WEST FOOTSCRAY ROOSTERS – Under 9 Reds vs. Point Cook – Round Six – 21/5/17.


Well it was a big weekend at Shorten Reserve with all but one of the Roosters junior sides playing at home. The Niner’s were somehow gifted with the 10.20 time slot, which afforded us not only a sleep in of sorts but also Desmond Deckers Tens were kind enough to kick the dew from the deck and give us dry track to run out onto. Thankyou Desmond and thankyou tens…


After last weeks game against the Vikings in Altona, we were warned to watch out for Point Cook who had apparently given them a good going over the week before. I don’t like getting ominous warnings from Vikings; it doesn’t sit well with me at all! In fact it sat with me all week and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Damn Vikings!


The Niner’s were in good spirits though having won three in a row, their enthusiasm was  enough to calm my nerves and not only that, we were also bolstered by the welcome return of Rylan “Raz” Rees for his first game after  a pre season training mishap saw him out for the first five weeks.


Our Captains for the day would be Jack G and Jami. We won the toss and were kicking to the dog park. Those nerves would soon settle as the Roosters hit the deck running and ran hard. Archie would get us off to a flyer with a quick goal and followed that up with another point. Harry was marking everything, Iggy was tackling, “Howe Diddy” was mopping up with his beautiful read of the play. He would mark and goal as well on the back of another goal from Archie. The Roosters were up and about and had put Point Cook on the back foot. Their back foot however was still good enough to kick two goals for the term. My opposing coach and I would give a knowing nod of mutual respect to each other as we walked to our quarter time huddles. We both knew we were in for a cracking game.


The second quarter would bring the rotations and the thus far entertaining contest would continue. Dozer, minus the helmet this week earned himself a free kick by getting himself in front of the pack, Clara is in outstanding form attacking the ball at every opportunity; Riley was tough in the ruck and the contest and was getting plenty of it; Aiden too is having a great season, he was instrumental in keeping us in the game in the second quarter. Luca held sway at full back and used his beautiful kicking to relieve defensive pressure. Take a bow Jack P and Archer; both boys were terrific in what were probably their best games to date. Diesel had a cracker, one of the littlest fellas on the park, he took some unbelievable grabs and was really unlucky to get pinged a couple of times for over the shoulder, only because of his determination to bring down bigger bodies. Marking would be a feature of the quarter with Jack G and Archer amongst the grabs as well. Sasha the Dasher and Louis started to work themselves into the game, Louis albeit with a cracking headache which would subdue his natural running flair. Another fine mark and goal from Howe Diddy would be our only major for the quarter. The slimmest of margins would be all that would separate two desperate teams at the main break with the Roosters up by one.


The third would be a carbon copy of the first two. Raz was unbeatable at full back; he attacked the ball at full pace and coolly send back out of the danger zone with that left foot of his. Harry channelled Jonathan Brown as he threw himself into an oncoming pack to take the mark of the day. Archie was electric, Diesel took another grab, and Clara was again in everything. “Lace Up” Lacey continues to grow (metaphorically!) and tackled whoever had the ball, and Oscar and Oliver were also getting their hands on it in the middle. The play of the quarter would be a great team effort which started with Raz running out of defence, Riley took a great mark in the middle and played on, he banged it into an open forward line into which Aiden was streaming, and he ran onto it and put it through. Great teamwork Roosters! Three quarter time would see the scores dead level with 33 a piece.


Our forth quarters have been amazing this year, all out attack with defenders prepared to push forward and create enormous drive off half back. Howe Diddy, Max ‘more than a’ Phelan and Sasha the Dasher were the ’Generals today. They were miserly along with Dylan and Jack G in not allowing Point Cook any opportunity to get near the goals. Max shrugged the shoulders a couple of times to motor out of defence whilst Sash and Xav use pure pace. This in turn kept our forward line busy. Abby was terrific taking her first mark and getting some handballs out of congestion. Otto would again pop up for a mark in the square and drive home a goal to put us one up. Would this be enough to send the Viking warning to the Valkyries? I secretly hoped so but wanted one more to seal their fate. The mercy rule would see Point Cook back inside their forward fifty but Max had other ideas. A twist here a turn there and he was gone, the members wing rose as one as the ball ended up with Harry who torped to the top of the square where Jami, who had been busy all day marked it on his chest. Without waiting for a man on his mark he ran in and banged it home. Fate sealed! This was easily our toughest game and more pleasingly our best all round performance with quite a few players starting to get a real feel and taste of the pace.  The end result of 7.4.46 – 5.3.33 showed how close a contest it was. Point Cook are a terrific side with great run and carry and their marking is exceptional for under 9’s footy, which makes the result even more pleasing.


