Round 8 Newsletter

Hi Folks below are all our Match Reports for Round 8. Scroll down to find your team’s report.

We have now made writing these reports optional for our coaches as like everyone, they have a busy life and they are all volunteers. We invite our parents and/or players to write a game report themselves and we will post those here that week. These don’t need to be long, just a brief description of the game is enough. Send to our club email at by Wednesday midday to be sure they get posted.

Thanks to our coaches who have found time to write these reports again this week.

Under 9 Blues Vs St Albans


Friday Night – Mud and Lights


I just love the Friday night games – it’s the one that all the water cooler conversations are about during the week.

My workmates were introduced to the infectious Junior Footy fever that our ‘Big Stage’ game presented.  How were we going to put all my excitement onto the field? Were the Players as excited as me??

Captains :

Arthur – Constantly in the ‘Right’ position and shows good skill and decision making

Harvey Howe – uses his speed, skill and good team play to our advantage.


After a brief and low key training session, I took the opportunity to have a mid-season review.

The Players all recalled to me our Team ethics of Fun, Teamwork, Improving and Respect, that we first talked about prior to game 1.  The Players also were able to tell me the methods of play – move, share, positioning and the mantras that I am constantly into them about, which was really rewarding to hear.

This Team really is starting to ‘get it’ and play well.  They are appreciating each players contribution to the Team and enjoying the game.  I have had a few chats to Parents of late and the message I’m getting back is that their Player is loving the whole footy ‘thing’.  I am one of those Parents too.


To the game;

The wet weather prevented our mid-week training (at late notice – sorry all) and the West Footscray PS kids had a Teacher-doing-stuff day off.  With our disrupted and a short 5 day break, were the Players heads going to be in the game?

Siren – tap, kick – mark Brayden, Jack, Harv H, and a scrabble GOAL to Fletcher indicated we were in fact ‘on’.

Quickly it became apparent that our team play and skills repeatedly were to allow us to have opportunities at our attacking end.

I am not going to go play-by-play in this match report, but instead I would like to say the things I was most impressed with.

Through the midfield, we trusted our players to get the ball.  We then shared the ball well and found a loose option that had time to look and kick.

In the first half our defence (esp Arthur/ Harrison/ Zoe/ Jacob) held a good ground position a kick or two behind the play – nothing got past them.

Midfield ball getters Ryder, Tiger and Maverick fed the ball out to our fast legs Natalie, Harv H and Cooper, with Hamish, Ben, Harrison and James providing the link up plays.  Nico was clearly enjoying being back in the Team – getting touches on the ball all plenty of mud on himself.  Angus showed great intent in getting and using the ball.

This all lead to our forwards having plenty of opportunities.

By Quarter Time our good play had 3 Goals on the board – the 1st to Fletcher and 2 after that to Jack.

To keep focus, I asked the players to re-start each quarter as it was still nil-all.

It was becoming clear that our St Albans was struggling to meet our Players intent at the ball and then our Team play to move the ball forward.

Our forwards were again getting plenty of opportunity and added another 3 goals in the 2nd Term – one apiece to Jack, Fletcher and Logan.

Half Time and the magnets move.  Some of our defence, who hadn’t had much to do, got to move towards the action.

Different Players in different Role – but the outcome was much the same.

Our intent at the ball and the spreading it out to loose players was excellent.

We did crowd up in attack, as everyone wanted a bit of the action, but we still managed to keep scoring.

Harvey W worked his way forward for a GOAL! – twice

Arthur marked a kick in – took his shot and kicked truly – GOAL!

And Maverick cashed in on his hard running for a GOAL!

In the Final term;

Hamish found himself Goalside with the ball and kicked a GOAL!

Natalie burst forward of the pack for her 1st Rooster GOAL!

Maverick got another GOAL!

Ben marked on a lead, steadied for a set-shot GOAL! – his 1st for this season.


Wow – what an effort.  What a reward for effort.

During the game, the St Albans Assistant Coach commented to me that ‘ this is a pretty good Team’.

Today I definitely thought so too.

Two similar bits of play which I was most impressed with was a move out of the middle, kick to a lead (mark) – kick to a lead (mark) – for a shot on Goal – well I wished the Bulldogs  (or Dockers) would do that!!

