Round 8 – Away to Yarraville-Seddon Eagles


We had a later start this morning at Yarraville Oval on Williamstown Rd

  • Later than planned for some with parking a block away (not in the locked off and empty carpark), busy Williamstown Rd traffic and confusion based on this Teams name.

We got through this all and had close to a full squad today.

Captains for the day were Arlo S-T – maintaining strong efforts while improving his ball skills, and Jake – who has looked to improve his Teamwork while gathering strong possession numbers each week.


The Eagles coach mentioned to me that they had a few second year players within their team and they. Were having some good form overall this year.


1st Quarter;

Our Roosters and our volunteers (Cathy and Paul as Goal and Field umpires) took their positions.

We were kicking to the Skate Park end – and that is where it headed from the first bounce.

The ball made its way to Oscar inn our forward line , who had a snap at goal – that went wide.  But it was a positive start.

Griffin excited with a spin out of an attempted tackle, Jake (C) made a great smother.

Jacob laid a strong tackle, Oscar took another great mark.

In a great chain of possession – Hugo had a clearing kick out of the centre, Arlo S-T (C) won a free kick for in-the-back, his kick was marked by Malik just outside the goal-square.  His kick fell a bit short and was marked within the flock of Eagles.

We dominated the quarter with possession and field position.  Arlo S-T (C) was unlucky with our best scoring chance as he resisted soccering off the ground, but was then run down and tackled when he took possession of the ball.


2nd Quarter;

The Eagles got the jump on us at the start of this quarter (was there a goal scoring end at this ground?) Cathy’s flag waving drew some impressed comments from our spectators.

We were also impressed with our pressure near the ball – Efe and Mitchell were setting the standards.

We had some strong and courageous marks by  Jake (C) and a classy float-across-the-front-of-the-pack mark by Griffin.

We were providing a good contest over the ground and had the ball up our scoring end as the ½ time bell (?) rang.

(Further comments entered by our scribes on the increasing confidence and expressiveness of our Goal Umpire Flag waving)

We done Paul in a fair and even umpiring effort.


As we got some citrus energy into us and discussed what was going well and what to improve – we received some insider information.  An Adult Rooster infiltrated the Eagles nest!

“I can tell you that they are concerned about us, they consider us a threat” – well done Adam, you have earned your Rooster feathers.


3rd Quarter;

The second became an end-to-end game, continuing a very even game.

(Though I did feel that umpiring calls were not as even as our Paul’s decisions)

Jacob kicked deep towards our goals, Jake (C) and Felix gang tackled, Efe laid his own tackles. Kai met the ball front on and didn’t let it past him, Nathaniel tried to knock the ball to our advantage under pressure.

Oscar pumped the ball back into our attacking 50.

Felix finally got space to get a good pass away, as did Mrinal.

Alan and Malik continued our tackling pressure.

Griffin stopped an Eagle in his tracks with a great tackle – and was having none of the pushing that resulted from the Eagle on his back.

Hadi was gaining us ground (as he always does) in close before getting off his handballs.

Hugo finished the quarter with the a good mark.


4th Quarter;

The game was close on the field, with a couple of goals lead to the Eagles on the scoreboard.

Hadi won himself some free kicks, Arlo S-T made a valiant effort in stopping a goal.

Efe had a good kick out of our defensive pocket, Kai contributing all over the ground.

Mitchell laid a good tackle and won a free kick, Arlo M had a good kick out on the wing.

Mrinal kicked the ball well, along the boundary in defence.

Eli took a great mark, Sophia got the ball out of the pack and Alex had repeated defensive efforts in our defensive pocket..


A couple of junk—time goals were scored by the Eagles – as our Roosters eventually tired from their huge efforts today.

We are close to winning one of these games – against an experienced team.


Special Mentions;

Heartland Award – Hadi El-hodr for showing drive and determination to get the ball going our way.

Jake Miller (C) raised. His game and improved his Teamwork.