We turn our attentions now to next week. Another sleep in Sunday at home with a 10.20 start against St. Bernard’s.


Special thanks to Libby and Brad for tending to the wounded and Chris from the Phelan Footy Factory for donning the whites and whistle and everyone who filled the volunteered roles, and to those who cheered us on, we can’t do this without you, it is most appreciated.


Richie and Kane.

Round 6 – Away to Flemington Colts.

A calm and bright morning in not-to-far-away Kensington, we were to play in the later time slot.

We warmed up while the locals played a  ½ field under 8’s Football and a  ½ Field junior Soccer on the Number 2 oval we were to later use.

The amount of games on the 2 ovals was also apparent by the allocation lists on the 5 change rooms.


Our Captains today;

As chosen by last weeks co-Captain Alex (Arti was absent today) was Bastien Meyer – for strong efforts and improvements and demonstrating our Team values.

Our other co-Captain today was Mitchell Houareau – for being one of our most consistent players over our season so far and setting high standards in tackling, teamwork and good decision-making.

Debut Game for Alan Luu.



1st Quarter

In a rather fast and unexpected start, the ball quickly rushed up the Colts scoring end, where we resisted briefly – but conceded a goal.

Unfortunately this was the story for the quarter.

The Colts were a well drilled Team, keeping a good separation from each other and making good passes by hand and foot, moving the ball their way.  They also centred the ball to better scoring positions when front of goal.

They were not better, bigger or faster players than ours – just using the ball and space better.

Our better efforts were mainly defensive;

Maya ripped the ball out of the pack.

Felix got a good handball out under pressure.

Miles made a good smother from an oppositions kick.

Maya-Noah-Arlo M made a good Teamwork play in the backline, with a kick pass, mark and play-on.

Mitchell (C) saved a goal right on the goal-line.


2nd Quarter.

We paused before the start of the second quarter as a Steam Train was heading outbound past the nearby South Kensington Station – engine smoke billowing and whistle blowing.

The game got underway and the game went to the other end of the field, but again our defensive 50.

Arlo M was brave under a mark – and copped a falcon, but continued unperturbed.

The Colts made it hard for us to get effective hands on the ball and all our possessions were under pressure.

Jake took a strong pack mark.

1st Gamer Alan got into the game and won a free kick with a strong tackle.

Griffin and Jake were making an impression with their longer kicking.

We worked the ball to our scoring end, only to get out-numbered near the goal-square and got exposed on the rebound. The Colts scored an end to end goal.

To their credit our Roosters didn’t drop their head.

From our kick-off, we went forward again.

Griffin kicked into our forward 50.

We were out-numbered where the ball landed and it came back out.

Griffin again got the ball, this time his pass inside 50 was marked by Jake..

He dodged a weaved, took a bounce and eventually found space – but the siren sounded before he got his shot away.

We were getting into the game – but not getting the big rewards on the scoreboard.


3rd Quarter.

After waiting for an insistent dog owner claiming back the grass while we “weren’t using it” – apparently this is also the off-leash dog area as-well as multi-sport field, we resumed.

I was impressed with the Team’s enthusiasm and willingness to hear and try some different tactics to try and get back into the game.


There was another early goal to Flemington, but that only got us in harder at the ball.

Arlo M was a tackling machine, Bastien, Oscar and Kai were getting more of the ball.

Eli and Hugo were now getting good use of their speed, Alex, Hadi and Miles were strong around the ball, Mrinal and Nathaniel were getting more meaningful possessions.

Our combined good work had the ball in our 50 for a length of time.

A kick into our goal-square lead to a scramble … and a GOAL off the ground to our 1st Gamer Alan.

The Roosters were deservedly very happy with themselves – but maybe a bit too much so… From the resultant kick off, the Colts got a straightforward goal.

We were unlucky not to return the favour on our next kick off – Mitchell was just off with his shot at goal.

