Round 9 – Home to Newport Power

“Friday Night, Under Lights”

What a build up to the Game!  Then players were excited, this Coach was a bit nervous, the growing crowd were anxious of being entertained.  The occasion warranted proper adjudication and that was provided by the best appointed umpire in the business – Colin.

The lights had fully taken over, no clouds in the sky and a slight mist rolls in.

Pre-game we talked about taking quick-options, kicking the ball more and holding our positions better.

Our Captains today – Malik Jalloh and Felix Cameron.


1st Quarter;

We are kicking to the Dog Park end.

Hugo got us off to a good start with a kick from the wing, marked by Jacob. We worked the ball into our forward 50. Oscar was getting the ball in good positions, Jake was already getting plenty of touches.

We we’re getting repeat entries to our forward 50. Jacob pumped the ball back in again – this time Efe took a good mark, he settled and kicked his first goal for the season.

We were off to a good start and it quickly got better – Jake found room to swing onto his left boot after gathering the ball – another goal.

Were getting good reward for our spreading of the ball and field position.

When the ball did get up the other end – Miles was very good under pressure, getting his handball away and Arti made a great pass to Efe.

The whistle sounded for quarter time – that was the best quarter I think we have played so far this season.  We’ve talked about the things we were doing well, and the next positions and roles of the players.


2nd Quarter;

In different positions, with the same discipline of holding those positions and repeatedly taking the first pass option – we were attacking end again.

Griffin and Jake had a couple of pings that went behind the big sticks.

Alan was making his tackles stick, Sophia was brave and defending well

(C)Felix was working hard wide on the members boundary – knocking the ball to team mates advantage and gaining ground.

Our players were working hard with repeated efforts : Hadi, Mrinal and Noah all defended well for the Team.

Arlo M chased hard and (C) Malik took a great mark in defence.

Griffin was providing run and carry and got plenty of the ball.

The ball rebounded between our goal-square and forward 50m.  Eventually Nathaniel took a great mark from a high ball, just wide of the pack in the goal-square.  From a 45* angle he settled and kicked well for a goal.


We congratulated each other for another well played quarter and between our oranges, we talked about starting again and to keep doing the things that we had done well so far.


3rd Quarter;

After the long break Newport came out extra enthused.

The Power got an early point – possibly a warning shot.

Our Roosters needed more reminder s this quarter from Ash and myself to watch for loose opposition players and to maintain their positions. This was mainly because we were chasing the ball more this quarter.

Bastien made a good kick-in , using the whole goal-square.

Oscar and Bastien combined to spoil a marking attempt near the Power goal-line.

Hugo showed great courage going for his marks, Max was trying hard to help his Team-mates.

Oscar was going hard for his marks and made good decisions with his defensive kicks.

Newport was now locking the ball in their half.

Alex made a good kick-in along the boundary, Maya made repeated efforts at the ball in defence and Hadi was tackling hard and bustling the ball our way.

We worked hard and got the ball forward.

Arlo S-T had held his position on the field, when other s were bunching up.

Mitchell was unlucky with a snap that was touched by one of our players, who thought it was going to hit the post.

From the kick-in, Newport caught us out the back, as we had all pushed so hard forward – and scored their first goal of the game.


4th Quarter;

The game was now on Team; lets keep the energy up, get back to holding our positions passing to our first option.

Felix had a clearing kick from our  defensive 50.

Eli got away a pass under pressure.

One of my favourite plays today; Griffin-kick mark-Jake-kick mark-Oscar through the middle of the ground.

We had indeed lifted for this last quarter.

Mitchell had good attack on the ball and provided good run.

Arti provided excellent effort around the ball and Eli tackled well.

Oscar took another mark.

Jacob took a strong pack mark near our point post.  He went back over the mark and kicked a check-side ba-na-nah from a very sharp angle.

After the game arm-wrestled to the final siren, it was a justified final score that showed just what  we can do – when we do the right things.


Well done to all the players, Thankyou to the supporters – we certainly could hear your encouragement.

Thanks to Mark – our scribe today for your notes on all the players

Monique and Ash – your help is always appreciated

All our other her Parent Volunteers – Thankyou also.

A win on Friday Night leads it’s way nicely into the weekend – starting with h celebrating afterwards at the Clubhouse.  It was great to have a bit of time to hang without h the Parents of our Team also.