Arlo S-T (C) had his most complete game and was unlucky t to get his goal.



Monique – for getting us set up before you went out.

Cathy –  obviously enjoyed the flag waving

Paul – you were fair an consistent with your field umpiring.

Water carriers. –  I’m glad you enjoyed being closer to the action .

All our other volunteers

Scribes – your notes and input really do help (you notice things don’t)

Paparazzi- I look forward to seeing your photos.


To work on next week;

Spread when we have the ball

Move the ball quickly.



I thoroughly enjoyed the effort,  the contest and our progress today.

See you at training (Wednesday only this week and a weekend off also)




WEST FOOTSCRAY ROOSTERS – Under 9 Reds vs. Sunshine – Round Eight – 4/6/17.

Good Evening Sports Fans.

It would be a cold start! Icy windows greeted all and sundry as The Little Red Roosters were back on the road again with the Niner’s bus rolling down Ballarat rd. for a date with the Sunshine Kangaroo’s. For those of you who followed us last year you would have remembered that the Niner’s played in an historic night match under Friday Night Lights against a previously undefeated Kangas in our last game of the season. The Niner’s would prevail by the slimmest of margins that night so we were expecting a tight, contested game and more than likely a little bit of revenge for ruining what could have been a perfect season for them. Local folklore would suggest that Sunshine has a heavy rep but the ground could not have been more picture perfect and bathed in glorious winter sun.  The words “Lock Up” crudely painted on the away rooms door would suggest otherwise though and I wondered what was in store.

Today would see the full squad together for the very first time; 25 uncaged Roosters intent on reversing last weeks defeat. So intent in fact, that we were all out on the ground before we had even sighted a single kangaroo. They seemed to be taking their time…. my mind started to wander. Were they all in the change rooms plotting our down fall for last years blight on their record…… yes, yes, they must be….Oh, wait here they come.

Todays Captains would be Jackson and Max, we lost the toss and we were kicking to the right. And that is where the ball went, to the right, again and again and again. Archie would snap the first. Jami got on the end of a beautiful pass from Howe Diddy to mark and kick the second. Harry would rove and snap the third. Three great goals married with six great behinds! It was quite a dominant display. Max ‘more than a’ Phelan ruled the midfield, dodging and weaving in what is becoming his trademark. Jackson, Jack P and Iggy were all taking care of business. Archer is really starting to find his feet and getting his hands on it too. The Kangas were good enough to stem the tide for one of their own, but found themselves a few behind at quarter time.

Our game plan is a fairly simple one. Hit the scoreboard hard early and then try and sustain the heat as we get some midfield experience into our younger Roosters. Each week our youngest bantams tough it out and each week they get a little bit better. Dylan found himself amongst it in the second and third and copped and old fashioned finger breaker in a marking attempt. Clearly distressed he shook it off but stayed on. Well done mate! This spirit typifies our young Roosters. Riley had rucking duties and had another tough game; Oscar was on the ball as was Lace up Lacey who was rotating in the midfield with Oliver. Aiden was showing his flair as was Clara and Dasher as his apt nickname would suggest was doing what he does best. Louis had a cracker in the middle, regularly going for a run and driving the ball forward, always looking for teammates to pass to. He would go on to win the Heartland for his performance today and rightly so. Luca had a ripper at full back and was on the line to mark what could have been an easy goal for them and sent the ball back to where it came from. Not only a great effort but thanks for listening mate!! In a carbon copy of last week though, the Kangas would pile on five but pleasingly, we managed to peg back a couple. Jack G kicked one out of goal square congestion and Howe Diddy’s class shone through when he marked and goaled from a set shot, which left us a point shy at the main break. Well done Niner’s, a very even half of footy.

The déjà vu would continue in the third, with the Roosters shutting down the Kangas just as they did last week in what is becoming the “third quarter grind”. Neither team took control however both managed to kick one each.  Ours came from the boot of Diesel with a banana from the boundary if you don’t mind! It even got praise from my opposite coach who cheered as it went through!  Theirs was fortuitous as Raz was unlucky when he slipped over when he scrambled back to get a loose ball which ambled through. Scores would be level at the last break.