Before the quarter finished Efe took a. Good mark and Griffin had another clearing kick.


4th Quarter.

We had talked about finishing the game off well – and we did.

The Roosters kept the ball heading their way.

Arlo S-T kept good pressure in our forward 50, the ball came out to Jake who kicked a GOAL.

Mitchell (C) stopped momentum the other way with a great tackle.

Into our forward 50 again, Efe kicked a point.


We kept it’s our end for the remainder of the game.


Things I  loved;

Our Roosters continued resolve to get into the game, which resulted in dominant field position in the final quarter.


Our team doesn’t have any passengers, they are all playing their role in the Team.  There is whole hearted  tackling by everyone and when we link up, our teamwork gets us forward effectively..


Things to work on;;

Keeping width from each other.

Ways of keeping the ball moving forward

Getting around opposition players.


Special mentions;

Heartland Award;

Arlo Milsom –  for a strong. Chasing and tackling effort and looking for good options with the ball.


Continued good examples of good play and our values from our two Captains. – Bastien and Mitchell.


Thankyou Monique,  Ash, Paul in the goals and all our Teams helpers. – we really cannot have these games without this help. – and our kids are loving playing in their Team.


See you at training,




Match Report Under 10s

Rd 6 vs St Bernard’s

21st May 2017


There’s a part of me that longs for cricket season.  Not just for the warmth, and the holidays, and the relaxed Sunday morning… but for the gentle, predictable metre of the game.  Twenty-two yards of action with a readily identifiable batsman, bowler and fielder.  A match report writer’s dream.


No such tranquillity on Sunday morning at the Coop.  The field of battle seems gargantuan by comparison and the flight of the ball as unpredictable and unfriendly as Trump’s twitter feed.  What is more predictable however, is the absence of an umpire and Dave Hall donned the white B’n’L for the 3rd time in 6 games.  Rumour has it he recently cancelled his gym membership as his umpiring gigs each week are giving him a sufficient workout.


Returning to home after a few weeks’ absence brought a relished mini sleep-in, which may have been exaggerated by many of our Roosters.  It was 8.30 before the full list had arrived and whilst I hate to be a grump I’d urge all parents to please try to arrive as close to the appointed time as possible.  Prior to the 8.50 start there are several administrative jobs which cannot be completed until the full list is accounted for so Des and I would really appreciate your assistance in this regard.


The opposition arrived bringing their formidable reputation.  St Bernard’s.  Breeding ground for AFL footballers: Simon Madden, Matthew Lloyd and Dane Swan to name but a few.   The Castle on the Buckley St Hill.  The great build-it-and-they-will-come field of dreams for Catholics of the North-West.  Traditional foe to De La Salle, Parade, CBC and the mighty avalanche. Edmund Rice himself would have been proud of this striped band of brothers who took to the field with a swagger, but despite their militia-like appearance our little Roosters showed no fear as they charged out led by captains Thomas & Eli.


The first quarter was an intense struggle with the ball barely moving from the Roosters forward arc.  36 little footballers fought over a small patch of grass for a full 15 minutes with neither side giving an inch.  Every attempt by St Bernard’s to drag the ball out of defence was foiled; multiple attempts to score by the Roosters saw cruel bounces and unlucky interceptions result in a 2 point lead at quarter-time.  Our fellas deserved better reward on the scoreboard, but it has to be said the St Bernard’s defence had few cracks.


The second quarter was more of the same with the battle continuing in the same space on the ground.  Unfortunately that meant it was the Roosters defending this time and the pressure finally broke, resulting in a St Bernard’s goal.  The Roosters quickly responded and the ball eventually made its way to the playground end where a couple more points were kicked.  By now the tight structure of the first quarter had given way to something closer resembling chaos but the boys continued to work hard right up to the siren, preventing any more scoring shorts for the Snowdogs.


During the half-time address the registrars and necromancers amongst us gathered to query how it was Jeff Fehring had managed to pull on the #29 jumper for St Bernard’s.  Meanwhile Des challenged the boys as to whether they had allowed a little bit of complacency to creep in, returning home after a few good wins on the road.  He implored them to hold their structure and continue working hard in the second half.


