing kick away.  Harvey W took a mark in defense.  As our players started to find their rhythm, it was Jack – Zoe – Logan then Braydon that got our first link of possessions through the middle.

As the play bounced between the arcs, Natalie won the ball against the flow in defense.  Braydon took a mark on the wing.  Arthur had a run, a bounce and a kick. Harvey H, Harrison and Harvey W linked up a got the ball into our attacking 50.  Hamish pounced onto the ball, on to Logan who ran his measure and had a snap at Goal – touched on the line.

The kick in didn’t get out of our attacking 50.  Jack got the ball – run, bounce, run a kicked to the Goal Square.  The was half a dozen players around the ball.  Harrison had a low shot smothered.  It rebounded back to him, this time he turned and snapped a high shot over the outstretched hands (and over his watching brothers’ head) for his first Roosters GOAL!

From a (very) quick re-start we gave up a goal to Deer Park right before the quarter time siren.


We had started well, it was hard work though.  Having more players behind the ball for if it comes back at us and better 1st options to give it to when we have it will help.


2nd Quarter;

Braydon won the tap from the Ruck, James got onto it and got a kick to Harvey W (mark), his ball went to Braydon, on to Ben and he got a kick into our A50.  James had a shot on the run – touched for a point.  We locked the ball in our attacking area again and James passed to the top of the Square, where Fletcher took a lowdown mark.  He settled – set shot – GOAL!

Angus, James and Zavier did well defensively on the wing.  Natalie wasn’t letting the ball past her at Half back. Zavier laid a good tackle, Jacob was helping to get the ball out of packs.  Jack, Angus and Natalie linked up to get the ball forward, where James and Tiger locked it into our A50.

Maverick had a stong chase and tackle which won him a free kick.

The ball finished the half in our forward 50.


As the magnets were moved for the second half, I again asked the players to look around them to be aware of where we are and where the opposition are, especially in defense.

If you have time, run and carry if there isn’t someone to kick to.

Ellyse was pretty happy with how things were going.


3rd Quarter;

Straight into it, Maverick and Hamish worked the ball out of the middle.  Cooper got involved and passed to James (mark), he passed out in front of a leading Harvey W who took a low down, sliding mark.  He settled and kicked truly for a GOAL! from a decent distance out.

After the re-start, Mav crashed the pack and exited with the ball (how does he do that?).  Arthur knocked the ball out to Harrison who was on the move.  Logan held position well in the centre to stop a Deer Park attack.  From there James – Cooper and Harvey H used their speed to get the ball forward again.  Maverick run the ball into our F50, Angus found the ball and enough space to snap a high shot… that was marked on the Goal-line by Deer Park (Coaching note : how to sheppard the ball through).

Zoe and Logan won the ball back in the middle.  Tiger had a contested possession and got the ball forward.  James used his fast legs for some run-and-carry-and-dodge-and-bounce and find space to shoot into an open GOAL! – his 1st Roosters Goal.

Natalie continued to not let the ball past her.  Logan – Hamish – Leo – Maverick worked the ball along the Clubhouse wing from defence to attack.  Leo had tapped the ball from a ball-up to James running past in our A50.  James – Hamish – James – Logan then Natalie locked the ball in our A50 to finish that term.

Well played again Roosters – keep it up for one last quarter…


4th Quarter;

Deer Park definitely lifted their efforts at the start of this quarter and it became a real battle.  Braydon laid a strong and fair tackle.  Natalie – Coopper – James linked up well in front of the Clubhouse wing (Was that clapping from the spectators I heard?) 

As Jack (mark) – Tiger(mark) and Harvey H (mark) linked up nicely in our forward half, Arthur – Logan and Harrison held position a kick or 2 back and ‘Built a Wall’ preventing any Deer Park forward thrusts.  Zoe positioned herself just in front of them, Fletcher was another kick behind – Great Positioning and Deer Park struggled to get past them.

Zavier had a run and bounce, hmm and bounce again, down the wing. On to Jack, into our F50.  Harvey H marked and kicked long. 

As the contest rebounded between the arcs the crowd clearly appreciated the players efforts from both Teams – as there was in fact some more genuine clapping.

The game ended with Deer Park finally getting into their attacking 50 and having a shot on goal.  Logan chased back hard and stopped the ball going through for any score.  He then got a clearing kick away as 4 Deer Park players surrounded him.