The simple game plan continued in the last with some experience back in the engine room. Last week we were wasteful in front of goals and fell short, I was hoping that the trend would not continue. Once again we were dominant and did not let the Kangas passed centre half forward. Howe Diddy, Dasher and Captain Max swept the half back line to gleaming shine and left no trace of any forward entries. Archie layed two great smothers and took a nice contested grab. Rylan took control in the ruck, Abby and Iggy ruled the wings. Dozer copped a nasty bump that flipped him over and twisted his knee but just like Dylan earlier, he shook it off and continued with his game. Clara and Otto were creating good forward pressure which was just enough for Harry to kick his second goal of the game which put us in front. A couple more behinds would be all we needed for another tough it out game of footy. We got back the eight points we lost last week but I would love to know what we could do if we took our time and kicked a bit straighter! Congratulations to Clara for being our first “Rooster of the Week” as she continues on with her breakout season. Well done Mullaly’s for taking home both of the awards today.

We all get this week off as we honour the Queen and her contribution to Australian Rules Football. Thanks Queenie!

Special thanks to Brad for tending to the wounded, busy day mate, and to everyone who filled the volunteered roles, and to those who cheered us on away from home, we can’t do this without you, it is most appreciated.

Richie and Kane.




Who remembers the movie Spotswood?


This 1992 flick exploring the working conditions in a 1960s moccasin factory had nothing on the drama that unfolded at McLean Reserve on Sunday morning.


The day began ominously with the first appearance of windscreen frost for the year.  It was freezing.  Sunny, but freezing.  The mid-season lull hit hard and there were 4 late withdrawals from the side, leaving us with 18 and no interchange.


At 8.15 Des led the side out for the warm-up onto ice-encrusted grass.  Or should I say half the side.  The other half stayed inside with jackets on, declaring it was “too cold to warm up”.  I considered launching into a lecture on thermodynamics and its relationship to exercise physiology, but instead opted for my best mum-of-boys ‘glare and point’.  Outside, Des did his best to corral the troops and gee up some enthusiasm for the battle ahead.


As the siren sounded to begin the game it was obvious the boys from Spotty had set their alarms a little earlier than ours and they were ready and raring to go.  Our boys were jumped early and before we knew it Spotswood were several goals up.  This set the tone for the rest of the game where we worked hard to catch up but just couldn’t quite get there, and once Spotty had a taste of revenge from their Round 1 loss, they ran away with it.


I don’t really want to say much about this game, for a couple of reasons.  Mainly, I was distracted for most of it and couldn’t take in most of the play.  That which I did see was very chaotic and not always pleasant to watch.  If anyone who was there wants to add more by way of individual highlights please feel free to do so in the comments section.  But I want to say this.


Kiir won the heartland award for his lion-hearted courage and fierce determination, as well as his absolute commitment to back up his team-mates.  It was thoroughly deserved.  But it also sums up the way our boys approached the game.  Although slow to get started, once they did they worked extremely hard, tackled ferociously, chased down every ball and looked after each other.  Forget the scoreboard, they played as a team with the strong desire to play for one another and their coach.  There’s a reason there is no official score in Under 10s, no ladder, no best and fairest, no statistical analysis.  It’s because the aim of junior football is to develop in our children sportsmanship and a sense of hard work and fair play.  Our boys showed they had this in spades.


This crew have all worked extremely hard at training and for 8 games – and in that I include Des and all our parents who have chipped in to help.  We’ve all earned a week off to rest and recharge the batteries.









Theories abound as to the effect of a bye on football teams. Some say the break helps players to freshen up, whilst others believe it is often the cause of a loss directly after one. Opinions are split 50/50, as are the results of teams in this situation. My point is that if you are considering doing your thesis on this topic, you would be best to find another topic for a number of reasons. The most notable being that your research would have zero benefit to mankind. In fact I only raised the theory to pad out the opening of this match report. You should write your thesis on why I would bother doing that.