Don’t forget the Team photo’s are this Friday – bring all you usual Game Day gear.


Our next game is Sunday 8:50 in Altona

–              Please be there for 8 o’clock.


See you Friday,




WEST FOOTSCRAY ROOSTERS – Under 9 Reds vs. Albion – Round Nine – 18/6/17.

Good Evening Sports Fans.

A week can be a long time in footy, two weeks is well, even longer!  The Queens Birthday weekend had come and gone and the extra week left our Little Red Roosters with a little bit more fuel in the tank than normal. Training had been sketchy to say the least, there did not seem to be much point without a game to play. Anyway, the Niner’s bus would roll back into town for a date with Albion. They were up and about in the room’s pre game, with all that pent up energy ready to burn. For those of you who followed us last year, you may remember that we played Albion three times last season so we got to know them pretty well. Each time we played them, they got that little bit closer, but we still managed to have their measure. If a week is a long time in footy then a whole year would seem like an eternity to face them again. I wondered if they had been able to retain their squad, if so I thought, they would be a formidable challenge. As it turns out, they, like us, had lost half of their side to under  tens and were rebuilding a new group of Catters from Nines and Auskickers.

Our Captains for the day would be Oliver and Oscar; we lost the toss and were kicking to the dog park. We would be missing both Clara and Abby due to injury and illness although Clara’s injury would allow her to run water for the game. Nice work Clara! I look forward to having you both back for next week to add some decorum to the team!

The siren would sound and the Roosters exploded. Sasha the Dasher got us off to a flyer with a running goal, the boy is tireless!  Jack P and Iggy were in and amongst it and left the Cats with no room to breathe as the Niner’s heaped on the pressure. Aiden and Max “more than a” Phelan who was nursing a cut finger, were intent on wrapping this one up early. Archer had a cracking game, easily his best so far. Howe Diddy would take consecutive marks in the square for a point and goal respectively showing his nous by grabbing the resultant kick in from his point to slot through a major. Archie would also take a strong grab in the square and kick his first for the day. This would unfortunately be backed up with quite a few points! His overhead marking has come a long way this year, and I can guarantee that he will not let himself down in front of goals again like that! The little Maestro Jami would also kick his first of three for the morning in his usual cheeky style and Action Jackson, who trained the house down just quietly, kicked his first for the season in what was also his best game so far with plenty of nip and run. I was exhausted just watching them and the first quarter would end with the Niner’s unofficially up by 37 points. Seven of those were behinds!

The second quarter brings the rotations and this usually signals an oppositional revival. Not today! Because we were two players down, this meant that we could leave a little grunt in the middle and when I say little grunt, you know that means Harry! If Sash is tireless, then H is unstoppable, constantly driving us forward. He too would only work one side of the goal umpires body with three snaps for three behinds. Aiden kicked his first at full forward continuing his great year. “Lace Up” was plying his trade with his usual brand of forward pressure and Dylan, Oscar and Oliver were solid in the middle. Jack G kicked his first of two and would go on to win “Rooster of the Week” for his efforts. The half would end without a single forward entry by the Cats thus far. The Niner’s had been clinical.

If they had been up and about pre game, they were maniacal now! 52 up at the half and ready to rumble for two more quarters. Dozer got straight into the play after the bounce with a great mark. Riley was in the ruck and had a cracking second half. He knows how to position himself in this role and was able to get on the end of some great defensive work and mark in the middle and go for a run. Captain Oliver kicked his first ever goal, his elation was priceless, well done mate! Jack P kicked one to almost round out three of our four Jacks kicking goals today. Luca loves the midfield and was everywhere with great kicking to advantage. As does Louis, his ability to find his way in and out of traffic is outstanding.  Archie and Rylan gave great drive off the backline to deny the Cats any chance of scoring; they did however sneak in one behind. The siren would sound with the Niner’s up by a whopping 69 points.

