Round 7 Match Reports

Hi Folks below are all our Match Reports for Round 7. Scroll down to find your team’s report. Our coaches do their best to get prepared for training and games so fitting in writing a game report among just living their lives is not always easy. If you like reading these reports perhaps you could put your hand up to help your coach write them.

Thanks to our coaches and a couple of extra helpers for writing/producing these again this week.

Under 9 Blues Vs Albion

In the Shadows of the Silos.

A brisk morning brought out my tracky-pants for the warm-up this week.

We were at Albions home ground and the sun was peeking through, between the nearby Silos.

Today we acknowledged our Aboriginal player – Tiger (in this Indigenous Round) and Jack Mosca’s black armband – worn in honour of his passing Grandfather.

We also welcomed our newest player, #23 – Liye.


It was a tough game, played mainly at the sunny end of the ground, but with little scoring by either Team.

There were lots of great little-efforts.  But on a full size ground, it takes more than a few by under 9’s to move the ball from one end to the other


That said, every player got involved, made important contributions and finished the game stronger than we started – which I felt was a great result.

Due to the tight contest, I heard reports of niggle – both verbal and physical , but our Players stood their ground but didn’t retaliate.  Another great result.


Thankyou to Liz, Lorelli, Scott and all our helpers again this week – there is no game without everyone’s contribution.

Marlene managed to get some cracking photos in the bright morning of our dew-kickers in action.

And Kate helped me out by contributing the match report below.



Our next Game is on Friday Night – at Shorten Reserve 6:30.

  • Please be there by 5:30 (an hour early as per normal) so we can set up the Team. Or make sure that we know your availability and time you can make it.

I will be there from 5:00 on Friday

  • Training as normal on Wednesday


See you at Training.




Sunday 26th of May

Round 7

Away to Albion

Captains – Angus and Harvey W


It was an early start and the air was more than crisp. Wet conditions on the field meant that the ball became heavy early on. Our players showed a commitment from the start and were in it against a very tough side.

Natalie (#16) was consistent in her approach to getting the ball out early in the quarter. Our Captain Harvey was alongside her and tried for an early goal. Unfortunately, he only got a point but it showed his commitment to the game.

Brayden (#19) and his brother Logan (#20) were a formidable duo in defence and stopping the opposition getting ahead. Hamish (#22) who each week is fearless in his approach to the ball did not disappoint the spectators.


Quarter 2 saw everyone on the team getting out and trying to be on the ball early. Our newest recruit, Liye Xu (#23) and Rookie of the Year, was quick to get in on the action and had a big kick. He told me later he has never been so cold! It was great to see his team mates getting behind him and showing him the ropes of this wonderful (yet sometimes confusing) game called Aussie Rules Football.

(#21) Tiger worked with one of the leaders of the football team, (#1) Jack M and together they marked and tackled hard. Logan again shone through and was good on the ball. #4 Harvey W took a great mark and (#12) Cooper was a quieter achiever in taking a great mark.

#22 Hamish took the goal towards the end of the quarter and it was cheers all round. 


Quarter 3 – All Roosters took their positions early and were ready to go! The opposition were a little slower in arriving to play after half time and yet their patience did not waiver.

(#4) Harvey W was again quick and out to make a mark. (#10) Maverick, another solid achiever in our matches, got a quick point. (#15) Xavier turned a great mark into a quick turnover and kicked it back to (#10) Maverick. (#2) Fletcher took a great mark just before the end of the quarter.


Quarter 4 – (#23) Liye, our rookie, got going again early and took a great mark. (#11) Harvey, again a strong and quiet achiever, took another great mark. (#14) James was strong against the opposition tactics of putting the boys and girls off their game, took a great mark. (#22) Hamish, who was everywhere in today’s game, was good in stopping the opposition form scoring goal. (#10) Maverick got the ball out of their goal circle with a very big kick.

(#1) Jack scored another goal on the back of a point being scored by an unknown Rooster. (#14) James again strong and clear got a great kick down to the forwards. (#10) The fourth quarter certainly belonged to Maverick (#10) as he just kept persevering and got the ball out again and again.

(#9) Our Captain, Angus, won the Heartland award and appeared to have a great game supporting his team mates.


Roosters of the Week – Tiger and Ben.


Heartland Award – Angus Fowlie


Paul, our coach, reinforced at the end of the game that we are not a club that gives any sledging and we will not react to it. Well done players! You were strong and graceful under pressure. See you at home next week.


Under 9 Reds Vs Caroline Springs

The rain during the night had cleared and it was another great autumn morning for football.  Everyone is into the swing of Sunday mornings now and we had plenty of time to prepare and warm up.  After some reminiscing about last week’s game and talking about building on the good efforts the Rosters were ready to go.  Captain’s today were Eden and Eamon who led the Roosters onto the ground and won the toss.