In the third quarter the game turned physical as these two evenly matched sides searched for any advantage.  Skirmishes broke out all over the ground and our wily veteran Benny copped some studs to the abdomen, requiring some medical attention and ultimate dispatch to the bench.  With the umpire’s, trainers’ and coaches’ attention diverted, St Bernard’s snuck in a handy second goal.  The Roosters responded again with a couple more points – trying to catch them the hard way – before the final break.


At the final huddle it was clear the intensely physical nature of the game was having an impact and their little bodies were sagging.  Des called for one final effort and out they went, determined to give it one last try to bring it home.  Alas, after an early goal to St Bernard’s Mark became the busiest person on the ground as players went down like ninepins.  Finally though, Joharo kicked our only goal for the game.  In another tightly fought quarter, St Bernard’s came away with the chocolates when the final siren blew: the scoreline of 3.2 (20) to 1.6 (12) demonstrating that with a few things going our way victory would have been ours.


In a game resembling an arm wrestle it was hard to get a sense of the flow but every player needs to be congratulated for their individual efforts.  We matched St Bernard’s well but they were just a little bit cleaner with their skills – held their marks and kicked truly.  Leaves us with something to work on as we look forward to the return bout.


Marlon: clever work with smothers and shepherding to push the ball forward

Leo: tight work in defence

Ben: was the opposition target as he cleaved the pack to stream down the wing time after time

Alex: great marking and shepherding

Ashton: found space several times to become the go-to player

Nicholas: great defence, terrific passing and reading the play

Rory: stalwart in defence, saved several goals with clever thinking and clear head

Eli: clever kicking, consistently finding a target

Hamish: great tackling

Ziggy: several strong, overhead marks using his height to great advantage

Manny: flexibility around the ground, adapting to several different jobs

Flynn: uses his body so cleverly, strong marks and desperate tackles

Noah: work rate improves every week, fearsome on the forward line, some unlucky misses

Reuben: ball magnet, seemed to be 7 or 8 Reubens on the ground

Ezekiel: great marking, rewarded with free kicks

Tem: great defensive work

William: goal sneak, involved in several attempts on goal

Thomas: worked extremely hard all day and never gave up

Patrick: consistent attempts to move it forward

Joharo: kicked a fantastic long goal

Kiir: great presence up forward, uses his body cleverly


Under 11

Round 6 West Footscray vs Sanctuary Lakes


A week is a long time in football, and two weeks without a match report is approximately twice as long. (Author Unknown)


The scientific community are divided on this theory. I have my own opinions but don’t have the confidence, nor the resilience to have them subjected to peer review in something as reputable as the West Footscray Under 11 Match Reports. I’m afraid that you’ll have to make up your own minds. What was clear to all and sundry at Shorten Reserve was that for the very first time every player was available for the game. Great result for the team and a problem for the coach. 23 won’t go into 18, or anything else for that matter as it’s a prime number (Fun Fact #1), so the magnets would be dizzy by the end of the game. Our  opponents would be Sanctuary Lakes. Their capabilities were a mystery to us, much like the name of their suburb. I picture frightened mariners. You? The answer would be revealed in an hour and a bit. The teams’ ability that is. Not the origins of the suburbs name.


All eyes were on the Sharks #13 as they took their positions. The leading goal scorer in the comp was a large lump of a boy. Straight into the middle he went. Mmmm? I wasn’t expecting that. Kadin, Cooper, West and Felix started in there with “the Lump”. Jack had made a remarkable recovery after being carried off to emergency the week prior, and would start on the flank as a precaution much to his disgust, and I’ll admit it, my slight amusement! The Sharks had some big kids out there. We would need to be fast and clean. Turns out they were pretty quick and fast as well. I hate that! They also had a nice breeze to kick with. Our backs had a busy quarter. Frank was his usual industrious self. Tackles, clearances and commitment every week. Vinh was Mr. Dependable again. His poise and skill were amazing, as well as much needed, as we were seriously under the pump.  The pump was often operated by “The Lump”. He was doing as he wanted. He bagged a snag from about 40 out and capped it off with a great over-celebration. I instantly recalled him from an Under 9 game several years ago in which he swore at me repeatedly and gave away 15m penalties for arguing with the umpires. Awesome. Now I don’t feel bad about not liking him! That’s right. I don’t like every child I encounter (Fun Fact #2). Despite having the breeze and “The Lump”, it wasn’t all their way. Felix was a machine in the middle. Effort after effort rewarded him with many possessions. Weston had his radar going again and fed out the ball to his willing team mates. Yash was flying on his wing as was Christian on his. We were getting it forward but not quite deep enough. Eventually this would change and Nathaniel found himself bustling with his opponent in the goal square. A great contested mark and a kick straight through the middle. Well done buddy. How much have you improved in 6 games? Amazing stuff. The Sharks and “The Lump” continued to smack it forward. Samuel and Zach were awesome, as was Aaron. Their tackling and chasing prevented more goals from being scored against us and eliminated the chance of “The Lump” to yell and fist pump simultaneously.