There was some talk in the huddle that maybe we should let them score a goal. What a nice gesture I thought, I wonder if they will. Well I must have confused sentiment for sarcasm as they had no intention of doing any such thing.  Diesel had been busy all day and laid some great text book tackles. Then it was Otto’s turn to mark in the square and goal from a set shot. Riley was unlucky to have a goal overturned (Huh!), this made him more determined and had a great last quarter. Iggy was getting “biggy” and is starting to use his size to out muscle his opponents. Archie roved a ball out of congestion and gave a quick handpass to Jami for his third. It was well and truly over by then. All in all, this was probably the most even team performance across the board and easily the biggest margin. 94 points in the end, outstanding effort! Lets hope that the complacency does not creep back in as we find ourselves up against the big boys in Flemington away from home. Eat well, sleep well and train well Little Red Roosters, we are going to need it!!

Special thanks to Brad and Libby for tending to the wounded, and to everyone who filled the volunteered roles, and to those who cheered us on, we can’t do this without you, it is most appreciated.

Richie and Kane.



Unders 10’s : Rd 9 vs Hoppers Crossing : Home

Coming off a bye week, a home game and a late start – the trifecta. Certainly nice to start a

game without having to kick the dew off the grass. Thanks Richie.

I have to apologise up front parents – this week and next are pretty big for me. On the work and

home fronts, with some deadlines that are fast closing – so I hope you can permit me to be brief

in this report and I will make it up in my next one.

However, if any parent couldn’t make it, our Under 10’s Roosters managed 26 shoots at goal in

the space of the 60 minutes playing time. Sort of sets the picture. Pleasingly we certainly

rediscovered the big sticks in this match after many weeks with a lot of points. Although the

point yips looked like continuing in the 1st quarter with 2 goals and six points, but after that the

lads really hit their strides and peppered the goals.

A really good team effort with plenty of unselfish acts along the way and it was great to see

them really back each other up. These games our imprinted in my brain for some reason and as

I said, I will extend it out in my next report; their was many outstanding performances and break

out games that need to be acknowledged.

Full marks also to the young Hoppers Crossing team as well as they never stopped trying.

Given a bit more growth and look out.

So next game is another later start. Yea!

10.20 AM on Sunday the 25th. Vs Newport at Newport

See you all there



Under 11 Division 2 Round 9

West Footscray vs St. Albans


Continuity is important when playing football. We have had 2 weeks off out of the last 3 thanks to the bye and some old duck in England celebrating her birthday on the date which isn’t actually her birthday. Given this it would be hard to gauge just how scratchy the boys would be. Vinh was out with a fractured finger. Aleks was back though. That kind of evened things out. Jack and Cooper were both there. Just as well as they become the latest under 11 players to reach the 50 game milestone. They were awarded the captaincy for the day. St. Albans were a very familiar opponent and this would be our sixth encounter of the previous two seasons. They had touched us up once and we were wary of what they were capable of producing. The weather had made a mockery of the usual seasonal norm and provided us with a beautifully sunny day with very little wind. Perfect football weather.


Yash would start the first term in the ruck against the man mountain from St. Albans. He’s a fair lump of a lad. The mountain that is. Not Yash. However Yash can jump and from the opening bounce began to dominate his much larger opponent. The boys had been instructed to play with width, but this wasn’t needed as they tore out of the centre and straight into our forward line. Weston, Cooper and Jack won the ball consistently and drove it forward. Our forward line was bristling with quick and crafty players. Mickey is in the best form of his short career and marked everything that came his way. His leading was brilliant. Angus was busy as well. He is growing in confidence with every game and attacked the ball with intent. St. Albans were under some serious pressure and couldn’t get it back to the middle of the ground. Frank gave them a hand with that by scoring the first of the term and his first of the year. Much deserved after an amazing year so far. From the restart it went straight back forward. A big pack of players had turned our forward line into a scrappy affair. Fear not! Felix would rip the ball from the pack and snap an absolute beauty on his left. Ripping goal Felix! Another bounce and another clearance. This time Jack would be on hand to cash in on his great work in the middle. Given a chance, he rarely disappoints. Bang! 3 goals to zip! Back to the middle again we went. St. Albans were starting to warm up now and drove the pill their way. At least our backs would get a look at it now! Tito took a great goal saving mark in the square to repel them. Samuel was ferocious in his will to clear the ball. He won several crucial clearances. Xavier tackled everything near him in a red and blue jumper. St. Albans were relentless and quickly added 2 goals. Game on! There was no need for panic though as our boys quickly reclaimed the ascendency. Cooper was on fire, both in the middle and around the ground. Weston was amazing with his pin point passing and continually looked to feed it Kadin and Christian who were flying down their wings. A long kick forward would see Jack clunk an absolute cracker at the top of the square. He had two now. Another bounce and once again we stormed forward. Nathaniel was great in the tight packs. His strength was crucial and helped our side immensely. Sean got his hands on it as well. His handballing was great. All this pressure would surely produce a fifth. It did. Elijah Moon was rewarded with his first of the day after some great team play and his forward smarts. Great term Roosters.


