U9 Orange

Rd 9: West Footscray V Werribee District

An early start and a long drive to Werribee Districts (Werribee South) last Sunday. It is a very nice place in summer but today was cold, overcast and pungent enough for it to have lost all its appeal. The players who arrived early enjoyed a good warm enjoying the nearby playground. Eli had arrived but was too sick to get out of the car (he hadn’t even smelt the local air) and unfortunately he made the long trip home again. Noah and Kade had the week off and Hugo N. was missing so we started with no-one on the bench.

Captains today were two young Rooster’s in Charlie and Hugo L. They both started well with Hugo taking the first mark of the game and Charlie kicking a point early. James started well in the ruck and also took a good mark. Oliver R. was running well on the wing and applying good pressure. Hugo N. arrived during the quarter checking his watch. Bodee had looked green all quarter and couldn’t play on so he took an early trip home.

The second quarter started with the ball trapped in our backline but some big efforts from Hugo W. and Eamon stopped them scoring. Malik was also playing a great game at centre half back and gained a lot of meters for us on a very big oval. Later in the quarter the ball was locked in our forward line where Jack M coolly slotted our first goal. Soon afterwards Jack G. snapped a great kick from the boundary that was on target but just touched on the line. The breeze had changed which may have improved the odour but it had also dropped the temperature a few degrees by the time half time sounded.

The third quarter again started with a lot of pressure in our backline. Kase played fantastically at fullback with goal saving touches and a great mark in the last line. Zeph and Oliver C. were also giving their all in every contest down back. Jackson and Otto both took great marks and we were able to get the ball forward.  Thomas gathered the ball well in one move forward but was crushed in a tackle and got a hard earnt free kick for the team but he had to recover on the bench.

The final quarter seemed to mostly be going the Roosters way. Paddy took another strong mark. Enrique and Hugo N. showed clean hands to pick up the ball and move it on. Our forward area was getting a little crowded but Jimmy managed a good mark and his kick to the square was marked by Malik (looking a little like Ben Brown with his leap and hair), who then played on and finished with a goal from point blank. When the ball did reach our backline Jack M. turned it around strongly.

The players showed some really good skills on a cold day, especially with a lot of excellent marks. It was a good contest all up with four quarters of effort from everyone. Hopefully our sick players all make a quick recovery for next week.

The heartland was won by Jack M. for a great all round performance and Jimmy collected the Rooster of the week for his best game of the season.




Friday Night Under Lights.


I love the excitement and build up to these Friday Night games.  I can only hope the Players and Parents talk it up during the week as much as I do.

Training had been going well – focusing on ‘No loose Players’ and passing the ball out in front.

The weather had turned on a treat and the post training crowd was in place.


No absentees meant we had a full team and one on the bench.

Captains today were Fletcher and Lachie – 2 players who have increasingly found their best positions and attributes they contribute to the team.

1st Quarter;

The game started at a frenetic speed.  This suited Eli who got a few early touches. One of which got the ball forward to Jack, who had an attempt at the big sticks.

Ben had an early mark and a pass.

Arlo was prominent again and we were starting to dominate play.

Archer took a mark – on to Arlo (mark) down the wing.  We got the ball forward into our 50.

Our Players did really well in locking in there.  Eli got it on to Hamish who had a shot. It fell short and after a bit of a scramble, it was Finn with the sure possession and enough time and space for a snap and a GOAL!

Sunshine had their share of the play.

From our kick in from the Sunshine end, Ryan kicked in.  He found Eli who had a run and kick. Then on to Harvey who was unlucky not to be paid a courageous mark.

Hamish won a free kick for a good tackle and then again for a great tackle.  He really is a tackling machine, a wall in defense.

Jack and Fletcher(C) were tacking on the tackling duties also.

Tom won a free by getting to a low ball first.

It was an even start in a well-played game.


2nd Quarter;

Arlo as in the Ruck and Lachie(C) was in the middle.

Jackson set the tone early with courageous play, running into a crowd and taking a mark.

Nathaniel won a free kick for getting low to gather the ball.

This started a chain of possessions involving Archer, Jackson, Jack and Ryan.

Ben laid a strong tackle that saved a Sunshine shot at goal, followed up by Fletcher(C) working hard and putting pressure on in the back line.

Nathaniel won the ball in our backline and got it on to Archer, who then got it on to Jackson.

Hamish won 2 more free kicks for good tackles.  He got the ball on to Tom, he had a couple of goes at it, but got his pass to Archer.  The ball was out in front of him, he gathered and snapped a GOAL!