Enjoy this weekend off.

I will be trying to keep a lid on our Teams assumed expectations for the upcoming games – they will not be as one sided as this one.


Special Mentions;

Every player played FANTASTIC


Natalie – 1st Roosters Goal

Ben – 1st Goal this season

Fletcher -2, Jack – 2, Harvey W – 2, Maverick -2

Arthur, Hamish, Logan – 1 each

Roosters of the Week:

  • Harrison : across many games has shown great teamwork and effort
  • Ryder : for getting in amongst it and being our muddiest player.


Thankyou to all our Team helpers – none of this happens without all the positions covered.

Chris – thanks for your notes there was a lot to take in through this game. 

Unfortunately, my camera didn’t work well during this game so I am not able to add to the Team App photos this week.


See you at training.




Under 9 Reds Vs Point Cook

Second half of the season now and the Roosters hosted Point Cook this weekend in our return game.  Compared with the mid-week weather Sunday morning was really quite nice.  The cricket wicket mud wasn’t even too bad after all the rain.  Claire and Richard have the morning tasks all in hand and we had plenty of time for as warm welcome to our newest teammate – Oscar.  Captains today were Arlo and Eli – two young Roosters who proudly led the team out and won the toss.

Despite a few pre-game nerves the team began the game really strongly.  Hugo presented well up forward holding a mark.  Lachie was in the action early grabbing the ball from packs and Charlie was a handful for Point Cook from the middle then finished things off with a classy first goal to the Roosters.  Eamon and Tom Mitchell both played well on the wings and kicked it forward.  Zach found space deep forward and slotted a goal also.  Noah was controlling the half back line whenever needed but unfortunately limped off at the end of the quarter.  The Roosters had started fantastically well all around the ground.

Point Cook might have been surprised by our start but they did respond after the break.  Fortunately we had Tom Mulcahy and Enrique as our pillars in defence and I don’t think a single goal was allowed.  Our midfield rotations worked tirelessly with a great quarter by Carl in ruck, Eden running hard one wing, and Bill became a tackling machine on his wing.  The Rooster did move into attack and lots of forward pressure by Otis and Tom W gave us multiple opportunities until the ball finished with Zach who popped through another from close range, then quickly returned to the back line.

A few messages were given at half time until the oranges arrived – who knew how good oranges can be.  The Roosters were keen to get back on with the game.  Oliver gave plenty of drive from the middle. Thomas E. was in the packs and Oscar was getting a feel of the game now.  Zeph continued to run all game and rack up the possessions.  Tom Mulcahy plays with a lot of energy and his long kick had enough on it to roll through for another Roosters goal.  Point Cook did start to even up the score board and it was an exciting game to watch.  Paddy keeps the excitement going with his high octane style and mullet hair shaking like a mane as he tackles like a lion.

Final quarter and new positions again. The players do a great job adjusting their game to new positions each quarter and it is starting to show how they understand their role anywhere on the ground.  Bodee is a great example of this as he happily took over fullback, and he was strongly supported by Arlo and Eli when Point Cook continued to press.  The Roosters kept running hard each way as the ball moved up and down the ground but we couldn’t convert any chances in the end.

We didn’t see the speedy Point Cook players from Round 1.  Maybe they were missing a couple but I think our tackling pressure around the ball and attention to defending opponents has improved a lot.  Well played Roosters.  Enjoy the long weekend off and keep practicing your skills ready for our next game.





Under 14 As Vs Williamstown Juniors

Through a ‘quirk’ in the re-grading, our Roosters under 14A’s had lost just one game but found themselves in fifth place on the ladder a couple of weeks ago, with a reasonably handy percentage of 353…(!!). Recent wins against elevated sides St Albans and Williamstown meant today’s game saw second-placed Werribee Centrals playing third-placed Cock-a-doodle-do. The boys and coaches knew Werribee had taken it right up to competition heavy-weights Hoppers Crossing.


Pre-game, coaches Andrew and Chris were again clear with their instructions to each player and as a team. The boys are locked-on when the coaches are speaking, which is great to see. We had a team goal of five holding-the-ball decisions in the first term.