Quarter Time. West Footscray 5.0.30 St. Albans 2.0.12

Some changes were made for the second. Felix went into the middle and Cooper went to half back. That worked! Cooper mopped up everything down back. Aleks did likewise. Great to have him back this week. Weston, Felix and Jack were being fed the ball at every bounce by Yash who was playing an amazing game in the ruck. Time and time again the ball went forward. Sas was showing his speed in the pocket. He’s a rocket. So is Murphy. He pounced on a loose ball and snapped toward the big sticks. It took a lucky bounce but who cares! They all count! His first and our sixth. Moments later he would get a chance at a second. He didn’t waste it either. Two goals in a couple of minutes! St. Albans were really struggling now. Our half backs were killing them. Once they did look like getting through only to have Kadin run down their player and lay a brilliant tackle. Down the other end Mickey was still leading and marking. Murphy was going for runs. Elijah Moon was working overtime. We would squeeze in one more for the term. Once again it would come off the boot of Jack. He had 3 now. We had eight and St. Albans hadn’t scored for over a quarter. Nice Work.


Half Time. West Footscray 8.6.54 vs St. Albans 2.0.12


Amidst the frenzy of oranges there was a call of where are the lollies! It’s only half time you clowns and lollies are frowned upon under our new sports science regime. Get with the program guys! Sheesh! With the reality of knowing that they would be forced to go an hour and a bit without confectionary sinking in, they headed back out for the second half. The third would be much like the two previous terms. We were in control. Yash has become a ruck machine and continually fed the ball to our midfielders. They in turn pumped it forward. Our backs were bored and soon some of them would find themselves in our forward line to give them some action. Those that stayed down back made the game impossible for St. Albans. Leroy was tackling as hard as ever. Samuel likewise. Aaron could have had a nap at full back. Wave after wave of Rooster attacks took place. Eventually we would have to get one. Murphy would be the scorer. He had 3 now. Not content with that, we continued to charge forward. Mickey took a great mark but narrowly missed. Felix was killing it in the middle. With Weston and Jack for company, the ball kept flying our way. A couple more missed chances would go by before Elijah Moon pounced on the ball and smacked it to the top of the square. It would clear the pack and produce more bounces that a con-man’s cheque book before turning at right angles and going straight through. He loved it and so did his team mates! Amazing goal Elijah Moon!


3 Quarter Time West Footscray 10.10.70 vs St. Albans 2.0.12


With the game safely in the bag it was time to swing a few changes. Aleks went into the ruck to give Yash a rest. Aaron went to Centre Half Forward to wake him up and Zach went forward to give us some grunt. I asked for 5 goals in the last. Every time I do this it fails. I don’t know why. I do blame the children for it though! Aleks into the ruck was move of the day. He was brilliant and must have had a dozen kicks in the last.  Aaron marked everything that came near him. Zach was beast like deep in attack and unlucky not to snag his first of the year. Samuel was up the ground now and winning every contest. Frank was on fire in the middle. Murphy could have finished with four or five. He kicked a certain goal straight into the man on the mark from 10 metres out. Moments later he showcased his speed in a ripping dash only to run too far. The sting had now completely gone from the game. Fatigue set in and the game got scrappy. Long kicks were required and Felix would deliver. He smashed it forward to an unguarded goal square where Elijah Moon was waiting. He marked the kick, turned around and pumped it straight through the big sticks. 3 goals for him today was a great result and well-earned as his previous game had been excellent without the reward.


Full Time West Footscray 11.13.79 vs St Albans 2.3.15


A very good performance against a team we expected to beat. Highlights were the emergence of a few players thanks to their persistence and hard work. The tackling was terrific and our game style is really starting to click and come together. Our next 3 games see us pitted against 3 of the best four teams in the comp (We can’t play ourselves!). We will get the chance to see just how good we are. I know we can do it. Our best is amazing and would frighten any team when confronted with it. I look forward to seeing you frighten them!