The Roosters did continue on from the end of last week.  Lachie got involved from the start in ruck and Jensen was brave in the packs getting kicks.  The grass was still wet and it looked a little slippery especially near the centre.  Tom Mulcahy was busy around the ground hitting the ball to our advantage and we spent a lot of time in our forward half.  Bodee controlled CHB and showed great team spirit.  During one forward entry Noah swooped on the ball, spinning brilliantly out of the pack and passing to Zach who found space goal side and slotted our first goal!  Great start Roosters.

The Lakers settled in the second quarter and applied some pressure. Fortunately Zeph was turbo charged on the ball and Arlo played a great quarter sweeping across half back collecting intercept marks.  The whole backline was great with Eamon making a strong tackle and Carl holding onto marks at CHB and Noah and Bill defending well deep, so they didn’t score a goal.  The Roosters did manage to work the ball forward with excellent pressure and bursting runs by Paddy.  Tom Mitchell finished it off with a nice goal. Otis was battling well but got a bump to the beak and came off for an icepack.

The third quarter resumed with Roosters taking control again.  Enrique took several marks as a target at CHF but missed his shots.  Carl marked again and his deep kick was marked by Charlie who kicked a goal.  Charlie followed the ball forward soon after to cleanly score another goal!  Thomas E. was moving on the wing and kicked the ball clear.  Eden stopped any Lakers attack with a great tackle and the rest of the backline positioned really well near the centre and didn’t get sucked too far forward so they prevented any counter attack.  Another highlight was Paddy leading perfectly down the ground into space on the north wing to mark a bullet pass from Charlie’s deadly left foot.

I didn’t need to say much at the break except keep up the good work.  There were great team link ups by hand and foot typified by Eli’s game.  Hugo ran the game out very strongly in the middle to earn some good possessions.  Eden positioned himself behind the pack like a natural and Charlie was dynamic kicking a long goal that Noah carefully shepherded through as it rolled across the line.  Oliver put together another good game and this time Zach slipped forward from the wing into space to boot his second goal of the match.

Another great team effort today.  We are halfway through the season already!  The players are continuing to develop their game sense, skills and confidence as you can see by their own positioning and teamwork around the ground.  Slice Girls Rooster of the week was Otis for a tough match.  Next week we face the return match against the speedy Point Cook opponents and it will be interesting to see how we go this time.  I am looking forward to the game already.




Under 10 Whites Vs Caroline Springs

Back at home this week up against a Caroline Springs outfit that looked undermanned at first but proved to be an even match for our reduced numbered team.

Our main focus for the day was staying with our opponent, holding our position and increasing our use of voice. The kids have been training for these fundamentals all month and it was great to see them on display on the field.

The undermanned Carro Springs outfit showed a little more endeavour in the initial quarter and it took a couple of early goals to kick our team into gear. But when they did it was a pleasure to watch, Cassius became a tacking machine, Allan and Eli Andrews started to throw their collective weight around, and we started to get back on top with late goals prior to the quarter time break.

 The second quarter was tougher against the wind but our midfield held their own with Arty, Charlie in the ruck and Justin driving the ball forward and Jackson Rose fighting hard with Charlie to hold the ball in. Jackson was rewarded with a strong goal and Arty also snagged a couple of goals. Mrinal was proving a valuable asset at centre half forward and took many lead out marks.

The boys saved their best footy for the third quarter, Hugo N showed some class kicking a great goal on the run and Arlo controlled the midfield with nothing being let through. Our full backline led by Nathaniel and Hugo White ensured nothing passed the fifty meter arc and we only conceded one goal for the quarter, a great effort.

Carro Springs had a strong wind at their backs for the last quarter and flooded their forward line with players which proved difficult to stem the flow of goals. Jackson Z fought and tackled hard and Olly also battled hard on half back to keep the scoring to a minimum.

The pleasing part is that the team are playing consistent footy and doing everything that their coach asks of them. It’s great to see the ongoing development of all our players with special mentions this week to Mrinal who is proving to be a gun half forward, Jackson Z who played a solid game and Jackson Rose who was the captain and rooster of the week this week.

Thanks again for all the support and look forward to St Bernard’s next week. Special thanks to my little brother Dan who got stitched up thinking he had the goal umpire job only to discover he’d been nominated for the central umpire gig!


Under 12 Girls Vs Point Cook Centrals

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Under 12 As Vs St Bernards

If you would like to read a game report for your team please help your coach by offering to write one

Under 12 Bs Vs Werribee Centrals

Windy and chilly is the only way to describe the conditions confronting our chargers as we headed out to face the only opposition we had yet to come up against – Werribee Centrals.


Ash encouraged our players ahead of the first bounce and made it very clear that the team who was “tougher for longer” would likely get the points – I’m not too sure if he did, but I would have included the weather in that equation.