This next one makes my list of best plays this year;

Ryan kicked in after an opposition point.  A long kick wide to the boundary. Arlo took a mark and wheeled around to get it out of our defensive 50.  Harvey was next showing great control over the rolling ball. Hudson joined in and helped get the ball forward. It was scrappy, but it was determined and it was moving forward for us.  Harvey got a kick away, which Tom marked. His kick got the ball into our attacking 50 where Jack, Dylan, Finn and Ed kept it moving. Eventually it came to Arlo, who found some space and had a running shot at goal. The shot went behind the big stick, but the end-to-end plays were fantastic by everyone involved near the ball.

Our defense worked hard (when they were in position) – Leo and Archer kept the ball in front of them, Fletcher showed composure to look up and clear from half-back.

Eli really had his skates on – covering lots of ground and possession while at it.

This was a really well played quarter, with so many contributors.


Half Time Oranges were devoured like these kids hadn’t had dinner – oh, hang on…

With the ball we were playing well, putting it out in front of our players.

Without the ball I was looking for more effort in covering the opposition.

Everyone was getting involved and seemed to be enjoying the occasion, including our Cheer Squad (we certainly could hear you out on the ground – Thanks)


3rd Quarter;

Rotations now had Ryan in the Ruck.  The starting ball up was won by Ryan, down to Ben who got the ball forward.

Archer took a mark in our forward 50. Lachie(C) laid a ball and all tackle to win a free kick.

Arlo, Hudson and Finn all had shots on goal that went wide.

In one of the more audacious plays our Players have pulled, and pulled off – Lachie(C) won another free kick on our forward edge of the centre square.  He played on and baulked the player on the mark, he had a bounce and got his kick away successfully into our forward line. I think it took everyone by surprise, including the player on the mark!

Fletcher(C) had a set shot, that fell just short.

We were dominating play, but not quite hitting the (non-existant) scoreboard.

Hamish repelled another opposition venture forward, Arlo got the ball through our 50.  His set shot went off hands to Jackson, who snapped a GOAL!

In the midfield, Oscar popped up a handball to his Team-mate running passed, who didn’t need to break stride (Nice Play!)

4th Quarter;

Archer won a free kick for a good tackle, on to Tom who kept the bouncing ball moving in front of him.

Ryan was having an influence around the high balls.

Arlo took a first class overhead mark.

Dylan laid a strong tackle, Jack was on the ball getting more possessions.

Hamish made a goal saving, run down from behind tackle that earned him a grazed and bruised arm, and a stint on the bench – well played today Hamish.

In an attacking move, Arlo got the ball to Fletcher, who’s shot went behind the big stick.

Hudson marked a Sunshine kick-out.  His shot lead to a goal square scramble with Finn finding the ball and a crumbers GOAL!


It was now end to end stuff in a close and open contest, with Goals at either end.

Oscar took another mark.

Eli took the ball through our attacking 50 and on to Archer.  A high ball shot at goal landed in Finn’s hands. From a tight angle, next to the goal post, Finn shot true – for his 3rd GOAL!


Coaches, Players, Parents and spectators were all pleased with a very entertaining game.


It can be hard to separate individual players out such an even performance.

Rooster’s of the Week;

  • Ben : contested marks and big tackles, he is finding himself more involved each game.
  • Ed : is working his way into the Team well after a spell on the sidelines.
  • Finn : 3 Goals and contributions in general play.



Finn –3, Jackson- 1, Archer-1


It was a great atmosphere to play in, with plenty of barracking heard on the ground.  Many of the Parents and the opposition Coach, expressed how impressed they were with the standard of the gamne.  Even our official umpire (Merv) commented that this was one of the better games he has officiated this year.


So well done Players, Volunteers, Supporters and scribe.

We have another 2 home games this year, one of which is another Friday Night under Lights – bring it on….


See you at training,



Match Report u/14

The positions on the ladder suggested that it would be a close contest between the roosters and Werribee Centrals. The opening quarter was anything but an even contest with the Central boys showing a great deal of intensity and commitment to the football, something which the roosters would not do. Werribee centrals dominated the scoreboard, kicking 4 goals to none in the opening term. The second quarter started in much the same way as the first, with the Werribee team dominating possession. The roosters where able to stop them from scoring though and in the second half of the quarter, started to show some intensity at the football. This was finally rewarded with a goal to Soc. The scores at half time 36 to 8.

The halftime speech by Josh must have been inspirational because the roosters came out and began to dominate the contest. They held the ball in the forward line for a great deal of time and were able to add another goal to their tally, with Nathan slotting o nice snap. The contest was much more even with the Werribee Central backline holding up well. The 3/4 time score 38 to 15.

The final quarter started with the roosters dominating possession, showing the intensity that Werribee Centrals had shown in the first quarter. The rooster boys were hard at the contest, worked hard for each other and dominated time in forward half. This unfortunately did not translate on the scoreboard with the roosters unable to convert a major in the last quarter.

The game eventually became the even contest that we all expected unfortunately the damage had been done in the first quarter. The final score Werribee Centrals 46, the roosters 16.