As you may or may not be aware, the Under 11 Roosters were coming off a bye. We would have a full squad to choose from with the exception of Aleks. Big shoes to fill down back against an opponent we knew very little about other than the fact they sat fourth on the ladder. They must be alright. It was a momentous occasion for the 11s as one of their own would be the first to the prestigious 50 game club. Murphy had pipped a couple of his team mates to the milestone by a week and was rewarded with the captaincy. A second captain was needed. “Who hasn’t done it yet”? All of them apparently! Nice try boys. Elijah Moon got the nod. Last minute instructions were given and players in new unfamiliar roles were given encouragement.  You’re all guns! You’ve so got this! Late arrivals were banished to the pine. Be warned parents! They won’t complain to me about it for the rest of the weekend!


The ump tossed it up and we were away. Yash is being trialled in the ruck and won the first tap. Nice start Yash. The opening few minutes were a bit of a see-sawing affair with both sides trying to gain the ascendency. Weston was in everything as per usual. Jack was looking assured around the packs unlike his attempts to put on his elastic headband pre-game. Cooper had the job at centre half back in the absence of Aleks and was mopping up everything that came his way. The magnetic lure of the football was thwarting our plan to use the width of and space available to exploit our opponents. Having said that, our link up play was warming up and it wouldn’t be long until we nailed one. Jack would be the first to score a major. Flemington had their moments though. They managed several forward raids. These were snuffed out with some fine defensive work. Aaron has been locked in at full back for the rest of the year. He took marks and cleared the ball well. Looks like we got that right. Samuel was outstanding down back. His attack on the ball was first class and willingness to shepherd for his team mates was brilliant. Xavier tackled hard and slowed Flemington down. Zach did likewise. These two have been awesome this year. Tito was busy down back as well. Try as they might, Flemington could only manage three behinds as we began to clear the ball with a little more ease. When we did get it out we were moving it quicker now. Yash was competing brilliantly in the ruck, but also giving us lots of run when we had it playing as a midfielder when the ball it the ground. Late in the first a long kick to our goal square would clear the pack where Murphy was waiting. He’s pretty handy around the goals and was never going to miss this opportunity. Bang! A goal in his 50th and 17 pats on the head to go with it!


Quarter time Flemington 0.3.3 West Footscray 2.1.13


The team plan was reinforced at the break and a few tweaks and observations passed to the Roosters. Kadin was on the wing now as had been planned all week. He had his reservations about it. We didn’t! Felix was injected into the midfield to add some pace and zip. From the first bounce it was apparent to all at the ground that they had listened and were keen to implement the instructions. We were red hot! Felix was a machine. Winning the ball constantly and tackling like a maniac when he didn’t have it. Christian was flying down his wing. He knows when to take off and constantly had the ball in space. Kadin was dominating his wing. He had just as much time and space and was devastating with the ball in hand. He continually got on the end of Weston’s hard work and drove it forward. It didn’t take long for Jack to snag his second of the day. Not long after Murphy ran onto the pill at top speed with time and space to burn. That only results in one thing folks. His second of the day. Flemington couldn’t get beyond their 50. Frank was playing his finest game yet on half back. He cleared it countless times. Leroy had the other flank covered and did likewise. Vinh was awesome in tight and fed his team mates with quick, precise hand balls. The running game we wanted was really starting to click. Christian was a big part of this. His run down the left wing was rewarded with a goal after some fine team play and a beautiful kick on the run. Nathaniel and Elijah Moon were proving to be big targets down forward. They attracted the ball constantly. Sean was leading nicely and creating options. Angus almost clunked a beauty. Mickey was working his butt off down forward. He moves nicely. A great lead with clean hands. This worried his opponent and drew a free kick. After missing one in the previous game from an identical spot Mickey might have been nervous. You wouldn’t know it though as he calmly slotted his first and our fourth of the term. Great football Roosters.