Quarter time: West Footscray 1.0.6 vs Sanctuary Lakes 3.2.20


All the talk at the break was of “the Lump”. How big is he? How old is he? Can you give him a slightly disrespectful nickname in the match report? Big, dunno and I’m on it were my responses. What I did tell them was that we had the wind this term and should use it. We have a human wrecking ball in the form of Leroy (Nugget) who has the pace, strength and contempt for his own wellbeing to we need to lock down “The Lump”. Jack was back in the middle this term and wasted no time in getting his hands on it. Kadin was winning taps to our mids and they were using it well. “Nugget” would lay the tackle of the season. A full speed, horizontal take down of a hapless Sharks player. A free kick was Nuggets reward and nightmares for weeks the victim. Murphy was running hard and produced another one of those kicks that refused to bounce through. Mickey was leading nicely and giving our midfielders some quality options. Sean “Hi-Vis” Lopez found himself with the ball on his flank after nice leads and strong marks. The dish off handball didn’t go unnoticed either. Nice! BANG! Jack gets his first and we are up to our eyeballs in this game (Whatever that means?). “The Lump” was giving his all for our opponents. So much so that he was forced from the game for a few minutes to sort out his asthma. He did however take a break from his Ventolin on the way off to tell one of his team mates that they were useless. Classic Lump that! Our boys were far from useless. We know that because “The Lump” didn’t tell them so. Time after time we smashed it forward. Angus looked a chance, as did Tito. Weston always looks like a chance. He proved this as he smacked through our second of the term.  Bang!!!!!! Kadin made it 3 for the term. A dominant quarter by the Roosters which was evident by the scoreboard (I actually can’t see it from the bench) and the appearance of Sass chasing a kick in our forward line despite him being in the back pocket.


Half Time:  West Footscray 4.0.24 vs Sanctuary Lakes 3.2.20


Back into the breeze was the mission in the third. Defending against it would be tough. Cooper was in the middle and playing arguably his best game ever. He was doing it all for his team. Alek was at the peak of his powers down back. He is without doubt the greatest exponent of the Golden Fist in this clubs nearly 100 year history. He combined the fist with some amazing running out of congestion with sidesteps and balks. His feet were moving quicker than those of a duck dancing on a hot plate.  Xavier “The Doona” was sensational down back. His tackling and effort might just earn him a new nickname and a permanent spot. “The Wallet” might be the first thing that goes in the back pocket each week! “The Lump” was still everywhere. Long kicks, don’t argues and blind turns when there is nobody there are hard to combat. We were giving as good as we got out there. The ball was finding its way to our forward line repeatedly. Christian has been a super addition to the team this season. His running and link up play are a treat to watch. He knows where and when to run and as a result he found himself sprinting towards the big sticks at the dog park end. He kicked truly from about 25 out. Great goal and an awesome team lifter. Elijah Moon had a spell in the ruck and was super competitive. The down side to this is every time I put him there he gets hurt! He was in there long enough to get it moving our way forward again.  A long kick landed deep in our forward line where Jack would get it. That’s only going one way folks. Straight through the middle.


3 Quarter Time: West Footscray 6.1.37 vs Sanctuary Lakes 6.4.40


3 Points was all that separated the teams at the final change. Watto plugged the de-fib machine into the charger in case the excitement got too much. Sanctuary Lakes dropped an extra defender back to protect the lead. You guessed it. “The Lump” got the job. To say the last quarter was thrilling would be an understatement. The game quickly became a contest between an irresistible force (That’s us) and the immovable object (our old mate Lumpy). Cooper was amazing. Frank and Vinh were magnificent. Alek was still dancing through packs. Still no goal. Felix was running as quickly as he had in the first. Nugget was still laying huge tackles. Christian almost burst through only to be caught by the jumper. Still no goal. Weston was remarkable in the last term.  He must have been nearly cooked but kept going about finding a way through the defence of the Sharks. Credit where it’s due. They were tighter than a snare drum down back. Time and time again we pushed forward only to see it come straight back out. I could really pad out this report now but I won’t. It’s late and I’m tired (Fun Fact #3). As a result of this I can sadly inform you that the goal we needed would never come.