The ball was bounced and immediately a pack descended and so it would remain for most of the quarter – tight in the clinches – with open running play hard to get.


We were kicking with the wind and with it at our backs the ball spent the first half of the quarter in our forward line.


Mitchell was had some important touches rebounding the ball into our fifty and Clara was at the bottom of most packs, with Miles not far away.


Diego contributed well, trying to get the ball on a string to go for a run.  Eli was blocked off the ball which prevented him from having a red hot go at the goals.


And with a sensational piece of team play we were able to transition the ball from centre wing on the far side of the ground, across the middle, and deep into our fifty as Mitchell, Miles and Louis linked up with expert marking and kicking.


And with ball still spending almost every moment in our half of the ground we were finally rewarded for our effort with Eli banging one through the big sticks.


Aiden was hard at it, trying to win numerous contested balls, Oscar H with a new lease on football life found himself under a big pack and was able to get it out to advantage.


Lenny put his hand up to have a go and Jordan was more than solid across half back.  Both Riley and Oliver took important marks at half back and on the wing respectively – the later a really ripping grab.


Despite the Roosters efforts, Werribee we able to get a goal into the wind and the remainder of the quarter saw tackling pressure from our team like we had not seen before


And as Billy was on track with the ball the siren sounded to end the first term.


Quarter time score: Roosters 1.0-6 // Werribee Centrals 1.1-7



Our campaign in the second quarter started with several strong tackles by Stephen, a recurring theme for the day.  And kicking with the wind the opposition managed to score a goal early on.


Eli was making his mark on the game, Riley was trying hard in the ruck, Miles marked for us at half back and Oscar H again was found at the bottom of the pack.


Griff continued to have a big influence on the game keeping the ball away from his opponents and running the ball forward.  Finn laid a trademark tackle, and Alex stepped up to the plate with an important block which let his teammates get the ball and send it into our fifty.


Kai and Wes combined to stop another Werribee forward thrust, Griff took a great mark and Stephen made another tackle.  Braydon gathered the ball in the centre and went for a canter, which was followed by great teamwork with a handball link up across the wing.


Werribee made the most of their opportunities and goaled – their second for the quarter, and at the next centre bounce Louis was able to get the ball out quickly to our advantage.  Eli rode a bump and Clara again featured with a strong mark in the centre of the ground.


Half time score: Roosters 1.0-6 // Werribee Centrals 3.3-21


The third quarter started with drama – rumours circulated that a Werribee player had ‘metal’ studs which may have explained a few marks on some of our players.  The umpires dutifully called the opposition squad together and checked every boot and in the end gave Werribee the all clear.


Werribee was first into their fifty – kicking against the wind, but Mitchell was on hand to drive the ball back our way and not long after Jordan brought his opponent to the ground with a big tackle.


Griff went for a stroll from half forward down to the back line and immediately got his hands on the ball and Luca took a masterful mark on the last line of defence.


The ball flipped between the fifty arcs of each team and our players were fighting hard in the packs and bombing it long when they got the chance.  Our tackling pressure never dissipated with Stephen, Finn, and Clara again taking the lead.


The ball became stuck in our back pocket with attempt after attempt by our Roosters to get it forward.  Aiden was valiant in keeping Werribee at bay the back pocket.


Finally, with the ball close to our goal, Kai was able to get it to Griff who from twenty meters out popped it home. 


Alex scrambled again for the ball and almost got it through the big sticks.


By quarter’s end we had kept Werribee scoreless and got one back ourselves. 


Three quarter time score: Roosters 2.0-12 // Werribee Centrals 3.3-21


Efe started the final stanza well combining a teammate to keep ball in goal kicking distance.


Several Roosters found themselves at the bottom of the pack, including Riley who takes no prisoners when the ball is up for grabs.


And with the wind, our opposition, was able to score a number of goals during the term.


Boris was in the thick of it as the ball moved through the centre, with Griff, Riley, and Stephen all trying their very best to win the ball and get it to advantage.  Clara smothered the ball with the sound of the slap reverberating around the ground, and Iggy did his best to harass and worry Werribee.


Alex took a great intercept mark, but soon Werribee was able to goal even after a bone crunching Griff tackle.


With the ball spending more and more time within goal kicking range for our opponents Stephen continued his mighty efforts to stop them – sending his tackle count into double digits.


The Roosters managed to run it down the wing to our advantage, with Diego having some important late touches to keep us in the hunt.


Jordan was able to kick a tremendous goal late in the quarter, and as Wes continued to try hard for his team the siren sounded to bring the game to a close.


A strong effort by the Roosters in trying conditions and against a very good opposition.


Final time score: Roosters 3.0-18 // Werribee Centrals 6.3-39

Under 14 As Vs Williamstown Juniors

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Under 14 Bs Vs Hoppers Crossing

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Under 15 Girls Vs 

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