Half Time Flemington 2.3.15 West Footscray 6.2.38


It’s hard to know whether these boys really like oranges or would prefer not to hear me talk. The oranges were certainly their number one priority at the long break. Eventually we ran out of oranges and I could talk to them. A few more subtle tweaks were all that were needed so it was probably a good thing we had loads of oranges. Yash was still killing it in the ruck. Weston must have had thirty touches by now. We can’t say for sure as his old man was doing the water today and most likely unable to count them. Weston continually fed his team mates possessions. Kadin was playing the game of his life. Dancing through traffic and always taking the right option. (Who hates the wing now mate?). Frank was a machine and kick started the play of the day which saw the ball fly down our wing through a chain of handballs and kicks. It quickly found itself just in front of Murphy and his opponent in what loomed as a battle of leg speed. Murphy torched him, gathered the ball and delivered an absolute bullet to Mickey who had led perfectly toward him. Mickey launched horizontally and grabbed the rocket pass as if his hinds were covered in honey. He went back and snagged his second. We now had total control of the game. Flemington had dropped and extra defender back to stem the flow, but this had little effect. It probably backfired, as it left Frank to do as he pleased at half back. It pleased Frank to win the ball and pump it forward again! Samuel was continuing his outstanding day down back. He was impassable. Cooper continued to deliver the ball safely into his fellow Roosters hands. Christian was flying. Vinh was a wall. Felix looked dangerous down forward. Jack was playing a blinder and his hard running would result in his third of the game. He doesn’t miss too many. Felix was everywhere. His feverish assault on the ball was awesome. He too would get a goal and would celebrate with a “dab”.  A great quarter and a real team effort.


3 quarter time Flemington 2.4.16 West Footscray 9.3.57


The game was safely in the bag at 3 quarter time. Our ladder is tight and percentage will be crucial leading into the finals. I asked for four goals in the last. Jack decided it should be 8. Who am I to argue? It wasn’t long to wait before they got their first. Felix was back in the middle and continuing his brilliant game. Felix likes a goal likes a goal and bagged his second early in the last. He also notched his second dab of the game. A club imposed sanction awaits! The resistance from Flemington was fading fast. Our ball movement had worn them down and now was barely impeded. Nathaniel has embraced his role at full forward. He has strength and size on his side and is an obvious target for the long kick forward. His defender was worried by this and gave away a free kick. Nathaniel doesn’t miss too often and slotted his first for the day. Elijah Moon was attracting plenty of the ball as well in the pocket. His movement and use of the available space was great. Sasmitha was looking pretty lively as well. His shot at goal on the run looked certain to go in, only to be stopped right on the line. Murphy was full of beans still. His speed and movement saw him continue to get plenty of it. Jack was still flying as well. He collected his fourth of the day midway through the last. 8 goals looked a real possibility for the term. Kadin joined in the party soon after with a silky finish. His first of the day and much deserved. Yash didn’t look tired at all after an entire game in the middle. His ruck work was great, his  ground work and effort even greater. The ball lived in our forward half of the ground. Our boys were constantly driving it forward. We would ultimately fall short of the 8 goals Jack wanted for the team. He would however get his fifth of the game and our fifth of the term. This proves two things. Jack played a brilliant game and I’m a far better judge of our team’s capabilities than he is!


Full Time Flemington 2.5.17 West Footscray 14.4.88


A great effort by my Under 11 boys. Every single one of you did your job and did it well. You played the way Andrew and I want you to play. Your run, team play and use of space was brilliant. This will only get better in the coming games as we better come to grips with the plan. I know I’ve told you a hundred times but……………………. If we get his right, I am yet to see a team that we aren’t capable of beating. That’s an exciting prospect for us. I am also certain that with a little bit more polish and the effort you displayed on Sunday I will ultimately be proved right.