Siren Sounds – Well done today Players!


The Deer Park Coach made mention of our Player positioning and ball movement, which is really refreshing for this Coach to hear, as that is the main messages that we have been working on through these first few weeks.

Special Mentions;

Braydon, Tiger, Angus and Leo may have played their best games.

Harrison, Hamish, Cooper, James and Harvey Howe provided plenty of speed.

Jack, Arthur, Fletcher and Harvey Warhurst for providing our direction.

Zoe and Maverick kept winning the ball back for us.

Ryder, Jacob, Ben are finding the ball more often

Zavier did well in his first game back after a 4 game break.

Roosters of the Week;

Natalie – another strong game, rebounding the ball back to our forward direction.

Logan – a goal in every game up till this one (sorry I shouldn’t have said that out loud last week), but made an effort just as important in stopping an opposition score late in the game today.

Goal Scorers;

Harrison (1st Roosters Goal), Fletcher(1st Goal this season), Harvey W(3rd Goal this season), James (1st Roosters Goal)


I was really impressed with our ball movement and better awareness of our positions and opposition positions on the field.  A thought shared by our new fan Ellyse.


See you at training,



Under 9 Reds Vs Yarraville Seddon

Another great autumn morning this Sunday saw the Roosters head over to Yarraville gardens to test our skills against the Eagles.  After suiting up in change rooms we safely negotiated across the road to the oval thanks to some careful supervision by Kate. It is a pretty oval – views of the port and city with a garden backdrop so we didn’t bother going back to the sheds again.  With a few away we had only one on the bench – well the garden rock wall anyway.  Captains today were the two T’s Tom Watt and Tom Mulcahy who were enthusiastic about their appointment.

The first quarter started off in a tight tussle with the ball moving up and down the ground.  The Eagles had some good players and took plenty of uncontested marks.  The Roosters started to warm up towards the end with a good mark by Eden.  It was a good contest but we had to tighten up in defence and not stand back watching the ball.

The increased effort by the Roosters continued in the second quarter.  Jensen was really getting into the packs and kicking well.  Lachie discovered his strength to win a tough contested ball and ran clear to kick around the wing.  Noah was motoring dangerously around the forward line on any loose ball and booted the Roosters first goal!  The next forward entry saw Oliver kick well to Arlo who turned on a dime and slotted another Rooster goal.  Hugo took a good overhead mark and linked up with Tom Mulcahy who is always alert and making space.

The third quarter continued as a tough battle all over the ground.  Zeph and Eli ran hard through the middle and linked up with good kicks and marks.  Charlie pushed back to clunk a strong overhead mark and Oliver took another critical mark at full back.  Eamon and Bodee were also pushing themselves hard in every midfield contest.

Final requests for one last effort and the Roosters seemed fired up.  Straight from the ball up Carl knocked the ball forward and Oliver burst out of the middle kicking it forward. Charlie glided through the forward opposition and slotted a goal.  Carl continued his good start with a strong mark.  There was loads of excellent forward pressure from Eamon and Otis to trap the ball in attack.  Bodee always a key force around the ground kicked long from CHF and Charlie marked overhead in the square to kick another goal.  The kick restart had our defence busy and strong tackles by Tom W. Zach and Thomas E. turned back the eagles attacks.  Enrique played a great last quarter in the back with attack on the ball and positioning to mark.  Hugo also took another saving mark on the goal line.  Noah worked hard getting back from the middle to help and kicked us long into attack.  Charlie continued his party in the forward half grabbing another loose ball and kicking his third for the quarter! The final siren (faint noise) sounded and the Roosters were crowing as they come together at the end of the game.

It was the best team effort I think I have seen coaching the U9’s.  Good positioning, run, endeavour and skill.  Well done Roosters!  The Heartland award was collected by Oliver for a great four quarter game. Slice Girls Roosters of the week were Lachie and Arlo who are improving each game.




Under 10 Whites  – Bye This Week

Under 12 Girls Vs Williamstown Juniors

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Under 12 As Vs Werribee Centrals

The message for the day, in fact for the remainder of the season was “We grow stronger by doing difficult things!” Of course this was aimed at all the 1%er’s as they like to call them, eg repeat efforts, tackles, run downs, shepherds, etc. And it’s pleasing to report the lads went out and built upon their earlier work in previous rounds. What was also very pleasing was to witness these young men adapting to a few difficult things that were let’s say unexpected. Most notably, well let’s be frank, some unsportsmanlike behaviour off the ball by a few of our opponents.


