Round 9 Match Reports & Photos

Hi Folks below are all our Match Reports for Round 9.

We have now made writing these reports optional for our coaches as like everyone, they have a busy life and they are all volunteers. We invite our parents and/or players to write a game report themselves and we will post those here that week. These don’t need to be long, just a brief description of the game is enough. Send to our club email at by Wednesday midday to be sure they get posted.

Thanks to our coaches or parents who have found time to write these reports again this week.

Under 9 Blues Vs Sunshine North

Friday Night under Foreign Lights.

This game brought a few first for me and our Team.

This was my 1st away game on a Friday night.

This was the first time I had been to this ground and even the 1st time I had come across this Team. 

This would also be the 1st time we played for points (well, noy actually for points..) on a 2/3 size field.  Complete with push-in posts at one end and cones for boundary lines – a short under 9 sized kick in from the painted lines.  This was a thrill for some Parents who have not ventured across the ‘white line’ much..


Our normal pre-game routine was interrupted by the apparent training drill equipment still on the oval – surely this was left out after their Friday night training, the outbound traffic on Ballarat Rd (which I am normally fortunate to pass in the other direction) and the sort of downpour that prevents either of the 3 kids in my car helping with any ‘Coach Stuff’ as they ran for shelter.

Once the red and blue band passed on the BOM Radar, we set to warm up.  Stretches, run-throughs and some quick ball skills.  Our opposition were confident – they weren’t doing anything to warm up.


Role Call : Leo and Ben were absent today

Captains : Arthur – shows consistent efforts and does lots of the ‘right’ things

and Cooper – uses his skills and speed to win and then use the ball to the Team’s advantage.


1st Term;

The Players were clearly a bit amused by the shortened field and the lack of normal field markings would prove to make positioning a challenge.

Logan set the early standard with a strong chest mark in the backline. The shorter field meant a few quick posessions by Jack / Fletcher / Arthur had the ball in our goal-square.  Harrison scrambled a kick, Jack found some space and snapped a GOAL! over his shoulder.

At the other end, Natalie made a goal saving chase and tackle.

Jack / Arthur and Fletcher combined again – this time it was Fletch who scored a GOAL!

Cooper took a mark in defence.  Logan and Harvey W combined through the middle.  Zoe had a shot at Goal.  Arthur marked the resulting kick-in.  With the siren sounding during his run up, he kicked long and hard for a GOAL! – as shepparded through by Jack.

We had made a good start to the game.

The small field and psychedelic coloured ball hadn’t put us off.


2nd Term;

Our focus was to keep spread out and stay in position.

Zavier kicked to Harrison (mark). Maverick was starting to tackle everyone.  Arthur picked up the wet ball well of the ground.

Natalie and Jacob were holding the line in defence.  Logan put on a nice dodge-on-the-run move.

Fletcher snapped a GOAL! backwards over his head (I don’t recall that training drill)

Harrison took another good mark, then Fletcher kicked another, different, GOAL!


Half Time oranges were devoured like the kids hadn’t had dinner yet (erm..)  our magnets got moved and we reinforced the idea of keeping spread out.


3rd Term;

Harvey W burst out of defence with the ball.  Maverick was working his way through his ‘Got You’ tackle scalps with repeat efforts.

Sunshine North had upped their game and weren’t letting us within goal range.

Arthur – Harvey H – Ryder and Hamish held a good line in our defence, which meant the game became a midfield battle.  One of our soldiers was injured in the battle when Harvey H got hurt in a tackle.

Sunshine North got their first goal and some wind in their sails.

Cooper competed well against Sunshine Norths bigger bodies.

That quarter was a real wake-up call for us.  We needed to get back to our basics – play in front, move for each other and use the space.


4th Term;

The game had evened up and I called for a strong last effort.

Brayden and Fletcher started strong against the flow in defence.

Cooper sent a nice handball to Hamish running past. Tiger was getting some clearer possessions around the ball,  Maverick was still tackling machine. 

Jacob cleared the pack with a big kick.

Jack got our reward for improved Team-Play with a GOAL! from 15m out.

Zoe made a great defensive clearance.

Maverick pulled his ‘tackle-and-steal-the-ball move’.

Logan scored a GOAL! from long range on the bounce.

The Team really had lifted.

Harvey W burst through the muddiest part of the ground

Jack marked 20m out and kicked a set shot truly for another GOAL!

Natalie intercepted and ran through the middle.  Nico made a great pick up and kick on the run.

The final play of the game saw Fletcher GOAL! with the an outside-of-the-boot Boo-Nah-Nah (again I don’t remember that training drill…)


I was really please with the way the Team re-focussed on our game focuses and that they got results for their efforts.