Round 8 v Hoppers Crossing


Making the trip down the highway with less than a full complement to Hogan’s Road presented a number of challenges – where Hogan’s Road actually is, was probably the biggest. After a few late arrivals, we took the field with 17.  Hoppers obliged and took the field with 17 also.  Henry was our skipper today – and what a leader he turned out to be! Waltzing off with the Heartland was just reward for a boy on the lemon teas in the morning who became a running machine in the afternoon (is anyone surprised?).  Hoppers got the jump scoring a goal within a minute courtesy of an easy clearance and a couple of uncontested marks – something that was highlighted at the quarter time interval.  Not to be outdone, the Rooster juggernaut clicked into 2nd gear (only 2nd – due to the fact we kicked 5 behinds before registering our first goal).  A little bit of selfish footy and a refusal to open the vision being the root cause.  However, this proved to be temporary as Kailey, together with Juma, Daniel and Jonathon rolled up their sleeves in the middle and force fed Soc and Diesel to such an extent, it was almost impossible not to register a few majors.  Liam, bobbing up with Samuel and Bailey caused all sorts of grief for the 7-man defensive line of our hosts.  Henry and Isaac C had it all their own way on the wing and when the first quarter had ended, normal transmission had resumed.


The second quarter saw the usual magnet shuffle with Lenny and Lachie up around the footy, Zidane giving Kailey a breather and Ben given an opportunity to continue his development as a tall, running wingman. Our defenders got themselves sorted out – Luis, Nav (until he moved up into the middle) and Samuel had the opportunity to make their mark.  The creative play coming out of half back and through our midfield is really something to admire.  Apart from a few little fumbles, time and time again the Red and Whites pumped the footy forward.  Credit to the mids and half forwards for allowing the forward line first crack at setting up our scoring shots.  The boys have been told that we need to shoot from the corridor – and the willingness to bring the ball back into the top of the square was rewarded time and time again with West taking a healthy lead into the half time break.


The home side were getting fed up with the wave and wave of Rooster offence, that unsurprisingly, they reverted to some old-school tactics. This drew out the mantra of ‘more discipline’ – much in the manner Peter from Peterborough would demand (those of you who are regular listeners of 774 on a Saturday morning would understand).  To our credit, the third and last quarters remained full focus footy and by the time the final siren rang, another complete performance saw the home side thankful to be put out of their misery.  Liam and Jonathon particularly enjoyed feasting on the Hoppers Crossing carcass with 6 and 5 goals respectively.  Juma and Bailey got involved in the forward line, with Bailey registering 3 behinds… still waiting for that goal, whilst Juma registered a major deep in the last quarter.


Special shout out to our band of mids – Kailey and Zidane proving to be the most mobile and skilful big men in the comp (all-Australian honours beckon – or maybe all-wrfl U13 Div 3 honours?). Lenny continues to play a ‘team first’ brand of footy that will ultimately see him become a much better footballer.  Diesel improves every week and his close to the ground skills often leave much taller opponents clutching thin air.  Lachie and Luis keep on keeping on – providing handy contributions with an uncanny knack of finding the footy – and their refusal to yield in the face of bigger opponents is a pleasure to watch.  Nav, Samuel and Henry are the cream – smooth movers that rarely lose a one-on-one and hardly waste a possession.


A great first half of the season – and a well-earned bye awaits us this week. The business end will soon be upon us and many more tough challenges await this eager and keen to learn Rooster outfit.  Hard work will be the order on the training track and we all look forward to what the next few months bring.


Great effort from the parent volunteer group again – Simon R in goals, Yenni on medical duties, Liza on water, Briohny on the clock, Con with security, Simon M with fruit and Arjuna on boundary for the first time. Kudos to you all and as a reward you can all have next weekend off.


Final Score: West Footscray 28 15 183 def Hoppers Crossing 2 1 13


Goals: Liam 6, Jonathon 5, Soc 4, Nav 3, Kailey 2, Henry 2, Diesel 2, Lachie 2, Juma 1, Samuel 1