However to their enormous credit, our lads never lost their way or their drive, sticking at the task at hand. I have coached most of these lads for four years now and it’s a pleasure to see them develop and extend their individual and collective resilience. The most pleasing aspect was this was a team effort with every single standing up and being counted when it was their time to go Excellent stuff lads. Unfortunately Archie sustained a broken wrist but he will join us again in the not too distant future.


The coming weeks will bring more opportunities to further grow our belief in each other and extend our resilience. To me this is what football can really develop in all of us and I look forward to witness this grow further. We grow stronger by doing difficult things.


This week we push on to play another good team in St Bernard’s. And I think this is going to be a cracking game with team two skilful teams going head to head. I think Simon will again be available to donate his sublime DOP skills. If so, I look forward to sharing a highlight reel in the coming week.


Thanks to all the parents who have been assisting on match days. We truly appreciate all your efforts and time. 😁


See you there at St Bernard’s.

Des, Richie & Kane


Under 12 Bs Vs Caroline Springs

Brilliant sunshine greeted us for a later than usual start for our Under 12Bs.  Clara took on the captaincy for the game, and soon after the bounce we knew that Caroline Springs may have the leap on us. 


Both teams moved the ball quickly with Aiden strong in defence. Our mostly bigger bodied opponents pressed hard towards goal – they were to kick two in the quarter.


Griff continued to star for the Roosters by kicking a goal and making a big tackle.  Hamish yet again proved is relative youth isn’t a barrier to skilful Under 12s footy.


Ever reliable Stephen was ably assisted by Clara at back half and Finn continued to show us what he is made of with one of signature ‘there’s no way you’re getting past me’ tackles.


By quarter’s end Caroline Springs had the lead with our Roosters taking the fight right up to them.


Quarter time score: Roosters 1.0-6 // Caroline Springs 2.1-13


There’s no doubt our Riley has presence on the field and in the middle is as able a ruckman as you’ll see.  Louis marked with his sticky hands and Eli was hard nosed with his head over the ball.


Numerous Roosters were able to apply tackling pressure and go for a run on the outside of the pack.  Boris kept in the hunt at half forward and Wes was able to hold up the opposition upon their attempt to transition out of the our forward fifty.


And although the sun shone there was a curious ill wind from the north, perhaps all the way from Queensland, which began to blow harder and have an impact just like the northern effect on the election the night before.


Caroline Springs with a host of very capable players had a ping on goal resulting in a behind and not long after scored a major – and maybe just maybe our Roosters’ heads dropped a little as they realised evermore what confronted them.


Hamish copped blow and Jordan intervened to gather the next ground ball using strength under pressure.


Griff again joined in the play and Iggy lent a hand to keep the ball in our forward half.


And as we all know timing is everything and as the siren rang out it was perfectly programmed to prevent the opposition heading forward again.


Half time score: Roosters 1.0-6 // Caroline Springs 4.2-26


With Ash’s clear words of wisdom at the forefront of our players’ minds – ‘don’t drop your head – the contest will swing back our way – fight harder and harder – long kicks and really good effort’ – the second half began, and by the end of the third term we had a host of contributors all over the ground.


Louis gathered in our forward half, thirty seconds in to the quarter, and had a shot on goal which didn’t miss by too much. 


And with the ball toing and froing in the centre corridor the contest had gone up a level.  Despite Efe’s hard fought attempts to win the ball, Caroline Springs managed to run it forward for another goal.


Not long after Diego showed his flare by dulcetly collecting the ball on the wing which was followed a ripping mark by Luca.


Oliver and Alex kept their efforts up with every Rooster looking to contribute to the team’s attempt to wrestle back control of the play.


Miles makes any opponent earn every touch and was in fine form with an expert tap out of a big pack of players right to a teammate’s advantage.


And as we kept pressing forward Kai almost took a nice grab, positioning his body well, in the forward pocket.  Riley laid a big tackle, part of a brilliant team effort to hold the opposition up on centre wing.


Mitchell showed real courage marching back into the danger zone as he tracked the ball back with the flight, almost marking.  Not long after his continued efforts were rewarded with a goal which palpably saw the Roosters’ spirits rise.


Diego was having a big influence on the game with repeat efforts to get the ball and by the end of the quarter our Roosters has kept level with the opposition – one goal apiece.


