Hi all ,

Just an update on how our preseason has been going and a call out to old and new players and members of our club from myself ! The boys all committed to the 2017 season straight after the last game of 2016 . We started having a casual kick around in November and ramped it up for 6 weeks leading into Xmas . Our numbers were great with players sweating it out together working on basic skills and our new game plan . With 6 players on the track 2 weeks out from the 2016 season , I think you will agree that we are in a good spot at the moment . We have recruited or more like players have come and joined our group after hearing how we are a close knit group who are playing for the club and ourselves before anything else . These new 5-6 players have slotted in perfectly and we are looking like we will be a lot more competitive in most games this year , if we keep working on our game and play as a unit better times will come hopefully .

So to my spiel about asking any current/ex players or supporters if they could /would like to become a game day sponsor for 1 of our home games (there will be 8 ) . What ever you donate, be it money , vouchers or anything you can think of will be given as Match day incentives to players voted in the best that day . So join forces with some friends or go it alone and help us reward these players who are representing OUR club and wearing the RED &WHITE jumper for all the right reasons.



Shane Lucas

Senior Coach WFFC