Rd 9: U13’s West Footscray V Point Cook

After a rest last weekend we journeyed out to Point Cook to discover what challenge they would bring for the Rooster’s. We had a few outs this week, including some of our taller brigade, leaving us with only 17 to start. Some players joined in an unorthodox pre game preparation singing nursery rhymes to Diesels little sister.


The opposition were a little unknown as they had been dropped from division 2 recently and can swap other players from their division 1 side when it suits them. They didn’t disappoint as we scanned their line up and realised they were head and shoulders above most of our players – in size only, we had them covered in all other aspects. They also showed no sportsmanship with player numbers so we began one down from the start.


Point Cook started well with the breeze and scored first. The Roosters didn’t seem switched on yet – a point made in the pre-match address,maybe the pre-game nursery rhymes didn’t help. Leo was captain today, returning after his heavy knock a few weeks ago, and led fantastically again putting his head over the ball and diving into packs to stop most of their dangerous forwards. Luis also stood up really well to help turn the game back the Roosters way. The game swung up and down the big ground with several points kicked until finally Socrates marked and kicked truly of course. Kailey had started well holding some good overhead marks early, but the challenge was made bigger as he and Liam both hobbled in for the break. We were down 1.4.10 to 2.3.15 and it looked like it might not go the Roosters way today.


And so we started the second quarter with only 15 fit players, but the breeze was at our back. Lachlan threw himself into every contest all day. Samuel prowled the half back line and drove us forward many times with his raking left foot. He hit his head on the ground in a heavy tackle and needed a rest in the first quarter but came back on after the break to continue playing a great game. Isaac T returned this week and again stood up across the back line forcing the ball forward. Abdullahi also returned and showed courage all day as well as some magic turns with the ball, just missing a goal today. Speaking of magic, Diesel had the ball on a string today playing mostly off half back. Tackling opponents twice his size he then regularly ran around them after showing them some candy. With our regular rucks injured or absent the responsibility fell to Ben. It was a big job against a tall team but Ben did a great job jumping into every contest. Jonathan showed some of his clean skills again and slowly the score turned back our way, but mostly with points. We turned at the long break ahead 4.9.33 to 2.4.16.


A tough third quarter awaited into the breeze. Somehow all the players found the energy to tackle and chase for every ball, desperately holding Point Cook at bay. And when we got our chance still found something extra to run and pass the ball the length of the ground for Lachie to finish a great team goal into the breeze. The spirits were up and the small Roosters crowd were getting loud. Henry continued motoring up and down the ground all day, attacking contests, collecting positions and gaining yards. Nav played another electric game looking dangerous with his speed. He also coped very well with some unnecessary attention before showing them how footy should be played with the ball in his hands. Lenny battled most of the game in the middle winning many hard balls. Point Cook got one back but the Roosters held their lead and were kicking with the breeze in the last.


The scribe missed a bit while re-filling water bottles back at the distant change rooms but on returning discovered Henry had kicked the first goal of the last quarter and the game seemed to be going our way. Juma was a force in traffic all game, either down back or when he played midfield – no one got past him when he got hold of them. Isaac C had another good game patrolling his wing and showing some dash. Liam ended up having a good day up forward, despite not being able to walk, kicking 4 including one out of the park (just to wind down the clock he said). Despite being in front we didn’t ease up – Soc desperately knocking the ball across the face for Lachie to volley through the goal of the game. The game finished on a high for the Roosters. Lachlan finished with 3 goals and a very well deserved heartland certificate for his efforts. Roosters of the week were Ben and Socrates for their great team game.


It was an excellent game to watch today. The Roosters players seemed up against it but they didn’t give up. They kept contesting every ball and running to help their teammates.  A great win Roosters – you should be really proud of that one!

With the finals around the corner, hard work on the track is going to be required.  It is clear we are now being hunted and with the reverse fixtures from earlier in the season upon us, we need to up our level to stay ahead of the pack.  The more we get to training, the more we can work on some new things to throw at our opponents.



Thanks also to all the parents supporting on the day, particularly this week helpers: Clayton, Con, Simon M, Liza, Margriet and Michael.


Roosters 9. 12. 66 def Point Cook 3. 7. 25

Goals: Liam 4, Lachlan 3, Socrates 1, Henry 1