Three Quarter time score: Roosters 2.1-13 // Caroline Springs 5.3-33


Our team took up where they had left off and again showed that final quarters may be our forte. Eli kept the pressure on and we fought and fought to keep them from scoring despite the pill remaining in their forward pocket minute after minute.


Billy and Brayden both contributed, doing their best to advance our cause and Iggy was important to stop a Caroline Springs attempt to goal.


Wes showed us all how to play this game with a blind turn you had to see to believe and he combined well with Miles in the forward line.  Oscar H – in a stand out game – would not give in or give up.


Team tackling by Stephen, Finn, and Diego was matched by a good effort by Lenny


Diego again intervened with some magnificent play – undoubled the Rooster play of the day.


Finn had a shot at goal on to just miss, and Griff was always at the heart of our efforts to get the ball in a position to kick a goal.


Oscar H again made the difference, putting his body on the line, which enabled Riley to do what he does so very well – hit the scoreboard with a big goal.


And as the final quarter came to a close the effort of our Roosters was important to recognise.  After being out positioned and out gunned for much of the game we had kept Caroline Springs goalless for the entire term.


Final score: Roosters 3.2-20 // Caroline Springs 5.4-34


Under 14 As Vs St Albans

It seemed like an eternity since the u14A’s had last played when they lined up at shorten reserve. The change in fixture has presented some interesting challenges to the group and I was concerned the bye we had come at a bad time as our guys were just starting to gain momentum.


Our opposition was a bit of a “known/unknown” quantity. Promoted from Division 4, they handed all side’s before them some heavy beatings, including our undermanned B side in round 2. A few of our older players had crossed paths with some of their bigger players at interleague training. Alas, thanks to the powers that be @ league HQ, they sat ahead of us on the ladder as did Williamstown who were also promoted. Before the first bounce we were sitting 5th having lost 1 game by 13 points…… go figure!


Again, they proved to be a physically bigger side than us, though we should be getting use to this by now. Having lost the toss again (I will have to give our captains some lessons in 2-up), we were kicking into a 2 goal breeze. The contest was on from the first bounce, our opponents were keen to use the wind to gain territory but our backline held firm, with Sam “Torch” Hall marshalling our troops behind the ball and our lads attacking the ball with good momentum – Hamish “Hammer” and Micky “Sheep” were particularly resolute against bigger opposition. They eventually scored the first goal, we quickly replied with the second and they in turn quickly replied with the third for the game. However, toward the end of the quarter our boys got some drive through the middle. Henry “Kramer” was relentless all day in and under packs and feeding our outside runners. West was finding space and using the ball well and our forwards looked dangerous particularly when the ball hit the ground. Soc “Shoe” kicked a couple and we were away, up by 2 goals at qtr time.


The second quarter with the breeze started like the end of the first quarter where we began to dominate possession. Diesel was warming into the game and his speed was causing a few headache’s around the midfield and our forwards were once again putting tremendous pressure on their backs. Leroy “Delicious Nugget” got on the board with a set shot whilst Jack “Spud” chimed in with a couple and we began to build a healthy lead. However, to their credit the St Albans lads kicked into gear, with No 25 thrown on the ball and bulldozing his way forward and snagging a couple – he went on to kick 5 for the day, the teams entire bag of goals! Our backs again held up well against sustained pressure, Cooper and Frankie held back a couple of dangerous aerial balls and at half time we were 4 goals up.


Our opposition came out of the blocks better in the 3rd quarter and scored the first 2 goals to be down by only 2 goals. Daniel “Terry” was assigned the task of quietening no 25 and began to quell his influence and eventually we regained the momentum thanks to some great ball movement out of defence. Into the breeze we kicked 2 goals and maintained our lead at 3 quarter time. Our opposition still had a sniff going into the last but the barn door was shut early as we overran our opponents with good spread away from the contest. Juma got in on the scoreboard action as did Shoe. Symbolic of the growing confidence was a run-down tackle by the delicious nugget of their ruck probably twice his size which earned him the Slice girls “golden fist” award. Not to be outdone, Diesel repeated the feat not longer thereafter.


A great game and most pleasingly our guys appear to be enjoying playing in this team. Looking forward to our next game against Williamstown.

 Under 14 Bs Vs Point Cook Centrals

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Under 15 Girls Vs Flemington Juniors

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