Full Time: West Footscray 6.2.38 vs Sanctuary Lakes 6.4.40


No chocolates this week for the 11s. It was one of those games where neither team deserved to lose. Many of our boys played their best games yet. The improvement in the new guys is astonishing. Once again we have locked horns with one of the better teams and proved that we are just as capable. With some hard work at training and a little more polish on our game plan, who knows? We might even have them all covered (Fun Fact #4)



U13’s West Footscray V St Albans


Round 6, and we were the fourth and final game in a long day at Roosters central. A 2.05 start felt very strange – usually we are home by now and getting some jobs done around home or having a nap.


We had played St Albans only two weeks earlier, but thanks to the league shuffling teams and a lack of attention to fixture details, here we were again. Last time it had been a frustratingly crowded game in our forward line with a lot of points kicked. The coach had plenty of tactics on the board about areas to improve on and it seemed they were listening. There were a few last minute outs through illness and injury so we took to the field with only 17 today, and St Albans obliged to do the same.


Lachlan was captain today, and the coin toss looked comical as he faced off against St Albans two biggest players. But size doesn’t always matter when it comes to team football and the Roosters put on a display today. Without going into too many details it was a much better game in the sense that the players kept positions, and looked to centre the ball to team mates.


A few player highlights included: Soc kicking another bag (and more importantly giving off plenty also), Liam and Nav with their tackling, Diesel’s fearlessness despite his sore neck, Zidane and Samuel’s perfect kicking through the middle of the ground, Ben, Isaac C, Jonathan and Lenny running into space and being rewarded, Lachie, Luis and Leo got plenty of the ball up forward and back, Daniel and Juma had good games in the centre bounces, Henry ran hard with and without the ball, and Alex played a great game again all around the ground.


Particularly pleasing is the willingness of the boys to work on key targets each week.  In a sense these one sided games allow us to put work in on how we wish to contend with Sunshine Heights next time, but there are also key learning moments to be had in their own right.  Locking down on a player – Zidane and Liam were assigned the job on #25 and his output was certainly minimalised until we let him go in the last quarter.  Switching the ball to the attacking side is an area we spoke about and it is still a work in progress with several opportunities to do that missed by players not opening up their vision.  This can be made easier by players who run to the right position using their voice to demand the footy.  Our positioning at stoppages is improving with players now aware of blocking the exit should the opposition win the clearance as well as looking around and not allowing a free player to escape out the back.  There is still plenty of room for improvement with our kicking technique right in front of goal. Lachie and Lenny will be having nightmares about goal posts this week I think.


A note from the side – the St Albans coach appeared to actually be Henry Winkler ‘The Fonz’ and our boundary rider Rohan is expecting this to be confirmed in the next issue of ‘where are they now’.


And so another beautiful late Autumn afternoon ended. Soft sunshine, golden leaves and a gentle breeze set the mood for a relaxing afternoon in the park, and for the most part the game didn’t really disturb the ambiance. At least that was the feeling watching from the grass on the northern hill. The players probably weren’t quite so relaxed. St Albans did have several good players that required a lot of effort to chase down or tackle. To their credit they kept trying and did get on the board – good luck to them in what will be a tough season. I expect next week against Caroline Springs will be a different story and the Roosters will be looking for a challenge – we need all hands on deck, so get yourselves healthy and make every effort to don the jumper and help the side get to equal top of the ladder .


Thanks to all the parents helping and supporting on the day. We look forward to a bigger challenge next week against Caroline Springs, at home again.


Roosters 26. 20. 176 def St Albans 2. 4. 16


Goals: Socrates 6, Liam 3, Samuel 3, Henry 3, Alex 3, Lachlan 2, Zidane 2, Jonathan 2, Lenny 1, Navindu 1