It works out that Sunshine North are a rebuilding Club and this was their first u9s for about 7 years (I wasn’t going mad – I hadn’t seen their St Kilda with a lightning bolt jersey before)


Special Mentions:

Goals : Fletcher – 4, Jack – 3, Arthur – 1, Logan – 1

Heartland Award : Arthur

Slice Girls Roosters of the Week :

Brayden – for playing a trusted role in the Team.

            Jacob – is getting more involved in the game and showing us his impressive big kick.


I’m expecting next weeks game to be a sterner test – St Bernards.

We are entering the ‘return game’ rounds and St Bernards were the 1st Team we played.

They got the points (well not actually ‘points’) at our ground.  We have improved, but we need to assume they have also….


See you at training.


Under 14As Vs Yarraville Seddon (Thanks Dave Hall for writing this Report)

After the Queen’s birthday long weekend, the under 14A’s looked keen to get back out there in the red and white. Seven of the lads had donned the red, white and blue that previous week for inter-league duties. This could prove a valuable experience as the finals approach.


A zephyr of wind was evident at lumpy valley (aka Shorten Reserve), as we hosted Yarraville Seddon. The cricket pitch area was really feeling the effects of heavy recent rain and six games of footy in the past 24 hours. So much so that most of the scoring occurred to the dog park end, avoiding having to cross over ‘no-man’s-land’. There were a number of fairly hilarious slips and spills in the dark mud, and at least one of the Y-S lads (#41) decided on the full facial treatment at match’s end.


Yarraville played the better footy in the first quarter, running harder and hunting the pill with ferocity, while a few of our lads held back a bit. Jack had a big quarter, and from your scribe’s perspective played the most complete 4 quarter game of his season. Likewise, Diesel was a key player in keeping us in it at quarter time. Lachie took a couple of marks inside the forward 50 but didn’t quite nail his kicks, and Weston was handy with his clean pickups. But we were clearly flat, a bit disorganised down back, and struggling to combat a couple of good defenders and midfielders (#14 and #22 in particular).


Coach Andrew implored the boys to work harder, and to help with the intensity around the ball – tackling pressure, extra numbers, shepherds, blocks. The Roosters managed to switch up a gear part-way through the second, aided by some of our prime-movers – Henry, Samuel, Socrates, Kadin, Mickey and Jonathan. In the space of about ten minutes we piled on 7 goals to none, and broke the game wide open. Jonathan kicked a couple of beautiful goals from about 35 metres out on the run. Kadin marked and converted well after some unselfish dish-offs by Soc. Leroy provided excellent pressure up forward, often setting up scoring opportunities through tackles and tenacity. Frank, Mickey, Isaac C, Aaron and Samuel were all providing stoic defence, ensuring the ball didn’t get ‘over-the back’. Jack and Henry continued to run hard all over the ground and make it very hard for Yarraville to get clean possession. By half-tie the scores were 58 to 16 in the red and white’s favour.


Mitch, in only his fifth game for the club, was moved in to the ruck in the second half, and had a really good game. His basketball nous shone through, with some good ‘dish-off handpasses to teammates in space.


Scoring dried up a bit in the third quarter, but the Roosters continued to control play. The major concern for teammates at three quarter time was not being squirted with water, courtesy of Henry stepping on the bottles. The threatening rain arrived just as the fourth quarter began, making the conditions very slippery. The quality of the ball handling was impressive. Soc played as if the ball was still dry, having a very influential game at centre half forward. He is incredibly team-oriented and set up many goals with his precise kicking and decision making. Diesel and Jack were enormous all day. In the wet, Jack took a quite amazing one-armed mark. Samuel really started to exert his influence down back with some scything runs and penetrating kicks. Juma and Kiir Robert both combined in flying for a mark, bringing the ball to ground where Kadin swooped and slotted home a goal. Thanks to Kiir for filling in from the under 12’s – you’re a handy under 14 player…! Daniel also had a very good game, mostly down back, making it very hard for his opponent, and then unleashing a huge rain-making bomb from near the scoreboard. Aaron continues to play well for us, and will be important as the season gets to the pointy end.


A big challenge awaits us next week: it’s one v two as we take on ladder leaders Hoppers Crossing on their turf.


Final scores

West Footscray 12.7-79

Yarraville Seddon 3.8-26


Goals: Kadin Miller 3, Jonathan Stelluto, Diesel Lim, Jack Gerardi, Socrates Mavrokostidis (2 each), Lachlan Davies (1)

Best players (from WRFL website): Henry Lovell, Diesel Lim, Socrates M, Samuel Hall, Kadin Miller, Jack Gerardi.



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