Werribee jumped out of the blocks, going two goals up with quick midfield clearances and a dangerous forward line. #21, #8 and #9 in particular were causing headaches and finding open space. Soc goaled late in the term after a rare forward entry, relieving some pressure. Henry had an enormous quarter and game. His repeat efforts are commendable – a desire to keep hunting after the ball and driving it back in to our attack. Werribee set up very well behind the ball throughout the game. #25, #20 and #50 were all very good larger defenders who could kick the ball a long way. Our running game would be key to getting it through their defence.


Diesel was moved in to the middle at the start of the second quarter, and immediately lit up Shorten with key clearances and searing runs. Aaron and Hamish are getting better and better in the ruck and as mobile big men. The both took key marks and kicked or handpassed the ball well, and contested fiercely. Hamish even copped a nasty blow to the nose from his ruck opponent, but managed to play on. They certainly covered Daniel’s absence, who was home sick in bed.

Both Frank and Mickey were very good off half back, spoiling, making good decisions and kicking the ball well after hard contests. Isaac C had what I think was his best game for the season – not that I’ve seen them all. He nullified his opponent on most occasions, used the golden fist well, read the play and competed hard.

Weston has some rare skills, including picking the ball up like grease lightning and slotting a goal on his left from deep in the scoreboard pocket. It was desperately needed, and a real team lifter. We kicked one more goal and kept the opposition scoreless, taking a narrow 8-point lead in to the main break. Your faithful match reporter was nursing the old man’s injury of a tweaked calf after running the boundary. In my defence, it was a hectic game with a lot of quick play back and forth.


Werribee responded early in the third with two quick goals from their number 9 who was left alone ‘out the back’ to run in for easy goals. This coincided with an injury to Diesel. We certainly miss his dash and determination when he’s not on the ground. But as soon as Werribee hit the front we managed a quick reply, thanks to some more Henry desperation and a kick off the ground by Cooper. Then came the moment that I think changed the momentum. Werribee were using the slight breeze, and were streaming in to the forward 50 for a likely goal. Blake read the situation and laid a huge smother on the kick from the 50. It spilled eventually to Soc who, for one of the rare times today, found himself in space in the middle. He streamed forward and kicked brilliantly to Diesel, who then went on to slot the goal. I got a bit excited at this point, seeing our full-back set up a team lifting goal.


Werribee were a well-matched opposition, and they contested very hard, but it was a bit of a case of our players working their way in to the game. After the first quarter Samuel was able to free up for that roaming half back role that he plays very well. Many times he took the ball and streamed through or away from a pack of players to kick long and direct. Jack, Leroy, Kadin and Jonathan all got better as the game went on. Jonathan and Weston have footy smarts in spades, and we wish them well in interleague this weekend, along with Jack, Kadin, Socrates, Diesel and Samuel. Jack and Leroy played a lot of the game as high half-forwards, and had their work cut out against tenacious opponents. But they stuck to it. Again, their tackling efforts on much larger opponents were a sight to behold, and had a huge influence on the outcome. Juma and Mitchell (#20) competed hard all day, and were rewarded in setting up a goal in the third quarter.


A few weeks ago against Caroline Springs, Diesel played one of the great final quarters of footy. Today it was Soc (or “shoe”. It was reminiscent of the Greek god Koutoufidis from ‘99. He took huge marks, contested hard, kicked two or three goals (including a dribbler from Weston’s pocket – trying explaining that sentence to the uninitiated…), and ensured the Roosters would come away with a 25-point victory. The ferocious stormy winds, reminiscent at one point of tornado alley in the US of A, didn’t hurt our cause either.


We had very good bench cover today, with Xavier Lacey, Zac Johnson and Sean Lopez all allowing our on-ballers to have a crucial rest.


One suspects we could well encounter Werribee Centrals in the finals later in the season. But for now, this was a hard fought win to savour, and the song was sung with gusto in the Shorten sheds. Check the rendition out on the Roosters facebook page. And the Fitcher clan will be happy, too – everyone’s favourite runner, Lenny, took home the Slice Girls Pizza voucher.


Goals: Socrates M (3), Jonathan S, Cooper T, Weston B, Diesel L (1 each)


Best (from WRFL website): Henry L, Diesel L, Mickey D, Samuel H, Socrates M, Aaron M.


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